Proceedings of the International Conference “Health and wellbeing in modern society” (ICHW 2020)

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In situ Testing of Biologically Active Dietary Supplement Hepar Formula in Children with Chronic Viral Hepatitis

A.A. Vekovtsev, N.A. Pleshkova, A.N. Avstrievskikh, V.M. Poznyakovsky
A new type of biologically active dietary supplement – BADS Hepar Formula was developed. The composition of BADS was justified, which proved to have synergistic properties forming a balanced complex for the maintenance of liver metabolic processes, protection and restoration of its cells in conditions...
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The Biogenic Stimulator for Nonspecific Immunity Provocation in the Experiment “in vivo” in the Stress Condition

A.V. Grebenshchikov, L.I. Vasilenko, O.N. Ozherelyeva, O.U. Mal’tseva, K.V. Rogov, A.A. Lopatina
A biogenic stimulant (Patent RU 2648466) was used as a study subject. Comparison objects are Ligfolum and Spleninum. Nonspecific resistance of experimental animals was estimated with the use of some leucocytal indices: the Krebs index (KI), leucocytal index of intoxication (LII), white blood cells dislocation...
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Infrared Spectroscopy of Cosmetic Gels Based on Medicinal Plants

V.V. Mosyagin, G.F. Ryzhkova, A.G. Bialyaev, N.A. Minenkov, T.V. Kanunnikova, N.V. Lebedeva
Medicinal plants used in cosmetology are subject to mandatory quality control. For this purpose, various physical and chemical methods of study are most widely used. Infrared spectroscopy for the first time conducted a comparative study of cosmetic gels based on mint infusions (Mentha piperita), thyme...
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The Sensitivity of the Determination of Inhibitory Substances Using a Test Culture of Thermophilic Streptococcus and Indicator Resazurin to Various Antimicrobial Agents

V.S. Babunova, P.A. Popov, I.S. Osipova
The presence of inhibitory substances in the dairy industry is an urgent problem. The article presents data from experiments on expanding the spectrum of determination of various groups of antibiotics and the sensitivity of the method for determining inhibitory substances using a test culture of thermophilic...
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Design of Microelementosis Correctors Based on Plant Source of Biologically Active Substances

N.S. Rodionova, E.S. Popov, E.A. Klimova, E.A. Pozhidaeva, A.V. Mashneva, E.S. Boldyreva
This study aimed at investigating the possibility of solving the problem of microelementosis in the diet of various population groups by using available plant sources. The only way to correct microelementosis is to organize the intake of essential elements in the form of artificially synthesized forms...
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Bacterial Cultures Study for Creating a Nutritional Supplement With Probiotic Properties

E.V. Ivanova, V.I. Ganina, N.V. Romanova, A.V. Kuchumov, Z.V. Volokitina
Food products of functional purposes, where nutritional supplements have a special position, have a positive physiological effect on human health by affecting the digestive tract. In the present research article, there are results of experiments on selection of microorganisms for making a nutritional...
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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Bound Forms of Iodine and Zinc in Experimental Models of Iodine Deficiency and Immunodeficiency

D.V. Lygdenov, A.B. Batorova, E.V. Sordonova, S.D. Zhamsaranova
The most common micro-elementoses are diseases that occur with iodine and zinc deficiency. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the biological effectiveness of a developed additive containing bound forms of iodine and zinc on experimental models of iodine deficiency and immunodeficiency. The experiments...
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Antibacterial Activity of Benzyl Penicillin Water Solutions With Silver

A.N. Lopanov, V.V. Evdokimov, N.P. Zuev, V.A. Lusich, S.N. Zuev
It is established that combination of silver and penicillin allows solving the vital tasks of improving the antibiotic’s efficiency and creating a medication, to which bacteria would not adapt at certain concentrations of silver in the solution. The preparations with silver nano-particles and benzyl...
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Sensitivity of Different Collagens to Proteolytic Enzyme Treatment

