Proceedings of the 2015 Asia-Pacific Energy Equipment Engineering Research Conference

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Combustion Analysis and Operation Adjustment of Thermal Power Unit

Jun Li, Weiwei Li
The characteristics of main low nitrogen combustion technologies are to be introduced. By analysis of unit’s typical outfire accident after low nitrogen combustion transformation, proposed some targeted solutions to optimize operation of the thermal power unit, such as adjustment of the air distribution,...
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Axial Flow PAF Accident Analysis and Solutions of Thermal Power Unit

Jun Li, Weiwei Li
Surge is a frequent problem in large axial flow adjustable suction fan. Cause of surge as well as hazard to unit and production was introduced. Pointed out that thermal power after the denitration system transformation, due to changes in the resistance of air and gas systems, so that the whole system...
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The Feasibility Analysis of Low-temperature Waste Heat Thermoelectric Power Generation, Based on Forced Oil Circulation Cooling Transformer

Jiayi Guo
This paper is intended to propose a way of utilizing low-temperature waste heat what base on forced oil circulation cooling transformer. Cooling of large power transformers affect the normal operation of the power system. Existing techniques simply cool the transformer, but there is not take full advantage...
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VNT and EGR Technologies for a Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Junhua Wu, Fushan Zuo, Yonghui Zhang
In this study an experimental investigation was carried out on a turbocharger with variable nozzle turbine (VNT) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system reducing emissions of a direct injection diesel engine. In the EGR system, the exhaust gas was tapped off before the turbine, cooled, and mixed with...
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The Experimental Study of Performance Ejecting Dust Collector in Mine

Haizhan Li, Zhulian Wang, Hongyu Wang
For mining gas outburst coal dust pollution problems caused by dry drilling, this paper proposes a new mine wet compressed air ejecting dust collector. The energy-efficient experimental project of compressed air ejecting dust collector was designed, and tested the performance of the dust collector in...
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Energy Management of Isolated Micro-grid With Wind Turbines and Seawater Desalination Devices

Qing Liu, Shitong Fan
Energy management of isolated micro-grid with wind turbines and seawater desalination devices is of great significance to the use of wind power, the supply of fresh water resources and the economic operation of micro-grid. This paper established isolated micro-grid model including wind turbines, seawater...
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Numerical Simulation on Influence Factors of Aerodynamic Mistuning of Wind Turbine

Xiaoming Chen, Shun Kang
Wind turbine aerodynamic-mistuning phenomenon during the operation may cause great harm. This article is based on sliding mesh technique of three dimensional Unsteady CFD method,taking NREL Phase VI wind turbine as an example,study the pneumatic performance of wind turbine under the axial-flow condition...
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Introduction To Rotor Eddy Current Loss Of Permanent Magnet Motor For Electric Vehicles

Shoujie Tang, Hairong Zou, Wan Liu, Peng Wang
In permanent magnet motor, the rotor eddy current loss can make the rotor temperature rise, affect the efficiency of motor performance and even lead to permanent magnet demagnetization. In order to improve the efficiency of the motor and protect the magnet which is core part of the motor, some ways must...
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Smoothing Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine under Different Wind Conditions

Yuan Chang, Kunkun Fu
Doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine has been widely used in wind energy industry due to its good energy capture performance, fine controllability and simple realization. In this paper, a mathematical model for the operation and control of a DFIG wind turbine was proposed. Battery storage...
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Research on Airborne Near Infrared Spectroscopy Equipment

Chunyu Wang, Yang Li, Qingwei Dong, Yingjie Sun, Yunfeng Liang, Peng Tian
After the experiment at near darkroom conditions, using sodium light through the iris diaphragm to the Fourier spectrometer, the spectrometer is completed by adjusting the interference of sodium, Fourier transform, the peak value of the interference, is received by the detector to the computer. After...
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The Cutting Force Prediction of Standard Twist Drill

Pengpeng Zhang, HouJun Qi, Hui Yao, YiRong Zhang
Based on the research of the standard twist drill geometry parameters, the cutting part of the structure of the geometric parameters are expressed as a fuction of radius, the chisel edge and the main cutting edge geometric parameters of the mathematical model are established. Drilling force is one of...
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The Characteristics Evaluation of CO2-foam System

Li Liu, Xue Wan, Yongcun Jia, Yanfu Pi
This paper researches on the characteristics of the foam system chosen for CO2 foam flooding in the low permeable oil fields. In view of the actual situation of the oilfield high temperature, high salinity and water injection difficulty, the selected agents must also meet the requirements of stability...
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Typical Pressure Drop Calculation Formula for the Applicability of the Pressure Drop of Gelled Crude Oil Hydraulic Suspension Transportation

Fuzhang Li, Yang Liu, Jingfen Li, Rongru He, Xiaoyan Liu
The pressure drop is the main parameter which influences the safe operation of the gelled crude oil hydraulic suspension transportation system. According to the current specification for design of oil and gas gathering and transferring rules three types of frictional resistance coefficient calculation...
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3D Numerical Simulation of Gas Flow and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of NO in the Honeycomb Reactor

