Proceedings of the Second Conference on Language, Literature, Education, and Culture (ICOLLITE 2018)

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Study of Kata Kolok (Signs and their meanings)

Dian Rahmani Putri, I.G.M. Sutjaja
This research focuses on Bali sign language namely, kata kolok, a natural sign language in Bengkala village, Buleleng, Bali. Kata Kolok is conventionally created by the local deaf community, specifically on their idea and thought to describe their religious living, customs and culture. The aim of this...
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Living a Shared Soul Mate (Perceiving love and sense of belonging in a polygamous household based on “Antara Ibuku dan Ibuku” by Desni Intan Suri)

Chairina Nasir, Bukhari Daud, Maya Maulina
Polygamy is a sensitive issue for women around the globe; Indonesian women are no exception. The issue of polygamy has influenced the Indonesian literature including fiction. Antara Ibuku dan Ibuku novel by Desni Intan Suri is one of Indonesian fictions stressing on polygamy. This study aims to describe...
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Metaphor Compounding in the Dengka Dialect of the Rote Language Found in the Name of Animals and Plants (A generative morphology approach)

Efron Erwin Yohanis Loe
The purpose of this study is to analyse the metaphor compounding process rule in the Dengka dialect of the Rote language found in the name of animals and plants. There are two problems to be analysed: 1) how the structure of metaphor compounding process in the Dengka dialect of the Rote language found...
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Subjectivity of Women in the Work of Seno Gumira Adjidarma Drupadi (A reconstruction)

Ratih Ika Wijayanti, Suma Riella Rusdiarti
This paper discusses the reconstruction of Drupadi's character as a strategy to present the subjectivity of women in the novel Drupadi by Seno Gumira Adjidarma. Drupadi is the retelling or the renewal of the epic Mahabharata which focuses on Drupadi as the female character in the story. As the representation...
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White Supremacy Symbolization and Representation in The Great Wall and Doctor Strange Movies

Ra’idah Azyyati Fauziyah, Joesana Tjahjani
This article studies two movies, The Great Wall (2016) and Doctor Strange (2016), which indicate that the idea of white supremacy is still perpetuated by Hollywood through white savior complex and whitewashing depictions. The films are studied as texts using cinema studies approach that looks at both...
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Revitalizing the Values of Local Wisdoms Contained in Sumbawanese Folklores as Bilingual Learning Sources for Character Education

Untung Waluyo, Henny Soepriyanti, Sudirman Wilian, Rizki Kurniawan
This study aims to explore, reconstruct and produce bilingual reading texts stemming from the folklores that contain the local wisdoms of the people of Sumbawa District, West Nusa Tenggara. The design used for this study is research and development which is oriented to the production of supplemental...
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Assessing the Contribution of In-service Teacher Professional Training to Teachers’ Readiness to Implement the 2013 Curriculum (An analysis of the developmental progress of English teachers teaching skills in Sumbawa Regency)

Untung Waluyo, Henny Soepriyanti, Sudirman Wilian, Rizki Kurniawan
To complement with the implementation of the 2013 Curriculum, the Government of Indonesia has provided In-service Teacher Professional Training Program (TPETP a.k.a. PLPG) for English teachers in order that they can comply with the demands of the new curriculum. The current research attempts to reveal...
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Construction of Women’s Roles in Patriarchal Culture (Feminist study towards modern Indonesian novels)

Yasnur Asri, Yenni Hayati
Until this time, most women’s roles have been constructed by the community and subsequently socialized through literary works. In a patriarchal society, the roles of women are constructed only according to the patriarchal point of view. This study described how the roles of women were constructed in...
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No More Hoax (Model of media literacy education for maintaining ‘unity in diversity’ in Indonesia)

Titien Diah Soelistyarini, Retno Wulandari Setyaningsih, Nurul Fitri Hapsari
This study was aimed at introducing a model of media literacy education to identify and respond to hoaxes to avoid potential conflicts threatening the unity in diversity in Indonesia. The data were derived from middle and high school teachers at eLKISI Islamic Boarding School who have access to digital...
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Wordplay or Not Wordplay (The Indonesian version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Retno Wulandari Setyaningsih, Ahiko Antaniami
Wordplay is a clever and witty way of using words, exploiting similarity in form and differences in meaning to serve some purposes, for example creating jokes. Lewis Carroll is famous for his wordplays as unique signature of his works, such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This research describes...
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Democracy Crisis in Poetry Anthology “Yang Berguru pada Sajak” based on Fredric Jamesone Perspective

