Proceedings of the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference 'Anthropogenic Transformation of Geospace: Nature, Economy, Society' (ATG 2019)

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Developing Procedures to Assess Contractors at Various Stages of Cooperation

Turgaeva Aksana Albekovna, Azizova Esenia Anatolevna
State customer activities inevitably imply signing governmental contracts with companies of various types. Government contract making may result in certain risks and economic security threats for the state customer and it is of primary importance because its successful execution influences the budget...
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Estimation of Hydropower Plants Energy Characteristics Change Under the Influence of Climate Factors

Alexey Aleksandrovskii, Vladimir Klimenko, Ekaterina Fedotova, Alexei Tereshin, Roman Pugachev
The impact of climate change on operation of the largest Russian hydropower cascade was addressed. A coupled climate-hydropower simulation was fulfilled assuming a model of the cascade taking into account the real dynamics of the hydro-engineering system. An ensemble approach was applied to CMIP5 climate...
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Territorial Problems in Modern Rural Settlement of the Volgograd Region

Vladimir Alyaev
The article discusses the current problems of the territorial development of the rural settlement of the region. The authors considered the main approaches formed at the federal level to solve the problems of socio-economic development of the country and regions. The formation of strategic planning of...
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Emergencies Due to Improper Operation of Gas Stoves in Apartment Buildings and Their Prevention

Oleg Amcheslavsky, Nina Kolobanova, Galina Konovalova, Peter Kryukov, Igor Manuylenko
in various regions of the Russian Federation, accidental explosions of natural gas due to improper operation of gas stoves in apartment buildings with death or injury of people cause a wide public response. It is difficult to restore (dismantle) building structures damaged by natural gas explosion and,...
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Role of the Industry Import Substitution Strategy in the Country Economy

Nassyrova Anar, Niyazbekova Shakizada, Ilyas Akylbek, Zhanabayeva Zhanar Kairbekovna, Khassenova Kenzhegul, Tlessova Elvira Bulatovna
This study examines the import substitution strategy, a government strategy, focused on replacing agricultural or industrial imports to encourage local production. Import substitution is intended to create jobs, reduce demand for foreign currency, stimulate innovation, and ensure the country’s independence...
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Law Principles as a Means of Limiting Legal Discretion

Ekaterina Azarova
The abstract indicates a summary of the article and the main research results. The article reveals the concept content of “legal discretion”. Issues related to the law principles as a means of limiting legal discretion are considered. The law principles are one of the central categories in legal science....
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Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Mobile Sources in the Local Area

Liparit Badalyan, Alexey Lebedev, Vladimir Kurdyukov, Alla Ovcharenko, Darya Karakulkina
The excessive amounts of carbon dioxide produced in particular by mobile sources is a relevant problem for densely populated urban areas. The study represents the estimation of CO2 masses released by the motor vehicles in one of the Russian Federation regions – Nazran city and Nazran district of Ingush...
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Modeling of Destructions Overcoming in Transformations of Modern Ecoworld

Eleonora Barkova, Marina Ivleva, Olga Buzskaya, Marat Buzsky
Ecophilosophical model is justified as a methodology for overcoming modern destructive and anthropogenic disturbances in social life and nature. The relevance of the study is associated with the need for solving the problems of preservation and further development of life on Earth, interpreted in the...
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The Condition of Flora and Vegetation in the Disturbed Lands of the Eastern Fore-Caucasus (As Exemplified by the Kuma Region Landscapes)

V.N. Belous, A.V. Lykhvar, M.Kh. Alikhadzhiev, R.S. Erzhapova
A large proportion of the Lower Kuma region shows large scale negative changes due to uncontrolled grazing, which are characterized by the emergence of non-stable communities. They feature a poorer composition, a simpler structure and lower values of projective cover, medium height of grass stand, along...
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Legal Restrictions in Ecotourism