Jongchol Om, Weihong Wu, Peidong Ji
Selective catalytic reaction(SCR) of NOx by ammonia is a very efficient method to reduce the NOx emission from coal-fired power plants and large boilers.The ammonia is injected into the exhaust gas stream and is mixed NOx. The mixture passes through the honeycomb-type catalyst bed, where NOx reacts on...
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Application of a Fluidic Actuator to Horizontal Directional Well Drilling

Jiangfu He, Xiaodong Zhao, Kun Yin, Houping Liu
a hydraulic hammer with fluidic actuator was manufactured and applied to directional drilling due to the low penetration rate, long construction period and high drilling cost occurred during the operation of horizontal directional drilling in complicated formations, such as hard, fractured and cavy stratum....
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Steady-State Modeling of the Refrigeration Unit for a Marine Refrigerated Container

Jiajun Ren, Chaoyu Zheng, Wu Chen
The mathematical models of compressor, evaporator and condenser in a refrigerated container’s refrigeration unit were established, which were used to form the whole system model for steady-state simulation according to the coupling relationship among them. The full-load performance of the refrigeration...
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Simulation Analysis Spray of the Butanol and Diesel Fuel Mixed with Injection Pressure and Air Flow Intensity

Jian Wu, Weiwei Shang, Yibin Liu, Yang Hua, Bin Xu
In order to study the feasibility of the butanol as substitute fuel of diesel, the visualization experiment of spray characteristics on butanol diesel mixed fuel was carried out, using the software Fire of the company of AVL to establish a simulation model of n-butyl alcohol diesel spray and calculating...
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Optimal Operation and Real-Time Monitoring of 300MW Boiler Based on Excess Air Coefficient

Mengshuo Jia
At present, 300MW generating unit serves as the main facility in power plant in China. This paper analyzes the optimal operation of 300MW generating unit boiler. By constructing the models of waste heat loss q_2, air non complete combustion heat loss q_3, solid non complete combustion heat loss q_4,...
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Study on Load Distribution of Temperature and Humidity Independent Control Air-Conditioning System

Qin Ouyang, Min Ouyang, Liping Xiang
Two kinds of typical temperature and humidity independent control air-conditioning system are introduced in the paper, and load distribution method is determined utilizing enthalpy-humidity chart thus laying a basis of energy saving analysis for THIC system.
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-5Y-3Sm-0.8Ca Alloy

Qing Zhang, Quan-an Li, Jun Chen, Xing-yuan Zhang
Magnesium-RE alloys are interesting materials since they have excellent room and high temperature mechanical properties. A recently developed as-cast Mg-5Y-3Sm-0.8Ca (wt.%) alloy exhibits attractive strength at room temperature, while its strength is poor at elevated temperature. In order to further...
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The Corrosion Behaviours of AZ61 Magnesium Alloy with the Ca Addition

Jun Chen, Quan-an Li, Qing Zhang, Xing-yuan Zhang
the corrosion behaviors of AZ61 magnesium alloy with the Ca addition have been studied in this paper. These alloys were prepared in an induction melting furnace with an Al2O3 crucible under a mixed atmosphere of CO2 and SF6. The corrosion tests were completed using immersing in 0.5% and 3.5% NaCl solution...
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Application of SVM in Gas Sensor: Quantitative Analysis of CO2

HongYan Chen, WenZhen Liu, Jian Qu, ZhiBin Li
Objecttive:According to the difficult in selecting parameter of SVM when modeling on the gas quantitative analysis,and existing methods need long time to finish,SVM optimized by improved grid search method was proposed to built a model to quantitatively analyse infrared spectrum of CO2 gas. Methods:We...
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Preparation and Properties of a Novel Polymeric Damping Material

Chengbing Yu, Xi Yu, Saisai Chen, Fangfang Wu, Qi Wang, Wenteng Zhu
Using structural materials with high damping property is known as one of the most effective method to solve vibration and noise problem at present, and polyacrylate is one of the most widely polymer damping materials. Polyacrylate was often used as a resin matrix in waterborne damping coating for its...
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Experimental Investigation on Preparation and Stability of Al2O3/CuO-water Nanofluids

Lu Liu, Mo Wang, Yanfeng Liu
As a new working substance of heat transfer, nanofluids have broad application prospects in the field of heat transfer enhancement. The preparation of nanofluids is the foundation for further study on other areas of heat transfer, such as the cooling of electronic components, the use of solar energy,...
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Synthesis of a Dye Containing Benzothiadiazole for Highly Efficient Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Chao-Feng Du, Lei Jiang, Nian-Yu Huang, Lei Sun, Wei-Qiao Deng
Triarylamine compounds as a very good donor was used for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) has been widely applied. The different bridge and acceptor used will shows different power conversion efficiency. In this work, We synthesized two new dyes (D1 and D2) containing benzothiadiazole structure as...
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Mn-, Ru-Coordinated Covalent Triazine Framework as Catalysts for Epoxidation of Cyclohexene

Xue Liu, Ling Zhang, Wei-Qiao Deng, Nian-Yu Huang
The alkene epoxidation is an important reaction for organic synthesis and the catalytic epoxidation of cyclohexene can be widely used for the synthesis of fine chemicals. In this work, a new kind of heterogeneous catalysts, Mn/Ru coorindated covalent triazine framework (Mn-CTF and Ru-CTF), for oxidation...
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Application of Depth Regulating and Displacing Technology of Nano-micron Hydrogel Microspheres in Oilfield

