Proceedings of the Tegal International Conference on Applied Social Science & Humanities (TICASSH 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Yeni Priatna Sari, Muhammad Taufik Qurohman, Iin Indrayanti
All of the articles in this proceedings volume would be have been presented at the 1st Tegal International Conference on Applied Social Sciences and Humanities (TIC-ASSH) during 26 January 2022 virtually. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by...
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Repurchase Intention in Terms of Service Quality Through e-Wom and Hotel Image

Heri Prabowo, Sutrisno Sutrisno, Soedjono Soedjono
Analyzing the factors that influence repurchase intention to stay at the hotel is the purpose of this study. The measured factor is the quality of service through the image of the hotel and e-word of mouth. The population in this study are guests who stay at the hotel, the number of samples taken is...
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The Analysis of Marketing, Strategy Planning, Enterprise Orientation, Technology, and Capital on Indonesian MSMEs Performance

Ghea Dwi Rahmadiane, Nurul Mahmudah
The occurring phenomenon that MSMEs experience various weaknesses and problems, including difficulties in marketing caused by reduced customers because road users prefer to go through the toll road rather than the Pantura road, intensive business competition, low managerial skills, knowledge in management...
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The Use of Virtual Reality in Improving Vocational Students’ English Writing Skills

Ince Dian Aprilyani Azir
The goal of this study was to determine the effects of employing virtual reality applications to help vocational students enhance their writing abilities. The present study, which used a Sequential Exploratory Mixed Method, was motivated by the virtual potential offered by VR technology and sought to...
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The Effect of Technology Innovation, Production Strategy, and Ownership Structure on Disclosure of Sustainability Reports on Companies in Indonesia

Ambarwati Ambarwati, Indrian Supheni, Budiono Budiono, Eva Arwina Mardhatilla
This study aims to determine the effect of technological innovation, production strategy, and ownership structure on the disclosure of sustainability reports in companies consistently included in the LQ45 index for the 2017–2019 period. This study uses secondary data and the determination of the sample...
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Strengthening Sanitation During Pandemic

Implementation in Patutrejo Village, Grabag, Purworejo

Febriansyah Ignas Pradana, Zenita Kurniasari, Desiana Rachmawati, Indreswari Suroso
In early March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic began to enter Indonesia. Almost all areas in Indonesia were exposed, one of them was Purworejo Regency, Central Java. The citizen of Purworejo Regency, especially Patutrejo Village, had limited internet access which became an obstacle in delivering information...
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Habituating Ecotourism as an Effort to Accelerate the Recovery of Indonesian Tourism

Maria Ulfah Catur Afriasih, Rina Watye
The development of ecotourism in Indonesia is increasingly in demand by the public. Ecotourism is a concept that combines ecological and environmental protection, as well as sustainable economic growth. This research looked at how environmental awareness, perceived environmental value, consumer effectiveness,...
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Democratic Political Articulation

The Intersection of Between Agrarian Issues and Democracy in Indonesia

Muhammad Habibi, Arif Budiman, Ike Meisye Laksmi, Hanif Vidi Yuwono
The complexity of agrarian issues also affects the quality of democracy in Indonesia. However, most recent studies have not comprehensively discussed the relationship between the two. By taking references from agrarian and democratic studies, this paper discusses the relationship between agrarian issues...
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The Logic of Clientelism

Phenomenon Brokers Political in Indonesian Electoral Commission

Arif Budiman, Muhammad Habibi
The increasingly competitive election has triggered a strong enough competition to gain support and victory in the election. This condition causes the candidates participating in the election to take various forms of strategies to achieve victory, including utilizing election organizers, in which the...
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Level of Understanding of the Small and Medium Enterprises Traditional Medicine to Regulations Labelling Packaging

Elviana Elviana, Dimas Bayu Pinandoyo, Zaki Zein
During a pandemic Covid-19, the use of traditional medicines is increasing, therefore the role of packaging labels is very important to provide information about these products. The label on the packaging of traditional medicinal products must contain objective, complete and clear information and not...
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Needs Analysis on English Language Use for Students of Hospitality Department

