Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering

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Solving Nonzero-Sum Nash Differential Game via Variation and Pseudospectral Methods

Guang-Yan Xu, Biao Zhou, Hong-Mei Zhang, Dan Zhao
A numerical methods are presented in this paper to solve the nonzero-sum N-player Nash differential game. Variation methods are used to convert the original game into a regular optimal control problem which consists of one objective function, the state equations of all the players with initial conditions...
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Research on Maximum Penetration of Microgrid Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Xin-Hua Yang, Zhi-Wei Liu, Li-Zhen Wu
The paper builds a planning model with maximizing the penetration of microgrid as its aim to realize the maximum output of microgrid based on the planning problem of microgrid grid-connection in distribution network. Considering the impact of microgrid grid-connection on distribution network, power flow,...
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Application of SVM Algorithm for Particle Swarm Optimization in Apple Image Segmentation

Qirui Huang
The apple image segmentation is the key technology of identification and location in the apple-picking machine vision system. On account of huge errors in the process of discriminating fruits by apple-picking robots at present and the long-time processing, the SVM theory in fingerprint image segmentation...
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Study of the Estimation of Sound Source Signal Direction Based on MUSIC Algorithm

Bao-hai Yang, Ze-Liang Liu, Dong Chen
The multiple signal classification, MUSIC algorithm, introduces linear space to direction estimation, which realizes the breakthrough of the sound source direction resolution and lays an important foundation for the method and theory of spacial spectrum estimation. In order to better use the algorithm...
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Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Optimizing the Parameters of Support Vector Machine

Zi-de Tian
SVM parameter selection determines the performance of its learning and generalization ability. As many in the choice of the number of selectable parameters, blindly searching optimal parameters in a number of parameters are required tremendous time cost , and it is difficult to obtain the optimal parameters....
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Research on DSM Project Evaluation Model Based on AHP

Li Wang, Xiao-duan Wang, Qing Mi
DSM project implementation includes a plurality of main power plants, power companies, users, etc. It not only need to consider the economic and social benefits, but also to ensure fair market complex market process. It is necessary to scientifically and comprehensively evaluate the effect of DSM project....
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Prediction of Energy Consumption and Structure in Hebei Province Based on GM (1,1) Model

Cong Zhao, Lin Jiao
With the rapid development of economy, energy demand is increasing in Hebei. Therefore, prediction of energy consumption and structure in Hebei province has importance of actual meaning significance. In this paper, total energy, coal, oil and natural gas consumption data are selected in Hebei province...
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The Application of Improved Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Shortest Path Problems

Zhi-wang Jiang, Hong-xia Zhang
The shortest path problem is a classical problem in graph theory, it is also one of the classical problems in the field of combinatorial optimization. This paper analyzes the basic harmony search algorithm model, and points out its insufficiency in solving the shortest path problem, then modifies the...
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Comparative study on the algorithm for mining association rules based on Data Mining

Jia Guo, Jing-yi Ren, Yu-jing Zhang
This paper first introduces the classical algorithm -- Apriori algorithm of association rules in data mining. Then from several width, depth, partitioning, sampling, incremental updating and the angles of the association rules mining of classification discussion. Then using literature search and comparative...
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Research on the Combination Forecast Model based on the BP Neural Network

Shengwang Zong
According to the combined forecasting theory and BP neural network for nonlinear data good approximation properties, is proposed based on Bayesian combination, GM (1, 1) model and regression model of BP neural network combination forecast model. In this paper, the short-term number of railway passenger...
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An Improved Adaptive Harmony Search Algorithm

Zhang Li-min
Harmony search (HS) algorithm is a heuristic optimization algorithm which is newly developed in recent years. In this paper, according to the shortcomings of the existing harmony search algorithm, an improved adaptive harmony search algorithm (IAHS) is proposed. In the IAHS algorithm, the adaptive parameters...
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Research on Optimization Model of Neural Network Based on Genetic Algorithm

Ping Wang, Bin Yang
BP neural network is a multilayer feed-forward network for training according to the error back-propagation algorithm , its main advantage is the strong non-linear mapping ability , but the training of BP neural network is easy to fall into local minima, and slow convergence speed. This paper makes use...
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A New Watermarking Algorithm for Chaotic Sequence Based On Wavelet Transform

