Proceedings of the 2020 3rd International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2020)

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The Basic Model of Compulsory Isolation and Detoxification in Judicial Administration Based on Medical Insurance System

Zhanlei Hu
With the promotion of the basic mode of the unified judicial administration of drug rehabilitation, compulsory isolation of drug rehabilitation students, as a special group, whether to enjoy medical insurance during the period of drug rehabilitation and gradually into the basic medical insurance system,...
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Analysis of Economic Management of Geological Exploration Units in the New Environment

Huidong Lei
Geological exploration can be classified into different categories such as mineral geological prospecting, hydrogeological prospecting, engineering geological prospecting, etc. According to different requirements of the market, the units will schedule the categories of geological prospecting reasonably....
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Whether Foreign Accented Speech Predicts Listeners’ Attitude

Angela Dong, Yusi Hu, Licheng Ren, Yunjie Zhou
Talkers’ subjective ratings of talker characteristics influences the listeners’ judgement of the talkers, but it is less clear if talkers’ accent of their speech influences the listeners’ attitude. The present experiment tested the variance accounted for by speakers’ different region-based English pronunciation....
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Post COVID-19 - Individual Impact and Global Economy Recovery Predicament

Haoyu Zhao
2020 has not been started as expected. We lost our treasured hero, Kobe Bryant, Australia has also suffered from natural disasters, but the worst is when the virus called the COVID-19 came to life and a global pandemic started since the beginning of the year. The virus was at first a blind spot to us,...
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Feasibility of Adopting COVID-19 Quarantine Policy to Combat Global Warming

Zirui Zhou
Since the start of COVID-19, quarantine and social distancing have become a standard social norm in containing the outbreak. During this time period, a significant drop in greenhouse gas emission has been observed and reduced commute appears to be a main contributor to such reduction. Hence, the quarantine...
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Analysis of LGBTQ Groups and Movements Based on Social Media

Liqi Hu
This article analyzes the role of social media in the present LGBTQ group members and LGBTQ social movement. Three major questions will be answered: the role of social media in LGBTQ identity formation, the effectiveness of social media as a tool for LGBTQ right movement, and potential risks and limits...
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Malnutrition And Nutrition-Related Health Disparities in China

Bocheng Zhang
Does China have problems link to malnutrition? With explicit focuses on the Chinese population, this paper conducts a systematic review of malnutrition and nutrition-related health disparities in China. It was observed that there were remarkable reductions in malnutrition, but most reductions were related...
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Effect of External and Internal Factors on the Inclination of Depression among Chinese International Students

Peiqi Song
As studying in America becomes a popular choice for Chinese students, their psychological health should not be ignored. The variables related to the possibility of Chinese international students having depression are analyzed in this article. Four main elements are acculturative stress, maladaptive perfectionism,...
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Analysis of the Similarities and Differences Between Gender Stereotype and Gender Role in China

Zifan Zhao
In contemporary society, people have a growing sense of gender differences and their potential influences, but the problems brought by gender stereotype still need to be solved immediately. This article basically introduces gender roles and gender stereotypes, their differences and similarities, and...
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An Analysis of the Existing Problems and Solutions in the Construction of Preschool Education Teachers in the New Era

Zhi-hong ZHANG
Preschool education is an important part of the national education system and the guarantee of basic education. At present, China’s preschool education has developed rapidly, but there is a shortage of preschool education resources, especially the situation that the professional level of preschool education...
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On the Reconstruction and Innovation of Discourse Power of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Media Era

Lin Chen, Hongmei Gu
With the popularity of smart phones, the scale of Internet users is expanding, and new media is developing rapidly. College students are active in thinking and have strong sense of self-determination. They are used to searching for information they need through new media and are influenced by it. Through...
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Effects of Ways of Communication on the Preservation of Shanghai Dialect

Xinyi Zuo
Shanghai dialect is being forgotten by the young generation of Shanghainese. The paper focuses on the preservation of Shanghai dialect, which is the basis of the Shanghai culture. It mainly discusses the aim of inheriting dialect and investigates the relationship between mass media and Shanghai dialect...
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The Causes of Trade Friction Between China and the US

