Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Transportation 2015

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Research on quality evaluation of landslide forecast model

Zhaoyang Wang
In recent years, At home and abroad scholars proposed a great deal of mathematical models on landslide forecast, which through the fitting of landslide monitoring data and trend analysis to determine the landslides time. How to determine the results of the analysis to different mathematical models and...
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Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Improved Hilbert-Huang Transform

Fenglei Ma, Xiaoshuai Chen, Jilong Du
For empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method had endpoint effect and modal aliasing problems, in this paper an improved Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT) based on combination of symmetrical-mirror continuation and correlation coefficient method was put forward. This method can eliminate the modal aliasing...
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Referring Sustainable Waste Management Strategy Drives Life-Cycle Sustainable Building Benefits Of China

Mr. Yunhui Yang, Mr. Yishan Zhao
Construction is one of the major industries that generate wealth to China. Construction industry contribute a large of portion of solid waste stream which causes the grave negative impacts towards environment and ecosystem in China. There are increasingly serious problems that are faced by Chinese government...
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Study of the swelling deformation characteristics of red clay

Kai Sheng Chen, Ze Hua Wu, Zhen Lu
The paper is aimed at the phenomenon of red clay subgrade disease,taking the subgrade filling from the Yuqing-Kaili Expressway as the research object,doing the expansion test on the red clay,analysing of red clay expansion deformation law. The results showed that in the same compaction degree, different...
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Researching of common seismic wave source

Xu Fang Zhu, Bing Yan, Lan Luo
The technology of seicmic wave is more and more useful in mineral prospecting,buried targets exploring and some other items .there are many disadvantages in the traditional seismic wave stimulate technology.this atticle summarises and compares the advantages and disadvantages among the seismic wave....
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Compression bearing capacity analysis of concrete in edge and corner under prestressed constraint

Zhanshuo Cao, Xinsheng Yin, Jingwei Cai
With the development of architectural diversity, local pressure has become a common form in civil engineering, the problem of compression bearing analysis of concrete in edge and corner become more and more prominent, under the prestressed constraints, the article try to study on the change of the pressure...
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Particle flow simulation of sand under biaxial test

Xiao-Li Dong, Wei-Hua Zhang
Sand, also known as non cohesive soil, the particle is contact point to point. The particle properties are very suitable for the simulation of particle aggregation through the biaxial tests. Study on the sand mechanical parameters by the biaxial test with a linear contact model, parameters of the study...
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36Cl Age Study for Deep Geothermal Water of Guanzhong Basin

Zhi-Yuan Ma, Shu-Sheng Dang, Yang Meng
There are abundant geothermal water resources in the deep of Guanzhong Basin, whose origin and renewable ability has been the focus of academic circles .Previous research results of the environmental isotope hydrogeochemistry showed that there was small amount residual sedimentary water formed in the...
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Discussion on Channel Characteristics and Regulation Ideas of the Braided Reach in the Middle and Lower Reach of the Yangtze River

Yude Zhu
This paper provides preliminary analysis on both the morphological characteristics of being wide, curved and branched for braided reach and the influential factors on the channel of the bending braided part. Based on the analysis of a typical river reach as an example, this paper puts forward the channel...
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Civil engineering quality monitor framework based on information theory

Ruhang Xu, Lei Qin
Many researches emphasized the importance of quality control in manufacturing engineering. But there are little researches in the civil engineering field. This paper pointed out that it is possible to apply process control method in construction quality monitoring based on information theory. It is possible...
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Methodology Analyses of Contextual Landscape Urbanism with Case Study in Different Periods

Qianyi Zhu
This paper analyzes contextual landscape urbanism in different periods via two typical cases. And it explains the reasons that we conserve characteristic and contextual factors in landscape urbanism. Paper claims that accompanying city expanding, it is necessary and important to keep urban’s unique historical...
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Application of Moment of Momentum Theorem in Tie the Knot with A Hoop and A Chain

Shanshan Zheng, Bin Zheng, Shuying Qu, Bing Hao
The reason why magic is mysterious is because the masters have sufficient application and grasp of various kinds of scientific principles. Here, take "tie the knot" magic for example, carry out several experiments of a single hoop knotting with a chain, analyze the process of operation, movement and...
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The nonlinear analysis on cross-section short-limb shear wall

Qiang Zhang, Cheng-Cheng Tao, Wei-Rong Cao
Nine cross-section reinforced-concrete short-limb shear wall specimens under monotonic load are analyzed by the nonlinear finite element analysis with the software ANSYS, which compares the change of load capacity, stiffness and ductility of the shear wall when axial compressive ratio changes. The results...
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The Research on Stress Intensity Factor of Steel Bridge Members Based on Finite Element Method

