Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

1206 authors
Cui, Wei-Min
the Contact Reliability Analysis of Gear Rack Based on the Kriging and RSM Method
Cui, Xiaozi
Research on Development of Smart Grid in Regional Electricity Market
Cui, Xiaozi
Research on Smart Grid Load Forecasting Platform Based on Cloud Computing
Cui, Xiaozi
Short-term Load Forecasting Based on VPSO-Elman Neural Network
Cui, Xingpan
Delay Induced Regular Spike Synchronization in Two Coupled Chaotic Light-Emitting Diode Systems
Cui, Zeyu
Wind and Photovoltaic Power Ratio Model in Hybrid Wind and Photovoltaic Power Module Applied to Online Monitoring System for Transmission Line
Dai, Qi-hua
Modified Genetic Algorithm Based Method on Low-Power Mapping in Network-on-chip
Deligeer, Deligeer
Construction and Evaluation of the index system for National Garden City
Deligeer, Deligeer
Evaluation and case analysis of ecological garden city index
Deng, Changhong
The impact of distributed photovoltaic on the distributed network
Deng, Changhong
Study on Operating Characteristics of PV Power System Based on PV Power Station Integration Standards
Deng, Min
A Multi-restrained Terminal-controlled Access Network Selection Strategy
Deng, Nianchun
Application On the Judgment of the Damage Position In the Bridge based Frequency Response Function
Deng, Nianchun
Development of Intelligent Module About Integrated Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Processing for the Bridge Structure
Deng, W.
Co-simulation of Stabilization Accuracy Optimization of Overhead Weapon Station
Deng, YanNi
K-means Algorithm Based on Fitting Function
Deng, Zhibing
The Research to Service Robot Localization of Inversion GPS in the Spherical Coordinates
Deng, Zhongliang
Improved Channel Decoding for GPS CNAV Message Based on Characteristic Information
Deng, Zhongliang
Research of Differential Pressure Altimetry in Location Based Services
Deng, Zhongliang
The Designation and Application of a Load Balancing Strategy Used For Session Persistence Based on Dynamic Message Queue
Deng, Zhongliang
A Method of Map Matching based on Particle Filter in Indoor Positioning
Di, Q.T.
Electrowetting display pixels fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Di, Wei Ya
The comparison of bullwhip effect between AR(1) and ARMA(1,1) demand in supply chain
Di, Weisong
Application of GPRS In The Remote Monitoring of the Greenhouse
Di, Yu-xian
Analysis on Galloping of iced conductor of Transmission Tower-line System
Ding, Hongchang
The research on OCT deep cavity three-dimensional morphology of application of endoscopic
Ding, Liming
The Correlation between Lawrence Modernist Poetry and Impressionism Painting
Ding, Song
Overview on Hybrid Wind-Wave Energy Systems
Ding, Yuanming
The Research of Vibration Signal De-noising Method Based on LMD and Wavelet De-noise
Dong, Aihua
Application of least square curve fitting algorithm based on LabVIEW in pressure detection system
Dong, Chunhua
Network Intrusion Detection Using Support Vector Machine Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Dong, Lihua
Numerical analysis and optimization of the flow field in a new photocatalytic reactor for air treatment
Dong, Liping
Design and Implementation of Solar Tracking System
Dong, Yuhua
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Medicine-taking System
Dong, Yun
The Design Research of Improving Safety Facility Based on User Experience: a Case Study of Fire Extinguisher Box
Dong, Zhe
Study on Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Epoxy Asphalt
Dong, ZhiHong
Design of Adaptive RFID Reader based on DDS and RC522
Dong Liu, Deng
Design and application of micro-learning video in flipped classroom
Dou, Jianhua
Design of UPS Inverter Control System Based on DSP
Dou, Jianhua
Communication of double TMS320F28335 DSP Based on McBSP
Dou, Xinhua
Non-local mean value image de-noising algorithm based on self-adaption
Du, Hanlei
Public Flue Smoke Treatment Unit in Residential Building Based on Internet of Things
Du, Jianqiang
Architecture of a Multiple Channel Blood Pressure Signal Transmitting Based on Bluetooth Technology
Du, Kun
Synthesis of Pyromellitic Dianhydride (PMDA) and Tetraoctyl Pyromellitate (TOPM) by Alkali Oxygen Oxidation of Anthraeite and Esterification of PMDA with Isooctyl Alcohol
Du, Lin
A Survey of Internet Data Mining Technologies Based on Machine Learning
Du, Minxian
Du, Qinjun
Three dimension object location based on visual serving
Du, Yuyue
The Scheduling of quay cranes and truck in Container Port——A Simulation-based method
Duan, Fangfang
