Proceedings of the Volgograd State University International Scientific Conference "Competitive, Sustainable and Safe Development of the Regional Economy" (CSSDRE 2019)

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Economic efficiency growth of agricultural roads’ construction in the region

Dmitry Skorobogatchenko, Sergey Viselskiy, Vitaly Borovik, Vitaly Borovik, Irina Bogomolova, Sergey Bogomolov
The paper is devoted to the technical and economic justification of the automobile road construction of low intensity roads. The design choice offered for comparison presents the construction of roadway surfacing in which the role of the broken stone underlayer is carried out by over-compacted fine soil....
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Modelling of Client Policy Elements of the Regional Commercial Banks on the Basis of Digital Methods of Data Processing

Natalia Kunitsyna, Yuriy Metel, Svetlana Prishchepchuk
concept of the research is based on the assumption that the improvements in the customer policy of a commercial bank should be focused on the development of methodological tools of assessment and modeling of its elements as well as on the implementation of arrangements contributing to higher quality...
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The use of material flow cost accounting for process losses reduction

Anna Ivanovskaya, Lydia Kulikova, Elena Vetoshkina, Olga Bezvidnaya, Ilnur Valiullin
Material Flow Cost Accounting allows you to accurately monitor the physical and monetary value of waste, which increases the visibility of environmental costs and gives managers possibility to identify areas of cost savings. The article discusses the general aspects of Material Flow Cost Accounting and...
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Structural Analysis of Egyptian Economy: Trends in Service and Digitalization

Natalia Buletova, Ekaterina Stepanova, Mohamed Sergany
In 2019, Egypt celebrates the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Suez Canal, which brought new impulses and challenges to the economy and political development of this state. Egypt and Russia have long-term history of successful economic cooperation. This paper presents results of structural analysis...
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The place and role of strategic planning in the business management system

Dmitry Nekhaychuk, Yulia Kotelevskaya, Yuliya Nekhaychuk, Victoria Trofimova
The market environment dictates to modern enterprises the severe conditions of competition, in which to survive and become a leader is possible only on the basis of timely strategic planning of activities. The current stage of the world economy development is characterized by a number of features indicating...
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The advantages of using the quasi-corporate model of regional management

Vladimir Kurchenkov, Olga Fetisova, Olga Makarenko, Yuliya Azmina
The article presents the conditions and problems of using the alternative models of region management. The concepts of "a region", "a corporate management system", "a corporation" are considered. The authors have identified such urgent problem of the region management and development as the economic...
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The economic security of households: results in the research of the performance of household functions

Svetlana Arutyunyan, Svetlana Sliva
The issues of household economic security are a major focus of interest of the government and scientific community. The research object is the Russian households that are functioning in actual conditions, reflecting the state of the Russian economy. The research subject is the processes which feature...
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The financial planning and its tasks in modern models of enterprise management

Dmitry Nekhaychuk, Irina Nogas, Elena Nekhaychuk, Akhtem Dzhelilov
The article deals with issues of financial planning and its tasks in modern models of enterprise management. The financial planning acquires relevance in modern conditions and is implemented by determining the most important indicators, proportions and rates of expanded reproduction. It is also the main...
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Improving the methodological support of the processes of functioning and development of the food market in the region

Svetlana Cheremisina, Vladimir Sribny, Evgenia Nesterenko
In this article, the authors systematized and proposed a system of methodological support for the study of the processes of formation, efficiency of mechanisms of functioning and prospects of development of the regional food market. The researchers believe that a complete system of indicators of living...
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Principles of cross-sectoral network interaction between structures in the digital economy

Natalia Simchenko, Svetlana Tsohla, Ekaterina Burlay
The article shows the results of the research in the area of cross-sectoral network interaction of structures in the digital economy. The research sums up the analysis of the up-to-date practices of digital twins management in Russia and worldwide and enlarges on the effects of digital twins employed...
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On potential competition between town agglomerations

Lyudmila Zobova, Lyudmila Shcherbakova, Svetlana Mukhamedieva
The article analyzes possible elements of competition between neighboring town agglomerations. First of all, the research makes a distinction between the notions of “urban agglomeration” and “agglomeration process” and specifies the “spatial competition” category. This became the methodological foundation...
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Mergers and acquisitions on the pharmaceutical market: global experience and Russian specifics

Aleksandr Evstratov, Irina Ezangina, Maria Shendo, Tatiana Luneva
Formation and development of pharmaceutical market inevitably leads to situations that act as catalysts for structural market changes. These situations include mergers and acquisitions increasing market concentration and having positive or negative influence on all market participants. This is why such...
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Ways to develop tourist and recreation activity at the nature park ‘Volgo-Akhtubinsksya plain’

