Proceedings of the International Conference of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Control Engineering (ICFPMCE 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Liang Yan, Jing Na
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at ICFPMCE 2022 during 22–25 July, 2022 in Kunming, Yunan Province, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of Scientific Committee, Program Committee and other reviewers, and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who...
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Fault-Tolerant Control for Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo System Based on Topological Reconstruction

Jiwen Han, Hongzhou Song, Yinan Liu, Xiaqing Pei, Zaiping Zheng, Weiqi Liu
Motors are required to possess the capacity to deal with sudden failure in the occasion where reliability are highly required, such as aerospace, more-electric aircraft, all-electric ship propelling and new energy automobile. In other words, motors should keep working for some time instead of shutting...
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Numerical Investigation of Effects of Silt Particles with Different Mean Diameters on Cavitation Flow Evolution in the Nozzle

Xiangdong Han, Fangyan Yu
Effects of silt particles with various mean diameters on cavitation development in the nozzle were numerically investigated. The diameters were 0.0015 mm, 0.0035 mm, and 0.0055 mm, respectively. Results clearly indicated that vapor contents in silt particle-water cavitation flow were greater than that...
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Research on Improved Resolver-to-Digital Conversion Method and Its Application Based on FPGA

Qijia Zheng, Shuping Meng, Sixian Sun, Yang Jiang, Yang Hu
According to the demand of high integration of servo motor control system, a method of resolver-to-digital conversion (RDC) based on FPGA is proposed. This method adopts the technology of synchronous excitation and peak sampling, which can realize the peak sampling of sine signal and cosine signal of...
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Multi-actuator Integrated Control Design FOR Freighter Cargo Door

Lin Li, Hao Wu, Zhao Xue, Xiaolu Wang, Shuai Liu, Zhenjin Nie
An integrated airborne Actuator Control Electronics (ACE) based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) has been designed to control the main cargo door motion of ARJ21-700 converted freighter. This paper illustrates the designing method of the ACE, and analyses the relationship between control timing...
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Magnetic Structure Design for Frictionless Proportional Solenoid Valve Based on Large Leaky Magnetic Circuit

Xu-dong Wang, Shuiming Tan, Zhen Zhang, Liang Zhang, Chen-guang Gao, Huanchun Wang
In the spacecraft micro propulsion system, the proportional solenoid valve of milligram flow is a very important component, which is used to achieve the system pressure and flow proportional adjustment. It is required to reach the high precision and high resolution control of thruster thrust. This paper...
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Research of Highly Reliable Drive and Control Technology Based on APSOC

Lijuan Zhang, Shouhao Wang, Qian Song, Yan Li, Weiyi Hao
With the development of industrial field, the requirements of miniaturization, high integration, strong computing performance and high reliability are put forward for servo controlers. The traditional control platform has some problems, such as complex system and small promotion space. Therefore, the...
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Comparison of PMSM and BLDC Applications in Servo System

Qiangqiang Lin, Qijia Zheng, Shiliang Miao, Yan Li, RuiJing Zhao
Servo control requires fast following performance and high steady-state accuracy in position follow-up mode. Servo of special environment application has more strict requirements for motor performance and reliability. The development of servo system has experienced the initial electro-hydraulic servo,...
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Wear Modelling of the Thread Pair in a Planetary Roller Screw Mechanism

Shangjun Ma, Qianjin Xu, Chuangchuang Li, Jianxin Zhang, Geng Liu
Based on the contact characteristics of helical surfaces and the coexistence of rolling and sliding at the screw-roller interface, a forecast model of the thread pair using Archard wear theory is proposed. To obtain the wear depth and the wear volume of the screw raceway in the whole effective stroke,...
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Intelligent Surrounding Rock Grade Identification Combining XGBoost Algorithm and Drilling Parameters of Drill Jumbo

Guoqiang Huang, Chengjin Qin, Feixiang Liu, Ruihong Wu, Jianfeng Tao, Chengliang Liu, Jinjun Liao
Surrounding rock classification represents distinguishing the different grades of surrounding rock according to the hardness and integrity of surrounding rock. Accurately obtaining the surrounding rock grade of drill jumbo working face is not only the basis for selecting the tunnel position and support...
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Research on the Thermal Performance of a Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

Zuti Zhang, Hanyang Liu
Helical coil heat exchanger has been widely used in hydraulics engineering, and plays an important role in modern industry. The distribution of fluid field which would be influenced by helical coil structural parameters is an important factor affecting its thermal performance. In this paper, CFD analysis...
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Research on Underwater Image Semantic Segmentation Method Based on SegNet

