Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Statistics Application (AMMSA 2018)

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Progress of Research on Weak Hopf Algebra

Xiuyan Jiang, Xing Qiao, Shuang Guo
Hopf algebra concept of the early 1940s, the abstract algebraic topology home H.Hopf made on the basis of the work developed in the study of manifolds, since JWMilnor and JCMoore written entitled “On the structure of post-Hopf algebras” article published in 1965, Hopf algebra began as a branch of algebra...
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Behavior of a Wiener Integral along the Path of a Parameter t>0

Kim Young Sik
We investigate the behavior of a Wiener integral along the path of the scale factor as a function of a parameter for the Wiener integral about complex valued measurable function defined on the Wiener space which is frequently used in Quantum Mechanics.
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Parameter Estimation of Exponential Distribution

Jing Zhao, Gang Wu, Chao Zhao, Haitao Wang, Xinyu Cao, Fan Zhang
In this paper a new parameter estimation method is given in view of another common situation of exponential distribution (stipulate monitor time, in each monitor time observing the number of expired sample, namely do not observe exact time). The properties of this estimate is also discussed. Simulation...
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Collocation Method for Axisymmetric Bending Problems of Circular Thin Plates Based on Barycentric Interpolation

Fuhe Ge, Meiling Zhuang, Changqing Miao
Collocation method based on barycentric rational interpolation (BRICM) is used in this article to study axisymetric bending problems of circular thin plates in polar coordinates. Unknown function is approximated by barycentric rational interpolation and the discrete algebraic equations of differential...
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Compressive Sensing Method for Function Recovery

Aitong Huang, Renzhong Feng
It is well known that under certain orthogonal systems (such as Chebyshev tensor and Legendre polynomial space), the expansion coefficient of a smooth function has a sparseness that the coefficient with a finite number of coefficients after the first is gradually zero. For accurate sampling and sampling...
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The IGA IIPG on the Union of Overlapped Patches

Honghai Zhang, Rong Mo, Neng Wan
Recently, an IGA DG method (IGAODG) is developed to solve PDEs defined on the overlapped patches. With IGAODG, the time-consuming treatments for keeping the integration precision on the trimmed patches are avoided. In this paper, the IGAODG is extended with the incomplete interior penalty method (IIPG),...
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IGA IIPG for Elasticity Problems on Overlapped Patches

Honghai Zhang, Rong Mo, Neng Wan
IGA(IsoGeometric Analysis) is developed to integrate the CAD and FEA process. If the union operator is applied in the CAD process, the overlapped parts should be trimmed to carry out the analysis. Therefore, to keep the integration precision on the trimmed patches, some time-consuming algorithms should...
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An IGA Method for Magnetostatic Problems Defined on Overlapped Patches

Honghai Zhang, Rong Mo, Neng Wan
If the union operator is applied in the CAD process, the overlapped parts should be trimmed to carry out IGA(IsoGeometric Analysis), and the integration schemes to keep the integration precision on the trimmed patches are time consuming. In this paper, an IIPG (incomplete interior penalty method) is...
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Computational Methods for Calculating Metallographic Geometric Parameters of Melted Marks Caused by Short-circuits in Electrical Fires

Mei Chai, Shanjun Mo
The primary short-circuited melted marks(PSMs) are caused by short circuits before the fire occurs, usually PSMs are direct evidences that relate to the causes of electrical fire. The metallographic methods are the most common scientific methods to analyze and identify PSMs. Presently metallographic...
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JMCT Monte Carlo Code with Capability of Integrating Nuclear System Feedback

Li Deng, Gang Li, Baoyin Zhang, Rui Li, Dunfu Shi, Yuangang Fu, Danhu Shangguan, Zehua Hu, Lingyu Zhang, Liu Peng
JMCT is a general purpose 3D Mont Carlo (MC) neutron-photon-electron and coupled neutron/photon/electron transport code with a continuous energy and multigroup. The program is developed based on the combinatorial geometry parallel infrastructure JCOGIN and with the most functions of general Monte Carlo...
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Study on the Overlooking Interface of Mountain City Skyline Based on Fractal Theory

