Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Transportation 2015

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Singularity Analysis of a three translational degrees of freedom Parallel Mechanism

Binjiu Yang, Xiu Qin
The singularity of a new 3-DOF parallel mechanism was analyzed. The position equation of the mechanism was gotten by the inverse kinematics solution. The velocity equation of the machine was gotten by the derivation of the position equation, and then got the Jacobian matrix, and the singularity conditions...
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Quantitative Analysis on Integrated Effect of Gears Mounting Errors to Point-Contact Tooth Surface Meshing Characteristics

Kaihong Zhou, Congyi Wang
A linear equations related to the position errors of the contact point on the tooth surface and the mounting errors was derived from calculating total differential of equations of meshing. The sensitivity of gears mounting errors to contact point position errors was studied by means of the singularity...
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Reliability-based robust design optimization of laminated composite structures

Weitao Zhao, Xizhi Zhang
The probability approach is the most popular way to quantify uncertain parameters and perform reliability analysis. The problems of structural optimization and robust design for laminated composite structures with reliability constraints are addressed in this paper. A new methodology to determine the...
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Analysis of Misalignment Journal Bearings Considering the Turbulent Effects

Fanwei Meng, Rui Liu, Po Qu, Guohui Xu
In order to investigate the cause of the typical bush rupture and wear damages in the journal bearing of the steam turbine generator set. The misalignment bearing analysis model of considering lubrication turbulence effects was established. The pressure, thickness distribution of the oil film is obtained....
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Gap Analysis of Annular Groove MR Brake

Jin Huang, Zhen Qiao, Yi Zhou
This paper provides an annular groove Magnetorheological(MR) brake. Bingham model is used to describe the constitutive behavior of MR fluids subject to an applied magnetic field. The theoretical analysis of the shear flow and braking torque of MR fluid between two parallel annular disks in annular groove...
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Simplified Mechanical Model of Ship Lift-Ship Box Structure

Li Yan
According to the connection feature of the gear and rack, an equivalent two-dimensional tandem and many freedom-degrees dynamic model of the structure system including the ship lift and the ship box was established based on the dynamic characteristics of three-dimensional finite element model. The results...
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Turbulent characteristics of flow in rotating cylinders

Zhongfan Zhu, Ying Wang
Based on measured data of velocities of several points along the vertical direction in the center of rotating cylinders using Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV), we analyzed some turbulent characteristics of flow, such as time-averaged velocity, turbulent intensity, and Reynolds stress. In addition,...
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Study on impact force calculation formula of ship lock gravity dolphin

Guilan Tao, Jian Ruan, Yingying Pan, Yajun Yan
Ship impact force is one of the main loads of the ship lock hydraulic structures. In order to understand its main influence factors and reasonably determine the calculation method, the transient dynamic analysis method is used in this paper to study the dynamic response of the dolphin under the ship...
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Study on bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete beam with CFRP experimental

Yuanyuan Li, Bin Guo, Jiang Liu
For research on the strengthening and repairing technology of the concrete flexural members, mechanical properties and deflection deformation of reinforced concrete flexural members are studied by means of several experiments which are pasted the carbon fiber cloth in tension section. This article made...
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The Numerical Analysis of Landslide Anti-slide Pile Mechanism under the Condition of Rainfall

Chen Zhao, Yong Feng, Xuguang Li
For now, the engineering landslide caused by rainfall is increasing, but the current research mainly stays in two-dimensional space which neither tallies with the actual three-dimensional space, nor lacks the related research on the influence of the landslide-function anti-slide pile system under different...
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Study on Seismic Behavior for Viscous energy dissipation brace Concrete Frame Joints

Longlin Ran, Wenhong Hou, Huitie Liu, Jinli Qiao, Shuang Hou
In order to study the effect of viscous energy dissipation brace to the special Stress Performance of the concrete frame joint, the paper analyzes the concrete frame with installed and not installed damper under the action of earthquake by adopting Sap2000.The internal forces in joint area and seismic...
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The Study Of The Arch Types Research And Prevention Measures About The Grain Inside Silos

Yong Feng, Feiya Xie
An arch will block the flow of grain , destroy the continuity and reliability of the discharge operations, and interrupt the continuity of discharging . Aim at the arch could produce harmful phenomenon and combining with the knot into the mechanism of the arch ,when we load and unload food.We propose...
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Post-peak stress-stain relations of rock mass considering elasto-plastic coupling based on strain-softening model

