Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Management and Technology in Enterprises 2019 (EMT 2019)

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Quantitative Survey on Innovation in the Czech Republic

Hana Urbancová, Pavla Vrabcová
One of the most important characteristics of innovation is that it is a continuous process in every organisation. The financial performance of organisations is strongly dependent on successful innovation. Innovation rate resp. the pace of technological change is mainly influenced by investment in research...
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Aspects of Selected Process Management Approaches and their Implementation in Enterprises of the Slovak Republic

Ľubica Simanová
The aim of this paper is to present the theoretical basis of domestic and foreign sources focusing on process management and use of selected concepts and approaches of process management. On the theoretical knowledge of the field of follow-up analysis of the results of research that illustrate the use...
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Marketing of CSR

Jiří Boháček, Zdeněk Linhart, Peter Matisko
The responsibility of employees and the public towards corporations and vice versa (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) is preventing such scandals as Dieselgate, Huawei, Boeing or burned rain forests for growing oil palms for biofuels in media and court procedures. Surprisingly, no article about...
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Controlling in the Context of Socio-Economic Factors of Service Quality Management

Jarmila Klementová
Internationalization, globalization, and the entry of foreign producers into the national market shift the requirements for quality of services continually to a higher level due to competition. The quality of service is built on the quality of human resources, on the mutual interaction of the customer...
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Managerial Approach To Increasing Information Literacy

Iveta Kmecová, Helena Vorlová
Human intelligence and literacy represent significant and decisive parts in one´s life. Currently, they may also be reflected in possessing PC skills, particularly as necessary requirements linked to using information technology systems become greater and more differentiated. This notion is related to...
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Consumer Behaviour in Conditions of Dual Quality of Daily Consumption Goods in Slovakia

Lucia Bartková, Marianna Šramková, Lenka Veselovská
The problem of dual quality of daily consumption goods in the countries of the European Union has been known for a while. Well-known manufacturers do not offer their products in the same composition and quality in all countries of the join European market but produce two variants. The first variant for...
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Specification of Negative Effects Applying the Theory of Constraints Tool: a Case Study

Vladimír Ľupták, Ondrej Stopka, Mária Stopková
In regard to the functional system or process, there is always at least one constraint; and some advanced techniques, that use a focusing process to identify this constraint and restructure the rest of the organization around it, may be implemented. The paper deals with the application of the specific...
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Train Location Detection Methods used in the Czech Republic

Jiří Hanzl, Ladislav Bartuška, Karel Jeřábek
The objective of the paper is to acquaint the readers with the systems and technical devices for detection and tracking the position of trains including the detailed description of the devices that are used in the Czech rail network most frequently. The paper also presents some intelligent transport...
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Human Resource Management Department as Strategic Partner in Organisation

Katarína Stachová, Zdenko Stacho, Jana Blštáková
The current business environment poses unique challenges for organisations, making them discover the methods of increasing the efficiency of their activities, as well as making them react quickly to changing needs and requirements. The strategic human resource management includes the activities relating...
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Basic Managerial Skills, Time Management, as a Key to Achieve Work and Personal Goals

Iveta Kmecová
The goal of this paper is to help managers and studnets to understand what causes wasting of time in their teams and to support them to make productive changes. The theoretical part of the paper focuses on selected managerial methods and techniques, especially on time management The research tool for...
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Modern Human Capital Management Trends in Russian SMEs

Elena Zaborova, Tatiana Markova
This study aims to analyze modern trends among Russian latent and manifest entrepreneurs regarding personal qualities needed to succeed in entrepreneurship activities, their attitudes to entrepreneurship entry, business sectors with most business opportunities as well as constraints that make impact...
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Benefits of Process Management and their Impact on Performance Improvement in the Slovak Business Environment

Pavol Gejdoš, Katarína Rentková
The article presents the results of the research carried out in the Slovak Republic's enterprises in 2017. It deals with the application of process management, its tools, procedures, methods and their impact on improving the quality of processes and performance of enterprises measured through ROE. Process...
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Sustainability of Employment Using the Tools of Active Labor Market Policy