V.D. Anokhova, E.G. Chupakhin, N.A. Pershina, S.A. Storublevtsev, L.V. Antipova, L.V. Matskova, S.S. Antipov
Collagen is a ubiquitously expressed essential structural component of all metazoan extracellular matrices. It is present in organisms ranging from sponges to humans. Although the general functions of collagens are comparable, their characteristics are quite distinct. There are 19 different types of...
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Substantiation of the Use of Meat-Based Specialized Products in Nutrition of Patients With Arterial Hypertension

V.N. Sergeev, T.I. Nikiforova, O.M. Musaeva, A.S. Dydykin, P.R. Zokhrabyan
The paper reflects the leading causes of the development and prevalence of arterial hypertension in the population, shows the ways of alimentary correction of nutritional status disorders in patients with arterial hypertension, substantiates the possibility and effectiveness of using specialized meat...
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Qualitative Characteristics of Bacterial Concentrate of Microbial Consortium

T N Zandanova, Ch Narangerel, P A Gogoleva
The article presents the results of technological development to receive bacterial concentrate of the microbial consortium that can be applied in fermented milk production of mixed fermentation and as a biologically active food additive. It was investigated the possibility of using rye flour to increase...
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The Study of Amine Nitrogen in Malt Sprouts Used as a Food Supplement

I.V. Smotraeva, P.E. Balanov, O.B. Ivanchenko, A.V. Fedorov
Taking care of health and harmonious development of the body are important aspects of lifestyle in modern society. Many functional products contribute to the prevention of various diseases. The raw material base for these products is most often the products of primary or advanced processing of agricultural...
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A Marketing Analysis of Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

K.Yu. Aleshnikova, E.I. Gribkova, M.A. Dzhavakhyan
The main purpose of this study is to conduct a marketing analysis of anti-inflammatory drugs (AID). Due to the fact that this analysis was aimed at identifying anti-inflammatory drugs of plant origin in the form of medical pencils, positioning of this dosage form was carried out. The study included three...
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Immune System of Primary School-Age Children With Functional Respiratory Disorders in the Conditions of Anthropogenic Influence

I.N. Alikina, O.V. Dolgikh
The study involved 55 children with respiratory disorders aged 6 to 11 years living in the area of influence of exogenous chemical factors. The identification of the marker of cell differentiation CD127-, the level of expression of the Bcl-2 protein, the TNFR receptor was carried out by flow cytometry....
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Mycobacteriosis Risk Factors

T.H. Amirova, I.V. Petrov, F.S. Petrova, L.V. Petrova, N.V. Sergeeva, A.V. Kholmatov
Non-tuberculous mycobacteria are mainly saprophytes, but about 50 species are pathogenic to humans and cause various clinical manifestations. Currently, scientists have developed effective methods for identifying and diagnosing mycobacteriosis but have not fully confirmed risk factors for transmission...
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Designing Heat Protection Clothing for People with Reduced Mobility

L.G. Babenko, N.Y. Savelieva, S.V. Kurenova, L.A. Osipenko
The article presents research on the development of heat-protective adaptation clothing with an automated system of thermal comfort control for people with reduced mobility, who move with the help of wheelchairs. Due to the paralysis of the lower limbs, people in this population are at greater risk of...
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Physical Rehabilitation of 5–10-Year-Old Children With Bronchial Asthma at the Stationary Stage

I.N. Bakay, N.P. Konstantinova, Y.V. Shimanovskaya, A.S. Sarychev
This article discusses the peculiarities of the method of physical rehabilitation of (5–10)-year-old children with bronchial asthma at the stationary stage of recovery. The social significance of the problem of rehabilitation of children with chronic bronchopulmonary diseases, including bronchial asthma,...
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Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases in Women During the Premenopausal Period

L.M. Basieva, I.V. Kabulova, L.S. Popova, L.V. Tsallagova, L.V. Maisuradze, D.K. Alborov, Z.L. Dzagoeva, Ya.O. Gabueva
The work is based examination and treatment of 65 women of the premenopausal period. Assessment of daily blood pressure was carried out by the daily monitoring of blood pressure (DMBP); the state of central hemodynamics was studied by tetrapolar transthoracic rheography, the cerebral hemodynamics was...
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The Peculiarities of the Clinical Effect of Hypoxene on the Antioxidant Defense System in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis (COB)