Tianyang Li, Sili Luo, Jianguo Li, Shenghua Li
The depth regulating and displacing technology to improve oil recovery efficiency in water injection oilfield is one of the most promising technical approach. Nano-micron hydrogel microspheres were injected into the depth of the injection wells, adjusting formation permeability, improving reservoir heterogeneity...
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Spectral Analysis and Growth of Nd:YLF Crystal

Dongyang Zheng, Jialin Xu, Wang Liu, Ximeng Cheng, Weizhao Jin, Chun Li, Fanming Zeng, Hai Lin, Jinghe Liu
Nd: YLF polycrystalline raw materials were synthezed by a dry method and Nd:YLF laser crystal was grown by IF induction Cz method.Its process parameters were these:a pulling rate of 1 mm/h, the crystal rotation speed of 15 r/min and 10-2 Pa degree of vacuum.The absorption and fluorescence spectra of...
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Reinforcing Polyamide 1212 with Oxidized Carbon Nanotubes

Ziqing Cai, Xiaoyu Meng, Lishan Cui, Qiong Zhou
The polymer composites based on carbon nanotubes are of particular interests because of their excellent performance. In this work, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were modified by concentrated acid solution which resulted in CNTs grafted with carboxylic acid (–COOH) and hydroxyl (–OH) groups (i.e. a-CNTs). The...
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Synthesis of Hierarchical-Structured Zn/Mo-HZSM-5 and Its Application in Dimethy Ether Aromatization

Yali Lu, Donglin Wang, Yibing Song, Qiuli Yang, Meili Fu, Daoke Yu, YiWen Fang
The hierarchical-structured Zn/Mo-HZSM-5 catalyst was synthesized by two-step crystallization and impregnation method, and characterized by XRD, HRTEM and N2 adsorption-desorption. The results indicates that the obtained catalyst has a large specific surface area and pore volume. The catalyst exhibits...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Polyacrylonitrile Copolymers Containing Amine Groups

Chengran Yang, Yumei Zhang, Biao Wang
Polyacrylonitrile copolymers containing amine groups (Poly(AN-VA-DEMA) copolymers) were synthesized by the aqueous precipitation copolymerization of acrylonitrile (AN), vinyl acetate (VA) and methacrylic acid 2-dimethylaminoethyl ester (DEMA) with a Na2S2O5-NaClO3 redox initiating system. The influences...
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The Skeleton Construction and Pharmaceutical Activity of Coumarins

Minrui Liu, Jiachun Liu, Zhanchao Zhao, Gensheng Yang, Wen Zhang
Coumarins are oxygen-containing heterocyclic compounds, which is an important type of compounds in the discovery of bioactive molecules. Some work on the synthesis of bioactive coumarins has been done by other groups. Meanwhile, many synthetic methodologies have been put forward to construct skeleton...
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The Study on Biological and Pharmacological Activity of Coumarins

Ling Xu, Xiao-Yin Zhao, Yan-Ling Wu, Wen Zhang
Coumarin has drawn much attention due to its wide range of pharmacological effects such as anti-tumor, anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-HIV and anti-bacterial. In clinic, coumarin derivatives have been used as anticoagulant and rheumatoid arthritis therapy. Coumarins have become...
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Mechanical Properties of Methyl Methacrylate Copolymers

Yanhong Zhang, Yan Wang, Xianchao Kong, Dongmei Zhao
Methyl methacrylate was used as a main monomer in this paper. Firstly poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) was synthesized by bulk polymerization of methyl methacrylate(MMA) in mold. Subsequently MMA was copolymerized with acrylonitrile (AN) and styrene (St) respectively in mold. The as-prepared products...
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Experimental Study on the Friction Performance of Nylon - High Strength Steel Sliding Friction Pairs

Xiao Yan Wang
In this paper, high-strength steels (yield strength greater than 900MPa) paired with nylon sliders were tested on static friction coefficient. The test samples are in disc-shaped friction pair structure. A specific axial load is applied to the friction pair to produce a certain degree of axial pressure....
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Corrossion Behavior of Ni-W-P Coating in Hypersaline Brine

Qianqian Shao, Xin Zhang, Zhaojie Cui, Xianfeng Tan
To improve the corrosion resistance of N80steel, Ni-W-P coating was prepared by electroless deposition. The corrosion properties for Ni-W-P coating were investigated in hypersaline ground brine. Results of weight loss tests show that the corrosion resistance of the Ni-W-P coating is 10 times of N80steel...
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Study on SBS Modified Asphalt Waterproof Bingding Course

Chenguang Wan, Aiqin Shen, Li Fan, Yuan Zhang
According to the early disease of bridge deck pavement caused by waterproof-binding course, pavement performance of commen waterproof-binding course was was studied. First, determining the optimum spraying volume of modified asphalt under different treatments of leveling course through the pavement multi-function...
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Microstructure and Performance of Mg-substituted -TCP Porous Ceramics

Yunhai Ma, Wenbo Shang, Xueying Fan, Zhihui Gao, Hubiao Wang, Xueman Luy
-tricalcium phosphate( -TCP) is an important biomaterial with good biocompatibility. The study was concentrated on the microstructure and performance of Mg-substituted -TCP porous ceramics. The 6mol.% Mg-doped powders were fabricated by the method of gel-sol combustion with raw materials of Ca(NO3)2,...
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Optical Transmittance through Ultrathin Gold Films with Subwavelength Hole Arrays