Jianxin Han, Fuming Chen, Lei Wang, Bei Jiang, Chunmei Zheng
Based on Hoek-Brown failure criterion, selecting the plastic shear strain as strain-softening parameter and considering elasto-plastic coupling, the approach of solving nonlinear relations between stress and axial strain, hoop strain and volumetric strain in the post-peak region was proposed by modeling....
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Application and experimental study of reinforcement method of pasting steel plates on RC arch bridges

Zhanbiao Zhang, Qian Wang, Cailiang Huang
The Shengli Bridge is a five-span continuous arch bridge constructed by Japanese 108 years ago in Dalian, China. Lacking of maintenance and repair, lots of longitudinal and transversal cracks are found on the bottom surfaces of arch ribs, as a consequence, steel bars are exposed and corroded extensively....
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Moment Distribution Method to Compute the Moment of Continuous Beam Using WPS

Ming Bo Zhao
This paper presents the moment distribution method to compute the moment of continuous beam end, in which the operating functions of WPS are called. In this method, the bending moment of beam end can be calculated in PC system, just inputting the transfer coefficient, the distribution coefficient and...
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The Anti-earthquake Safety Evaluation of Lock Chamber Based on Finite Element Method

Lijia Ma, Dandan Li, Qian Cai
The sluice is located in the place where the basic seismic intensity is degree 8. According to anti-earthquake safety calculation of lock chamber based on finite element method, the result shows that the displacement of the lock chamber is within safe levels and that the strength of sluice satisfies...
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The Asphalt Pavement Vertical Stress Dynamic State Response under the Moving Load

Jian-Hong Gao
Aiming at the common asphalt pavement structure combination, large general finite element software is used to build the three-dimensional model based on the multi-layer elastic system theory. The pavement structure vertical stress & time curve are analyzed entirely under the moving load. The results...
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Numerical simulations for allocations of internal forces on double-layer linings of shield tunnel

Zichang Shangguan, Shouju Li, Hao Li
Finite element model is performed to simulate the interactions between soils and concrete segments. A practical engineering example for double-layer linings of shield tunnel is numerically simulated with FEM in order to compute bending moment allocation ratio between bending moment on the initial lining...
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Tooth profile analysis of the vertical bearing capacity of the pile

Xue-Feng Guo
The foundation-structure of the building is an important research direction in the field of the geotechnical engineering . The pile foundation is the key research direction in the field of basic research, the pile foundation with its powerful bearing capacity is widely applied in engineering areas ....
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The research about parameters influence on the mechanical performance of haunch connection

Yongjuan Liu, Yan Wang
To research about parameters influence on the mechanical performance of haunch connection with haunch only on bottom beam flange, On the based of the analysis about haunch connection design step, theoretical calculation and ansys simulation were used to study the effect of haunch length, height ,beam...
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Maintenance and Reinforcement Design of Relics Steel Arch Bridge

Shuai Yuan, Weizhen Chen
Many domestic steel structure urban bridges built in the last century have been maintained and strengthened in succession because of reaching their design working life. These old bridges have the triple function of historical culture, human landscape and transportation. The maintenance and reinforcement...
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Experimental Study on Seismic Behavior of High Strength Concrete Short Columns with High Axial Load Ratio

Guojun Zhang, Benliang Liang, Boquan Liu
In order to research feasibility of high strength concrete applied to the framed structure of large-scale firepower plant, the 3 high-strength concrete short columns are experimentally researched. The results show that the stirrup ratio increases, the hysteretic curves of columns increasingly become...
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Experimental Study on Seismic Behavior of High Strength Reinforced Concrete Frame Columns with High Axial Pressing Ratio

Guojun Zhang, Benliang Liang, Boquan Liu
In order to research feasibility of high strength concrete applied to the main factory building frame and framed bent structure of large-scale firepower plant, based on the experimental research of 6 reinforced high strength frame slender columns under frequency cyclic loading, the failure shape and...
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Case Study of “Tegel Circulation Loop” by Technical University Berlin, Germany

Zesong Wei, Caixia Pan
Along with the accelerated development of urbanization process, makes many airports originally located in the outskirts begin to be gradually surrounded by city. How to renovation and reuse of the old airport effectively and reasonably, and alleviate the contradiction between the airport and urban development,...
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An Empirical Study on Property Management Mode of Security Housing Community based on Resident Willingness ——A Case from Guangzhou

Lin Chen, Ziping Zhang, Kaize Wu, Tao Tao, Jianhui Tan
Based on questionnaire surveys and interviews in 6 typical security housing communities in Guangzhou, this paper analyzes residents’ satisfaction evaluation on property management and their choice willingness of management mode in different security housing communities. On this basis, uses logistic regression...
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Research on the Protection of Industrial Heritage under the Cultural and Creative Industries

