Proceedings of the ICON ARCCADE 2021: The 2nd International Conference on Art, Craft, Culture and Design (ICON-ARCCADE 2021)

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Study of the Function, Meaning, and Shape of Indonesian Batik From Time To Time

Jati Widagdo, Adzrool Idzwan Ismail, Asmidah binti Alwi
Batik is an Indonesian heritage which is recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. As a cultural product that must be read to reveal the deconstruction of functions conceived in accordance with the space and time of the subject, as a logic of deconstruction in understanding the reality...
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Recreation And Commodification Of The Palang Pintu Tradition In The Betawi Cultural Heritage Of Rawa Belong

Analysis Of Sanggar Gaya Bang Bens

Diaz Ramadhansyah, Nuning Yanti Damayanti
Jakarta as the center of government and economy of Indonesia is a multicultural city, which was formed by the combination of various ethnic groups who inhabited the Jakarta area. Hence, Betawi ethnicity which is known as the original inhabitants of the city of Jakarta, is actually an ethnic group formed...
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Attributes Function Study on Baliem/ Hubula Tribe Wars Costumes

Anggira Paramita Putri, Nuning Yanti Damayanti
Art is one of the human culture products and elements that indicates a nation character and personality. Indonesia has various cultures since consisting of many tribes and ethnicities. Papua’s tradition and culture in Indonesia is not widely known, especially the mountainous area of Central Papua. The...
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The Batik Kompeni Ornament Variety As An Acculturation Result In The Development Of Batik Decorative Motifs In Cirebon Coastal

Nuning Yanti Damayanti, Ariesa Pandanwangi, Belinda Sukapura Dewi, Arleti Mochtar Apin
Batik Kompeni is one of batik style with a typical Cirebon ornaments variety, including the popular coastal batik area. It is estimated that the Batik Kompeni emerged in the 1800-1900s period during the Dutch Colonialism in Cirebon. The ornamental variety of the Batik Kompeni shows the results from the...
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A Preliminary Conservation Study for Art and Culture in Indonesia

Case Study of Margasatwa dan Puspita Indonesia Panel Painting at Hotel Indonesia Jakarta

Dikdik Sayahdikumullah, Rizky A. Zaelani, Zusfa Roihan, Michaela Anselmini
Research on the commission work, especially from Lee Man Fong as one of the court painters in the Soekarno era, usually has little discourse and discussion in the context of the history of modern Indonesian art. Historically he made a giant panel painting of Margasatwa dan Puspita Indonesia (Flora and...
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From Domestic to Public: Representation of Working Women in Damar Kurung Painting

Aniendya Christianna, Acep Iwan Saidi, Riama Maslan Sihombing
Among the handicrafts of leather, brass, and plait in Gresik, there is the traditional Damar Kurung handicraft which is currently extinct. Damar Kurung is a traditional handicraft shaped like a rectangular lantern, decorated with paintings on the socio-cultural conditions of Gresik on each side. The...
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Kartono Yudhokusumo’s Landscapes and his influence in Modern Indonesian Art

Cristina Rodriguez Sosa, Yustiono, Ira Adriati
Kartono Yudhokusumo is a Modern artist recognized as one of the first decorative artists in Indonesia. This research aims to study Kartono’s influences in his style and how he influenced Indonesian Modern Art. Also what motivated Kartono to represent natural landscapes as his main theme. The methodology...
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The Analysis Of Bahasa Rupa And Digital Storytelling In Raya And The Last Dragon Movie

Citra Kemala Putri
Each ethnic has its own word-language, the interesting part of word-language is how the same object is called by different names in different languages and in different places. Each image also has its esthetic aspect which is the symbolic aspect, and each ethnic has its own way to draw the same object....
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Development of Natural Dyeing Color Decorations on Traditional Nias Pandanus Weaving as a Souvenir Product