Lidiya Sizeneva, Natalya Balashova, Tatyana Kosulnikova, Aleksandr Dyachenko
The investigation project, implemented by the authors is devoted to solving of important scientific and practical problem of understanding the processes, that occur in society and nature, more specifically on development of methods of complex metatheoretic investigation of imperatives for preservation...
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Problems and measures of innovative activity support in the system of economic security of the Volgograd region

Irina Averina, Marina Buyanova
The article analyses theoretical studies of the notion “economic securty” and the methodology of its assessement in practice using the regional economic system as an example. On the basis of the comparative analysis of threshold values which characterize the sustainability of the regional economy to...
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Old Industrial Regions: Identification, Kinds and Perspectives of “New Industrialization”

Inna Mitrofanova, Ekaterina Rodionova, Altynay Adzhikova, Rashid Kantserov, Elena Timacheva
About 40% of Russian regions can be referred to old industrial ones and technological advantages of most of them are being lost due to scientific-and-technological advance as well as structural changes; and structural reforms in these regions are being slowed down due to the deficiency of financial resources...
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Corporate Social Responsibility: Problems and Potential for Development on the Regional Level

Elza Mantaeva, Victoria Goldenova, Inna Slobodchikova, Inna Avadaeva
Nowadays company management must focus not only on economic but also environmental and social development. Implementing corporate social responsibility principles means development and application of reasonable company management strategy, monitoring company activities and corporate social reporting;...
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Strategic directions of development of dairy cattle breeding in the region in the conditions of modern challenges

Galina Timofeeva, Raisya Akmaeva, Aigul Aitpaeva
The development of dairy cattle breeding in the country and regions was given a new impetus in modern economic and geopolitical conditions. The success of the opportunities provided directly depends on the prevention of threats associated with the receipt of cheap non-regional and imported products,...
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““Smart” modernization of housing management systems as the condition of competitiveness and security of the regional economy

Olga Maksimchuk, Natalya Borisova, Alexander Borisov, Victoria Goetz, Konstantin Generalov
“Smart Region” is a new paradigm of improving the competitiveness and security of the regional economy at the present stage, the transition to which is not fully possible without the “smart” modernization of housing management systems. The search and justification of “smart” areas of modernization of...
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The quality of human resourses and the small business of the Tartarstan republic: Interrelation and interdependance

Guzel Strekalova, Venera Tokar, Zulfiya Kadeeva
The article deals with the relevant issue of defining interdependence of human resources quality and development of the small business in the Republic of Tatarstan. A comparative analysis of countries was carried out based on global competitiveness, innovations development and favorable business conditions...
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Impact of Design Company Financial Stability on Competitiveness on Regional Market

Vadim Yakovenko, Olga Oleynik, Irina Borisova
Business entities, including design companies, see their operations increasingly complicated in today’s economic environment. Competitiveness of an enterprise is demonstrated by its higher opportunities for successful functioning as compared with other carrying out similar activities. Financial stability...
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Digital innovatization tendencies of the payment services market in Russia and the Volgograd region

Olga Korobeynikova, Dmitry Korobeynikov, Larisa Popova, Tatiana Dugina, Svetlana Popova
The payment market in Russia and the Volgograd region is not developed sufficiently either institutionally or organizationally; payment systems, as the main market participants, have heterogeneous characteristics, what gives the possibility to digitally form new fast-growing segments of the payment market...
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The state regional debt as a factor of electoral behavior

Svetlana Evdokimova, Mano Mgeryan, Mikhail Sheviakov
In the article the need is shown to find qualitatively new ways to solve the problem of budgetary security of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and reduce social tensions in the regions. In recent years, the economic differentiation between the regions of the Russian Federation has increased,...
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The role of the civil society institutions to create and implement the socio-economic development strategy of Russia’s constituent entities (exemplified by the Saratov Region)

Galina Komkova, Svetlana Kulikova, Elena Berdnikova, Elena Abaeva
The process to create and implement the socio-economic development strategy of Russia’s constituent entities is impossible without taking into account the views of entrepreneurs, the expert community and members of the public. However, at present, in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation,...
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Investments in the system of controlling of organizations of the agricultural complex

Svetlana Bychkova, Dmitry Elyashev, Elena Zhidkova
The study focuses on the organization of the system of investments controlling in organizations of the agro-industrial sector. The objectives of the study is to resolve the issue of identifying the controlling of investments from the point of view of the tetrad theory in the context of a non-systemic...
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The development of the system of organizational and environmental indicators for the development of the housing sector in Russia