Han Fang Liu, Wei Jie Li
In the long river of history, the old industrial area unique architectural vocabulary carries unique brilliance of every city in the industrial age . In the respect of history industrial heritage should be better integrated into the development of the city at the same time, this is a problem that need...
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Seismic performance study for reinforced concrete–steel plate composite coupling beam

Nan Ge, Jiangshan Yue, Miaojun Qin
With finite element software ADINA, numerical models were presented for reinforced concrete-steel plate composite coupling beams, under span-depth ratio of 2.5:1,2.0:1 and 1.5:1, plus steel thickness of 8mm and 12mm, in order to study its seismic performance. Results show that reinforced concrete-steel...
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Form-finding Analysis of the Tensioned Membrane Structure considering Cutting Lines

Yi Wei, Limei Zhang
Cutting analysis and form-finding analysis are two key problems in the design of membrane structure. In the traditional analysis, the cutting lines are not considered in the form-finding analysis, but structural damages often emerged from these locations. So the form-finding analysis including the cutting...
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A Study on Influence of Traffic Conditions on Functions of Open Grounds in Residential Quarters

Deqing Bu, Zhao Wang, Bo Zhang
This paper takes some of open grounds in such typical urban residential quarters as HuaQingJiaYuan, FuRunJiaYuan, and GuoDianHuaYuan in Beijing as object of study. At-site survey was conducted based on theories and methods of environmental behavior studies, involving classification of users and activities,...
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Mechanical Characteristics of Concrete Bottom Slab in Elevated Pile Cap Steel Boxed Cofferdam in a Bridge

Wenjing Wang, Bin Liang, Weiwei Chen
Mechanical characteristics of concrete bottom slab in elevated pile cap steel boxed cofferdam in a bridge is studied. Taking Yuanshui bridge as an engineering example, the loading process of a precast reinforced concrete bottom slab, a part of a steel suspension box cofferdam using dry sealing and embosoming...
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Study on the Influence Factors of Cast-in-situ Bored Pile Bearing Capacity under Karst Geology Condition

Wenjing Wang, Bin Liang, Weiwei Chen
Influence factors of the bearing capacity of cast-in-situ bored piles under the karst geology condition are studied. Taking the large diameter cast-in-situ bored piles of Yuanshui bride piers in karst region as an engineering example, effects of three influence factors on the bearing capacity of bored...
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Problems of residential building facilities in the Czech Republic

Kuta Dagmar, Ceselsky Jan
The submitted paper deals with the house facilities in residential buildings which is often marginalized when solving problems of residential buildings and their areas. However, the house facilities are one of the factors having a substantial effect on quality of using the residential buildings and subsequently...
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Research on Fiber Micro-Surfacing Mixture Design and Pavement Performance in Interchange`s Connections

Zhaoyang Wu, Qi Fu
Now a large number of expressway enter the stage of repair and maintenance. But it`s easy to overlook the pavement`s performance, especially the skid resistance of the interchange at ramp exit and entrance during the repair and maintenance Interchange ramp exit and entrance has always been the accident-prone...
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An Effective Substructure Analysis for Soil-Structure Interaction

Chaojiang Fu
A 2-dimensional plain strain finite element seismic soil-structure interaction (SSI) analysis based on the substructure method is presented. A complete SSI analysis is performed. Namely, linear and non-linear SSI analysis is considered; and analysis without the consideration of SSI is performed; and...
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Centrality analysis of metro network, a case study of Paris

Xi Wang, Qingming Zhan, Philippe Bonnin, Stephane Douady
Metro systems are playing an increasingly important role in the cities all around the world, due to the demand of reduction on traffic congestions and energy consumption. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the relationship between the entering traffic and a new conception of centrality...
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Development of the Hradec Králové - Pardubice agglomeration since 1986

Teslikova Hurdalkova Lucie, Sulcova Jana, Kuta Dagmar
Hradec Králové - Pardubice agglomeration formed an important industrial and agricultural area in the centre of gravity of East Bohemia. Currently, the extensive development of the tertiary sector and important position of the two regional capitals set the pace for the development of logistics centres,...
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Defining Accessibility of Open Space in Relation to Urban configuration: Case Study of Wanchai, Hong Kong

