Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Advanced Education and Social Science Research (ICAESSR 2019)

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Research on the Construction of Urban Logistics Performance Evaluation Index System from the Perspective of Green Development Based on Entropy Weighting Method

Juan Xu
Green development is the current and long-term development concept. Considering the current high cost, low efficiency and great impact on the resources and environment of the logistics industry, it is necessary to build logistics demand, logistics investment and green logistics. The urban logistics...
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Research on Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation in Big Data Industry

Zhao Wang, Mengjie Wang, Wenqiang Bao
The 19th National Congress report emphasizes that the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy needs to be promoted further. The powerful combination of big data and industrial synergy innovation has become an important measure to enhance China's scientific...
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The Application Value of Virtual Reality Technology on Visual Transmission

Ping Chen
Virtual reality technology is the Chinese translation of English Virtual Reality, referred to as VR, refers to auxiliary devices such as docking control devices, processing and computing information through computer programs, and finally interacting, simulating natural state and three-dimensional environment...
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Research on the Professional Layout and Professional Structure Adjustment of H Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Graduates' Dynamic Change

Juan Xu, Yuan Wang
The rationality of professional layout and professional structure adjustment directly affects the advantages and disadvantages of higher vocational colleges in cultivating high-quality talents and serving regional economic and social development. This paper selects data from the data collection platform...
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Application and Practice of the " Scaffolding + BOPPPS" Teaching Mode for Building Fire Engineering Based on Rain Class

Ying Song, Haixia Li, Xiaoxiao Zhang, Ling Zheng, Shuang Wu
Starting from the reality of higher education teaching, taking the construction of fire protection engineering "3H" as the teaching goal, and the registered fire engineer's examination outline as guidance, this paper determines the key difficulties of the construction fire engineering project, builds...
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Research on Enterprise Human Resource Management in the Era of "Internet Accelerated Speed Era"

Yuan Ma
Under the background of the Internet era, every industry has made great achievements in the informatization construction. The Internet is constantly integrating into all aspects of our life and becoming an indispensable part. In such a background, as an enterprise, in order to enhance their competitiveness,...
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Practice and Exploration of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Cultivation in Jinan University against the Background of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Yudong Zeng
Faced with the national strategic layout of "entrepreneurship and innovation", colleges and universities shoulder the important task of cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents. As a century-old overseas Chinese university, in terms of innovative and entrepreneurial talent cultivation, Jinan...
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The Mass Line and the Reconstruction of the Legitimacy of the Communist Party of China in the New Era

Wei Hou
In order to solve the challenges faced by the Communist Party of China in its original ruling legitimacy, this paper proposes to reinvent the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party's ruling legitimacy by insisting on taking the mass line as its focus. In the process of adhering to the mass line, we...
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Research on the Performance Evaluation System and Incentive Mechanism of College Counselors

Wei Hou
Under the circumstances of college counselors becoming increasingly burned out, this paper puts forward a research on the evaluation system and incentive mechanism for college counselors. This paper constructs the evaluation index system of college counselors from five aspects: evaluation principle screening,...
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Research on Corporate Governance of Multinational Enterprises

Yu Yao, Liangcan Liu
With the advent of the era of globalization, the pursuit of competitive advantages across national boundaries and the realization of profit maximization has increasingly become the starting point of enterprise management strategy. Therefore, transnational corporations play a decisive role in the national...
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Putonghua Teaching in Colleges and Universities: Aesthetic Education Function and Implementation Strategy

Caihui Zhao
Due to its own characteristics, putonghua can play an important role in aesthetic education for learners in the learning process. Putonghua teaching in colleges and universities is an effective carrier of aesthetic education for college students. This paper uses logical analysis, literature and other...
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Research on the Construction Path of "Chinese and Foreign Food Culture" Course from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Daxin Ren, Su Chen
Cultural self-confidence is the firm affirmation and active practice of a nation, a country, and a political party for its own cultural values, and a firm confidence in the vitality of its culture. This article based on the perspective of “cultural self-confidence”, starting from the teaching and construction...
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Research on Patent Law Education of Science and Engineering College Based on Scientific and Technological Innovation

Hongzhen Lin
This paper aims to study the measures to improve the quality of Patent Law education of Science and Engineering College and enhance college students' awareness of Patent Law. The research methods of this paper are mainly literature research and investigation. The research content of this thesis is the...
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Reform of Diversified Talents Training Mode against the Background of Engineering Education Accreditation