Muh. Zuhdy Hamzah, Fatmawati Fatmawati, Halimi Zuhdy, Abdul Basid
This research aims to elaborate the form of democracy crisis in anthology of poetry “Yang Berguru pada Sajak” based on the theories of Fredric Jamesone and to understand the causes and their consequences toward human. The type of this research is a qualitative descriptive. The primary data sources is...
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The Ideology of Terrorism in Anthology of Short Story “Resepsi Kematian” by Esti Nuryani Kasam based on The Perspective of Sociology of Literature

Abdul Basid, Imroatul Ngarifah, Dien Nur Chotimah, Marifah Munjiah
This study attempts to investigate forms of terrorism ideologies, to elaborate the motive of raising terrorism, and the impact of terrorism in short story anthology “Resepsi Kematian” by Esti Nuryani Kasam. This study employs a descriptive qualitative study method. The main data source used in this study...
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The Relation between Writer’s Social Background and Characterization of Antagonist in Short Story “Sepasang Hati Berseteru” by Fauziyah Kurniawati based on The Sociology of Writer

Muhammad Ilmi Hafizi, Abdul Basid, Abd Muntaqim Al Anshory, Abida Sarah
This study aims to describe the writer’s social background, to explain the antagonist characterization in “Sepasang Hati Berseteru” by Fauziyah Kurniawati, and to understand the relation between writer’s social background and the antagonist character. This study uses descriptive qualitative. The data...
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Analysis of the Meaning of Mantra Ajian Jaran Goyang (Riffaterre semiotic study)

Yanti Sariasih, Agus Yulianto
Indonesia's wealth in the field of literature is abundant in both oral and literary literature. One of them is mantra which synonymous with myth, mysticism, and various magical things. One of the spells that are most familiar to people in Indonesia is the mantra "Ajian Jaran Goyang". This study aims...
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Digital Collaborative Literature: Responding to the millennials way of learning

Winda Candra Hantari
The digital world is rapidly changing the human perspective that certainly impacts the way of life, not to mention on how people learn things. Various responses to the technological revolution that has reached various lines even to domestic affairs are always interesting to discuss. Countless platforms...
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Portrait of Eco-Stylistics in Ifa Avianty and Azzura Dayana’s Novel “Ranu, Saat Hati Menemukan Cintanya”

Ali Imron
This paper focuses on the discussion of the novel entitled Ranu, Saat Hati Menemukan Cintanya by Ifa Avianty and Azzura Dayana to reveal the use and implementation of Eco-Criticism in Islamic Novel of Indonesian Context. Eco-Criticism is quite popular at present though there hasn’t been clear definition...
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Speech Acts Analysis of dr. Peter Senge’s Interview in the Fowler Center’s Roberta Baskin about the Future of Education

Khilda Shopia, Dara Sabila, Siti Drivoka Sulistyaningrum
This research is concerned with speech act produced by dr. Peter Senge as the speaker and Roberta Baskin as the host in a program of talk show. The objective of the study to analyze and describe the types of speech act, to classify the locution, illocutionary, and perlocutionary speech acts, to analyze...
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French for Police Officers at Police Language School Jakarta: A needs analysis

Salman Al Farisi
Regarding the importance of language for specific purposes (LSP), especially in French for specific purposes (FSP), this study aims to analyze the needs of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) in learning French. This study is conducted at the Police Language School Jakarta involving four male police...
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Mimicry and Radical Resistance in Novel Saman

Eka Francisca Fitri Agustin, Suwarna Suwarna
This study attempts to investigate the issue of identity seen from the issue of power relation in Saman, a novel by Ayu Utami. In particular, this study focuses on discussing the phenomenon of identity as an effect of superiority in the social order from postcolonial perspective. Data analysis revealed...
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The Ideology in "Culture, Education, and Intellectual Life?" a Book Chapter by Vltchek: A political discourse analysis