Zeyu niu
With the increase of trade volume between China and the United States and the development of economic globalization, the trade friction between China and the United States has become more and more intense. The causes of sino-us trade friction are manifold. Only when we have a clear understanding of the...
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Comparison of the HIV-Prevention Policy in Different Countries

Leyi Duan
Through a large number of literature review, summarized the current trend of AIDS and future research direction. AIDS is one of the most serious epidemics in the world. In this paper, the origin of AIDS and the pathogenesis of HIV, such as HIV-1 and HIV-2, are discussed in detail. The Enlightenment of...
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Analysis on Vlog Story-telling Techniques and Advertisement

Hanshi Zhang
The purpose of this article is to analyze the success of vlogs from its story-telling perspective, and to see what can be applied to the future advertising. A case study of vlog advertising is analyzed in this article, and the author finds that great content, story-telling aesthetics, and influencer...
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Psychosocial Intervention Program Promotes Autism Spectrum Disorder Students Successful Transition Into Australian Mainstream School

Wucong Zhao
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a significant issue in children. How ASD students are integrated into society is an important question. This study will be looking at ASD students transition from special schools to mainstream schools, I will analyze psychosocial intervention program (PSIP) as a means...
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Explorations on Rights Protection of Microblog

Min Chen
This paper focuses on analyzing advantages and disadvantages of Microblog through a series of examples, so as to improve the understanding of the social phenomenon of safeguarding rights through Microblog. Two important characteristics of Microblog, which are timeliness and great influence, not only...
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Stress Relief Effectiveness of Visual Elements Presented Through Videos

Zixuan Zhao
Stress can negatively impact both the academic aspect and the social aspect of high school students’ life[1]. Although many schools recognize this problem and have employed counselors to help students deal with stress, students seldom contact the counselors because students prefer to deal with the problem...
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Analysis on the Conditions of Online Teaching Methods

Tianchu Han
In 2020, the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused billions of students out of school. Thus, online education became imperative and how to insure its quality came into spotlight. In this paper, attentions are focused on various aspects, such as targets, models and the efficiency of online teaching...
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A Study on Students’ Autonomous Learning Ability, Teacher-student Interaction and Its Influence on Academic Development during the COVID-19 Epidemic

Xiaotian Sun
During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, online teaching was in full swing. However, due to a variety of factors, there are significant differences in students’ academic development at this stage. This paper collects the experience and evaluation of undergraduate students’ learning ability, teacher-student...
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Analysis on How Entrepreneurs Build an Electronics Recycling Startup

Sichao Yin
With the continuous development of China’s social economy, people’s living standard and consumption level are constantly improving, and the number of waste electrical appliances and electronic products is also growing rapidly. In addition, the replacement cycle of electronic products is getting shorter,...
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Orientalism in the Postmodern Context - Other to Us

Dong Yuanchun
This paper sheds light on identity recognition in light of Orientalism in the postmodern context mainly based on the texts related to Oriental studies. In the process of globalization, Western culture, especially the long-standing self-centered culture, has been greatly affected. Orientalism in the postmodern...
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Analysis on Tik Tok’s Development in China

Hanqi Hui
This paper analyzes how Tik Tok makes young people so obsessed by theoretical research and data investigation. From personal needs and satisfaction, manifestations and content, and peer pressure these three perspectives to illustrate the way how Tik Tok making use of people’s need of being identified,...
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Schools’ and Parental Responsibility: Students’ Experiences of and Perceptions on Sex Education

Jiayi Shen
The Chinese society becomes more opened up towards topics regarding sex, sex education is, however, not on the right track. This research conducts a mixed-method study among 140 participants to investigate adolescents’ perceptions on schools’ and parental responsibility for providing sex education. It...
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The Effects of Simultaneity and Modern Aesthetics on the Fragmentation of Information

Ruoqian Zhu
This article identifies the emergence of simultaneity as a representative outcome of the new media revolution, and hypothesizes that it causes fragmentation of information both when consumers perceive media content and when they distribute them. Case studies involved in this research, assisted with aesthetic...
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Research on the Evolution of the College Entrance Examination Policy in Tianjin Based on the Theory of Multiple Streams