Zhi-Feng Yu, Dong Zhong, Chun Chen, Ruolin Ruan
In this paper, we propose a new watermarking algorithm for chaotic sequence based on wavelet transformation from the traditional digital watermarking algorithm in wavelet domain which has been introduced. We have researched the basic steps of watermarking embedding and extraction algorithms for the chaotic...
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Research on the Detection of denial service attack based on the correlation of changing points

Xiyong Li
The attack detection method of the coherency based on changing point by of multiple message types variables computed CUSUM accumulated value, and according to the changeable correlation analysis, set a reasonable threshold for many types of flooding attack detection, through the experiment on the performance...
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The Research onPID Control Ways to Improve RBF Neural Network

Yuyu Gao
PID control has been a hot topic and it is a control technology which is widely used in industrial control process. In this paper we researchon PID controller structure and algorithm which based on RBF neural network. It is difficult to determine the clustering radius for the traditional RBF neural network...
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The Study of Simulation Metamodel Based on Bayesian Network and Its Application in Equipment Battlefield Damage Simulation

Hai-Kuan Wang, Quan Shi, Guang-Yan Wang, Hong-Yu Ge
The construction method of simulation metamodel based on Bayesian network is studied for the equipment battlefield damage simulation system. The mapping relation between input parameters and output parameters of simulation model is described from the position of condition probability, the feasibility...
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Application research of improved K-means algorithm in intrusion detection

Xiaoguo Liu, Jing Tian
An improved K-means clustering algorithm is put forward on basis of the split-merge method for the purpose of remedying defects both in determination of value in K and in selection of initial cluster centre of traditional K-means clustering. At first , the concept of independence degree of date was incorporated...
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Stress effects of low-frequency stimulation on the c-Fos and endothelin-1 changes in tree shrew

Farong Yu, Xiuzhen Lian, Mingren Xie, Wen Yu, Lirong Guo, Zhang Zhennan, Li Denglou, Zhang Shishuang
The chronic low-frequency stimulation could stimulate the expression of c-fos gene in the prefrontal cortex and enhance the endothelin-1 (ET-1) levels of liver and spleen in tree shrew (Tupaia). Our results suggested that application of chronic low-frequency stimulations yielded significant c-Fos protein...
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Construction of Regional Logistics Information Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Gang Sun, Xiu-You Wang, Hao Wang, Jia Zhao
Regional logistics information platform based on cloud computing is the development direction of regional logistics information platform in the future. In this paper, the target, design principles, network topology, logical structure and architecture of regional logistics information platform based on...
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Decision-Making in Ship Collision Avoidance based on Cat-Swarm Biological Algorithm

Zhaokun Wei, Kang Zhao, Ming Wei
Due to complicated maritime traffic condition, for the sake of offering collision alert and efficient collision avoidance action to mitigate navigators’ working burden and fatigue and ensure navigation safety, this paper sets the fuel consumption as the objective function and combine International Regulations...
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Design of Optical Fiber SPR Sensing System for Water Quality Monitoring

Xuehua Jiang, Qingmin Meng
Water quality monitoring was a basic work for water quality resource management, there were some problems in the current detection means for oily waste water, such as low measurement accuracy, off line detection, an so on. Based on the principle of surface plasmon resonance (SPR), a optical fiber sensor...
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Nonlinear Consensus Control of UAV Elastic Formation

Guang-Yan Xu, Dan Zhao, Hong-Mei Zhang, Biao Zhou
The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) formation flight is studied by consensus strategy. Firstly, the UAV formation model with nonlinear elastic characteristics is established and proved to be Uniformly Ultimately Bounded (UUB). Secondly, a consensus strategy controller is designed combining with the proposed...
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Harris Corner Detection Algorithm at Sub-pixel Level and Its Application

Yuanfeng Han, Peijiang Chen, Tian Meng
The corner is one of the most important features of image and the corner detection plays an important role in digital image processing technology. The performance of Harris corner detection algorithm is stable and it is widely applied, but the corner location is pixel level which affects the subsequent...
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Reinforcement Learning NN-based Controller Design for Aero-engine

Hong-Mei Zhang, Yu-Ling Liang, Guang-Yan Xu
A reinforcement learning NN-based controller for aero-engine is presented, which is suitable for tracking problems at a steady-state operating point. The proposed controller design has two entities:an action NN that is designed to produce optimal signal for aero-engine and a critic NN that approximates...
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Application of Improved AHP Method in Insurance Enterprise Promotion