Research of State for Warning Method under Power System Peak Load Mode
Duan, Fangfang
Research of Smart Power Utilization Service System Based on IoT
Duan, Fangfang
The Design of Smart Meter with Power Quality Monitoring
Duan, Pengfei
Simulation Optimization Design on Vehicle Disk Brake
Fan, Bing
Air Quality Index Monitoring System Based on Flow Point of BD
Fan, Binwen
The Improvement and Implementation of Speech Enhancement Based on Mel frequency Wiener Filtering
Fan, Chao
The Application of Fuzzy Control in Progress Control of Project
Fan, Chia-Ming
Local Radial Basis Function Collocation Method for Numerical Solutions of Sloshing Phenomenon
Fan, Liyong
Environmental Risk Assessment of Enterprises from Key Industries in Tianjin Binhai New District
Fan, Xiuying
The Research of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Fusion Evaluation Method Based on Structure Similarity
Fan, Yi
Research on British and American Culture Introduction in College English Teaching
Fan, Youhua
Influence of Thermal Modification on Performance of Plantation Poplar Wood
Fan, Zheming
A Self-testing Approach Defending against Rogue Base Station Hijacking of Intelligent Terminal
Fan, Zhifang
Synthesis of Pyromellitic Dianhydride (PMDA) and Tetraoctyl Pyromellitate (TOPM) by Alkali Oxygen Oxidation of Anthraeite and Esterification of PMDA with Isooctyl Alcohol
Fang, Hui
Research on Network Security of Electric Power Dispatching Automation
Fang, Hui
The Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Station on the Grid
Fang, Hui
Research on Methods of Electricity Surveillance
Fang, Hui
Research on Optimal Operation of Electrical Power System
Fang, Yeqing
A Method of Map Matching based on Particle Filter in Indoor Positioning
Fei, Wei
An Improved Routing Algorithm in OSPF for Energy Saving
Feng, Hao
A Multi-restrained Terminal-controlled Access Network Selection Strategy
Feng, Hui
One pot synthesis , characterization and mechanism of zinc glycinate monohydrate
Feng, Yanpeng
Failure Analysis of Internal Combustion Exhaust Valve
Feng, Yue
Detection and demodulation of non-cooperative burst signal
Fu, Chao
Research on Mathematical Model of Anti-twist Braided Wire Rope
Fu, Chunjiang
An improved active learning method based on feature selection
Fu, Gang
Research on WVD of PCM/FM demodulation method
Fu, Gang
Design of the acquisition system of Spread-spectrum TT&C signal
Fu, Qian
An Automatic Method to detect defects for Solid Rocket Motor
Fu, Zhi Qiu
Numerical simulation of the influence of a internally suction type air curtain to refrigerated truck’s heat preservation performance
Gao, Bo
Application of SAM for engine cooling system
Gao, Fei
On the Design and Implementation of a Tailored DHCP Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks based on FreeOS
Gao, Feng-Jie
Adaptive Sliding Mode Control with Backstepping Approach for a Moving Mass Hypersonic Spinning Missile
Gao, Hongtao
Motion Analysis and Power Responses of a Single-buoy Wave Energy Converter Consisting of Double Hydraulic Cylinders
Gao, Jian
The Design of Automatic Circulating Temperature Control System of SCM-based Greenhouse
Gao, Min
Research on Trajectory Scheme with Large Impact Angle for Fire-and-Forget Anti-Tank Missiles
Gao, Ming-zhong
The effect of the roadway excavation disturbance by spacing between deep adjacent tunnels
Gao, Qing
Forecast for Full Life Cycle of Technical Renovation of Power Grid Based on Support Vector Machine
Gao, Ruiling
Study on anaerobic co-digestion of cow manure, maize straw and vegetable waste
Gao, Si
Synthesis of 7-(benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline
Gao, Ting
Uses of WorldView-2 Multispectral Data in Extracting Potential Iron Mineralization Zones
Gao, Yuan
Video moving target binary image processing method based on OTSU
Gao, Yunli
Real Estate Prices Affecting Factors based on Grey Relational Analysis
Gao, Yuqin
Research on Mechanical Properties of Cement-gravel Core Material
Gao, Zhi
The research of Medical Compression Stockings equipment based on 3D scanner
Gao, Zhifu
A Forest Fire Warning Method Based on Fire Dangerous Rating
Gao, Zhilong
Research and Development of On-line Monitoring System for HV Overhead Transmission Lines
Ge, Andong
Study on Treatment of Anaerobic Fermentation Liquid by A2N Denitrification and Phosphorus Removal System
Ge, Bing
Mixing Enhancement of Opposed Quench Jets in a RQL Combustor
Ge, Le
Research on Data Synchronization Mechanism for Distributed System
Geng, Liqing
Research on Home Appliance Control System based on Brain-Computer Interface
Gong, Chiheng
Power Flow Controller for The Meshed DC Grids