Liza Amalia Putri, Muhamad Ridwan, Maria Ulfah Catur Afriasih
In expanding the curriculum of English for Specific Purposes, needs analysis has an important role. The author examined the need of English, especially the language function, of employees at 4 (four) and 5 (five) star hotels in Jakarta. The subject of the research was the employees who had worked for...
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The Utilization of a Briquette Making Machine to Process Gambier Leaf and Twig Waste as Fuel for Gambier Sap Processing so as to Reduce Gambier Sap Production Costs in Toman Village, Babat Toman Sub District, Musi Banyuasin District, South Sumatera Province

Yulius Yulius, Siti Ramadani Andelia
Gambier leaf and twig waste is a problem at the location of the gambier sap-making process, because there is quite a lot of waste and there is no adequate disposal site, meanwhile it is disposed of at the Gambier plantation as organic fertilizer, disposed of at the location of the gambier sap-making...
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Determinants of the Use of Fintech by Students as a Media for Payment of Tuition Fees

(Study at Politeknik Harapan Bersama)

Mohammad Alfian, Dewi Kartika, Arvin Nova Aditya Pratama
The industrial revolution 4.0 encourages changes in various sectors, including the economic sector. The Covid 19 pandemic is also driving changes in the way of payment. The use of Fintech by students is a form of change that occurs in transaction methods that were previously carried out directly to become...
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The Effect of Using Descriptive Movie Strategy Towards Students’ Writing Skill

Syaefani Arif Romadhon, Iin Indrayanti, Muhammad Taufik Qurohman
In this study, the population is Mechanical Engineering students of Politeknik Harapan Bersama, the subjects were 33 of class B which is 3rd semester students in 2021/2022 academic year. This study has the aim to understand the effect of using descriptive movie strategy in improving writing skill. This...
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Moderate Effect of Religiosity on the Influence of Money Ethics and the Use of SISKEUDes on Fraud in Fund Management

(Study on Village Apparatus in Tegal Regency)

Mohammad Alfian, Siti Nur Hadiyati, Dianita Ayu Prastiani
In the era of globalization, it influences all aspects of human life, such as in the fields of technology, economy, socio-culture, industry, and government. Humans are required to always be updated about technology in their lives. Likewise, the government carries out its duties in managing and supervising...
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Literature Review: Dividend Policy, Agency Theory and Corporate Governance

Tri Handayani, Hesti Widianti, Dwi Retna Sulistyawati, Rita Andini
This article surveys three theories, about the share of company profit or profits that are distributed to shareholders, agency theory, and governance of a company also includes the relationship between the stakeholders involved and the objectives of the company’s management. Dividend policy is still...
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Digitalization of Accounting for MSMEs in Tegal City

Study of Opportunities and Challenges

Ida Farida, Aryanto Aryanto
The change from manual to digital in the accounting process provides opportunities for MSMEs to be able to develop even though there are challenges faced by MSME actors in Tegal City to be able to implement accounting digitization. This study aims to analyze the opportunities and challenges faced by...
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Education About Stock Prices to the Public Through Earnings Per Share and Current Ratio Information on Meal and Drink Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Prasetya Tri Mahendra, Muhammad Ali Lutfi, Indra Dekrijanti, Atota Agnesia
This study research purpose to know and analyze the infuence of Earning Per Share and Current Ratio both partial and simultaneous on stock prices. The use of samples Meal and Drink companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and shared the data needed consecutively for the period 2015–2018. A all population...
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Strategy to Improve the Quality of E-KTP Manufacturing Services Through the Use of Integrated Service Information System at Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil of Nganjuk Regency

Muhammad Bawono, Suwandi Suwandi, Prasetya Tri Mahendra, Frischa Abrifiana
In this research, the main purpose is to find out the Strategy of Improving the Quality of E-KTP Manufacturing Services Through the Use of Integrated Service Information System at the Population and Civil Registration Office of Nganjuk Regency. Respondents in this study were people who conducted the...
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Influence of Budgeting Transparency on Village Finance Management

(Study on the Government of Villages in Nganjuk)

Suwandi Suwandi, Istan Wighara Moelyono, Prasetya Tri Mahendra, Mamik Dewi Pamuji
This study aims to determine the positive influence/effect of budgeting transparency in the financial management of villages in Nganjuk district. The method used by researchers in this study is research of quantitative methods. The sampling technique used is Disproportionate stratified random sampling....
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Semantic Error Analysis on Fieldwork Report by the Students of SMK Semesta Bumiayu

