Proceedings of the 2013 the International Conference on Education Technology and Information System (ICETIS 2013)

648 authors
Zhao, Chunna
Current Situation of Higher Education after the Implementation of the National Standard of Students’ Physical Health
Zhao, Hongyan
Study on the Loss of Teachers and Countermeasures of the Private University
Zhao, Jian
The Design of Digital Campus Shared Data Center Based on ETL
Zhao, Jing
Construction of Practice Teaching System in Newly-established Application-oriented Universities
Zhao, Qi
The Teaching Scheme Discussion of Clothing Production Line Training Base in Campus
Zhao, Qi
The Design and Facture of The Multimedia Courseware to the Garment CAD
Zhao, Wei
Training of Contemporary University students and the Education of Innovative Talents
Zhao, Xiufang
Transformation of Higher Education from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization
Zhao, Yanhai
The Social Responsibility Education in China’s Business Schools against the Background of Globalization: Trends, Problems and Countermeasures
Zhao, Yanna
Sustainable Development Strategy of land Resources in Hebei Province
Zhao, Yucong
Reform of Bilingual Teaching of Packaging Engineering in China Universities and Colleges
Zhao, Yucong
Fostering Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents of Packaging Engineering Based on Curriculum Construction
Zhao, Zheng
An interactive video database for food engineering education
Zhao, Zhiguo
Effective Teaching System Building of Applied Engineering Colleagues For the Employment
Zhen, Haiyan
A study on management of learning of students in Higher Vocational Colleges based on the " broken windows effect "
Zhen, Haiyan
Based on the comparison of Chinese and foreign teaching methods of Higher Mathematics in Higher Vocational Colleges ----- The concept of the derivative as an example
Zheng, Chunjun
Research on Single Chip Computer Teaching Reform under CDIO Engineering Education Mode
Zheng, Junwei
The Philosophical Analysis For Engineering Management Education
Zheng, Li
Effectiveness Analysis of The Application of Clustering in Student Grouping
Zheng, Meiguang
GQIM-based Model for Optimizing the Professional Training Program of PETOE
Zheng, Nan
Cognition and Practice about Curriculum Teaching Design
Zheng, Wei
The Research of Theoretical and Practical Teaching of Synthetic Crystal Based on the Dual Employment Patterns
Zhou, Binbin
A Teaching System for Core Competence-based ITO Talents Training
Zhou, De-xiang
The Research on Financing Channels of Industrial Enterprises Taking the Development of Industrial economic of Jiangsu Province for Example
Zhou, Delei
Design and Research on Sheller for the Sunflower Seeds
Zhou, Dexiang
Analysis on the Ethics of Modern Network Technology from the Perspective of Marxism Ethical Thought
Zhou, Dexiang
Improve Township Cadres’ Appraisal System in the E-government Environment
Zhou, Jie
Design for Open-experimental Course of Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
Zhou, Jiming
Writing Activities Embedded in the Teaching Method Reform of Mechanical Manufacturing Course to Improve Students’ Scientific Writing Ability
Zhou, Pengxia
Crawling Strategy Based on Domain Ontology of Emergency Plans
Zhou, Ping
A Semi-Supervised Text Clustering Algorithm with Word Distribution Weights
Zhou, Wanzhen
Application of Multi-mode Teaching Based on Project and Case Driven in Java Programming Course
Zhou, Xinhua
Exploration and Practice of the Large-scale Equipment Sharing Platform
Zhou, YueFeng
Research about the Influencing Factors of Inter-organizational Knowledge Transferring from Enterprise Alliance perspective
Zhu, Bin
Curriculum reform and practice of software testing
Zhu, Bo
Design and Research on Sheller for the Sunflower Seeds
Zhu, Kai
The Teaching Exploration on Practical Training of Pharmaceutical Service Skill inside the school for Higher Vocational Education*
Zhu, Lifang
Role of Basic Surveying and Mapping Production In Urban Management
Zhu, Lifang
The Management and Strategy to Rural Homestead In China
Zhu, Weihua
Innovative Talent Training Model to Actively Explore the Hierarchical Culture
Zhu, Weihua
The Philosophical Analysis For Engineering Management Education
Zhu, Xiangping
Teaching Reform of “Air Conditioning Engineering” Course
Zhu, Xuezhen
Evaluation Research on the Innovation Efficiency as Value-chain Framework: Evidence from Jiangsu Province
Zhu, Yadong
An Analysis of Relations between Industrial Strategy and Enterprise Strategy
Zhu, Yue
Design for Open-experimental Course of Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
Zong, Le
Design and Research on Sheller for the Sunflower Seeds
Zou, Jumei
The Component Data for E-portfolio
Zuo, Xiao-de
Research on College Graduates’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Strategy—— Taking the Higher Vocational Students in Specialities for Producer Services Sector for an Example