Xiaohong Ling
As one of the high-density cities of the world, Hong Kong is suffering from a limited supply of land for its main urban areas; some open spaces however are frequently criticized as inconvenient for users and consequently ineffectively used. How to improve the performance of open spaces is, therefore,...
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A Case Study on the Conversion of Existing Commercial Buildings into Elderly Welfare Facilities in Japan

H.W. Choi
Recently, Japan with the increase in the cases of using the existing building structures for welfare purposes in recent years is displaying diversity in types of the use of the facilities prior to and following the conversion. In this Study, as the initial stage of the case survey study, cases of the...
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The Sustainable Development Research of Lanzhou Living Environment

Hongfei Li
The living environment is the base of the survival and development of human, its sustainable development is directly related to the extent of human life and it is one of most important content that measure the progress of human society and culture development. With the rapid development of economy and...
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Optimal Design of Truss Structures based on the New Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

Shi-Feng Li, Zhuo-Qun Zhang, Hong-Nan Li, Zongdong Ren
This paper highlighted a new improved ant colony optimization algorithm was realized to deal with structures optimization problems efficiently, with several special improvements. The new algorithm procedure was written by the MATLAB language. The numerical simulation results demonstrated that this new...
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A Study on the Dwelling Unit Pattern For the Home-based Elderly Residents

Bing-Li Chen
A possibility of a new pattern for the dwelling unit for the home-based elderly residents is discussed and the diversification of the residence design is suggested after a study over the current situation in which the dwelling unit design falls into a similar pattern.
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Humanizing Design of Nursing Home Facilities

Deqing Bu, Mengjiao Feng, Bo Zhang
To figure out the needs of senior citizens and build up a good environment is the central issue. An aging population has become one of the most serious issues in today’s society and the pension industry is gradually developing to meet the demand, starting from the perspective of a market economy. Many...
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Development of the Conversion Value for Permeability, Absorption in Concrete

Jonbi Jonbi, A.R. Indra Tjahjani, F.X. Ferry Munaf
The development of construction technology today, allowing construction of high-rise building that has 20 floors or more simply the floor 5-7 cycles /day, so the time of completion of construction of the building quickly. The implication aspects of cost control, quality, time should be more strict and...
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Theoretical research on aluminium members under cyclic axial loading

Xuechao Chen, Zheng Zhang
This paper studies the influence of various parameters, such as alloy types and slenderness ratios, on the hysteretic behavior of compression aluminium members under cyclic axial loading. In this research, a method by finite element analysis was proposed. The method was based on FEA software, ANSYS....
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The Theory of Kindergarten

Wujin Gaowa, Tuo Ya, Wenhui Ming
Kindergarten should create graceful environment to fit in children’s psychological request. In designing master plan of kindergarten, a favorable exterior environment should be created by functional division, entrance setting, building organization and integration of exterior play area, green and roads.Kindergarten...
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Finite element analysis on stable performance of new section of aluminium alloy members under axial compression

Xiumei Zheng, Zheng Zhang
For new section of aluminium alloy members there are still not enough researches on the mechanical properties and mechanism of action. The nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) was carried out to study the mechanical properties of new section of aluminium alloy members under axial loading. In this...
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Preliminary Study of Urban Design Strategy to Create the Urban Characteristics——Take Baotou City in Inner Mongolia for Example

Yue Wang, Xiaoguang Wang, Weidong Wang
The city’s characteristics have significance for the development of the city. In the process of rapid urbanization, many cities of China are in the crisis of lack of characteristic. This article provides urban design strategies at a macro level to put forward the characteristics in urban design of Baotou...
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On Dynamics of the Biggest Lift Bridge in the World

Peter Rosko
The paper deals with dynamic analysis of biggest lift bridge in the world. The Botlek bridge is placed in Rotterdam area and currently is under construction. The bridge is unique and the design required concurrent know-how from mechanics theory and technology practice. The statically and dynamically...
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Investigation of unfired Bricks Prepared by Shangluo Molybdenum tailings

Chunsheng Zhou, Chun Li, Le Cui, Guochun Zhang, Xiaowei Cui
Using molybdenum tailings in Shangluo as a core sample and the cement as gelled material, the unfired brick is prepared by mixing molybdenum tailings, cement, sand, silica powder and accelerating admixture, and then stirring and vibration. The effects of molybdenum tailings content, the ratio of molybdenum...
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Deflection Solutions for Concentrated Force on Spherical Shell

Fan Wang, Xing Wang
The deflection solution of concentrated loads on spherical thin shell has already been widely studied. The solution for a concentrated normal force was first obtained by E.Reissner in 1946 by using the classical theory of shallow shells. This problem was also considered by S.P.Timoshenko(1946), Stanislaw...
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Stiffness Analysis for Hollow Spherical Joints