Dwi Atmoko, Fiqih Kartika Murti, Agung Tyas Subekti
The study aims to describe semantic error analysis on fieldwork report by the students of SMK Semesta Bumiayu. It is a descriptive qualitative approach. The data were 16 documents of fieldwork report and informant at SMK Semesta Bumiayu. Those were taken randomly from various class program such as pharmacy,...
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Collaborative Process Among Stakeholders in the Management of Call Center 112 Service in Semarang City

Rosihan Widi Nugroho, Hardi Warsono, Budi Puspo Priyadi
Call Center 112 is an emergency complaint service in Semarang City as the implementation of the city's role as a local OGP. The management of Call Center 112 service involves multi-stakeholders, including the local Government Unit of Work, Higher Government, social communities, and private sectors....
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Analysis of Effect Return on Share Price on Banking Company

Indrian Supheni, Ambarwati Ambarwati, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Kusumaningdiah Retno Setiorini
The current research was conducted to determine the benefits of returning equity, net profit margin, and revenue per share to banking sectors with bank companies having IDX account as the population during the pandemic in 2020–2021. A purposive sampling method was chosen of 105 companies. Under this...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Implementation of Financial Accounting Standards for Micro, Small and Medium Entities (SAK EMKM) on Batik MSMEs in Pekalongan Regency

Naila Hanum, Erni Unggul Sedya Utami
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is a sector that gives a significant amount of economic improvement during pandemic era. “The government empowered MSMEs with developing the concept of the signature product on every city in Indonesia. one of Indonesia’s top signature products is batik which...
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The Influence of SAVI Problem Based and Mathematical Disposition on the Student Achievement of SMK Dinamika Tegal City

Muhammad Taufik Qurohman, Danuri Danuri, Nuryadi Nuryadi
Research of problem based SAVI (Somatic, Auditory, Visual and Intellectually) on mathematical creative thinking skills, mathematical problem solving abilities, and mathematical dispositions. The study was conducted from June to October 2021. The results of this study showed that students who followed...
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The Branding Strategies of Green Packaging in the Future

An Investigation into the Role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in the Food Sector

N. Akmalia, H. D. Rahmayanti, S. Ardiani
The purpose of this study is to contribute to the existing research in the field of packaging and brand strategies and shed more light on the psychology of green packaging in the future and their effect on packaging and brand strategies. The environment and food safety are major areas of concern influencing...
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Ellipsis in Michael Jackson’s Song Lyrics

Rehita Hasian Batubara, Shinta Arida Hutagalung
This research deals with ellipsis found in Michael Jackon’s song lyrics, especially in Thriller album. The objectives of this study are to investigate the types of ellipsis, to determine the dominant types in Michael Jackson’s song lyrics and to provide reason the use of ellipsis in the song lyrics....
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Online Learning

How Do Accounting Teachers Feel?

Imam Hasan
The purpose of this study was to scrutinize the psychological effect of teachers in teaching online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in accounting practicum lessons. The research uses a qualitative approach with a single instrumental type of case study. The data collected was validated by using...
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Company Performance Review During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A Bibliometric Study

Siti Arifah, Didik Prasetyanto, Agung Nur Probohudono, Wahyu Widarjo
This study aims to provide empirical evidence regarding the growth and trend of publications related to the performance of companies/business entities during the Covid-19 pandemic and to review what variables are often associated with performance. The data in this study are the results of research published...
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The e-Relationship Marketing Effects on Repurchase

Ali Masjono Muchtar, Elly Mirati, Endang Purwaningrum
This research aims to analyze the role of e-Relation Marketing (e-RM) in strengthening the relationship between repurchase intention and repurchase. E-RM is used by online store’s marketing programs to increase sales. In this research, free shipping is used as an e-RM indicator together with discount...
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Values of Islamic Character in the Story of Punakawan