Ru Duan, Ning Liu
Core staff of insurance enterprise has a special status in the insurance enterprise, and it’s significant for insurance enterprises’ long-term development to evaluate and select them. In this paper, the improved analytic hierarchy process evaluation model is used to build the work capacity evaluation...
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Application of Markov Model in Human Resource Supply Forecasting in Enterprises

Wan-yin Du, Shou Li
A complete human resources strategic planning can become the core competitiveness of enterprises, which is an important means to achieve competitive advantage. This paper focused on improved gray Markov model in human resource internal supply forecasting, so that enterprises can reasonably predict their...
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A New Logistic Management Quality Evaluation Method based on Support Vector Machine

Si-yun Xu, Zheng Fu
In order to achieve more effective logistics management, make full use of data resources, and build in line with the development of a healthy enterprise logistics management mode. A new analysis model for evaluating the quality level of logistics management based on support vector machine theory is put...
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Research on the Product Design Based on the Environmental Analysis Model and its Application

Ning Lu
The heterogeneity of customers from the market starting, taking into account the transfer of buying customers in each market segment, Constraints in the customer utility (individual rationality constraint and incentive compatibility constraint) products of enterprises under the various case studies the...
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Evaluation of Competitiveness of Power Enterprises Based on the Entropy Method

Yan Lin, Xiao-juan Tang
With the gradual reform of power system and the strong competition of power enterprises, it is extremely important to analyze the enterprise competitiveness accurately. Thus a tool is urgently needed to evaluate the competitiveness of power enterprises effectively. Combined with entropy method and an...
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Design and development of laser detection device for bottled biological products

Lijian Zhang, Mei Lin, Tingting Wang
Point source of light across the bottle detection technology is a rapid detection technology of modern biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other products, fast test bottle. The testing instrument comprises a sample bottles and a conversion device, light source system and polarized light...
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Research on Company Operation Performance Evaluation Based on BP Neural Network

Lili Zhang, Weiping Zhong
For operation performance evaluation of company mainly uses linear or nonlinear evaluation model. The nonlinear model can better simulate the economic phenomena, and its evaluation results are more objective, accurate and have more practical reference value. From the assessment of the input-output efficiency...
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Application of Improved Entropy TOPSIS to Competitive Performance Evaluation of Power Companies

Xiaoguang Li, Zhanjun Gao
The improved entropy TOPSIS method is applied in evaluating the competitive performance of power listed companies. The proposed method can fully consider the amount and quality of information, which also can overcome the influence of subjective factors in determining the evaluation index weight of the...
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Research on Assessment of Electric Power Company’s Credit Capacity Based on AHP and Entropy Weight

Lin Jiao, Cong Zhao, Qiaosha Li
Evaluating the credit capacity of electric power enterprises not only need to reflect the value of the index information conveyed, but also consider the analyst's subjective judgment. This paper combined the weights which respectively reflect the information of these two parts. Distance integrated evaluation...
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Application of TOPSIS to Financial Comprehensive Assessment of Power Listed Companies

Jian-ying Lou, Xiang Gao, Qian Cui
Firstly, according to the characteristics of the power listed companies, a comprehensive evaluation system of its financial capacity is established. Then, the technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution which can make the multi-objective decision is applied in evaluating power listed...
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The Prediction Research of Safety Stock Based on the Combinatorial Forecasting Model

Weiping Zhong, Lili Zhang
The inventory is related to enterprise’s production, sales and cash flow. Therefore, enterprises pay more and more attention to safety stock control. In this paper, on the basis of support vector machine (SVM) model and RBF neural network model, genetic algorithm (GA) combined forecasting model is established...
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Design of fully automatic antibiotics evaluation machine by cylinder-plate method/turbidity method

Lijian Zhang, Jinlan Zhang, Tingting Wang
the utility model relates to microorganisms antibiotic titer test environment, automatic sampling, in the process of cultivation and automatic online detection field, especially relates to antibiotics tube plate method and turbidity method fully automatic meter, for experiments in purification, constant...
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Research on Credit Risk Evaluation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Supply Chain Based on BP Neural Network

Xiaoping Zhang, Chen Chen
Abstract More attention to supply chain finance as a new form of financing channel is paid with the increasing highlight of the financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is crucial for scientific and accurate risk assessment to control the control of the credit risk of supply...
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Application of Ant Colony Neural Network to Credit Evaluation of Small and Middle Enterprises