Shanshan Wu, Yanqiang Bai, Jinfeng Zhu, Wenjie Chen, Yijun Cai, Na Liu, Qinghuo Liu
Resonantly enhanced transmission through subwavelength periodic structure in metallic film has received much attention since the phenomenon of extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) was discovered by Ebbesen in 1998. A variety of novel phenomena caused by the interaction of light with metallic film,...
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Research on the Effect of Fly Ash Content on the Tensile Properties of PVA -ECC

Wan Li, Xiaoyong Zhou, Na Li
The stress-strain relationship and tensile resistance parameters of polyvinyl alcohol fiber reinforced cementitious composite(PVA-ECC) are studied and analyzed experimentally by uniaxial tensile test. The specimens are 200mm×50mm×20mm with different fly ash content. The test is carried out by using displacement...
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Research on Thermal Conductivity of Grouting Material for Underground Heat Exchanger of GSHP System

Lele Yu, Wanlu Huang
As we know, thermal properties of grouting material between the pipe and the stratum is one of the most factor to the efficiency and cost of the ground-source heat pump system. In this paper, based on the research of the grouting material at home and abroad, it was tested with a different ratios of bentonite-sand...
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Enhanced Coloration Efficiency of Electrochromic Thin Film Based on TiO2 and Chitosan

Shuping Liu, Wei Wang, Huanan Guan
Self-assembled multilayer films containing TiO2 and chitosan (CS) were prepared using layer-by-layer method (LbL). The composite film fabricated on quartz and fluorine-doped tin oxide substrates was investigated using UV-vis spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), cyclic voltammetry (CV) and...
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Effect of Curing Temperature and Curing Degree on Elastic Recovery of Conductive Particles

Min Gong, Dejian Zhou
The nonlinear properties of elastic modulus of the resin in relation to curing degree of the resin was defined through the phenomenological model. The finite element model of LTCC-metal assembly, which belong to the radio frequency (RF) function layer, is established by ABAQUS. When curing pressure is...
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The Study of Application of High Water Material in Filling Mining Technology

Zhongming Zhao, Yongliang Liu, Yi Li
This paper introduced the advantages about the application of high water material in the filling mining under the combination of its actual situation of coal mine. These advantages included the fluidity, expansibility, strength of backfilling, initial investment of high water material and so on. The...
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Study on Cellar Rainwater Treated by different size BAC in Villages and Towns of Northwestern China

Yaohui Yang,, Guozhen Zhang, Hao Yang, Rui Dang
In view of the micro-polluted cellar water quality characteristics of the northwestern town,we study natural biofilm with cellar water for coal activated carbon by 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and determine the biological activated carbon microbial adaptation period, biofilm growth, biofilm maturation time , and study...
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The compilation of marine environmental spectrum for Carbon Fiber/Polymer Composites

Xu Liu, Yueliang Chen, Wujun Huo, Dongdong Wang, Yuanling Lei
Affected by environment elements ,the degeneration of mechanical property for Carbon Fiber reinforced Polymer Composites(CFRP) under marine environments is an important engineering problem, and the key segment on solving this problem is how to reappear the aging course of CFRP in marine environment truly...
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Research on Packer Material Stress Analysis

Jianning Wang, Xinde Han, Juan Wang, Li Wang, Lixin Sui, Jianjie Ning, Yao Wang, Yan Jiang, Xiongyi Hu, Tao Sun
Stress conditions of downhole packer are more complicated. Based on the packer structure and the environment the metal material exposes, this paper establishes proper numerical simulation model. And ANSYS software is utilized to carry out finite element analysis of built-up model to obtain stress distribution...
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Study on Decreasing Effect of Ascorbic Acid on Algae Killing Ability of UV

Jiang Jing
In this paper, the Nostoc 106 has been taken as the test algae and the antioxidant effect of ascorbic acid in the process of killing cyanobacteria by UV-C radiation has been discussed through employing the ascorbic acid as the experimental subject. At the same time, the resistance effect of ascorbic...
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Adsorption of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution with Double Layers Calcium-Iron-Alginate Gel Beads

Minhong Xu, Tuhua Zheng, Xuanru Li, Xiaonan Dong
single and double layer alginate calcium iron gel beads were prepared. The adsorption property of alginate calcium iron gel ball on Cr(VI) was studied, under the existence of Fe3+. The effects of the number of layers and the sequence of Fe3+ in gel ball on adsorption of Cr(VI) were discusses, and the...
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C, H, O, S, Pb Isotope Geochemistry and the Implications of Qixiashan Pb-Zn-Ag Polymetallic Deposit in Jiangsu Province

Mingchao Zhang, Yongsheng Li, Xiaofei Yu, Wenbin Jia
Qixiashan Pb-Zn-Ag polymetallic deposit in Jiangsu Province is located in the Yangtze continental block-the Lower Yangtze block zone-central of the Lower Yangtze foreland basin, and is a large polymetallic deposit dominated by Pb and Zn. We have carried out the C and O isotope tests of calcite at the...
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The Factor Analysis of PM2.5 Calculating and Source Structure in Jiangsu Province

