Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2017)

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Strong Electromagnetic Pulse Comprehensive Protection Methods Research for UAV

Baozhou Du, Yazhou Chen, Erwei Cheng
Data link system, as important guarantee for unmanned aerial vehicle equipment to complete its battlefield function, its anti-electromagnetic pulse capacity interference directly affect the safety of airborne communications. Strong electromagnetic pulse has become an important source of electromagnetic...
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Research on Passenger Travel Mode Choices of Self-driving Travel

Xinchao Liang, Yu Zhao
With the development of Chinese automobile industry and the continuous improvement of the transport facilities, the concept of self-driving travel is no longer confined to the characteristics of close range or short time. This paper studies the current situation of self-driving travel at home and abroad....
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Analysis of Temperature Field in the Flow Field and the Stress Field of the Friction Plate of the Wet Clutch

Jingang Liu, Ming Mu, Jianwen Chen, Quan Li
Aiming at the friction temperature is too high, excessive thermal stress problems of wet clutch engagement process, establish the three-dimensional model of wet multi disc clutch, using ANSYS workbench finite element software, the calculation process considering various displacement constraints, the...
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Automatic Recognition of the Micro-Expressions of Human Torso Posture in the Environment of Interrogation

Haopeng Wang, Xianying Feng
In order to improve trial efficiency and realize the automatic recognition of the micro-expressions of criminal suspects in the interrogation process, according to the characteristics of the human torso micro-expressions posture, A 6 points human torso model which is used to describe the human torso...
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Research on Precise Modeling and Its Robust Control Strategy of Shunt Active Power Filter

Zhan Shu, Xia Cai, Qiong Wang, Bo Chen, Ning Zhou, Tang Tang
Shunt active power filter (APF) has become the most effective tool for harmonic control in the industrial field because of its excellent performance. But in the field operation of APF is very complex, all kinds of interference factors of certainty and uncertainty always exist, the reliable operation...
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Calculation of Added Water Mass for 300t Fishery Administration Vessel

Caogen Xiong, Ji Wu, Jun Long, Jinlong Bian
To avoid resonance and make the 300t fishery administration vessel meet the requirements of low vibration and noise, vibration characteristics must be predicted during the process of design. In order to more accurately predict the vibration characteristics, it is necessary to calculate the added water...
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Overall Vibration Characteristics Calculation of a Fishery Administration Ship

Ji Wu, Coagen Xiong, Jun Long, Jinlong Bian
To avoid resonance, suppress the hull vibration and reduce the noise, vibration characteristics must be predicted during the process of design. The added water mass of the fishery administration ship is calculated for predicting accurately the vibration characteristics. The natural frequency of vertical...
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Study on the Application of Industrial Engineering Methods on Production Line Balancing Problem in T Company

Xiaobing Pei, Qingtao Xu
This paper uses Man-Machine process analysis to improve the works performance in T company, besides, the 5W1H technique and the principles of ECRS theory are applied to restructure and optimize the work process as well as the layout of the company. Furthermore, movement based on the single piece of flow...
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Research on the Optimal Reactive Power Control of the Wind Farm by Flow Calculation

Zhuofan Tang, Lijun Qin, Xian Wang, Jun Liang
Wind energy is clean and renewable, with the progress of the wind power technology, the accumulation of operation and maintenance experience, reduced generation cost, large capacity of wind farms connected to grid have been built. It is urgent to study the reactive power optimization control of the wind...
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Dynamic Scheduling of Virtual Cellular Based on Rolling Window under New Tasks

Wenmin Han, Yi Yu, Ting Chen, Zhengyi Li
Aiming at the dynamic scheduling problem of virtual cellular generated by the random arrival of new tasks, combined with the rolling window technology, the decision-making judgment based on the order completion trigger and the machine idle state trigger is put forward. At the same time, the dynamic random...
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Optimization analysis of pre tightening pressure of NC rebar length measure system based on response surface methodology

Shenghao Tong, Ke Zhang, Songhua Li, Yanze Long
The pre tightening pressure of the length measuring wheel was optimized by response surface methodology in the self-developed NC length measure of bar system, the pre tightening pressure and external load are set as the input parameter variable, the stress of the length measuring wheel is set as an output...
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A New Type of Energy-Saving Extreme-Speed Fault Current Limiter

Xian Wang, Lijun Qin, Zhuofan Tang, Jun Liang
In the practical application of power system fault protection, the traditional series current-limiting reactor has power loss and affects network security and stability. In order to exclude the negative impact, high-speed switch can be connected in parallel at both ends of the reactor. In that it can...
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Analysis of HVAC Energy Saving Technology

