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The Application of Thermodynamic Parameter Model Based on RGSA-RBFNN in Vacuum Resurgence Control Process

Xinye Li, Yekuan Luo, Jiajing Wang, Yushan Hao
In traditional vacuum resurgence control process, there are some problems such as insufficient moisture regain, unsatisfactory moisture content absorption and large steam loss. In order to solve these problems, we put forward the vacuum pre-conditioner’s thermodynamic parameter model to control the vacuum...
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Peer-Review Statements

Valentina E. Balas, Ramesh C. Bansal, Siva Kumar Mangipudi, Subhojit Dawn
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the [AITEES-2022] organized by Seshadri Rao Gudlavalleru Engineering College, Andhra Pradesh, India during 6th–7th May, 2022 through online mode. These articles have been peer reviewed by the Review members of the AITEES-2022 conference...
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Peer-Review Statements

Nebojša Radojević, Gang Xu, Datuk Dr Hj Kasim Hj Md Mansur
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Internet and Digital Economy (ICAID 2022) during April 15–17, 2022 in Shenzhen, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees...
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Peer-Review Statements

Daowen Qiu, Yusheng Jiao, William Yeoh
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Bigdata Blockchain and Economy Management (ICBBEM 2022) during March 25–27, 2022 in Wuhan, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Application of 3D Printing Technology in the Construction Industry and Its Development Prospects

Jian Yin, Yiru Suo, Tao Lv, Kaisi Ma, Xincheng Wang, Zhonghua Zhang
The success of rapid industrialization around the world may be due to automated processes leading to faster and cheaper production methods. Over the past three decades, the method of mixing and pouring concrete on site has been gradually replaced by prefabricated construction techniques in some developed...
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Analysis of Fraud Detection Prediction Using Synthetic Minority Over-Sampling Technique

Uma Maheswari Ramisetty, Venkata Nagesh Kumar Gundavarapu, Akanksha Mishra, Sravana Kumar Bali
Credit cards are increasingly being used in real life for a wide variety of purposes. Because of the growing number of users, the number of scammers is also growing at an accelerating rate. E-commerce fraud detection methods are critical for reducing losses. Models developed in the past using unbalanced...
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Research on Digital Transformation and Upgrading of Fashion Industry Under the Background of Big Data

Ruoan Ren, Lei Shen, Han Xu
With the advent of the 5G era, the digital application of big data technology has become the future development direction of various industries. The integration of digital and fashion has changed all aspects of the fashion industry from design, manufacturing to sales, and brought revolutionary changes....
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Research on the Influence of Online Comments on the Sales of Group Buying Fruit Commodity

Zixuan Liu, Yongsheng Zhou
This paper explored fruit, the largest category of agricultural products, as the research object. Based on text analysis and empirical analysis, using crawl data and constructing regression equation to test the hypothesis, this paper discusses the impact on sales from seven perspectives, which are, the...
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Control of Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot Based on Fuzzy PID

Wenyu Huang, Haibo Xu, Xing Fan, Yufeng Lin
For the problem of speed control of passive training in lower limb rehabilitation robot, a control strategy based on fuzzy PID is proposed. Firstly, the trajectory curve of the position was derived and the fuzzy controller was designed. The kinematics model and the simulation model of the controlled...
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Design and Implementation of APP Information Platform System for Precision Poverty Alleviation Based on Rural Tourism

Tao Wang, Xiaojuan Liu, Amar Jain
Rural tourism is the product of the fast pace of modern life and the “urbanization problem”. In the past ten years, my country’s tourism industry has developed rapidly. Tourism has become a necessity in people’s lives. Rural tourism can connect all aspects of the city, so it is gradually becoming a necessity...
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Message Transfer in Virtual Reality Simulation of Fire Control

Bin Shen, Yuan Liu, Guoji Cai
A type of equipment fire control system is the core component of the equipment. Real training is often limited by equipment cost, training site, training weather, personnel quality and so on. This requires pre virtual training before the actual operation. In this control system, how to realize the various...
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A Study on the Impact of Green Innovation of Listed Companies on Debt Maturity Structure

Jianjun Li, Zijian Lin
The paper tests the impact of green innovation of listed companies on the debt maturity structure, and examines the adjustment effect of debt scale and the heterogeneity of property rights by taking the sample of the listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2010 to 2019. The findings...
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Time Delay Compensation for a Class of Dual Loop Networked Control System with Different Sampling Rate