Elena Maznitsa, Maxim Pridachuk, Larisa Chizho, Maria Boldyreva
the housing sector in Russia is only determined by the direction of further development. The housing policy of the state continues to be improved. Purposes are defined, but development opportunities are most important. What can determine the potential development of the housing sector in the Russian...
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Research of socio-psychological characteristics of the modern young audience’s consumption via the Internet: regional aspect

Oksana Golub, Tatiana Timofeeva, Olga Serova
Developing effective strategies of the effects on consumer choice is a priority for any company presented in online environments. Today’s Internet-consumers increasingly prefer virtual communication to face-to-face interaction with people around, at that, proportion of young people has reached the limit...
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Logistics as a factor in the growth of competitiveness of regional enterprises of the construction industry

Olga Maksimchuk, Valery Chevanin, Vladislav Klyushin, Vakhtang Sordia, Oksana Baulina
In the conditions of the market economy, the main purpose of regional enterprises is to retain positions in the market, to make a profit and to optimize costs. In the conditions of the modern Russian economy, the most important indicator of the development of regional enterprises of the construction...
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The formation of the cost of overhaul of apartment buildings in the budget of the region

Olga Antonyan, Olga Maksimchuk, Anna Solovyova, Alexander Chub
One of the main tasks in the formation of the regional program of overhaul is its cost estimate. In other words, it is necessary to know the amount of financial resources required for its implementation, both in the short and long term. The size of the marginal cost of work of common property overhaul...
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Tourism as a supporting factor for socio-economic development of a region

Irina Pavlenko, Elena Polishchuk, Anastasiya Ostovskaya
The present work attempts to establish groups of priority areas in the development of tourism. It has proved the importance of the tourism as a type of economic activity that positively affects the social and economic development of the region; determined the degree of the direct impact of tourism on...
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Building scenarios based on the system ensuring development of business activity in the hospitality sector

Svetlana Tsohla, Natalia Simchenko, Irina Pavlenko, Igor Bukreev
The article deals with the problem of developing a system that would ensure successful business activity in the hospitality sector of Big Yalta. It has in focus and evaluates institutional factors of business activity development as well as resourcing of the hospitality business in the region. The study...
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Life satisfaction of young people as a factor of the socio-economic development of the region

Galina Timofeeva
The paper substantiates the methodological approaches to the study of the problem of life satisfaction and its importance for securing young people in the region. The formulated tested hypotheses are: is life satisfaction really a significant factor influencing the choice of young people in the region...
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The research of problems and prerequisites for the development of housing programs for the socio-economic development of depressed regions

Tatyana Pershina, Natalya Kalentieva, Tatyana Lymareva, Andrey Zhypetsky
One of the basic values for a person is housing. It provides economic stability, security. In our country, the number of dilapidated and emergency housing is growing at an alarming rate. Developed federal, regional, municipal programs for the overhaul, reconstruction of housing stock at the moment cannot...
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Conditions of an efficient implementation of rural areas’ funcitons in the agrarian policy of the Russian regions

Victoria Batmanova, Daria Kalacheva, Aleksei Ivanov, Tatiana Klenova, Daria Koneva
The political and economic instability causes the need to improve the agrarian policy both in Russia as a whole and in the Russian regions. Its purpose is to ensure the economic security of the state in particular. A special place and the role of the agrarian policy in the economy of the country determine...
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Formation of a new approach to assessing the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility of the regional cluster

Galina Merzlikina, Ekaterina Kuzmina
This article is devoted to the discussion of the essence of the corporate social responsibility of the cluster, and to determination of the place of corporate social responsibility in the development of a regional cluster. Nowadays, the growing popularity of corporate social responsibility of the cluster...
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Innovation management in the development of regional healthcare

Gukas Ter-Akopov, Natalia Kosinova, Sergey Knyazev
The transformation of Russia into a highly developed world power is impossible without a cardinal improvement in the its citizens’ health. In modern conditions prospects for the further healthcare sector development are directly related to innovation processes. Innovations should make medical care accessible,...
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Methodical Approach to Food Security Assessment and Forecasting

Elena Antamoshkina, Alexey Rogachev
The article presents a methodical approach to food security assessment based on the determination of a comprehensive indicator – efficiency index obtained by aggregation of economic (ie), financial (if) and social indicators. The authors set evaluation criteria for each indicator of agri-food policy...
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Pulbic health as the indicator of regional socioeconomic development

Elena Pastukhova, Elena Morozova, Anna Mukhacheva, Natalia Egorova
Improving public health and increasing life expectancy is the priority policy of many developed countries. The current model of Russian regional economic development aimed at exploring natural resources creates multiple negative consequences for socioeconomic development and public health. The aim of...
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Models of accelerated import substitution in agricultural sector of regions within integrated economy