Fan Wang, Xing Wang
Hollow spherical joints’ stiffness has important effect on the strength and stability bearing capacity of reticulated shells. Because of complication of theoretical analysis and difficulty on experiments, the stiffness of hollow spherical joints which are applied widely in the large-span reticulated...
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Application of Prestressed Concrete Composite Box-girder Bridges with Corrugated Steel Webs

Ming Li, Jianyong Song, Huaijian Li
Prestressed concrete composite box-girder bridges with corrugated steel webs were introduced in China in the early 21st century. Now the number of this type of bridges under construction and completed has been more than forty, and China has become the second country where this type of bridges is most...
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Application and Selection of Green Materials in Building Interior Space

Xikuan Zhang
The significance of green materials to the building interior space is not only to bring about the improvement of human living space, but also to protect the environment. It is also a high level of experience which brings people spirit and culture.
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On The Control of Project Cost in the Investment Decision Stage

Hongwe Li
In terms of the actual investment estimate, the construction plan is to control the actual cost of investment decisions, and other follow-up work, investment decision stage, construction plans, and other follow-up work, investment decision stage, construction plans, and other follow-up work, investment...
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The Unique Charm of the Context to the Architectural Environment

Shengxiao Li, Jun Ma, Guanghui Lv
The theoretical summary and example analysis are applied in this article, that study how to make the building environment fully display the history and bring charm characteristics by culture. To carry forward the national essence culture, enable the building environment and culture to the exterior design,...
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Discussion on Architecture Conception

Shengxiao Li, Jun Ma, Ran Bi
There will be creative intention and thinking in any architectural design. Based on some case, this paper explicates methods getting intention. Conditions--questions--are not handicap, are the condition getting valuable, significant intention. Good idea depends on good thoughts, conception is the premise...
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The Study on Static Force Behavior of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Lattice Wind Turbine Tower Joints

Fei Zhou, Ping Huang, Lujia Yang, Junfeng Yang
In order to discuss the failure mechanism of concrete filled steel tube lattice wind turbine tower joints. Based on the parameters of abdomen strut section form, and using nonlinear static numerical simulation, this article research on the stressed complex joints. The results of the study show that the...
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Analysis of acoustic emission signals of prestressed reinforced concrete beam in the process of the destruction based on the theory of b-value in Seismology

Xu-Hong Fan
Acoustic emission data of the whole Acoustic emission data of the whole failure process of prestressed reinforced concrete beams by the test of hierarchical loading are collected then introduce a detailed description of using the least squares method to calculate the b-value using Seismology b-value...
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Fractal analysis of damage detected by acoustic emissions in prestressed reinforced concrete beam under loading

You-Shun Wang, Jian Liu
For researching the relationship between prestressed reinforced concrete acoustic emissions (AE) signal and its damage evolution information, the paper studies AE signal parameter sequence fractal characteristics for destruction of whole process of prestressed reinforced concrete under different stress...
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The analysis of the prestressed concrete beam damage process based on the acoustic emission

You-Shun Wang, Jian Liu
The use of acoustic emission technology of prestressed concrete beams damage monitoring research, obtained the prestressed concrete beam damage acoustic emission monitoring of real-time data; according to the value of the acoustic emission energy parameters of acoustic emission, reveals that the bearing...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Green Residential District in China from view of Social and Humanity Demand

Yuxiong Zhang, Lei Fan, Huibing Xie, Yuanfeng Wang
Green building is becoming the main trend in current construction industry due to its main characteristics: energy saving, low carbon emission and environmental protection. Exist evaluation systems of green residential districts have little consideration on social and humanity demand. Based on the methods...
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Analysis to determine the average life of the residential building

Cui-Ping Wang
short-lived building received more and more attention . With the assumed distribution function method to measure the life of residential buildings , with the frequency of things occured in n trials to estimate the probability of something happening , make maximum use of fewer lifetime data , and then...
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Design of Safety Monitoring and Early Warning System for Buried Pipeline Crossing Fault

Wu Liu, Wanggang Hou, Wentao Zhang
Long-distance buried pipeline crossing fault is prone to being cracked, fractured and buckling failure, so the implementation of pipeline security monitoring and early warning can not only after the earthquake quick report, but provide basis for assessing the safe operation condition of the pipeline...
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Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of New Precast Concrete Shear Wall