Hong Zhao, Ke Che, Shenglan Zhang
This paper investigates a class of dual loop networked control system with different sampling rate. Smith predictor is used to eliminate the influence of time delay. However, uncertain time-varying delay and different sampling rate in the actual production process make the system with conventional Smith...
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Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm Based Antilock Braking System

Srinivasa Rao Gampa, Kiran Jasthi, Sireesha Alapati, Satish Kumar Gudey, Valentina E. Balas
In this paper a fuzzy genetic algorithm based anti lock braking system is designed for generating optimum braking torque for vehicles during braking conditions. In this work two fuzzy controllers are used, the first one for road condition estimator and the second is braking torque controller. The fuzzy...
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Research on the Influence of Disclosure Cues on Advertising Marketing Effect Based on SPSS

Sijia Zhao
With the development of mass media, the themes and forms of emotional advertising have been enriched. In order to expand publicity and enhance competitiveness, many advertisers have carried out a series of “flow wars” and “topic wars”, using the “star effect” of spokespersons to improve advertising revenue....
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Digital Transformation and Development of Provincial Power Grid Enterprises

Mingxia Zhu, Zhenjian Xie, Zhe Wang
The important role of power grid companies in national economic development is becoming more and more prominent, and their development level is closely related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Policies such as “digitalization” and “smart grid construction” have played a key role in promoting...
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Research on Control Model and Simulation Platform of Cement Rotary Kiln Burning Zone Temperature

Hongliang Yu, Fen Wang, Xiaohong Wang
The research on the control model and simulation platform of rotary kiln burning zone temperature is the basis of automatic control and process optimization of cement clinker sintering process. Therefore, based on hybrid system theory, thermal regulation, and least squares method, the control model of...
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A Study on the Impact Mechanism of Social Mobility and Economic Conditions on Income Inequality of the United States

Zheng Jiang, Hongsheng Yan, Yutong Zhong, Hanxi Que, Anqi Shu
Based on the panel data of income inequality in each state provided by us official institutions, this paper studies the factors of social mobility and the economic status of people in each state on income inequality in the US. This paper further make a clear distinction between social mobility and income...
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Analysis of (r,Q) and (s,S) Spare Parts Ordering Strategy under Maximum Inventory Constraints

Ou Qi, Lei Zhang, Jiuchao Li
Aiming at the limited maximum inventory in actual storage, the advantages and disadvantages of (R, q) and (s, s) spare parts ordering strategies are analyzed. Through the storage cost modeling, the optimal cost parameters of the two strategies are determined. Under the condition of cost optimal parameter...
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Adaptive Control of Servo Motor in “SOTM”

Xiaofeng Xue, Jian Zheng, Ding Yuan
The traditional brushless DC motor PID Control of double closed loop has a long adjusting time, large overshoot and especially when the motor model parameters have changed , the motor’s control system is unstable. To solve these problems, we propose a speed regulation method based on self-tuning PID...
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An Empirical Study on the Economic Development Driven by Live Streaming Under the Background of Big Data

Taking Taobao Platform as an Example

Hui Yang, Tingting Zhang
Under the background of the rapid development of the Internet and the increasingly widespread application of big data, the traditional e-commerce operation model has been continuously upgraded, which has promoted the continuous development of the live broadcast industry chain. Taking the Taobao platform...
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Power System Security Assessment (PSSSA) Module Using GEORFA Technique

A. Amarendra, L. Ravi Srinivas, R. Srinivasa Rao
The electrical power system network contingency evaluation and it’s ranking method is very importance in present power systems network for its secured operation under various contingencies. This paper proposes golden eagle optimizer (GEO) and random forest algorithm (RFA) to assess the online/offline...
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Analysis of Marginal Effect of Ability Improvement Based on Simulated Training Equipment

Fei Gao, Ou Qi, Fanghuai Gou, Jianfeng Song
Simulation training is a key training method to improve equipment operators. However, the marginal effect of this training method is obvious. When the training reaches a certain degree, continuing training will lead to serious marginal effect, resulting in increased training time and little ability improvement....
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Research on Automatic Archiving and CD-ROM Burning System of Massive Electronic Documents

Shiyang Deng, Yaoming Li, Boxue Zhang
According to the feature of huge data, massive files and complex handling in massive e-documents archiving, an auto archiving and burning system is developed. The multi-mission parallel mechanism based on multi-thread pipeline would solute the problem of resource competition by taking full advantage...
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Knowledge Based Chinese Invoice Audit in Intelligent Financial Reimbursement System