M. Bataev Hizir, R. Yaraskhanov Rasul, H. Bataev Akhmatkhan
Today, one of the leading problems of modern health care is the problem of diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis. This pathology has led to increasing rates of morbidity and mortality around the world, which are steadily leading to an increase in economic and social damage in all...
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Haemolysis in Centrifugal Pump of Artificial Blood Circulation System

A.V. Bobkov
The article deals with possible causes of increased haemolysis in the centrifugal pump of the artificial blood circulation systems. One of the hydrodynamic reasons is indicated – a strong vortex formation of the blood flow inside the pump impeller, which occurs when the impeller rotates. This factor...
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Some Features of DC Concentration Distribution in Blood Serum and Tissues of Rats

O.N. Pavlova, O.N. Gulenko, P.V. Boriskin, Yu.V. Grigoryeva, A.A. Devyatkin, D.I. Milyutina, F.P. Sultanov, O.N. Tulaeva
One of the mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis is lipid peroxidation (LPO). The influence of external and internal factors affecting the body can change the dynamics of LPO processes, causing numerous disturbances in the systems. The dynamics of LPO processes can be estimated by changing concentrations...
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Multidisciplinary Model of Palliative Care Team

A.S. Damadaeva, N.R. Mollaeva, A.A. Behoeva
The article analyzes the conditions and factors aimed at effective medical and social assistance (hereinafter SMA) for people who, due to their illness, disability or old age should improve their quality of life. A model of a multidisciplinary palliative care team is presented, which should ensure the...
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Cytogenetic Effects of Cytostatics and Their Relationship With p53 Gene Polymorphism

Z.I. Bisultanova, P.M. Dzhambetova, M.M. Atsaeva, L.M. Dzhambetova, Kh.Sa. Musaeva
The karyological parameters of buccal epithelial cells were studied as markers of the effects of chemotherapy drugs (doxorubicin with cyclophosphamide (DC) and paclitaxel) in 68 patients with diagnosed breast cancer taking into account p53 gene polymorphism (rs17884159). It was shown that paclitaxel...
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Influence of Enos Expression Regulators on Changes in the Endothelium Function Under the Intoxication Syndrome

S.G. Dzugkoev, F.S. Dzugkoeva, O.I. Margieva, O.Yu. Garmash, I.V. Mozhaeva, A.I. Tedtoeva
The study was conducted on a model of endothelial dysfunction caused by intoxication with nickel chloride and an eNOS inhibitor – L-NAME. The results showed a significant increase in oxidants and their inhibitory effect on the development of nitric oxide (NO) – a biochemical marker of the endothelial...
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A Concept of Automated Selection of Orthopedic Shoes

E.O. Ermakova, S.U. Kiselev, V.V. Kostyleva
There are various approaches to providing patients with orthopedic shoes. This may be the selection or customization of ready-made orthopedic shoes according to a specific deformation, or custom production of shoes. In any case, the selection of a shoe model requires an integrated approach, since when...
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Importance of Domestic Experience in Combating Epidemics When Solving Modern Global Problems

Y.G. Eshchenko, S.V. Vinogradov, E.V. Savelyeva, O.V. Liholet
The current topic of epidemics makes the regional experience of combating them in environmentally unfavorable, “difficult” areas relevant. The geographical location of the Lower Volga region as the “Caspian Gate” through which various epidemic diseases penetrated into Russia from Asia has led to the...
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Physical Education and Sport in the Era of Information Technology

A.B. Gabibov, A.F. Polomoshov, N.V. Ryzhkin
The article raises the issue of the introduction of information technology in the field of sports and physical education, as well as discusses new sports that arose in the information age. Information technology is being introduced into modern sports in a number of areas. One of the directions is the...
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The Effect of Melatonin on the Functional State of the Hemostatic System and Osmoregulatory Kidney Function in Rats With Chronic Molybdenum Intoxication

V.B. Brin, E.M. Gagloeva, T.V. Moldovan, N.V. Botsieva
This work aimed to study the relationship between the mechanisms of the formation of toxic coagulopathy and nephrotoxic effects of molybdenum, as well as the development of a pathogenetically substantiated method for the prevention of chronic toxic coagulopathy and nephropathy using the pineal gland...
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Pathogenetic Substantiation of the Endothelial Dysfunction Correction in Ischemic Heart Disease of II Functional Class

