Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

1206 authors
Ji, Yongbin
Mixing Enhancement of Opposed Quench Jets in a RQL Combustor
Jia, Kai
Research on 3D Simulation System and Algorithm for Robot Teleoperation
Jia, Lianqin
Attack characteristic detection for large scale network based on collaborative planning
Jia, Mengqing
Design of Electric Power Dispatching Management System based on Data Mining
Jia, Mengqing
Risks Management for Warning of Power Grid
Jia, Xian-Zhao
Research and development of equipment management information system in rubber manufacturing enterprises based on BPR
Jia, Xiaolong
Research on Home Appliance Control System based on Brain-Computer Interface
Jia, Yunxiang
Design of the acquisition system of Spread-spectrum TT&C signal
Jia, Yunxiang
Design of antenna control system P-Fuzzy-PI controller
Jiang, Hua-dong
Mental Model of Top Management Team Dimensional Structure, Development Mechanism, Environment Construction
Jiang, J.C.
Accurate Human eye Positioning Based on the Geometrical Characteristics of eye and Brow
Jiang, Jianhua
Research on Negotiation based Bargaining Strategies in e-Commerce
Jiang, Lei
Real Estate Prices Affecting Factors based on Grey Relational Analysis
Jiang, Ming
An Improved Routing Algorithm in OSPF for Energy Saving
Jiang, Songtao
Target Tracking Based on Mean-shift and Kalman Filter
Jiang, Wei
Modeling on Energy Consumption of Cloud Computing Based on Data Center
Jiang, Wei
Adaptive System Based on DSP for Active Noise Control
Jiang, Wenqiang
Joint Slippage Model in Lattice Transmission Tower
Jiang, Wenqiang
Nonlinear Static Analysis of UHV Tower with Considering Joint Slippage
Jiang, Yi
A Multi-restrained Terminal-controlled Access Network Selection Strategy
Jiang, Yi
An efficient Join-Engine to the SQL query based on Hive with Hbase
Jiang, Youcai
Application of Microprocessor in the Testing
Jin, Herong
Research on Roller Straightening Process for Stainless Steel Clad Plate
Jin, Jianmin
Fragility analysis of existing precast industrial frames using CFRP reinforcement
Jin, Maozhu
Jin, Qiong
Study on Treatment of Anaerobic Fermentation Liquid by A2N Denitrification and Phosphorus Removal System
Jing, Lai-wang
The effect of the roadway excavation disturbance by spacing between deep adjacent tunnels
Kang, Fengjun
Securing Electronic Bidding System with Self-healing Broadcast Encryption Scheme
Kong, Longxing
A Method of Quantitation Evaluation and Calculation on Stereo Display Visual Comfort Based on Depth Matching Degree
Kong, Wenjun
The Influence of Characteristics of Thermodynamic Effect and Bulk Viscosity Effect on the Bubble Dynamics
Kong, Yujia
An EDC Information EDC Visualization System in the Clinical Trials
Kuang, Xiao-Hong
Conceptualizing Workflow in Dependable and Safe Cloud Computing
Kunihiko, Konno
Changes ofATP and ATP-related compounds contents and K value in Sebaste sthompsoni in different storage temperatures
Lai, Wei-Shiang
Local Radial Basis Function Collocation Method for Numerical Solutions of Sloshing Phenomenon
Lang, Weimin
Research on the Cloud Storage Security in Big Data Era
Lei, Fei
Synthesis of 2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino) phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitrile
Lei, Liying
Literature Review of Emerging Industry Research Status
Lei, Peng Ying
A new MAC protocol of UASN (RABIC-MAC) based on high efficiency, concurrent and bidirection
Lei, Tian
Several generation methods of multinomial distributed random number
Lei, Zhenglong
KAZE Algorithm Applied in Augmented Reality
Li, A.D.