Ying Li, Jia Qu
The calculation accuracy of stess intensity factor K has direct effect to the results when elastic fracture mechanics is adopted to fatigue life estimation. In order to decrease calculation errors, the steel I-beam with side crack and the steel box beam with central crack have been studied which are...
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Finite element analysis on mechanical properties of new section of aluminium alloy members under bending moment

Jianbin Li, Xiawei Tan, Zheng Zhang
Aluminium alloy structures are widely used in civil engineering. In this paper, nonlinear analyses were carried out on the aluminium alloy members under bending moments by finite element analysis. The parametric study shows that the ductility of the new section is better than that of the I-section. The...
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Critical Issues for Investment Control of BT Project From the Perspective of Project Governance: the Case Study of a Metro Project

Ling Yan, Q X Ding, Min Yan
It is well known that the introduction of BT mode in construction of public infrastructure can reduce financial pressure of government public organization greatly but it might make the public be exposed to the debt risks The key of resolving this problem is to control the investment in BT project effectively...
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Study to the Treatment of Bridge Bored Pile in the Karst Terrain

Hao Wu, Jinghui Liu, Qida Zheng, Wenku Wang, Yong Ya
the broken pile is one of the serious accidents due to quality in bored pile of bridge, and different treatments have been put forward toward the pile breaking problem discovered in pile checking; and we expound emphatically the problem of the deep broken pile under the bridge bored pile through the...
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Experiment and Analysis of Concrete Superimposed Beam-plate under Secondary Load

Limin Yang, Jiangwei Wang, Jinjun Guo
Combining with strengthening engineering of a practical reinforced concrete plate bridge serving for 30 years, the superimposed experiments of four old bridge plates were studied with full size of 4960mm*950mm*220mm. The characteristics of composite members under secondary load stage were analyzed, such...
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A Brief Review of the High-order Numerical Manifold Method

H.H. Zhang, X.L. Ji
The numerical manifold method (NMM) is first proposed by Dr. Shi. The finite cover technology from the mathematical manifold analysis is incorporated into the NMM. Due to the independence of the mathematical cover system from the physical domain, the NMM has unique advantages on the analysis of both...
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Heat Conduction Analysis of the Composite Wall by the Extended Finite Element method

H.H. Zhang, J.J. Zhu
Recent years, the “green” building is booming. As an important component of this environmentally friendly building, the composite wall insulation system has attracted a lot of attentions. In this paper, the widely used extended finite element method (XFEM) is adopted to analyze heat conduction problem...
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Analytical Analysis of Steel Reinforced Concrete Transfer Beam

Fan-Shen Meng
In this paper, using the method of stress function analysis of steel reinforced concrete transfer beam and upper shear wall mechanical characteristics and deformation law of interaction, its stress distribution field has been given; Nonlinear finite element calculation and combined with some engineering...
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Simulation Method of Main Cable Temperature for Suspension Bridge

Ying Wang, Muyu Liu
Solid thermal finite element model of suspension bridge main cable was established by finite element software ANSYS. Layered grid was divided along the radial direction of main cable. Main cable thermal parameters ,including heat conductivity coefficient, specific heat, thermal expansion coefficient...
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Analysis on the production situation of new wall materials in each region of Hebei Province

Dezhi Meng, Minghui Cui, Xiaoyong Liang
Based on practice data, this paper focused on the market supply and demand relation and used the systematic method to analyze the brick type, block type, heat preserved new wall materials in Hebei province. according to the amount of chimney and the number of new wall materials and production, this paper...
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Research on Influences of Retaining Wall Draining Capacity on Stability of Reservoir Bank Slope Retaining Wall

Yisong Zhang, Liming Wu, Zijian Wang, Guojun Lv
Taking one typical reservoir bank slope as example, do comparative analysis on internal force and displacement of slope under different draining conditions through utilizing finite element software ABAQUS. Analysis results show that thrust of slope on retaining wall obviously increases with the lengthening...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis of Karst Tunnel Water Bursting Movement

Baohua He
The karst water is one of the main geological disasters in tunnel construction in Karst area. The disaster of water inrush in karst tunnel is studied in this paper. FLOW-3D is used to simulation movement patterns of water inrush in karst tunnel based on BaoFeng tunnel engineering. The following contents...
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Dynamic analysis for shallowly buried elliptic inclusion near interfacial crack impacted by SH waves in bi-material half space

Xiao-Hao Ding, Hui Qi
Base on elastodynamics, complex function method with mapping function and Green’s function method are used to investigate the scattering of SH waves and dynamic stress concentration in bi-material half space with elliptic inclusion and interfacial crack. Firstly, the bi-material half space is divided...
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Study on Effect of Different Porosity on Thermally Driven Heat Transfer in a Centrifugal Force Field