S.G. Dzugkoev, F.S. Dzugkoeva, O.Yu. Garmash
The study focuses on redox processes in the development of vascular complications in coronary heart disease. The data showed the formation of active oxygen radicals, inducing the process of lipid peroxidation. The development of oxidative stress occurred with a decrease in the activity of the antioxidant...
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Quantitative Anatomy of Intraorgan Arterial Bed of Kidney According to Segmental Conceptual Model

O.K. Zenin, O.A. Beshulya, E.S. Kafarov, I.U. Vagabov, A.Z. Vezirkhanov
The purpose of the study is to determine quantitative indicators of the intraorgan arterial bed of kidney (IABK) of a person, which can be used as a standard morphometric standard in accordance with the segmental conceptual model of arterial bed. IABK of 32 kidneys of people who died from diseases that...
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State and Dynamics of Child Disability in Modern Russia

V.V. Brusneva, V.V. Gorbunova, N.K. Mayatskaya, L.Yu. Grazhdankina, K.D. Bondarenko
The paper presents the analysis of the state and dynamics of child disability in Russia taking into account structure, gender and level of certain classes of diseases on the basis of official statistics. It defines features in the development of child disability in modern Russia alongside with the main...
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Optimization of Cardiovascular System of Teenagers Aged 12–14 Years at Medium Intensity Aerobic Physical Load

V.V. Gorrelik, V.N. Vlasov, A.A. Podlubnaya, A.N. Pianzin
The paper considers peculiarities of aerobic physical exercises for 12–14-year old teenagers suffering from arterial hypertension. Cardiovascular diseases in teenagers affect the development of the body and its functional stability. In this regard, this paper discusses the peculiarities of CVS optimization...
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Individual-Typological Approach to the Assessment of Adaptation, Health and Psychophysiological Indicators of School Students Doing Sports

S.N. Filippova, V.V. Gorrelik, V.S. Belyaev, T.P. Knysheva
The paper is devoted to experimental justification of widespread application of individualization in choosing types and volumes of physical activity for physical education classes taking into account typological indicators. The purpose of the study was to improve the physical education of schoolchildren...
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Analysis of Factors That Influence Consumer Choice of Iron Deficiency Anemia Drugs

E. I. Gribkova, G.A. Galkina, T.V. Pak
The aim of the study is to analyze factors that influence the choice of iron deficiency anemia drugs. The sociological survey was carried out in medical and pharmacy organizations. The survey involved 20 doctors who have used the drugs under study and 70 end randomly selected end users of drugs. All...
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Change of Manual Movement Duration Depending on Visual Perception of Senior Preschool Children

A.A. Guchetl, A.A. Pseunok, A.Ya. Chamokova, M.G. Hatkhokhu, Kh.A. Namitokov, Z.T. Pustovet
The period of pre-school childhood is characterized by intensive development of all body organs and systems and therefore is more influenced by the new external environment. The changes in this age interval are caused by the influence of biological and social development programs. At present, actual...
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Inclusion Complexes of Cyclodextrins With Biologically Active Molecules in Water-Organic Solvents as a Promising Material for the Pharmaceutic Industry

T.R. Usacheva, D.N. Kabirov, Lan Pham Thi, E.L. Isaeva, E.R. Aslambekova, Z.S. Hasbulatova
The paper provides the review of literature sources on thermodynamics of inclusion complexes reactions of cyclodextrin with biologically active hydrophobic molecules. The group of authors presents the results of their experimental studies of the inclusion complexes reaction of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) with...
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Variant Anatomy of Renal Vein and Its Intra-Organ Branches

E.S. Kafarov, O.K. Zenin, S.V. Fyodorov, Kh.M. Bataev, A.Z. Vezirkhanov
The purpose of the study is to analyze the variant anatomy of renal veins forming its venous vessels and inflows. In total, 142 corrosion casts of the human kidney venous system were produced followed by 3D stereomorphological analysis to identify the sources of renal veins forming its venous vessels...
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Morphofunctional Changes of the Kidneys in Non-Tumour Cholestasis