Aliya Izet Begovic Yahya, Ratna Dewanti, Siti Drivoka Sulistyaningrum
Political literacy is one of the global literacy that requires understanding of one's ideology. The purpose of this research is to investigate the ideology represented a book chapter by Vltchek entitled "Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear". Drawing on Fariclough’s 3D approach to CDA, this study found that...
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A Model of a Syllabus Design for Storytelling Based on Local Culture

Istiqamah Istiqamah, Nurmy Nurmy
An analysis on the currently-used syllabus at IAIN Pontianak indicates the absence of local culture. Therefore, this research is to develop a model of syllabus which can solve the problem. This is Research and Development (R & D) with three areas of study: need analysis, syllabus design process, and...
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Sundanese Language Performance of the Elementary School Teacher

Elvi Citraresmana, Wahya Wahya, Fatimah Djajasudarma
Sundanese language as a local language consists of the indigenous knowledge which needs to be taught from elementary school. Many factors influence the success of the teaching of this language, one of which is the Sundanese language competence and performance of the school teachers. This research investigates...
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Implementation of Contextual Teaching and Learning in Academic Writing Material for Foreign Speakers

Didin Widyartono
Many scholarship programs are directly offered in learning Indonesian, for example, the Partnership for Developing Country scholarship program. This program is aimed at students who study in Indonesia. Bahasa learning activities can be done based on Contextual Teaching and Learning. The materials on...
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The Referential Function Types in Teacher Explanation

Rusdhianti Wuryaningrum
This study aims to investigate referential function used by teacher. Can add to our understanding how referential function types are established, maintained, and shaped through explanative speech in primary school. This study uses discourse analysis with a speech act approach. This research found that...
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Latifa, Afghan Women and Unfinished Struggle

Hiqma Nur Agustina
This article examines the literacy ban for Afghan women in the era of Taliban focusing on the portrayal of Latifa as the narrator in My Forbidden Face (MFF) novel. As a writer and main character, Latifa fought for the rights and independence of Afghan women to gain access to education. Going to school...
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Semiotic Analysis of Five Famous Streetwear Trademarks

Jauhar Helmie, Ery Lutfi Syafrudin
Trademark is an identity of any company. Each trademark contains meaning which can be revealed semiotically from its signs. This research were aimed to find out the semiotic signification process on five famous streetwear trademarks consist of Supreme, Gucci, Bape, Off-White, and Champion, to investigate...
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Investigating Speech Act and Politeness in Classroom Interaction

Yogi Setia Samsi
This present study focuses on the way of teachers’ communication in learning and teaching in classroom with their student. This study is grounded on speech act theory by Searle and the principle of mutual consideration by Aziz. The aim of this study is to investigate the types and functions of speech...
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Language Competences as a Contributing Factor in Solving Mathematical Problems

Yus Mochamad Cholily
Mathematics is a compulsory subject for both elementary and high school students. The materials covered in this subject, which are mostly abstract with numbers and verbal symbols, have made it seem very hard to learn. In addition to its abstract characteristic, the lack of understanding on the language...
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Respecting and Saving Face in EFL Classroom Discourse

Siti Humaero
This study was intended to explore the effect of politeness strategies focusing on the effect of face-saving act in students’ learning motivation in EFL classroom. Thus, this study attempted to investigate: (1) Whether polite strategies of saving and respecting face influence students’ motivation in...
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Characters Selection in Transliteration of Chinese Indonesian Names

Lu Xuanyi
The translation of names, especially the translation of celebrities’ names, plays an important role both in Chinese language and culture. Therefore, when we translate other languages to Chinese, people’s names need to be translated, linguistically using transliteration. In the process of translating...
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Error and Communication Strategies Employed by Souvenirs’ Sellers at Sukarara Village

Akhmad Heri Tasliman, Nuriadi Nuriadi, Amrullah Amrullah
A speaker needs strategy in communication especially when they are making error in order to make the interlocutor understand and receive the message clearly. This study aims to discover (1) The error made by souvenir’s sellers in communicating with foreign visitors at Sukarara village, (2) factor caused...
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Content Based Instruction and its Effect in Teaching Speaking

Saroh Fitriani
The paper reports the effect of using Content Based Instruction in teaching speaking especially English for Communication majoring in hotel at first semester of the student at one of the higher education institutions. The sample of this study was 25 students of experiment group and 25 students of control...
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Improving Students’ Vocabulary through Word Mapping Technique

