Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Strategies, Models and Technologies of Economic Systems Management (SMTESM 2019)

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Newest Digital Technology in Management of National Economic System

Nataliia Kraus, Kateryna Kraus, Oleksandr Manzhura
The content of some latest digital technologies in managing of national economic system, including Blockchain NEM technology are described in the article. Key benefits of using NEM in business management are outlined, including high efficiency, ease of use, flexibility and reliability. Among the advanced...
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The globalization trends of the agrarian sector development

Iuliia Samoilyk, Mykola Zos-Kior, Valerii Illin, Olena Illina
The article has been devoted to the agrarian sector development’s problems in the world. Agricultural production trends have been identified. The idea of the research has been to apply a cluster analysis technique for identifying these trends. It has been confirmed regularity that the share of agriculture...
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Modeling The Efficiency Of Implementation Of Energy Saving Policy At Enterprises Under Uncertainty Conditions

Mykhaylo Voynarenko, Viacheslav Dzhedzhula, Iryna Yepifanova
In the article a mathematical model of the intellectual support of decision making for the evaluation of the efficiency of implementation and operation of energy saving policy of the enterprise under uncertainty conditions with the help of Mat Lab’s mathematical package has been developed. The main factors...
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Marketing provision of transformational economic processes

Svetlana Kovalchuk, Alona Tanasiichuk, Svetlana Sirenko, Yevhena Zaburmekha
It is substantiated in this article the necessity of the global market of goods formation and also capital, labor force, information technologies, internationalization of production and capital, increasing the efficiency of foreign trade and foreign investment as well as increasing competition in commodity...
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The influence of remittances on macroeconomical figures in Ukraine

Oleksandr Chernyak, Yevgen Chernyak, Yurii Horobets
During last ten years an increase of amount of the remittances, as well as its importance among the sources of foreign capital in the list of developing countries, is mentioned. The share of remittances in GDP of some countries grew so dramatically, that it caused the economical dependence from their...
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Education for Sustainable Development as a Factor in the Formation of Environmental Competencies of Future Specialists

Iryna Kinash, Uliana Andrusiv, Liudmyla Arkhypova, Iryna Popadynets
The article aims at studying the role of education in the implementation of the goals of sustainable development of the state. It has been determined that education plays a decisive role. It has been found out that the current pace of implementation of the course of education for the sustainable development...
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Innovation Driven Economic Growth: Evidence for G7 Countries

Oksana Zhylinska, Olena Bazhenova
The paper is devoted to the examining the influence of economic growth factor that determines the success in innovations production and to some extent reflects the level of human capital of the country - researchers in R&D (per million people) - on the cross-country income differences among G7 economies...
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Strategic ways of minimizing banks’ bad loan debts

Nelia Volkova, Valeriia Volkova, Liana Ptashchenko, Alina Glushko
The strategic directions for minimization banks’ bad loan debts were studied. The essence of the problem loan as a type of bank assets was found out and the authors’ interpretation of this definition was suggested. Substantiated was the authors’ adjusted approach to the classification of problem loans,...
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Optimization Management Model of the Industrial Enterprise Innovation Potential Development on the Basis of a Value-Oriented Approach

Oksana Zamazii, Vаlentyna Stadnyk, Galyna Sokoliuk, Natalja Prylepa
The problem of the optimization model constructing of industrial enterprise innovation potential development for improving their ability to implement competitive strategies has been actualized. The expediency of the value theory basic provisions using for this has been substantiated. The gist and functional...
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Development of the specific gravitational model describing foreign trade between two countries with simulation method

Tea Munjishvili, Giorgi Gaganidze
The Course of joining the European Union was declared by three other States (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) only in 2014 when they signed the Association Agreement. These Agreements turned out to be quite challenging for the States as they impose huge obligations: in the field of Foreign Trade among others....
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Model for Consumers Priorities Detection in E-trade Based on Classifying a Client’s Personal and Consumer Profile

Oleg Pursky, Oleksander Kharchenko, Olena Fomina, Daria Holovina
In this work we present the developed model for consumers priorities detection in e-trade based on classifying a client’s personal and consumer profile. The presented model allows to improve the business process of choosing a rational set of goods and services depending on customer characteristics,...
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Modeling of Enterprise Development on the Basis of Approximation of Methods of Innovation Dynamics