Rui Xin, Xi Chen, Sisi Sun, Dan Jiang, Bo Zhang
Chinese invoice is one of the important types of commercial receipts for Chinese organizations. The audit of Chinese invoice guarantees the correctness and compliance for project management. To automatically finish the audit in intelligent financial reimbursement system, in this paper, we propose a knowledge...
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The Application of GIS in Studying the Route of Qing People Entering Xinjiang

Danyang Gong
GIS is a specific and very important spatial information system. This way avoids the problems of large human resource investment and complicated work in traditional data processing. So this technology helps to improve the research speed and deepen the research content. The research on the route of the...
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Research on the Impact of Government Multiple Subsidies Policy on the Decision-Making of Green Supply Chain

Shengqiang Hu, Wanyu Yuan
Several governments pay attention to the environment due that getting worse. Gradually, the supply chain has also affiliated this concept. This paper explored the effect of the government’s multiple subsidies policy on the GSC’s decision-making, including subsidizing manufacturers’ green R&D investment...
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Adaptive Medical Ultrasound Imaging with Data Dependent Weighting Spatial Smoothing Technique

Lutao Wang, Jin Gang, Wei Wang
In adaptive medical ultrasound imaging, the performance of the adaptive beamformer directly depends on the estimation of the spatial characteristic of the noise and interferences. Accurate estimation of the array covariance matrix leads to significant improvement in image quality compared with non-adaptive...
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Based on the Path Selection of College Smart Class Culture Shaping under the Background of “Internet +” Era

Xun Zhu
With the continuous improvement of information technology level, China gradually enters the era of big data. In the background of the era of big data, the use of information means to establish a class management platform can improve the information level of class management. Through the information class...
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Modelling and Simulation of Hybrid Boosting Converter for Fuel Cell Applications

A. S. Veerendra, K. Lakshmi, A. Ramesh, Ch. Punya Sekhar, U. P. Kumar Chaturvedula, M. Ravindra, D. Tata Rao
It is appropriate to focus on sustainable energy vehicles, with an intention to meet the 2050 target of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Fuel cells (FCs) are the only acceptable source of efficiency available in vehicles from renewable sources. Moreover, the voltage of the FC is very low...
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Research on Evaluation System of Comprehensive Effects of Implementation of Technological Innovation Projects in Power Grid Enterprises

Guang Yang, Wei Li, Di Fang, Cuiliu Liu
The implementation of scientific and technological projects has become an important source of support for the innovative development and strategic deepening of power grid enterprises. At this stage, the lack of a corresponding review method system for the comprehensive effects of the implementation of...
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Design and Implementation of University Student Organization Office Automation System

Chenxi Li, Ru Yan, Zhengde Bao
Since the first office automation planning conference was held in 1985. OA has made new changes and developments in the depth and breadth of application contents and IT technology applications and become the indispensable core application system of an organization. This article will use OA system to...
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LDA Topic Mining of Customer Text Sentiment Analysis on the E-Commerce Platform

Jiahao Duan
Collect the reviews left by users on the e-commerce platform for processing and analysis to understand users’ needs, opinions, and product strengths and weaknesses. The text review data on the Jingdong platform was collected through a Python crawler, which was pre-processed by word separation, lexical...
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Visual Object Tracking Using PCA Correlation Filters

Yinxia Lu, Zhenghua Zhou, Jianwei Zhao
Accurate translation and robust scale estimation are two challenging problems for visual object tracking. Many existing trackers use some feature extraction methods and the exhaustive scale methods to solve above two problems, respectively. This paper continues to discuss above problems in the tracking-by-detection...
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Empirical Research on Innovation of Internet Financial Regulatory System Based on Big Data Technology

Yingyun Zhang, Cheng Huang
Big data technology has great application value in Internet finance, which can well solve the problem of supervision failure caused by the rapid development of Internet finance in China. Based on the panel data of 31 provinces and cities in China from 2013 to 2019, this paper constructed a panel regression...
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Improving Strategy of Agricultural Products Logistics on the Basis of Supply Chain

Na Wei, Danhong Chen, Dejing Wang
With the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers and rural revitalization, China’s agriculture has experienced a rapid development stage. The development of Internet is also changing the marketing methods of agricultural products and promoting the development of rural e-commerce. As one of...
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An AI Planning Approach to Emergency Material Scheduling Using Numerical PDDL