Liang Zhao, Guanwen Ding, Yanan Dong, Yue Wu
Based on the characteristics of fractal geometry theory and the reflection of Foshan in Jinan as a wedge, this paper quantitatively describes the shape of the overlooking interface of Foshan by calculating the fractal dimension of the overlooking interface. Combined with the city skyline dimension of...
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Three-dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Super-long Pile and Soil Interaction in Soft Soil

Yongquan Lu
In this paper, the generalized-node finite element (GFE) analysis method is presented to analyze the interaction between super-long pile and soil in soft soil. A nonlinear elastic-plastic constitutive model for concrete is employed to simulate stress-strain relation of pile shaft under the axial load....
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The Impulse Analysis of the Regular Singular System via Kronecker Indices

Zhenghong Jin, Qingling Zhang, Yi Zhang
This The problem of impulse analysis in the regular singular system is considered by using the Kronecker indices in this paper. Firstly, the singular system is divided into two cases: 1. The regular linear singular system. 2. The uniformly regular nonlinear singular system. Then, the two theorems that...
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Numerical Simulations on the Fully Developed Liquid-metal MHD Flow at High Hartmann Numbers in the Rectangular Duct

Xinghui Cai, Hongfu Qiang, Sanqiang Dong, Jiangren Lu, Dianhai Wang
Numerical simulation on the liquid metal mangetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow is a very attractive way to study the MHD flow problems. The two-level radial point interpolation method is applied to study the fully developed MHD flow in this work. With the method, numerical simulations of the MHD flows at Hartmann...
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Analysis of Magnetoencephalography in Depression Based on DFA

Rui Yan, Chuchu Ding, Wei Yan, Jun Wang, Jin Li, Fengzhen Hou
In this paper, we used the method of detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA ) to study the self-similarity of MEG signals in the healthy subjects and the patients with depression. In the same negative emotional image stimulation, the DFA algorithm was used to calculate the scaling exponent of MEG signals...
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Influence of Process Parameters on Springback of S-Shaped U-Channel Stamping

Wenyu Ma, Xuebin Zheng, Tao Li, Ye Yao, Shaobo Li, Hongya Zhu
This research was conducted to analyze the influence of process parameters on springback of S-shaped U-channel stamping for DP590. The test was designed using Taguchi test and results were analyzed according to analysis of variance (ANOVA). The process parameters analysed includes punch velocity, blank...
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A Retrospective Cohort Study on the Invasive Fungal Infection in the Preterm Infants

Dan Dang, Xin Mu, Jian Tang, Shuhan Huang, Hui Wu
Background: Invasive fungal infection has become the most serious and urgent problem that needs to be solved in tertiary center in China. The aim of this retrospective cohort study was to clarify the pathogenesis and identify the high risk group of invasive fungal infection of premature infants in Chinese...
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Application of Probability Theory in Social Hotspot and Its Role in Teaching

Rui Chen, Liang Fang
This paper first introduces the origin and application of probability theory, and puts forward the idea of letting the social hot spot application of probability theory penetrate into its teaching, then introduces the knowledge points commonly used in probability theory and the current social hot issues,...
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Research on Algorithm of MOOC Automatic Rolling System Based on Big Data Analysis

Yong Luo, Xuchong Liu, Wei Zhao, Xiao Xiao
At present, the credibility of the MOOC certificate is facing serious questions. Unscientific testing is one of the main reasons. This article analyzes the characteristics of MOOC test results data. Based on the distribution it obeys, an algorithm for automatically generating test papers is constructed....
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Crowd-sourcing Task Research Based on Big Data--Math Model of Pricing Done

Chenghui Yang, Ning Cai, Xing Peng, Zhongfu Luo, Zeyi Liu
Aiming at practical situations, multiple tasks may be because the location is relatively concentrated, leading users will choose, is a consideration of these tasks jointly issued together package. In such case, the pricing model of how to modify the front, to the final completion of the mission and what's...
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Protecting Personal Privacy under the Environment of Big Data

Dandan Dong, Xuejun Zhou
Personal privacy of citizens under the environment of big data is a hot spot of social concern. This paper focuses on the issue of the commercialization and sharing of personal data. A simple analytic hierarchy process is used to rationally divide the risk of privacy and build an evaluation system. The...
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Quality Analysis Method Design for Data from Power Consumption Information Collection System