Guo-mao Wang, Wei Li, Zhi Li
PM2.5 have got people's attention nowadays, people’s concentration about air quality have reached a very high level. In this paper ,we take Jiangsu Province for an example.Selecting the PM2.5 data and economic indicators for each city in a time period to analyze the relation between PM2.5 and GDP ,industrial...
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Hydrothermal Synthesis of Copper Hydroxyphosphate Hierarchical Superstructures and Its Photocatalysis Activity in UV Light

Lei Ji, Ruimin Yu
Copper hydroxyphosphate (Cu2(OH)PO4) with uniform 3D flower-shaped microsphere hierarchical superstructure was successfully synthesized through a template-free hydrothermal route with ammonia as alkali and complexing agent. This approach provides a facile strategy to synthesize copper hydroxyphosphate...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticulate CeVO4 by Ultrasound Method and its Photocatalytic Activity

Yi Zheng, Jiqi Jiang, Qian Yang, Peisong Tang
A simple and efficient method has been established for the synthesis of cerium orthovanadate (CeVO4) nanoparticles without the use of any catalysts or templates. Using Ce(NO3)3•6H2O and NH4VO3 as main material, the CeVO4 nanoparticles were synthesized by ultrasound method at 60°C and different pH conditions,...
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A Modified Gauss Plume Model for Drawing the Distribution of PM2.5

Mengshuo Jia
At present, the broadcast of PM2.5 can’t be accurate to all the spot of the city. This paper discusses a new method to draw the distribution of PM2.5 of a city by using mass data provided by the monitoring stations, which can be accurate to all the spot. In order to solve the problem efficiently, we...
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The Mechanical Properties and Wearability of the Jacquard Fabrics with Differential Density for Tents

Baoqing Yang, Yi Qin, Jinming Zhang, Zhihua Luo
The mechanical, wear-resisting properties and air permeability of a kind of novel jacquard fabrics with differential warp density for tents were studied. The results showed that the strength of the filament and warp density took a great role on the broken strength of the fabric and the order of tensile...
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Recovery of Alumina from Electroslag-Remelting of Ti-Bearing Blast Furnace Slag

Songli Liu, Li Cao, Kuisong Zhu, Junyi Xiang, Pan Huang
The recovery of alumina from electroslag-remelting of Ti-bearing blast furnace slag has been investigated by Bayer process, XRD methods. The effects of NaOH concentration , ratio of liquid to solid, leaching time and temperature, particle size, precipitating time and temperature, calcining temperature...
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Survey of Estrogenic Activity of Organic Extracts from Water Body from Jilin City Reach of the Second Songhua River

Hongyan Wang, Yanli Xi, Jing Zhang, Shuguang Jin
Objective: To survey estrogenic activity of Environmental estrogens (EEs) pollution in Songhua River water of the second Songhua River.Methods: human breast cancer MCF-7 cell proliferation experiment were used to detect estrogenic activity of organic extracts of organic extracts from water body. Results...
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Oxidative Damage and Reproductive Toxicity of Organic Extracts of Jilin City Reach of the Second Songhua River on Male Rats

Shuguang Jin, Yanli Xi, Weiqi Sun, Hongyan Wang
Objective: To evaluate the potential hazards of organic pollutants in Jilin City Reach of the second Songhua River. Methods: organic pollutants of water was concentrated and tested by vivo experiments on rats. Results : Testis organ coefficient decreased and sperm deformity rate increased with the increase...
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Effect of Torrefaction Temperature on Biomass Pyrolysis Using TGA and Py-GC/MS

Dengyu Chen, Hongru Zhang, Dong Liu, Yong Chen
The effects of torrefaction on the pyrolysis of corn stalk were investigated using a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) and a pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS). The results showed that with increasing torrefaction temperature, the volatile matter and oxygen content decreased, while...
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New Brønsted-Acidic Ionic Liquids Based on 8-hydroxyquinoline Cation as Catalysts for the Esterification Reaction of n-hexylic acid

Lincai Peng, Lingxiang Pu, Chen Chen, Shun Yao, Tian Yao, Hang Song
Five new acidic ionic liquids were firstly synthesized from 8-hydroxyquinoline and five kinds of acid such as H2PO4, H2SO4, CH3SO3H, TSOH, HBF4 by one-pot method. The structures of the synthesized compounds were characterized by 1H NMR, IR and MS. Acidities of the ILs was determined by Hammett acidity...
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Adsorption of Ionic Liquids from Cellulosic Hydrolysate by Ion-exchange Resin

Haoran Wu, Shun Yao, Yan Wang, Hang Song
Ionic liquids (ILs) have got wide applications as solvent or catalyst for the conversion of saccharides into valuable chemicals due to their fascinating properties. However, some ILs inevitably occur in separation difficulty from products in aqueous samples since they do have notable solubility in water....
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Study on the Isomerization Reaction of Turpentine Oil Catalyzed by the Acid-treated HangJin 2# Clay

Jie Zhang, Guanghua Shen, Wanzhuang Mai, Bing Liang, Xiangying Hao, Zhiwei Li, Shunhua Li, Ming Zhang
In order to reduce costs and improve the activity of catalyst in turpentine oil isomerization reaction, two solid acid catalysts (b and c) were prepared by using sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid treated HangJin 2# clay (a), respectively. On the basis of sulfuric acid-treated HangJin 2# clay (b) as...
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Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Prevulcanized Natural Rubber Latex/Chitosan/Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) Blends