Gong Yuxin
The college entrance examination (CEE) is an important system for the selection of talents in China. As one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government, the change of the college entrance examination policy in Tianjin has always attracted a lot of attention. Studying the regional...
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1774–1837: A reform analysis of the Lower Canada colony of British Empire

Yulun Liu
As one of the Northern American Colonies in history, lower Canada was the colony where most French Canadians majorly lived in. The social system of this colony was constructed by replicating British society which meanwhile laid an underlaying political crisis. When the 1837-8 rebellion emerged in both...
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Stereotyped and Flattened: the Characteristics and Cultural Influence of Hero Reconstruction in the Game “Honor of Kings”

Zifan Qiu
The characters in the popular game “Honor of Kings” are constructed based on historical characters. After being adapted and processed, they enter the public view, bringing cultural communication effects that cannot be ignored. From the perspective of cultural communication, the paper sorts out the game...
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The Nursing Services to the Autistic People: Business Model for Social Entrepreneurship

Shanxun Hu
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects people’s behavior and communication. Autistic people are suffering serious symptoms that hurt their ability to support their lives independently, which indicates the necessity of extra care even when they have reached adults. Based...
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Meanings, Motivations and Techniques of Earnings Management

Yihui Jiang
Earnings management has been a crucial enterprise behavior that would influence the figures on financial statements and the decision of report users. Because of transactions in capital market, some contract items and relevant government laws, managers are motivated to manipulate earnings. By manipulating...
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The Patterns of China Learning from PISA in Education Monitoring: A Literature Analysis of China “Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring Programme” (CEQMP)

Sitian Chen
PISA has a strong influence on education policymaking all over the world. In 2015, based on the experience of PISA, China conducted its first education quality monitoring programme, the “Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring Programme” (CEQMP). In this paper, the central questions are “What is the...
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Female Rebelliousness on the Economy and Gender Relations in the 19th Century British Literature: From Jane Austen to Charlotte Brontë

Xinyang Wei
The eighteenth and the nineteenth century witnessed serious gender inequalities in British society. Patriarchy gained dominance of everything in the fields of economy, politics and literature. At the end of the eighteenth century, female writers such as Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë bravely broke...
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An Investigation of Obstacles of Current Online Classes Encountered by Students from an International Department of a Senior High School in Hangzhou during the 2019-nCov Period.

Yanbin Xu, Zhekai Wu
Online courses are highly discussed recently. Covid-19 provided a great opportunity for students, teacher, and researchers to reconsider the application of online education in real-life setting. Unfortunately, because online courses were implemented as a response to the unexpected pandemic emergency,...
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The Present Situation and Problems of Chinese Children’s Psychological Education

Wenxuan Ma
From last year to now, the news of children’s suicide has been common, and there are some reasons behind each event that people cannot understand. People often ask: Why are these children unable to bear such a small matter and have to commit suicide? In fact, it is not the children’s fault, but the fault...
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Spending Time with Family Members: How COVID-19 has Changed the Family Member Relationship

Ye Zhang
The epidemic of COVID-19 was first identified in China, Wuhan in December of 2019 and it spread vastly in-land China then further across the world. After the immediate expansion of COVID-19, China initiated a serious of lock-down, quarantine, for over months. For up a month of quarantine, there were...
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Problems of Psychological Platforms in China: From the Perspective of College Students with Mild Depression

Ao Shen
In order to research internet psychological companies in China, this paper focuses on the group of college students with mild depressive disorders, a potential customer group. It uses SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) model to analyze current situations of 001 Psychology, Simple Psychology...
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Comparison of Tik Tok and Television on the Field of Homogeneity, Authenticity and Unifying Power in the 20st Century

Along with the development of technology, media has changed a lot. In different era, people use different media. In the twentieth century, Walter Cronkite, the CBS evening news anchor, homogenized people on their knowledge, gave authentic news to the citizens, and unified people to be together. Television...
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Problems with Rural Vocational Education in China and Countermeasures: Learning from the Experience of German Dual-System Vocational Education

Yizhuo Chen
The purpose of the current study was to provide possible solutions to the problems present in rural vocational education in China; they include limited participation, insufficient educational investments, and the widespread despising for vocational education. Therefore, innovation and reform of rural...
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Juvenile Delinquency in China and the Influential Factors