Olena Martyniuk, Olena Goncharenko, Olga Vytvytska
The article discusses modeling algorithms based on the approximation of innovative dynamics methods. It is implemented using a system of differential equations and functionality to determine the optimal period for the transition of an enterprise system to dynamic development. For this, the equilibrium...
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Refinancing Operations: Evolution of the Role and Identification of the Influence on the Ukrainian Banking System's Liquidity

Pavlo Ilchuk, Olha Kots
The main goal of the research is to determine the importance of the refinancing mechanism in the system of Ukrainian banking system’s liquidity regulation. The separate tasks by which the goal of the research is achieved are: research the legal regulation of NBU's usage the refinancing instruments and...
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Theoretical Aspects Of Investing In Human Capital In The Conditions Of Formation Of The Creative Economy

Mykhailo Kuzheliev, Tetiana Posnova, Alina Nechyporenko, Olena Sokyrko
The article covers the theoretical aspects of investments in human capital in conditions of formation of a creative economy. In particular, it is determined that the key feature of the transition to the postulates of the creative economy is its ability to combine high-quality creative thinking, new innovative...
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Model for Self-assessment of the Internal Quality Assurance System in Context of European Standards and Guidelines Requirements

Pavlo Hryhoruk, Svitlana Grygoruk, Mariusz Mazurkiewicz
The paper deals with the problems of assessing the compliance level of internal quality assurance system with the requirements of European standards and guidelines. The basis of the calculations is the self-assessment procedure based on the composite index evaluation technology. An approach to design...
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Granger causality analysis of profitability and efficiency in ukrainian banking sector

Bohdan Kyshakevych, Anatolij Prykarpatsky, Dmytro Mazharov
The paper aims to evaluate the relationship between profitability and efficiency in the Ukrainian banking sector during the period 2008 – 2017 using Granger causality test. Profitability was estimated by means of two ratios, namely ROA (Return on Assets) and ROE (Return on Equity). For estimation of...
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Ukraine Depressive National Economy Destructive Factors

Liana Ptaschсenko, Alina Glushko, Nelia Volkova, Valeriia Volkova
It is proved that in economics depression is characterized not only as a lasting, long-term decline in industries economic activity but as a consequence of destructive factors influence. Those factors that are primary cause of the national economy depressed state in the context of importance of issues...
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Analysis and Forecasting of Ukraine's Economic Development Cycle

Oleksandr Baranovskyi, Tetiana Hudz, Nataliia Mirko
The aim of this paper is to identify a new cyclic stage of Ukraine economic development and its forecasting. Objectives of the study are: determination of development cycles in different sectors of Ukraine economy and its general trend, construction of economic and mathematical model for forecasting...
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Modeling the Impact of Social and Economic Factors on Innovative Development of Healthcare in the Conditions of Sustainable Development of Ukraine

Zoryna Yurynets, Oksana Petrukh, Nataliia Danylevych, Ivanna Myshchshyn
The aim of the article is to determine the impact of social and economic factors on innovative development of healthcare using modeling with a neural network. The article grounded the necessity of neural net concept tools introduction into the health sector practice in the conditions of sustainable development...
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Stability of Economic Development of Global Cities: Evaluation and Perspectives

Olha Pyroh, Lyudmyla Katan, Vladimir Katan
The goal of the article is to explore modern trends and evaluate traits of stable economic development of global cities during the 2000-2017 period. The results of our study reject the hypothesis that innovation activity has a major impact on the economic growth of global cities. Job creation and unemployment...
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The Scale Measurement of the Main Indicators of Capitalization of the Insurance Market (on the Example of Ukraine)

Ryszard Pukała, Raisa Kvasnytska, Nataliya Vnukova, Svitlana Achkasova
This article describes that the level of capitalization of the insurance market is an essential indicator for assessment its level of development, the monitoring introduction of which will help to provide the effective tools for problem-solving monitoring of risks and supervision in the insurance market....
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Public Management of Public Investment Projects in Ukraine under Conditions of European Integration

Svitlana Yehorycheva, Mykola Lakhyzha, Nataliia Stetsenko
The article deals with the system of public investment projects management existing in Ukraine. The authors state its actual tasks concerning realization of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. An estimation of quantitative parameters of public investment in terms of promotion of economic growth is carried...
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Тhе key factors in ensuring the quality of maritime education in Ukraine

Olha Kibik, Lіudmyla Nikolaieva, Iuliia Khaiminova, Vitaliy Bereza
The paper looks into a set of issues related to the management of seafarers' work in the global maritime job market. The peculiarities of the development of the seafarer job market were examined. The relevance of the seafarers training quality arises due to changes in the global freight market and system...
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Efficiency of Human Resource Management in Industrial Automation Enterprises with Prospects of Innovative Susceptibility

