Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Volume 15, Issue 2, August 2008
Cornelia Vizman
Pages: 140 - 146
We present a geometric version of the Lie algebra 2-cocycle connected to quasi- geostrophic motion in the beta-plane approximation. We write down an Euler equation for the fluid velocity, corresponding to the evolution equation for the stream function in quasigeostrophic motion.
Pages: 162 - 170
A two component vector generalization of the Sch ?afer-Wayne short pulse equation is derived. It describes propagation of ultra-short pulses in optical fibers with Kerr nonlinearity beyond the slowly varying envelope approximation and takes into account the effects of anisotropy and polarization....
Giuseppe GAETA, Laura VENIER
Pages: 186 - 204
We analyze travelling solitary wave solutions in the Barbi-Cocco-Peyrard and in a simplified version of the Cocco-Monasson models of nonlinear DNA dynamics. We identify conditions to be satisfied by parameters for such solutions to exist, and provide first order ODEs whose solutions give the required...