Tianqi Dou
Referring the crime data published by China Supreme People’s Court and its judicial document system after the Reform and Opening-up as samples, this paper analyzes the current situation of juvenile delinquency in China. The author also discusses the historical trends and influencing factors of criminal...
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Analysis on Popeyes in China’s Sustainable Growth

Yufan Yang
China is a huge rising economy, numbers of foreign companies saw this opportunity and entered Chinese market since 1978, after the Chinese economic reform. In this paper, the author talked about how Popeyes can receive sustainable growth in China. The author also analyzed the low rated review on the...
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Reasons for the Necessity of Revising Laws on Preventing of Juvenile Delinquency Based on the Application Multiple Streams Model

Yuhong Zhao
In recent years, the steady rise in juvenile Delinquency cases has raised concern in various social groups, prompting calls to amend the Law on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency. On October 21, 2019, the Law on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency(Draft) was submitted to the 14th meeting of Standing...
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The Social Psychology Demands of Contemporary Female Reflected in the Boy’s Love Literature

Sirui Liu
The main purpose of this study is to explore the psychological motivation of women reading boy’s love literature, so as to explore the core reasons for women’s reading of boy’s love literature. This study emphasizes the importance of women’s subconscious motivation. The research methods is interviewing...
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An Analysis of Political Allegory in Animal Farm: from the Perspective of Animal Metaphor

Tian’ai Xie
Animals were the main characters in the famous Satirical English novel Animal farm. Using animal metaphors, George Orwell showed the post-revolutionary Soviet Union as a sham democracy under Stalin and the tragic fate of the benighted masses who blindly followed the government. This paper classified...
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Research on Cognitive Reappraisal and Expression Inhibition Under the Background of Chinese Culture

Xuanrui Ma
According to the emotional regulation model proposed by Gross in 2007 [1], the two main emotional regulation strategies are cognitive reappraisal and expression inhibition respectively. Previous studies have suggested that cognitive reappraisal has a better emotional regulation effect than expression...
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Understanding sex education in china

Ziyi Yang
Sex education is urgently needed in China to resolve sex related social problems. This paper aims to make suggestion for future SE model in China through examine previous studies and analyze current social problems. Conclusion is that future SE should stress on gender inequality, empower girls within...
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The Implementation Level of General Education in Regular Normal Universities

With general education becoming more and more important, numerous research have been done among universities of celebrity, like 985 or 211. However, only few research has been done in regular schools, whose importance is as vital as famous schools. Therefore, this essay aims at the general education...
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Value of Green Mining for Some Industrial Polluted Area Based on Policy of Chinese Government

Zijian Li
The development of mining industry in China has boost the economy in recent decades. However, large scale of mining has led to severe environmental issues such as soil erosion, surface subsidence. This paper summarizes how Chinese government has come up with policies to advocate Green Mining which is...
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Analysis on Implementation of Land Circulation in China’s Rural Area

Shifu Ni
At home and abroad with the development of social economy, the change of macro environment of agricultural modernization of production and business operation mode and the efficiency is put forward higher request, but the existing farmland property right structure is restricted by the separation of rights,...
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Vlog Characteristics Analysis in the Special Period: Take “Wuhan Vlog” as an Example

Jinxuan Zhao
In order to curb the spread of New Coronary Pneumonia (COVID-19), Wuhan, China announced the closure of the city on January 23, 2020. With the continuous efforts of the people throughout the country, the epidemic situation gradually improved, Wuhan announced the lifting of the closure of the city on...
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Loneliness Among Elderly People in China-- A Comparison and Contrast Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Community& Future Development of Elder’s Care System

Ruotong Bai
The vast majority of study about loneliness among elderly people is conduct in either assisted living community setting or nursing homes, little focused on comparing and contrast between the two setting and improving future caring system among elders. The main research method I am using is qualitative...
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The Transformation of Chinese Poetry from Tradition to Vernacular

Qiuyan Song
This thesis mainly focuses on the transformation of Chinese poetry from the ancient time to modern China. It depends on comparing several different poetry anthologies produced by Chinese poets from different periods of time to reveal the transformation of poetry from tradition to vernacular. In the history,...
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Relationship Between the Internet and Marital Decision