HongJing Liu
In order to improve capacity of BP neural networks and make short term credit evaluation of small and middle enterprises forecasting more accurate and fast, presents a credit model-based the ACO neural network. Based on the analysis of the importance of credit and according to the demands of credit evaluation...
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An Exploration of the Application of Data integration in Enterprise Informationization Construction

Deming Zeng
At present, enterprises have been developing more and more quickly in China. In order to strengthen the systems of enterprise management, manufacturing execution, equipment and so on in each link of management, many enterprises have started to use data integration to construct an Informationization management...
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Development and application of the whole automatic determination machine for antibiotic tube dish method / turbidity method

Lijian Zhang, Haina Cui, Tingting Wang
product is developed on the basis of the technical cooperation projects of the shandong xinyuan Thai letter electronic technology co., LTD.,using the luoyang LanFei PLC and touch screen, and spectrophotometer. It is easily to realize Add sample, full automatic measurement and report. A dose, dose and...
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Study on the Sport Training Supplementary System Based on DSS

Qiang Li
According to the need or modern sport training, we developed a framework of sport training supplementary system based on DDS techniques and relevant ideas of software engineering, and analyzed the component and functions. We aim at satisfying the need of sport training and the daily processing of data...
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Prediction of Basketball Competition Scores Based on BP Neural Network Algorithm

Yong-Sheng Wang, Quan-Ying Li
In the thesis, we use the time sequence of basketball competition as the statistical data to predict the technical statistical indicators for the basketball team based on BP neural network algorithm. Our study aims at discussing the availability and applications of the BP neural network in the score...
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"Door to door "Rail Freight Transportation Process Optimization

Kun Fang, Xiaoning Zhu
During the railway freight reform, through making principle by the customer oriented and setting the goal of “service and cost”, rail tries to provide the best service for the customers. So in the transportation process, rail has the responsibility in the entire logistics of railway transportation. Based...
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Optimizing Sleeves Pattern for Vietnamese Airlines Stewardess Uniform--Ao Dai

Rui Zhang, Ngo Thi Viet Ha, Jianping Wang
Ao Dai is Vietnamese national costume and usually used as airlines stewardess uniform. As uniform, Ao Dai is required to be fitted and beautiful. However, the sleeves of Ao Dai limit stewardesses arms motion when they raise hands over head or move arms frequently. The sleeves of Ao Dai are one-piece...
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Research and development of automatic sampling instrument control system

Lijian Zhang, Haina Cui, Tingting Wang
During the test of medical and chemical process, operators need to precise and repeated sampling operation of various liquid frequently. This paper designs a kind of automatic sampling control device based on PLC and the stepper motor's, and introduces the hardware and software structure of the system....
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Design of Four-rotary-wing Aircraft Targeting System

Weikang Li, Xiangyun Tang, Jieran Liu, Zheng Yu
In order to achieve the design of visual art quad -rotor aircraft targeting system, we have, by combining design principles of image processing system and Bluetooth communication, rendered the design method of four-rotary-wing Aircraft Targeting System on the basis of the latest technology of programmable...
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Performance Evaluation of the Value Basis of Enterprise

Ming Li
Economic value refers to the concept of value in economics. The concepts of value in economics, such as income, cost and profit are different from those of accounting.
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Conceit for system of Self-rated health measurement and establishment exercise prescription based on Artifical Neural Network and Expert System

Qiang Li
People pursue higher quality life than previously along with development of society. Quality of life decided level of health. How to estimate oneself health and exercise is one of the heatedly discussed topics. According to the theory of Artifical Neural Network and Expert System, A design conceit for...
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Application Study on Assistive Movement Training Using BP Neural Network

Yong-Sheng Wang, Quan-Ying Li
Here, the relevant special factors, training plans and the ultimate scores before the training of an outstanding athlete are studied as an example using artificial neural networks (ANNs). ANN models are developed to establish a supplementary system for training. This system is scientific and applicable,...
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Research of Financial Early-warning for Listed Companies Based on SVM

Hailun Huang, Wuxue Jiang, Shi Wang
In this paper, the support vector machine (SVM) is applied for the early warning of financial crisis of listed companies, financial early-warning indexes and quantitative methods are analyzed, the early-warning ability of SVM model is verified by combining with the financial data of listed companies,...
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University-enterprise Cooperation Practical Teaching Evaluation Model for polytechnic based on AHP and Fuzzy