Guang Lu, Heping Yu, Yongzhou Wang, Yongyue Luo, Zongqiang Zeng
In order to obtain natural rubber (NR) latex-based biomaterial, the NR latex concentrate was prepared into prevulcanized natural rubber latex (SNRL) and then blended with a water dispersion of chitosan (CS) and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) together, with the total amount of CS and PHB is of 1, 3, 5,...
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Combined Effect of Plantaricin BM-1 and Refrigeration Storage to Control Listeria Monocytogenes Inoculated in Brined Cooked Ham

Huimin Zhou, Yuanhong Xie,, Hongxing Zhang, Huixia Duan, Shan Shi, Yue Sun, Hui Liu
The effect of plantaricin BM-1 on the behavior of Listeria Monocytogenes in sliced brined cooked ham during refrigerated storage (4°Cand 9°C) was assessed. The combination of low storage temperature (4°C) and plantaricin can significantly reduced viable counts of L. Monocytogenes during storage (P
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Optimization and Application of Flue Gas Denitrification Control for Thermal Power Units Based on Internal Model Control

Song Gao, Bo Gao, Xiangkun Pang, Xiangrong Meng
The flue gas emissions of thermal power units are widely concerned because of the increasingly strict environment protection requirements. This paper aims at the optimization of flue gas denitrification control for thermal power units. The research introduces the selective catalytic reduction flue gas...
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Overexpression of the Tryptophan Cluster in Corynebacterium Glutamicum

Hansong Yu, Xiaodi Liu, Jiahuan Liu,, Yuhua Wang, Yaohui Hu
Extract the total DNA of HYHI, Trp cluster were cloned by PCR according to the DNA of HYHI, the length is 7100bp. Then the gene was connect to the expression vector pZ8-1, recombinant plasmid pZ8-1-Trp cluster was obtained. The plasmid was transferred to HYHI. The positive bacteria were induced by IPTG...
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A Novel Analyzing Method to Coal Mine Image Restoration

Changchun Shang
In order to solve the phenomena that harsh coal mine environment will lead to coal mine monitoring image degradation, a K-fold Cross-Validation image restoration algorithm BP neural network was proposed. Firstly, the images will be blurred by Gaussian white noise. Then, the blurred image and original...
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The Experimental Study on Thermal Stability of Aqueous Surfactant Solution

Xinnan Song, Yu Wang
Based on the determination of the equilibrium surface tension for anionic surfactant SDS and non-ionic surfactant TrionX-100 and TrionX-114 under different concentrations, the two surfactant continuous boiling test and the SDS for the hydrolysis tests were carried out. Objective is to analyse the variation...
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Pretreatment of rapid detection of veterinary drug residue in eggs

Xin Wang, Qigen Tong
Eggs in the standard method for rapid detection of veterinary drug residue has not been formed, therefore, it is necessary to explore a rapid, highly effective, the total amount and qualitative method of rapid detection of antibiotic residues in eggs. Many different kinds of veterinary drugs on the market,...
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Application Prospects for Harmless Treatments of Oily Sludge in Changqing Oilfield

Chunmei Xu, Weiyu Bi, Xiaorong Li, Haien Yang, Fangfang Xue, Ping Yi
Treatment of oily sludge in Changqing oilfield, originating from producer/injector well field and settling tanks of united stations, has ever been an obsession in the development of oilfield for environmental concerns. In this article, some merits of oily sludge, including salinity-resistance, shearing-resistance...
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Study on the Electrochemical Oxidation Treatment of Coking Wastewater by DSA Anode

Qiyuan Gu, Jin Zheng
Commercial DSA anode was employed for electrochemical oxidation treatment of coking wastewater, and the effect of electrolytes, working potential, and ultraviolet irradiation were examined. An effective removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD), thiocyanate (SCN–), volatile phenol and total nitrogen (TN)...
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Characterization of DAHP Synthase L183Q Mutation Comparison to Wild One by Prokaryotic Expression System

Hansong Yu, Tian Hao, Yuhua Wang, Chunhong Piao, Junmei Liu, Yaohui Hu
The prokaryotic expression system was employed in order to compare the catalytic properties of L183Q mutation and wild DAHP synthase enzyme. The gene of L183Q mutation and wild DAHP synthase enzyme was cloned and expressed by pET vector system and BL21. The specific activity of the two recombinant...
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Numerical and Experimental Study on the Multiphase Flow in Gas-Carried Powder Injection Desulphurization Processes

Shiyao Lin, Han Chen, De Xie
Injection of gas-carried powders by an immersed lance is among the most popular desulphurization methods in many metallurgical processes. This paper proposes a CFD algorithm to simulate the transient multiphase flow in the powder injection process, using the volume of fluid (VOF) method to calculate...
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Chiral Separation of R,S Clopidogrel with Monolithic Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Zhiwei Li, Yanling Gao, Jin Xia, Qingguo He
A monolithic column of molecularly imprinted polymer was prepared by an in situ polymerization method with a compound clopidogrel as the template. The molecular recognition capabilities of the prepared monolithic MIP were evaluated by separating the enantiomers. The characteristics of the column and...
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Experimental Research for Chemical Flooding of Heavy Oil