Junyi Guo
In the digital era, the Internet has transformed the way of living, from daily communication and consumption to entertainment and work. But most importantly, it alters the traditional way and attitude toward marriage in public. To probe how Internet penetration influences marriage in China, the paper...
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Low Motivation of Youth in 21st Century: A Case Study of The U.S., China, and Japan

Han Li
The statistical data shows that more and more young adults are living with their parents instead of looking for their own job or future life. Old generations are saying that young people are losing the willing to fight. This paper will focus on the society, development, and problems of the U.S., China...
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Research on Team Building Ability of Middle-level Managers in Enterprises Based on Leadership Theory

Yao Wang
Leadership theory is often used in the development and planning of enterprises. The decision and planning of business leaders affect the development of the enterprise. In an enterprise, middle-level managers are a relatively special management group. They not only have to face the challenges issued by...
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Reduction on Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Benefits Everyone

Xiaolin Qi
COVID 19 has become a generation disaster in every field of our lives. Travel ban stopped the trade; global lockdowns breed the conflicts; hospitalization stresses out the public health system. As the current solution to contain the virus starts to lose its effectiveness, this essay explores the possibility...
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Analysis of Female Marketing—Taking Nike as an Example

Jingyan Teng
Nowadays, there are more and more brands in the market under the banner of gender equality and service for women, and female marketing has become one of the most popular marketing field. This thesis would focus on the introduction, advantages and disadvantages of female marketing. It would also give...
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Influence of News Reports on Different Media Platforms—Taking People’s Daily as an Example

Tianyi Wang
In recent years, with technological innovations and scientific development in China, various forms of media have been deployed frequently in contemporary society. New media, with its outstanding advantages, have changed the overall developmental trend of the news industry. Under the circumstances of...
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Complimentary Silence-The Use of Territoriality with Manipulated Tables Layout in Libraries

Zhuoran (Weston) Ding
The study was an investigation of the effects of nearby groups’ sizes and physical distance to library study area users with a 2x2 Design. 15 UW-Madison students and staffs provided oral responses to 12 ice-breaking questions under 4 different library settings described by descriptive images with background...
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Capital Conversion in the Live Broadcast Field of Excessive Entertainment from the Perspective of Bourdieu’s Capital Theory

Duan Yizhen
As one of the most interactive, participatory and consumptive modes among many webcast modes in the Web2.0 era, the online video live broadcast of Excessive Entertainment embodies the commercialization and fetishization characteristics of the communication mode from the perspective of cultural industry....
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Implementing the Fundamentals of Water Conservancy Development and Speeding up the Ecological Construction of the Yellow River in Jinan

Xin Zhen Li
President Xi inspected the Yellow River in Zhengzhou on September 17, 2019, and the Yellow River ecological civilization construction in Ningxia on June 8, 2020, and made important instructions on the construction of the Yellow River ecological civilization. President Xi put forward the general tone...
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Restorative Justice in the Face of Atrocities

Yuanmeng Zhang
The traditional justice serves the justice of the accused, while the restorative justice serves the justice of the victims, which is particularly important to the victims of war and has the function of containing the war. With the development of human society, war is inevitable, but the form will change....
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The Paradigm Evolution of Community planning Project-based Courses—Enlightenment from the Rural Revitalization Course in Zhejiang, China

Wenying Pei
The project-based courses of art and design universities are based on the principle of “serving the society”, and the course structure follows the logic of social application needs and serves the society. However, in the face of social propositions in different scopes and contexts, the professional guidance...
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Analysis on Predictors of Attachment Style

Yaoyue Du
This article explores the correlation between early attachment styles and certain parental and biological factors. Early attachment is a commonly used theory in early education, parent-child relationship therapy, and many other aspects in the field of child development. Parental factors are highly involved...
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Reflections on the International General Examination Teaching in Chinese Universities

Taking IELTS Teaching as an Example

Jinhan Xu
IELTS (International English language testing system) acts as an official and international exam that organized by the British Council. IELTS pays more attention to the examination of students’ practical English language ability, and initiates a comprehensive examination of English ability from listening,...
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Comparative Analysis of Video Stories and User Behaviors on WeChat and Tik Tok