Matvey Oborin
The article is devoted to the study of features of regional models of import substitution in agriculture on the basis of strategic priorities of domestic development. Analysis of theoretical and methodological foundations and key factors influencing modeling and prediction of indicators of agricultural...
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Increasing the efficiency of agricultural production based on digital technologies

Matvey Oborin
Modern agriculture is one of the priority sectors contributing to the strategic development of the country in the following directions: increase in food security, sustained growth of agrarian territories and severe socio-economic situation, providing high standard of living on the periphery. Digital...
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Competitive positions of the Republic of Crimea in the market of recreational services of the Southern Federal District

Irina Yakovenko, Nataliya Strachkova
Modern geopolitical conditions of the Republic of Crimea cause scientific interest in the mechanism and results of adaptation of the regional market structures to new economic conditions, in particular the market of recreational services, the synergetic effect of which can be an incentive for the development...
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Methodological approach to the formation and implementation of the human potential of the region

Tatiana Davydova, Elena Avdeeva, Larisa Kochetova, Tatyana Makeeva
Regional development determines the development of society as a whole, taking into account the peculiarities of its potential. Human potential in its various aspects is characterized as the basis for development, including socio-economic. This article proposed a methodological approach to the formation...
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Human resources as a factor of sustainable development of the region in the conditions of formation of digital economy

Olga Marganova, Stanislava Makarova, Anna Fandeeva
The modern economic situation in Russia is characterized by the increasing growth of negative trends in the field of human resources of regions. Features of influence of human resources on sustainable development of regions of Russia are studied insufficiently. Therefore the purpose of this work consists...
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Health care digitalization in the digital economy of the Russian Federation: regional experience and directions of development

Gukas Ter-Akopov, Natalia Kosinova, Sergey Knyazev
At present, four components of public health-human capital, economy, infrastructure and modern technologies-are priorities. The prospects of financial and economic development of the national economy are connected with the digital economy. It is predicted that the digital economy will change the format...
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Consumption standards as the basis for promoting the concept of sustainable development

Alexey Zaytsev, Maria Vlasova, Olga Popova, Petr Mashegov, Innara Lyapina
The article considers the problem of the formation and promotion of consumption standards as an element of the transition to the concept of sustainable development on the example of comparing eco-labeling systems in Russia and Germany. It is noted that the rationalization of consumption standards is...
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Optimization imperatives for credit policy in PJSC Sberbank of Russia

Tatiana Gvarliani, Madina Ksanaeva, Madina Alikaeva, Lyudmila Prigoda, Zahid Farrukh Mamedov
This paper discusses the imperatives of optimizing credit policy of a commercial bank in the dynamically changing conditions of the Russian economy. Currently, there is a growing likelihood of credit risk due to the predominance of long-term lending, while the increase in reserves to cover losses is...
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Economic security as a factor in the balanced development of an agro-industrial region (on the example of Belgorod region)

Elena Illarionova, Vera Samarina, Pavel Glekov
Economic security is a factor in the balanced development of a region. It is an obligatory component of Russia’s National Security Strategy, a guarantor and protection of national interests that contribute to the country's socio-economic development, as well as a necessary defense potential, in case...
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Trends in life expectancy as an element of economic security of the Volgograd area

Svetlana Solodova, Natalya Kulikova, Elmira Samedova
Currently, Volgograd region is faced with the problem of population decline. This problem can have a negative impact on the economic security of the area. The article substantiates the author's position that life expectancy isn’t only a social indicator of the quality of life, but also an economic indicator...
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The Effect of the Regulatory Impact Procedure in the Russian Regions

Evgeniy Postnikov, Danila Valko, Maksim Kondratov
Regulatory impact assessment is a modern institute in the framework of the New Public Management concept which shows its effectiveness in many OECD countries and is one of the factors for improving the investment climate. However, for the Russian regions it is a relatively new institute, which has been...
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Investment factor in the development of Volgograd Region economy: rating assessments and main trends

Olga Drobotova
The present paper deals with the definition of the main characteristics of the investment factor in the development of the region’s economy: investment attractiveness, investment climate and the investment image of the region as well as the investment activity. It also covers the most common methodologies...
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Regional policy in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses rights enforcement

Maria Lipchanskaya, Inna Plotnikova
The article deals with the matters of effectiveness of the regional policy in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses' rights enforcement in the example of the Saratov Oblast. Objectives of the study: analysing regional policy in the sphere of small and medium-sized enterprises' rights enforcement...