Yuri Bokov, Marina Davydova, Denis Abezin, Vladimir Zolotovskiy
The paper notes that ecotourism as “good” tourism can take place only in the presence of legal restrictions based on proper monitoring and assessment of the impact on the environment. The purpose of restrictions in ecological tourism is: to ensure the harmony of the relationship between man and nature;...
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External Debt Analysis and State of National Debt in the World Finance System

Konstantin Bunevich, Amanova Gulnara, Eleonora N Gavrilova, Niyazbekova Shakizada, Ivanova Olga, Varzin Vasiliy Vladimirovich
The national debt of Russia is considered in this study, the features of external debt in the world finance system are studied. The study identifies problems of international finance; determines the essence of external debt, reflects the historical characteristics of the theory of external debt development;...
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Public Policy Improvement in the Field of Environmental Security: Domestic and Foreign Practice

Marina Buyanova, Alla Kalinina, Irina Averina
The article analyzes the theoretical and practical background of the conception “environmental security”, as well as systematizes various approaches to its definition. The authors determine the structural elements and the functional purpose of this phenomenon. The empirical study of policy implementation...
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Ecologobiological Feature of Blood-Sucking Simuliidae Phenology

Andrey Denisov, Elena Ivantsova, Anna Kholodenko, Nikolay Onistratenko, Elena Zaliznyak
The researches give results on the ecology and phenology of the most basic and common types of blood-sucking midges of the Simuliidae family. This article shows dynamics of the species composition and average seasonal number of blood-sucking subfamily Simuliinae midges in water reservoirs of the Volgograd...
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Pan-Turkic Ergonyms as a Linguocultural and Sociocultural Phenomenon of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Alfis Gayazov, Gulfira Abdullina, Flyuza Fatkullina, Guzaliya Ilyasova
Many aspects of modern ergonomic space development in the Republic of Bashkortostan are still poorly studied. The study of linguistic landscape of the multiethnic region is one of the most important linguistic and socio-cultural phenomena which represents a means of visual communication. Research into...
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Nondrug Means of Health Improvement of Student Youth in Regions of High Anthropogenic Activity

Gennady Germanov, Oksana Shvachun, Olga Kuzmina, Nadezda Kazantseva, Anna Kolesnikova, Elena Prytkova
A human health is the basis of his life and a key factor determining the success in all spheres of human activities. Its level identifies the range of realization of the psychophysical potential of young people, which depends on the economic well-being and prosperity of the state, which are priorities...
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Mercury Content in Tissues of Amphibians of Northwest Russia (Vologda Region)

E.S. Ivanova, V.T. Komov, L.S. Khabarova, Y.G. Udodenko, D.E. Bazhenova, N.Ya. Poddubnaya, N.A. Bushmanova
The content of mercury in the tissues of amphibians from Northwest Russia (Vologda region) varies within 0.001 to 0.370 mg/kg wet weight. The average values of Hg content in the organs and tissues of studied amphibian species decrease in the order: liver > kidneys > heart > intestines > muscles > skin....
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Components of Anthropogenically Transformed Landscapes of South of Russia Interaction

Elena Ivantsova, Pavel Krylov, Valery Novochadov, Nikolay Onistratenko, Anna Matveeva
The objects of the study were the southern dry steppe and agricultural objects located within it with a spatial combination of agrobiocenosis and elements of anthropogenic impact on the territory of South of Russia. As a result of the research it was found that the intrusion impact on agrobiocenosis...
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Improvement of Degraded Pastures of Northwestern Caspian Areas

Elena Ivantsova, Raim Fayziev, Oleg Dordzhiev
Today, the area of open sands in Kalmykia is 126.2 thousand hectares according to the data of deciphering satellite images. Desertification creates many socio-economic and demographic problems not only in the areas of desertification, but also on adjacent lands. The ecological ties of desert and semi-desert...
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Floristic and Phytocenotic Richness of Urban Protected Natural Areas (Maximov’s Dacha, Sevastopol)