Yanfu Pi, Quanzhi Li, Yingjie Liu, Xiaofang Yang
Polymer flooding has already been the preferred development mode for the efficient development in offshore, aim at the conditions of the reservoirs in offshore, this paper has used two-dimensional physical model to conduct three tube parallel experiments to study the displacement efficiency of water...
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Optimization of Slug and Concentration for Polymer Surfactant

Yanfu Pi, Ya Gong, Quanzhi Li, Xiaofang Yang
By comparing the oil displacement experiment of Huading I and Haibo BI polymer surfactant based on the actual the situation of reservoir in Daqing oil field in this paper, the displacement efficiency for two kinds of polymer surfactant in different concentration and different slug were compared. In the...
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Photosynthesis and Productivity of Cyperus rotundus and Setaria viridis in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area: An Empirical Study

Jiang’en Shen, Fangqing Chen
Objective: To find adaptation strategies of a perennial herb Cyperus rotundus and an annual herb Setaria viridis, and evaluate their ability for the ecological restoration in the hydro-fluctuation belt in the Three Gorges reservoir area (TGR). Methods: An empirical study of photosynthesis and productivity...
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Study of Growth Rhythm of Non-Energy-Plant Stevia Rebaudiana Hemsl in Seedling-Growing Stage in Hexi Region, Gansu Province

Hongyi Sun, Haitao Dong
In this paper, seedling of non-energy-plant Stevia rebaudiana Hemsl in greenhouse is designed as the research subject. After its plant height, fresh weight, root length, leaf number, soil moisture content and other indexes are measured, seedling Stevia is found in germination period, slow growing period...
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Nutrient Removal from Modeling Effluent of Secondary Treatment Process by Unvegetated Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands

You Lv, Bin Zhou, Hong-jie Wang
Two types of unvegetated vertical flow constructed wetlands (UVFCWs) with zeolite and volcanic rock as composite substrates were constructed and the treatment performance for nutrient removal from modeling effluent of secondary treatment process was evaluated. The concentration of COD, NH4+-N, NO3--N,...
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Hg Geochemical Character on Soil of Xianling of Ming Dynasty

Li Guo, Chuxin Che, Changshun Ding, Jinbo Lv
we investigated characteristics of soil Hg,soil gas Hg and atmospheric Hg on tomb of Ming Xianling. Xianling is the tomb of the fourth emperor Zhu Gaochi of the Ming Dynasty.Soil samples were collected for determination of mercury. Soil gas Hg and atmospheric Hg is analysed on high mercury anomalous...
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A Review: Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Technology and Research in China

Xin Li, Guoyi Li
The origin and character of pharmaceutical wastewater were summarized in this paper. And some popular disposal technologies used in wastewater treatment of pharmacies were introduced, such as physicochemical disposal process, bio-chemical disposal process and process of deeply oxidation at elevated temperature....
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The Key Problem and Solution of Medical Waste High-temperature Steam Treatment

Hongjun Teng, Zhenbo Bao, Dengchao Jin, Yang Li
Medical waste is directly or indirectly infectious, toxic and other hazardous waste, and high-temperature steam sterilization is a widely used non-incineration technology for centralized treatment medical waste. Basing on the analysis of flow chart of medical waste high-temperature steam treatment, the...
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Ganoderic Acid Accumulation and Biosynthetic Gene Expression during Fruiting Body Development in Ganoderma lucidum

Zhao-Rui Feng, Huan-Jun Li, Jun-Wei Xu
Objective: This work aimed to investigate the accumulation of total triterpenoids, individual ganoderic acid (GA) content and expression of four important biosynthetic genes during fruiting body development in Ganoderma lucidum. Methods: Individual GA content was determined by high performance liquid...
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The Development and Operation of Offshore Wind Farms in China

Feng-hui Yang, Xiang-feng Zhang, Shu-ting Chen, Zhi-jie Wang
Wind power is one of the clean energy that has been developed rapidly in China recently. Offshore wind power is paid high attention all over the world for its advantages of less occupation of land, high consumption hours, and rich resources. The authors discuss the offshore wind resources in the coastal...
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Research and Application of Control Strategy Based on Low Nitrogen Combustion

Jun Li, Weiwei Li
The mechanism of NOx formation, NOx control methods and low nitrogen combustion technologies is to be introduced. Optimization methods such as the optimum excess air coefficient adjustment test, the combination of unit load and burner, secondary air distribution mode have been proposed. Actual operating...
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Analysis of Plans for Rainwater Reuse in a Residential Area in Jiangsu, China

Shucong Zhen, Yong Xun, Simin Xu, Yougxin Zhou
To make full use of rainwater resources, and to reduce the environmental stress brought about by rainwater drainage, rainwater sampled in a residential area in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province was treated by four processes: rainwater sand filtration disinfection discharge; rainwater coagulation sedimentation...
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The Biological Purification Project Practice of the Sewage Treatment Station’s Odor