Vitalina Babenko, Oleg Boichenko, Yelyzaveta Koniaieva
In modern conditions of innovative development, the most important resource of production companies and corporations is the innovative susceptibility (IS) of personnel. The key to this is an innovative organization of the personnel management system (HRMS). Accordingly, the task of the study is to analyze...
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Social security system: financial aspect of functioning

Iryna Forkun, Iryna Kravets, Olga Harvat, Tetyana Gordeeva
Paper considers the task of improvement of the social security system, in particular in the context of financial provision of its implementation, taking into account the current problems and the urgent necessity for their solution. The purpose of the paper is to find out the conditions and peculiarities...
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Modeling and level estimation of efficiency of fiscal decentralization in Ukraine

Hanna Starostenko, Iryna Forkun, Tetyana Gordeeva, Jan Mrozowski
A priority area for the development of a democratic state is to ensure the well-being of every citizen. Given the current challenges and threats to the Ukrainian economy, achieving these priorities aims at building a domestic budgetary system with an emphasis on ensuring the organizational and financial...
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Improvement of a conceptual model forecasting the level of economic security of industrial enterprise

Yevhenii Merzhynskyi, Tetiana Melikhova, Andrii Makarenko
The conceptual model of forecasting of an industrial enterprise economic security  with the purpose of identifying and negative tendencies timely warnings is improved in the article. The conceptual model is based on the synthesis of the Kohonen neural network for the classification of economic security...
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Assessment of Problems and Prospects of Increasing the Level and Efficiency of Social Responsibility of Agricultural Enterprises

Larisa Marmul, Valentina Aranchiy, Maryna Navalna, Svitlana Kucherenko
The subject of the study is the theoretical and practical aspects of the implementation and evaluation of social responsibility of agrarian enterprises. The purpose of the work is to identify, assess and analyze the level and effectiveness of social responsibility of agrarian enterprises and justify...
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Innovative Сomponent of Countries’ Competitiveness Growth

Olha Zakharova, Olga Bezzubchenko, Khrystyna Mityushkina
The features of the innovative development of countries with different types of national innovation systems are determined in the article. Based on the use of economical and mathematical modeling and statistical analysis tools the authors carried out the assessment of innovative development factors impact...
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Fuzzy Assessment of Educational Potential in the Regions of Ukraine

Vasyl Pryimak, Natalia Mishchuk, Stepan Trokhaniak, Volodymyr Vovk
The paper deals with fuzzy clustering of the regions in Ukraine depending on their level of educational potential development. A hierarchical system of fuzzy logic inference was designed. It models interconnection between the following indicators: the level of human potential development, the level of...
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Investment priorities of the national economy sectors development

Vаlentyna Stadnyk, Pavlo Izhevskiy, Nila Khrushch, Tetjana Tomalja
The problem of determining the investment priorities of the national economy development has been actuated. It has been argued that the formation of institutional preferences for activation of industry investment processes should be carried out taking into account the potential ability of each sectoral...
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Estimation of Innovative Business Processes of the Enterprises in Conditions of Еmergence Economics

Mykhaylo Voynarenko, Zakharii Varnalii, Viktoriya Hurochkina, Olena Menchynska
Under the terms of the manifestations of characteristics emergent economy in Ukraine, is gradually strengthening its influence on the functioning of the industrial enterprises, which require significant concentration of efforts on innovation development. The modern state of functioning of industrial...
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Creativity of International Development Strategies and Audit of Entities' Financial Management

Tetyana Calinescu, Ganna Likhonosova, Olena Zelenko
The article presents the author's vision of the construction of creative international strategies for the development of forms of financial management of business entities. The creativity of behavioural finance in the article is based on the fact that the behaviour of the main shareholder turns out to...
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Modeling Break-even Zone Using the Integral Methods

Liliana Horal, Vira Shyiko, Oleg Yaroshenko
Researched the break-even activity processes of enterprises. Results showed that for certain types of activities there is no single traditional break-even point, there is a whole range of production volumes, which has the principles of break-even activity. Taking into account these aspects, it is proposed...
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A Three-Phase Methodical Approach to Assessing the Effectiveness of Investment Projects In Oil and Gas Production

Uliana Vytvytska
The article is devoted to the improvement of the methodological framework for evaluating the effectiveness of investments in oil and gas production. Particular attention is paid to the formation of cash flows, accounting for the time factor at various stages and stages of the life cycle of long-term...
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6D-model of business valuation management: actuarial aspect