Lukmanul Hakim
This article aimed to improve the students’ vocabulary mastery through word mapping technique at the Third Grade Students of Mataram Junior High School 7. This study used a Classroom Action Research (CAR) method, conducted in two cycles by following the procedure of action research, i.e. planning, implementing,...
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Second Language Acquisition: Experiential introduction to the six-phase program utilizing the growing participator approach

Andrew Brumleve, London Brumleve
This paper describes the Six-Phase Program for second language learning. This methodology is based on Thomson’s Growing Participator Approach (GPA). The GPA is a set of principles for learning a language. The primary assumption of the GPA is that language and culture cannot be separated. Therefore, when...
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Metaphorical Expressions In Sasak Wedding Festivities: A study of Ganti community

Abdul Hanan, Mahyuni Mahyuni
This paper was aimed at investigating how the metaphorical expression used in the wedding festivities in Ganti community. This paper also focuses on how the people of Ganti community get to understand the meaning of the metaphorical expressions used in the wedding festivities of the same language and...
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Children and Nature in a Picture Book “Our Big Home”: An earth poem–ecocriticism

Andi Febriana Tamrin
All the living creatures and nature cannot be separated, especially humans as one of the living creatures. Humans depend on the environment as the source of their lives. The purposes of this research are: (i) to reveal the medium of what binds the children and nature, (ii) to portray the bonds between...
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Politeness Strategies in WhatsApp Text Messaging Between Sundanese Students and Lecturers

Farida Farida, Dian Yuliana
This study aims to reveal politeness strategies used by Sundanese students when sending text messages to their lecturers via WhatsApp chat application. For the data, this qualitative study used 57 text messages from six students majoring in Sundanese language at a university in Bandung. Drawing on Brown...
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Development of Multimedia-based Nahwu Evaluation Instruments Using Wondershare Quiz Creator

Maman Abdurrahman, Masor Masor
The purpose of this study is to assess the use of a set of tests in Nahwu using Wondershare quiz creator based on a question bank on Nahwu used in a state university in Bandung. Employing R & D, this study involved 24 sixth semester students of Arabic Department of a university in Bandung. Drawing on...
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Teaching Independent Reading in Supporting Balanced Literacy Learning for Young Learners

Ni Kadek Heny Sayukti, Wachyu Sundayana, Gin Gin Gustine
This exploratory case study describes an elaboration of teaching independent reading practice in the actual classroom. The participant of this study was an English teacher of a private elementary school in North Bali, Indonesia. The data were obtained through classroom observations and interviews. Then,...
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Presentation-discussion Technique to Improve Vocational School Students’ Japanese Speaking Skill

Nurqori Fitriani, Herniwati Herniwati, Setiawan Setiawan
The study aims to investigate the use of presentation-discussion technique to improve the speaking skills of beginning students of Japanese language class. Discussion is a two-way communication between two persons or more to exchange ideas, speaking one’s mind to solve problems and making decisions....
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Elementary Education Literacy in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Rahman Rahman, Asri Wibawa Sakti, Rani Nurcita Widya, Rasi Yugafiati
Industrial revolution 4.0 is currently a prevalent term. The revolution is initiated by the advancement of technology in many aspects of life. Education is a medium to facilitate the advancement of skills and build strong mental. Suwardana believes that education is the easiest way to shape humans’ appropriate...
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Nagrak Slang Language in the District of Sukabumi: Sundanese folklore study

Retty Isnendes
The purpose of this study is to describe the history and development, as well as the form of Sundanese slang in the South Nagrak Village, Sukabumi Regency. The data were slang utterances obtained through observation and interviews of four participants. Drawing on Danandjaja’s folklore theory, it was...
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Extensive Writing Activity through Journaling: Students’ voices

Rojab Siti Rodliyah
Journal writing has long been used for various purposes in educational settings due to the many benefits it offers. Despite the numerous studies on the advantages of journal writing, little is documented about how this activity is viewed from students’ perspective. This study, therefore, explored how...
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Student Writers’ Categories of Construals and Sense of the English Preposition on: A cognitive linguistics study

Ruswan Dallyono
This study aims to investigate the categories of construal’s and senses of the English preposition ‘on’ used by Indonesian and American student writers in their master’s and doctoral theses and to examine the similarities and differences in their construal’s and senses of the preposition. This study...
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The Portrait of Reading Habit among Junior High School Students

