Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

1206 authors
Li, Shuzhao
Design of the acquisition system of Spread-spectrum TT&C signal
Li, Shuzhao
Design of antenna control system P-Fuzzy-PI controller
Li, Shuzhe
Research on Assistant System of Electric Power Distribution Planning Based on GIS
Li, Siwei
Study on the Detection Method of Electromagnetic Wave Signal under Clutter Jamming
Li, Siwen
Phytorestoration of DDT-contaminated soil by pumpkin
Li, Song
A Novel 8T SRAM Cell with Improved Read and Write Margins
Li, Tiantian
Optimization of Response Characteristics for Direct Feed Drive System with Partial Least Square model
Li, Tingting
A Method of Wide-Band Signal DOA Estimation Based on Multi-Sensor Underwater Array
Li, Wei
Mean-risk model for portfolio selection with uncertain returns
Li, Wei-dong
Mental Model of Top Management Team Dimensional Structure, Development Mechanism, Environment Construction
Li, Weidong
A Study on the Mechanism of New Value Creation From the View of Entrepreneurial Mental Model Presencing
Li, Wenping
Research on Discipline Evaluation in Universities
Li, Xiang
Application On the Judgment of the Damage Position In the Bridge based Frequency Response Function
Li, Xiang
Development of Intelligent Module About Integrated Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Processing for the Bridge Structure
Li, Xianxiang
PV Module Modeling and Maximum Power Point Tracking Based on Asymmetric Fuzzy Control
Li, Xiao
Evaluation and Analysis on Carrying Capacity of Comprehensive Ecology in Cost Zone
Li, Xiao-xia
Research of the distributed power system dynamic voltage restorer simulation based on DSP
Li, XiaoJing
Study of gas supply way and velocity chosen during the process of MPCVD diamond
Li, Xiaopeng
Flipped learning convergence and innovation research based on task-driven teaching method---- A study of C programming course in medical colleges
Li, Xiaoyang
The Designation and Application of a Load Balancing Strategy Used For Session Persistence Based on Dynamic Message Queue
Li, Xiaoyi
Construction and counting of 2t+1 Steiner triple
Li, Xiaoyi
Construction and Enumeration of Different Configuration
Li, Xiaoyi
Different configurations of 25-order structure of Steiner triple systems of counting
Li, Xiquan
The Construction and Management System of Eco-clean Small Watershed in the Subtropical Zone
Li, XuHong
Approach Research on the Techniques for Network Intrusion Detection Based on Data Mining
Li, XuHong
Research and Analysis Approach on Wireless Sensor Network System Based on Internet of Things: A Review
Li, Xuedong
Quantitative inversion of sparse vegetation coverage in desertification area
Li, Y.G.
Modal Analysis and three-dimensional modeling of 100kW horizontal axis wind turbine blades
Li, Yan
Research on Multi-attribute Decision Making Model Based on Possible Regret Degree of Policy-maker
Li, Yan
Aeromagnetic and remote sensing interpretation and prospecting prediction of Xinjiang Pobei area
Li, Yang
Design of Adaptive RFID Reader based on DDS and RC522
Li, Yankun
ULDA algorithm used in the study of cancer diagnosis
Li, Yanping
Intelligent Network Monitoring System Based on Industrial Ethernet
Li, Yu
Synthesis of Pyromellitic Dianhydride (PMDA) and Tetraoctyl Pyromellitate (TOPM) by Alkali Oxygen Oxidation of Anthraeite and Esterification of PMDA with Isooctyl Alcohol
Li, Yuan-yuan
Construction and Evaluation of the index system for National Garden City
Li, Yuan-yuan
Evaluation and case analysis of ecological garden city index
Li, Yue
Table Recognition and Recovery in the Camera-Captured Image with Complex Background
Li, Zeng
The Application of Multi Materials in the Design of Ceramic Ware
Li, Zhanping
Research of the raise rent-seeking model based on electricity
Li, Zheliang
Research on Market Mode and Requirement of Reserve Ancillary Service for Interconnected Power System
Li, Zheliang
Research on Multi-Fault Phased Rush Repair Strategy of Distribution Networks
Li, Zhimin
Partial Discharges Behaviors of Internal Void in the Oil-Paper Insulation and its Effect on the Material
Li, Zifu
Study on anaerobic co-digestion of cow manure, maize straw and vegetable waste
Liang, B.W.
Co-simulation of Stabilization Accuracy Optimization of Overhead Weapon Station
Liang, Di
Desserts sales forecast based on the new information improved gray model
Liang, Di
Study on Optimization of Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Liang, Di
The Performance appraisal Research of Manufacturing Department Based on AHP
Liang, Di
Fuzzy Value Stream Map Analysis Technology in the Enterprise of Application Research
Liang, Hong
Research and Application of Online monitoring system in sewage treatment Based on Web Service
Liang, Jiarui
Multi-symplectic integration for the Camassa-Holm- equation
Liang, Jing Jing
Numerical simulation of the influence of a internally suction type air curtain to refrigerated truck’s heat preservation performance
Liang, Kai
Realization of Cross-platform Video and Audio Transmission Technology Based on HTML5
Liang, Sheng
Design and Performance Evaluation of QPSK Modulation and Demodulation in SS mode Based on Systemview
Liang, Sheng
Design and Simulation of Subsize BWG Feed Systemfor Shipborne TT&C Antenna
Liang, X.L.
