Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

1117 authors
A, Siru
Does Internal Control Reduce Firms’ Stock Price Crash Risk? Evidence from China
Ai, Muzhen
The Sudden Effects of Crude Oil Futures
Ai, Yu
The Study of the “Size Effect” on the Market Efficiency and the Market Anomalies in NASDAQ
Ai, Ziqi
The Investment Value and the Current Regulation of Cryptocurrencies Market Under the Confusion
Andrew, Lam An Yin
Transformations in Real Estate Investments During Pandemic
Bai, Congqi
The Impact of Oil Prices on the U.S. Stock Market
Bai, Haopeng
Business Report: Is the Shared Fascia Gun Plausible in China?
Bai, Li
The Impact of Covid-19 on U.S. Car Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Bai, Li-Ru
A Study of the Co-movement and Spillover Effects of Stock Markets Among China and ASEAN-5 Countries
Bai, Shengxi
Value Investment Theory and Investment Suggestion in Foreign Healthcare Industry--Taking Pfizer, Novartis, and Merck as examples
Bao, Zhengyu
Analysis on Economic Situation and Marketing Strategies of New Oriental Education
Bi, Ran
A Preliminary Study on Anti-monopoly Problems of Chinese Internet Enterprises
Bian, Yiheng
The Progress of Cryptocurrency Assets Investment from Financial Perspectives: Risks, Comparisons and Impacts
Bu, Zhizhen
Research on the Integration Strategy of Cross-border E-commerce and Logistics Industry from the Perspective of Industry Convergence
Cai, Hui
Study on the Coordination Mechanism of Creative Intellectual Resource Allocation Behavior in the Internet Copyright Industry from the Perspective of Evolutionary Game
Cai, Sijia
Financial Statements and Analysis, Taking Tencent as an Example
Cai, Yinuo
The Study of Marketing Strategy of Live Streaming Studios
Cai, Yueting
The Effect of Corporate Cash Holding on Idiosyncratic Risk: Evidence from China
Cai, Yuhan
Examination of U.S. Finance-Related Industry Under COVID-19 Based on Fama-French model
Cai, Zhengyang
The Effects of the Paris Agreement on Stock Markets: Evidence from Clean Energy Stocks
Cao, Panfeng
Big Data in Customer Acquisition and Retention for eCommerce – Taking Walmart as an Example
Cao, Qin
Application Research Based on GSP Auction Mechanism
Cao, Tianyu
Examining the Impact of Advanced Digital Economy on Employment in China Under COVID-19
Cao, Xueqian
Analyzing the Popularity of Zoom Video Communications Using Marketing Mix Theory
Cao, Yang
Analysis of U.S. Consumption-related Industry Based on Fama-French Model Under COVID-19
Cao, Yuxing
Research on Promoting the Employment Level of University Students Under the Background of COVID-19
Cao, Zhengyong
Research on Lemon Industry Competitiveness Based on Porter Diamond Model
Chan, Allan KK
Word-of-Mouth and Visit Intention in Cultural Tourism
Chan, Szeying
How Tax Reduction or Exemption Influence Prices --Empirical Evidence from Cases About Tampon Tax Reduction or Exemption
Chang, Jingjing
Industrial Expansion and Brand Empowerment of Intangible Cultural Heritage Technologies Under the Background of Industrial Science and Technology
Chang, Ronghua
Business Model Innovation of Yungang Cultural Industry Based on the “Internet +” Format Perspective
Chang, Tianyi
Research on Pricing Strategies of Chinese E-Business Platforms Based on Game Theory
Chao, Jinwei
The Legal Dilemma of Private Equity Fund Financing in China and Its Response
Che, Pak Hou
Survey Data Analysis Using Information Theory – A New Method for Business Research
Che, Pak Hou
Word-of-Mouth and Visit Intention in Cultural Tourism
Che, Shirui
Analysis on investment decision of start-up company Based on POCD framework: the case of Naixue’s tea
Che, Yuxuan
Financial Statements and Analysis, Taking Tencent as an Example
Chen, Binrui
Smart Pet Collars Possess Potential in the Chinese Market
Chen, Caleb Huanyong
Survey Data Analysis Using Information Theory – A New Method for Business Research
Chen, Caleb Huanyong
Word-of-Mouth and Visit Intention in Cultural Tourism
Chen, Chao
Analysis of the Richness of Functions of Mobile Banking Services and Users’ Satisfaction
Chen, Chunxia
Research on the Development Strategy of Rural Accounting Informatization in the Data Age
Chen, Dongyang
Reflection on the Contradiction Between Online and Physical Book Retailers in China
Chen, Han
Investment Sentiment in Finance Market
Chen, Huanyong
Online Impulse Buying: Impact of Internet Celebrity Endorsement and Peer Pressure
Chen, Jiali
Analysis of the Innovative Drugs Market from the Aspect of Heng Rui
Chen, Jialong
The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Indexes
Chen, Jiaqi
Research on Pricing Strategy of High-speed Railway Based on Modeling: Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway as an Example