Kezia Clarissa Langi, Dian Widiawati, Setiawan Sabana
One of the cultural treasures in Nias is the tradition of weaving made from pandan thorn leaves (Pandanus tectorius) called sinasa leaves or swamp grass (Eleocharis dulcis) called keleömö. Various weaving patterns with very distinctive structures can be found in this area comparing to those of other...
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Archives Development of Cultural Objects based on 3D Documentation Method for Digital Museum

(Case Study: Pottery and Ceramic Center in Plered, Purwakarta)

Inne Chaysalina, Achmad Syarief, Meirina Triharini
Cultural objects are essential resources to manage because they show the identity of society. Therefore this is one of the crucial aspects that are the target of researchers. As tangible objects, cultural objects cannot separate from the potential for damage or even loss. So far, it has been archived...
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Physical Elements Transformation on Social Houses at Kinikdog Hamlet Mentawai Islands Regency

Eljihadi Alfin, Gregorius Prasetyo Adhitama
In 2008, the people of Matotonan village received assistance in the form of two hundred social housing units from the government. Social house is a term used to describe housing assistance provided by the government based on the Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia number...
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Preservation of Traditional Ikat Ulos by Motif Design Development and Natural Dye Utilization in Muara District, North Tapanuli

Asyifa Rachmadina Jiniputri, Ratna Panggabean, Dian Widiawati
Ulos Traditional Fabric is one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Indonesia originating from North Sumatra. Muara is one of the sub-districts, precisely in North Tapanuli district, where most of the population are Ulos weavers. One of the typical Ulos that is only made in the Muara area is Ulos Ikat...
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Ornament Exploration Based on the Beliefs of Sangihe

Alifia Putri Anindita, Sabrina Ilma Sakina
Sangihe is located at the tip of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, that borders Philippines maritime territory. Sangihe is rich with traditional culture and in the past, had its own local belief in guardian spirits. The Sundeng religion, or to be exact the Sundeng community, worshipped the spirit of nature....
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Innovation Design on Batik Kembang Turi, Blitar

Jeng Oetari, Morinta Rosandini
In supporting the Blitar City government’s program through Community Empowerment Towards a Tourism City, the local government inaugurated the Kembang Turi Batik Village on October 2, 2018. The goal is to preserve the Blitar batik tradition and improve the community’s economy. However, their batik designs...
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Biodegradable PPE Made of Pineapple Fiber Paper

Stephanie Graciela Wiryadinata, Innamia Indriani, Sabrina Ilma Sakina
The 2020 pandemic has driven the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and therefore, increased the amount of waste. Paper-like surgical masks are made from polypropylene, which is a non-biodegradable material. An alternative material for medical grade PPE that is equal to polypropylene is crucial...
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Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Pineapple Leaf Fibres

An alternative to non-biodegradable PPE base materials

Putri Rizky Salsabila, Altair Boonraksa, Innamia Indriani, Sabrina Ilma Sakina, Benno Rahardyan
As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in Indonesia, there had been a steep increase in the need for personal protective equipment (PPE). This phenomenon left a directly proportional yield in solid waste production by 30-50%, generating a total of 1,662.75 tons as of October 2020. However, the capacity of...
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Bamboo Furniture Design Development with Used Newspaper as an environmentally friendly product in Sleman Regency

Kristian Oentoro, Wiyatiningsih Wiyatiningsih
The combination of bamboo material and used newspaper is an idea to increase innovation and product creation for Small Medium Enterprises in the Sleman Regency. Bamboo as a natural and local material is widely used by Indonesians for various needs, especially for traditional crafts and furniture. Bamboo...
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Development of Textile Made From Clothing Fasteners Material Using Weaving Technique

(Case Study: Cigondewah Kaler Textile Center, Bandung, Indonesia)

Annisaa Nurfitriyana, Dian Widiawati, Bintan Titisari
Cigondewah area is home to the largest textile centre in Bandung city, West Java province, Indonesia, which plays an essential role in developing the fashion industry in Bandung and Indonesia. In addition to selling textiles, in the Cigondewah Textile Center, especially in Kelurahan Cigondewah Kaler,...
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The Effects of Pine Needles Biocomposites Floor Mats on Consumers Tactile Perception of Comfort during Sitting on the Floor while Eating at a Restaurant