Jun Wang, Mingli Dong, Xiaoping Lou, Bixi Yan
The Engineering Education Accreditation is an internationally accepted quality assurance system for engineering education. The OBE concept is fully implemented in the Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument specialty of Beijing Information Science and Technology University, and the talent training...
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Analysis of the Survey on the Degree of Chinese Residents’ Satisfaction with Government Service: A Study Based on Annual Survey Data

Ni Sun, Lei Feng, Ranran Zhao
Residents’ degree of satisfaction with the government is the focus of many current research projects. After surveying the degree of satisfaction with the government in 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) of the mainland for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, this study, finds...
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Study on the Development Path of Smart Community Pension Service in Jiangxi Province

Tanying Li, Sha Wu, Shuangyan Yu
Home-based pension service of smart community is a new concept proposed under the background of "Internet +" and the concept is in line with Chinese care culture and habits. This paper analyzes and summarizes the current situation and existing problems of community pension service in Jiangxi Province...
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Curriculum System Construction of New Engineering Specialty in Application-oriented Colleges and Universities

Guangliang Zhu, Shu Wang
The construction of curriculum system is an important part of the construction of new engineering specity. Applied undergraduate colleges and universities should grasp the characteristics of training new engineering talents, and complete the construction of curriculum system based on their own reality...
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The Research about Subject Knowledge of Mathematics Educational Postgraduates

Sanping Li, Mengmin Guo, Xinyi Li
The pre-service training of mathematics teachers is the beginning of the mathematics teacher professionalization, and the profound and solid foundation of mathematics discipline is the basic requirement of the professionalization of mathematics teachers. Thus, it is of vital importance for mathematics...
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The Training of College Security And Emergency Management Talents Under the Overall National Security Concept in the New Era

Junwei Shi, Zhangliang Chen, Gang Liu, Yu Dong, Runlu Cong
In the context of the overall national security concept of the new era, this paper takes the establishment of Shandong Emergency Management College as an opportunity to cultivate students' professional ethics based on curriculum system, course content, teaching process and teaching methods, as well as...
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Exploration and Practice of the Integration of Specialty Education and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities in Transition and Development

Wei Li, Xiaochu Wang, Jia Yang, Yunhan Li
With the transformation of China's economic development mode and the acceleration of the transformation and the upgrading of industrial structure, college students with the quality and ability of innovation and entrepreneurship have been paid more and more attention by society. As a new way of talent...
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Discussion On the Application of Traditional Culture in Physical Education of Primary and Secondary Schools

Xiaoguang Guo
According to the current situation of physical education in primary and secondary schools, this paper puts forward a new physical education mode, which integrates traditional culture into physical education in primary and secondary schools. This paper analyzes the feasibility of integrating traditional...
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Construction of Specialty Clusters under Strategic Orientation Choice: Hotel Industry or Its Culture?

Peng Zhao, Xuan Ni, Shiqing Huang
This study aims to focus on the proper characteristic orientation of the hospitality college to promote its construction of specialty cluster. It shows that the orientation in the hotel industry or the highly-relevant leisure and tourism industry has neither attractiveness to cultivated junior hotel...
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On Practice Teaching Reform of Tourism Management Major in Colleges and Universities

Jianbo He, Zhen Wang
China's tourism higher education has made great contributions to the development of China's tourism since it began in the late 1970s and has gone through a process of more than 40 years. Ноwеvеr, there are still some problems in China's tourism higher education such as its poor practicality of courses,...
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On Application of Translation Workshop in Translation Teaching for English Majors

Zhen Wang, Jianbo He
With the deepening of China's international development, the demand for translation talents is increasing and the requirements are constantly improving. Therefore, it is particularly important to cultivate translation practice ability of English majors. In the translation teaching of English majors in...
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Content Design of Aesthetic Systematics Course on Music Performance

Yumeng He, Weiyang Xu
Aiming at the imperfections of music performance aesthetic course, this paper discusses the systematic characteristics of music performance aesthetic course, and analyzes the systematic relations of music aesthetic course from perspectives of relational beauty, hierarchical beauty and dynamic beauty,...
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On the Inheritance and Development of Tujia Maogusi