Svitlana Luchyk, Yulia Manachynska, Volodymyr Yevdoshchak, Marharyta Luchyk
The article is devoted to new trends and tasks of managing economic business value by the means of multidimensional innovation accounting model under the terms of integration strategies implementation. 6D model of business value management is offered on the basis of actuarial accounting and accountancy...
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Efficiency of the Sea Commercial Port Information System

Dmytro Zherlitsyn, Volodymyr Mandra
Information and decision support system is the most important part of each enterprise management process. The sea commercial port is a difficult business structure, which unites the functions of logistics operator, transport terminal, international gate and classical market agent. Therefore, they decision...
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Online payment gateways and the expediency of their use in small to medium-sized Internet shops in Ukraine

Yuliya Peretiatko, Tetiana Klymenko, Alexander Sidorenko
A very important aspect of a functional Internet store is the process of accepting payment for goods or services from customers. Payment methods can be classified online and offline. Major international and local Ukrainian payment gateways and their fees and features were analyzed. As a result threshold...
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Investment Resource Of Structural Modernization Of Economy

Viktoriya Marhasova, Nataliia Tkalenko, Olga Garafonova, Oleksandra Sakun
The article contains the arguments of the role of investment resource as a key factor of structural modernization of economy of country. The conception of realization of investment resource of structural modernization of economy is offered and described its basic constituents. The necessity of creation...
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Quality Format Of Innovational Model For Development Economy In Ukraine: Standardization And Certification

Oksana Bondar-Podhurska, Alla Glebova, Olha Yudicheva
The Index of innovative development of the Ukrainian Economy for 2007-2017 is calculated on the basis of the additive model, the principal components method and the sliding matrix, as novelty. The tendency of its decrease and the problem of commercialization results of scientific and technical activity...
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Fiscal policy under economic transformation

Zhanna Harbar, Victor Harbar, Serhii Sobchuk, Olena Menchynska
Approaches to functioning of fiscal policies in countries with developed and transformational economics are generalised and systematised with the view to enhance the efficiency of structural reforms of the financial system and to reduce the impact of fiscal imbalances on economic processes. Proved is...
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Assessment of Financial Potential as a Determinant of Enterprise Development

Dmytro Zherlitsyn, Stanislav Levytskyi, Denys Mykhailyk, Victoriia Ogloblina
Financial potential is an important part of enterprise activities. The technique of the enterprise’s financial potential assessment is offered in the paper. It is presented by particular stages, where each stage is related to a certain task. The characteristics of the company’s financial potential, based...
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Modelling of trade relations between EU countries by the method of minimum spanning trees

Hanna Danylchuk, Liubov Kibalnyk, Tetiana Burlaienko, Oksana Dubinina
The paper deals with the study of international flows of goods and services, modeling of the structure of trade relations between countries. The rapid development of international economic relations and the formation of various integration associations encourage the identification of structural links...
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Statement of Simulation Experiments on the Models of Formation of the Advertising Strategies of Pharmaceutical Enterprises

Iryna Kapustyan, Zoia Sokolovska, Oksana Klepikova
The questions of set-up simulation experiments on models of complex economic systems are considered. The main modern trends of the pharmaceutical industry are identified based on review of existing research in the field of experiments planning. The hypothesis of the feasibility of stating and conducting...
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Civil-Military Cooperation Professionals Training During The Military Education Reformation

Oksana Beryslavska, Oleg Gushchyn, Victor Dobrovolsky, Volodymir Shulgin
The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the structure and implementation of the Program for the training of specialists in civil-military cooperation in the system of higher military education, based on the use of a competence approach. The program provides the acquisition of general and professional...
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Competitiveness of the agrarian sector: a comparative analysis of Poland and Ukraine

Petro Kurmaiev, Nataliia Vdovenko, Marina Pavlenko, Paraskoviia Kolisnichenko
Competitiveness serves an imperative of the long-term economic development. The purpose of the article is to compare the indicators that determine the competitiveness level of the agrarian sector of Poland and Ukraine. In the course of the research, methods of correlation and comparative analysis are...
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Modeling Credit Risk in Banking

Andriy Oliinyk, Tetyana Donchenko, Каterina Larionova, Hennadii Kapinos
The appropriate credit risk assessment the use of risk management methods are essential for bank financial firmness and stability as well as determinative for the behavioral aspects of bank operation. The article develops a model of credit risk assessment within the scope of the variability concept that...
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Modeling of Functional Dependence Emergent Qualities of Economic Systems