Hatif Adiar Almantara, Prabu Wardono, Meirina Triharini
“Floor sitting” is part of the culture of several countries in Asia. Utilizing the waste pine needles to become biocomposites floor mats could make something unique and perhaps it could stimulate human sensory during sitting on the floor while eating at a restaurant. The purpose of this research is to...
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The Potential of Adventure Game as a Media to Visualize Waste Disposal as Environmental Problems

Study case: The Silent Age, Machinarium, The Inner World

Luh Tassya Nindyapratama, Hafiz Aziz Ahmad
This research aims to identify the potential of utilizing adventure games to emphasize the waste disposal as environmental problems through the use of visual elements. Adventure game is one of the popular game genres that is known for its ‘open world’ system that allows players to explore every inch...
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Rapid Prototyping as an Experimentation Method of Designing Tools to Improve the Quality and Variety of Stitch-Resist Dyed Motifs

Bintan Titisari, Slamet Riyadi
This paper discusses initial findings from an ongoing research project that designing a tool to improve the quality and variety of stitch-resist dyed motifs in Indonesia. Stitch-resist dyeing technique has been used to produce Indonesian traditional cloths, such as Jumputan cloth, Tritik cloth, Pelangi...
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Leaf Print: Environmentally Friendly Artwork

Sigit Purnomo Adi
Fine Art develops at all times. Creativity is essential to produce novelty so that fine art works are not stagnant. In addition to the needs for novelty and creativity, it is also necessary to produce art works that are environmentally friendly. Eco print, a technique that was originally used only for...
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Art Installation of Farmer’s Plant Guardian

Mukhamad Aji Prasetyo, Dikdik Sayahdikumullah
The rice farmers have been facing various troubles in their efforts to boost their production. Some causes of their problem are pests, such as rats, bugs, and birds. These pests, which exist amongst the rice plant, are part of the food chain within the farm. Their emergence is the result of population...
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The Impact of Slow Design Method on Designer in Indonesia

Dita Apriliani, Adhi Nugraha
The fast-paced living practiced by modern society has proven to negatively impact various aspects of life, ranging from economy, environment, to psychology. Therefore, a good strategy is needed to minimize these negative impacts. The emergence of slow movement appears to compensate for fast-paced living....
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Biodegradable Food Container Made of Abaca Fiber Pulp with Beeswax Biocoating

Wafaa Letya Jahroo, Muhammad Dzulfiqar C. A., Sabrina Ilma Sakina
In the long term, the use of materials that are not environmentally friendly such as styrofoam as the main ingredient in food containers is dangerous. Therefore, an environmentally friendly and natural substitute is needed to replace Styrofoam. Abaca fiber (Musa Textilis) is a natural fiber obtained...
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Design Activities as a Literation for Introduction to Horticulture Agriculture for Children Aged 5 - 12 Years Old

Lintang Aziz Pinastiti, Riama Maslan Sihombing, Irfansyah Irfansyah
The agricultural sector in its environment with a sector that is important in development is not spared from problems, there is a shift in job opportunities in agricultural land. Agriculture is very important for human survival, every day what we consume is the result of agriculture such as rice that...
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Effect of Narrative with Cross-cultural Innovation as Cultural Heritage Branding Strategy

A Case of Indonesian Palembang Songket in the UK Market

Mega Saffira
Cultural heritage preservation has been an issue that is constantly being discussed as it contains a duality of aspects which are economic and cultural perspectives, whereas both perspectives are often seen as contrasting. Commercialisation to the international market is one of the ways to keep economic...
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Processing Visual Communication

Developing a Creative Economy in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic in Bali