Yuling Miu
This paper mainly analyzes the phenomenon of energy waste in the current HVAC, puts forward the corresponding measures, and introduces the renewable energy system widely used in the world.
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Discussion on HVAC of Super High - rise Buildings

Yuling Miu
With the continuous progress of urbanization, Land resources in urban areas are scarce, and because of China's large population, the high rate of residential demand urgent. Some mainly central cities have appeared in high-rise buildings, and they gradually become the city's logo. Whether it is people's...
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Optimization of a Hybrid Traffic Identification Model Based on DPI

Wenbei Duan, Yuanli Wang, Xiu Xiong
In recent years, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide increasingly extensive services, and a large number of applications came into being. These applications provide users a lot of convenience, lead to the network traffic flow increasing, and make the complexity of flow components increasing. In...
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Partial Integrated Guidance and Control Design for Hypersonic Vehicle in Dive Phase

Q.K. Liu, J. Chen, L.X. Wang
Considering the potential unstable problem using Euler angle, the quaternion is used to take its place in proposed method. What is more, A partial integrated guidance control (PIGC) model is derived based on six-degree-freedom model to solve the guidance and control problems of hypersonic vehicle in...
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Study on Grain Refinement of Nickel-Based Filler Metal 52M Microstructure by Pulse TIG Welding

X.H. Zhang, J.Q. Chen, K. Zhang, H. Chen
FM-52M, a kind of filler metal matched for Inconel 690, is widely applied in critical components of nuclear power plant. In this work, the effect of the microstructure refinement of FM-52M was studied through pulse TIG welding. First, a serial of bead welds under different welding parameters were conducted...
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Study on the Innovation Competency Model of Students with Mechanical Major

Fan Jiang, Chunliang Zhang, Tsingfeng Wu, Zhongmin Xiao
To improve students' innovation ability need to consider their innovation competency, on the basis of existing research results, and the students' innovation competency is defined, through the investigation on the students of mechanical major, the students' innovative competence dimensions determined,...
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An Attribute-based Access Control with Flexible Attribute Change in Open Systems

Tao Ye, Yongquan Cai
The confidentiality and usability of sensitive data in outsourcing processes are particularly important in open systems. When the user's attribute is revoked or restored in the CP-ABE system, the flexibility of the dynamic change of the corresponding strategy is a challenge. In the paper, we presents...
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The LPI Performance Analysis of Chaos-MCPC Radar Signals based on Cyclic Autocorrelation Accumulation factor

Yang Li, Songhua He, Fubin Chen, Jianping Ou, Jun Zhang
In this paper, for the first time, from the perspective of intercept receiver, based on the cyclic autocorrelation accumulation factor (U value), the low probability of intercept (LPI) performance of several traditional radar signals, COCS P4-MCPC radar signal and Chaos-MCPC radar signal are evaluated...
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Recognition and Analysis of Poor Students on College Students Campus Card Consumption Data Based on Big Data

Aifeng Li, Zhineng Xiao, Biyun Liang
Subsidization for students from low-income families is a major student management work for colleges and universities. With deep and extensive use of big data in all sectors, relevant big data shall be used to identify poor students. Using big data rationally for targeted subsidization represents in-depth...
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Remote sensing image multi-feature fusion based on NSCT transform and compressive sensing

Zhiliang Wu, Yongdong Huang, Kang Zhang
For the remote sensing image fusion algorithm based on non-subsampled Contourlet transform (NSCT) calculation complexity and cannot extract details from source images effectively. So a new remote sensing image multi-feature fusion algorithm based on NSCT transform and compressive sensing is proposed....
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Structure Health Monitoring Method based on Electrio-Mechanical Impedance (EMI) Technique

Ma Feng, Qin Lei, Xiaochang Ni, Xiaojun Zhu, Shifeng Huang
PZT sensor was placed in different position which damaged in order to determine the feasibility of EMI technology to the detection for damage of the concrete structure, and 4294A Agilent precision impedance tester used in different frequency of concrete specimens under different damage conditions of...
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Acoustic Emission Source Localization Using Embedded Sensors in Concrete

Lei Qin, Jiapeng Li, Xi Liu, Shidong Sun, Xiaojun Zhu
This paper described a study on acoustic emission (AE) in the specimens of cement-based materials, especially concrete specimens. 1-3 cement-based piezoelectric composites that have good compatibility and broadband frequency, and they have been developed for health monitoring of concrete structures....
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The Research on MySQL Security Baseline