Liping Yang, Ruishi Liang
Emergency material planning and scheduling aims to schedule emergency material to destination efficiently to reduce property losses and personal casualties caused by material shortage. Existing researches usually rely on optimization of transportation routes. They ignore the rich scenarios in which human...
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Theoretical and Experimental Study on Ultrasonic-Mechanical Plating

Zongwei Niu, Li Li, Guangming Zheng, Xiuting Wei, Zhiyong Li
The traditional mechanical plating method is not suitable for parts of big bulk and of complex surface. In order to overcome above shortcoming of mechanical plating, a novel wet ultrasonic mechanical plating process was present by integrating the theories of mechanical plating and ultrasonic shot peening....
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Sensitivity Based Allocation of FACTS Devices in a Transmission System Considering Differential Analysis

V. Srinivasa Rao, M. Ravindra, A. S. Veerendra, R. Srinivasa Rao, A. Ramesh, K. Manoz Kumar Reddy
This research proposes a differential analysis for determining the suitable location for FACTS devices (TCSC) and TCPAR to enhance network security during single-line outages (N-1). To ensure optimal device deployment when dealing with sensitivity variables, the proposed technique is based on performance...
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Development History and Current Situation of Resistor Array Technology at Home and Abroad

Yichong Xu, Jian Chen, Shouyi Liao
The development experience and current situation of resistance array technology at home and abroad are briefly reviewed. Foreign resistance array technology started early and completed the development from small-scale to large-scale, from scanning to snapshot. At present, it is developing towards specialization...
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Machinery Parts Library Exhibition Room Based VIRTOOLS

Bin Shen, Yuan Liu, Guoji Cai
Mechanical manufacturing technology courses need to master the basic characteristics of a large number of mechanical parts. However, the diversification of parts and the modernization of design are hard to satisfy the growing desire of students. This requires a new method to replace the traditional mold...
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Construction and Application of Digitalized Audit Trust System Based on Blockchain Technology

Guangxiu Zhou
Digitization and intelligence are irreversible trends in the process of improving the efficiency of audit business. Data security, privacy protection, data traceability and data verifiability have become the necessary prerequisites for digitalization and intelligence of audit. The current digitalized...
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Machine Vision Calibration of High Precision Platform Based on Adaptive Grid Method

Zhiqiang Kang, Jinchi Bai, Han Li
The main purpose of this paper is to study the location calibration of 3-PPR high precision robot platform. The conventional precision calibration method has certain limitations, This paper adopts adaptive grid method for machine vision calibration, When the precision requirements are met, the mesh is...
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Development of Chinese Animation from the Perspective of Computer Evolution

Namin Mi, Alexey Sukhov
To start with the introduction of relevant computer graphic image processing technology, combined with the historical experience of animation in China and abroad, compares and investigates different animation production methods, analyses the influence of computer technology on animation production in...
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A Comparative Study on the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry Between the West Bank of Pearl River and Northeast China

Taking Harbin, Dalian, Zhuhai and Foshan as Examples

Kangsheng Du, Xiang Huang, Yanping Hong, Xiaoyue Zheng, Yingying Meng
Since China’s reform and opening up, the Pearl River region has developed into an urban functional network of advanced manufacturing zones in the West Bank, and has become an important equipment manufacturing production base in Guangdong. As one of the most important industrial bases in China, the northeast...
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Conceptual Design of Weapon Equipment System-of-Systems Based on Capability

Hao Chen, Jian Huang, Jianxing Gong, Jiangtao Kong
In response to the complex process and the lack of response to capability requirements of operational concept design, this paper proposes a conceptual design method for weapon equipment system-of-systems based on capability requirements. The operational concept design is divided into two parts: “operational...
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DEA-based Achievements Estimate of Technology Investment

Qian Wang, Yuxin Zhao, Xiaoyu Wang
In recent years, domestic R&D funding has maintained rapid growth, and scientific and technological innovation has achieved fruitful results. However, compared with the world’s technological powers, the technological foundation is still weak. Science and technology R&D activities are a typical...
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Stacking Model for Financial Fraud Detection with Synthetic Data

Zichuan Fu
With the fast pace development of the Internet nowadays, financial frauds have also emerged continuously, which has seriously affected the development of the financial sector. Due to the lack of data in the financial field and the loose structure of transaction information, financial fraud detection...
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Optimal Energy Procurement Scheme of a DC Microgrid with Demand Response Participation