Anak Agung Gde Bagus Udayana
In the era of 4.0, which marked by the outbreak of COVID-19, many people took new steps creatively with an orientation to economic value. This seems potentially important to support the sustainability of national development, which is commonly known as development with an economic emphasis on cultural...
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Factor Identification on Consumer Behavior of Fashion Department Store in The New Normal Era of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Anita Rahayu, Dona Saphiranti, Prabu Wardono
Covid-19 affects various areas of life, one of the sectors are most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic is the fashion department store industry. The implementation of social restrictions policies by the Indonesian government, followed by the increase of public awareness regarding health, have convinced...
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The Application of Photography as an Art Medium in The Contemporary Era

BACAA 2019 Finalists’ Works Analysis

Ismi Nabilah, Kiki Rizky Soetisna Putri
Photography as an art medium in Indonesia started with the establishments of Perhimpunan Amatir Foto (PAF) and Forum Fotografi Bandung (FFB) which marked its rapid growth in Bandung. This study focuses on Terry Barrett’s Selectivity, Instantaneity, and Credibility principle, particularly its application...
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The Dynamic Website of Islamic History in Gresik as a Historical Learning Medium

Abdul Rokhim, Naomi Haswanto
Gresik which is currently known as an industrial city has been known since the 11th century when it grew into a center of inter-island trade and spread to various countries. Gresik also has a variety of history, especially Islamic history. However, many people in Gresik do not know the history of their...
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Formal Game Element Analysis of Rhythm Fighting Game

Case Study: Rhythm Fighter, Welcome to The Factory, Skybolt Zack

Adita Wening Octaviani, Irfansyah Irfansyah
Action Game is a type of game that is popular and much in demand among teenagers and children. One of the sub-genres of Action Game is Fighting Game, which is a battle game or duel between 2 or 1 character with many opponents. The different elements that appear in the Fighting Game genre are represented...
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The Embodiment of Kübler-Ross Model through Game Elements in GRIS and Its Impact on Player Experience

Ni Putu Anindhitha Ayesha Sandra, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
GRIS is a platform-adventure video game developed by a Spanish developer Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital in December 2018. This game tells a story about a journey of a young girl who struggles to overcome her depression and fear. The phenomenon of GRIS as a visual representation of depression...
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The Autonomy of Digital Native Generation in Building Nation Branding

(Case Study: YouTuber Alip_Ba_ta)

Agung Eko Budiwaspada, Fadilah Fadilah
The milestone of technological evolution has reached the level of 4.0. Persuasive messages in the media have also evolved in a disruptive direction. Social media has degraded the existence of asymmetrical mass media, where producers as elite role tend to dictate the society as target audience. The synergy...
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Designing Stereoscopic Animation for Bromo Tengger National Park Virtual Tour as Alternative for Conservation Education in Pandemic Era

Stormy Yudo Prakoso, Banung Grahita
The need for travelling has become a primary need for Indonesian people. However, Covid-19 pandemic that is currently happening gives negative impact on the tourism sector. The government is forced to limit tourism activities in many tourism destinations, especially in districts or cities with high covid-19...
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Sharing Space Experiences through Augmented Reality as An Alternative Educational Game to Introduce Historic Buildings in Semarang Old Town

Apsari Retno Wiratmi, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
Augmented Reality, became one of the breakthroughs to introduce the heritage value of Semarang Old Town to the younger generation. Heritage value consisting of non-material value, namely the history of struggle and development of Semarang Old Town, and material value consisting of colonial-era historical...
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Service Design of Motor Vehicle Tax Service in West Java Province

A Design Approach towards the Digital Service Update of West Java Regional Revenue Agency

Yannes Martinus Pasaribu, Slamet Riyadi, Damang Sarumpaet
Motor vehicle tax is an important source of regional cash income. In 2017, the Regional Government of West Java Province created digital-based community service design innovations to improve the quality of its tax services. However, until 2020 it only saw 6.28% of 16,085,120 registered motor vehicles,...
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Analysis of Tourism Game Effectiveness as Promotional Strategy

Annisa Nurrahmania, Banung Grahita
Gamification is one of the creative promotion strategies applied to the tourism industry as a promotional strategy. Game is one of the entertainment media concepts which tourism has recently adopted this strategy as a marketing medium, especially in the digital era. Many countries, such as Thailand,...
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Design of Borneo Virtual Tour Website as a Media for Promotion of Dayak Cultural Tourism Objects, Pampang Village Samarinda