M.D. Kashaeva, K.V. Gavrilova, D.S. Dyukov, A.V. Proshin, L.G. Proshina, V.A. Golushko
The morphofunctional changes of kidneys at cholestasis of various duration in 170 patients suffered from obstructive jaundice of non-neoplastic aetiology were analyzed. Taking part in the processes of the metabolism of biologically active substances, including hormones, the liver has a regulatory effect...
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Multifactor Mathematical Model of Geometry of the Rotor Impeller of Artificial Heart

I.N. Katalazhnova
The problem of creating auxiliary circulatory systems (ACS) for extreme medicine is crucial. In areas of natural disaster or in conditions of hostilities, it is sometimes necessary to replace the heart and organize ancillary circulation. The paper analyzes the optimization of energy parameters of small-sized...
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Peculiarities of Homeostatic and Genetic Profile in Women With Miscarriage Contaminated With Hydroxybenzol

O.A. Kazakova, V.B. Alekseev, O.O. Sinitsyna, O.V. Dolgikh
The analysis of the features of homeostatic markers and genetic polymorphism in women of fertile age, whose anamnesis is characterized by the presence of reproductive disorders in the form of miscarriage associated with the excessive contamination of biomedia with hydroxybenzene of technogenic origin....
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The Comparative Analysis of Maternal Mortality in the Russian Federation and Chechen Republic for the Period of 2010–2017

M.M. Khachuraeva, P.G. Akhmadova
The article presents a comparative analysis of the dynamics of maternal mortality (MM) and its structure in the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic for the period 2010–2017. In the Russian Federation for the period 2010–2017, there was a persistent decrease in maternal mortality by 6.7 %. While...
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The Sanitation of Herbal Substances Using Infrared Radiation as Exemplified by Calendula officinalis L.

Ye.G. Khudonogova, S.V. Polovinkina, S.V. Sizykh, V.V. Tungrikova, I.A. Khudonogov, M.A. Rachenko, A.M. Rachenko, A.A. Mikhlyayeva
The key parameters of raw material sanitation are the temperature and the time. These two factors can be seen as microbiological in sanitation processes because they are responsible for the elimination of microorganisms. The study object is represented by herbal substances of Calendula officinalis L....
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Neurohumoral Regulation of Emotions through the Eyes of a Russian Provincial Doctor

Maria Klavdieva
This paper describes in detail Vladimir N. Speranskii’s theory of emotional hormones in the historical context of endocrinology, neuroscience and nascent neuroendocrinology of the first decades of the 20th century. The main idea of Speranskii’s theory, expounded in his four theoretical publications in...
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Dynamic Analysis of Atmospheric Air Quality and its Impact on Public Health

S.V. Kleyn, N.V. Zaitseva, A.M. Andrishunas, S.A. Vekovshinina, N.V. Nikiforova
The article presents the results of the dynamic analysis of the atmospheric air quality in the Russian Federation over the past 20 years and the assessment of additional associated morbidity of the population. The results indicate that air pollution levels capable of forming health disorders are systematically...
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Marketing Research on the Correct Use of Nebulizers Based on the Results of a Questionnaire Survey of Customers

G.A. Kharchenko, M.Yu. Klischenko, I.V. Grigorieva, V.V. Kovalenko
The authors set a goal to study the correct use of devices for inhalation by consumers on the basis of statistical processing of the results of a questionnaire survey of customers on the basis of contingency tables. The analysis showed that most consumers, when buying inhalers, consult with a doctor...
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Strategies and Problems of Pharmaceutical Industry Development in the Context of an Increased State Regulation

L.A. Ashikhina, N.V. Lisichkina, L.S. Bolshakova, Ju.G. Goloktionova, E.V. Izvekova, A.V. Kuzina, O.L. Ladnova, E.G. Merkulova
Transition to a new technological mode not only leads to the emergence of new opportunities and directions of industrial development, but also causes the need for the formation of new innovative ways of production and commercial activities, the creation of new forms and technologies of enterprise management....
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Vehicle Emissions and Their Impact on Humans