Abhishek Singh, Avirup Maulik
This paper deals with an optimal energy procurement strategy in a DC microgrid. The DC microgrid comprises renewable sources, storage systems, and demand response participators, who are players in the electricity market. The DC microgrid operator considers bids from all the market players and pursues...
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Research and Prospect of China, Japan and South Korea Trade Under RCEP Background via Gravity Model

Zeyuan Zhu, Yuze Wang
China, Japan and South Korea are the most important economies in Asia. Trade liberalization among the three countries can bring regional economic synergy and rapid development. After the signing of the RCEP agreement in November 2020, China, Japan and South Korea entered a closer stage of trade cooperation,...
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Evaluation of Local Transformation Ability of Technological Achievements Based on Entropy Method

Xiaoyu Wang, Yuxin Zhao, Qian Wang
The transformation of technological achievements is an important task for the national economy. It transforms technological achievements into actual productivity. In this paper, the entropy method is used to take the technological achievements of Dalian, Liaoning as the research object, and the local...
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Multi-Sensor Fusion of the Foreleg Mechanism for Wheelchair Climbing-Stairs

Dongxing Cao, Weixiang Di, Qiang Wang, Minfei Li
The foreleg mechanism plays an important role to carry out climbing stairs and crossing obstacles for wheelchair climbing-stairs. Multi-sensors are placed on different site of the foreleg mechanism, and their measurement values timely decide and control the foreleg position and posture change. The driver...
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The Research on Innovative Application of Blockchain Technology in Sharing Economy

Bin Zhong
In the era of information technology, the sharing economy has become the norm, and the generation of artificial intelligence is inseparable from the synthesis of blockchain technology. Correctly understanding and mastering blockchain technology has a strong practical guiding significance for industrial...
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3D Creative Design of Cheetah Running Form

Ziwei Xu
In recent years, 3D printing technology has been developing rapidly, which not only helps the development of science and technology industry, but also promotes the progress of cultural and creative undertakings in China. Cultural and creative products are widely loved by people because of their unique...
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A Study on the Impact of High-Speed Rail Opening on the Development of Tourism in Chengdu Based on the Gray Prediction Model

Guanghong Li, Yuan Hu
High-speed rail is an important catalyst for urban development and has a huge impact on the realization of urban tourism benefits and economic development. Through the establishment of regression analysis equation and grey prediction model, combined with the comparison with and without, this paper empirically...
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The Design of Intelligent Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Remote Data Monitoring System

Fei Wang, Fohao Yang, Caihong Su, Naiqi He
This paper designs a remote data monitoring system for intelligent low voltage circuit breaker. Data collector collects various state parameters such as current, voltage and opening or closing state of each phase from intelligent low voltage circuit breaker by RS485 bus and uploads to master station...
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Implementation of Adaptive PSODV to Improved Benders Decomposition Based Unit Commitment

M. Ramu, L. Ravi Srinivas, S. Tara Kalyani
This paper aims at the latest approach for solving the security-constrained unit commitment problem (UCP) dependent on Improved Benders Decomposition (IBD) to Adaptive Particle swarm optimization with differentially perturbed velocity (APSODV). The proposed IBD determines the optimal unit commitment...
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FPGA Software Design for the Missile-borne Computer with DSP and FPGA as Its Core

Tao Yang, Jinpeng Yang, Shuaibing Wang, Ling Li
In order to meet the requirement of stability, real-time performance and miniaturization, a missile-borne computer with DSP and FPGA as its core processor is designed. FPGA communicates with DSP via EMIF for extension of various peripheral interfaces, including the serial port, AD converter and IO operation....
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The Impact of Covid-19 on Chinese Insurance Market

Lingxi Huang
In 2020, the Covid-19 spreads around the world, this research focuses on the influences of Covid on the Chinese insurance market. By using theoretical and data analysis, this study finds that this pandemic has negative impact on the market in the short term. There is a sharp decrease in the total premium...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Distribution Network Project Cost Management Effectiveness Based on Big Data

Xiang Gao, Yuanke Zhou, Yue Tang, Jinghua Liu
Due to the particularity of distribution network, its engineering construction management is very important. According to the content and characteristics of distribution network project cost management, this paper first establishes the effectiveness evaluation index system of distribution network project...
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Billing System Design of Cloud Services