Ninda Chairanissa, Yanty Wirza
This study was aimed to investigate reading habit among junior high school students using a case study design involving ten students at one of junior high school in West Bandung Regency as participants. The data collections were obtained from classroom observation, questionnaire, interview, and document...
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The Rhyming Characteristics of the Qur’an and Their Phonological and Semantic Relevance

Yayan Nurbayan
This research was motivated by the existence of the phenomenon of rhyming sounds called saja’ in the Qur'an. This interesting phenomenon was examined to explore the beauty of the Qur'anic language style. This study aims to reveal the types of rhyming (saja’) phonological characteristics, meanings, and...
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Higher Order Thinking Skills in Storytelling for Teaching English to Junior High School Students: A shortcut to fulfill learning objectives of 21st century

Sri Setyarini
This research paper aims to investigate: (1) how Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) in storytelling is taught to junior high school students; (2) how students respond to the learning model (3) what challenges faced by the English teachers and strategies to anticipate. An Ethnographic study with three...
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Directive Speech Acts on Discussion Based on Gender Perspective

Tri Pujiati, Wawan Gunawan
This research was conducted as an effort to describe the politeness of directive speech acts used by students from interdisciplinary backgrounds. This research method is a qualitative descriptive study involving a sociopragmatic approach. Data were obtained from the field by taking research subjects...
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Analysis of Form and Theme of Hate Speech Against President Joko Widodo on Social Media: A forensic linguistic study

Andika Dutha Bachari
This research analyzes hate speech against President Joko Widodo on social media. The analysis is aimed at revealing the forms and themes of hate speech addressed to President Joko Widodo by means of a forensic linguistic approach. The present study collected data consisting of various speeches categorized...
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Research-based Lectures to Improve Students' 4C (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) Skills

Maulia Kembara, Rama Wijaya Rozak, Vini Agustiani Hadian
Research is an appropriate means to bridge students' academic abilities with problems that occur in society. Students will learn to actualize all the abilities that he has while taking higher education. In addition, research can be used to improve students' 4C capabilities (communication, collaboration,...
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Textbook Analysis of English Electronic School Book for Grade X in Indonesian Context

Annisa Damayanti
The previous studies show that English electronic school book (BSE) was regarded as a well written book, but many teachers were reluctant to use it. This issue drove the researcher to do a study aimed at evaluating BSE based on the researcher’s analysis and teachers’ analysis to find its weakness for...
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“Sheep” Concept in the Life View of Sundanese (Anthropolinguistic study in Garut and Bandung Regency)

Rinda Sania Ajijah, Nuny Sulistiany Idris, Mahmud Fasya
Life views related to mastery of the concept of domba (sheep) ‘sheep’ can be found in Sundanese, namely in Garut and Bandung Regency. Linguistically, the mastery of the concept of domba (sheep) is recorded in a number of lexicons about domba (sheep) that are used in everyday life, which consist of (1)...
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Indonesian ELT Teachers’ Beliefs toward Language Learner Autonomy

Melvina Melvina, Didi Suherdi
This present study aims at investigating Indonesian EFL teachers’ beliefs about learner autonomy. A questionnaire about 36 English teachers' perception towards learner autonomy was used to collect data. The data were analyzed using descriptive analysis by utilizing the SPSS. The study reveals that the...
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Learning Strategies of Literacy Dimensions through the Didactics of HB. Jassin’s Short Stories

Halimah Halimah, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Yeti Mulyati
This research intends to portray a variety of literacy dimension learning strategies through the analysis of didactics of HB. Jassin’s short stories. The stories pointed out their specific didactics. As one of the literary learning materials, the didactics of the stories infer high relevance towards...
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Traveling Guidebook Development as Japanese Language Teaching Materials

Herniwati Herniwati, Melia Dewi Judiasri, Noviyanti Aneros
This research aims to develop a Japan travel guidebook for Indonesian tourists which also can be used as a teaching material. The primary goal of this study is to provide a guidebook which is user friendly as a complete guide including information about transportation, tourist attractions, and halal...
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The Form of Culture in Oral Tradition of Traditional Ceremony in the Minangkabau Tribe