Larysa Lazebnyk, Nataliya Nykytchenko, Viktoriya Hurochkina, Liudmyla Kravchenko
Multilateral issues of ensuring prosperity country's economic system are the achievement of efficiency and success industrial enterprises in field behavioral aspect's entrepreneurship in emerging economy. Such a direction of research, which is leaked from experimental economy, places emphasis on strategic...
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Simulation modeling of the relative influence of the benefits of defense capability strategies on the security of states

Vasyl Porokhnya, Oleksandr Ostapenko
Throughout its existence, the Ukrainian state has always suffered from political, economic and military harassment by neighboring states from ancient times to the present day. Whether its geographical location, which determines the center of Europe, or ineffective leadership, has always forced Ukraine...
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Financial Mechanisms of Foreign Economic Activity Regulation in Top Trading Countries

Valentyna Tropina, Tetiana Rybakova
The subject of the study is the theoretical background, practical aspects and current state of using financial mechanisms of foreign economic activity regulation in the countries which are leading exporters and importers of goods and commercial services. The purpose of the work is to reveal patterns...
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Research On The Use Of The Artificial Intelligence By Management Of The Economic System Of The State

Olena Parubets, Olena Panchenko, Olena Bazilinska, Dmytro Sugonyako
In conditions of the rapid development of the digital economy and information knowledge of the society, the need in the research of problems and perspectives of the artificial intelligence study and its influence on the process of the economic system management of the state is growing. Within the article,...
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Strategic And Tactical Planning In The Management Of Financial And Economic Security Of Enterprises: Financial Component

Tetiana Gogol, Valentin Nekhai, Vadym Kolotok
Transformation of the national economy, as a response to the latest developments in the global economy, which are characterized by various controversial and unexpected processes, requires revaluation and consideration of adequate tools of financial and economic security policy for enterprises, including...
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Application of Fuzzy Clustering to Shaping Regional Development Strategies in Ukraine

Kateryna Gorbatiuk, Olha Mantalyuk, Oksana Proskurovych, Oleksandr Valkov
Formation of regional development strategies is impossible without taking into account the disparities in the development levels of regions which affect the entire national economy. Strengths and weaknesses of the functioning of each regional economic system, favourable and negative trends in the development...
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Transformation of Cycles of State Regulation in International Trade

Liudmyla Prystupa, Viktor Koval, Iryna Kvach, Andrei Hrymalyuk
The article illustrates a natural character of contemporary change processes happening in world economy related to cyclic development of international trade and its state regulation. The purpose of the article is to justify the cyclical nature of the evolution of state regulation of international trade....
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Influence of Regional Financial Market Models on the Structure of Global Financial Assets

Olena Bulatova, Tetiana Shabelnyk, Tetyana Marena, Nataliia Reznikova
The article deals with the structure of global financial assets in terms of stock market capitalization, debt securities and bank assets. The peculiarities of functioning and structure of financial markets of the American, European and Asian regions are defined. Based on the results of the regional financial...
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Research on economic content of provisions of future costs and payments and their impact on financial position and financial results of the enterprise activity

Tetiana Savchuk, Inna Negrych, Iryna Medvid, Kateryna Holubchak
This paper explores the impact of provisions of future costs and payments on the assessment of the financial position and financial results of performance in the case of oil and gas companies. Those provision, which charges are provided by the accounting systems of standardization (both Ukrainian Accounting...
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Methodical Approach To Determining The Points Of Economic Growth In The Center And Peripheral Rates In Ukraine

Olena Kozyrieva, Olga Garafonova, Olehandr Sumets, Аngela Olkhovska
The article summarizes the existing approaches to studying the processes of economic growth within the problematic field of economic and social sciences. On this basis, the priority components of the country’s regions economic growth, including economic, technological, resource, spatial, territorial,...
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Logistics schemes in the development of integration processes of the formation of the global economy

Yevheniia Sribna, Svetlana Minakova, Olena Franchuk, Liudmyla Antonova
The global economy is a process of combining national economies into a single economic world system. The role of the national economy in this system will be determined solely by the perfect organization of the logistics components as an objective process. The article defines logistic schemes in the modern...
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Marketing Decision Making In The Conditions Of Information Uncertainty And Business Risks On The Basis Of The Stratification Metamodeling Toolkit