Benzhi Sui, Qiuquan Li, Jun Wen, Yuanzhe Yao
Cloud computing can provide scalable computing power, storage space, and information services for a variety of applications. It has dynamic scalability, fault-tolerance and availability, which require a large number of nodes to provide support. Providing corresponding compensation mechanisms for the...
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The Correlation Between Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosure Scores and Company’s Financial Performance: A Case Study Based on Regression Model

Yizhe Jing
With the rapid development of machine learning and big data techniques, modelling and predictive analysis have been applied broadly in the financial area. From stock market prediction [11] to decision making support for financial institutions [9], researchers have shown that machine learning and big...
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Prototype Wind Turbine Design

Dilek Özlem Esen, Serkan Keskin
Wind energy, which has a high potential in renewable energy sources, has a capacity to meet the rapidly growing energy need. In a wide variety of fields and different types of turbines, the wind energy we use can easily be used in low-voltage devices such as simple household appliances. Within the context...
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Optimal Allocation of Battery Energy Storage Systems in Active Distribution Network

Deepjyoti Saha, Sanjib Ganguly
This work presents an approach of finding the optimal location and size of battery energy storage system (BESS) in a distribution network with distributed generation (DG) in order to reduce distribution system losses and control of voltage rise due to DG fluctuation. The optimal site and size of the...
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Logit Analysis of Residents’ Life Satisfaction Based on Big Data

Jia Huang
Based on six waves of pooled cross-sectional survey data from the second (1990) wave to the seventh (2018) wave of the World Values Survey (WVS) database, this paper uses the statistical software Stata to conduct an ordinal logit analysis on the collated data with reference to the Life Satisfaction Approach....
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The Moderating Effect of Proprietary Assets on International Performance in the Context of Digital Economy

Hai Tan, Shih-Yung Wei
China’s 14th Five-Year Plan calls for the development of China’s strategic emerging industries to promote high-quality development of the country’s digital economy and artificial intelligence. At present, China’s strategic emerging industry compared with Europe and the United States and other developed...
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Indoor Position Monitoring System Using UWB Module

JaeMin Hong, ShinHeon Kim, JeaGeun Lee, KyuJin Kim, ChongGun Kim
Recently, indoor positioning has been actively researched, and methods using Wi-Fi have been widely studied. However, indoor positioning using Wi-Fi has a lot of problems. Therefore UWB is an alternative method. UWB is suitable for indoor positioning because of its high multipath resolution and good...
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The Impact of Sino-US Trade Frictions on Foreign Trade in the Yangtze River Delta Region

Ju Yang, Tinglu Guo
As an important region of China’s foreign trade, Sino-US trade frictions will have a certain impact on the development of foreign trade in the Yangtze River Delta region. In order to test the impact of Sino-US trade friction on the import and export trade of the Yangtze River Delta region, a mathematical...
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Safety Operation Simulation of Teaching Robot Based on VIRTOOLS

Liang Zhang, Rong Che, Wensheng Huang, Bin Shen
At present, various colleges and universities have extensively carried out practical training courses for industrial robots. If students are trained entirely in actual equipment, they will be limited by the number of venues, equipment, complex structure, operation frequency and use safety. This requires...
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Application of Blockchain Technology in College Teacher Evaluation System

Jieyu An, Binfen Ding
The teacher evaluation system is a comprehensive information system for teachers and students of the whole school based on the management practice of higher education, using advanced design ideas and technologies. The system effectively overcomes practical problems such as high pressure of evaluation...
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Research on the Development of Intelligent Transportation Based on Smart City

Yawen Tang, Yuhan Xiong, Wan Yu, Chuyun Tian, Zhengde Bao
With the progress of human society during the 21st century, the continuous innovation and development of networking, digitization, intelligence, information and automation have promoted the emergence of smart cities. At present, China is in an essential period of new urbanization and the rapid development...
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Comparative Review of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Texture Classification

Shantanu Kumar, Amey Gupta
In this paper, we present a review and analysis of different methods and resources for texture classification, presenting the most popular techniques that have been used in the past decade. The paper covers some of the most traditional approaches involving texture descriptors like Gray Level Co-occurrence...
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Fuzzy Clustering Prediction and Improvement Path Analysis of University Students’ Physique

Jinmao Tong, Fei Wang
It is difficult for traditional methods to enter the fields of biology, psychology, medicine and social sciences because there are too many factors and complicated rules in these disciplines. Complexity and accuracy often exclude each other, but complexity is compatible with inaccuracy, namely fuzziness....
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Recent Research and Prospect on Feature Recognition of Three-dimensional Model