Yanhui Ma
At present, information system has been widely applied to various fields, but different kinds of database leaks and other security incidents continue to appear, leading to endless security risks for users. Database as the core of information system, the research on which seem to be very important. In...
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An Algorithm for Calculating Collision Probability of Spacecraft and Short-term Debris Cloud Based on Binomial Distribution

Yue Qi, Jiazhe Lai, Yiyong Li, Qichen Tian
This paper introduces the calculation process of collision probability between spacecraft and short-term debris cloud. On the base of the time integral method about collision probability calculation, the time required for the spacecraft to travel through the debris cloud by the way of "risk radius";...
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Current Studies of Treating Processes for Nickel Laterite Ores

Xiaoping Wang, Tichang Sun, Chao Chen, Tianyang Hu
Nickel laterite ores are important nickel resources, which are abundant and account for approximately 70% of the world nickel reserves. However, nickel in nickel laterite ores could not be extracted by conventional separation methods. Consequently, treating and utilizing nickel laterite ores efficiently...
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A Method of Scanning Industrial Control System Equipment

Guangkai Zhou, Jun Bai, Bailing Wang, Jia Song
With the deep penetration and wide advancement of "Made in China 2025" and "Internet plus" in various fields, the continuous integration of industrialization and informationization process, more and more critical infrastructure related to national economy and people access to the Internet, industrial...
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Research on Feature Recognition on mVEP BCI

Teng Ma, Hui Li, Dezhong Yao, Peng Xua
The recognition to element N2 is the fundamental basis determining the stability and the practicability of the mVEP-BCI systems. The feature extraction to EEG signals is the key for the accuracy on recognition of element N2. Different from the traditional down sampling feature extraction method, the...
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The Research on Dynamic Infrared Scene Simulation for Infrared Seeker

Bo Yang, Ming Lv
In the field of performance evaluation for infrared guidance system, the dynamic infrared scene simulation has important application value. In order to get a realistic and practical dynamic infrared image, the dynamic simulation is carried out based on Vega and its infrared module. The target and terrain...
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Design and Simulation of Pulsed Loading Parameters in Tube Hydroforming

Yuting Zhou, Zhendong Shang
In order to determine the pulsating loading parameters in the hydroforming of the reducer, an austenitic 304 stainless steel reducer is taken as an example. The simulation model is established by using finite element analysis software. The hydraulic loading speed is 2 MPa s-1 and the amplitude 3MPa and...
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Fault Characteristics Analysis of Industrial Robot Based on Fault Tree

Jian Jiao, Xuejiao Zheng
In order to construct the predictive maintenance optimization model, this paper takes the robotic intelligent processing and production workstation as an example, and analyzes the fault characteristics of the equipment on the workstation and the fault characteristics of the key components. The failure...
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Compression of Conditional Deep Learning Network for Fast and Low Power Mobile Applications

Lijie Li, Yan Zhang, Pengfei Wang
CDLN(Conditional Deep Learning Network)is a structure of convolution neural network with multiple classifiers. CDLN could improve the speed for the task of classification while the module of the network is still too large for mobile devices. To address this issue, a method for compressing CDLN, which...
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Emission Properties and Stability of Internal Air Launch System

Jie Shu, Dengcheng Zhang, Lin Li, Ang Qin, Binlin Ma, Shuguang Li
Aiming at the characteristics of complex structure, changeable movement and the difference in emission and stability, put forward the emission performance index based on the study of internal air launch system; study the influence of the initial pitch angle of the carrier, characteristic diameter of...
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Application of Ground Settlement Prediction Based on EMD-RVM

Pengfei Wang
Ground settlement is a critical issue in underground construction. Ground settlement prediction is important to identify serious damage to adjacent structures caused by settlement exceed the standard. However, conventional methods have some limitations due to nonlinearity and non-stationarity of settlement...
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A Survey of PHD Filtering Method Based on Random Finite Set

Yan Song, Jianwang Hu, Bing Ji
Probability hypothesis density filter based on Random Finite Set(RFS)recently become a research hotspot for multi-sensor information fusion in the world. An overview of the emergence, the development and the present research situation of the PHD filter in target tracking is presented here. Special attention...
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A Scalable Movie Recommendation System on Search Engine

Mingruo Shi
A recommendation system is increasing important in online video application, news recommendation and electronic commerce especially in search engine. Recommendation on search engine are more related to hundreds of million users like Google, Bing and Baidu. Our proposed filtering solution is based on...
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Design and Implementation of Hierarchical Structure-based LTE Network Application Simulation