Sonny Affandi, E. Kosasih
The local wisdom is born either in cultural traditions or oral traditions and mainly the local wisdom cannot be separated from the form of the culture, including: ideas, activities and artifacts. Based on this background, this study aims to describe the form of culture contained in the oral tradition...
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The Concept of Mother in Songs: A comparative study

Ruhaliah Ruhaliah, Iskandarwassid Iskandarwassid
The study of the lyrics of this song is motivated by the many songs with the theme of mothers, in various languages. However, it appears that no research has been conducted on the phenomenon. This research was conducted with the aim of describing the speech style of the songs, describing their contents,...
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The Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Methods: A case study of writing learning at Junior High School

Hartati Ratna Juita, Sigit Widiyarto
Learning methods have an important role in the learning process of teaching. But there are still teachers who do not optimize the use of learning methods, so the classroom atmosphere is monotonous and boring, and learning to write procedure texts is still considered difficult by students. The purpose...
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Mind Mapping Method Based on Information Scheme: Alternative for students with reading comprehension difficulties

Rizki Akbar Mustopa, Vismaia Sabariah Damayanti
This research offers an alternative reading comprehension learning model to overcome students' difficulties in understanding the text content by implementing mind mapping method based on information scheme. This research uses an experiment single subject method with reversal design (A-B-A-B) which provides...
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Kuda Kosong Artifact of the Cikundul Text Fragment: Building identity of a City

Yeni Suryani, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Vismaia Sabariah Damayanti
The manuscript of Cikundul tells about natural beauty. It is mentioned all matters concerning the Blank Horse (kuda kosong). In one case, this phenomenon of the development in urban planning is no longer in the layout, as it was implied by the script but in the ornament, so that the city has an identity....
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The Implementation of Critical Pedagogy: Building a dialogue in the classroom

Nurita Bayu Kusmayati, Yeti Mulyati, Vismaia Sabariah Damaianti, Andoyo Sastromihardjo
Dialogue is the basis of critical education as a way to involve university students in order to be active in class, in which students can find a critical position by using critical thinking. Critical thinking is shown by seeing relationship between humans and the world, the thinking which views reality...
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Video Sharing in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Context: Fostering Junior High School students’ productive skills

Vina Nuzulul Fitria, Susilawati Susilawati
The growth of technology has been influential to the teaching material development since it is accessible in various formats. However, there remains teaching materials that are traditionally delivered even though teachers can use technology during the process of the teaching. This study was to investigate...
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Sundanese Language Vocabulary in Narrative Essay of Elementary School Students

Leli Salimatul Hapsah, Taopik Rahman
The principle of language teaching is to enable students to use the language competently. The quantity and quality of language skills can be measured from the quantity and quality of vocabulary mastered. The lack of research on the vocabulary of elementary school students is the basis of this research....
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Didactic Literature in Indonesian Folklore

Lina Sundana, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Razali Razali
This study describes the didactic literature, namely literature that educates in imaginative or fictitious forms including moral, religion, philosophy or certain themes. This study aims to analyze the contents/expressions of discipline in literary works. This study employe a descriptive qualitative method...
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Developing a Teaching Model for Critical Literacy Infusion into Conventional Reading Class: Framing SQ3R within the four resources framework

Endang Setyaningsih, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Bachrudin Musthafa
This paper forwards a prototype of critical literacy (CL) model and its implementation in a Reading class. The model is developed by infusing a teaching approach to critical literacy namely the Four Resources (FRF) into a prominent reading strategy i.e. Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review (SQ3R)....
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Development and Implementation of Mobile Assisted Language Learning Media to Enhance Japanese Grammar

Herniwati Herniwati, Sri Fatmariana
This study aims to develop exercise media on learning verb ~ te in Japanese conjugation using android application. The method used was the R & D model of Lee and Owens (2004) in the form of a cycle consisting of five stages: 1) analysis, 2) design, 3) development, 4) implementation, 5) evaluation. Developed...
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Comparison of Indonesian and Korean Swear Words Reference: A case study of humorous discourses of webtoon and meme

Zakiah Nur Fatimah Az’Zahrah, Nunung Sitaresmi, Lilis Siti Sulistyaningsih
Swear words can be referred as a means of expressing feelings. Therefore, the use of swear words is a linguistic phenomenon existing in Indonesian and Korean. Cultural and linguistic background of speakers, however, creates distinctive features of the words. Through the respective features, social characteristics...
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The Representation of Ideology in News "Religious Issues" at and

