Proceedings of the 2017 6th International Conference on Measurement, Instrumentation and Automation (ICMIA 2017)

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The finite element analysis of vacuum leak detection container

Donghui Meng, Lichen Sun, Jinming Chen, Rongping Shao, Xinfa Yu, Xiaoyang Li, Haifeng Zhang, Yueshuai Zhao
According to the requirement of vacuum leak detection container for small satellite, a set of vacuum leak detection container is developed. This paper discuss the design of model and the finite element analysis of different models. Through calculating the variation of the displacement X, Y, Z of different...
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Study on the Modification Experiment of Talc as Filter Aid

Shuangchun Yang, Wei Li, Sifan Li, Yi Pan, Mingzhe Guo, Zijie Liu, Haiyan Zhang
Considering the disadvantages of general filter aid, a new type of talc filter aid was researched and developed by the two-step approach. The first step was that the talcum powder were heated by microwave in the acid solution. The second step was that the talcum powder was put into dodecyltrimethylammonium...
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Porous polydopamine and para-aminobenzoic acid complex membrane formed by electrochemical codeposition/degradation

Hongfei Shao, Huaixiang Li, Wei He
Electropolymerization is a useful method to modify electrode for improving selectivity, sensitivity and strong adherence to electrode surface. In this paper, we prepared polydopamine (PDA), poly-para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and PDA/PABA composite membrane on a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) using cyclic...
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Research on low sub-surface damage detection of hard brittle optics materials

Dasen Wang, Fengming Nie, Ning Pei, Guangping Zhang
This paper is a low sub-surface damage detection method for hard and brittle optical materials. The method is based on the preparation of the test instrument and the detection of the surface damage of the sample to obtain the Brewster's angle of the sample to be tested and further utilize the Brewer...
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Synthesis of Attapulgite Colloid Nanoparticles and its Application on Castor Silk Fibers

Yan Liu, Xiao-Liang Gao, Shu-Dong Wang
In order to develop the multifunctional performance of castor silk, it was finished by attapulgite(ATP) colloid nanoparticles. The structure and antibacterial properties of the castor silk fibers before and after finished were characterized by means of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and antibacterial...
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Crack identification based on natural frequency of cracked small pipes

Jiuhong Jia, Xiaoyu Zheng, Zhongqiang Zhang
The severe vibration of small branch pipes in nuclear power plants can induce fatigue destruction. Sometime fatigue destructions will result in unplanned shutdown, and even threaten the safe and stable operation of the nuclear power plant. In order to predict the remaining life and guarantee the safety...
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Research on Synergetic Evolution of container transportion

Liqun Ding
According to the theory of collaborative research, pointed out that the overall function of the container transport system is not a single function, but by rearranging the elements of the system, achieve the reasonable allocation of resources. Through the co evolution equation, in-depth analysis of container...
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Research of The Influence of The Particle Geometry on The Accumulation of Repose Angle Based on DEM

Yanhui Chen, Zan Chu, Xuechuang Yu
Particle packing is a common phenomenon in the field of industrial and agricultural, Stacking angle of repose reflects the macroscopic properties of the combined effects of granular group. In order to study the geometry of the particles impact angle of repose particle packing, in this paper, the rock...
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Research of novel composite drilling grade bentonite

Shuangchun Yang, Mingzhe Guo, Yi Pan, Wei Li, Haiyan Zhang
To improve the performance of sodium-modified bentonite in drilling fluids, the natural Ca-base bentonite (Ca-Bent) was modified by microwave wet, which regarded the anionic surfactant SDBS is compounded with inorganic sodium salt as modifier. The effects of different sodium salts, the volume of modifier,...
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Simulation and the experimental test of radial-deformation of spindle-tool-holder connection system at high-speed

Lan Jin, Li Zhao, Liming Xie, Zhiyuan Rui, Dongxing Shi
A dynamic real-time method is proposed in this paper for measuring the spindle-end radial-deformation under spindle speed of 10000~15000 r/min. The system consists of three non-contact eddy current sensors and a laser deformation sensor used to measure the radial-deformation of the rotating simulating...
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Design of stereoscopic warehouse control system based on PLC

Yongzhi Xie, Tianyu Liang
The design of a small-scale automated warehouse for cargo storage, including mechanical structure system such as shelf, stacker and conveying rail system, and PLC controller, stepper motor and stepper motor drive are composed of high speed and high Precision electrical control system. The system has...
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Environmentally friendly materials of Magnesium oxychloride cement-cornstalk research