Ekaterina Kashirina, Elena Golubeva, Sergey Svirin, Natalya Lyamina
Phytodiversity of urban specially protected natural areas (SPNA) was studied using the city of Sevastopol (Crimean Peninsula) as a case study with specific focus on the Maximov’s Dacha Natural Park (83.9 hectares) (SPNA) situated in the Khomutova ravine on the site of the former estate. The levels of...
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Geographic Information Mapping Methods in the Study of Floodplain Landscapes of the Great Don Bend

Natalya Khavanskaya
The article presents preliminary results of the analysis of the current state of floodplain landscapes. The starting materials of the study are publicly available digital data sources. These include the digital terrain model SRTM 1 arc-second; digital soil map of Russia on a scale of 1: 2 500 000; Landsat...
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International University Projects as Means of Developing Russian Ecological Education

Yuriy Kholopov, Elena Lukenyuk, Yuriy Khmelnitskiy, Inna Denisova, Bela Musatkina
The article applies to the necessity of organizing continuous ecological education of specialists of railway enterprises and students of transport universities in the field of environmental management and auditing. The article presents the results of training and the survey of pilot advanced training...
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Results of Nature Management in the Baikal Natural Territory

Sergey Kirillov, Mikhail Slipenchuk, Elena Vorobyevskaya
Assessment of environmental activities in the Baikal natural territory is an important direction of nature management rationalization in the region due to the high nature-oriented status of the territory as a World Heritage Site and the uniqueness of its natural, ecological, cultural and historical features....
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Assessment of the Ecological State of Volga–Akhtuba Floodplain Water Bodies Using Remote Sensing Methods

Anna Kochetkova, Margarita Postnova, Dmitry Bayran, Elena Bryzgalina, Alexey Bolkunov
Ecological condition of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain strongly depends on the set of hydraulic structures (the hydroelectric power station and the reservoirs located on the Volga river) that is an important problem today. The effects of a serious anthropogenic intervention into natural river regime manifest...
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Degradation of Landscapes of the Sarpinskaya Lowland

Irina Komarova, Elena Ivantsova
In current conditions, the territory of the Sarpinskaya lowland has clearly expressed degradation of vegetation, salinization and depletion of soils, as well as desertification. These processes are associated with an increase in anthropogenic load and are actively developing in the dry-steppe and semi-desert...
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Improving the Housing Policy of the Socio-economic Development of the Urban District of the Volgograd City

Sergey Korostin
Improving the housing policy of the socio-economic development of the urban district of Volgograd city requires the prompt introduction of significant changes that will help correct a long-term negative trend to reduce housing construction. Changes should stimulate the construction of individual low-rise...
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Assessment of the Ecological Condition of Landscapes of the Volgograd Trans-Volga Region

Alexander Koshelev, Natalya Tkachenko
the article analyses the main reasons for decrease in productivity and ecological stability of agricultural landscapes in the Volgograd Trans-Volga region: plowing of virgin lands, haphazard mode of pasture lands use, unsustainable agricultural land use, lack of forest reclamation measures. Authors define...
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Expanded Reproduction of Soil Fertility: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Zinaida Kozenko, Yuriy Kozenko, Murad Filin, Svetlana Zemlyanitsina, Andrey Denisov
The research aims at studying the expanded reproduction of soil fertility as the main factor of inclusive green economy adoption in agriculture. Ecological, economic, and social aspects of expanded reproduction of soil fertility are investigated from the viewpoint of the theory of reproduction, which...
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Vermicompost Production as a Means of Inclusive Green Economy Development in Rural Settlements

Konstantin Kozenko, Artem Medvedev, Lyudmila Medvedeva, Svetlana Zemlyanitsina, Olga Komarova
The article deals with the theoretical aspects of inclusive green economy and practical prospects for its elements’ introduction in rural areas of Russia. Discursive variety of interpretations of the green economy allowed identifying the green economy of rural areas with decoupling effect as elimination...
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Study of Artemisia annua Proteome for Presence of Metal-Dependent Proteins in Intrusion Zone to Agrobiocenosis