Yangdong Shi, Zhaohui Deng, Junwu Zhong
A feature recognition technique is the intelligent interface of CAD/CAPP. Through extracting and recognizing the tolerance and surface roughness, the design features such asholes, steps and other design features in a 3D model of parts, the CAD/CAPP can be combined efficiently, and then the CAD/CAPP/CAM...
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Research on the Correlation Between Internal Control and Corporate Performance of Listed Companies with the Use of Computer Technology

Based on the Analysis of Different Industrial Categories

Ming Chen
The results of theoretical and practical analysis abroad show that internal control is very important to the development of enterprises. In order to promote China’s economic development, this paper investigates the actual situation of China’s listed companies to understand the impact of internal control...
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Enterprise Financial Management Informatization under Cloud Computing Environment

Xiaohua Zhou
For enterprises, financial management is the top priority of management work, and the effective promotion and application of the financial management model of the financial sharing center integrating cloud computing and other technological elements can undoubtedly become the key to helping enterprises...
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Research on Desktop Based Virtual Maintenance Training System for Military Aircraft

Dunming Tan, Yonghong Zhou, Xiaoju Yong
Desktop based virtual maintenance training system for military aircraft system was studied to make the developing easier. First, the virtual maintenance scene was simplified and rendered in real time. Second, the mechanical assemble relationship and sequence was modeled by petri network. Third, different...
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Research on Informatization Construction of Enterprise Performance Management Based on “Internet+” Management Information System

Na Guo, Xiaoxian Gong
Under the background of the current “Internet+” era, the traditional enterprise performance management model has problems such as insufficient overall planning, poor departmental coordination, and single service function, which can no longer meet the needs of enterprise development in the new era. With...
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Blockchain + Industry-Education Integration Enterprise: Coupling Path and Platform Construction

Xin Zhang, Pengmin Jia
As the driving force of vocational education development and reform, industry-education integration enterprises have entered the critical period of construction, and put forward the construction demands of symmetrical organizational structure, transparent data status, information resource sharing, and...
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Improving Collaborative Filtering Recommendation

Pang-Ming Chu, Hong-Ru Tsai, Shie-Jue Lee, Shing-Tai Pan
Collaborative filtering recommender systems traditionally recommend products to users solely based on the user-item rating matrix and are simple, convenient to use. In this paper, we focus on two main issues, data sparsity and scalability. Data sparsity can lead to inaccurate recommendations, while scalability...
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Augmented Reality Based Product Invisible Area Assembly Assistance

Zenglei Wang, Shusheng Zhang, Xiaoliang Bai
Aiming at the problem of the invisible area in a manual assembly process, this paper proposes an invisible area assembly scheme based on augmented reality technology. Different location tracking methods are put forward according to whether the objects to be assembled are visible. At the same time, the...
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Application of Computer Aided Numerical Calculation Method and Artificial Intelligence in Technology Innovation Analysis

Hongzhen Zhang, Ya Dong, Xia Hua
With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology and the continuous update and wide application of artificial intelligence technology, the Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence have gradually penetrated into many industries in human society and have been involved in...
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Optimum Placement of Battery Energy Storage Systems and Solar PV Units in Distribution Networks Using Gravitational Search Algorithm

Preetham Goli, Srikanth Yelem, Kiran Jasthi, Srinivasa Rao Gampa, D. Das
This paper proposes the optimum sizing and placement of photovoltaic (PV) units and battery energy storage systems using the Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) to minimize the burden on the substation. The solar PV units are allocated for daytime peak load reduction and the evening load is compensated...
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An Improved Non-local Mean Ultrasound Image Denoising Algorithm

Baozhong Liu, Jianbin Liu
An improved non-local mean ultrasound image denoising method is proposed to solve the problem of poor effect of traditional image denoising algorithm on ultrasound images. In this method the non-local mean filtering algorithm is improved by using the gamma distribution noise model and image block matching,...
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Research on Income and Expenditure Based on Multiple Linear Regression: A Case of Filipinos

Sixu Chen, Rong Fan, Yinglong Lin
The currency system in modern society requires people to work for incomes and purchase what they demand. Accordingly, economists are working hard to find out exact patterns in which human-beings earn and spend their money. This paper aims at looking for and describing such a pattern. Through simple charts...
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The Influence of Digital Economy Development Level on China’s Export Trade