Jie Xia, Hai-Ping Chang, Hou-Xiang Tang
Based on the exploiture of turbine blade super cooling technology, porous medium is installed in a new kind of cooling configuration with cooling tunnels. Experiments and numerical simulations are carried out to investigate the thermally driven heat transfer rules in the new kind of cooling configuration...
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Influence of Pyrolysis Temperature and Pellet Size on Syngas Production from Sewage Sludge: towards Energy Recovery

Yuwen Zhu, Yanfang Miao, Lei Zhang, Jiujun Yang
The energy recovery from sewage sludge has been turned out to be vital solution to the sludge problem. This study focused on the conversion of sewage sludge into syngas production. The effects of pyrolysis temperature and pellet size on syngas yield and composition were studied. The influence of operation...
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Study on the temperature field and thermal stress in the concrete box girder bridges

Jian Shen, Xiaoyun Liu
Concrete bridge structures are usually exposed to the natural environment. Because of sunshine, wind, precipitation, etc natural environment influence, the concrete structure is changing temperature. With the poor thermal conductive performance of concrete, the upper structure temperature gradient appears...
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Research on the material degradation model and the bonding-slipping effect of reinforced concrete

Jian Shen, Xiaoyun Liu
Based on the modified plate-truss model, the time-varying ultimate capacity of RC subjected to bending, shear and torsion were studied. An average constitutional relationship of steel bar is developed by considering both the bonding-slipping effect and corrosion ratio of reinforcing steel bar. The calculation...
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Green Building Assessment of the Desertification Rural Area in Northwest China

Rui Liang, Bo Wen Zhang, Qun Zhang
Taking the rural green building assessment system of the Northwest China as the research object, the paper would discuss regional adaptability of the green building assessment system. The paper puts forward the assessment target facing the dilemma with the development of the desertification of rural...
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Analysis and Forecast of Construction Waste Based on ARIMA Model

Zhaoxiang Song, Yan Li, Zhirong Huang
In the construction waste output forecast, it is difficult for forecasting and reducing the accuracy of forecasting. In this paper, a method for estimating the yield of urban construction waste is built on the basis of building area, by using the ARIMA model to predict demolition area and the area of...
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Effect of glass powder instead of mineral powder on asphalt mixture

Binkai Tang, Hengshan Wu, Yiping Liao, Dingping Huang
This paper through the experiment discussed the glass powder to substitute the mineral powder to asphalt mixture effects of asphalt mixture aggregate ratio, volume parameters and water stability. Experimental results show that the glass powder to substitute the mineral powder have minimal impact to asphalt...
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Analysis on ultimate bearing capacity of the prestressed concrete beam end of dispersion anchorage under local pressure

Xinsheng Yin, Yang Liu
In this paper, a finite element software ABAQUS is carried out to calculate the ultimate load bearing capacity of the concrete under the restraint of prestressed bar. According to the failure criterion of Mohr-Coulomb, the calculation method of ultimate bearing capacity is put forward, and get the ultimate...
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Research on surrounding rock phase change effect to the initial supporting in cold region tunnels

Yuwei Zhang, Youyun Li
In order to study the influence of surrounding rock temperature phase change to the initial supporting force, temperature sensors, pressure box, steel force meter were used to monitor the tunnel environment temperature, surrounding rock temperature, pressure between surrounding rock and shotcrete layer,...
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Study on the Bearing Capacity of Autoclaved Fly Ash Masonry Short Column

Xiaoxin Yang, Jianrong Yang, Zhichao Peng
According to the plane cross-section assumption and static equilibrium, the formulas for the bearing capacity of autoclaved fly ash masonry short column (AFAMC) can be deduced. And in the deducing process, we should consider the stress-strain relations of the various masonry materials. In this paper,...
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Stress-strain Behavior of Steel-Polypropylene Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under True Triaxial Compression

Jie Su, Yin Chi
This paper investigates the stress-strain behavior of steel-polypropylene hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (HyFRC) under true triaxial compression. Three definitive lateral pressure combinations of 5/10MPa, 4/15MPa and 3/20MPa were performed for different fiber volume fractions and aspect ratios. Axial...
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Study on Indoor Environment Evaluation and Reconstruction Strategy of Existing Public Buildings in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Zone

Y.T. Ma, J.T. Weng
This paper analyzes the importance of the indoor environment of existing public buildings based on the present situation. Through the experiment the paper puts up the objective index of typical existing public building’s indoor environment in hot summer and cold winter zone and subjective evaluation...
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Construction Technology of Prestressed Cable Truss System of Gymnasium in YueQing