Pavel Krylov, Valery Novochadov, Alexey Surin
The article presents the results of study metal-dependent proteins comprised in Artemisia annua proteome in the intrusion territories adjacent to the artificial agrobiocenosis in Volgograd region. Using mass spectrometry we detected more than 2200 proteins, including 134 metal-dependent ones. One hundred...
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Ladies’ Opinion Study: The Influence of Retirement-Age Increase on Fertility in Russia*

Inna A. Kulkova, Valery I. Sharin
This article deals with the young women opinions about the possible impact of the retirement age raising in Russia on fertility. The aim of the research was to study the issue of how retirement time is taken into account while planning the children birth. It was hypothesized that, on the one hand, a...
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“Green” Investments—Between Necessity and Constraints

Vladimir Kurdyukov, Liparit Badalyan, Valentina Bakhtinova, Alla Ovcharenko
The economic consequences of environmental pollution affect negatively, in a large extent, the activity of economic agents. Perception of necessity to adjust to environmental constraints and transition to sustainable development have led to the adoption of environmentally-friendly behaviour and promotion...
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Interaction in the Development of Special Abilities of Students in a Continuity Multi-Level Educational Complex

Dmitry Vladimirovich Legenchuk, Mariam Ravilievna Arpentie, Raisa Ivanovna Hoteeva, Renata Raufovna Gasanova, Elena Anatolievna Bogomolova, Natalya Valentinovna Kuznetsova
The problem of the ecology of the educational process currently stands as the problem of such an organization and such training of specialists that would 1) correspond to the substantive features and processes of human development as a person, partner and professional; 2) corresponded to the requirements...
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Comparative Evaluation of Properties of Pectin Substances in Pomace of Grape Varieties for Development of Functional Foods

Natalia Limareva, Lyudmila Donchenko, Lyudmila Vlaschik
This article presents the results of comparative studies of analytical characteristics of pectin substances in grape pomace depending on the variety. Grape pomace is a wine making secondary raw material. Industrial grape varieties processed for wine production in the southern part of Russia were chosen...
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Criminal–Legal Means of Counterterrorism Need to be Improved

Lyubov Lobanova, Larisa Larionova, Alexey Rozhnov
The work aim is to assess the anti-terrorist component of the Russian criminal legislation from the position of its suitability for countering modern terrorism, and above all its manifestations such as a terrorist act and an act of international terrorism. The research relevance is determined by the...
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Onyms of Kursk City as Language Indices of Ethnocultural Landscape of Urban Space

Tatyana Moiseevna Malykhina, Lyudmila Ivanovna Larina, Alevtina Viktorovna Kuzmina, Lyudmila Emelyanovna Pisareva, Tatyana Vasilyevna Pravednikova
In this article we analyze significant onyms of Kursk city, indicating the sources of the formation of urban space in the diachronic aspect. We conduct an etymological analysis of some onyms with the help of which we can restore the cognitive processes caused by the peculiarities of the ethnic culture...
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Modeling of Multi-Agent Systems as a Tool for Assessing the Effectiveness of Legislative Acts (As Exemplified by Veterinary Legislation)

A. A. Mamedov, A. Yu. Kindaev, V. N. Batova, A.V. Moiseev
The main task necessary for maintenance of ensuring epizootic conditions as well as veterinary and sanitary wellbeing of the Russian Federation is improvement of legal regulation in the sphere of veterinary medicine, improvement of modern legal norms and rules in the sphere of veterinary activity. Considering...
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Analysis of the Principle of Multiagent System Functioning in Assessing the Effectiveness of Regulatory Legal Acts

A. A. Mamedov, A. Yu. Kindaev, V. N. Batova, A.V. Moiseev
Despite economic and legal measures that have been taken by the state in recent years, effective regulation of many economic processes is at the stage of formation. Absence of adequate economic policy and creation of balanced legislation regulating these processes impedes sustainable economic development...
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Role of Irrigation for Field Crops Entomocoenoses Stabilization in Irrigated Agricultural Landscapes of the Lower Volga Region

