Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Volume 21, Issue 4, October 2014
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1. Algebro-geometric solutions for the two-component Hunter-Saxton hierarchy

Yu Hou, Engui Fan
Pages: 473 - 508
This paper is dedicated to provide theta function representations of algebro-geometric solutions and related crucial quantities for the two-component Hunter-Saxton (HS2) hierarchy through an algebro-geometric initial value problem. Our main tools include the polynomial recursive formalism, the hyperelliptic...
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2. Bi-Hamiltonian structure of multi-component Novikov equation

Hongmin Li, Yuqi Li, Yong Chen
Pages: 509 - 520
In this paper, we present the multi-component Novikov equation and derive it's bi-Hamiltonian structure.
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3. Integration of some examples of geodesic flows via solvable structures

Diego Catalano Ferraioli, Paola Morando
Pages: 521 - 532
Solvable structures are particularly useful in the integration by quadratures of ordinary differential equations. Nevertheless, for a given equation, it is not always possible to compute a solvable structure. In practice, the simplest solvable structures are those adapted to an already known system of...
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4. The gauge transformation of the q-deformed modified KP hierarchy

Jipeng Cheng, Jinzheng Wang, Xingyong Zhang
Pages: 533 - 542
In this paper, we mainly study three types of gauge transformation operators for the q-mKP hierarchy. The successive applications of these gauge transformation operators are derived. And the corresponding communities between them are also investigated.
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5. On deformation and classification of ∨-systems

V. Schreiber, A.P. Veselov
Pages: 543 - 583
The ∨-systems are special finite sets of covectors which appeared in the theory of the generalized Witten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde (WDVV) equations. Several families of ∨-systems are known, but their classification is an open problem. We derive the relations describing the infinitesimal deformations...
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6. On the study of unitary representations of the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra via highest weight modules over affine Lie algebras*

Namhee Kwon
Pages: 584 - 592
In this paper, we first construct an analogue of the Sugawara operators for the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra. By using these operators, we show that every integrable highest weight module over an affine Lie algebra can be viewed as a unitary representation of the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra....
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7. Simple and collective twisted symmetries

G. Gaeta
Pages: 593 - 627
After the introduction of λ -symmetries by Muriel and Romero, several other types of so called “twisted symmetries” have been considered in the literature (their name refers to the fact they are defined through a deformation of the familiar prolongation operation); they are as useful as standard symmetries...
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8. Hybrid Ermakov-Painlevé IV Systems

Colin Rogers
Pages: 628 - 642
Ermakov-Painlevé IV coupled systems are introduced and associated Ermakov-type invariants isolated. These invariants are used to obtain systematic reduction of the system in terms of the canonical Painlevé IV equation. The procedure is applied to a Ermakov-Painlevé IV symmetry reduction of a coupled...
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9. Symmetry reductions and exact solutions of Lax integrable 3-dimensional systems

H. Baran, I.S. Krasil'shchik, O.I. Morozov, P. Vojčák
Pages: 643 - 671
We present a complete description of 2-dimensional equations that arise as symmetry reductions of four 3- dimensional Lax-integrable equations: (1) the universal hierarchy equation uyy = uzuxy− uyuxz; (2) the 3D rdDym equation uty = uxuxy− uyuxx; (3) the equation uty = utuxy− uyutx, which we call modified...