Mingmin Ding, Bin Luo, Yuzhou Shen, Yangjie Ruan
A cable truss support system was used in the roof of the gymnasium of YueQing sports center. It is composed by the grid structure of the monolayer surface and the cable truss support system. The prestress construction is difficult by its deformation and stress control. Based on the cable truss system...
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Comparative experiment study on the effect of red beds slope supported by geotextile bag and gabion

Qiao Zhang, Ming-Hui Wang
Slope supported by gabion and geotextile bag both have a high supporting strength, and with local materials, convenient construction, adaptability, environmental protection, low noise, low engineering cost and other advantages. So, it has a rapid development and wide application. To achieve supporting...
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Seismic Response Analysis of Medium Pressure Vertical Multilayer Pipe Support System in High-rise Building

Ge Cui, Hehui Wang, Chenqiong Ye, Xueyi Yin, Bo Liu
Based on finite element analysis software ANSYS, using shell elements and space beam elements, finite element model of the vertical multilayer pipe support system of high-rise building is created. The dynamic characteristics and seismic response of piping system are analyzed under earthquake load using...
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Damage evolution of concrete under loading history and sulfate attack

Yanming Shao, Jingzhou Lu, Lizong Tian
The damage test of concrete with size of 100 mm * 100 mm * 300 mm under loading history and sulfate attack has been carried out to investigate concrete properties. Mass and ultrasonic velocity of 15 prismatic concrete which are immersed in 1% sodium-sulfate solution under different loading history are...
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Prediction of the Silica Fume Concrete Corrosion in Sulfuric Acid by SVM-Based Method

Yue Zhan, Zhigang Song, Haiying Wang
A long time immersion test of silica fume concrete specimens in sulfuric acid is carried out.On the basis of experimentaldatum, a novel prediction model for sulfuric acid corrosion of concrete based on support vector machine (SVM) is proposed. The design steps and learning algorithm are also given. Five...
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Wind Vibration Response for a New Type of Reticulated Shell

Fan Wang, Xing Wang
Plate-cone reticulated shell is a new type of reticulated shell with good mechanical behaviour and technical economy. Wind-induced vibration response characteristics of plate-cone reticulated shell are studied, the fluctuation wind loads are simulated by using the wave superposition method in the paper....
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Research of generative ball in melting and solidification heat transfer characteristics

Weiguo Wang, Shuhui Xu, Jun You, Hao Lu
Paraffin regenerative ball physical model is presented in the paper, and the process of regenerative ball phase change heat transfer is simulated by FLUENT software. This paper expounds the temperature and liquid composition distribution in the process of the regenerative ball heat storage and heat release,...
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Design and optimization of the pipe fixed supports in the super high-rise building

Ye Huang, Hehui Wang, Xinyu Hu, Yan Li, Zhihua Wang
The finite element (FE) technique is applied to conducting the strength design and optimization of the vertical pipe fixed supports in a super high-rise building. The FE model of the fixed support is created and the stress distributions are calculated by using ANSYS. In this paper a new method is given...
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Experimental Research on Bearing Capacity of Cold-formed Steel Double-Shaft Built-up Long Columns

Qun Wang, Xin’E Yan, Qian Zhang
Cold-formed steel built-up columns are the main components in cold-formed steel framing residential buildings, however, there are short of reliable experimental and theoretical study on cold-formed steel built-up columns in China. Technical code of cold-formed thin-wall steel structures (GB50018-2002)...
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Analysis on Static Performance of KT Type Circular Steel Pipe’s Tubular Joint

Xian Liao, Zhongqing Wang, Jun Yong
the tubular joint of KT type circular steel pipe has abundantly existed with wide application of truss structure of long-span steel pipe. This paper analyzes the influence on joint stiffness through three major factors: thickness of major pipe t0, diameter of branch pipe di, the included angle between...
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Time Effect Research of Static Pressure Pile Based on Low Strain Dynamic Test

Jiatao Wang, Wei Zhang
Through the low strain dynamic test in engineerings, we found that the wave velocity is raised with time. Reasons for the phenomenon are analysed with the theory of stress wave propagation. We found that the increasing of the velocity of the test pile is mainly effected by the of lateral soil, because...
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Analysis of Fouling in Sewage Source Heat Pump Heat Exchanger

Xu Zhang, Lingzhe Zhang
The characteristics of sewage source heat pump and the fouling problem are analyzed in article; four kinds of fouling resistance models, the fouling categories, influencing factors of fouling formation in the heat exchangers, and two kinds of heat exchangers fouling elements were provided. The comparison...
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3D graphic computation and cost analysis of the underground substation