Viktor Melikhov, Olga Komarova, Alexey Novikov, Elena Ivantsova, Evgeny Komarov
the article presents materials of long-term studies (1988 – 2018) devoted to solving regulation issues of phytosanitary situation in irrigated agrocenoses. The paper outlines the results of studying species abundance and number of insects, patterns of their change under the influence of irrigation in...
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Ecological and Functional Zoning of the Urbanized Environment of Arid Territory as the Basis of Ecological Framework

Galina Nastinova, Elena Amikova
The study discusses the prospects of developing a strategy for greening the urbanized environment of the arid territory in the South European part of Russia using the example of Elista, the capital of the Kalmykia Republic. We present the main approaches to designing the ecological framework of an urban...
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Natural and Anthropogenic Factors Determining the Population Health of the Southern Federal District (Regional Aspect)

Galina Nastinova, Kermen Nastinova
The article presents rates of general morbidity and major noncommunicable diseases among the population of the Southern Federal District. It analyzes environmental factors that affect the population health of the district. It demonstrates that various natural and anthropogenic loads of the subjects of...
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Investment of Enterprises in the Development of Human Capital

Niyazbekova Shakizada, Madiyarova Diana, Saparova Botagoz, Shamisheva Nurgul, Rudyk Natalia, Kurmankulova Roza
In the context of fierce competition, the human capital development of enterprises is subject to economic transformation factors and becomes essential. The purpose of the article is to study countries and analyze the investment of enterprises in the development of human capital. The study examined the...
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Directions for Developing Industrial Bioconversion of Organic Waste in Russia

Alexey Novikov, Yuriy Kozenko, Zaydin Dzhambulatov, Tamila Ashurbekova, Konstantin Kozenko
This work’s purpose is to study the industrial composting of organic waste as an environment for the development of research and production cooperation. The problem of the organic waste processing of the agro-industrial complex and housing and public services is one of the key factors of environmental...
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Modeling and Forecasting the Phytocenosis Transformation Using the Tangential Photodocumentation

Valery Novochadov, Alexander Shiroky, Artyom Isakov
The work set its task to develop and verify a possibility to use in practice the method of remote analysis of phytocenoses based on tangential shooting in usual color format and as simple as possible transformation of the obtained digital information. We implemented this idea by developing a technique...
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Groundwater Formation and the Ecological State of Springs in the Central Part of the Volga-Don Interfluve

Ovcharova Anzhelika Yurievna, Loboiko Vladimir Filippovich, German Nadezhda Valeryevna, Loboiko Alexander Vladimirovich, Barkova Eleonora Vladilenovna
Groundwater plays a vital role in the development of the Central part of the Volga-Don interfluve, especially in those settlements where it is the only source of water supply. Material for the study of this territory included the collection and analysis of literary sources, the study of maps. 19 springs...
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Ecotourism as a Factor of Ecological Oriented Civilization (A Case Study Based on French Tourist Discourse)

Svetlana Pogodaeva, Elena Yu
The article is devoted to the study of various interrelations generalized by ecotourism and linguistics in the ecological paradigm, and reflected in the French tourist discourse. We have pointed out and proved that the demand for tours to Russian ecoregions and all over the world is growing dynamically....
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Study of Heparanase Inhibitors (Genus: Felis) Among Bioactive Compounds Produced by Plants in Volgograd Regions

Margarita Postnova, Yulia Zimina, Galina Sroslova, Alexey Bolkunov, Alexander Kovalenko
The paper describes a search and selection of potential heparanase inhibitors. This enzyme is inhibited to protect an organism against various diseases such as chronic kidney disease and diabetic nephropathy. These diseases are widely distributed and often lead to death. Searching low-cost plant analogs...
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Formation of Fundamental Architecture of Agro-Biotechnological Cluster as a Basis for the Development of Spatial Integration of Economic Entities

Ilya Pshenichnikov, Veronika Epinina, Sergey Korobov, Margarita Postnova, Alexey Bolkunov
In the framework of the study is justified the cost and labor intensity of innovations in the field of biotechnology as a need to integrate a large number of economic entities into economic phenomena. Serious shortcomings are revealed in the field of the architecture building of innovative clusters....
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The Dynamics of Anthropogenic Polluted Areas in Kabardino-Balkaria and Chechen Republic