Electrowetting display pixels fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Li, Biao
Motion Analysis and Power Responses of a Single-buoy Wave Energy Converter Consisting of Double Hydraulic Cylinders
Li, Bin
Research of State for Warning Method under Power System Peak Load Mode
Li, Bin
Research of Smart Power Utilization Service System Based on IoT
Li, Bin
The Design of Smart Meter with Power Quality Monitoring
Li, Bing
A Research on the Radar Anti-jamming Evaluation Index System
Li, Caifeng
Intelligent Network Monitoring System Based on Industrial Ethernet
Li, Changming
Improved Channel Decoding for GPS CNAV Message Based on Characteristic Information
Li, Cheng
Numerical Simulation of Biomass Gasification in a Fluidized Bed
Li, Chunguang
Failure Analysis of Internal Combustion Exhaust Valve
Li, Chunlin
Research and Simulation of Improved APIT Localization Algorithm Based On WSN
Li, Cong
Li, Dan
Novel Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on Fireflies
Li, DongXu
Modeling and Simulation of a Nonlinear Energy Harvester under Broadband Vibrations
Li, Gang
Effects of postcure temperature on mechanical properties of resin mineral composite for precision machine tool
Li, Guodong
Network Intrusion Detection Using Support Vector Machine Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Li, Haihong
The Research of Comprehensive Evaluation Method in the Application of Professional Courses
Li, Hua
Research on Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Grey Relation Degree
Li, Huacong
Aero-engine PID parameters Optimization based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Li, Hui
The surface adsorption for Be and Be/00Cr17Ni14Mo2 stainless steel welding joint by diffusion bonding
Li, Hui
Rapid synthesis determination of gold in gold jewelry alloys
Li, Hui
Accelerating Simulated Annealing Fractional Order Derivative Kelvin Creep Model of Artificial Frozen Soil
Li, Huilu
Study on preparing single–component flow–type EP underfill adhesive
Li, Huishan
Lump Sum Contracting Management Mode of Management Synergy Mechanism Model
Li, Huiyan
Small World Neural Network Based on FPGA
Li, Jianqiang
Uses of WorldView-2 Multispectral Data in Extracting Potential Iron Mineralization Zones
Li, Jiansheng
An Equipment Condition Warning Method Based on MEP in Smart Substation
Li, Jiemin
The Development Present and Trend of Intelligent Munitions
Li, Jieqiang
Improved Channel Decoding for GPS CNAV Message Based on Characteristic Information
Li, Jin-feng
Research on the effective detection method of specific data in large database
Li, Jing
Privacy preserving in un-trusted cloud environments for query shortest path
Li, Jing
Bi-level decision-making approach for planning electric power systems under stochastic-interval-parameter uncertainty
Li, Junhu
The Development Present and Trend of Intelligent Munitions
Li, Ke
Research of Smart Power Utilization Service System Based on IoT
Li, Ke
The Design of Smart Meter with Power Quality Monitoring
Li, Layuan
Research and Simulation of Improved APIT Localization Algorithm Based On WSN
Li, Li
A Study on the Mechanism of New Value Creation From the View of Entrepreneurial Mental Model Presencing
Li, Li
Rapid implementation method of ERP system for large-scale enterprises
Li, Li-Ping
Study on Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Epoxy Asphalt
Li, Lihua
Fuzzy sliding mode controller based on PSO algorithm design
Li, Ling
Sufficient and Comprehensive Measurement of Automobile Manufacturing Industry Performance Applying Bi-objective Super-efficiency DEA
Li, Lingfeng
Experiment Research of UHMWPE Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Triaxial Compression
Li, Lingling
Analysis on Side Slip Characteristics of Multi-axle Vehicle Tire
Li, Linxin
UAV based on RTK high precision inspection system
Li, Miaomiao
Discussion on Agricultural Cleaner Production
Li, Miaomiao
On the Popularization of Digital Network Language Laboratory
Li, Miaomiao
Discussion on the Network Teaching
Li, Miaomiao
On the Cultivation of Information Literacy of College Students Majoring in English
Li, Na
Research on Mechanical Properties of Cement-gravel Core Material
Li, Peifang
The electronic properties of Aurum-doped with both-edge narrow armchair graphene nanoribbons
Li, Peixiang
Optimization of Response Characteristics for Direct Feed Drive System with Partial Least Square model
Li, Peng
Phytorestoration of DDT-contaminated soil by pumpkin
Li, Ping
Modeling on Energy Consumption of Cloud Computing Based on Data Center
Li, Qianfeng
One pot synthesis , characterization and mechanism of zinc glycinate monohydrate
Li, Qianmu
An online weight-based clustering algorithm for faces selection
Li, Qingjun
Synthesis of 7-(benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline
Li, Rui
Study of gas supply way and velocity chosen during the process of MPCVD diamond
Li, S.
Infrared image edge detection applied research based on improved ant colony algorithm
Li, Shijuan
Improvement of Water Balance Model Based on Wireless Water Sensor
Li, Shuangchen
An Improved GM (1,1) Model on Initial Value and Its Application on Power Load Forecasting