Li Bian, Dongqing Chen, Liang Li, Guiyou He
Focusing on the underground substation and building information model (Building Information Modeling, BIM) technology, a 3D model framework of underground substation was build. This article teased out the three-dimensional graphic computation process of underground substation, and discussed the significance...
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Study of Tunnel wall set effect on the FDS simulation results

Yang Guo, Shu.Hui. Xu, Qingru Hao
Recently there exist majority of simplified simulation situation of tunnel wall.To analyse how the simplified situation influences the result of simulation, this paper study conducted analysis of a certain range of temperature distribution within tunnel through the tunnel physical experiment. At the...
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Study on the Influence of Fast-growing Eucalyptus Planting on Reservoir Water Quality in Guangxi Based on N Stable Isotope Tracer Technology

Yanrong Zhao, Fenggen Yang, Jinchuan Guo, Ronghui Li
Lots of fast-growing eucalyptuses are planted in Guangxi because of their economic value. Based on the fertility characteristics of fast-growing eucalyptus and Guangxi soil nutrient status planting eucalyptus must pay attention to the application of fertilizer. Therefore, lots of nitrogen and phosphorus...
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Study on the Performance of HDP Asphalt Rubber Mixture

Yanzhi Gao, Zhoufeng Xu
HDP rubber asphalt mixture is made of rubber asphalt with a certain amount of HDP additive. The HDP rubber asphalt by Marshall design method with ratio design, of Marshall specimens tested the related technical indicators, to determine the optimum mix amount of HDP, aggregate synthesis of gradation and...
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Application of Close-Range Photogrammetric Technology to Monitor Slope Deformation

Haopeng Huang, Jinghui Liu, Hu Li, Yuan Zhang, Junshu Gao, Ye Tian
Close-range photogrammetric technology has the advantages of simple equipment, real-time monitoring, high automation level, high precision and non-contact surface measurement. This article is based on a monitoring example of a slope by digital close range photogrammetric technology and compared with...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Material Deterioration on Seismic Performance Evaluation of Bridges

Jintao Cui, Peng Cui
The steel corrosion is usually displayed in the form of cracking and spalling of the concrete cover due to the expansion of corrosion products. Structural distress due to either loss of bond along the steel/concrete interface resulting from splitting of the concrete cover, or reduction of the cross-sectional...
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Study on The Methods of Ground Improvement for Widening Expressway on Soft Ground

Hao Du, Jinghui Liu, Yu Yuan, Ye Zhang, Shijie Song, Hao Xiao, Xiaokang Huang
The highway widening on soft foundation is a new stage of the highway construction, which will be an important issue for country to solve urgently and has to solve at the start of this century. The highway widening on soft foundation inevitably involves the combination of new and old road, the connection...
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Summary of methods to calculate the shearing resistance of CFRP

Huaguo Gao, Xiaoguang Cai
This article summarizes the following, based on the blind area of CFRP shear bearing capacity calculation and combined with several calculation methods given by some domestic scholars in recent years. the literature [1] derives the shear strength formula by the product of the elastic modulus and effective...
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BIM Applications in the World

Bizhou Li, Jian Yang
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a powerful tool for architecture, engineering and construction industry. Nowadays, it is widely used in the world. This paper first introduced the development of the design tools, generally three stages, from pen and paper to 3D design with information. Then illustrates...
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Research on new pavement structure in the Qinghai Tibet area

Xuesong Mao, Zhe Huang
Pavement structure directly affects the performance of the road, and the high altitude and low temperature of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau has a great influence on the pavement structure. Based on the investigation of Qinghai Tibet highway, Sichuan Tibet highway line five, summarizes the existing pavement...
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Damage identification method of suspension bridge structure based on wavelet - artificial immune algorithm

Deqing Guan, Deng Luo, Ran Li
Structural damage detection and diagnosis is a very important factor to the structural safety. Wavelet transform combined with artificial immune algorithm can be used for improving the application of artificial intelligence algorithms.for structural damage detection.The result of the simulation and verification...
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A New Tensile Steel Strip Cable Dome and A Force-finding Method of Approaching Initial Shape

Dongzhi Guan, Mingliang Zhu, Huanzhi Jiang, Xueqi Chen, Zhengxing Guo
Cable domes has been widely adopted around the world. A new tensile steel strip cable dome is proposed and a force-finding method of approaching initial shape is introduced. It is easy to be constructed by tow-lifting method without many scaffolds and connect rigid materials directly. The force-finding...
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Simulation to Interior Microclimate of Swimming Hall under Different Seat Arrangements and Partition

