Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Educational Science and Teacher Profession (ICETeP 2021)

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Peer-Review Statements

Arono, Wisma Yunita, Ira Maisarah, Sufiyandi, Muhammad Fadhli
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICETEP-3 during November 20, 2021 in Bengkulu. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the ICETEP-3 Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description of the...
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Conditions for Learning Regional Languages that are Almost Extinct in the Outer Islands of Indonesia

Arono, Wisma Yunita, Irma Diani
One of the causes of the extinction of a regional language is because speakers or people who use the language no longer use the language. One of the ways to overcome this issue is to include the Enggano regional language and literature into local content subjects. This study aims to reveal the conditions...
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Digital Literacy Ability and Learning Style of English Students in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nadrah, Ade Sissca Villa, Arono
Learning English as an international language has changed a new paradigm in learning in the Covid-19 pandemic era, both synchronously and asynchronously so that digital literacy and student learning styles are increasing. This research aims to describe the condition of digital literacy and student learning...
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Marketing Journal Articles: How Indonesian Scholars in English Education Use Marketization Strategy in Their Article Introductions

Safnil Arsyad, Dian Eka Chandra Wardhana
Centrality claim (henceforth CC) in the introduction section of a journal article (henceforth JA) is an important element aiming at catching readers’ attention towards the research topic to be discussed in the article. However, writing a CC can be problematic especially for new faculty members and postgraduate...
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The Student Health Literacy Using Teaching Materials in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Endang Widi Winarni, Irwan Koto
The study aims to describe learning activities and health literacy for students using science teaching materials with STEAM. Classroom Action Research was carried out in three cycles for Master Program in Elementary School Teacher Education students, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, University...
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Is Critical Thinking Accomodated in Junior High School English Textbook?

Noni Agustina, Ilza Mayuni, Ifan Iskandar
Critical thinking is essential and becomes one of education objectives; however the previous studies showed that students have no it sufficiently since the material particularly textbook used in learning process do not accommodate them to think critically in English class. There is a scarcity of research...
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A HOTS-Based Digital Measuring Instrument for Reading Literacy Skills in the Indonesian Context

Vismaia S. Damaianti, Yeti Mulyati, Yunus Abidin
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought major changes and has had a wide impact on the education system in Indonesia, including the assessment system. An assessment instrument is needed to overcome distance and time constraints, especially for the assessment of reading literacy. This study aims to develop...
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Mixed Reality (MR) in Folklore Learning

Yunus Abidin, Trifalah Nurhuda
Folklore is seen as one of the outdated and ancient types of literature. This has an impact on the low interest of students to learn folklore. Whereas on the other hand folklore is a literary work that is full of cultural values and is very important for students to learn at school. Based on this fact,...
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Student Response to Geometry Student’s Worksheet Based on APOS Model Assisted GeoGebra

Hanifah, Febrila Lilia Gina
This Ex Post Facto study aimed to determine the response of each small group of students about the Geometry student’s worksheet (LKPD) based on the GeoGebra-assisted APOS Model made by 12 teachers or prospective mathematics teachers who are currently studying in the Mathematics Education Master’s Degree...
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Writing a Research Report in Higher Education: Problems and Solutions for English and Non English Students

Ira Maisarah, Sufiyandi, Muhammad Fadhli, Reza Satria Rinaldi
Writing a research report is something that must be done for every student in the university. That is why the students must have competence in academic writing. For both English and Non-English students, academic writing for research report is one of the most difficult assignments undertaken by the students...
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Implementation of Physical Education Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bogy Restu Ilahi, Johanes Sapri, Dian Pujianto, Muhammad Kristiawan, Badeni, Fina Hiasa, Bagus Purnama Aji
This research aimed at investigating the implementation of Physical Education learning during the Covid 19 Pandemic in Bengkulu City State High Schools. The subjects of this review included actual training educators and understudies at public secondary schools in Bengkulu City. The information investigation...
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Semiotics Analysis of Besurek Batik Motif as a Preservation and Alternative Indonesian Teaching Materials

Wisman, Fina Hiasa
The purpose of this study is to describe the semiotic of Besurek batik motifs as a preservation effort and one of the alternative Indonesian language teaching materials. This type of research is qualitative with descriptive method. The data are gathered using photographers, recording sheets, observations,...
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RME Teaching Materials Based on Bengkulu Etnomatics in Mathematics Lessons for Class IV Elementary School