Lei Tang
New precast concrete shear walls use mild steel bars protruded from lower precast concrete wall and anchored in grouted metal bellows embedded in upper precast concrete wall to form integrity. The horizontal connection of precast shear walls is frequently located a certain distance higher than the story...
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Effect of Transmembrane Pressure on Performance of Dynamic Membrane for Treatment of Wastewater Containing Humic Acid

Tao Yang, Guochao Li, Bo Qiao
The effects of transmembrane pressure on the performance of treatment of wastewater containing humic acid using dynamic membrane were studied, in which the relative permeate fluxes, pollutant removal efficiency and membrane fouling characteristics were investigated. The results indicated that the removal...
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Study on Heavy-Loaded Locomotive Schedule of Da-qin Railway

Ruiye Su, Leishan Zhou, Jinjin Tang
The main difference between locomotive schedule of heavy-loaded railway and that of regular rail transport is the number of locomotives utilized for one train. One heavy-loaded train usually has more than one locomotive, but a regular train just has one locomotive. Based on analysis of the current locomotive...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis of the Stability of Heishan Tunnel’s Surrounding Loess during Construction

Yang Song, Wen-Jun Sun, Ke-Xin Guo, Wei Lu
Stability of tunnel’s surrounding rocks is a big issue during construction. Based on the characteristics of crown settlement and convergence deformation of surrounding rocks, numerical simulation of Heishan tunnel has been carried out to investigate the interaction between right and left tunnels during...
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Study on Seismic Performance of Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge Based on Pushover and IDA Analysis

Tang Tang, Yong-Jiu Qian, Yong-Shui Zhang
Based on the restriction of Chinese seismic design criterion which is only applied to regular bridges whose column heights are lower than 40 m, a typical high pier and long span rigid bridge is used in this study The typical nonlinear numerical analysis model is built for long-span continuous rigid frame...
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Forming Mechanism of the Loess Landslides Triggered by Irrigation and Seasonal Freezing

Wenhong Liu, Tonglu Li
The fundamental characters and failure mechanism of the landslides related to freeze-thaw action are introduced in this paper. Monitoring of the ground temperature and the pore water pressure at the landslide located at the side of the Heifangtai loess platform, Gansu province suggested freezing can...
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Analysis on Local Stress of Steel-concrete Joint Section of Weihe Grand Bridge

Weiwei Chen, Bin Liang, Wenjing Wang
Local stress of steel-concrete joint section is analyzed in the role of three conditions. According to the engineering example of Weihe grand bridge, the finite element space model of steel-concrete joint section is built. Through calculation and analysis, the stress state of steel-concrete joint section...
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Research on Structure of Steel-concrete Joint Section in Hybrid Girder of a Grand Bridge

Weiwei Chen, Bin Liang, Wenjing Wang
Structure of steel-concrete joint section in hybrid girder of a grand bridge is studied. Taking Weihe grand bridge as an engineering example, structure combination of steel-concrete joint section and detail structure design including joint section connector, longitudinal prestressed reinforcement, steel...
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Optimization of Oil Pipe Arrangement with Conditions of Compensation and Different Unit Cost

Dongping Wei, Tianli Lei, Lv Peng
It is usually to see that oil pipelines usually pass through suburbs areas and urban areas. And it is necessary to pay compensation to private properties owners when the pipelines occupy some private properties. Meanwhile, the unit costs of different section pipelines are different because the production...
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Analysis on Behavior of web buckling of Hexagonal Castellated Beams with Transverse Stiffeners Under Uniform Loads

Hao Deng, Wanli Pu, Tonglin Li, Danyang Chen
This paper is concerned with a way to improve the anti-buckling performance of castellated beams. The finite element package ANSYS 15.0 is used to model castellated beams. Numerical simulations are carried out to provide data for the development of the critical load of web local buckling of hexagonal...
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Test Study on Mechanical Properties of Mixture Mass of Loess and Crushed Rocks

Wen-Jun Sun, Yang Song, Ke-Xin Guo, Hai-Feng Zhang
Based on large-scale triaxial tests, the mechanical properties of loess and crushed rocks mixture mass of a freeway tunnel’s surrounding rocks in Hebei were studied under the consideration of crushed rock’s contents. The test results indicate that with the increase of crushed rocks contents, initial...
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Application of Index Weighting System in Large-scale Construction Project Management

Xueliang Hou, Kai Liu, Qi Song
Aiming at the requirement of immediate analysis, correction and determination in the index weighting of large-scale construction project management, this study based on the integration of project theories and practices, built and developed index weighting system for large-scale construction project management...
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Analysis on Multi-factorial Risk Coupling Effect of Construction schedule of Large Construction Projects