Deming Liu, Ge Yu, Yu Dong
In large swimming hall for international events, seat arrangement and partition could affect indoor thermal environment. In this paper, a 4480 seats swimming hall was selected as the typical study object. Then different seat arrangements of swimming hall during competition events were summarized. Simulation...
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Study on mechanical characteristics of deep engineering rock materials

Taoli Xiao, Ming Ai, Fei Teng, Zhonglin Wang
According to the characteristics of deep diversion tunnel of Jinping II Hydropower Station located in the high field stress condition, for its surrounding rock, i.e. marble, the conventional triaxial test and pre-peak unloading test are carried out. Then study on its mechanical characteristics through...
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The Experimental Study of the Strength Characteristics of Blast Furnace Water Quenching Slag-High Sulfur Tailings Filling

Fu-Lin Wang, Zhong-Kang Wang, Shi-Jiao Yang, Zi-An Tang, Jie Liu
In order to solve the problem of low strength and disintegrate easily using ordinary Portland cement-high sulfur tailings filling, we used blast furnace water quenching slag instead of Portland cement which was regarded as cement material to manufacture whole tailings paste for underground filling. We...
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The preliminary study of diagnosis techniques for the building defects with damp by infrared thermography

Longyu Wan, Zukang Lei
Since a large amount of building defects arise from inside and are invisible at the beginning, the most common methodologies to assess defects are not able to predict a new defect or extension of an existed one. On this study, infrared thermal imaging technology and traditional methods of building diagnosis...
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Ultimate Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Members Subjected to Combined Actions

Pu Wang, Quansen Wang, Zhen Huang
Rectangular reinforced concrete members are widely used in building structures and bridge structures. The failures of these members usually occur under the combined loading actions of axial force, bending, shear and torsion. In this paper, a calculate model is established by determining the shape of...
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Three Museums in Berlin: Study on Protection and Renaissance Strategies of Historic Buildings

Mei Zhao, Haoran Guo, Wei Gao
According to different characteristics of historic buildings, the strategies of the protection and renaissance can be different. Three representative museum buildings and several similar cases are selected in this paper to research the protection and renewal of historic buildings, expecting to promote...
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Damage assessment of the longitudinal connection of simple supported-to-continuous girder bridges constructed with hollow slabs

Jin Liu, Jinquan Zhang, Wanheng Li, Bo Diao
Simple supported-to-continuous girder bridges are commonly and widely used in bridge engineering in China. For this type of bridges, normally, the longitude connections are casted in-site by concrete. The quality of the casted concrete is difficult to control. After a large number of field surveys, damages...
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A review of operational barriers and causes within industrial chain for construction waste recycling in China

Junpeng Li, Ruirui Xia
With the rapid development of urbanization, the disposal of construction waste has caused wide attention by scholars. This paper introduces the status of construction waste resource and relates studies in China and summarizes the construction waste resources of the industrial chain operation dilemma...
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Experimental study on seismic behavior of recycled concrete filled square steel tubular column and steel beam joints with reinforcing ring

Ercong Meng, Shen Yang, Min Chen, Yisheng Su, Wenxiang Zeng
In order to study the influence of strengthening ring on the seismic performance of the recycled concrete filled steel tubular column and steel beam joints. In this paper, reinforcement ring, reinforcing ring extending length, thickness as the test parameters, a total of 4 recycled concrete filled square...
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Research on Design Strategy of Green Building of University Gymnasium in Cold Areas

Weidong Ji, Ming Zhu, Lin Liu, Kai Xv, Feifei Zhang
Green building will be developed towards the direction of low energy consumption, high efficiency and less pollution. This paper is focused on the analysis of design process and application of ecological and energy-saving technique of the gymnasium of Weifang Medical University, with a view to discussing...
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Study on Silting Characteristics of the Trial Dredged-Trough for Immersed Tube Tunnel

Jie He, Xinsheng Zhao
On the basis of studying water-sediment movement in the Lingdingyang sea area, sedimentation characteristics of the trial dredged-trough of immersed tube tunnel of HZMB are analyzed, with 17 groups of underwater topographic survey data and the measured results of fluid mud and silt unit weight in the...
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Research on Green and Ecological Strategy of Building Materials in the View of Low-Technology and Their Construction

Weidong Ji, Lin Liu, Kai Xv, Feifei Zhang
Interpretation of green design concept by modern architectural design is always confined to high-end technology with no reference to the advantages of traditional building materials and construction technology. In the perspective of low-technology strategy and focusing on the expression of green and...
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Analysis to Bulk Density in Trial Dredged-Trough for Immersed Tube Tunnel