Linwei Wu
With the rapid development of the modern technologies, the new media has becoming more and more significant in the people’s lives. Among them, short video is a kind of internet content transmission method that rises in recent years. The purpose of this study is to discovery the ways of video story-telling...
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The Effect of Family Environment on Children Intelligence

Keye Yu
The external effect on intelligence has been frequently reported, so the effect of family environment on children intelligence is worth studying. This paper will discuss three sections of the family environment and show that the family situation, children attachment and family SES are partly associated...
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Analysis on Mainland Chinese’s Attitude Towards Taiwan Chinese And Its Possible Effects

Yuxuan Wang
China is showing a uncompromising attitude towards the Taiwan problem. And there are more military exercises around the South China Sea. Professor of National Defense University People’s Liberation Army Zhang Zhaozhong thinks that China has shown the determination to unite the whole country [1]. The...
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The Pathophysiology of Phantom Limb Pain

Yixuan Liu
In major cases after amputation, patients are reported to have painful sensation in missing limbs, what is known as phantom limb pain (PLP). Since the first record of PLP hundred years ago, thorough research has been conducted in order to figure out the pathophysiology of this mental disorder. Alterations...
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A Geographic Feature Integrated Multivariate Linear Regression Method for House Price Prediction

Yuhang Mao, Ruili Yao
Housing price prediction is of great significance in financial real estate investment and urban construction planning. Multiple linear regression models are commonly used for housing price prediction. However, traditional methods are mostly focused on the characteristics of the houses themselves, without...
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Analysing Children’s Diversity and Identity in ELMER and The Ugly Duckling

Xiangning Li
With globalization, immigration and the emergence of neoliberalism, the diversity of children has become an inevitable issue.The impact of racial issues and cultural diversity has created new demands and challenges for children, educators and child-carers.The curriculum have also been updated and changed...
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A Comparative Study of China and Russia Cultural Influence on their Foreign Policy & Diplomacy—From the Perspective of the Function of Culture

Yuxin Gong
How does a country think of the outside world, what kind of foreign policy will a country adopt, is related to the country’s economic, political, military and other core national interests directly. However, if we investigate its deep root causes, we will find that the country’s long-accumulated and...
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Construction of College Teachers’ Emotional Labor Strategy Model Based on Emotional Intelligence Theory

Hang Lanlv
In China, colleges and universities bear the important responsibility of cultivating high-quality talents. The quality, ability and work performance of university teachers are more and more concerned by the whole society, including colleges and universities. Emotional labor of college teachers refers...
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Investigation on The Status of Physical Development, Anemia and Caries of Preschoolers in Chongqing

Yu Wang, Yan Zeng
Period of preschool is important for children’s growth and development, which has a far-reaching impact on children’s health in the near and long term. The aim of this study was to understand the physical development, anemia and caries status of children aged 3-6 years in Chongqing, so as to provide...
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A Comparative Study on the Juvenile Criminal Records Sealing System Between China and the United States

Yifan Wu
The Illinois Juvenile Court Act, the world’s first law that stipulates the sealing system of juvenile criminal records, was born in Illinois in 1899. In 2012, China formally established the juvenile criminal records sealing system, which is quite different from that of the United States in terms of concept,...
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A Preliminary Study of Online Learning: The Influence of the Class Approaches and the Personality of Students

Tianyue Sun, Qing Yu, Jinting Guo, Yueqing Ma, Yichi Zhang
With the increasing application of online learning, conflicting findings on this topic have been yielded, especially due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This study seeks to answer these two research questions: (1) Will different formats of online courses (i.e., live or recorded) generate different learning...
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Social Network, Business Risk and Company Failure

Wen Zhao, Huihui Zhao
This paper uses the unbalanced panel data of SMEs from 2010 to 2019, combined with the fixed effects model, uses top ten shareholders of the company to measure the centrality of the social network, and empirically analyzes the role of SMEs’ business risk on company failure, and the moderating role of...
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On the Contradictory Feminism behind the Contradictory Image of Eve in Christina Georgina Rossetti’s Works