I.Z. Magomadov, G.I. Khanaliev, R.A. Mamatsuev, I.A. Apkarov, N.D. Aisungurov, S.S. Sergiev, S.H. Mamasurov, H.H. Aptaev
The article deals with the following topics: vehicle emissions and their impact on humans; study of the mechanism of transport noise and its impact on humans; measures to improve the level of environmental safety: scales of transport and dispersion of substances in the atmosphere are given in table format;...
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Psychoemotional States and Personality Traits of Patients Undergoing Treatment

I. Maksimenkova Larisa, N. Guchkova Tatyana, Veronika Chernova, M. Nikolaev Sergey, I. Romanov Kirill, M. Rantsev Gennady
A rapidly accelerating pace of life, the need for more frequent and close contacts between people, and abundance of information received lead to the inevitable occurrence of stressful situations which require the neuropsychic stability of the individual. Premorbid personality traits can act either as...
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Assessment of Inhalation Risk to Children’s Health Under the Exposure of Chemicals Migrating From Furniture Products

I.V. May, N.V. Nikiforova
A research of the furnishing level of preschool establishments has been conducted, the air quality of the premises has been assessed for the presence of chemical impurities (formaldehyde, phenol, benzene, styrene, ethylbenzene) migrating from furniture products and forming the chronic risks to children’s...
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Polymorphism of Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 Gene (rs17576) in Nickel-Exposed Children of the Far North

A.A. Mazunina, O.V. Dolgikh, N.V. Zaitseva
Man-made changes in the environment lead to an increase in the risk to public health. The greatest danger, in the opinion of ecologists, biologists and physicians, is technospheric pollution with heavy metals, including nickel. Nickel intoxication is accompanied by mutagenic, carcinogenic, cardiotoxic...
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Comparative Assessment of Health Systems in Russia and Finland

E.V. Molchanova
The state health system is the main mechanism within the organization medical and demographic policies, the preservation and strengthening of individual and public health of citizens. The purpose of this study is to compare the health systems in Russia and Finland through the methodology of the World...
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Current Aspects in Diagnostics and Treatment of Urogenital Chlamydia in Men

A.S. Mugutdinova, A.M. Magomedova, M.S. Khatsieva
The paper discusses the possibilities of treating chronic chlamydia prostatitis. The retrospective analysis of literary sources made it possible to conclude that urogenital chlamydia is one of the diseases, which treatment is most difficult due to the fact that many of its manifestations are asymptomatic...
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The Peculiarities of Immune Regulation and the Polymorphic Variants of Candidate Genes Associated With Them in Oil Production Workers With Vegetative Regulation Disorders

N.A. Nikonoshina, O.V. Dolgikh
The analysis of the peculiarities of the immune status and the associated polymorphic variants of candidate genes in workers of an oil-extracting industry with established disorders of autonomic regulation – vegetative dystonia syndrome – was carried out. Pathology of the autonomic nervous system in...
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Critical Thinking as a Way of Mastering the Strategies and Tactics of a Doctor’s Speech Behavior

T.A. Osipenko, B.K. Turchevskaya
This paper examines the problem of forming a doctor’s speech behavior when working with patients. The article draws attention to the lack of academic discipline, which allows to introduce future doctors to the problems of communication in practice. Dialogue is considered as an effective method of “doctor-patient”...
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Meteorological and Geomagnetic Factors and Human Cardiovascular Diseases

M.V. Panasyuk, E.G. Steshina, E.M. Pudovik
The article discusses the analysis of the influence of meteorological and geomagnetic factors on the human cardiovascular diseases within 2014–2018 at the “Regional Clinical Diagnostic Center” of Kazan. The study contains results of a statistical analysis of meteorological and geomagnetic factors and...
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Prospects for the Prevention of Premature Aging With Plant Antioxidants

A. Praskova Yulia, A. Frolova Nina, F. Kiseleva Tatiana, S. Matyushchenko Victoria, Yu. Reznichenko Irina
Insenescence has intrigued and concerned scientists from the very beginning of civilization. It is a process that can be broadly described as changes that occur during the life cycle of an organism that gradually increases the likelihood of their death. The changes that lead to a gradual increase in...
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The Young Judokas Cardiorespiratory System Reactivity on the Effect of Muscle Loads