Nina Reutova, Petimat Dzambetova, Fatima Dreeva, Tatiana Reutova
The dynamics of the territories exposed to significant anthropogenic pollution by heavy metals (Kabardino-Balkar Republic) and oil products (Chechen Republic) were studied. The level of soil pollution and its genotoxic effect were determined during the intensive activity of the enterprises - sources...
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Model System of Financial Support for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Ludmila Rudenko, Olga Bykova, Svetlana Goryachikh, Rimma Livanova, Svetlana Lapteva
In the period of economic crises and political instability, issues of financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises are of particular relevance. The purpose of this study is to develop a theoretical and methodological model of financial support system for small and medium-sized enterprises...
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Mechanism Providing Information Infrastructure Support of Sustainable Development of Small Business in the Region

Ludmila Rudenko, Svetlana Goryachikh, Olga Bykova, Rimma Livanova, Svetlana Lapteva
The purpose of this research is to develop a theoretical and methodological model of the mechanism which can provide information infrastructure support for small business at the regional level. Nowadays information support of small business is relevant due to digitalization of the economy and the search...
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Relationship Between Air Temperature and Maize Growth Function

Olga Ruleva, Gleb Rulev
Maize is the oldest plant used by man in economic activity. It plays a significant role in the economy of many countries. Despite the accumulated experience in cultivation of this crop, the study of the relationship between temperature and growth function remains relevant today. Five main phases of its...
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Preserving of Landscape Diversity in Steppe Zone of Southeast of Russian Plain

Natalia Ryabinina
The article deals with conditions and formation stages of steppe specially protected natural territories in the south-east of the Russian Plain and Volgograd region. To achieve the goal, the author used methods of field complex landscape-ecological studies, analysis of cartographic, literature and fund...
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Changes in the Magnetic Susceptibility of Kuban Soils Depending on Soil Formation Conditions

Askhad Sheudzhen, Oksana Gutorova
The article deals with changes in the magnetic properties of different agricultural soils depending on the conditions of soil formation. The Maryano-Chebourgol irrigation massif in the Krasnoarmeysky district of the Krasnodar Territory and the stationary trial field of the Department of Agricultural...
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Fire Regime of Landscapes in the Volgograd Region According to Remote Sensing Data

Stanislav Shinkarenko, Valeriya Doroshenko, Asel Berdengalieva
The article is devoted to the analysis of fire regime of the Volgograd region’s landscapes. The problem of wildfires became especially urgent at the beginning of the 21st century, when climate change and reduced agricultural load created conditions for landscape fires break-out and spread. Research material...
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The Development of Self-Management in College

Zh V Smirnova, O I Vaganova, O R Valuyskaya, Yu. S. Dzyubenko, L B Gatsalova
Now the aim of the formation of a competent and competitive graduate who is able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions is the main aim because there are lots of innovations in the sphere of education. Educational institutions solve the tasks using all resources. The authors underline professional competencies...
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Experience of Mathematical Modeling of River–Floodplain Groundwater Dynamics

Denis Solodovnikov, Stanislav Shinkarenko
the study of natural geographical zoning is a traditional and well-developed field of physical geography. Zonal landscapes of the planet are well-classified and have clear diagnostic features. The situation is extremely different from intrazonal landscapes. The criteria for their differentiation are...
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Spatial Analysis of Innovations Diffusion in the Agricultural Sector

Sergej Teslenok, Pavel Dmitriyev, Kirill Teslenok, Natalia Letkina, Ivan Fomin
The article presents the results of spatial analysis of innovations diffusion in the agriculture of the Russian Federation regions based on the use of GIS technologies. The research includes traditional and mathematical methods as well as geoinformation-cartographic modeling. This paper presents various...
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Features of Monitoring Heavy Metals in Soil Cover of Urban Environment

