Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Management, Economy and Law (ICMEL 2020)

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The Study on Deleveraging of State-Owned Enterprises

Based on the Perspective of Regional Financial Risk

Xi Chang, Yiteng Hu
The rise of China’s macro leverage has become one of the main factors inducing financial risks. How to reduce the leverage level of the soft budget constraint sector, especially the leverage level of the state-owned enterprise (SOE) sector, is the key link to prevent systemic risks. Based on the panel...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Financial Audit and Reimbursement of Local Colleges and Universities

Li-chun Chen
Financial audit and reimbursement are the basic premise of accounting, which will directly affect the quality of financial information. With the increasing investment in higher education and the increasing economic activities in colleges and universities, the types of financial reimbursement are becoming...
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Early Warning Index System and Method of Production and Operation Monitoring in Airlines

Nan Zhou, Weidong Zhang, Wei Li
In order to ensure the sustainable and stable development of the airline, according to the characteristics of the production and operation of the airline, an early warning index system for the production and operation monitoring of the airline is established. On this basis, a comprehensive evaluation...
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The Influence of Shadow Banking on China’s Monetary Policy Regulation System

An Empirical Analysis Based on Vector Autoregressive Model

Wenyu He
In recent years, the rapid development of shadow banking has affected the regulation and control of monetary policy, which has aroused widespread concern in academia and related regulatory authorities. This article selects the time series data from 2012 to 2019, and uses the Value-at-Risk (VAR) model...
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Research on Influencing Factors and Value Classification of Agricultural Crowdfunding Project Financing Performance

Based on Customer Transfer Value Theory

Fangjie Yang, Ailin Wan, Xiyang Tang, Wenyi Feng
Crowdfunding for agriculture provides a new social financing channel for agricultural funding, which is of great significance for promoting rural revitalization and targeted poverty alleviation. However, the current research on Chinese agricultural crowdfunding is still relatively backward, lacking quantitative...
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Research on the Development of Foreign Cultural Trade in Shandong Province Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Jun Wang
From the aspects of cultural resources, cultural industry system and foreign cultural trade structure, this paper analyzes the export statistics of Shandong’s foreign cultural trade target market and the export distribution of cultural products in Shandong Province, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages...
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Copula-Based Rate Determination of Crop Revenue Insurance

A Case Study of Early Indica Rice in Hu’nan Province

Jianlin Peng, Xuerong Xu
A nonparametric kernel density distribution function was constructed based on the yield and price of early indica rice in Hunan Province from 1949 to 2019 in this paper. On this basis, Copula nonparametric method is employed to determine the most effective joint distribution function of price and unit...
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Foundation of Legislative Science With Frequent Misjudged Cases

Luning Pang
“Ensuring that every guilty person is subject to criminal punishment and protecting innocent people from criminal prosecution” is the ultimate goal of formal justice. In recent years, cases of unjust, false and wrong have occurred frequently in China, exposing various problems in Chinese judicial system....
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The Way to Develop the Skilled Personnel in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry in China Under the Global People’s Circulation

Zhihong Li
With the wide globalization in economy, technology and trade, etc., it is inevitable for the skilled personnel to circulate internationally. In a general consensus, whoever holds the skilled personnel wins the competitive advantage. Currently, the war to contend for the skilled personnel becomes more...
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Analysis on the Path of Safety Culture Innovation in Foshan Manufacturing Industry

Xiaoming Sang
For the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, safety development is a prerequisite. Safety production is the life of the enterprise, while safety culture is the soul of safety production. The article starts from the current situation of Foshan manufacturing industry, combing the...
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Analysis on the Spatiotemporal Changes and Correlation of the National Industrial Chain

Taking 30 Provinces and Cities in China as Examples

Lijun Wang, Zhong Ma, Cui Ma, Quanrun Chen
The internal connection between industrial sectors is an important part of the current global production and trade network relationship. The degree of industrial sector connection is usually measured in terms of length and strength. The study took 30 provinces and cities in China as the object, combined...
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The Improvement of Chinese Parental Supervision System Under Traditional Culture

Xiaoqin Zou
In view of the defects of parental rights supervision system in China, this paper adopts the methods of historical research and comparative research, analyzes the parental rights in our traditional culture and the current situation and problems of parental rights and paternalism legislation, and puts...
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Research on Environmental Administrative Public Interest Litigation Instituted by Procuratorial Organs