A.A. Pseunok, M.A. Mugotlev, M.N. Silantiev, R.A. Hasanova
The study was aimed to assess the reactivity of the cardiorespiratory system of young judokas of 12–14 years old, depending on age, health condition and sports specialization. In the longitudinal mode for two years, 32 young athletes were examined. The study was conducted using methods of analyzing heart...
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Health and Healthy Lifestyle as Social Values of State Development

Tatiana Rezer
The article considers the theoretical and methodological justification of two categories: ‘health’ and a ‘healthy lifestyle’ as social values of the state development based on the adopted social policy in this sphere. The author considers the process of the health and healthy lifestyle values formation...
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Lead Specific and Nonspecific Resistance Indices in Adolescents With Bronchial Asthma When Exposed to Vehicle Emissions

T.I. Okonenko, L.G. Proshina, A.V. Proshin, G.A. Antropova, E.E. Rumyantsev
The paper presents the relationship between air pollution, recorded in Veliky Novgorod, with maximum one-time concentrations of phenol, dust, and nitrogen dioxide and the number of appointments made by adolescents with bronchial asthma to see an allergist. It provides data on the amount of CD3+, CD4+,...
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Studying Non-Drug Correction of the Condition of Patients With Atherosclerosis-Associated Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

I.M. Zharkova, Yu.A. Safonova, T.L. Ilyeva, A.V. Lemeshkin, N.N. Alekhina, S.G. Machtakov
The effectiveness of functional food products, in particular bread enriched with plant fiber, was evaluated in the diet of people suffering from atherosclerosis, taking into account the associated diseases of the cardiovascular system. In the diet of a group of volunteers, consisting of men and women...
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Assessment of the Somatic Health Level of Schoolchildren Studying in Grades 2-6

A.V. Shakhanova, M.N. Silantiev, T.V. Chelyshkova, S.S. Grechishkina
The authors evaluated the level of physical health of students in grades 2–6 based on a comprehensive analysis of indicators of the functional state of the body. The study made it possible to identify among students a high-risk group for the formation of diseases at certain stages of training. The data...
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Functional Bakery Products in the Nutrition of Athletes

N.P. Shepeleva, N.A. Shkaeva, S.D. Shepelev
This article is devoted to the study of the use of non-traditional types of raw materials - composite mixtures of wheat flour, flax and buckwheat flour - in the production of functional bakery products intended for athletes. According to the results of the experiments, the recipes of bakery products...
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The Effectiveness of Using Corona Discharge Ozonizers for Room Disinfection

A. Smirnov Alexander, Yu. Ukhanova Viktoria, A. Proshkin Yuri, M. Dovlatov Igor, V. Sokolov Alexander
COVID-19 is considered to be a fairly new, poorly studied disease. Since there is not currently an approved and effective method of treating it, a trend to use new methods for inactivating coronavirus, which is spread mainly by airborne droplets and through contact transmission, is growing. The efficiency...
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Gender Differences in the Development of Schizophrenia

Sofya Tarasova, Anna Bobrovnikova
We conducted a research involving 60 adults with the diagnosis of schizophrenia (F20). The main criterion for analyzing gender differences in schizophrenia development was the trigger mechanism of the disease. We have found out that the trigger for the onset in women is often a psychotraumatic situation...
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Quantum-Chemical Analysis of Hetacillin Molecule via DFT and AB INITIO Methods

V.A. Babkin, A.V. Ignatov, M.V. Reshetnikova, D.S. Andreev, A.N. Liberovskaya, V.S. Belousova, A.I. Rakhimov, E.S. Titova
For the first time quantum-chemical calculation of β-lactam antibiotic hetacillin molecule via DFT and AB INITIO methods with the optimization of geometry of all parameters by standard gradient method was performed. An optimized geometric and electronic structure of this compound (optimized bond lengths,...
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Medical and Genetic Aspects of Monitoring Women’s Reproductive Health in North Ossetia-Alania