Sen Pan, Junfeng Qiao, Jing Jiang
In the era of big data, the data contains enormous value, and data quality is an important prerequisite for obtaining data value through data analysis and mining. Starting from the definition of data quality, the article first introduced the importance and main indicators of data quality analysis, then...
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Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-up with an Improved Genetic Algorithm

Nuo Zhu
Based on the traditional theory and algorithms of vehicle routing problem, the multi-objective VRPSDP model is established in considering the minimum of the number of vehicles and the transportation costs. The genetic algorithm is used as the solving algorithm of the model in this paper, in order to...
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A Non-need Parameters Optimization Algorithm

Jiakui Zhang, Lijie Cui, Qing Guo, Haoran Chen
Based on a large number of optimization experiments, the optimal switch probability was discussed. And by the analysis and experiment of local and global pollination, it is found that the global exploration of global pollination was not ideal. In order to integrate the algorithm, this paper designs two...
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Four Categories of Human Teeth Based on Biogeography-based Optimization Algorithm and Multilayer Perceptrons

Mengmeng Yang, Arifur Nayeem, Liam O’Donnell
Teeth is a structure in which many vertebrates exist. For some animals, such as lions, tigers and so on, teeth are chewing tools and weapons to protect themselves. But for human, it also carries the beauty of the face. When the teeth are sick, accurate classification of the teeth seems particularly important....
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Application of Subsection Approximation Torque Curve Acceleration and Deceleration Motion Control Algorithm in Rigid Tapping of Drilling Center

Xu Liu, Haixin Zou, Xiangfa Kong, Jun Lu
Rigid tapping in drilling and tapping centers is an electromechanical control system with strong nonlinearity, uncertainty, and difficulty in accurate modeling. It will inevitably be affected by nonlinear and uncertain factors such as friction and mechanical resonance. The traditional motion control...
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Design of Fuzzy Algorithm Control Based on MFC and Control of Tank Liquid Level System

Da Huang, Shucai Huang, Wei Zhao, Wenhuan Cao
PID control algorithm has the advantages of precision and stability, but it is difficult to meet the requirements of complex control, and the improved PID algorithm is in urgent need of development. Fuzzy PID algorithm combined with the advantages of fuzzy and PID, has the characteristics of fast and...
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Automatic Indexing of Patent Right-claiming Document Based on Deep Learning

Qinghong Zhong, Xiaodong Qiao, Yunliang Zhang
In recent years, there have been more and more applications of deep learning in natural language processing, and people have paid more and more attention to the value embodied in patent. In this paper, based on the value of right-claiming document in the patent, a deep learning tool word2vec is used...
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Safe Cloud Storage of Medical Information Based on Attribute Encryption

Boxiang Zhao, Liang Hu, Yifan Zang, Yuxuan Liu, Xin Wen, Hongtu Li
Cloud computing has been developing at a rapid speed, playing an important role in many fields, especially in environments like hospitals which produce a lot of data every day and have specific users. Because the security of the information stored in the cloud cannot be guaranteed, we propose a safe...
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Study on Mind Controlled Robotic Arms by Collecting and Analyzing Brain Alpha Waves

Yue Han, Yihe Ma, Lingkai Zhu, Yanpeng Zhang, Li Li, Wei Zheng, Junshan Guo, Yongqiang Che
Assistive robotic technologies that use neural interface systems are designed to allow people with limited mobility to assert control with signals directly from their brains. These robotic systems require detection and analysis of raw brain signals, machine learning methods to extract these signals into...
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Inexact Orthant-Wise Quasi-Newton Method

Faguo Wu, Wang Yao, Xiao Zhang, Chenxu Wang, Zhiming Zheng
The Orthant-Wise Limited-memory Quasi-Newton method (OWL-QN), based on the L-BFGS method, is an effective algorithm for solving the ‘1-regularized sparse learning problem. In order to deal with the ‘1-regularization, OWL-QN restrict the point to an orthant on which the quadratic model is valid and differentiable....
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Capacity Optimization of the Intersection with Reverse-variable Lane