Xueliang Hou, Kai Liu
This paper aims at researching on multi-factorial risk coupling effect on construction schedule of large construction projects. Combined with related data of construction industry in China and with the means of model and Matlab simulation, the paper has got the effective value of multi-factorial risk...
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Research on Development History of Company town in China

Mingming Xiang, Minghong Yu, Guo Li
This paper, from the point of time sequence, classifies Chinese Company Town, and gives a brief overview of Company town’s causes, process and characteristics etc. in the colonial times, period of national capitalist industry and the Third Front Construction period, and the present situation of preservation....
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Research Development of the Traditional and Flexible Shed-holes

Yunfei Luo, Jiao Jiang, Jianrong Yang, Yitang Zhou
Rock-fall impact is the main threat to the roads and bridges. The research background, methodology and literature review are introduced respectively on rock-fall impact to traditional reinforced concrete shed-hole and flexible steel shed-hole. The impact force transmission mechanism is brought into focus....
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Progress in the Research of Virtual Trial Assembly

Yang Li, Jian Yao, Yuling Zhang
There are two ways of trial assembly for steel structures which are well known as the physical trial assembly and the virtual trial assembly. The physical trial assembly is of high reliability but low economy. Nevertheless, the virtual trial assembly can save cost to the extreme extent and shorten the...
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New Idea for the Weld between Orthotropic Deck and U Rib

Changjiang Wang, Yuling Zhang, Xiangyang Chen, Jian Yao, Zifang Ren
Orthotropic steel bridge deck system has a large number of applications in recent years in many countries. Based on the research on the Thicken Edge U rib (TEU), a new fatigue control technology route is put forward in this paper. The conception is that, on the premise of increasing a small amount of...
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Debris Flow Hazard Zoning Based on Numerical Simulation in the Wenchuan Earthquake Meizoseismal Areas

Jun Wang, Yan Yu
The Wenchuan earthquake triggered a large number of landslides and collapses in the quake-hit areas, which left a tremendous amount of loose deposits on the slopes and on the valley bottoms. The debris flow pregnant environment has changed dramatically, making the hazard level of debris flow increased...
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Study on Real Time Monitoring Method for 2-D deformation of Settlement Joint by Long Gauge FBG Sensing Technique

Yashuang Han, Hao Zhang, Sheng Shen
In this paper, to monitoring the 2-D deformation of building’s settlement joint, based on the testing Macro-strain of long gauge FBG strain sensing technology, the calculating method for the 2-D deformation is derived. One kind of accurate real time monitoring method is proposed, and its reliability...
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Maintenance Scheduling Optimization for 30kt Heavy Haul Combined Train in Daqin Railway

Yuan Lin, Leishan Zhou, Jinjin Tang
The freight demand on Daqin Railway is growing yearly, but the maintenance scheduling is almost based on field experience, which makes great impact on transport capacity. Based on maintaining theory, this paper focuses on modeling and algorithm, offering scientific maintenance scheduling for Daqin Railway....
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Decision-making Method for Low-rent Housing Construction Investment

Wei Zhang, Liwen You
The paper sets up a investment decision-making model with the option game thinking. First, based on the option game features low-rent housing projects have, the paper proposes some research hypotheses on value, benefits, costs for the options. Second, on the basis of the decision-making path of a multi-stage...
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Low Carbon City and Analysis of its Guidance to Urban Planning

Jun Ma, Shengxiao Li, Chaorong Zhang
In this paper, we discuss how to combine the idea of sustainable development with urban planning as a public policy, and support the construction of low carbon cities by scientific and reasonable planning according to the concept of low carbon city. The main points of the paper are the guidance and the...
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The Theory of Practice and Prospect of the Low Carbon City Planning

Jun Ma, Shengxiao Li, Pengcheng Wang
This paper analyzes the relationship of low carbon city and climate change on the background of global warming.Low carbon city construction is the important measures to mitigate climate change crisis.And low carbon urban planning is a key technology of low-carbon urban construction.Research from three...
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Study on Synthetic Reinforcing Approach and Its Applications

Bing Xing, Jun Xiao, Shi-Zhong Qiang, Tang Tang
A new method of synthetic reinforcing approach is first put forward systematicly in this paper. Its main feature is the old and new material obtainted the appropriate prestressing by adjusting structural reinforcement of internal forces, realizing the combination of the structure prestress technology...
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Evaluation of Equilibrium State of China Real Estate Market Based On AHP