Chen Lu
Maogusi is a national intangible cultural heritage, an important basis for Tujia people to become a single nation, and the essence of Tujia culture. Under the impact of modern lifestyle, Maogusi is risk losing its name if not inherited and protected. This study has great theoretical and practical significance...
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The Study of Development and Optimized Layout of Ecological Sports Tourism Resources in Shibadong Village

Lizhong Wen
Under the protection of ecological environment, the integrated development of sports tourism industry has a brand-new look, and the development and optimized layout of ecological sports resources has been put on agenda. At the same time, with the dynamic development of sports tourism industry, the village...
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Application Research of Engineering Mechanics Mixed Teaching Model Based on Rain Classroom of Intelligent Teaching Tools

Yu Dong
With the development of the Internet, current teaching methods of higher education have also undergone significant changes. Based on the common problems in the traditional teaching process of engineering mechanics in colleges and universities, a hybrid teaching mode that combines traditional teaching...
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Research on the Development Model and Risk Identification in Tourism Urbanization

Chaochao Liang
Tourism urbanization has been widely applied and developed worldwide. It also has attracted the attention of many scholars. However, research on its potential risks still needs to be enriched. This paper combs previous literature and practical research to identify the risks in tourism urbanization. It...
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Research on the Application of Information Technology in College English Teaching against the Background of Internet

Jun Chen
Traditional College English teaching is dull, students’ initiative in learning is difficult to mobilize, and the teaching effect is not significant. By building information technology-based teaching platforms which rely on the Internet and mobile terminals, and adopting online and offline blended teaching...
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The Relationship between Disabled College Students’ Psychological Capital and Employability

Chao Xu, Huixin Yu
Psychological capital is an important factor affecting employability. Based on a survey of 451 disabled college students with the psychological capital questionnaire and employability questionnaire, this study aims to explore the relationship between disabled college students’ psychological capital and...
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Exploration on the Blended Teaching Model of Safety System Engineering Based on the Cultivation of Innovative Ability

Lifeng Li, Junwei Shi, Yu Dong
Innovation is the primary driving force for development. To seek innovation is to seek the future. Innovative ability is the basic demand for talents in modern society. Higher education should combine modern information technology with traditional teaching to cultivate innovative talents with innovative...
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Teaching Practice of Mathematics Course Based on Innovation Cultivation and Applied Competency of Students in Penetrating Program

Xuemei Yu
The national key measures for cultivating top technical-skilled talents came into being just as the times’ requirements. In recent years, Beijing has taken the lead in introducing the "2+3+2" penetrating cultivation program as a new education and cultivation mode. The cultivation of classroom teaching...
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Transformation and Upgrading of Furniture Industry in Pearl River Delta Promoted by Industry-education Integration-Taking Shunde Polytechnic as an Example

Long Gan, Rongfa Wang, Qilong Wen
This paper studies what higher vocational colleges have done to promote industrial transformation and upgrading brought by industry-education integration when it comes to the major level, and mainly studies by promoting the improvement of talent cultivation and skills in school-enterprise by jointly...
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Reform and Practice of Algorithms and Programming Practice Course on Ideological and Political Education and Ability Training

Zhiguo Zhou, Jiahui Li, Wei Zheng, Chunyan Deng
In view of the phenomenon of "two skins" in ideological and political education and professional teaching in colleges and universities, this paper proposes the reforming ideas of ideological and political education and ability training. This thinking comprehensively considers the professional characteristics...
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Autonomous Learning Ability Cultivation Based on Hybrid Teaching Model of Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing

Binghui Wu, Yinghui Liu
The teaching of descriptive geometry and mechanical drawing is confronted with such problems as less theoretical class hours, great pressure in classroom teaching, difficulty in individualized learning of students, and poor initiative and enthusiasm in learning. With the rapid development of information...
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Higher Education "Quantity-Quality-Effect" and Fitness Landscape of Trusted Cooperation

Lin Jiang, Ping He
Based on the theory of synergetics and self-organization, a new research field of higher education system is proposed, which is the theory of higher education credible collaboration. Focusing on the effectiveness of two themes of "scale" (short for quantitative effect) and "quality effectiveness" (short...
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Analysis of the Educational and Cultural Cooperation Mechanism in the Northwest of China from the Cultural Industry of Silk Road Economic Belt

Shu Wang
The development and cooperation of cultural industry in Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province, Qinghai Province, Ningxia Province, new five provinces and northwest five provinces in northwest China is an important cooperation field in the strategy of Silk Road Economic Belt. The scale of cultural exchange...
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Study on the Teaching Reform for Theory and Application of Algorithm Analysis based on OBE