Anna Tikhonova, Yuliya Polovinkina, Oleg Gordienko, Igor Manaenkov
This study analyzes modern approaches to the monitoring systems organization for heavy metals in the soil cover in urban areas. The current situation was considered in individual countries, as well as the organization features of the soil monitoring system in the Russian Federation and the city of Volgograd....
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Supplier Control for Government Procurement

TurgaevaAksana Albekovna, Kotova Tatyana Vladimirovna, Chernikina Yelena Vladimirovna
Currently, the government is one of the biggest and most reliable partners in business relationships. When the situation is unfavorable for the development of the national economy, the importance of the state increases, which leads to the increased need for its security, economical one included. Thus,...
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Actualization of “Health” Concept in Texts of Advertising Messages

Natalia Vartanova, Marina Volodina
This article is devoted to the realization of the vital “health” concept in advertising discourse. It considers how the conceptual advertising space invades the addressee’s mental world and uses cultural concepts for pragmatic purposes, actualizing their cognitive criterions, creating new meanings. On...
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Integral Componentwise Estimation of Tourist and Recreation Potential as a Universal Tool for the Research of Destination Possibility

Nikolay Vishnyakov, Diana Semenova, Natalia Kukushkina
The article analyzes the integral component-wise estimation using a system of balanced indexes as one of the effective estimation methods for the tourist and recreational territory potential. This method implicates the following of a certain algorithm of the study, which includes a number of evaluation...
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Walking as the Factor of Diminishing Relative Risk of Arterial Hypertension in Teenagers

Valery Nikolaevich Vlasov, Victor Vladimirovich Gorelik, Oksana Viktorovna Marandykina
The ecological conditions of life of modern man are becoming less and less favorable. A lack of physical activity, largely associated with the progress of digital and other technologies, weakens the already reduced ability to withstand diseases. Many diseases, including hypertension, are becoming more...
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External Language Policy and Planning as Part of Soft Power Policy

Natalia Yudina, Oksana Seliverstova
Today language policy and planning (LPP) issues have gone beyond the state borders entering the international arena. Governments seek to expand the sphere of their influence abroad, with language promotion being one of the exceedingly popular tools. The paper describes external language policy and planning...
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Environmental Component of Nonfinancial Reporting: Development Trends and World Practice

Elena Zalizniak, Anna Matveeva, Yuliya Polovinkina, Sergey Kirillov
The article discusses the main trends in the development of non-financial reporting in Russian companies. We have analyzed international experience of various countries in the disclosure of environmentally relevant information in compliance with the generally accepted GRI criteria. Russian organizations...
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Environmental Aspects of Land Management

Elena Zatsepina, Olga Sorokina, Vladimir Kosinsky, Larisa Petrova, Ilya Fomkin
According to strategic planning documents, sustainable development of the Russian Federation, life of quality and health care can be provided only through preservation of natural systems and the environment as a whole. Compliance with environmental requirements, special treatment and land use conditions...
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Social Structure and Anomie in Detention Facilities: Ways of Convict’s Social Adaptation in Modern Russian Prisons

Alexei Kombaev, Timur Badmatsyrenov
Based on the methodology of R. Merton, which is expounded in his work “Social Structure and Anomie”, we have analyzed the main types of convicts’ adjustment to detention facilities. The article describes the behavior patterns of convicts, reveals the motivation of behavior of various informal groups...
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Bread of South Ural: Grain Production in Chelyabinsk Region in Postwar Years

Vladimir Motrevich, Ludmila Berg
This study examines the restoration and development of grain production in the Chelyabinsk region, data on the sizes of acreage and productivity of grain crops, as well as the structure of agricultural producers, dynamics of gross collecting throughout the studied period. The author applied various methods...
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Grain Farming of Sverdlovsk Region in 1946–1960s

Vladimir Motrevich, Ludmila Berg
The paper studies the dynamics of grain production in the Sverdlovsk region and shows the role of the Middle Urals in the grain economy of the USSR and the RSFSR in the post-war years. The authors reveal data on the size of acreage and yield of grain crops, the social structure of grain production during...