Meng Cao
This article’s aim was to study the effects, which were come from the length of reverse-variable lane, left-turn traffic arrive rate, left-turn green time and the reverse traffic arrive rate of the upstream intersection in the short-line grouped intersections, about the capacity of intersection,by Cellular...
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Optimization of Multimodal Transportation Network Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Yanlin Zhao
Mathematical models of multimodal transportation are built by integrating transportation cost, conversion cost and punishment cost of time based the comparison of various modes of transportation. Model solutionalgorithm uses improved Genetic Algorithm added immigration factor, which can avoid the local...
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An Integrated Design Optimization Solving Platform Based on Surrogate-in-Process

Qian Yin, Boxing Wang, Yizhong Wu, Xin Liu
In the paper, a visual and integrated design optimization platform based on Surrogate-in-Process (SIP), called FlowComputer, is developed to support modular process modeling in intuitive and explicit manners. Besides discipline analysis components and generic modular controlling components, several surrogate-related...
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Traffic Signal Optimization Control Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller

Xinlan Guo, Tao Li
In this paper , the author designs a kind of adaptive dynamic programming to be used to optimize method of the parameters, and designs the frame structure in order to optimize traffic signal fuzzy logic controller. This paper chooses the evaluated neural networks and control module (fuzzy logic controller)...
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Fault Diagnosis of Reducing Valve Based on Bispectra Slices

Wenbing Wu
Bispectrum Includes nonsymmetric, nonlinear information of singals, it can be used to describe nonlinear phase couplings, especially quadratic phase couplings. Bicoherence function can evaluate the degree of quadratic phase couplings quantitatively, the bicoherence spectrum of normal and fault singals...
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Bayesian Subset Selection for Inverse Gauss Regression Models

Yuanying Zhao, Dengke Xu, Liangqiong Jin, Qingqiong Jiang
Inspired by the idea of Kuo and Mallick, Bayesian subset selection for inverse Gauss regression models is studied by Gibbs sampler and Metropolis-Hastings algorithm in this paper. Simulation study and the aerobic fitness data example are employed to demonstrate the proposed methodology.
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Analysis of Port Handing Capacity Based on X11-ARIMA Model

Lixin Zhang, Cuifang Yang, Zhenqi Fan
The analysis of port handing capacity is of great significance to the construction and planning of the port. Using the data of the last 12 years, X11 method is used to separate the long-term trend. The results show that the port handing capacity tends to increase linearly. We use difference method to...
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Seasonal Model and Its Application in Short-term Forecasting

Xiangrong Jiang, Liping Xu, Yingying Cui
With economic activity changes periodically as the seasons vary, the time series of macroeconomic data is usually seasonal. This paper is different from the traditional way of proceeding seasonal adjustment before analyzing the macroeconomic time series. Instead, we propose a seasonal prediction model...
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Modelling Urban Wisdom Growth of Sustainable Development

Zaiqiang Ku, Pei Guo
A model for urban wisdom growth of sustainable development is proposed in this paper. Based on the entropy weight method and the gray relational analysis, we calculate the weight of each index and the correlation coefficient between the indicators, and get the urban intelligent growth indexes andobtain...
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The Persistence of a Discrete Host-parasitoid Model with Allee Effect and Holling III Functional Response

Yong Ye, Hua Liu, Yumei Wei, Peng Yang, Ming Ma
This paper establishes a host-parasitoid model with Allee effect and Holling III functional response, and discusses the persistent problem of this system. Through computer simulation, the growth rate of is used as the parameter of the bifurcation diagram, and the effect of Allee effect on the dynamic...
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Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis in a Delayed Gause-type Predator-prey Models

Shuang Guo, Xing Qiao, Dongxia Zhao, Lianguang Jia, Xiuyan Jiang
A class of delayed ratio-dependent Gause-type predator-prey model is considered. Firstly, the eigenvalue problem is studyed for the linearized system at the coexisting equilibrium and a group of sufficient conditions for the existence of Hopf bifurcation are obtained. Secondly, the direction of the Hopf...
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Study on Face Classification and Modeling Based on the Fit Problem of Respirator for Chinese Adults