Martin Mičiak, Alžbeta Kucharčíková, Emese Tokarčíková
The government of each state strives for the decrease of the unemployment to the lowest level possible, and thus for achieving of the natural unemployment rate. Slovakia, after joining the European Union, also had to adapt to this trend and to develop even more effort for solving the issue of a high...
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Comparison of the Facility Manager Job Position in Visegrad Group Countries

Marek Potkány, Paula Kamodyová
Facility management can create the potential of a competitive advantage in the form of cost savings and increased time for managing core business activities. One of the successful requirements for the implementation and use of this coordinated management approach is the creation of the facility manager's...
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The Potential of Subsidy Schemes to the Support of Wooden Houses Construction in the Context of the green Economy

Marek Potkány, Monika Škultétyová, Marek Debnár
The purpose of this paper is to analyze prepared frameworks of grant schemes that could help to increase the market share of the timber sector in Slovakia in the context of the requirements of sustainable development and the green economy. This paper analyzes and compares the three available grant schemes...
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Innovations of the Study Program "Management of Technological Processes in Chemistry and Food" According to Requirements of Practice

Martina Kuperová, Monika Zatrochová
The aim of the submitted paper is innovations introduced during the engineering study in study program "Management of technological processes in chemistry and food" at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. However, several technological faculties...
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Changes in Lifestyle of Population and Solutions in Logistics of Bakery Products: Practice in the Czech Republic

Radka Vaníčková
The aim of this contribution was to highlight the possibilities of increasing volume of production by optimizing logistics and production processes in order to increase the demand for three types of bakery products. For collecting and analysing data was used method of observation, for optimization of...
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Coaching as a Modern Form of Company Management and Development Tool to Increase the Business Competitiveness

Peter Seemann, Zuzana Štofkova, Vladimira Binasova
This paper deals with coaching as a modern form of company management and development tool to increase the business competitiveness. It’s a method or approach to management and development suitable in all industries including wood production and processing, paper, automotive, plastic, energy production...
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Application of Green Purchasing Behaviour in Companies

Nikola Slašťanová, Martina Krahulcová, Hubert Paluš, Tatiana Čorejová, Anna Križanová
This paper is aimed at the definition and description of the process of green purchasing and its application in companies. Green purchasing represents a purchase of environmentally friendly products and services and includes the selection of contractors and the setting of environmental requirements in...
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Performance of Enterprise Sector of Slovakia in Achieving Sustainable Development Goal Related to Industry and Innovation

Petra Lesníková, Jarmila Schmidtová
The paper is focus on one of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined in Agenda 2030. The main goal of Agenda 2030 is to lead individual countries towards sustainability and also contribute to fulfil the global goals. However, the business sphere is also involved in sustainable development....
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Behavioral Patterns and Organizational Commitment

Tatjana Seibt, Michael Hager
Global HR strategies aim to enhance organizational performance but omit to address individual requirements. Current research examines the impact of work-related behavioural patterns among German and Austrian employees on the organizational commitment. Hundred eighty-two subjects were recruited for the...
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Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Railway Passenger Transport

Michal Petr Hranický, Eva Nedeliaková, Martin Vojtek
Market liberalization is a great contemporary trend in many fields of economy. Formation of a united railway market in the EU leads to liberalization of railway passenger transport, what changes the entrepreneurship strategies of transport companies. Liberalized transport market, where the transport...
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Distributed Data Processing in the Economy

Jaroslav Kultan, Peter Schmidt, Miraigul Mukhambetova
The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the possibilities of efficient use of distributed database systems in the creation of the information system of the company. Distributed database systems using private computer networks make it possible to increase the efficiency of the information system, especially...
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Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Context of Regional Development of Slovakia

Katarína Rentková, Pavol Gejdoš
Regional development is a process of objectively implemented changes that have a positive impact on the comparative advantages of the regions, economic performance and affect competitiveness of the regions. Regional development therefore means the development of a defined territory, as well as practical...
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Semantic Technologies and Semantically Defined "Building Information"