Muthoifin Muthoifin, Sabar Narimo, Sudarno Shobron, Anisa Mubarokah
This study attempts to describe the symbolic importance of Punakawan in a Javanese Wayang Purwa version and the educational values of mass religious devotion played by figures of Punakawan in the Javanese Wayang Purwa version. The method used in this research is a literature study with a qualitative...
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Economic Classification and Prediction of Southeast Asian Countries During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Analysis with Orange Data Mining)

Ni Nyoman Reni Suasih, Ida Ayu Nyoman Saskara, Putu Yudy Wijaya, I. Gede Putu Kawiana
World Bank data shows that during 2020 the economies of countries in the world (including Southeast Asian countries) contracted, and were in a recession. However, there are still countries whose economies are still growing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Economists are still debating the predicate of a...
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The Analysis of Knowledge Towards Dine in Standard Operating Procedure at Restaurant During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tantri Adithia Sabrina, Puput Dewi Anggraeni
Tourism involve in a lot of business sector. One of this is restaurant scope. Dine in is common activity. Within pandemic COVID-19, this activity cannot be do and economic activity in restaurant scope being stopped. To keep economic activity going, Indonesia Ministry of Inter Affair & Indonesia Ministry...
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The Effect of Online Learning Methods on Increasing Student Skills During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Wiyanti Wiyanti, Tantri Adithia Sabrina
The COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia has an effect on the education sector. To resolve this, govt issued associate education and learning policy in the least levels regulated in Permendikbud variety three of 2020 regarding the bar of COVID-19 in land by holding distance learning by utilizing technology...
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Readiness for Re-opening of Homestay During Covid-19 Pandemic

(Case Study: Homestay in Guci Tourism Object)

Puput Dewi Anggraeni, Wiyanti Wiyanti
The impact of Covid-19 has dramatically affected all sectors, especially since the implementation of the large-scale social restriction system (PSBB). All businesses have been completely paralyzed, especially the tourism sector. Since the closure of the Guci Tourism Object on March 16, 2020, all homestay...
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Remote Audit for Internal Audit as a Form of Technology Optimization Towards Indonesia 5.0

Arifia Yasmin, Bahri Kamal, Azaria Syifaunnisa
The company’s focus on dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic crisis opens opportunities for fraud perpetrators in companies who take advantage of these conditions to take actions that are detrimental to the company. During the Covid-19 pandemic, remote auditing is the right choice to carried out with various...
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Cooperative Learning Uses E-Learning Materials to Improve Students’ Math Problem-Solving Ability

Adi Candra Kusuma, Anwar Ardani, Eka Trisnawati, Nuril Huda
The research objective was to obtain the effectiveness of cooperative learning using e-learning materials to improve students’ math problem-solving ability. This research was a quantitative experimental research method. The subject study of linear and matrix algebra is class 1A with a total number of...
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Expert’s Evaluation Results of Android Based Food Safety Virtual Laboratory

A Strategy in Supporting Vocational Study Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Dimas Bayu Pinandoyo, Yeni Nurhasanah
In term of E-Learning, simulation tools to increase the effectiveness of online study is needed. Android based Food Safety Virtual Laboratory developed to fulfil the need. Laboratory developed using Unity Engine with click and drag interaction. Experts from Art Culinary Department and Media and Design...
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Android Based Bookkeeping Application Development for Business Post Covid 19 Solution

Yeni Priatnasari, Vembri Rian Diansyah, Hetika Hetika
This research aims to design an android-based bookkeeping business application developed by Accounting study program (AKPHB Business Bookkeeping) with business recording applications that have developed on the internet. The research method used is an exploratory descriptive method with several items...
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Financial Feasibility Analysis on SMEs of Tegal Laying-Duck Breeding Farm

(Case Study at Ropiko’s Farm)

Ririh Sri Harjanti, Hetika Hetika, Bahri Kamal
This study aimed to decide whether a business was feasible or not to be developed. A quantitative descriptive with a case study was used in this study to describe the feasibility on SMEs of laying-duck breeder in Pesurungan Lor Village-Tegal City from the financial aspect. Ropiko’s laying-duck breeder...
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Effectiveness Analysis of Card Short Learning Methods Using Power Points as an Effort to Increase Children’s Speaking Skills