Vyacheslav Glushchevsky, Viktoriia Khoroshun, Lev Feofanov, Kateryna Steshenko
The problematic subject area studied in this article is the sphere of marketing activity and the quality management system of industrial enterprises on the example of the enterprises of the electrical engineering industry. The article addresses the following problems of marketing management of enterprises...
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Indicative Express-Estimation Of Financial Security Of Banking Activity

Raisa Kvasnytska, Lesia Matviichuk, Inna Dotsenko, Yuliia Kovalenko
The article is devoted to the actual problems of determining the level of financial security of the overall banking system of a country or that of a particular bank. Competitiveness, profitability and financial stability either of a bank or banking system of a country are defined to be directly dependent...
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Scientific-methodical foundations of estimation of territorial communities’ endogenous capacity in Ukraine in conditions of decentralization

Iryna Hrynchyshyn, Olena Panukhnyk, Mariana Bil, Nazariy Popadynets, Khrystyna Patytska, Iryna Leshchuh
Revealing the problems of inefficient use of territorial communities’ endogenous capacity and outlining the opportunities of its increase as an important factor of forming of capable territorial communities in Ukraine are the relevant scientific tasks in current conditions of reforming of local self-governance...
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Neural network technology forecasting the country's business climate

Vita Los, Dmytro Ocheretin, Hanna Kucherova, Olha Bilska
One of the important leading indicators that show the current state of the country's economic cycle, its prospects in the near future and generally characterize the country's business climate is the business confidence index (BCI). In this paper a forecast of the business confidence index is built using...
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Investment Risk Measurement for Agricultural ETF

Andrii Kaminskyi, Maryna Nehrey
The aim of the paper is to measure the risk of agriculture ETF in the context of portfolio investment. The agriculture ETF be a special investment class which indicates relatively low correlated returns with traditional investment classes. One of the reasons of this is impact of weather and crop yield...
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Matriх of Personality Intelligent Characteristics as an Instrument for its Development Management

Sviatoslav Kis, Galyna Malynovska, Viktor Petrenko, Oleh Yatsiuk
The human capital of any organized community of people serves as the main resource of its development and competitiveness as an economic system, and its ability to create, develop and effectively use such a non-material kind of capital as human will determine its economic power and market success. The...
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Investigation of the markets dynamics type for a comparative analysis of the investment instruments attractiveness

Nataliia Maksyshko, Oksana Vasylieva
The article contributes to solving the problem of choosing the most attractive investment instrument from a variety of alternatives based on a comparative analysis of the dynamics of relevant markets. The nature of the dynamics affects the predictability level of the investor's income and is determined...
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Modeling the impact of social transfers on the inequality of income distribution in society

Oksana Bashutska, Lesia Buiak, Mykola Shynkaryk, Oksana Bodnar
The impact of social transfers on income inequality in society is analyzed. The role of social transfers in redistributing income and reducing the level of differentiation of society is revealed. The choice of the total income components for all types of social transfers is substantiated. An algorithm...
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Analysis of the intensity of trading on the Ukrainian stock market

Maryna Iurchenko, Lyudmyla Remnova, Olena Gonta
In this research, we present a new approach for analysis of the intensity of trading on the Ukrainian stock market. In order to model the operations throughout the day, the non-homogeneous Poisson process with some unknown intensity function is used. The proposed approach is tested on the high frequency...
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Innovative Trends in the Process Modelling of International Strategies: Systematic of Fundamental Factor Models

Lidiia Karpenko, Pavlo Voronzhak, Oksana Zhylinska, Pavlo Pashko
This paper investigates the innovative trends in the process modelling of international strategies in the coordinates of globalization changes and European integration, such as: maximizing the geometric mean return, the systematic fundamental factor models, the output and inputs of a factor model, Barra...
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Substantiation of the model of innovative development of the enterprise

Olga Gonchar, Alla Cherep, Alexander Cherep
It is established that in developing the models of innovation activity (IA) it is expedient to develop the economic mechanism (EM) as an instrument of further innovation development, which will allow the company to achieve its objectives. It is defined that in the process of analysis in determining the...
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Application Of The Harrington Function To Assess The Performance Of Oil And Gas Companies

Iryna Perevozova, Nadiia Daliak, Oksana Lisova, Dmitriy Naumov
Modern development and functioning of socio-economic systems requires the introduction of new management methods aimed at preventing, preventing and overcoming crisis phenomena. This is precisely what necessitates and intensifies scientific research aimed at improving the methodology for diagnosing the...
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Equilibriums in Logistic Chain with Various Optimization Criteria of Participants