Samosir Fanriston Riko Roradi, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
The Pampang Cultural Village is located in the North Samarinda sub-district which is a Dayak Kenyah tribal village originating from the Apokayan Highlands. In order to preserve Dayak culture, the East Kalimantan Provincial Government has made Pampang Cultural Village a leading tourist destination, considering...
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Gesture in Visual Narrative Reliefs of Karmawibhangga Borobudur as An Ancient Javanese Locality Value

Hendy Hertiasa, Imam Santosa, Irfansyah Irfansyah, Pindi Setiawan
The relief of Karmawibhangga tells the form of a series of short stories in a full circle embedded at the foot of the underground Borobudur temple, Central Java - Indonesia. Currently, the visual reliefs story cannot be understood properly by visitors. It is known that the main character becomes the...
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PUNTO: Designing for Pandemic

Implementing Behavior Observation to Redesign Hand Sanitizer Bottle Cap

Fitorio Leksono, Ismail Alif Siregar
The spread of Covid-19 since March 2020 in Indonesia has brought a lot of changes, especially in people’s daily behavior. Many people started to exercise and consume healthy food, also wearing a face mask in public places. In addition, people also start to bring hand sanitizers to sterilize their hands...
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Printmaking Expansion by The Other Form of Presentation

Aurora Arazzi, Dikdik Sayahdikumullah
Printmaking is one of the traditional techniques that an artist can choose to create art. By doing a whole printmaking process, there are so many values and meanings that we can take, which is very intense and meticulous. There are many reasons why printmaking is not as popular as painting, ceramics,...
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Studies on the Application of Nostalgia Supergraphic for Inducing Positive Emotions Among Elderly in The Abiyoso Nursing Home, Yogyakarta

Adinda Lisa Irmanti, Prabu Wardono
The process of aging as the weakening function of the human brain that leads to cognitive degenerative diseases and physical disabilities usually affect the ability of most elderly in interacting with their immediate environment. This research aimed to analyze the impact of the old supergraphic photos...
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Semiotic Analysis of the Role of Covid-19 Prevention Protocol in “L.A. Bold: New Normal” 2020 Cigarette Advertisement

Dyah Kemalahayati, Kiki Rizky Soetisna Putri
Throughout the year 2020, several commercial advertisements started to display portrayals of Covid-19 Prevention Protocol. Various media show depiction of people doing their own activities while wearing masks or face shields, appliances which are part of the protocol meant to decrease the spread rate...
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A Study on Museum Artifact Digitization using Photogrammetry Method for Preservation and Design Education

Arianti A. Puspita, Meirina Triharini, Muhammad Risfan Badrus Salam
Photogrammetry is one of the 3d scanning methods for artefacts that can be said to be quite economical, when compared to other 3d scanning methods such as using a laser. This method allows everyone tp be able to record digital visual data in sufficient detail. The use of 3d scanning photogrammetry has...
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Designing Games To Understand User Preferences Based Player-Centered Design of Indonesian National Heroes

Amirul Muminin, Andar Bagus Sriwarno, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
Indonesia in 2021 has 191 heroes, and this research focuses on the 185th hero, Himayatuddin Muhammad Saidi from Southeast Sulawesi, who was crowned on November 7, 2019. These heroes are not yet widely known by Generation Z with a range of births from 1995-2012; they number around 75 million people in...
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Urban Farming Learning Application in Simulation Games for Generation Z in Indonesia

Sara Melati Sijabat, Banung Grahita
This research aims to analyse the requirement needed in urban farming education and apply it to the mechanism in video games, especially in agriculture games. Urban farming is an activity of farming in urban areas as an effort to fulfil food needs and also maintain the sustainability of green open spaces....
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Usability Testing Over E-Tourism Information System to Measure Domestic Tourist Satisfaction In Balikpapan