Yunita Ayuningsih, Dadang Anshori, Jatmika Nurhadi
This research was motivated by the reporting of religious issues involving Viktor Laiskodat. The news of the pros and cons of the speech delivered by Viktor about the caliphate state, was feared to trigger a bigger conflict because it was related to the very principle, namely religious issues. The method...
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Rice Cultivation Spells and Their Relevance to Literary Learning: A riffaterre semiotic analysis

Aan Hasanah, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Vismaia Sabariah Damaianti, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi
Rice cultivation spells are spoken by community or traditional leaders, and can also be read by farmers when sowing seeds in the rice field. In sowing seeds, the spells are spoken as a repellent of disasters, and as an educational tool. The presence of spells in the implementation of education is an...
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Metaphors of Men in Arok Dedes Novel by Pramoedya Ananta Toer: A cognitive semantic study

Raden Ayunidhanti Salsabila Wahyudi, Nuny Sulistiany Idris, Undang Sudana
The study aims to examines the equality of men and women and the differences in perceptions of men’s metaphor that contained in the Arok Dedes novel. A total of 132 data were used to describe the lingual form of the men’s metaphor, the metaphorical meaning of men’s metaphor and the image schema of men’s...
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Japanese Literacy Acquisition by Alphabetic-Based Background Indonesian Learners

Linna Meilia Rasiban, Neneng Sutjiati, Ahmad Dahidi
This research aims to determine that the contribution of phonological and visual processes to literacy acquisition in two different scripts is important when studying kanji especially reading Japanese kanji characters. However, visual games are less well understood. For logographic scripts where symbols...
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Grab your Translation Orders, Manage the Deadlines: An Indonesian translators’ perspective

Sri Harto, Sri Handayani
This research seeks to investigate an Indonesian translators’ perspective in grabbing translation orders and managing the translation deadlines agreed by both translators and clients. Seven competent and experienced translators were purposively selected to participate in this descriptive qualitative...
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Enhancing Exposition Texts Writing Skill Using YouTube Media for Indonesian Learners in Russia

Mochamad Whilky Rizkyanfi, Felicia Nuradi Utorodewo, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Vismaia Sabariah Damaianti
This research aims to develop writing skills using YouTube media. YouTube is one of the right sources in finding data and information related to writing, especially writing exposition essays. The subject of this study is a third-year student majoring in Indonesian at the Moscow State University, Russia...
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Andai-Andai Folklore: A media for internalization character values and educating children

Isah Cahyani, Febi Junaidi
The aim of this studies is to investigate character education values in andai-andai folklore and how the folklore could be used as a media to educate children in Bengkulu. The study used a qualitative method. The data were collected by observation, documentation, and interview. The data were analysed...
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The Quality and Values of Character Education in Sundanese Language Text Book of the 2013 Elementary School Curriculum

Dingding Haerudin, Agus Suherman, Haris Santosa Nugraha
The purpose of this study was to evaluate Sundanese textbooks used for learning Sundanese language at elementary school. The problems of this study are: 1) the quality of Sundanese textbooks; 2) values of character education contained in Sundanese textbook; 3) Sundanese textbooks relevance with the 2013...
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Culture and Citizenship Literacy in Sundanese Children's Literature

Agus Suherman, Haris Santosa Nugraha
Culture and citizenship literacy is one of the basic literacy recommended by the World Economic Forum (2015) to be comprehended by all citizens of the world. It is intended for each individual to possess both life skills and sense of responsibility to contribute in developing the world community. Moreover,...
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Advantages and Constraints in the Implementation of Computer-based Summative English Tests (CBEST) in Indonesian Vocational High Schools

Isry Laila Syathroh, Bachrudin Musthafa, Pupung Purnawarman
This past ten years, some educational institutions in Indonesia have started to conduct language assessment through computers. In 2017, this computer-based test has been implemented in 9,829 vocational schools in Indonesia. While in 2015 and 2016 there were only 379 and 2,100 vocational schools have...
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Developing Students Level of Autonomy through Extensive Reading Activity in EFL Context

Sulistia Ningsih
Learner autonomy places important role in language learning because it promotes independent role to increase the learning progress as well as learning achievement. Reading on the other hand becomes one of the important sectors of language capability; thus, the purpose of this study was to analyze the...
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Semantic and Pragmatic Meaning in Indonesian Child Utterances