Ratri Wikaningtyas, Martselani Adias Sabara
This research is motivated by the interest and speaking ability of mild mentally retarded students who are not good. Confusion in conveying incomplete information. Research is needed to improve the speaking skills of mild mentally retarded children, one of which is the use of the Card Short method using...
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Deradicalization in Novel Naksir Anak Teroris by Ditta Arieska

Ahmad Sunardi, Teguh Supriyanto, Fathur Rokhman, Agus Nuryatin
After the COVID-19 pandemic, terrorism cases still exist and this requires a comprehensive deradicalization program. Deradicalization efforts need to be applied in various forms, including in a novel. The purpose of this study was to determine the concept of deradicalization in the novel Naksir Anak...
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Improving the Marketing Performance of Communities Affected by Covid-19 Through Digital Marketing

Suryo Budi Santoso, Herni Justiana Astuti, Muhammad Hamka
The majority of community work in Gumelar District are Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan and work in big cities and outside the island. The impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has caused a significant increase in the number of layoffs. Their income began to fall. Former migrant workers...
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The Analysis of Survival Strategies for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Food and Beverages in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic

(Case Study on MSMEs in the Food and Beverage)

Hetika Hetika, Robiyatul Ayu Khasanah, Arifia Yasmin
The Covid-19 pandemic that is currently hitting Indonesia has also had an impact on the economic sector, one of which is MSMEs. Therefore, a MSMEs survival strategy is needed so that the efforts of MSME actors can continue to survive. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are independent productive...
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Transparency and Accountability in Village Income and Expenditure Budget Management (APBDes)

(Case Study: Banjaranyar Village, Brebes District, Brebes Regency)

Yusri Anis Faidah, Nurul Mahmuhdah, Laelatul Maghfiroh
This study aimed to determine the transparency and the accountability in the implementation of the Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBDes) in Banjaranyar Village, Brebes District, Brebes Regency. It is because in Banjaranyar Village, Brebes District, Brebes Regency, Village Revenue and Expenditure...
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Analysis of Economic Growth, Regional Minimum Wage, and Inflation on the Unemployment Rate in Brebes Regency

Ansari Ansari, Slamet Bambang Riono, Azizah Indriyani
The unemployment rate declines as a result of a lack of income and assets to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, good health, and education. This cannot be done separately from the issues of unemployment, education, health and other issues explicitly related to the problem of poverty. The...
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Disclosure of IPO Proceeds and Survival of Malaysian Listed Companies

Norliza Che-Yahya, Siti Sarah Alyasa-Gan
This study investigates the impact of IPO proceeds utilization disclosure on the survival of 423 Malaysian listed firms from 2000 to 2014. Following the declining trajectory of total listed businesses with active status in the Malaysian market since 2006, this research evaluates the role of IPO proceeds,...
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Strategy to Increase the Productivity of Jabres Cattle Farmers Post Pandemic of Covid 19

Suci Nur Utami, Muhammad Syaifulloh, Slamet Bambang Riono
The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on economic growth, one of the impacts is the disruption of cattle production in Brebes. Jabres cattle ranches are still conventionally implemented and have not gained much modern influence. The purpose of this study is to find out the factors of the empowerment strategy...
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Partnership Model in Balancing Risks of Jabres Cattle Agribusiness

Azizah Indriyani, Suci Nur Utami, Wahyu Wibowo, M. Dini Adita
The development of jabres cattle which is a Local Cattle Genetic Resource of Brebes has not been effective because of the risk imbalance in the management of livestock farming. Partnership patterns are one solution that can be utilized by farmers to minimize risks related to the problem. The purpose...
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Analysis of the Application of Android Based Financial Applications in the Preparation of Financial Statements of Batik MSMEs in Talang, Tegal District

Dewi Kartika, Arifani Ferida, Nurseha Ardi
The purpose of this research was to analyze the Application of Android Based Financial Applications in the Preparation of Financial Statements of Batik MSMEs in Talang Tegal District. The used data collection Interviews, observations, literature studies, and documentation were used to obtain data. Qualitative...
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Story Circle

(Alternative Strategy to Narrative Writing Among Non-English Learners in Post Pandemic Era)

Iin Indrayanti, Ahmad Ramdhani, Syaefani Arif Romadhon
Writing comments on viral phenomena and events through social media is extremely chatty, long and ease. This is due to the fact that the phenomena and events are presented in a compelling way, with satirical language that inspires others to post their comments without being asked and without standard...
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Guest Perspective of Management Performance on Budget Hotel at Shah Alam Malaysia