Changwei Xu, Chenjian Xu, Pengpeng Fan
Magnesium oxychloride cement-cornstalk is an environmentally friendly composite, the major constituent of which is magnesium oxychloride cement(MOC) and cornstalk fibers. In order to obtain composites with excellent performance, phosphoric acid and cornstalk fibers was adopted to MOC modification. The...
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A Study on Testing Concrete Strength by Inversely Regressed Synthesis Ultrasonic-rebound Method

Wantong Cai, Guoping Cen, Wenzhe Li, Bo Fan
Ultrasonic-rebound combined method (UCM) is widely adopted to test concrete strength at present. Although it makes up for some shortcomings of rebound method and ultrasonic method respectively, its precision is far below the requirements of engineering. Based on the thought data fusion and inverse regression...
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Structural Design on a New Type Magnetorheological Fluid Retarder

Yuexin Wang, Guosheng Zhang, Shenshui Huang
Magnetorheological fluid (MRF) is a kind of rheological property which can produce fast changing material under the action of magnetic field. The rheological properties of MRF can be changed by controlling the strength of magnetic field. When there is no magnetic field, its characteristics appear as...
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Preparation and Characterization of Organic Montmorillonite and Its Application in Algae Removal

Fei Zhou, Le Li, Jianfang Zheng
Montmorillonite (MMT) Na-modificated by suspensoid was modified using cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) and dodecyltrimethyl ammonium chloride (DTAC), and CTAB-modified montmorillonite (CTAB-MMT) and DTAC-modified montmorillonite (DTAC-MMT) were obtained at the optimum conditions: the reaction temperature...
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Effect of Silicon on microstructures of iron after high-temperature deuterium implantation

Shaoning Jiang
To study the effect of silicon on microstructures in CLAM (China Low Activation Martensitic) steel after irradiation, the microstructures of Fe and FeSi model alloys were investigated after implanted deuterium ions at 773K. TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) observation and EDX (Energy Dispersive...
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Numerical Optimisation of Shot Peening Process on a Steam Turbine Blade

S. Chen, D A Wood Desai, Ps Heyns, F. Pietra
This article provides a broad and extensive literature survey on optimisation of shot peening process that have been developed and applied in the past decades and summarises the knowledge that has been gained and then points out the shortages of the important investigations in optimisation of shot peening...
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Design and implementation of new family fire prevention and alarm

Yongzhi Xie, Chengzhi Huang
this paper designs a fire prevention and burglar alarm based on sensors and single chip microcomputer as the core components. First of all, a host computer and a slave computer are designed and made. The intelligent wireless alarm system is composed of a signal acquisition unit, a signal transmission...
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Adsorption characteristics of gallic acid on fresh calcium phosphate in sucrose solution

Yu-Hong Tian, Xiang-Li Xu, Shang-Guang Wu, Qi-Qiu Wei, Hao Cheng
The adsorption characteristics of gallic acid on fresh calcium phosphate in sucrose solution were discussed. Three kinetic models, including pseudo-first-order model, pseudo-second-order model and intraparticle diffusion model, were selected to follow the adsorption processes. The results which adsorption...
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A Novel Soft Sensing Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition

Qiang Wang
In this paper, a new soft sensing method based on wavelet packet decomposition and SVM was put forward. As is known the characteristic of pressure drop is nonlinear and non-stationary. Based on the characteristics that the wavelet packet transform can decompose signals to different frequency bands according...
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Design of Business Support Platform for Port Smart Power Utilization Facing to Alternative Maritime Power Supply Operation

Kun Huang, Xiaoshu Huang, Jian Huang, Yingyuan Zhang, Bin Yang, Wenjun Ruan, Jingxia Cui, Rutong Zhang
In this paper, the development status, application scenarios and development demands of alternative maritime power (AMP) in ports at home and abroad are studied and the outstanding significance of establishing the business support system for smart power utilization in port facing to AMP operation is...
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Research Progress of Trace Elements in Gardenia Fructus

Hai-Yan Gong, Li-Ya Ma, Lin-Lin Da, Zhi-Hong Chen, Xiao Luo
Gardenia Fructus was one of the first batch of edible-medicinal Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Besides chemical composition,its trace elements have been studied extensively.In this paper, the related reports of trace elements in Gardenia Fructus were summarized, which can provide theoretical support...
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Study on Prestressed Fabricated Connections

Qi Hu
Compared with the traditional frame structure, the prestressed prefabricated frame structure has many advantages, of which the mechanical performance of the beam column connection is very important. In this paper, the present research on prestressed fabricated connections at home and abroad is expounded....
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The growth and properties of self-assembled GaN nanorods, nanoparticles and nanotubes on Si substrates by annealing GaN/ZnO films