Mei Gong, Haiqing Zhang
Students majoring in software engineering usually have solid theoretical knowledge of computer science. However, when facing practical problems, their comprehensive ability of innovative thinking, analysis and problem solving still needs to be improved. According to the concept of OBE (Outcome Based...
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Design and Application of Micro-class Platform for Engineering Training under Credit System

Jianhua Cao, Xuhui Xia, Lei Wang, Xiang Liu
In order to speed up the construction of online open courses and platforms suitable for practical training, we established a WeChat public platform based on the WeChat service platform, which integrates teaching management, micro-class, learning, innovation and competition. The platform fully embody...
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Research on the Application of Concept Map in Professional Knowledge Structure of Post-oriented Students

Jianfeng Chen, Yu Zhang
Starts with the importance of concept map in evaluating professional knowledge structure of PAP post-oriented students and combines with the advantages of concept map evaluation, this paper describes aspects of concept map, such as knowledge structure evaluation method, questionnaire design, and testing...
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Construction of New Model for Innovative Talents Training

Chenguang Yan, Yujing Liu, Luke Wang
Based on the construction of the present mode for talent training, the effects and significations of mathematical contest in modeling of training for practical talents are described. With the help of variance analysis method, the role of mathematical contest in modeling of students' innovative ability...
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The Improvement of Students' Computer Innovation Ability Based on Competitions—A Case Study of Computer Design Competition for Chinese College Students

Zhiying Han
Innovation is the theme of today, we have no choices but to develop the all-around talents in order to meet the needs of the social development. Therefore, it has become a strategic task to cultivate students' innovative ability for college and universities. It proves that the competition and practical...
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Construction of Basic Computer Practice Teaching Platform Based on Innovation Ability Cultivation

Fenglong Xia
Innovative ability is an important manifestation of comprehensive quality, and the cultivation of high-quality innovative talents is an important task of talent cultivation in Colleges and universities. In this paper, the computer basic practice teaching is taken as a starting point, teachers should...
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Evidence-based Analysis of Psychological Intervention for Menopausal Syndrome

Xuemei Yi, Ting Ding
The research aims to systematically evaluate the effect of psychological intervention on perimenopausal syndrome. We searched CNKI, VIP, WanFang Data and China Biomedical Literature Database to collect randomized controlled trials on psychological intervention combined with drugs for menopausal syndrome....
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Constructing a New Engineering Training Model Oriented on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Xiang Liu, Xuhui Xia, Lei Wang, Jianhua Cao
The combination of advanced manufacturing technology and engineering education puts forward higher requirements for engineering training courses. Aiming at the problems exposed in engineering training courses, a new training mode of advanced manufacturing engineering was put forward, which is guided...
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Job Satisfaction of Mobile Internet and Migrant Workers-Based on the Surveys of 686 Migrant Workers

Haoshu Huang
The birth of Mobile internet is not only promoting the technological process, but also changing everyone’s life. The most important of these changes is that mobile internet can bring more Guanxi to people that love social network. This study first investigates determinants of job satisfaction and then...
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Research on "4A" Model of Museum Social Education Based on U-Learning Theory

Yanjun Song, Kefeng Li, Lu Sun
Under the background of the current realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation, the U-Learning theory is applied to the museum social education to actively explore the "4A" model of museum social education to make museums carry out social education activities to anyone, at anytime and...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of the NEET-oriented Engineering Training

Xiaoqin Liu, Chengsong Liu
Under the guidance of NEET training objectives, engineering training integrates emerging disciplines, basic disciplines and supporting disciplines by integrating existing teaching resources of materials, machinery, information technology and other related disciplines. Different learning routes are set...
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Building Reliable Student Status Management System with Block Chain

Qun Chen
At present, education-related corruption and illegal profit-making are frequent and incessant in China. The root is the problems in management of student status, including information dispersion, unsafe security, difficult verification, easy manipulation and counterfeiting. To a certain extent, it has...
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Research on Management of Educational Statistics against the Background of Information Disclosure

Juan Xu
With the publication of information disclosure, a series of irregularities and inconsistencies have emerged in the educational statistics data published by the government departments. In view of the problems in the education statistics, the reasons for the problems are analyzed from the school level,...