Shao Shao, Xi Chen
In the situation of increasingly serious environmental pollution, more and more local procuratorates in China have filed environmental administrative public interest lawsuits as plaintiffs. The author first explained the definition of environmental administrative public interest litigation, and then...
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The Internal and External Contradictions of Defense Lawyer’s Duty of Loyalty

Chaoyu Da
In the past four decades, many Chinese scholars have been paying attention to the future development of the lawyer industry and committed to promoting the improvement of the Chinese lawyer system. Among them, loyalty is an external requirement of lawyers’ professional ethics, and at the same time, the...
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A Study on Legal Issues of the Circulation of Chinese Rural Land Contracting Management Right

Xueyao Zhang
This paper takes the legal problem of the transfer of rural land contract management right as the research object. Firstly, it summarizes the concept, current characteristics and development trend of the transfer of rural land contract management right. Secondly, it discusses the legal problems existing...
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Questions and Reflections: Thoughts on the Method of Class Analysis in Law

Jianming Du
As a basic research method of Marxist jurisprudence, the explanatory power of class analysis in the field of jurisprudence has long been questioned. By reviewing and reflecting on the application of class analysis in law, this paper focuses on the problems of dogmatism, labeling and ideologicalization...
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Study on Benign Utilization of the Resources of Ethnic Law in China

Taking “Degu” of Yi Nationality as an Example

Dan Luo, Shaoju Li, Fengying Jia, Daha Ku, Ting Wang
The local resources of ethnic rule of law have gradually become an important part of the current judicial process. This article mainly explores the status quo, advantages and disadvantages of ethnic minorities’ use of local resources of the rule of law to resolve disputes through literature research...
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Research on Criminal Liability of Outgoing Commanders and Successive Commanders

Xiaoxin Ji, Qi Zhou
Customary international law, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the Statute of the Ad Hoc International Criminal Court all stipulate the responsibility of current commanders, but in practice, the responsibility of outgoing commanders and successive commanders is often involved....
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The Current Status and Enlightenment of Legal Regulation of Artificial Reproduction After Death in China and Foreign Countries

Ying Tan, Xingxing Tao, Huachao Deng, Yue Zhang, Ni Qi, Ya Zhang, Yajing Luo, Ziyi Lin, Yuqing Zhang
Artificial reproduction after death is a special social phenomenon with the development of modern assisted reproductive technology. It not only changed the traditional mode of birth, but also had a great impact on the modern legal system and social ethics. By using comparative research method and case...
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Discussion on Innovative Strategies of Enterprise Human Resources Performance Management in the Digital Economy Era

Alexander Sokolov, Dong Wang
The rapid development of Internet technology highlights the characteristics of the era of digital economy. The application of digital technology in enterprise human resource management is nothing new. With enterprise human resources as research object and the digital economy era as research background,...
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The Impact of Economic Shift on the Financial Status of China’s Listed Garment Companies

Based on a Factor Analysis Method

Zhengyan Shao
The rapid decline in China’s economic growth has significantly impacted on the garment industry. This paper uses the factor analysis method and analyzes the dynamic changes in the financial conditions of 77 listed garment companies during a period of rapid economic shift, with the aim of revealing the...
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Analysis of Brand Internationalization Strategy

A Case Study of Li Ning

Yongjian Zong, Yuting Zhang
This paper will take Li Ning Company as the research object, based on the analysis of the current situation and existing problems of international management of Chinese sporting goods industry brand, and use SWOT analysis method to systematically analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and...
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Tactics to Develop the Strategic Emerging Industry

Based on the Third Industrial Revolution in Hubei

Zhihong Li
The third industrial revolution is approaching. It will bring both opportunities and threats either to the traditional industry or to the strategic emerging industry like electronic information, new energy and new material, etc. How to develop the strategic emerging industry is the key for the industry...
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Research on the Reform of Blended Teaching Model in Application-Oriented Universities in the Mobile Internet Era

Lili Qi, Yanling Zhou
In the era of mobile Internet, the traditional teaching model is no longer suitable for the education and teaching in application-oriented universities. As a new educational method, the blended teaching model is based on the constructivist learning theory. Through the in-depth integration of traditional...
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Discussion on Reflection and Optimization of China’s Social Security System