Li-hong LI
Emotions of paradox and ambivalence is the label of British Victorian poetess Christina Georgina Rossetti, as for this outstanding religious poetess, who is struggling in the conflicts between religious passion and secular longings, Eve is the contradictive mixture of “the first fallen woman” and “the...
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Analysis of the Carbon Neutrality Capacity of Household Energy Consumption in Rural Areas of Jiangxi Province

Zhenxu Zhang, Junsong Jia, Min Ju, Dongming Xie, Yangming Zhou
In this study, we took Jiangxi’s household energy consumption of rural areas as an example to analyze the carbon neutrality capacity by the Cao’s assessment framework of carbon neutralization. Then, based on the gotten results, a scenario of considering the use of solar energy was designed for regional...
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Research on the Effect, Experience and Judgment of Chinese Household Registration System Reform

ZhongYao Chen, JiJian Gu
Although the most influential Chinese Household Registration System reform has achieved certain results, there are still many problems. It reflects the history of the national Household Registration System reform, and its summary research is needed for Household Registration System reform. We believe...
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Opera Troupe, Chinese Opera, Stage: The Expression and Change of Peasant Opera Culture

Based on the Investigation of the Development of a Troupe in a Village in the South

Qingxiang Wei
In the process of rapid development of modern society, rural culture is being impacted and dissolved, and rural culture is in trouble. Compared with the economic and political achievements in rural areas, the cultural construction in rural areas is particularly weak. What we are exposed to through the...
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Research on Creative Transformation and Innovative Development of Local Administrative Culture in the New Era

Shuyi Zheng, Zhonglin Luo
At present, Chinese local administrative culture is in a critical period of blending modern and traditional types. The awareness of the rule of law, democratic awareness, and service awareness of local government administrators has been greatly improved, and the transparency and autonomy of local government...
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The Significance and Path of the Characteristic Vocabulary of Guanzhong Dialect in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

gaizhi Li, xinjun Fu
The cultural teaching of the target language is an important part of TCSL, and the characteristic vocabulary of Chinese dialects, as an important carrier of regional culture, should be given a certain place in the TCSL teaching of higher grades.Based on the actual external teaching of overseas students...
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The Construction of Chinese Wisdom in Hollywood Animated Films

Yunxuan Zhao
Animated films use techniques to reshape time and make Chinese stories bloom again on the international stage. Based on Hollywood animated films Mulan and Kung Fu Panda, this paper aims to explore the Chinese wisdom reflected in the two films from the perspective of “Three Pillars and Two Floors” of...
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Reducing the Digital Divide: What Have Adult Children Done for Their Middle-aged Parents?

Huanhuan Dou, Shizhou Wan
Internet technology has penetrated into daily life; however, disadvantaged digital groups are experiencing more and more difficulties in the context of digitization. A survey was conducted to explore the support of adult children for their middle-aged parents to adapt to digital life in China. The results...
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Respect or Superiority: The Townspeople’s Feeling for Emily

Ying Liu
The oft-quoted story “A Rose for Emily”, written by William Faulkner, tells a story of the mysterious protagonist, Emily Grierson, and her eccentric relationship with the townspeople of Jefferson in the South. This eccentric relationship is reflected in the four confrontations of this story. From these...
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Controversy about the Native Place of Chin-Shihes: A Glimpse of Gansu Education in Ming and Qing Dynasties from the Perspective of History

Xiaohong Wang
During the Ming and Qing dynasties when the imperial examination system was prosperous, no matter the number or rank of chin-shihes, there was a big gap between Gansu and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other educationally developed places, its education level was relatively backward. Under the historical conditions...
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An Analysis on the Organization System and Operation Mechanism of Teaching Supervision in Military Academies

Qiangbin Yue, Lu Gao, Lili Yang, Jinbiao Qu
It is proposed to build an organization structure of teaching supervision that the three levels of supervision and management organizations of colleges, departments, teaching and research offices, and the dual-track supervision system of administrative leaders and peer experts, focusing on the supervision...
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Reflection on the Right of Terminate the Contract of the Defaulting Party and Resolution of the Contract impasse