Xiaotong Zhou, Xiaoxia Song
To solve the fit problem between the face and the mask in the market, 7 facial indexes related facial masks of 194 adults were measured in this paper. Factor analysis was undertaken and two main factors were chosen. Through counting the relative index, 3 representative body indexes were selected as clustering...
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Component Data Combination Forecasting Model and Its Application in Prediction and Analysis of Industrial Structure

Lingrong Zhao, Ying Ping, Yuanhong Luo
Composition data represent the relative information of data, not absolute information. The determination and restriction make the analysis of composition data different from other general data, and need to be transformed and re-analyzed first. For a series of chronological data collected, the paper uses...
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The Global Stability of a Delayed Reaction-Diffusion Predator-Prey Model

Yu Jiang, Huiming Wei, Xiaoli Zhang
In this article, a delayed reaction-diffusion predator-prey model with stage structure is investigated. The global stability of the coexistence states is discussed by the linearization method and the method of upper and lower solutions. Sufficient conditions of the global attractivity of nonnegative...
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Dynamic Optimization Model of Signal Timings of Exit-lanes for Left-turn Intersections

Kun Yang, Yinzhen Li, Hao Li, Jie Yin
To make use of the space and time resources at the conventional intersections using exit-lanes for left-turn (EFL) effectively, a dynamic signal-timing model for such special intersections was proposed. Firstly, the operator of the optimal period of the main signal lamp was determined by means of calculating...
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A Bayesian Model about Relationship between Weather and Sales of Medicine for Cold

Ying Yu, Wenwen Yang, Zheng Yang, Jianye Lu
Weather factors affecting the oscillation of the sales of cold medicine, may be various, uncertain and intermittent. A Bayesian model is built in this paper, to analyze the relationship between the weather factors and the sales of cold medicine, and BDE(Bayesian Dirichlet equivalent) score function is...
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Immune Response Model for Government-Invested Large Projects Risks

Yunfei Hou, Yingying Guo, Wanwan Zhang
Government-Invested large projects are inevitably exposed to various risks. These risks threaten the operation of projects and need to be eliminated timely. Based on the biological immune system, this paper proposes the immune response model to decrease risks in the target project. The innate immune...
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Frequency Reduction-Based Model Predictive Direct Power Control with Multi-Cost Function

Qinghua Cui, Mian Liao, Zhiling Liao, Zhaoling Chen
Model predictive direct power control (MPDPC) is one of the effective control strategies of the three phase inverter. However, a high sampling frequency is usually needed to realize the quick power tracking, which causes unnecessary switching loss. Frequency reduction-based MPDPC with single-cost function...
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A Quick Generation Method for Power Grid Graphs and Models in SCADA System

Rongrong Cao
In the large power grid dispatching and control system, the unmanned substations bring a large amount of graph drawing and model input work to the automation maintenance personnel. The complicated work increases the error probability and hidden dangers, and it is difficult to adapt to the development...
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Gedanken Tests for Correlated Michelson Interferometers One-interferometer tests and two-interferometer tests: the role of cosmologically-implemented models including Poincaré particles

Orchidea Maria Lecian
The features of correlated Michelson interferometers are for describing the analysis of Einsteinian spacetime models, and the quantum geometries pertinent with descriptions of GR compatible with particle Physics. Such apparati allow for the spectral decomposition of fractional Planck-scale displacements...
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Pedestrian Evacuation with Asymmetrical Exit Based on an Improved Cellular Automata

Nuo Zhu
Simulation of pedestrian evacuation flow from a room with asymmetrical exit layout is presented based on cellular automata (CA) in this paper. Pedestrian moving rules were established, according to two-dimensional cellular automaton Moore neighborhood. The dynamic parameters: Direction-parameter, Empty-parameter...
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On the Maximum Harary Spectral Radius of Graphs with Given Matching Number

Xin Luo, Wenshui Lin, Zhixi Wu, Linshan Huang, Qi’an Chen
The Harary spectral radius was proved to be able to produce fair QSPR models for the boiling points, molar heat capacities, vaporization enthalpies, refractive indices and densities for C6-C10 alkanes. Hence this structure-descriptor has recently attracted attention of chemists and mathematicians. [Ars...
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A Face Recognition Method Based on LBP and GMM