Ahmad Pitra, Revita Desi, Agnemas Yusuf, Ahmad Albattat
In the current economic, the nation’s tourism industry recorded a positive tourist arrivals growth of +4.8% for the January–May 2019 period, registering a total of 10,954,014 tourist arrivals compared to 10,454,447 in the same period last year (Tourism Malaysia). Shah Alam is part of the good destination...
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Development of Religious Tourism Attraction of the Tomb of Ki Gede Sebayu into a Tourism Village in Tegal Regency

(A Descriptive Analysis Study)

Hajar Adhayanti, Lourensius Hendra Putra, Febrian Valentiano Ananda
Danawarih Village has a religious tourism attraction with a historical site called The Tomb of Ki Gede Sebayu in Balapulang Tegal. During Mataram Kingdom, Ki Gede Sebayu was recognized as the founder of Tegal, a small city in Central Java, and he was also the first person who spread Islam in the city....
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Implementation of E-Commerce During Pandemic and Its Influence in Increasing Revenue of Small Medium Enterprises in Tegal City

Krisdiyawati Krisdiyawati, Dewi Kartika, Asyifa Maulida
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the application of e-commerce on increasing the income of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in Tegal City. The role of mobile technology is important for MSMEs as an element in business to develop global markets and increase MSME income....
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Information Gap Disclosure of Hazardous Toxic Waste in Indonesia

V. Wiratna Sujarweni, Setianingtyas Honggowati, Djoko Suhardjanto, Sri Hartoko
This study aims to compile a disclosure index of Toxic Hazardous Waste (LB3), to examine the information gap in LB3 disclosure in Indonesia. This study uses the theory of legitimacy of the normative stakeholder approach. The research method used is quantitative. The types of data used are primary and...
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Analysis of Employee Empowerment, Organizational Commitment and Organizational Justice to Employee Job Satisfaction at Kardinah General Hospital of Tegal City

Slamet Bambang Riono, Muhammad Syaifulloh, Suci Nur Utami
Job satisfaction is what is needed by every employee as a person’s feelings towards work as a result of low job satisfaction can lead to low performance. To create job satisfaction itself there are several factors in it, such as employee empowerment, organizational commitment, organizational justice....
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Young Coconut Trader Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic

Muhammad Syaifulloh, Slamet Bambang Riono, Suci Nur Utami
The prestige of coconut water is now increasing along with many people who believe that coconut water can Covid-19 should also not be disseminated. Various ways are done to increase the body’s resistance so that it is not easily infected with Covid-19. The goal of this research was to finding out and...
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Study on the Impact of Mining Excavation Type C on Income and the Environment in Tegal District

Anita Karunia, Arifia Yasmin
This study aims to identify the impact of Mining on Income and the Environment in the Tegal Regency. This research is a descriptive study using a qualitative approach. Qualitative descriptive analysis in this study provides a review obtained through observations and interviews then analyzed to identify...
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Chances and Challenges of Digital-Based Education

A Literature Review

Tika Putri Wulansari, Sudiyanto Sudiyanto, Sri Sumaryati
Digital-based education is an educational innovation that is integrated with information and communication technology. In welcoming education 4.0, digital-based education has previously been developed such as the use of digital devices and start-ups or learning applications that are tailored to the needs...
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Social Analysis of Gie Films to Increase the Critical Power of Student Organization Activists Politeknik Harapan Bersama

Prasetya Putra Nugraha, Ratri Wikaningtyas
Students are an important component in the life of the nation and state that has several lebels that are carried, among others, the Agent of change, namely as an agent of change. In the course of the student condition experienced dynamics ranging from the National Awakening 1908 to the 1998 Reformation....
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University Graduates’ Career Trajectories Amidst COVID-19

(A Systematic Literature Review)

Rahmatika Dewi
The COVID-19 pandemic is radically changing workplaces and jobs globally. As a result of COVID-19, graduates’ employment pathways are expected to be increasingly interrupted in the future. This study is a systematic literature review that aims to explore the literature concerning the life courses of...