Proceedings of the International Conference on the Development of Education in Eurasia (ICDEE 2019)

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The Problem of Choosing the Form of Getting Education in Russia: Rights and Duties of Parents

S.E. Dovbysh, A.D. Davydova, A.K. Tormosova
As part of a monitoring study of public requests based on citizens’ appeals, a research group of the Institute of Educational Management of the Russian Academy of Education revealed that the issue of legal regulation of general education in the Russian Federation, in terms of choosing the form of education,...
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Modeling Event Networks for Different-Age Communities in the International Educational Space

M.S. Yakushkina, M.R. Ilakavichus, N.I. Amburtseva
The relevance of the study is due to the emergence in the educational process in the Commonwealth countries of a new subject – different-age communities, i.e. the prospect of organizing event networks that allow every citizen to master the traditional and innovative social experience. The subject of...
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Realization of Educational Potential of Public Museums in the Eurasian Educational Space

M.S. Yakushkina, L.A. Kozhemyakina
The system of conditions for the realization of the educational potential of a public museum in the Eurasian educational space is discussed in the article. The concept of “Eurasian educational space” is clarified. The pedagogical meaning of the concepts “the educational potential of public museums” and...
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Information Support for the Management of Socially-Important Projects

E. Mindzaeva, S. Beshenkov, D. Adamchuk
Information aspects of managing socially significant projects are discussed in the article. In these projects, a broad discussion of its implementation and results by a large group of stakeholders plays a significant role. The project “Optimization of the Hot-Food System in Educational Organizations...
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Sociology of Education: Prerequisites for Modernizing the Food Management System at Schools

D. Adamchuk, S. Beshenkov, E. Mindzaeva
The school nutrition system is part of the organization of healthy nutrition in the Russian Federation, which has been declared the conceptual Basis of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of healthy nutrition of the population. The formation of a system motivating the citizens to...
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Requirements of “National Standards” and the Labor Market for the Training of Russian-Speaking Specialists in Chinese Universities

Xiao Jingyu, O.A. Mashkina
The diversification of global labor market demands has a serious impact on the goals, methods, forms, and content of teaching foreign languages to Chinese students in universities. Published in 2018, the first “National Quality Standards for Vocational Training of Bachelor Students in Multi-Disciplinary...
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Research on Public Satisfaction with Educational Infrastructure of Advanced Development Territories

K. Skobeltsina, A. Kuznetsov
The program of monitoring sociological research of the level of satisfaction of various categories of the population with the existing educational infrastructure in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which are assigned to priority territories and territories of priority development,...
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Professional Standard as an Indicator of Administrative Competence of a School Principal in Russia

А. Моrozov
The value of the professional standard “The Head of General Education Organization” is analyzed in the article. This document is the criterion of compliance of the modern school principal with the demands of society and with the requirements of the rapidly changing situation, taking into account the...
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Quasi-Fractal Model of the Semantic Knowledge Network as the Basis for the Formation of a Pedagogical Test

V.I. Serdyukov, N.A. Serdyukova
It is substantiated that one of the problematic issues of pedagogical testing is the inconsistency (or incomplete compliance) of the structure and content of test tasks, on the one hand, and the information model of knowledge representation about the academic discipline implemented in the learning process,...
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Updating the Content of the Training of Specialists of Management Bodies to the Evaluation of the Quality of Education

A.E. Maron, E.G. Koroleva, I.L. Chaiko
The article is devoted to the scientific substantiation of the relevance of the content and technologies of training specialists in educational authorities in the field of general education quality assessment. The importance of the requirements for the complex nature of the system for assessing the quality...
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Features of the Law Enforcement and Regulation of the Activities of Education Management Bodies in the Sphere of Assessment of the Quality of General Education

S.V. Molchanov, N.P. Kirillov, V.S. Molchanova
The novelty of the proposed article lies in the fact that it discusses methodological approaches to assessing the activities of educational authorities in the field of assessing the quality of general education. The main components of the structural-logical model, which relies on social and legal mechanisms...
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Making Management Decisions on the Results of the Certification of the Heads of General Education Organizations

S.S. Neustroev, V.А. Zibrov
The article presents the monitoring of the state of the existing Russian regional and foreign orders for certification of the heads of educational organizations, which is aimed at modernizing the certification system and appointing heads of educational organizations in the Russian Federation. Clarifications...
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Legal Aspects of General Education Quality Assessment

I.L. Chaiko, M.M. Smyslova
The article considers the theoretical nature of the system for assessing the quality of services in the field of education and also presents and discusses analytical results of the main problems of the legal framework for the functioning of the system for assessing the quality of education in the Russian...
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Research in Community Competency of School Administrators within Professional Standard Development

A. Kuznetsov, Yu. Fedorchuk
This paper deals with the research in the Community Competency as an aspect of the multi-facetted professional competency that secondary school administrators are to feature. This appears to be a current issue in the context of the present-day development of the Russian national Professional Standard...
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Subject Approach in Digital Education

I.Sh. Mukhametzyanov
The work considers the main subjects of the educational process in the conditions of digital education, namely teachers, students, and parents of students. In modern education, focusing exclusively on the first two main subjects significantly reduces its quality. This is due to the fact that the student’s...
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Formation of the Environment of Professional Self-Determination in Russian Schools