Xin-Xin Li
Real estate industry is the foundational, guiding and pillar industry of the national economy, and they are closely linked, therefore, guiding and promoting real estate industry in a sustained, stable and healthy development is beneficial to both the people and nation. That will not only meet the basic...
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Research on Bayesian Prediction of Long-Term Deformation for Reinforced Concrete Beams

Zhengyang Zhang, Renda Zhao, Tengfei Xu
This paper proposed introducing random variable test information into Bayesian prediction of long-term deformation for reinforced concrete structure, provided Bayesian prediction of long-term deformation for three reinforced concrete beams, and studied impact of prior distribution on the prediction results.
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Statistical Analysis and Research on Common Defects of Precast Slab Girder Bridge

Zicheng Wang, Hengshan Wu
In this paper, the small and medium span precast hollow slab girder bridge in Dongguan city is taken as an example in order to statistically classify common defects of precast slab girder bridge respectively from the aspects of the bridge decking, upper structure and lower structure. Moreover, possible...
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Research on Breadth and Depth of BIM capabilities

Guiyou He, Li Bian
The definition of BIM was reviewed from two perspectives of tool and process based on the literature from BIM software developers, BIM international research organizations and BIM monographs. The measurement models of the breadth and depth of BIM implementation level were designed based on the existing...
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Research on BIM implementation plan in construction enterprise

Guiyou He, Li Bian
To achieve the desired objectives for construction enterprise BIM implementation and depth implementation of management process and the project implementation, we explores the BIM implementation design principles and path. This paper proposed the BIM implementation roadmap for construction enterprise....
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Railway Network Blocking Problem: An Optimization Modeling Formulation about Flow Routing Problem

Hongpeng Ma, Yixiang Yue, Congli Hao
In this paper, we mainly study on modeling formulation for railway network blocking problem. We propose model formulation for RBP. The objective function of RBP model is to minimize the costs of flow traveling and delay for the train in marshalling station, by deciding which block is built and specifying...
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The effect of the external carbon source on each stages of A2/O process for simultaneously removing nitrogen and phosphorus

Dong-Chen Na, Yang Zhang, Hong Zhang, Lu-Ning Wang, Cai-Yu Sun, Yong-Feng Li
In this study, the aim was to investigate the various carbon sources, included methanol, glucose and ethanol, to estimate the removal efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus in anaerobic-anoxic-oxic (A2/O) process by laboratory experiments. Total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) removal efficiencies...
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Study of the deformation characteristics for red clay under drying-wetting cycles

Kaisheng Chen, Ronghua Zhu
Because of the special engineering properties of red clay with high water content, high plasticity, high porosity and other special engineering properties, especially the water loss shrinkage of the subgrade surface has been cracked, which makes the subgrade produce a number of diseases. Paper took the...
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Review of Application Research of BRBs in Seismic

Xiaoli Li
As a new type of energy dissipation component buckling restrained brace overcomes traditional brace s drawbacks such as compression buckling inability to make full use of material s plastic hysteretic energy dissipation function when under pressure. Buckling restrained brace also has the advantage of...
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A Comparative Research on the Optimal Anchor Angle of Anchor Cable Frame Project

Xiao Tong
It often happens in anchor cable projects that the beams of anchor cable fail to exert the optimal effect or even the projects fail due to the irrational design of anchorage angle. In response to this, based on the principal theoretical formula, the expression of the optimal anchorage angle was deduced,...
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Study on the Frost Mechanism of Concrete

Xiaoning Su
This paper concluded and analyzed the depiction that concerned concrete frost mechanism for many years. The main theories are phase change process of water into ice, the existence of water in the concrete forms and gap on the water hydrostatic pressure and osmotic pressure hypothesis, freeze-thaw critical...
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The principle and method of urban ecological restoration planning

Xiaotang Xia
Faced with the deteriorating ecological environment, people began to apply the principles of ecology to urban landscape planning and construction, which make a number of methods of ecological planning and design. Ecological restoration design is one of them. This paper indicates the background and connotation...
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Study On TheStress-strain Full Curves Of Waste Glass Powder Concrete

Wang Tao, Guo-Jun Ke, Yuan-Chu Gan
Design level C30 ,Water cement ratio 0.5, Sand rate 36%, Glass powder content 15%, Glass particle size by milling 35min, Waste glass powder mixed with two kinds of color, brown and green. Plus a baseline group of three groups and each group of six, a total of eighteen. Strain gauge affixed to the sides...