Hui Wang
By use of the document analysis method, this paper analyzes the existing problems in China’s social security system from the aspects of system design and payment based on the analysis of the influence of China’s social security system. To solve this problem, it explores countermeasures from the two dimensions...
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Application of Research-Based Teaching Mode in College English Courses

Ruishu Wang
As an efficient teaching mode, the research-based teaching mode is one of the effective teaching modes to cultivate college students’ innovative ability, scientific research ability, communication ability and cooperation ability. The application of research-based teaching mode in college English courses...
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The Influence of Film and Television IP on Tourism Destination Image Perceived by Tourists

Taking the Shooting Location of “The Untamed” Duyun, Guizhou as an Example

Qian Yang
As the mode of “film and television + tourism” continues to heat up, the shooting locations of film and television have become hot travel destinations and internet-famous sites. From the perspective of tourists, this paper selects the popular film and television IP “The Untamed (陈情令)” as the research...
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Co-creator Imagination: Construction of Teacher-Student Subject Relationship Based on Virtual Community Interaction

Feng Zhai, Lijie Du
The development of the Internet has provided a new space and form for teaching interaction, thereby producing new changes in the teacher-student subjective relationship. This research adopts the network ethnography method. Through crawling and analysis of all the virtual community discussion data since...
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Improvement of the Assistance Mechanism in the Social Security System

Young-Chei Yi, Shufan Tang
The assistance mechanism is an important part of the social welfare security system and an important way to promote the general improvement of people’s living standards. In the new era of socialist construction, improving the assistance mechanism in the social security system will help eliminate poverty,...
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The Tourist Satisfaction and Its Influencing Factors of Archaized Ancient Town: A Case Study of Kongtong Ancient Town in Pingliang City, Gansu Province

Ruijuan Yu, Lucang Wang, Jun Luo
Tourist satisfaction is a key factor that has an effect on the attractiveness of scenic spots. So the tourist satisfaction determines the complaints and loyalty of tourists. The Kongtong ancient town in Pingliang City, Gansu Province was taken as an example in the present paper, based on questionnaires...
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Discussion on Management and Open Mode of Chinese Scientific Research Laboratory Instruments and Equipment and Its Positive Promotion Effect

Xiang Zhao
The rapid development of scientific research laboratories brings about challenges to the planning formulation and overall layout of public instrument and equipment platforms. Correspondingly, problems such as imperfect spatial layout and planning, ineffective integration of hardware resources, decentralized...
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Analysis on the Effectiveness of Quality Improvement in Guizhou Province From the Perspective of Public Satisfaction

Ranran Zhao, Feng Lei
The public satisfaction of quality work is one of the most intuitionistic data that reflects the effectiveness of quality work in various regions and the changes in the public’s demand for quality work. It is one of the most effective channels to link the government and the masses. This paper investigates...
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Analysis of the Moral Governing Function and the Approach to Realization of Folk Regulations at the Grassroots Situational Social Governance

Dawei Zheng
There are differences, particularities and dynamics among grassroots units, and it is necessary to pay attention to the situational governance of grassroots society. As a local moral governing resource, in the process of rural governance, folk regulations highlight the “soft law” attribute, embody the...
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Using Health QR Code to Fight Against COVID-19: Chinese Government’s New Way of Collaborative Governance With Enterprises

Ting Lei, Jiaxin Deng, Yubo Xie, Yibo Tian
While still raging globally, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has had a severe impact on people’s lives in the world. For the first time, the Chinese government cooperated with enterprises and introduced health QR code, to ensure the safety of its citizens. This is a new way of collaborative governance...
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Research on the Development Model of Cultural and Creative Industry of Tourism in Wudalianchi Scenic Area in Heilongjiang Province

Yan Zhang, Xiaoli Zhang
This article explores the development status of tourism industry and the cultural and creative industries of tourism research basis in Wudalianchi Scenic Area in Heilongjiang Province, and conducts a careful analysis about the development status of cultural and creative industries of tourism in Wudalianchi...
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Exploring the Relationship Among Financial Marketization, Firm Ownership, and Corporate Venturing in China: the Moderating Effect of Firm Ownership