Desi Andriani, Bambang Sahono, Badeni, Saleh Haji
Mathematics is a subject that has a very broad scope and is very useful for the daily life of students. Mathematics is a subject that is difficult for students to understand. Through a mathematics learning approach that encourages students to relate mathematics to the real world, the Realistic Mathematics...
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Pragmatic Development Model in Minimizing Verbal Abuse to Women and Children on Social Media, Family, and School in the Coastal Area of Bengkulu Province

Irma Diani, Arono, Wisma Yunita
This study discusses the pragmatic development model in minimizing verbal abuse against women and children in social media, families, and schools in the coastal area of ​​Bengkulu province. This verbal abuse is dominated by women and children, both in social media, family, community, and in the educational...
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Development of Non-test Learning Instrument Media Based on TikTok Application in the Literary Expression Course

Fina Hiasa, Emi Agustina, Wisman, Fitra Youpika
This development research aims to produce a non-test instrument in the form of a questionnaire which will later be used to test the feasibility of learning media based on TikTok application in the Literary Expression course. The research method used in this research is Research and Development (R&D)...
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The Students’ Difficulties in Understanding English Text in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Eka Sustri Harida, Yusni Sinaga, Sri Rahmadani Siregar, Nurlija Matondang, Addini Hayatunnuha Rahmadani
This article explores the difficulties of the students in reading English texts in learning at the Covid-19 Pandemic Era and the efforts done by the English teachers. The research has been done by using a qualitative approach by using reading tests and interviews as the instruments of research. The data...
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Student’ Preferences on the Focus of Feedback in Writing Research Proposals

Wisma Yunita, Lindawaty Bunga Djaya Kusuma
Students’ preferences on the focus of feedback may improve the efficacy and efficiency of the supervisory process. However, there is a frequent misalignment of the focus of feedback among students and supervisors. This research aims to reveal the types of focused feedback preferred by the students and...
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Grammatical Markers of Enggano Transitive Verb in Perfective and Imperfective Aspect

Dendi Wijaya
This paper discusses the grammatical markers of the transitive verb of Enggano language based on both perfective and imperfective aspects, as well as the morphophonemic processes that occur in the grammaticalization process of verbs. Enggano language is a language with aspect but the markers of aspects...
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Idioms Containing a Lexicon of Names of Body Parts on the Head in Javanese and Pasemah Bengkulu Languages

Fitra Youpika, Yeti Mulyati
This research focused on language and cultural themes, revealing the similarities and differences in idioms containing a lexicon of names of body parts on the head in the Javanese and Pasemah Bengkulu languages. The research method used was content analysis. Research data were in the forms of idioms...
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Learning to Write Biography Texts by Using Cooperative Model of Number Head Together (NHT)

Ratna Sari Dewi Pohan, Novelti, Erpidawati, Resti Agusti
This research is motivated by the constraints of students in writing biographical texts using appropriate, complete, correct linguistic structures and elements, and low interest in writing, because so far no studies have been carried out to find suitable learning models. Therefore, it is necessary to...
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Utilization of Digital Technology in Learning Listening Skills During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nafri Yanti, Yeti Mulyati, Dadang Sunendar, Vismaia S. Damaianti
This research is entitled Utilization of Digital Technology in Learning Listening Skills During the Covid-19 Pandemic. This study aims to provide an alternative learning evaluation for the Listening Skills course during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The evaluation was carried out by using the application Google...
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E-Learning Based Design of Teaching Materials for English as a Specific Purposes of Geography

Nila Kencana, Romdani, Aceng Rahmat
This was a Research and Development (R and D) study which was conducted to design teaching materials for English as a Specific Purposes (ESP) of Geography Based on E-learning at the Department of Geography of Universitas Hazairin (Unihaz) Bengkulu, Indonesia. Furthermore, this study aimed to produce...
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Eligibility Test for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) Based Syntax Modules

Reni Kusmiarti, Johanes Sapri, Ria Ariesta, Dian Eka Candra Wardana
In the era of society 5.0, an integrated learning approach is needed to improve student understanding, especially in the Syntax Course. An integrated approach based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) can be applied to modules as student learning materials. The feasibility of...
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An Analysis of Values in Social Life in Snowpiercer Movie

Chinta Ade Putri, Indah Damayanti, Mei Hardiah
This research aims to find out how the lower class and the upper class are represented in the Snowpiercer movie as well as to find out how the Snowpierce movie portrays values in social life. Library research (documentation) and descriptive qualitative method were used to conduct the research. The data...