Jie He, Wenjie Xin
On the basis of studying water-sediment movement in the Lingdingyang sea area, sedimentation characteristics of the trial dredged-trough of immersed tube tunnel of HZMB are analyzed, with 17 groups of underwater topographic survey data and the measured results of fluid mud and silt unit weight in the...
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Evaluation of TRMM Muti-satellite precipitation analysis (TMPA) in the Yangtze River basin

Qiu Jin, Zengxin Zhang, Yuhan Huang
As the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite completes more than a decade of operation, it has provided researchers throughout the world with a large volume of rainfall data. The Yangtze River is the longest river in China, it plays an important role in the regional water cycle, energy...
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Literature review of research on scour propagation below the submarine pipeline

Jing Zhang, Bing Shi, J.E.F. Baruch
The scour process is closely related to the damage and failure of pipelines, so the study of the flow field around pipelines and the sediment transport below pipelines is especially important. Furthermore, the effects of scour propagation below submarine pipelines especially around span shoulders have...
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An Analysis of Residential Building Design from the Perspective of Technical Economy

Xue Ting
This paper makes a detailed analysis of the necessity and specific indicator system for technical and economic analysis of residential building design scheme. It points out that different designing schemes may be evaluated by different methods so as to achieve the purposes of being reasonable economically...
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Spatial Analysis on Regional Convergence at County Level in China

Peiyang Chen
The paper judges China’s regional economic growth convergence and analyzes its time-space pattern in 1998-2009 from the county scale with spatial Markov chain statistics method. The research results show that the stability of convergence clubs is featured by belt differentiation, and expressed as being...
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Morphological Transformation of the Wanchai District of Hong Kong

Xiaohong Ling
Analyzing morphological transformation over a long history of time is deemed an effective way to identify the problems occurred in the process of urban development, in addition to achieving a fundamental understating of the socio-cultural changes and growth rooted from the context. Whilst numerous redevelopment...
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Research on Different coupling methods in Jack-up Simulation

Yonggang Cui, Xiaojian Pi, Shilun Feng, Jingjing Li, Chen Bian
Jack-up platform occupies an important position in marine oil exploitation due to its advantages. A finite element model of a Jack-up was constructed and analyzed. And Different coupling methods were used to simulate the links between the boat hull and legs. The two kinds of coupling methods are the...
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Comparison between equivalent spring element method and additional mass method in nuclear power structure

Jin-Xiao Wang, Meng-Yan Song, Peng Fu, Feng Shen, Fen He
In order to study the effect of fluid on the structural dynamic characteristics, in this paper, a three-dimensional spring element was applied to the dynamic analysis of the fluid. Based on the simplified model of nuclear power structureCAP1400, the upper water tank of concrete containment was analyzed...
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The Study of Flutter Speed Change Characteristics of Flat Wings After Trepanning

Duo Chen, Li-Juan Chang, Dong Zhao, Ri-Li Hou
There are many factors that cause the flutter of the wing of the aircraft, and one of the factors is the wing opening trepanning. In order to explore the changes of the flutter speed of the wing after trepanning, the software simulation method is adopted to analyze the flutter speed .MSC.Patran and MSC.Nastran...
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Stability Analysis Based on the Full fill Subgrade of Slope Product Section

Longqi Liu, Xuesong Mao, Liyun Wang, Zhe Huang
China is a country with frequent geological disasters,a large part of the geological disasters and the damage of the roadbed is caused by the instability of the slope product . In this paper, the slope product is divided into the colluvial slope product ,the residual slope product and the alluvial slope...
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Discussion on the Vernacular Architecture Construction in the View of Architectural Typology

Bing Li, Wenbin Liu
There is a certain kind of solid-state balance among individual buildings that within the same Vernacular architecture. Not all the understandings of it has formed the most common specifications and planning textbooks in current architecture, instead, some manifest as silent and hidden constructing principles...
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Simulation and Analysis for Electric Bicycle Traffic Flow

Cuiqin Wu, Yinfeng Wu, Xianyan Kuang
The electric bicycle has become the main part of non motor vehicles in small and medium-sized cities. Research on the traffic flow characteristic of the electric bicycle has important practical significance. Based on NaSch model, this paper models electric bicycle traffic flow with CA model and improves...
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The Temperature in Xinjiang-Tibet Roadbed Variation Analysis

Liyun Wang, Xuesong Mao, Shuguang Luo
The temperature change in roadbed is a process of dynamic change, is the key factor that influence the performance of subgrade. In order to research the subgrade temperature changes in permafrost regions, based on national highway 219 line Xinjiang-Tibet highway monitoring project, observed the temperature...
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Analysis on Influence Factors of Grouted Anchorages for CFRP Bars