Rabin Munthe, Agung Eko Budi Waspada
Information technology is one the advanced technology in this era which is the most powerful thing that give us advantage in everyday activity. In this days, we can access all information every second every day without boundaries with our gadget to wherever we go. There are so many types of digital platform...
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Comparative Study of Information Display Media for Bank Indonesia Museum and Bank Mandiri Museum

Bilyan Putra Sari, Andriyanto Wibisono
Collection management is one way to make the museum a source of information and part of educational tourism. The reason for the selection of the Bank Indonesia Museum and Bank Mandiri Museum is because the type of collection about the history and objects of banking and museums that raise the theme of...
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Relationship between Coffee to Go’s Serviscape with Brand Loyalty Perceptions of Z gens

Putu Surya Triana Dewi, Ardina Susanti, I Wayan Yogik Adnyana Putra
Now drinking coffee is no longer a habit in the morning, but also a lifestyle that cannot be missed for millennials, especially gen Z. Coffee spots thrive in urban areas, ranging from simple coffee shops, cafes, to franchise outlets. Massive movements taking place in Bali include the growth of independent...
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Engaging Children in Reading Jataka Reliefs of Borobudur Temple in Indonesia through Digital Picture Book

Maria Karina Putri, Riama Maslan Sihombing, Dianing Ratri
Jataka relief is one of the reliefs in Borobudur Temple, which is one of the biggest cultural heritages in Indonesia. Jataka reliefs tell the stories of the Bodhisattva’s past life in search of enlightenment. These stories are unique, because they contain humanity values, such as kindness, helping others,...
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The Mechanism of Nostalgia as a Narrative in XXI’s Campaign #RinduNontondiXXI

Eleanora Josephine, Fadilah Fadilah
For periods of time, emotional appeal in advertisement narratives has become one of the most common practices across the advertising industry. This practice has remained the same even throughout the rise of technology and digital media. It has also developed a broader perspective when faced with the...
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Essential Elements In The Development Of Educational Games For Language Scripts

Ahmad Ade Nugraha, Alvanov Zpalanzani Mansoor
Along with the increasing use of smartphones in adolescents and children, mobile games in the form of educational games have been developed by Indonesia and other countries as a learning medium to increase student motivation, including learning scripts. Indonesia is an archipelago country with several...
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Bandung Photo Showcase

Case Study of Hybrid Photography Exhibition

Michael Binuko Sri Herawan
COVID-19 pandemic affects many factors in the life of modern society, one of which is art. Many art events have been postponed and many galleries have been temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This force majeure forces art activists to think more creatively in organizing exhibitions...
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Metalhead Rising

Subcultural Economic Improvement Based on Koil Band Study Case

Rendy Pandita Bastari, Patra Aditia
Based on the data obtained from Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), music subsector only gain 0,36%. The statistics considered independent music is one of the weak points in creative economy. Bekraf also stated that lacks appreciation in music makes the situation more...
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The Structural Analysis of Indonesian Horror Webtoon’s Visual and Narrative

Basyarayni Mawla Fatha, Alvanov Zpalanzani Mansoor
The popularity and the appeal of horror media among Indonesian have been explicated as a close relation to the psyche of Indonesians which is generally inherent to the Eastern culture. This specific pattern of preferences rooted in Indonesians’ cultural fixation has been profited off across many forms...
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Gender Perspective in Design and Illustration of Children’s Books

(Case Study in Biographical Children’s Books of Influential Female Figures in Indonesia)

Cintantya Sotya Ratri, Riama Maslan Sihombing
Children’s books industry is vastly developing in recent years. Studies on design and illustration of children’s books have to be conducted in regard to varied perspectives that keep up with the times. One of these perspectives is gender. In children’s book, gender perspective is essential because books...
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Utilization of Games as a Media of Introduction to Indonesian Attractions for Tourists

(Comparative Study of Games: Papon, Probo and Dorang)

Masniah Masniah, Irfansyah Irfansyah
A country usually has a charming tourist attraction, but in each region is not fully known by the public, especially the less exposed areas. Along with the rapid development of technology plus changes inhabits during the Covid- 19 pandemic requires a lot of activities to be done from home. This makes...
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Mobile Application Design to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle with Balanced Nutrition for Young Adults