Yuping Cao, Tao Hu
GaN nanostructured films have been successfully grown through radio frequency magnetron sputtering system via annealing GaN/ZnO films in ammonia ambient at 950 . The volatilization of ZnO buffer layer plays an important role in the formation process of GaN nanostructures. X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission...
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Impact of pad material on stability of tool influnce function in CCOS

Bo Zhong, Xianhua Chen, Jie Li
The stability of tool influnce function (TIF) is the key to achieve deterministic removal in the computer controlled optical surfacing (CCOS). In this paper, the comparative experiment was conducted to investigate the impact of two common pad materials (i.e., cloth, pitch) on the TIF. In addition, by...
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Improvement of Acoustic-Vibration Performance of E. urophylla by High-Temperature Heat Treatment

Ling Jing Zhu, Tao Jiang, Guofu Wu
The acoustic-vibration parameters of E. urophylla, including specific Young's modulus (E/ ), coefficient of sound-radiation resistance (R), and sound resistance ( ), before and after heat treatment were measured and characterized. Conditions for the heat treatment included N2 as the protection gas and...
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Research on the chemical reaction in CF4 plasma during fused silica processing

Huiliang Jin, Nan Zheng, Wenhui Deng, Xianhua Chen
The chemical reaction involved in the processing of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet (APPJ) produced from CF4 precursor has been explored. The gas-phase reaction in CF4 plasma and chemical reaction on SiO2 surface, which are the two crucial stages in plasma processing were investigated. The roles of gas-phase...
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Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of H-Type Leg Hydraulic System of Truck mounted Concrete Pump

Huiyong Liu, Qing Zhao
The leg hydraulic system of truck mounted concrete pump plays an important role in pumping process, and it is necessary to analysis the dynamic characteristics of leg hydraulic system of truck mounted concrete pump. According to the working principle of H-type leg hydraulic system of truck mounted concrete...
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Experimental research on high-temperature properties of concrete coarse aggregate

Li Wang, Libin Fu, Chenliang Li
Theratio of the thickness of the aggregate accounted for roughly70%,andit's performance is good or bad has a direct impact on the strength of concrete, In this paper, the heating device with coarse aggregate of concrete by varying degrees of high temperature treatment, study the change of its physical...
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REST based integrated efficient drawing method for reservoir geological profile

Menghui Yao, Junqi Liu, Ruixue Feng, Genshen Chen, Jianxiong Zhao
Reservoir geological profile is an important basic map for zone evaluation and target demonstration. Now oil field departments often use Resform and Coreldraw to draw geological profile, and it's a complicated process with multiple steps. In this paper, based on QuantyView, data integration is made rapidly...
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Research and Implementation of Text Digital Watermarking Based on File Filter Driver

Yunhan Wang, Zining Yan, Liang Kou
This paper elaborates on adoping both the file filter driver technology and digital watermarking to protect the file and solve the problem of data leakage. Used to develop a filtering driver at the nernel level to encrypt the files, Minifilter technology can offset the lack of robustness of font color...
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image retrieval with sliding correlation in compressed domain

Xiaorong Zhao, Dan Liu, Jianfeng Wang, Nana Xie
In this paper, we propose a image retrieval algorithm in JPEG compressed domain. We show that, with the same content based image retrieval algorithm, adding rotational correlation to the existing operational process can improve the performance of content based image retrieval significantly, In comparison...
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Design of Radar Countermeasure Reconnaissance and Interference System

Ming Li
The radar reconciliation and interference system is constructed, which is based on the function, composition, main technical indexes and implementation methods. The radar reconnaissance and jamming system is analyzed. The radar provides a theoretical basis for the prediction of the use and effect of...
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Design of Radar Countermeasure and Anti-Countermeasure Simulation Training System

Ming Li
Based on the analysis of the functional requirements of radar confrontation and anti-anti-simulation training system, a simulation training system based on distributed local area network is designed. Practice has proved that the design is complete, mature technology, stable operation, can independently...
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Surface plasmon LED with graphene-GaN grating structure

Huibo Wang, Zhibin Wang
In order to increase light extraction efficiency of GaN-based light emitting diodes (LED), surface plasmon (SP) LED, with a graphene grating structure is proposed and modelled. In this structure, the traditional silver film is replaced by a grapheme layer to produce SP. The surface plasmon enhancement...
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Research on transfer route guidance strategy for passenger in urban rail transit

Jianxun Zhang, Baoming Han
In order to boost the efficiency of urban rail transit operation, it is necessary to study on urban rail transit route congestion, define interval passenger congestion index, and meet the needs of network load balancing. There a series of procedure for propose a solution, including an analysis of passenger...
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The design of vehicle tracking based on LDC1612