ZeHua Sun
The emergence of the contract deadlock gave rise to the discussion about whether the defaulting party can enjoy the right to terminate. In the process of compiling The Civil Code of China, the right of terminate the contract of the defaulting party aroused great controversy, which was finally recognized...
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Reflections on the Construction of New China-US Relations

Wenheng Liu
“New China-US relationship of great powers” is a new concept and new attempt to get along with each other. The proposal of this concept can not only achieve peaceful coexistence between big powers from a practical perspective, but also fill and make up for existing theories of international relations....
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An Investigation on the Food-Delivery Men Group

Xingchen Hao
This paper mainly studies - with a combined qualitative and quantitative approach - the actual work conditions of food-delivery men in the context of gig-economy in China and investigated people’s cognition and attitude towards this group. In the part of the qualitative analysis, we interviewed 5 food-delivery...
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Research on the Necessity and Practical Path of Ideological and Political Reform of Higher Mathematics Curriculum

Shuang Liu, Peiyu Yan
Curriculum ideological and political reform is the focus of teaching reform in colleges and universities in recent years. The curriculum ideological and political reform can not only improve the students’ learning efficiency of each course, but also cultivate the students’ ideological and moral quality....
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Comparison of Corporate Social Responsibility between China and Foreign Countries under the New Situation: Taking Public Health Emergency as the Background

Yaxin Zheng
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been proposed until now, which has attracted the attention of all sectors of society, especially in environmental protection, life and health. More and more people call on enterprises to take more social responsibilities. Based on the background of covid-19,...
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The Development of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Culture in One Belt and One Road National

Shan Chen, Yongyi Wen
Acupuncture and moxibustion, as an important part of Traditional Chinese medicine, has gradually become the name card of traditional Chinese medicine to the world in modern times. Its international influence is of great significance for promoting the worldwide development of traditional Chinese medicine....
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The Teaching Universal Opinion Based on Online Education in Colleges and Universities

Kefan Hu, Shuang Ma, Yang Jiang
In the spring semester of 2020, many colleges and universities adopt the teaching mode of online education. Under the premise that the problems of online education are gradually prominent and lack of effective solutions, this paper analyzes the various problems reflected in online education from various...
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Research on The Translation of Chinese-English Public Signs in Zhoushan Archipelago New Area

Jingjing Lu
Public signs are the written and graphic information that is closely related to life, production and ecology of the public.In recent years, the study of public signs has gradually become a hot topic in the field of translation amid the appeals of many experts in the field of linguistic translation. In...
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The study of The Culture-loaded terms in Meeting China

Ting Li, Yajun Li, Li Zhang
The Culture-loaded terms contain rich Chinese culture. The Culture-loaded terms is a difficulty for teachers’ teaching because it is difficult to find a counterpart in other language. To reveal the teaching characteristics of the Culture-loaded terms in the different stages of Chinese teaching materials...
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China’s Higher Education Reform under the Epidemic Crisis

DeMin He, WenHui Li
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our lives have been greatly affected. Thus, the Ministry of Education proposes to adopt the advantages of the Internet and use online platforms to carry out online teaching and achieve “stop class and never stop learning”. At this time, online education naturally became...
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Economic Analysis of Mediation

weixin Wang
Intercession plays an important role in China’s legislations and judicial practice of civil procedure, which was named as oriental experience. However, it is still in dispute among scholars. Surveying the situation of move and operation, author reckoned cost and benefit of intercession from the angle...
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Thinking on the Improvement of Community Grid Function in Response to Major Epidemic Situation

Haiping Liu, Honghua Li
Community grid management is the most accurate, the most grass-roots and the fastest way to deal with major epidemics. To study the function of community grid is an important link to achieve the victory of epidemic prevention and control. This paper puts forward three suggestions to improve the functions...
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Implementation Measures of Teaching Process Assessment of Undergraduate Course under the Condition of Epidemic Disease

Guohu Feng, Maosong Wang, Chen Fan, Xingwei Li, Yuanxin Gu
In order to solve the problem that it is difficult to make quantitative evaluation of process assessment during the online implementation of undergraduate courses under the condition of epidemic disease, the quantitative evaluation of process assessment based on rain classroom and Trustie were adopted....