Yuexian Tang, Liang Liang
At present, the global digital economy is developing rapidly. How to develop digital economy and enhance the digital competitiveness of Chinese export enterprises is of strategic significance to promoting China’s economic development. General Secretary Jinping Xi pointed out that it is necessary to speed...
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Text Generation Image about Gan

Sijia Ye
In recent years, the task of text to image generation has been an important research hotspot in the field of computer vision and natural language. The purpose of this task is to take a descriptive language text as the input, and then output an image with consistent text content. Due to the instability...
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Damage Identification of Beam Structures Using an Improved Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm

Zhiyi Yin, Jike Liu, Zhongrong Lyu
Beam Structures are crucial components in constructions, and damage identification of beam structures is an important research filed in engineering. Swarm intelligence algorithms have been widely used in structural damage identification for the past few years. The Big Bang-Big Crunch algorithm is one...
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Parameter Matching of Open Winding Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Performance Requirements of Electric Vehicle

Zhiwen An
As the only driving source of pure electric car, the motor system is the top priority of research and development, so the efficiency of the motor directly affects the energy consumption of the whole vehicle. Among all types of motors, permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has attracted more and more...
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Sentiment Analysis of Stocks Based on News Headlines Using NLP

Aastha Saxena, Arpit Jain, Prateek Sharma, Sparsh Singla, Amrita Ticku
In todays’ world everyone starting from a child to an adult is studying stocks and is finding ways to earn more by studying the patterns of the market. Stock market is a compound interrelated system of various investors. It fluctuates frequently and hence is hard to predict what is yet to come. All the...
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Analysis and Simulations of LAMBDA Integer Ambiguity Resolution Algorithm

Shengge Zhang, Naiping Cheng, Shuyan Ni
In the data processing with carrier phase, how to obtain the ambiguity value of the carrier phase accurately and efficiently is an important problem in the precision positioning data processing. This paper summarizes the processing of the integer ambiguity data.. In this paper, integer least squares...
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The Construction and Application of the Financial Early-Warning Model of High-Tech Enterprises

Ying Huang
In recent years, high-tech enterprises have developed rapidly, and their total economic output value has occupied an important proportion in the total output value of China’s national economy. The high-tech enterprises to the contribution of China’s science and technology and economy have the driving...
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Application of Chinese Folk Art in the Computer Design Assistant System of Modern Art

Juan Tan
Chinese folk art has a long history and bears splendid traditional cultural characteristics. In different historical periods and regions, works of different forms, beautiful styles and distinctive ethnic characteristics have been created. With the rapid development of computer technology, computer art...
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Research on Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network

Zhengwu Yuan, Xinjie Liu
There is an increasing demand for remote sensing image classification in many civilian applications. Inputting the feature map into the convolutional neural network can obtain more abstract features of the input feature map, and this ability can be applied to remote sensing image classification. The...
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A Bi-normalized Frequency Estimation Algorithm

Zhaobi Chu, Yan Wang, Rui Zhang
This paper presents a bi-normalized frequency estimation algorithm which contains a two-dimensional state estimation equation and a one-dimensional frequency update rule coupled with it. The robustness of the algorithm is that the frequency estimation convergence is no longer subject to the actual value...
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An Improved PSO Algorithm for Direction Finding with Tetrahedral-based USBL System

Jian Huang, Shenggang Yan
Aiming at the problem that the standard particle swarm optimization algorithm has a slow convergence speed and easy to fall into the local optimum, the method of region-division is introduced to dynamically adjust the inertia weight and learning factors of the particle to achieve the balance between...
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Reflections on Machine Scoring in Business English Writing under the Background of Big Data

Wenyi Ding
In the era of big data, information exchange is more convenient and faster, and its frequency increases rapidly. As a result, the demand for language services increases, and the importance of business English gradually highlights. With the rapid growth of business English learning, there is a great demand...
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The Impact of Digital Economy on the High-Quality Development of Service Industry in Beijing

Based on the Application of EViews Software in Multivariate Linear Regression

Yanyan Shao
This paper makes use of econometrics software EViews to explore the impact of the digital economy on the high-quality development of the service industry by establishing a multivariate linear regression model, using ordinary least square (OLS) method for the parameter estimation. And to make recommendations...
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Research on Translation Corpus Building with the Assistance of AI

Xiaoqing Hou
The quality of machine translation depends on the corpus available for it to learn from. With the development of AI, the translation corpus is now the key to realize Intelligent translation and scenario-based translation. The data on the Internet, data of the enterprise, user-generated data, machine-generated...