L.V. Tsallagova, L.S. Popova, Z.L. Dzagoeva, M.Yu. Gavrilov, L.V. Maysuradze, I.V. Kabulova, M.D. Baroeva, S.T. Gabanov
A survey of patients of reproductive age living in environmentally unfavorable and relatively favorable regions was carried out. It has been established that high air and soil pollution with heavy metals have a gonadotoxic effect, primarily violating the central link in the regulation of reproduction....
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Treatment of Chronic Endometritis with the Recruitment of Local Homeostasis and Reproductive Function

L.V. Tsallagova, I.V. Kabulova, L.V. Maisuradze, I.A. Zoloyeva, L.S. Popova, Z.L. Dzagoeva, D.K. Alborov, Ya.O. Gabueva
The treatment of infertility associated with chronic endometritis has become the most widely discussed aspect of this complex problem in recent years. The studies were performed based on the examination and treatment of 80 patients of reproductive age with a morphologically verified diagnosis of chronic...
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Program for Calculating Optimal Diet Therapy in Children With Hereditary Enzymopathy (cystic fibrosis)

L.V. Ulyanova, V.S. Ledneva, E.D. Chertok, M.I. Talykova, N.S. Korchagina, A.V. Kruchkova
Nutritional malnutrition or protein-energy deficiency (PED) remains a problem in treating patients with a hereditary pancreatic enzyme deficiency (cystic fibrosis). A software product has been developed for assessing the degree of PED of children with cystic fibrosis and calculating an optimal diet therapy....
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Segmental Arteries as Sources of Formation of Arterial Segments of Human Kidney

I.U. Vagabov, E.S. Kafarov, O.K. Zenin, T.S. Dokaeva, Kh.M. Bataev
The purpose of the research was to study the angioarchitecture of kidney in three-dimensional projection with the determination of segmental arteries. A three-dimensional analysis of 116 corrosive preparations of the arterial system of kidney was performed. Corrosion preparations were 3D scanned. In...
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Variants of Blood Supply Sources of Kidney Segments at Dychomatic Division of the Renal Artery

I.U. Vagabov, A.Z. Vezirkhanov, E.S. Kafarov
The aim of the study was to carry out a three-dimensional quantitative analysis of blood supply variants of kidney segments during dichotomous division of the renal artery. The study prepared 116 corrosive preparations of human kidney arterial system, followed by 3D scanning to obtain digital models....
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Variants of the Kidney Blood Supply at Trichotomic Division of the Main Renal

T.S. Dokayeva, A.Z. Vezirkhanov, E.S. Kafarov
The aim of the study was to carry out a three-dimensional quantitative analysis of the variants of blood supply to the segments of the kidneys during dichotomous division of the renal artery. We made 116 corrosive preparations of the human kidney arterial system, followed by 3D scanning to obtain digital...
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Three-Dimensional Analysis of Variants of Division of the Renal Artery and Its Branches

A.Z. Vezirkhanov, T.S. Dokayeva, E.S. Kafarov
The aim of the study was to conduct a three-dimensional analysis of some variants of a renal artery’ division and its major vessels. We performed 124 corrosive preparations of a human kidney arterial system, followed by 3D scanning to obtain digital models. In a three-dimensional projection, the variants,...
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Listening to a Foreign Text as a Stress Influence Factor

O.N. Kryuchkova, L.V. Yagenich, T.O. Kot
Cardiovascular diseases occupy a leading role in the structure of morbidity and mortality worldwide. This fact justifies the necessity to study cardiovascular risk factors and develop new ways of cardiovascular prevention. Stress is an established cardiovascular risk factor. Future research was needed...
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Selection of Priority Substances for Monitoring the Atmospheric Air Quality of Polluted Areas

N.V. Zaitseva, I.V. May, S.V. Kleyn, E.V. Maksimova
A study was carried out on the selection of priority substances for monitoring the quality of atmospheric air in Bratsk taking into account the criteria of risk to public health. Based on the results of the assessment of the parameters of the population health risk and the hygienic assessment of retrospective...
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The Quality of Drinking Water of Centralized Water Supply Systems and its Impact on Public Health

N.V. Zaitseva, S.V. Kleyn, S.A. Vekovshinina, M.V. Glukhikh
This article is devoted to the problems of drinking water quality in centralized drinking water supply systems on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as its possible impact on public health. Analysis of the current situation on the territory of the Russian Federation showed that the number...