Yuwen Song, Qingling Zhang, Xiuquan Xia
This paper proposes a face recognition method based on local binary pattern(LBP) and Gaussian mixture model(GMM). Firstly, combine Uniform Pattern and Rotation Invariant LBP with traditional LBP operator to obtain initial classification data. Then, adopt GMM to classify face textures, and use EM algorithm...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Development Degree of the Special Township in a Prefecture-level City

Wenrong Jiang, Wenting Shao
As a regional economic and social development model based on the construction of towns, the special township is an innovative structure to effectively solve issues on regional development. However, in the process of promoting the construction of special townships, many places have some tendentious problems...
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Correlation Analysis of Elevation and the Relief Degree of Land Surface in Henan Province

Kaiguang Zhang, Mingting Ba, Hongling Meng, Yanmin Sun
Elevation and the relief degree of land surface are important factors in describing the regional topographic features. Studying their spatial relationship could further understand the spatial characteristics of the regional topographic distribution. Based on the 30m×30m digital elevation model, this...
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Study on the Reserve Distribution Model of Light Weapons

Zhen Li, Jian Gao
In view of the lack of pertinence in the weapon equipment maintenance capability evaluation, combining the characteristics of light weapon equipment, the index model of light weapon support capability is established. A variety of mathematical models and methods have been applied to the study of the construction...
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The Application Study of Park Enterprises Credit Risk Evaluation Based on Euclid Approach Degree of Fuzzy Matter-element Model

Li Zhou, Bisong Liu, Yan Zhao, Xianghua Li
Based on the thorough analysis of the internal and external factors which affects the enterprise credit level, the scientific and systematic evaluation index system was established. By adopting the fuzzy matter-element analytical method which especially suits the multi-index and incompatibility issue,...
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The Application Study of Enterprise Online Reputation Evaluation Index Based on Comprehensive Evaluation of Fuzzy Matter-element

Li Zhou, Bisong Liu, Zhou Jiang, Cuizhu Meng
Under the background of the development of network economy, enterprise online reputation evaluation and management have become important topics for enterprises. Through research and analysis of enterprise online reputation evaluation models and evaluation indicators, a fuzzy matter-element evaluation...
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A Modeling and Simulation Method of SiC MOSFET Module

Jinyuan Li, Meiting Cui, Shuai Sun, Yujie Du
In recent years, silicon carbide and other wide band gap semiconductors have become one of the strategic commanding heights in the global high-technology field. As a wide band gap semiconductor, SiC material which can be used to make SiC device is paid much attention in semiconductor and power field...
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Self-healing Model Construction and Simulation of Power SDH Transmission Network

Jiye Wang, Geng Zhang, Yanan Wang, Xiangzhou Chen, Yang Wang
With the rapid development of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technology, it has been increasingly used in power communication networks. The power communication network has high requirements on the reliability of data transmission, and the self-healing ring has the advantages of automatic fault recovery,...
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The Influence of Slope Shape on Slope Seismic Stability

Zhaopeng Zhang, Jingshan Bo, Feng Qiao
This paper mainly uses numerical simulation software to study the influence of different slope shapes on the seismic stability of slopes. With building three different numerical models, the safety factor is used to compare the stability of convex, concave and linear slopes under earthquake. The calculation...
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A Fast Method to Determine Short-circuit Capacity Based on Compensation Impact Factor

Haifeng Li, Xinfu Song, Xinmao Xia, Gang Liang, Yaode Huang, Hongyang Yu
This paper proposes a fast method to determine short-circuit capacity for an AC system, which includes a compensation capacitor, to avoid sub-synchronous resonance (SSR) risk at a system planning stage. Firstly, the compensation impact factor (CIF) is calculated for generators with different short-circuit...
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The Impacts of Electric Strengths Between AC Buses on Sub-synchronous Resonance