Valery Heyets, Mykhaylo Zvieriakov, Anatoliy Kholodenko
The logistic chain of production and delivery of products on the market, including manufacturing and transport enterprises, is considered. Equilibrium states in this logistic chain for various combinations of participant's optimization criteria, such as profit, gross income, cargo turnover, profitability,...
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Enterprise Economic Security: Scientific View and Business Reality

Yuliya Shutyak, Valentyna Lukianova
The article is devoted to a critical analysis of research on economic security of an enterprise. Comparing so called western research and Eastern European research in the area, we review main issues the researchers face while studying this concept from theoretical and practical point of view. Further,...
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The Use of Data Envelopment Analysis to Select Financial Strategies for Industrial Enterprises

Oksana Savko, Ivanna Melnychuk, Vitalii Sharko, Iryna Bodnaruk
The expediency of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) usage for gas distribution system (GDS) operators of Ukraine has been substantiated. Such enterprises were estimated and allocated by their degree of efficiency and profitability. This allows to trace changes at the enterprises profitability and the use...
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Creation Of Local Integrated Production-Trading Systems: Actuality, Determinants, Conformity Of Conditions

Halyna Ivanchenko, Nataliia Mitsenko, Ihor Mishchuk, Oleхandra Shaleva
The main purpose of the publication is to develop theoretical and methodical principles for the creation of local integrated production and trading systems in the region on the basis of main determinants and assessment of the preconditions formation level study results systematization. It is emphasized...
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Cryptocurrency portfolio optimization using Value-at-Risk measure

Petro Hrytsiuk, Tetiana Babych, Larysa Bachyshyna
Current research has led to a rejection of the hypothesis of a normal distribution of financial assets returns. Under these conditions, portfolio variance cannot serve as a good risk measure. In this paper analyzed the daily returns of the most common cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,...
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Mechanism of Management of Foreign Economic Activity of Industrial Enterprises

Viktor Nyzhnyk, Yevhenii Rudnichenko, Lyudmyla Bohatchyk, Liudmyla Kravchenko
Under the influence of transformational changes in the economy, processes of conducting foreign economic activity on industrial enterprises of Ukraine are gradually becoming more complicated. The formation of a management mechanism and the determination of methods aimed at improving the efficiency of...
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Communication of Scientific and Technological Systems with Regional Innovative Processes

Illia Morhachov, Iryna Buzko, Ievgen Ovcharenko, Natalia Tkachenko
The aim of the work is to clarify the interconnection of the regional concentration of innovation activity of economic entities with the regional concentration of scientific and technical systems in Ukraine. The scientific and technical systems of Ukraine are the infrastructure of innovation and investment...
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Features of the Cluster Structures Development in the Economy Digitalization Conditions

Anatoliy Asaul, Liudmyla Yemchuk, Larysa Skorobohata, Lesia Bilorusets
The article clarifies the essence and peculiarities of the manifestation of the digital economy, which develops at an exponential rate, radically changing the essence of business. The role of clusters in combining the potential of science, business and the state to ensure socio-economic development is...
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European Experience of Clustering and Its Adaptation Towards Acceleration of Innovative Development of the Economy of Ukraine

Mykola Butko, Svitlana Povna, Olha Popelo, Galyna Samiilenko
It was identified within the study, that in EU countries the level of cluster development in most cases correlates with the ranking of countries by the degree of innovation. Based on the results of the analysis of the existing international methodologies for cluster development assessment, the author's...
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Innovation-Investment Activity in the Achievement of Enterprise Commercial and Innovative Success

Tadeusz Trocikowski, Larysa Dzhulii, Natalya Belyakova, Volodymyr Chenash
The paper highlights the relationship between the efficiency of investments and innovations, emphasizes the scientific and methodological approaches to determining the amount of investments in the production of innovative products in the process of operational management of investment activity of industrial...
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Assessing Bank Financial Security Level Using the Comprehensive Index Technology

Nila Khrushch, Pavlo Hryhoruk, Liudmyla Prystupa, Liudmyla Vahanova
The paper is devoted to issues of assessment of the bank financial security level. The analysis of existing approaches to the solution of this problem has been carried out. The scientific-methodological approach based on the use of comprehensive index technology is proposed. The calculating algorithm...
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Modeling of Investment Processes by Methods of Regression Analysis

Olena Ovchynnikova, Tetiana Zavhorodnia, Maria Ignatyshyn
The article presents developed models of the influence of indicators of economic, separately construction and tourism spheres on the total amount of capital investments in Khmelnytsky region. For each group of indicators, from 5 to 9 single- and multi-factor models that reflect the degree of influence...
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Forecasting further costs of fixed assets in the gas transportation system for management purposes