Jialun Wang, Fusheng Zha, Xiuwen Bi
At present, there is little research on underwater image semantic segmentation, and the effect of training using the traditional semantic segmentation network model on land is not ideal. This paper analyzes the current development of underwater image semantic segmentation, establishes a multi-objective...
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Reliability Analysis of Synchronous Steering Control for Multi-vehicle Formation

Jianjun Wang, Jingyi Zhao, Rui Guo, Wenlei Li
The transportation of large engineering equipment or engineering modules usually adopts multi-vehicle formation cooperative transportation, and multiple vehicles form a fixed shape formation. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, the formation control must be reliable. Multi-vehicle formation...
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EGR Intelligent Control of Diesel Engine Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

ChenGuang Lai, ChaoBing Wu, SiZheng Wang, JiaXi Li, Bo Hu
Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV), as a revolutionary technology for automobiles, is rapidly developing and changing the way people travel. However, the current smart cars lack the intelligent control of the powertrain, and even if the network connection is completed, the power, economy and emissions...
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Intelligent Identification of Coal-Rock Type Based on Boring Parameters of Dig Windlass and XGBoost

Guoqiang Huang, Chengjin Qin, Ruihong Wu, Jianfeng Tao, Chengliang Liu
Coal is an important natural resource in China and plays an essential role in the development of industry and national economy. To realize unmanned mining, it is necessary to identify coal-rock type of working face accurately and efficiently. As the photographing is interfered by water mist, dust, air...
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Analysis and Optimization on Mechanical Properties of Stern Shaft on an Underwater Vehicle

Lei Liu, Cairui Yue, Juan Wei, Zhihui Wang, Zengwu Zhao
Analysis and optimization of the stern shaft is of vital importance to the performance of underwater vehicles. This paper analyses the mechanical properties of the stern shaft using finite element analysis. Based on the response surface generated with samples, optimization of the bearing arrangement...
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Experimental Investigation on the New 100N Bipropellant Space Rocket Engine

Jinghuai Huang, Jie Zhang, Fengshan Wang, Zhen Zhang, Xiaofang Mao, Zhaopu Yao
This paper developed experimental research on the new 100N bipropellant space rocket engine. The bi-centrifugal swirl injector with high degree of technological maturity, high reliability and properties is used on this engine. The cold flow test, steady-state hot firing, pulse–mode firing, long life...
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Comparative Study of Air-Gap Field Distribution Characteristics Among Different Pole Array in SPM

Xinghua He, Liang Yan, Xiaoshan Gao, Pengjie Xiang, Chris Gerada
The pole array directly influences air-gap filed distribution and hence output torque performance especially in surface-mounted PM machine (SPM). The fundamental wave of air-gap magnetic flux density determines the average torque, and harmonic generates torque ripple. In generally, there is a trade-off...
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Application of Multiphase Interleaving Parallel Technology in Oilfield Energy Storage Power Supply

Chao He, Tao Jiang, Wang Qu
In order to cope with harsh environment and vibration, oil field energy storage requires high reliability and maintainability, high consistency in the use of power devices, and redundancy in battery charging and discharging. In this paper, an energy storage power supply is designed. The front and rear...
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Design of Controllable Power System for Underwater Transmission Mechanism

Pengtao Mou, Zhishu Xu, Jingjing Bao, Jiating Zhu, Zhipeng Zheng
This paper designs a controllable power system for underwater transmission mechanism, which uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor to control a bidirectional hydraulic pump to drive the hydraulic cylinder to move in both directions. The electromechanical static pressure scheme is designed to greatly...
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Numerical Investigation on Silt Particle Abrasion Characteristics of the Centrifugal Pump

Xiangdong Han, Youchao Yang, Chao Wang, Pengjun Fan, Yaping Tian
Silt particle abrasion characteristics of the centrifugal pump were numerically investigated. Mean diameter of the employed silt particles was 0.025 mm and the concentration was 1%. Results indicated that for diverse pressure and suction surfaces, distributions of silt particle mass concentration were...
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Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Particle Concentrations on Cavitation Development in the Venturi Tube

Xiangdong Han, Youchao Yang, Chao Wang, Pengjun Fan, Jianqi Hu
Effects of different particle concentrations on cavitation development in the Venturi tube were experimentally investigated. The concentrations selected were 0.5%, 1.0%, and 1.5%. High-speed camera was used to observe shapes of cavitation bubbles and distributions of particles. Analyses on cavitation...
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Analysis of Demagnetization Characteristics of X70 Steel Based on Permanent Magnet Demagnetization Method

Fulin Song, Hong Zhao
High steel pipelines will generate remanence during work, transportation, inspection, and maintenance. Due to the existence of residual magnetism, high steel pipelines will have magnetic bias during the welding process, resulting in difficulty in pipeline welding, deterioration of welding quality, and...
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Numerical Investigation on Effects of Solid Grain Concentrations on Cavitation Evolution Around NACA0015 Hydrofoil