Wuxue Jiang, Pei Chai, Yuqiang Chen, Shi Wang
In order to conduct an effective evaluation of the vocational school-enterprise cooperation practical education, this article constructs a vocational students’ graduation design evaluation index system based on the university-enterprise cooperation, which regards the vocational graduation design as vector...
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Cache Coherence Protocols in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors

Xiuzhen Lian, Xiaoxi Ning, Mingren Xie, Farong Yu
This paper is a review of the recent research about the design of cache coherence protocols in shared-memory multiprocessors. Two important aspects of shared memory systems are memory consistency and cache coherence. Two major available protocols for cache coherence problems are snoopy coherence and...
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IPSec-VPN Availability Research and Simulation

Fan Yang, Lizhen Zhao
For the technical defects of IPSec-VPN on the aspect of reliability, we analyze unreliable factors of site-to-site IPSec-VPN topology model, propose to use link redundancy, equipment redundancy, routing redundancy and other technologies, construct high available IPSec-VPN ideas and methods, and conduct...
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Research of Precise Timing on Android Devices

Liu-yu-qin Deng, Hong-Liu Cai, Cai-sen Chen, Ting-mei Xue, Xi Yu
Precise timing is an extremely important part in the cache timing attack. We usually use the time stamp counter (TSC) to timing the cache access on the x86 platform. To overcome the differences between the ARM platform and x86 platform, we show in this paper about how to implement precise cache timing...
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IPSec-VPN Simulation Based on GNS3

Fan Yang, Lizhen Zhao
For the problem that the practical teaching of network engineering specialty in universities lacks actual network engineering cases, we choose IPSec-VPN as the study object, and based on GNS3 network simulator, we have constructed IPSec-VPN network topology and established a dynamic executable IPSec-VPN...
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Research on Architecture and Key Technologies of the Internet of things

Qing Mi, Zhen-tao Ni, Xiao-duan Wang
The present era is the information age, is the era of network. The life of people more and more cannot do without network. Through the network platform, can learn, reading, shopping etc.. Following the Internet, and the emergence of a new term "the Internet of things". Different things with the network,...
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Study on the Technology of Network Data Mining Based on Cloud Computing

Xiao-duan Wang, Li Wang, Zhen-tao Ni
There are several things from the fusion of fusion technology. Therefore, in the cloud, things can be called a new paradigm. With computer operations, generalized computing, and related technologies more closely interdependent, a system has been formed. This system is a world of things. More and more...
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Research on the Database Process Using GRID Technologies

Yang Yang
Grid technology is widely used in recent years, it has solved the real sharing of resources, make each node of unified command and use of resources, the information grid is on the basis of computational grid, using data mining. Information fusion and search engine technology and building are advantageous...
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Research on security threats and Countermeasures for Cloud Computing

Qing Mi, Zhen-tao Ni, Xiao-duan Wang
This paper introduces the concept and architecture of cloud computing, discuss the security problems facing the current cloud computing.The security problem of cloud computing is very important and it can prevent the rapid development of cloud computing. This paper introduces some cloud computing systems...
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Design of the rectifier bridge machine design Based on PLC control

Lijian Zhang, Junjie Wang, Tingting Wang
this paper designed and developed a new type of rectifier bridge machine, the equipment can efficiently in automatic mode and manual mode to complete the detection and classification of the rectifier bridge, the laser marking and the pendulum work, greatly improving the sorting efficiency of the rectifier...
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An Inquiry for Computerized Algorithms and Displaying Methods of Network Diagrams

Yongchun Ye
With the development of science and technology, more and more practical problems in life need to use mathematical models to analyze and to solve. So the utility ration of digital technology is becoming higher and higher in terms of discrete structural problems, which has powerfully promoted the development...
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Research on the Effective Detection Methods of Large Scale IC Fault Signals

Junhong Li
With the continuous development of electronic technology and the unceasing improvement of manufacturing process, large scale integrated circuits (ICs in abbreviation and IC for its single form henceforth) has now become more and more complex. In modern high-tech industrial equipment, however, its core...
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Application of IOT Technology and Remote Control Technology in Industrial Automation Control