Trezanor Fadli Munandar, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
Covid-19 creates new challenges for the health world besides the risk of being exposed to the virus. Our eating habits are one of the new challenges that need to be resolved, especially for the young adult. This new eating habit appears triggered by stress, anxiety, boredom or just to feel happy. Generations...
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Collecting Artifact Data from Craftsmen with Participatory Design Methods

Fiona Yasmine, Arianti Ayu Puspita, Andar Bagus Sriwarno
The culture from artifacts in Indonesian society is a culture that has existed for a long time and has been passed down from generation to generation until now. Craftsmen are the one who produced the cultural artifact and has its own culture that still attached to them until now. Information related...
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Elaborating Visual Narrative into Modern Adaptation Concept for Picture Book with Indonesian Folklore Theme

Dianing Ratri, Riama Maslan Sihombing, Novita Elisa Fahmi, Refita Ika Indrayati
Folklore shows how a culture brings its point of view and values. It is also an agent of social values such as honesty, kindness, forgiveness, and many more. Through picture book, message from folklore can lead children understanding their society. These aspects are reasons why folklore becomes a favourite...
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The Meaning of Visual Representation Of The COVID-19 Pandemic In The Visual Journals of Children Aged 6-8 Years

Alzena Ardhanareswari Afinidyani, Riama Maslan Sihombing
Currently, almost the whole world is affected by the corona virus outbreak or COVID-19. This situation makes children’s activities change, they must obey health protocols, stay at home more often, and minimize physical interaction with other people or their closest relatives. The pandemic situation can...
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Designing Children Picture Book Themed Empathy for High Function Autism Classmate

Digital Field-Testing Method as Design Ethnography

Wenny Yosselina, Riama Maslan Sihombing, Vanesha Nathalia Ignacia
ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a pervasive developmental disorder that usually affects poor communication and low interaction with the surrounding. The data shown, ASD has increased by 500 people/year in Indonesia. High-function ASD who studied in inclusive/integration school often bullied (a chance...
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Designing Picture Book about The Javanese Vocabulary through Lift a Flap for Children 4-5 Years Old

Ester Anggun Kusumaningtyas, Riama Maslan Sihombing
According to several studies from 2013-2019, many children in Yogyakarta do not understand Javanese vocabulary, especially krama level. Javanese vocabulary should be introduced to children from an early age. The vocabulary introduction is helpful for children to expand their knowledge and familiarize...
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Reimagining Other Narratives

Navigating the Role of Design in Fostering the Cultures of Inclusive Innovation in Rural Indonesia

Gamia Dewanggamanik
The growing recognition of the creative economy’s critical role in Indonesia’s sustainable development sector poses new questions and challenges around inclusive innovation. Whilst formal and institutionalised forms of innovation proliferate in this sector, the role of informal, rural everyday community-based...
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The Role of Digital Books in Increasing Reading Motivation among Children with Dyslexia

Hutami Dwijayanti, Riama Maslan Sihombing
Becoming literate in reading and writing is one of the important basic skills young dyslexics do not easily acquire. Dyslexia is not related to intelligence; instead, dyslexics show disruptions in the rear reading system of the left hemisphere of their brain, which is critical for reading and writing...
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Harmonize The Interior Retail Space in Era Post Covid-19, Study Case The Element Of Servicescape In Jakarta Mall

Ulli Aulia Ruki
Indonesia’s retail industry, particularly Jakarta, has been oversupplied by building malls: some interior malls have repeatedly sold identical goods with the same brand and lacked service. Moreover, because the retail industry has other ways to sell during the pandemic, their e-commerce has become widespread,...
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Perceiving Coastal Spatial Expression