Haifeng Li, Mengke Liao, Xinfu Song, Shaoran Wang, Lin Fu, Hongyang Yu
This paper analyzes relationship between electric strengths and the risk of sub-synchronous resonance (SSR). Firstly, the compensation impact factor (CIF) method is used to replace the process of determining sub-synchronous damping characteristics of an AC system. Then the risk of SSR can be reflected...
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An Intelligent Electricity Meter RFID Receiving System Based on the Internet of Things Cloud Platform

Silei Shen, Chao Wang
As an important part of intelligent power Grid, cloud computing is becoming more and more important in the development of intelligent grid with the development of the internet of things cloud platform. This paper introduces the application of cloud computing technology in the intelligent power grid,...
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A Chronic Disease Exercise Rehabilitation System Based on Cloud Computing Architecture

Yongliang Zhang, Jun Ye, Jian Yang, Qiao Guo, Yining Sun, Weimin Wang, Qiang Zeng
In view of the current status of chronic disease management development and the current society’s need for intelligent exercise monitoring, this article has conducted research on the rehabilitation system and key technologies for its realization. First, this article uses a cloud computing architecture...
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Lost Packet Retransmission Mechanism Based on Hardware Acceleration in Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuanliang Nie, Ping Song, Cheng Yang, Chuangbo Hao, Youtian Qie
As the continuous development of wireless sensor networks, the network has put forward higher requirements for the transmission of large amounts of data. In order to meet the high efficiency of network transmission, we often use various technologies to increase the transmission rate, but this may also...
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The Research of Disaster Preparation Program and Quick Recovery Program in the Gas Station Management System

Wendong Wang
With the continuous development of information construction in modern enterprise, the business information system was integrated and the operating activities were more and more dependent on the core data of it. The gas station management system, which was called MS, as a basic application system in the...
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Integrated Electronic System Configuration Analysis

Lei Liu, Weipeng Wang, Guangding Feng
In this paper, we want to make a clear and concise description of the configuration of an increasingly integrated and complex avionics system. We proposed the configuration analysis method on AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language) to modelling the highly integrated electronic system. It can...
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Study on Test Generation Method for Analog Circuit Board Based on Rough Set

Chenggang Wang, Xinghai Wang, Jiaqi Chen
In order to improve the repair and maintenance efficiency for analog circuit boards of certain equipment, a test and diagnosis system was designed based on virtual instrument. System structure is introduced briefly. As the key technique of the system, stimuli generation is studied emphatically. Fault...
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Research on High Precision Time Synchronization Scheme of Power System Based on Network

Ni Zhen, Xiangzhou Chen, Yanan Wang, Geng Zhang, Huixia Ding
The communication network of wide-area stable control in power system requires high precision of time synchronization. At present, substations are all configured with satellite receivers to realize time synchronization, and ground network has not been realized yet, which has a large potential safety...
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Analysis of Critical Success Factors for PDM System Implementation Based on DEMATEL Method

Yong Cen
Product data management system implementation is a complex systems engineering, and influenced by many factors that influence each other and function. In order to identify the critical success factors, through an extensive review of the literature, total of 21 factors for the successful PDM system implementation...
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Study of the Distribution of Initial Stress for Mechanical Properties of Guyed Transmission Tower

Dehe Wang, Hao Fu
Under the influence of the wind loads, the prestress of guy in the guyed door type transmission tower has a great impact on the mechanical properties of its structure. In order to study this effect, The paper establishes the appropriate nonlinear finite element model of the guy-door- type transmission...
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Research Review on Control Methods of Large-scale Electric Vehicles Charging Station Network

Qingsheng Shi, Yifan Liu
Large-scale operation of electric vehicle is the only way to speed up its industrialization, and charging station network is the vital link to electric vehicle’s normal operation. Charging station network is a large, dynamic, and high degree of uncertainty distributed system. And it is influenced by...
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Recent Advancement of Cooling and Heat Transfer of Diesel Engine

Chunhao Yang, Ruilin Liu, Yufei Jiao, Zhongjie Zhang, Nanlong Xia
The study of diesel cooling and heat transfer can improve thermal efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions. The research on the heat transfer characteristics of diesel engine block, the influence of the cooling medium control parameters on the heat transfer characteristics of the cooling system and environmental...
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The Influence of Stray Capacitor on the Harmonic Transmission Characteristics of CVT