Xiangui Shi, Dekui Kong
Along with the continuous progress of science and technology, industrial automation has been more and more widely applied in various industries. As it raises labor productivity and breaks the confinement to human labor, it has played a significant role in China’s economic construction. This paper mainly...
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Research on the Steering Effect of Online Information upon Tourist flow

Guanghui Jiang
Along with the in-depth development of information technology, tourism e-commerce and websites have played an important role in tourism. As the combination of tourism industry with information technology is becoming more and more closely, tourist have become more and more dependent on online tourism...
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Design of Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Based on ZIGBEE Technique

Xin Ming, Zhongshan Wei
Based on ZIGBEE technique, this paper designs a monitoring system of environment parameters in greenhouse. ZigBee technique is firstly introduced, followed by the demonstration of overall design scheme of the monitoring system, mainly on the hardware and software composition of data acquisition and coordinator...
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Study and realization of control system for venous transfusion automatic dispensing apparatus

Lijian Zhang, Haina Cui, Tingting Wang
Many disadvantages exist in human intravenous infusion preparation process, with cross contamination. Effectively prevent intravenous fluids should be dispensed pollution, this paper introduces the automatic dispensing device structure and working principle of the control system, the experimental results...
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Routing Protocols Simulation of Wireless Self-organized Network Based on NS-2

Qian Cai
This paper carries out simulation in terms of table-driven routing protocol and source-initiated on-demand protocol that are typical of DSDV, DSR and AODV based on NS-2 network simulation tools according to different routing discovering strategies. Then through setting different simulation scenarios,...
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Research on the Teaching Method of Process Synchronization of Computer Operating Systems

Jiuru Wang, Lihua Han, Xiaojie Wang, Yulong Zuo
In the teaching process of the course of operating systems, process synchronization is both a key and the biggest difficulty. This paper, through transforming the definition of E-R diagram in database, proposes process synchronization teaching method for computer operating systems based on modified E-R...
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Construction of Big Data Mining Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Mali Sun
Cloud computing is the product of the Internet era, which can realize dynamic resources disposition, customized services for demand, and centered on the Internet, render service measurable and resources transparent. It plays a big role in the in data mining field of various industries in today’s society....
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Study on College Information Resource Sharing under the Environment of Cloud Computing

Wen-Jing Yang, Hai-Yan Zhao, Jin Meng, Xiao-Shuang Wang, Yi He
Combined with cloud computing technology, we described its role and advantages in resources building of the university. We initially developed a resources sharing platform based on cloud. The strategy of the developments of standardized college information resources, the data central of cloud computing,...
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Research on product design and application based on virtual reality technology and media interactive art

Gang Liu, Xiao-cheng Zhou
in the process of the new period technological development, virtual reality technology and interactive media art as products of the new digital technology and media art, more and more apply in people's work and life. By using of virtual reality technology in the early stage of product design, can more...
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The Design and Implementation of Campus Shopping Site Based on User Experience

Liu Yun
With the rapid development of new e-commerce model, the implement the retail model of online to offline has increasingly high requirements to users experience. This paper combines the users experience theory model with the Business Logic Layer design of shopping site, proposes the “user center” ideal...
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The application of XML-based Data Exchanging Technology in The Computer Forensics Field

Qin Liu
XML has become the standard of data representation in the science and business application and standard of data exchanging among applications in Web. Driven by the demand and technology, various database vendors extend the function of XML. This article introduces an application system in the computer...
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Study on the Current Evaluation and Indicator System of Network Information Resources

Hai-Yan Zhao, Yi He, Xiang-Yang Liu, Yu-Yang Du, Xiao Zhang
In this article, we refer to literature and review the function of network information resources and conclude the current evaluation of network information resources. Based on these works, we developed a three-layer network information resources with 25 evaluation indicators of 4 parts and did detailed...
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Development and Measurement of Fetal Parital Ossification

Weijian Zhang, Jizhong Wang, Wenshuo Wang
The paper aims to discover the development rule of fetal parital bone. One hundred and eighty parietal bones of 5-38th weeks old were observed and measured. With the Noback’s method every fetus was made transparent and then dyed dark red by the Alizarin red. The measured data are added to differential...
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Combining Classifiers to Extract Web Data

Qiang Chu, Yongquan Dong, Ping Ling
A lot of data on the web are usually embedded in the semi-structured pages. In order to automatically process the content embedded in Web pages, extracting data from them and making it available to computer applications remains a complex and urgent task. Most of current approaches use a single classifier...
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Distribution Network Communication Network Hybrid Network Technology Research