Feng Yu, Hongqi Zhu, Yanjun Yin
Secondary pollution, caused by the stench gas from the sewage treatment plant (station), has become one of the key environmental petition complaint. In this paper, the impact of malodorous gases Harbin Brewery (Shenyang) Co., sewage treatment station for residents, set design and construction of washing...
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Study on Two-Phase Flow and Temperature Characteristics of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Hongrong Xia, Wei Yuan, Zhaochun Zhang, Aoyu Wang
Visualization study of two-phase flow in serpentine anode flow field of a liquid-feed direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) was performed, and also the internal temperature characteristics of the flow in the DMFC have been studied in order to investigate the effect of important operating parameters. The results...
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Tangyin Rift Tectonic Evolution and Paleozoic Thermal Storage Genetic Mechanism

Yan Ge, Xin Du, Xianguo Wang, Wenjuan Wang
Late Proterozoic, Luliang movement made vast areas of North China into the sector development period. Early Cambrian, North China block sank as a whole, depositing a 500 to 1400 meters stable carbonate sedimentary rocks. Jurassic - Cretaceous, Tangxi fracture and Tangdong fracture started to move, Tangyin...
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Detailing of the Igneous Rock Lithology in Wells – Logging Data from the Carboniferous, West Junggar Basin, China

Kun Wang, Suyun Hu, Kui Ma, Cheng Qin
The carboniferous igneous rock in the west Junggar Basin mainly composed of tuff, andesite, basalt and volcanic breccia is very hard to exactly distinguish via geological logging. Based on logging data coupled with cores, logging cross plot, imaging logging and fisher discriminant was used to identify...
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Highway Reclamation Using Native Grass Sod for Sediment Control and Aesthetic Enhancement

Jing Gong, Zhipeng Li, Ming Huang, Ye Li
This research project will attempt to combine the quick establishment and soil reinforcing properties of sod with the long-term benefits of using native plants. It builds on research by Dollhopf and other scientists in the Land Resources and Environmental Services Department and the Plant Sciences and...
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Geological Application of HySpex Ground Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Gold and Uranium Ore Deposits

Yu Sun, Yingjun Zhao, Kai Qin, Jiangtao Nie, Haobo Li
Hyperspectral remote sensing is a frontier field of remote sensing due to its advantage of object recognition based on spectral characteristics. This study carried out geological application of HySpex ground-based hyperspectral data at scales of both alteration belt in the Asiha gold district of Qinghai...
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A Study on Impacts of Distributed Generation Voltage in Distribution Network System

Wei Song, Xiaolong Liu, Xinghua Zhou, Hongting Zhou
Distributed generator is often associated with the existing distribution network system, the study of the impact of the distributed generation on original distribution network system is very important for the development of the smart grid. The study on the voltage can contribute to the safety, reliability...
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The Development Planning Scheme of the Transmission Lines Based on LCC

Yan Xu, Cheng Chi
Life Cycle Cost Management is a quantitative analysis method. During the grid operation, load growth causing reduced reliability phenomenon such as some lines overloads, electric power enterprises to re-plan and transformate transmission line to ensure the reliability. In this context, in order to reduce...
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The Research of Displacement Efficiency for Binary Combination Flooding in Offshore Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Yingjie Liu, Yanfu Pi
Aim at the reservoirs condition of high porosity, high permeability, high viscosity of crude oil in the offshore oilfield, this paper used two-dimensional heterogeneous physical model to conduct laboratory displacement experiments which contain water flooding, polymer flooding and binary combination...
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Experimental Study on Saturation Distribution of Heterogeneous Reservoir

Yanfu Pi, Xiaosai Guo, Jing Wang, Yongcun Jia
Polymer flooding has a large-scale promotion in Daqing oilfield, this paper prepared two-dimensional heterogeneous model according to the typical reservoir in Daqing oilfield and did the experiments of water flooding and polymer flooding with the method of three tubes parallel, monitored the oil saturation...
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Temporal Variation of Leucaena Leucocephala Seedlings in Soil Conservation and Slope Protection

Ling Bai, Fangqing Chen, Yu Huang
Leucaena leucocephala has been widely used in the ecological restoration and protection of engineering slopes in southwest hydropower projects. It is one of the key issues in slope ecological restoration that how to determine seeding age for transplantation. The erosion resistance, scour resistance,...
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Experimental Contrast of the Effective Viscosity Determination Methods of Binary Flooding System

Li Liu, Yanfu Pi, Nan Chen, Xue Wan
For the development of oil and gas field, the effective viscosity determination of the viscoelastic fluid is always the problem of chemical flooding and there are technical problems to verify difficultly. The common methods include bulk phase viscosity method, the rheological curve method, and the drag...
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The Experimental Concentration Optimization of the Binary System of Oil Displacement in Offshore Oilfield

Li Liu, Xue Wan, Nan Chen, Yanfu Pi, Yu Wang
In view of the formation characteristics as the high viscosity and the high permeability of offshore heavy oil reservoir, simulation of artificial core was developed. The indoor physical simulation experiments under the offshore oil field reservoir conditions were conducted. The effective viscosity of...
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Sliding Distance Prediction of Loess Landslide based on the Discrete Element Method

Yazhe Li, Wengui Tang
The sliding distance is the most critical risk factors in landslide disasters, and many factors affects landslide sliding distance. In order to investigate the influence of various factors on the landslide sliding distance, take the loess landslides on south of Jing he River in Xi'an as the study area,...