Peng Wang, Changqing Zhang, Xiaoyi Wang, Yun He
Force mechanism of CFRP reinforced anchorage is discussed in this thesis, where epoxy resin is used as adhesive agent. Taking the length of anchorage, the load, the thickness of resin and elastic modulus etc. as the main parameters, the shearing stress on the interface between tendons and resin were...
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Study on the influence line of plane statically truss by MAPLE

Ming Bo Zhao, Xiao Hui Luo
This paper elaborate the application of MAPLE in the calculation of the influence line of the plane statically determinate truss, accurate calculation of the axial force of a plane statically determinate truss by symbolic computation in MAPLE, that we can get the influence value by axial force to plot...
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Construction Project Cost Prediction Based on Genetic Algorithm and Least Squares Support Vector Machine

Ming Xu, Bingfeng Xu, Lanjiang Zhou, Lin Wu
For the small sample data and complex nonlinear characteristic of construction project cost, a new hybrid prediction model combing genetic algorithm and small sample learning model based on least squares support vector machines is proposed. First, all the candidate features are ranked by correlation...
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Static characteristic analysis of equivalent spring element of the triangle constant element

Hong-Ye Su, Yang Zhao, Ge Tian, Feng Shen, Sheng-Jun Zhang, Xiang-Rong Fu
In this paper, the equivalent mechanical spring model of the three-dimensional continuumis studied. And the sectional area of the equivalent spring element is obtained based on the displacement equivalent principle. The equivalent model is statically indeterminate trusses system of spring. The 3D spring...
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The preliminary use of green building design in new residential Zhuang kuo flok in Qinghai*

Jiameng Wang, Yibing Jin
Considering for the ecological security strategy and new promoting urbanization, it is important to develop the vernacular architecture in Tibetan plateau which serving as the ecological security barrier in China. With the development of urban and rural integration process as a whole and the popularit...
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Prestress loss of prestressing tendons with asymmetrical layout parabolas

Shanwen Zhang, Xiuxin Wang
According to the equilibrium condition of geometry relationship, we derived the formulas that can be used to calculate the loss of prestress of prestressing tendons with the double-end tensioning and the asymmetrical arrangement parabolic curves. Through an example of the bridge engineering, we described...
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Plants Arrangement Design in Winter City Based on the Traditional Chinese Garden

Jingwan Fu, Ming Lu
Plant is an important part of urban landscape features. Although the greening condition of the Winter City is limited, a good plant arrangement design can help to create a more comfortable and beautiful public space, which reflects urban characteristics and promotes ecological development. This paper...
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Characteristics of dynamic response and cumulative damage life of soft rock under the high-speed railway tunnel

Xiang-Qiu Wang, Wen-Xi Xie, Bin Cai
Based on the method of nonlinear finite element, the dynamic response characteristics and fatigue life of soft rock at the bottom of the typical cross section of high speed railway are studied. The research result shows that the peak dynamic stress of the soft rock increases nonlinearly with the increase...
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Research on Urban Soundscape Elements and Urban Design

Min Zhou
From the perspective of urban design, this paper investigates and records the soundscape in city blocks in the use of literature research, acoustic measurement, sound recording, soundscape walk, in-depth interview and other research methods. Based on data analysis, we use “place" concept and spatial...
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Parameter Studies on the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Tube-Gusset Joints

Qing Li Wei, Xia Yan Shu
A parameter study is carried out to investigate the influence of various factors. The axial force, the width of the stiffening ring, the height of the ring, the diameter of the tube, the wall thickness, the length and the thickness of the joint are considered. At present, the ultimate bearing capacity...
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Mechanical properties of gusset-tube plate joints

Qingli Wei, Xia Yan Shu
A nonlinear finite element analysis is carried out for the whole process of elastoplastic deformation considering both material and geometry nonlinearity, and the limit states of damage and failure mechanism were studied. According to the analysis, the joints studied show great bearing capacity, which...
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Evaluation of TRMM satellite rainfall in driving Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model in Ganjiang Basin

Yuhan Huang, Zengxin Zhang, Qiu Jin
Global rainfall data is very important for water resource research. Current rainfall data are mainly from the rain gauge on the ground, ground radar and space borne passive radiometer. This study assesses the successive Version-6 and Version-7 TRMM Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) products...
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Research on Capacity Coordination of Loading and Unloading Wagon Flow on Heavy-Haul Railway

Hanxiao Zhou, Leishan Zhou, Jinjin Tang
This paper has carried out some researches on organization method of wagon flow of coal transportation corridor to meet the demand of heavy-haul railway. To improve the capacity of a collecting and distributing system, the optimal problem is described as: coordination of loading capacity and unloading...