Xin Xu, Haijun Ren, Ruilin Xu, Lan Long
Synthetically analyze the power distribution communication network technology in the smart power grid link. It mainly includes the summary of the smart distribution network, electric power communication backbone network and then layer communication requirements, the network mode and the application mode...
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Design of SaaS Layer Cloud Platform for Rapid Design of Series Products

Wuxue Jiang, Dukun Ding, Yuqiang Chen, Wenliang Cao, Yan Liang
Correlation theories for rapid design of series products under SaaS model was illustrated and system instances were established in this thesis in allusion to the improvement of informatization level of modern enterprises, as well as the improvement of the efficiency and quality of rapid design of product....
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Design Implementation of E Purchase Browser Plug-in and the Issue on Browser Open Platform

Weichun Gao, Weihai Gao, Wuxue Jiang, Guidong Zhang, Junfan Liu
E purchase is an application constructed on browser open platform, and it overcomes the limitation of existing technology in integration aspect of webpage and instant message, so, it can let common users establish chat room by self based on any webpage and have a chat with users browsing the same webpage....
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Research on QoS Policy Deployment Approach of DiffServ Model Based on GNS3

Lizhen Zhao, Fan Yang
Based on DiffServ model architecture model, GNS3 network simulator is used to build a virtual network environment; on this basis, the main QoS technology is analyzed and discussed in DifferServ model and MQC deployment is used to ensure QoS policies of low-latency operations; SLA job simulation is used...
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A Distributed Information Retrieval Strategy Based on Route Marking

Lijun Zhou, Yuan Zhao, Haiyan Lv
By analysing the flooding strategy which is usually used in the distributed information retrieval, we found that the strategy is easy to duplicate retransmission with the same message, which results in a lot of redundant communication, and causes network congestion.The paper proposed a retrieval strategy...
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The Testing and Data Analyzing of Automobile Braking Performance

Peijiang Chen
The braking performance is one of the main performances of automobiles. It directly affects the traffic safety, which is crucial to the vehicle safe driving. The three evaluation parameters of automobile braking performance are analyzed and the two commonly used detection methods are discussed and compared....
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Engineering Realization Algorithm for Multi-target Identity Recognition

Xuecheng Zhang, Li Jian, Jingsheng Hu
The simulation training is popular for the low cost and high effectiveness. Aerial targets are simulated instead of using real aircraft in a missile simulation training system. The multi-target identity recognition should be done to ensure that the detected target by the search radar simulator is the...
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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Platform for UAV Based on dSPACE

Hong-Mei Zhang, Qiang Zhou, Guang-Yan Xu
In order to quicken the process of designing the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight control system, this paper develops a hardware-in-the-loop Simulation (HILS) system of UAV flight control to complete the whole process of simulation from modeling to real-time code generating. Firstly, nonlinear six-degree-of-freedom...
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Data analysis preparation and characterization of porous manganese oxide films for super capacitor by cathodic electrode position

Kun Liang, Mei Zhou, Wencheng Hu
Porous manganese oxide film for electrochemical supercapacitors is electrodeposited directly onto a nickel sheet by cathodic electrodeposition in a KMnO4 aqueous solution. The obtained film is characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), scanning electron microscopy...
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Parallelizing a high-order WENO scheme for complicated flow structures on GPU and MIC

Liang Deng, Fang Wang, Han-Li Bai, Qing-Xin Xu
As a conservative, high-order accurate, shock-capturing method, weighted essentially non-oscillatory (WENO) scheme have been widely used to effectively resolve complicated flow structures in computational uid dynamics (CFD) simulations. However, using a high-order WENO scheme can be highly time-consuming,...
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Quantitative analysis of glucose in whole blood using FT-Raman spectroscopy and artificial neural network

Qiaoyun Wang, Nianzu Zheng, Zhigang Li, Zhenhe Ma
In this paper, the FT-Raman spectroscopy and artificial neural network were used to quantify the glucose concentration in the whole blood. The quantitative analysis was performed through the artificial neural network (ANN) associated to training set selection strategy method. All analysis was carried...
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Data Analysis on Fabrication of the Super-hydrophobic Stainless Steel Needle with Faired Properties