Liliana Horal, Sofiia Kafka, Larisa Galyuk, Yuriy Chuchuk
One of the most important tasks of the sustainable development of the domestic gas industry is the maintenance of industrial capacities of the industry in working condition. The solution to this problem is complicated by the reduction of the financial base of the processes of renewal of fixed assets:...
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Innovative Dominants of Strategic Control and Continuous Improvement: the Quality and Quantity Imperative

Lidiia Karpenko, Pavlo Voronzhak, Vasyl Zalizko, Pavlo Kukhta
This paper investigates the innovative dominants of strategic control and continuous improvement on the base of the quality and quantity imperative in the coordinates of globalization changes and European integration. The conceptual bases for the development of strategic planning programs in international...
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Forming the Energy Security Strategy of Modern Industrial Enterprises

Oksana Mykoliuk, Valentyna Bobrovnyk, Oleksiy Svistunov
The article justifies the need and practicality of implementing the strategy, which will coordinate the actions of top management of enterprises in solving the reduction of product energy intensity and the decrease in energy consumption and energy dependence. The article aims to analyze theoretical approaches...
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Modern Aspects of Industrial Enterprises’ Production Efficiency Management

Mykhailo Vedernikov, Oksana Chernushkina, Lesia Volianska-Savchuk, Maria Zelena
The article summarizes theoretical generalization and proposes to solve the scientific problem of improving the methodological and practical foundations of industrial production management. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the priority of the role of productivity theory in the economic management...
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An Optimization Multicriteria Model Of Managerial Decision Making About The Efficiency Of Choice Of The Enterprises’ Strategic Assets

Lesia Bushovska, Larysa Liubokhynets, Nataliia Tanasiienko, Olga Poplavska
Management activities are closely linked to the development and adoption of effective decisions about various managerial situations and are an important foundation for the successful operation of domestic enterprises. At the same time, the most difficult decisions are taken in conditions of uncertainty...
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Economic and Statistical Modeling of Interaction with Bihevioral and Resulting Indicators of Labor Activity of Industrial Enterprises in the Aspects of Improving Efficiency of their Functioning

Mykhailo Vedernikov, Natalia Bazaliуska, Lesia Volianska-Savchuk, Oksana Chernushkina
The paper deals with the problems of quantify the impact of behavioral indicators of staff employment on the performance of industrial enterprises using economic and statistical modeling of their relationship. The proposed scientific and methodological approach to increase the efficiency of production...
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A Study of a Territorial System Functioning Framework as a Multilevel Complex Structure and the Competitive-Optimal Forecasting of some of its Elements Taking Inconsistency and Uncertainty into Account

Yurii Chebukin, Halyna Raiko, Viktor Kozel, Yevhen Danylets
The research objective of this article is conducting competitive-optimal forecasting of enterprises that are part of a territorial system, viewed as a multilevel complex structure that takes the factors of inconsistency and uncertainty into account, in conditions of static oligopoly as a multifactorial...
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Theoretical and methodical approaches to the estimation of the income of the united territorial communities

Mariia Bondarchuk, Olga Gonchar, Khrystyna Dzhuryk
The purpose of the work is to outline the role of financial actors in the effective functioning of the united territorial communities (UTC). Effective financial support for the development of the territories of Ukraine is the main objective of decentralization and reform of the administrative-territorial...
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Transformation of Economic Systems Management under implementation the digital technologies

Andriy Grytsenko, Iryna Yanenkova
The article shows that the basis of various transformational processes is the transition from the industrial-market to the information-network management system, which defines the historical meaning of the modern stage of society's development. Taking into consideration the fundamentally different laws...
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Modeling of Risks and Threats in the Management of Personnel Security of the Enterprise

Tetiana Zatonatska, Olena Liubkina, Dmytro Zatonatskyi, Maksym Bilychenko
The article outlines the author's model of risks and threats prediction as components of a comprehensive system of personnel safety management at an enterprise based on the application of the psychosocial approach. It is proved that the psychological features and behavior of employees may form the basis...
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Information system "Electronic University": the experience of Khmelnytskyi National University

Andrii Mazarchuk, Constantin Belovsky, Tetiana Zavgorodnia
The article is devoted to the development of a university management information system based on the experience of developing and implementing the Electronic University system at the Khmelnytskyi National University. We consider the main tasks solved by the university management system, taken architectural...