V. Afanasyev, S. Kunitsyna, M. Nechaev
Global changes occurring in all walks of life have also had an impact on education. The school must prepare a graduate who is able to successfully socialize and be in demand and competitive. That is why, the problem of professional self-determination and the choice of future profession by students is...
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Improving the Educational Organization Management System: Personnel Aspect

M.B. Bakhtin, S.E. Dovbysh, A.A. Arinushkina
The research team of the Institute of Education Management of the Russian Academy of Education conducted a monitoring study of the needs of society based on citizens' appeals. The study demonstrates that the issue of personnel management in an educational organization, in terms of the employer's behavior...
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Organization of Master Students’ Individual Educational Activities

L.V. Bayborodova, V.V. Belkina, E.A. Tsirulnikova
The article reflects the result of many years of research pedagogical work to create a system for organizing individual educational activities for graduate students of the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky. In particular, it considers the foundations and mechanisms of...
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Professional Standard of a School Principal: Russian and International Experience

Yu. Fedorchuk
The article presents an analysis of the Russian and international practice of implementing personnel standards for management activities of the head of a general education organization, the architectonics of the professional standard of various educational systems. The problem of developing the principles...
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Features of Orientation to Social Signals of Children with Mental Retardation

Ya.K. Smirnova
The article discusses the role of a mental model and separately a mechanism of joint attention in the normative age development of preschool children. It is shown that children with joint attention deficit may have difficulty acquiring a wide range of developmental skills, and the ability to use the...
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A Standard as a Tool for Identifying the Lack of Management Competencies

J. Chekulaeva
The article presents the results of a study aimed at identifying the lack of managerial competencies in the leaders of educational institutions in the category “hard skills” in the aspects of labor activities, skills, knowledge, as well as in the category “soft skills”. The requirements of the draft...
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Possible Negative Impacts of Intelligent Learning Systems on the Development of the User's Identity

G. Yalamov
The article examines the current state of intellectual learning systems as an information communication technology of education that can have some destructive effects on the development of the cognitive or cognitive qualities of a student’s personality. The research clearly demonstrates the possibility...
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Phenomenology of the Development of Mnemic Abilities of Junior Schoolchildren

S.V. Murafa
The article presents a comparative analysis of the study of the mnemic abilities of younger schoolchildren with delayed mental development (100 students) and younger schoolchildren with a normal rate of mental development (105 students). The research methodology is based on the method of unfolding mnemonic...
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Data Visualization as a Required Component of ICT Competences in the Head of an Educational Institution

A. Dzamykhov, M. Dzamykhova, M. Shutikova
The effectiveness of management decisions depends on the quality of analysis of data on management, first of all. In modern conditions, these data are formed mainly on the basis of monitoring and have very significant amounts. The effectiveness of the analysis of such data depends on the form of their...
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Analysis of the Content of the Management Personnel Training System in the Field of Education in the Context of the Russian National Projects

N.A. Shturbina
This research work is devoted to the analysis of theoretical approaches and modern practices of organizing management training systems in the context of the need to implement national projects of the Russian Federation. First of all, the effectiveness of education is related to the effectiveness of the...
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ICT in the Teacher Training System for Academic Vocals: Structured Mentoring

S.S. Aksenova
The subject of the research of this article is the system of advanced training of teachers in vocal of children’s art schools and children’s music schools, the evolution of approaches (from “learning management systems (LMS)” to “personal learning environments” (PLEs), including during the training and...
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Teaching Talented Children and their Orientation for Building a Successful Career in the Field of Science and High Technologies

S.S. Neustroev
In order to implement the National Project "Education" in terms of ensuring the global competitiveness of Russian education, the entry of the Russian Federation among the 10 leading countries of the world in terms of the quality of general education and upbringing of a harmoniously developed and socially...
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Project Management System as a Reputation Factor of an Educational Organization

E.S. Yakhontova, N.A. Shturbina, S.A. Protsenko
This article is devoted to the features of the project management system in Russian educational organizations. The empirical base of the research is based on a survey of employees of educational organizations in several Russian regions. The study revealed such characteristics of the project management...
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Prerequisites of the Formation of Professional Preparedness of an Educator for Working with Gifted Children

E. Mironova, V. Mezinov, M. Zakharova
The relevance of the issues identified in the title of this article is determined by the social order: “the formation of the intellectual potential of the country”; the need for individual development of gifted children; the need for non-standard educational activities in working with gifted children;...
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Psychological Assessment of Professional Competence of Employees of the Educational Department of the Penitentiary System

E. Klimova, V. Litvishkov
The article provides a comparative analysis of the concept of professional competence, reveals the content of professional competencies. Professional competence is not a set of knowledge, it is the ability to solve the established problems in a professional activity. Professional competence contains...
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Management Consulting in the General Education System: Feedback Mechanism in Civil Society

A.A. Arinushkina
Over the past 5 years, significant changes have occurred in terms of requests from consumers of consulting services in the educational sector. Quality management, internal audit are superseded by requests for consulting support of projects in the field of “improving school leadership” and “consultancy...
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Formation of the Ability to Learn as a Necessary Condition for Self-Education of Students

Dan Jie, I.I. Burlakova
The implementation of the activity approach in teaching, considering the individual and personal characteristics of a student, is the main trend in the field of education in the last decade. The task of the teacher is to choose such teaching methods that would allow each student to show their individuality,...