Chen, Jiayi
Research on the Relationship Between High Tech Company Stocks & Investment
Chen, Juhong
Research on the Evaluation Index of Digital Transformation Level of Manufacturing Enterprises
Chen, Junyao
Research and Analysis of Asset Pricing Model Based on the Empirical Test of Stock Price
Chen, Kangxin
Analysis of Firms’ Share Repurchases ‘Causation: A Case Study of Starbucks
Chen, Kemo
Learning from the Past Ten-Year Effects of Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)
Chen, Man
Research on Beyond Meat’s Profitability Problems and Strategies
Chen, Mingyang
The Impact of the Pandemic on Chinese Economy
Chen, Nuo
Forecast on Oil Futures Volatility Based on HAR-RV Model and HAR-RV-SW Model
Chen, Panyue
Analysis on the Reasons of Delta Bankruptcy
Chen, Qianyue
Analysis of Financial Statements During COVID-19 from the Perspective of Managers——Case Study Based on TME
Chen, Qiaowen
Live Streaming – the New Era of Online Shopping
Chen, Rui
The Impacts of Government Grants on Firm Behaviors
Chen, Rujia
Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism Industry
Chen, Siqing
Impact of COVID-19 on Service-related Industries of U.S. Market Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model
Chen, Suyin
The Study of Virtual Fitting Room in China
Chen, Tianhuiqi
The Application of Business Analytics in the Era of Big Data
Chen, Xinyi
Forecast on Oil Futures Volatility Based on HAR-RV Model and HAR-RV-SW Model
Chen, Xiqing
The Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Stock Market Performance: Evidence from Multiple Countries
Chen, Xuanyi
Apple Inc. Strategic Marketing Analysis and Evaluation
Chen, Xupei
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China
Chen, Yang
The Relationship Research Between Brand Association, Brand Awareness, Brand Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty in Three Squirrels’ Virtual Image
Chen, Ye
Research on Marketing Strategies of Different Movies and Film Market
Chen, Ye
Duration Strategy for Bond Investment Based on an Empirical Study
Chen, Yi
The Feasibility of Starting Up Business Mobilife: A Medical Company with Mobile Technology
Chen, Yifu
Asset Allocation Strategy Based on Inflation Expectation Economic Cycle
Chen, Yitong
The Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S. Industries
Chen, Yixuan
The Progress on Real Options for Company Valuation
Chen, Yiyu
The Relationship Between RMB Internationalization and the International Monetary System
Chen, Yuehan
The Impact of the COVID-19 on Private Equity
Chen, Yufei
Business Analytics for Used Car Price Prediction with Statistical Models
Chen, Zeyu
A Review of Economic Policy Uncertainty
Chen, Zhendong
Influencing Factors of Stock Price Crash Risk
Chen, Zhuxin
The Impact of Cash Holding on Stock Price Crash Risk
Chen, Zihui
Potential Arbitrage Analysis
Chen, Ziwen
Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of MXBC MilkTea
Chen, Zixin
Impact of COVID-19 on Service-related Industries of U.S. Market Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model
Cheng, Gehui
Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from China
Cheng, Haoyu
The Impact of $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill on the Return by Different Moving Average Strategy
Cheng, Liukexin
A Multimodal Discourse Analysis on the Reports of China’s First Gold: A Comparative Study of BBC and VOA
Cheng, Luyao
A Listed Company Evaluation Based on DCF Model-the Case of Medical Apparatus and Instruments Industry
Cheng, Rui
Marketing Strategies in Times of Crisis Exploring More Digital Strategies in Luxury Industry
Cheng, Xi
The Impacts of Trade Protectionism on the Indian Economy
Chenhao, Li
The Innovative Development of News Dissemination in a Media Convergence Environment--Taking Kanghui VLOG as an Example
Chi, Jianyu
Cultural Distance and the Export of Film and TV Works: Verification Based on China and B&R Countries
Chi, Zhuotong
The Valuation Strategies of Artificial Intelligence Startups: The Investment Analysis of MEGVII
Chowing, Li
Impact of COVID-19 on Expected Return and Risks in “China Concept” Stocks Using CAPM Model: A Case Study of Alibaba and Haidilao
Chu, Jiukun
Stock Analysis Strategy for US’s Stock Market Based on Risk, Profitability, and Market Value Insights
Cong, Yushan
Research on Lego Multi-channel Development: Success and Improvement
Cui, Anna
Digital Platform Business Systems Reshaping the Business World
Cui, Jie
The Effectiveness of Private Domain Traffic Strategy in Large Cooperation
Cui, Xiangru
Factor Investing Strategy Investigation and Optimization for Chinese Stock Market with Backtesting and Implementation
Cui, Xiwen
Analysis of Internet Celebrity Brand Marketing Strategy