Weilun Xie, Feng Xue, Peicheng Xie, Jieting Wu, Dan Peng
In view of the fact that the harmonic transmission characteristics of capacitive voltage transformers (CVT) are unclear and not suitable for harmonic voltage measurement, considering the influence of the internal stray capacitance factors, an equivalent circuit model is established and analyzed by transfer...
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Design of Remote Meter Reading System Based on Internet of Thing

Lijun Liu, Siyang Ren
With the rapid development of economy, the traditional manual meter reading has been very difficult to meet the needs of social development. The demand for intelligent meter reading is growing. Remote automatic meter reading can not only replace cumbersome manual labor, but also greatly improve management...
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Construction and Practice of VR-Based Power Quality Interactive Experience Center

Shupeng Li, Xudong Wang, Yali Liu, Chuanghua Liu, Yvze Zhang, Guodong Li, Jinbing Lv
With the continuous advance of China’s intellectual creation 2025, power supply transform from high reliability to high quality. In this paper, the VR-based power quality interactive experience center was built to dredge the cognitive contradiction and build a new process for power quality event processing....
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Design of LED Light Music Rhythm Based on Virtual Instrument

Yuan Wang, Liping Huang
The article proposes a design scheme of LED light music rhythm based on virtual instrument, studying the audio signal collection, processing and application. Instead of a general data collection card, using computer sound card as hardware acquisition audio signal and transmit it to the computer. On the...
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Research and Application for Power-Grid Comprehensive Distribution Decision System

Qian Gao, Shangyuan Wu, Junyi Yang, Kai Zhang, Chao Xu
High-efficiency power-grid planning is used to ensure the benefits and smooth operation of power-grid companies and industries. In order to solve the planning management business, such as the enterprise overall planning, power-grid planning and early planning, and its decision analysis issues, such as...
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Application of Information Technology in Comprehensive Reform of Agricultural Water Price in Irrigated District

Yongtao Wang, Wei Huang, Li Liang, Yuewei Chen, Zhongfei Zhou
This paper studies the application of information technology in comprehensive reform of agricultural water price in irrigated area. Firstly, the requirement of the system is analyzed, the scheme and the structure of the information system is put forward. Secondly, the following technology are studied:The...
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The Common Fault Diagnosis Method of Diesel Engine

Zhibin Wang, Yu Zhao, Jian Yan, Jiafeng Xu
With the rapid development of diesel engine technology, the request of the fault diagnostic technology is getting much higher. This paper describes the common fault diagnosis method of diesel engine which is used to ensure operational safety, performance, reasonable maintenance, cost reduction, pollution...
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A Positioning Method to Geostationary Satellite by TWSTFT Links

Hongwei Sun, Weiqing Yang, Yuli Li
Based on the Asia-Pacific two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT) links, an accurate positioning method to geostationary satellite is presented, and the accuracy of the positioning is also estimated. The characteristics of the method are simple, practical and accurate. Since the system...
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Does the Distribution of Public Good Matter for Tax Compliance Behavior?

Mengdi Chen, Ya Zhou
The research of tax suggest that the mechanism how public good return has an important influence on tax compliance. The taxpayers pay taxes to the government to purchase public good and services. Therefore, we considered that the taxpayer's decision-making process would be affected by the satisfaction...
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Study of Reciprocal Accountability and Total Quality Management in Education Sector and Its Ideal Implementation Towards Sustainable Development

Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer
Sustainable development (SD) is a kind of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability and efficacy of future generations to meet their own needs [@25,26,27,28,29 Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer, World Engineers’ Convention(WEC) 2004, Shanghai, China]. Reciprocal accountability...
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Temporal and Spatial Changes in Astrocytes in Different Brain Regions Following Intrauterine Ischemia in Neonatal Wistar Rats

Xiaoming Lv, Dan Dang, Zhiyan Xu, Siwen Li, Hui Wu
Early stage of different degrees of HI can promote the proliferation of astrocytes and developed the neuroprotective effect. But overactive astrocytes will lead to glutamic acid, nitric oxide, oxygen radicals increasing continually and the release of abundant harmful factors, which not only brought about...