Shuai Wang, Liyun Chen, Yongli Yu
This paper, by taking the LTE communication network as the object of study and applying the discrete event simulation method and hierarchical modeling mechanism, analyzes the LTE protocol stack and classifies it at the simulation layer; designs the functions and parameters at each simulation layer following...
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A Denoising Algorithm for Complex Surface Image based on Adaptive Gaussian Filter Model

Lizhong Tu, Jiande Zhang, Qing Yang, Yan Zhuang
This paper presents an adaptive Gaussian filter model to solve complex curve surface image denosing problem. Based on the considering of local distribution characteristics of image noise, an adaptive Gaussian filter model is constructed by introduced an automatic adjusting smooth scale parameter, which...
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A Fast Image Segmentation Strategy for Measurement Point of Machinery Blade

Jiande Zhang, Wei Huang, Lizhong Tu, Qing Yang
To solve the problem of long time spent on measurement point segmentation and low measurement efficiency in the process of machinery blade measurement, a new fast segmentation algorithm based on edge detection is researched in this paper. Before the segmentation of measurement points, the edge of blade...
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Optimization Analysis of Demand Response Model for Smart Grid

Yufan Lei, Guanglin Han, Yanqun Wang, Shengli Wang
This paper analyzed and summarized for the smart grid user demand response, put forward the optimization problem of smart grid communication system in response to demand, and effectively solve the problem of zero user utility of inelastic demand.
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Design of Tracing Intelligent Vehicle Based on Image Processing

Chongyang Lv, Yuxin Wang
In order to realize the function of intelligent vehicle tracking according to different path types, a tracking vehicle based on automobile model is developed. In the design of the intelligent vehicle, the image processing can directly affect the performance of the intelligent vehicle. This paper describes...
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Researching of Intelligence Test Paper Generation Software based on Improved Genetic Algorithm in Java Program Design Teaching

Qiufang Ma, Hao Pan
Editing test papers is a very heavy mental labor. Aiming to improve the teaching effect of Java Program Design and realize the separation of teaching and test, the intelligent test paper generation software based on improved genetic algorithm is designed. The software provides three generating methods...
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Continuous Object Monitoring Based on Wireless Sensor Network and RBF

Chengping Peng, Guangcong Liu
Monitoring of continuous object distribution in large-scale environmental monitoring depends on the problem of high-density sensor networks. The RBF neural network is used to fit the distributed data of continuous objects at low sensor network density. Firstly, based on the distribution characteristics...
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An Improved DV-Hop Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Chengping Peng, Guangcong Liu
Considering the topology of real distance of the anchor node and the real trilateration composed of the unknown positioning node, an improved DV-Hop localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks was proposed. Firstly, unknown node will be measured by the trilateration-based triangle. Any of the...
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Research on method of BIT design for monitoring and alarm System of marine diesel engines power plant

Guo He, Xuedong Wen, Kun Bi
In view of the deficiency of design for testability (DFT) of the monitoring and alarm system of marine diesel engine power plant (MASMDEPP), this paper offers an overall built-in test (BIT) scheme which can improve the level of DFT for the system. Based on analysis of nine kinds of line replaceable units...
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Analyzing the Characteristics of Simulated E-field Environment of Reverberation Chamber

Kaifu Ji, Guanghui Wei, Xiaodong Pan, Haojiang Wan
This paper analyzes the statistical characteristics of the ideal reverberation chamber environment, and evaluate the simulated reverberation room environment at different frequencies based on the KS test, to test the degree of fitting between the simulated E-field environment and theoretical reverberation...
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Study on Surface Flashover of PTFE

Lidong Zhou, Yongwei Sun, Zhicheng Meng, Maosong Yang
In this paper, the surface flashover characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) under normal atmospheric pressure are studied. The DC power supply voltage is measured under the condition of different pole spacing, and the discharge voltage waveform and current waveform are recorded. In addition,...
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Research on the Passive Electrostatic Detector Technology

Zheng Xing, Ming Wei, Weidong Liu, Lei Wang, Xinggang Liu
The method of locating air flight targets and measuring the speed of air flight targets by the passive electrostatic detectors is studied, and we derive the mathematical expression of the induced current at the detection electrode. The simulation of the change of the induced current with the horizontal...
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Summary of Spacecraft Charging

Maosong Yang, Yongwei Sun, Zhicheng Meng, Lidong Zhou
With the continuous development of science and technology, the convenience spacecraft brought to us has been everywhere. During the orbit operation, the spacecraft interacts with the complex space environment, which makes the surface and internal materials appear charging and discharging phenomenon,...