Weiqi Dai, Haoran Jiang, Jun Yang, Yi Wang
Drawing upon the institution-based view, this study examines how the level of regional financial marketization and firm ownership affects corporate venturing activities. Employing a panel dataset from China’s pharmaceutical industry, we find that firms in regions with a higher level of financial marketization...
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Thinking on Innovating the Service Mechanism of Grass-Roots Trade Union Organizations — Taking Zhongshan City as an Example

Fangbin Chen
Changes in China’s industrial structure, enterprise form, profit distribution pattern and labor relations have led to higher demands for trade union services by workers, which brought new challenge for grass-roots trade unions. Trade unions organized by national groups are supposed to respond, given...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Speciality Setting in Higher Vocational Colleges in Chongqing

Shuang Wang, Huaxi Yang
The speciality setting of higher vocational colleges should serve the development of regional industrial structure. Through the investigation and analysis of the regional economic development trend and the current situation of speciality setting in higher vocational colleges in Chongqing, it is found...
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Study on Urban-Rural Social Security Differences Based on the Data of Chinese Household Income Project Survey (CHIP) in 2013

Yunxian Yang, Lucang Wang
Social security is a basic means to prevent risks, relieve pressure and ensure people’s basic living standards. At present, there are differences between urban and rural social security in China, which is not conducive to the urban-rural integration development. Based on this, this paper adopts the data...
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The Dilemma and Countermeasures of Diversified Pension Service Mode in China

Feng Chen
This paper studies the connotation and types of diversified pension model. Based on the theory of multiple welfare, this paper discusses the dilemma of China’s pension service model, including the challenges of traditional family pension, the insufficient effective supply of pension service and the low...
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Evaluation of Urban and Rural Residents’ Sense of Gain in Yunnan Province

Mingyang Ruan
The purpose of reform is to make the people have more sense of gain, which has become the “touchstone” to test the effect of reform. This paper uses quantitative research method to manipulate the variables of sense of gain, evaluates the sense of gain and its influencing factors of urban and rural residents...
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Study on the Optimization of the Economic and Trade Cooperation Environment of Heilongjiang Pilot Free Trade Zone and Russian Far East

Hui Xie
The approval of Heilongjiang Pilot Free Trade Zone will further empower Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation and bring important opportunities for the economic and trade cooperation between Heilongjiang Province and the Russian Far East. Based on the construction of the free trade zone and the...
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The Status Quo, Problems and Prospects of China’s Rural “Three Lands System” Reform

Mingyang Ruan
In the perspective of China’s rural reform, land reform is a long-term issue that must be paid attention to. This study uses literature analysis and policy analysis method to sorts out the practice of the pilot reform of three land system in rural China, explores the existing problems of the current...
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Promotion of the Marketization of Cultural Content in Accordance With Local Conditions

Taking the Status Quo Investigation and Countermeasure Suggestions of Shanghai Cultural Industry Development as an Example

Peiyan Hua
This article first summarizes the two classic models of market-led and government-led management of cultural industries, and distinguishes the different situations of cultural industries in different cities in China. Secondly, this article uses the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)...
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Study on the Application of Asset Management in Hainan Hotel Management

Xuan Gao
As one of the most important components of corporate strategic management, asset management is increasingly valued by large hotel management groups. This article discusses the essential components of dynamic lodging asset management and provides a detail background on six essential components that often...
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Comparative Study on the Management Mode of Chinese and Foreign Cultural Industry

Ningyan Yi, Yu Qi, Lu Meng
The management of cultural industry requires the government to take appropriate measures according to the different stages of industry development. This article mainly analyzes the influence of different management modes on the various processes, development directions and value orientations of the entire...
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Countermeasures for Economic and Social Development in Post-Epidemic Period From the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Jiayi Xue, Yu Liu
At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019) pneumonia epidemic gradually broke out across the China. The strict prevention measures adopted by governments at all levels effectively restrained the continuous spread of the epidemic. However, under this special control,...
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Analysis of Unilever’s Branding and Marketing Strategy in China

Lu Zhang, Ziyu Fan
This present paper takes Unilever’s branding in China as the research object and chooses its marketing strategy to study. By conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis on Unilever’s marketing environment and internal resources and capabilities, the paper explores the...
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Research on the Development of Marine Tourism Industry and Talent Demand in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Xinglong Kan, Wenyan He, Yuge Zhao
This study analyzes the development status of the marine tourism industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, including the development history and industrial distribution of the marine tourism industry. On this basis, the article further analyzes the demand for talents in the tourism...
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Study on the Spatial Differences and Influencing Factors of Regional Tourism Development