Yanling Wan, Jun Lou, Zhigang Liu, Zhongxu Lian, Huadong Yu
Many creature surfaces owe to the exitance of the unusual microstructures that could influence their wet ability, these microstructures also provide a new idea for fabricating function materials. In this paper, the super-hydrophobic structures were successfully built on the surface of stainless steel...
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A handwritten signature recognition system based on LSVM

Jie ping Chen
Handwritten signature recognition has a wide application prospect in the field of identity identification. This paper presents a shape feature, dynamic feature extraction and recognition technology of LSVM state based on the combination of handwritten signature recognition system. Objective function...
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Design and Development of access control management system based on IAP15F2K61S2

Yiwang Wang, Mengdi Ni, Houchen Shi
For the needs of modern access management system, integrated with wireless communication technologies, a novel access control management system based on IAP15F2K61S2(STC MCU) was designed and developed. The system consisted of IAP15F2K61S2, RFID reader module, display module, clock and data storage module,...
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International Underground Commercial Space Development and Utilization Experience

Wei Li, Zhilong Chen, Xiaobin Yang, Yao Peng
In the process of the underground space development, the first is the development of underground municipal facilities, marks the beginning of modern urban underground space development and utilization. In order to adapt to urban development and then appears the underground traffic, expanded the contents...
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The Research and Application of City Emergency System for Medium and Small Cities

Yu LI, Chun Chen, Dong Zhong, Ruolin Ruan
Medium and small cities are the high proportion in the total number of cities in China, the con-struction of emergency system for medium and small cities is relatively backward compared with big cities, speeding up the construction of medium and small cities emergency system is imperative. This paper...
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An Energy-Saving Control Model and Strategy Based on Divided Areas for Intelligent Building

Hongjun Yu, Chengyu Ma, Zhifeng Liu
In order to solve the problem that it is difficult to give consideration to comfort and energy efficiency at the same time, the paper constructs a math model. The model whose parameters consists of indoor and outdoor temperature, illumination and user target values, takes time as a constraint, and then,...
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Optimizing Sleeves Pattern for Vietnamese Airlines Stewardess Uniform--Ao Dai

Yanjing Li, Xiaoning Zhu
Intersection, where every kinds of traffic merge, commute and pass over, which is the traffic control of management and organization, the key of the urban traffic, which is the difficult and important points of the road design and traffic management, is an important part of the road network. The intersection...
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Study on Connection Admission Control Method Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Xiao-juan Luo
In order to solve the overflow of aggregation node in wireless sensor network, a novel connection admission control method (Connection Admission Control based on Wavelet Transform, CACWT) is proposed. Based on the burst characteristic of wavelet transform reducing network service flow, border of effective...
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Risk Evaluation of Big Sport Events Based on Neural Networks

Yong-Sheng Wang, Quan-Ying Li
In this paper, we conclude the risk of big sport events from 17 factors of four aspects using literature analysis and expert interviews. We use BP neural network to evaluate the risk of the big events. Using Matlab to simulation the models, we provide a novel method for the risk-assessment of big sport...
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Research on constructing the false pavement by emulsified asphalt materials

Rongwang Guo, Hailong Wang, Wannian Zhu
Gauging the emulsified asphalt with gravel or machine sand, lime and paint, can formate emulsified asphalt slurry seal. In the military field, emulsified asphalt materials can be used to constructe the false asphalt pavement. This paper mainly analyses the choice and technical requirements of materials,...
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An Evaluation System of Modern IT Industry Procurement Logistics Service Provider

Xin Li, Xiaoning Zhu, Yanjing Li
In this paper, combing the IT industry, procurement, logistics service providers choose on the basis of theory, combined with the characteristics of Purchasing and Logistics IT industry , IT industry index system established procurement logistics service providers from the business level, the level of...
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Research on Effect Evaluation for Conceptual Design

Zhigang Xu, Taotao Liu
In conceptual design, for a single functional requirement, various effects or effect chains are correlated with. Designers can only choose effects or effect chains by their own experiences, how ever the inter-disciplinary effects or unfamiliar effects are seldom used. So the effect library are not in...
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Research on infrared property of spinning materials

Xiangru Fu, Rongwang Guo, Dongmei Zhang
Spinning materials almost belong to high polymer material, which have three kinds of phenomena below: reflection, projection and absorption. Due to the particularity of fibre structure, radiation incident to the fibre radiation occurs the multiple internal reflection as well as the transmission and absorption...