Xiangdong Han, Chao Wang, Youchao Yang, Weiguo Zhao, Pengjun Fan
Effects of solid grains with different concentrations on cavitation evolution around NACA0015 hydrofoil were investigated. The concentrations were 5%, 10%, and 20%. Variations of averaged lift and drag coefficients and lift-drag ratio under all concentration conditions were analyzed; corresponding evolution...
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Effects of Different Silt Particle Concentrations on Cavitation Evolution in the Centrifugal Pump

Xiangdong Han, Youchao Yang, Chao Wang, Weiguo Zhao, Pengjun Fan
Numerical simulations on effects of diverse silt particle concentrations on cavitation evolution in the centrifugal pump were performed. It was silt particle-water cavitation flow. The concentrations employed were 1%, 5%, and 10%. Evolutions of cavitation bubbles and streamlines and variations of head...
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Numerical Investigation of Effects of Rectangular Structure on Cavitation Evolution Around NACA0015 Hydrofoil

Yanyan Wang, Weiguo Zhao, Chao Wang, Xiangdong Han, Pengjun Fan, Zailun Liu
A combination of an improved SST k-ω turbulence model with Zwart-Gerber-Belamri cavitation model was employed to perform the numerical simulation of cavitation flow around general NACA0015 hydrofoil and the hydrofoil with rectangular structure on the surface. Effects of the rectangular structure on cavitation...
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Optimization of Low Frequency Oscillation of Variable Piston Chamber in High-Speed Aviation Pump

Chun-xiao Zhao, Bin Zhang, Yu Liu, Xiao-hua Gou, Hao-cen Hong, Wei-dong Huang, Zhen-wei Chang, Zhengyuan Zhang, Huayong Yang
High-speed aviation pump often used as a constant pressure source of hydraulic servo system, which is essential to the maneuverability and stability of the whole system, and requires its regulating mechanism have good stability and quick response. In actual operation process, the variable piston chamber...
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Simulation Analysis and Experimental Study on the Effect of Valve Opening on Flow Measurement Based on Micro-channel

Xin-ju Fu, Ping Wang, Yong Li, Zhao-xin Shi, Xu-dong Wang, Tai-zeng Lv
Thermal mass flow controllers use capillary tubes to form fluid channels. For microfluidic channel smaller than 1 mm, in the supercritical state, the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet is large, resulting in obvious changes in fluid density. At the same time, the increase of the pressure...
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Simulation and Experiment of Worm Gear Thermal Deformation and Transmission Error

Yong Zheng, Hao Huang, Yan Chen, Donglin Peng, Ziran Chen
With the wide application of worm gear drive in precision equipment, the requirements for its transmission accuracy are becoming higher and higher. Among many influencing factors, the influence of indoor temperature change on transmission accuracy can not be ignored, which needs to further analyze the...
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Research on a Novel Multi-pump and Multi-motor Driving System

Qiaoyan Liu, Zhongxun Liu, Yuhang Liu, Jihai Jiang
With the development of human society, the concept of “carbon neutrality” has gradually attracted people’s attention. However, due to the existence of throttling loss, the efficiency of the hydraulic systems widely used is usually lower than 30%. In order to improve the energy conversion rate of the...
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Research on Closed-Loop Control and Flow Noise for Piezoelectric Type Micro Flow Controller for Electric Propulsion

Yingying Zhang, Xudong Wang, Xinju Fu, Zhanhai Zhang, Zongliang Li, Zhiping Li
For the control problem of micro-flow controller using piezoelectric ceramics as driving components in the electric propulsion system, we directly utilize the collected rate of flow as the state and give a closed-loop control method which can eliminate the hysteresis and creep characteristics of piezoelectric...
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Investigation on Internal Flow Characteristics of a Pressure-Driven Swirling Injector for Urea-SCR System

Youcheng Shi, Zheng Li, Wenbin Cao, Qingzhen Dong
A pressure-driven swirling injector for Urea-SCR system was presented and investigated. It consists of a switch valve and orifice. To investigate the dynamic and internal flow characteristics of the injector, a FSI model was proposed. Numerical analysis suggested that the flowrates of the injector under...
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Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Iron Roughneck’s Spin-Rollers

Yongbai Sha, Quan Li, Xiaoying Zhao
The spinner mechanism of the iron roughneck is used to realize the rapid screwing in or screwing out of the drill pipe thread. The spin-rollers are one of the main components of the spinner mechanism, which directly contacts the drill pipe and applies clamping force and torque to the drill pipe. Good...