Taking 21 Cities in Guangdong Province as Examples

Gang Deng
Moran’s I in the spatial autocorrelation analysis method is used, and Geoda software is applied to sequentially analyze the spatial distribution of per capita international tourism foreign exchange income (USD) in 21 cities in Guangdong Province in 2018. The global autocorrelation test and the local...
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Research on the Implementation Strategy of “1 Plus X Certificate” System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Guomei Liu
“1 + X certificate” system is proposed in The Implementation Plan of the National Vocational Education Reform, in which “1” is the diploma certificate of vocational education and “X” the certificate of vocational skill levels. This paper analyzes the implementation background and practical significance...
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Research on the Development of Tourism Economy in Border Areas

Taking Pingxiang City of Guangxi as an Example

Gang Deng
This paper first introduces the research background of the development of tourism economy in Pingxiang City, and then describes the current situation of the development of tourism economy in Pingxiang City through the data of tourism economic indicators. Then it uses Pearson correlation analysis method...
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Research on Strengthening Management and Service Strategies for International Students in the Context of COVID-19

Taking the Example of Serving International Students Studying in China in the Lancang-Mekong River Basin

Yuanshuai Niu
This article analyzes the current situation of Lancang-Mekong education and cultural exchanges in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of Chinese studying abroad service and management, then points out some of the problems, and puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions to...
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Study on the Evaluation Index of Youth Football Skill Learning

Chen Wang
This paper studies how to draw lessons from the advanced training methods and teaching methods in the teaching system in China and foreign countries, establish the evaluation index of the technical level of youth football, and formulate the training content. Through questionnaire survey, expert interview,...
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The Characteristics and Trend of Power Allocation Policy at the Two Levels of University and School Since the Expansion of University Enrollment

Jingbo Feng
To build and perfect the modern university system with Chinese characteristics is the basic requirement and fundamental guarantee for China to build a powerful country in higher education. The expansion of university enrollment prompts the issuance of a series of governance policies that aim to standardize...
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Research on Promoting the Development of Electronic Information Industry Under the COVID-19 Epidemic

Yidan Xu, Yu Liu, Jiayi Xue
Against the background of the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, this paper explores the role of electronic information technology, analyzes the problems existing in China’s electronic information industry, and provides suggestions for the future development of the electronic information...
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Research on Audit Supervision of Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Under Big Data

Siyi Wang, Guiliang Liu, Evgeniy Ivanov
After the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the efficiency of government work on controlling the epidemic has become the focus of public attention. Based on the current situation, this article analyzes the reasons and feasibility of “off-site first, then on-site” audit supervision of...
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Analysis of 5W Model of Pechoin Brand Communication in the New Media Era

Taking the Products of Pechoin as an Example

Lu Wang, Ting Zhang
The paper comprehensively analyzes the brand communication of Pechoin through Laswell’s 5W (who, says what, in which channel, to whom, with what effect) model, trying to show a detailed picture of the communication in the context of new media. It aims to provide the basis of factor analysis for the brand...
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Research on Student-Centered Financial Aid to College Students With Financial Difficulties

Rui Zhang
From the perspective of concept and practice, this paper proposes to update the concept of funding work and improve economic funding through policy review, investigation and analysis of relevant units. Measures to enhance personal ability, including fund from government, banks, schools and society, should...
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Research on the Influence of Subjective Characteristics of Xi’an Community on Resident Satisfaction: Based on the Perspective of the Life Circle

Jingna Li, Lili Yuan, Ruikuan Liu
Based on the first-hand data from the daily activity survey of community residents in Xi’an, this paper focuses on the impact of community subjective characteristics on residents’ satisfaction from the perspective of life circle theory, and conducts empirical research using structural equation models....
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China’s Protection and Utilization of Museum Relics: Latest Trends

Qiong Dang
Museum relics, as a significant embodiment of a nation’s traditional culture, have remarkably important scientific, artistic and historical values. The effective and rational measure has been implemented by the Chinese government to protect museum relics, resulting in numerous accomplishments. This paper...