Proceedings of the 2020 3rd International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2020)

422 authors
Zheng, Shuyi
Research on Creative Transformation and Innovative Development of Local Administrative Culture in the New Era
Zheng, Wei
Phonetic Teaching Strategies in Listening and Speaking Training of Primary-Secondary Students
Zheng, Xiao-yang
The case analysis of improving the comprehensive quality of medical students with innovative and entrepreneurial projects and competition based on PACS
Zheng, Yaxin
Comparison of Corporate Social Responsibility between China and Foreign Countries under the New Situation: Taking Public Health Emergency as the Background
Zheng, Yuyu
Policy Research and Development Suggestions on International Understanding Education in East Asia Under the Background of Globalization
Zhou, Dan
The research on the development of degree apprenticeship in the construction of application-oriented university in China
Zhou, Dingxiang
Developing a Constructionism Training Framework to Reskill Chinese Language Teachers in Reading Teaching
Zhou, Jixian
Suggestions for safety production under public health Accidents
Zhou, Peng
View the World with the World Viewpoint--Research on “World Viewpoint” Education of College Students in the Era of Convergence Media
Zhou, Wenzhou
Application of BOPPPS Model in the Design of Course Case-based Teaching
Zhou, Yangming
Analysis of the Carbon Neutrality Capacity of Household Energy Consumption in Rural Areas of Jiangxi Province
Zhou, Ying
Legislative suggestions on the implementation of production safety main responsibility of production and business units- A Case Study of Ningbo
Zhou, Yue
Psychological Capital, Positive Moral Education and Improvement of College Students’ Ideological & Moral Qualities
Zhou, Yunjie
Whether Foreign Accented Speech Predicts Listeners’ Attitude
Zhou, Zirui
Feasibility of Adopting COVID-19 Quarantine Policy to Combat Global Warming
Zhu, Guohua
Study on the Practice of Rejuvenating Rural Culture in the Middle of Zhejiang Province—Analysis of 5489 Questionnaires based on Survey in Zhejiang Province
Zhu, Ruoqian
The Effects of Simultaneity and Modern Aesthetics on the Fragmentation of Information
Zhu, Wenbo
The study on the Driving Effect of Defense Science and Technology Innovation
Zuo, Xinyi
Effects of Ways of Communication on the Preservation of Shanghai Dialect
niu, Zeyu
The Causes of Trade Friction Between China and the US
wang, xuya
Research on the inheritance and application of Li Bai’s spirit in Higher Education
zhang, hua
Research on the inheritance and application of Li Bai’s spirit in Higher Education