Place-Making Study in Sedati Sidoarjo as Cultural Space

Muchlisiniyati Safeyah, Fairuz Mutia, Wiwik Dwi Susanti
Humans always need and provide space for living. They create space, create synergies that ultimately shape the morphology of the city. The formation of social interactions, which then determine its area’s character, is no exclusion on the coast of Sedati, Sidoarjo, which has coastal features. Many particular...
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Symbol Dimensions Statue Of A Snake With The Head Of Gatotkaca In Banyuwangi

Susanne K. Langer’s Symbol Study

Dwiki Nugroho Mukti, Wening Hesti Nawa Ruci, Warih Handayaningrum
Banyuwangi is a regency at the eastern tip of the island of Java which has wealth, natural beauty and has very strong cultural roots. In Banyuwangi there is a snake statue with the head of gatotkaca which is very iconic. The shape of this statue is neck to bottom shaped snake, and the neck up is the...
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Jemparingan Tradition as a Traditional Media to Shaping The Character of Teenagers in Klaten

Derena Martha Yohanda, Hafiz Aziz Ahmad
The adolescent is an entire instability and self-identity searching period, hence in adolescence, adverse action is susceptible. Character shaping in this period is suitable to be applied by embedding positive and cultural values to become a person with strong character as a provision in the future....
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The Potential of Digital Application Development for Learning Local Language Paser

Angga Saputra, Intan Rizky Mutiaz
This article considers the aspect of application needs as a medium for learning the language of the Paser tribe. Currently, the speaking of the Paser language has decreased because many young people are embarrassed and do not regularly use the Paser language, especially in public places. One of the local...
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Surrealist Aesthetics in Sensory Actuated Spatial Systems

A theoretical evaluation on Surrealism and Living Architecture under Krauss’s Surrealist Principles

Raisya Hidayat, Jordi Piera
Continuous development in the robotic system also happens in the architecture field where the experimental of its use in designing and producing buildings becomes more and more common. The implementation of sensory actuation systems allows the building to act beyond human’s knowledge by offering a feedback...
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Dialectics Of Surakarta Society Perception Of Murals At Gatot Subroto Street, Surakarta, Indonesia

Nurhayatu Nufut Alimin, Bedjo Riyanto, Apika Nurasi Sulistyati, Novia Nur Kartikasari
The present study captured people’s perception of murals at Gatot Subroto street (Gatsu), Surakarta, Indonesia. On the one hand, murals at Gatsu were viewed as attractive works since they presented positive expressions and did not contain any criticism. Moreover, they were viewed as capable of enlivening...
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The design of ceramic wall hanging products for café interior with an industrial-style theme in the city of Tasikmalaya

Adhi Rahmadi Nugraha, Gita Winata
The increasing culinary industry in Indonesia has made many culinary entrepreneurs such as cafes and restaurants make various innovations and improvisations due to the high level of competition. The habit of urban communities that use cafes and restaurants as an alternative space for interaction makes...
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The influence of the activity of street vendors on zone utilization patterns and circulation patterns in Tegallega Park, Bandung, Indonesia

Subtitle: Human Centered and Social Interactions, Community Resilience and Well-Being

Irwan Sudarisman, Muhizam Mustafa, Mohd Hafizal Bin Mohd Isa
Street vendors carrying out commercial activities in public spaces are a common phenomenon in big cities in Indonesia. Various responds have been made by the city government, starting from arrangement, moving to eviction. Arrangement is considered to be the most successful respond. One form of arrangement...
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The Role of Creative Placemaking in Upscaling Bandung Mobile Tourism Information Center

Masda Ulfa Arianti, Ruly Darmawan
Being recognized as a favorite tourism destination, Bandung has invested in building Bandung Tourism Information Center (TIC), serving as a one-stop platform for tourists which provides information related to attractions, festivals, as well as information about the local area. Despite the strategic responsibility,...
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Coffee Shop Place Attachment during Covid-19 Pandemic in Bandung

Tesa Beta Hariandini, Yuni Maharani
The concept of place attachment is based on a positive emotional attachment between person-place. This attachment can be formed from the freedom of user accessibility to the physical environment and social environment to create a feeling of safe and comfort. The formation of user feelings related to...