Leny Saili Rahmah, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah
This research aims to classify and analyze semantic and pragmatic meaning in Indonesian child utterances, as a phase of child language acquisition. The data in this study collected by recording a child’s utterances for 15 months, when the child is 12 - 27 months old. Collected data then classified into...
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Code Mixing in E-commerce on Instagram

Tri Indri Hardini, Temmy Widyastuti, Yatun Romdonah Awaliah
The practice of code mixing in Instagram online shop advertisements is common in Indonesia, however, not much research has been conducted with regards to the government’s regulation on the use of language on social media. This study aims to investigate the use of code mixing in e-commerce on Instagram....
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The Life Potrait of Urban Society within O, the Novel by Eka Kurniawan

Yulianeta Yulianeta, Meistika Intan Utami
Jakarta never fails to attract people attention as a representative of developed cities. Nevertheless, O the novel showed the contrast. It portrayed social polemic characters’ behavior to face or experience them. The present research aimed at describing the result of contemplation of the urban society...
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Japanese Adverbs Zenzen and Mattaku: Pragmatic and sociolinguistic analysis

Nuria Haristiani, Anggia Septiani Putri
Zenzen and Mattaku are Japanese adverbs that are synonyms and used as complete negation expressions meaning “not at all”. However, recently many younger people also use these adverbs to express positive response. This change is important to be studied further to prevent misuse in communication, especially...
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Parent-child Communication Strategies in Preserving Sundanese Language

Welsi Damayanti, Vidi Sukmayadi, Agung Hermanto
Sundanese as a first language has gradually experience decline in their users’ proficiency, particularly for Sundanese living in the second language environment. This process is generally caused by both isolations from speakers of the first language and the acquisition and use of a second language. This...
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Ecopedagogical Values in Traditional Idiomatic Expressions

Yayat Sudaryat, Ruswendi Permana, Jatmika Nurhadi
The facts show that Indonesian culture keeps a lot of local wisdom values. One of the cultural forms of the culture owned by local Sundanese people is the traditional expression. In Sundanese language, traditional expression implied ecopedagogical values. This research will comprehensively expose the...
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Promoting Peace Values in Sundanese Idioms: An effort for conflict resolution

Dede Kosasih
This research emanates from the concern for the social problems in Indonesia whereby horizontal conflicts pervade today. Inquiry of the local wisdom that encapsulates peace-based values on the basis of ethnopedagogy is expected to be a feasible solution. This study explores the local wisdom contained...
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The Values of Local Culture Wisdom of Walangsungsang (Pangeran Cakrabuana): A philological study

Dedi Koswara, Ruswendi Permana, Pandu Hyangsewu
The purpose of this study is (1) to describe and transliterate Walangsungsang wawacan script from Arabic-Pegon into Latin letters, (2) to describe the formal structure and narrative structure of Walangsungsang Wawacan, and (3) to describe the ethno-pedagogical values contained in Walangsungsang wawacan...
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The Patterns of Arabic Morphological Polysemy and Their Equivalence in Indonesian Language

Wagino Hamid Hamdani
This study aims to reveal the patterns of Arabic morphological polysemy in the Qur’an, morphological forms, and their equivalence in Indonesian language. The focus of research is limited to 10 patterns of morphological polysemy, namely: (فَعِيل), (فِعَال), (فِعْلان, (فَعْلان – فُعْلان (فُعُ(فَعَلَة),...
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Sundanese Culture-based Ecoliteracy

Hernawan Hernawan, Ruhaliah Ruhaliah, Agus Suherman, Haris Santosa Nugraha
An understanding of ecology or the environment has been implanted since centuries ago in the traditions of the Sundanese community, among others, traditional expressions that were recorded in the tradition of ancient text writing. This finding show that Sundanese ancestors have a high concern with environmental...
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Interlanguage Grammar in English: Produced by Indonesian students learning French

Dudung Gumilar, Dadang Sudana, Aceng Ruhendi Syaifullah
The society around the world is becoming more and more multilingual. This paper reports research on the interlanguage grammar (ILG) in English finite clauses produced by multilingual students who speak Indonesian (L1), French (L3), and English (L2). The paper will describe the variations and the causes...