Vladimir Nyvlt, Jan Lojda
The need for knowledge management in the BIM environment has been finalized by a proposal of taxonomy, including the structure and form of a proposal describing the competencies of individuals, teams, groups and organizations. It has shown that the basic output of the current investigations is the need...
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Students and Starting of Businesses

Daniela Hrehová
Business is a complex phenomenon. Global business is easier than ever before. The lands are getting closer together. This paper looks at the issue of motivating and factors individuals entering into the global market environment that is important in studying business creation. The author said that the...
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Position and Importance of Strategic Human Resources Management in Internal Environment of Companies in the Czech Republic

Jarmila Straková, Jan Váchal
The contribution defines the category of Strategic Human Resources Management in the context of corporate internal environment. The importance of strategic human resources management in comparison with other internal resources in terms of the company profitability was tested on a sample containing 456...
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Internal Company Resources and Glocalization

Petra Pártlová, Jan Váchal
This article focuses on the importance and influence of the internal resources of companies operating regionally and nationally (hereinafter regional and national companies) in relation to ongoing globalization and internationalization processes. The results of the research presented are based on a sample...
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Application of Innovative Approaches in Enterprise Management Based on the Logistic Audit

Monika Žofková, Josef Drábek
Innovation management in logistics as a systematic controlled process for continuous increase in the quality of logistics involves tools resulting in a unique competitive advantage. Logistic audit in wood-working enterprise as a tool for the analysis of a company logistic system is described in the paper....
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Indoor Technologies and Quality of Indoor Environment

Ingrid Juhásová Šenitková
Indoor technologies make every building a smart building generally. This enhances the user experience and convenience of your employees, visitors, patients and/or suppliers. The smart indoor technologies in the building help us to make the buildings more comfortable and healthy. The building becomes...
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Possible Economic Benefits from Mandatory Workplace Health Management Systems

Thomas Schiller
The increasing incidence of employee health issues generates high costs for employers as well as for the insurers. By reviewing the literature on different forms of integrated workplace health management systems, we find that by implementing just a few prevention measures, positive returns can be achieved...
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Customer's View to Provide Information for Loyalty Programs in the South Bohemia

Lenka Ližbetinová, Jaroslav Stuchlý, Tsolmon Jambal
The aim of the article is to determine the attitudes of South Bohemian customers to providing personal data for the loyalty program needs. The article is based on the partial output of research focusing on customer loyalty to loyalty programs. The research was conducted in 2018 by a questionnaire survey...
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Using Selected Attributes of Marketing Communications Management within SMEs in Slovakia

Lenka Ližbetinová, Dagmar Weberová, Peter Štarchoň, Kamila Tišlerová
The aim of the article is to present the results of research on the current state of the art in the use of customer databases, CRM system and management of marketing communication through selected principles - ethical codes, socially responsible enlargement, integrated marketing communication and holistic...
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Cost of Construction Enterprises' Capital in the Context of Economic Development

Vojtech Stehel, Radimír Novotný
Each enterprise has sources of asset financing. Sources may be own or alien. Both categories of labilities bear some costs. In the case of foreign sources, the cost is mainly the interest for which we borrow. Costs in the case of own resources represent alternative lost profits. The amount of capital...
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The Present State of the Business Environment in the Slovak Regions

Josef Drábek, Zuzana Stroková
The article analyzes and compare the selected indicators that characterize the business environment in individual regions within the Slovak Republic. The results show that there are significant disparities between regions and point out that specific measures can contribute to improving the business environment.
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Target Orientation of Financial Management in Manufacturing Enterprises

Jana Kajanová
Innovation in financial management is an up-to-date and key option for increasing the performance of manufacturing businesses and achieving their intended goals. Entrepreneurial subjects are taking advantage of the period of recession and the slowdown in the changes, the impact of the economic crisis...
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The Mediating Effect of Employee Loyalty on the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Performance

Sarantuya Jigjiddorj, Tsetsegmaa Tsogbadrakh, Enkhbayar Choijil, Altanchimeg Zanabazar
One of the key factors for sustaining an organizational performance for any organization is maintaining loyalty and retention of skilled and experienced employees. Therefore, revealing positive and negative factors impacting the employee loyalty and taking actions for the further improvement have been...