Jian Huang
The new digital inductance sensor LDC1612 is a dual channel induction sensor. It can detect metal objects by using an inductance coil. It can detect the rotation angle and distance of metal objects. Especially suitable for automatic vehicle tracking, track by thin wire structure. In tracking, the two...
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The design of vehicle tracking based on LDC1614

Jian Huang
The design of an intelligent tracking car, can form thin wire along the runway running. The detection of metal adopts four channel new digital inductance sensor, each channel is connected with a self made inductance coil. In order to effectively detect the wire runway, the diameter of the self-made coil...
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Review about Software Defined Networking

Wei-Jie Han, Jing-Feng Xue
Software defined networking (SDN) has pushed the rapid progress of the network by decoupling the control plane from the data plane thus enabling the dynamism and flexibility of the network compared with the traditional static network architecture. This paper summarizes the theories and the techniques...
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Study on Development Model of China's Online Rental Business

Shuxia Dong, Yadan Luo, Xiaoxuan Zhang
Guided by the Sharing economic mode, so many companies, at home and abroad, have already developed rapidly, such as Didi, Tujia, Airbnb, Uber and so on. Online rental industry is the outstanding representative of the Sharing economic development model.This paper aims to analysis both the development...
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A novel coding scheme of nuclear receptor subfamilies prediction

Chun-Cai Xiao
Nuclear receptors (NRs) are important transcriptional regulators in animals. They regulate different functions, such as lipid, reproduction, carbohydrate metabolism, fibrosis and metabolism. NRs form a category of phylogenetically evolutional proteins and have been separated into diverse subfamilies...
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The Algorithm of Multi-sensor Data Fusion Based on the Modified Reciprocal Fuzzy Neartude

Qiang Qu, Xinhua He, Weichao Zhang
In order to improve the accuracy and reliability of the multi-sensor data fusion, a new modified reciprocal fuzzy neartude based approach to calculate the weights of the fusion model is proposed. Through the research of the fusion model, it is found that the fuzzy neartude is more practical than fuzzy...
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Research on hardware virtual simulation based on Multisim

Yurong Guan, Fen Zhou
Computer hardware course is abstract, Multisim simulation software will be integrated into the computer hardware course teaching, promote the teaching to the development of information technology through the simulation play the role of technology, brings to the teachers and students professional and...
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Optimization strategy of information system for small and medium sized enterprises based on ROI analysis

Fei Zhou
The Small and medium enterprises, which be limited by profitability, management and trade characteristics, are especially sensitive to the cost of information system. In the absence of sufficient financial support and the expected benefits are not clear, optimization of existing information systems,...
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A Hybrid Recommendation Algorithm Based on Social and Collaborative Filtering

Li Guo, Yijun Yang, Rong Huang
Social-based recommendation and collaborative filtering-based recommendation have their own characteristics. Considering that traditional collaborative filtering only makes use of users' behavior data but ignores users' social relationships, a recommendation algorithm combined with social and collaborative...
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A Small Patch Antenna with Ellipse Disc Loaded/cut by Using Differential Evolution

Qing Zhang, Sanyou Zeng
Computer hardware course is abstract, Multisim simulation software will be integrated into the computer hardware course teaching, promote the teaching to the development of information technology through the simulation play the role of technology, brings to the teachers and students professional and...
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Parametric Design and Finite Element Analysis of Involute Helical Gears

Jian Zhang, Xuemei Qi, Feilong Gou, Xudong Long, Ling Zhang
The establishing for involute helical cylindrical gear and involute helical bevel gear were completed based on Pro/E. The simulation for assembly and operation was also accomplished for them.The modal analysis, static analysis and the dynamic contact transient analysis for the involute helical gears...
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Design of Wireless Intelligent Greenhouse Control System Based on Embedded Technology

Jianling Qi, Hang Su, Xiaodong Duan, Shuya Zhao
This paper introduces a kind of intelligent greenhouse measurement and control system based on embedded technology and wireless communication technology. The hardware and software control flow of the system are described. In this paper, the method of measuring and controlling the conventional environmental...
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A numerical method for bending problem of slip clamped shallow spherical shell

Shanqing Li
In this paper, the R-function theory(RFT) is applied to solve the f bending problem of slip clamped shallow spherical shell. Firstly the fundamental solution of the biharmonic operator, the boundary equation and the R-function are used to construct the quasi-Green's function. Then the model governing...
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Determination of the process and parameters of the technology of high-speed railway screw pile technology

Jun Gao
The high iron screw pile construction technique is a new technique, a kind of foundation reinforcement by representative districts to the manufacturability of pile test, the parameters determined by test pile construction, fixed in time according to the problems found during the process of test pile...