Electrowetting display pixels fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Liang, Yanhong
Research on the Utilization of Small Stand-alone Wind Power Generation in Yunnan Mountainous Areas
Liang, Yijing
The Study about the Internal Financial Control of Power Enterprises under the ERP Environment
Liao, Jiefang
Numerical simulation and stability analysis of flow over a backward-facing step
Liao, Jinming
The Influence of Characteristics of Thermodynamic Effect and Bulk Viscosity Effect on the Bubble Dynamics
Liao, Liangcai
Research on the Algorithm of the Measurement Task Scheduling for the Space Launch Offshore Survey
Lie, Miao
The impact of distributed photovoltaic on the distributed network
Lin, Hai
A Scalable Method for a Particular Scheduling Problem Based on Boolean Satisfiability
Lin, Hai
An Improved Algorithm for Knowledge Compilation Using the Combination Rule
Lin, Hai
A Novel Approach for a Specific Optimization Problem in Compilers
Lin, Hai
Combining Nonmonotonic Inference and Case-Based Reasoning to Solve Practical Problems
Lin, Rudan
Flipped learning convergence and innovation research based on task-driven teaching method---- A study of C programming course in medical colleges
Lin, Shizhu
The Establishment of Green Construction Evaluation of Building Projects Based on Cloud Model
Lin, Xiankun
Optimization of Response Characteristics for Direct Feed Drive System with Partial Least Square model
Lin, Xin
Design of Simulation Experiment Platform for C2 System Agility
Lin, Y. S.
An intelligent medical guidance system based on multi-words TF-IDF algorithm
Lin, Zhiting
A Novel 8T SRAM Cell with Improved Read and Write Margins
Lin, Zhiyong
The Control Strategy of Soft Landing Trajectory of Lunar Craft
Liu, Baotong
Noise Reduction of Seismic Signal via Empirical Mode Decomposition
Liu, Bei
Delay Induced Regular Spike Synchronization in Two Coupled Chaotic Light-Emitting Diode Systems
Liu, Bin
Analysis on Galloping of iced conductor of Transmission Tower-line System
Liu, Bingzhan
Attack characteristic detection for large scale network based on collaborative planning
Liu, Chaoying
Neural Network Model and Control of GMAW Molten Pool Depth with Single-V Groove
Liu, Dongsheng
A Research on the Radar Anti-jamming Evaluation Index System
Liu, Feixia
Analysis and Optimization of the Performance of Rear-seat Female Occupant in Frontal Crash Based on Euro-NCAP
Liu, Guona
The Design Research of Improving Safety Facility Based on User Experience: a Case Study of Fire Extinguisher Box
Liu, Guoping
Simulation Analysis of Hypertension Patients’ Pulse Waveform Based on Cardiovascular Electrical Network Model
Liu, Guoping
Feature Selection of Combining Relieff and Rough Set for Syndrome Classification of Chronic Gastritis in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Liu, He
Research on Comprehensive Closing Protection for Capacitor based on ATP/EMTP
Liu, Hong-bing
Research and design of high precise adjustable power supply device
Liu, Hui
the Contact Reliability Analysis of Gear Rack Based on the Kriging and RSM Method
Liu, Hui
The impact of distributed photovoltaic on the distributed network
Liu, Hui
Study on Operating Characteristics of PV Power System Based on PV Power Station Integration Standards
Liu, HuiYong
The Study of Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Based on RX631
Liu, Huiya
Research on Home Appliance Control System based on Brain-Computer Interface
Liu, Jiaorao
An Improved Data Association Rules Mining Algorithm for Intelligent Health Surveillance
Liu, Jie
A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Seamless Steel Tube Order-grouping Problem
Liu, Jin-xiang
Integrative Construction of LeiZhou Peninsula Great Ecological Tourism Circle
Liu, Jingming
The Design Of Management System Of Micro Theater Chain
Liu, Jinyuan
Research on the Algorithm of the Measurement Task Scheduling for the Space Launch Offshore Survey
Liu, Jun
A new MAC protocol of UASN (RABIC-MAC) based on high efficiency, concurrent and bidirection
Liu, Li
Research on operation of new rural cooperative economic organizations in China
Liu, Li
Consideration of Internal Governance Structure of New Rural Cooperative Organization in China
Liu, Licheng
The Intensity of Electromagnetic Wave Detection Robot based on ARM
Liu, Liming
The Impact of Wind Power Development on Haze in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of China
Liu, Lin
Research on Smart Grid Load Forecasting Platform Based on Cloud Computing