Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Research in Social Sciences and Humanities (ICoRSH 2020)

535 authors
Wahidah, Nur Rachmah
PT Elnusa Tbk Community Relations’ Communication Strategy in Providing Socialization of Seismic Survey Activities to the Community: A Case Study in Musi-Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatera
Wahyu, W
Students’ Creativity in Hydrocarbon and Crude Oils with RADEC Model-based Augmented Reality (AR)
Reality of Lecturers’ Performance, What’s Next?
Wahyuni, Sri
Determinant of Economic Value of Beach Tourism Post Aceh Tsunami: An Approach on Travel Cost Method
Wakhidah, Esti Nur
The Improvement of Service Quality for Passengers through the Development of Airport Facilities
Warasto, Hestu Nugroho
The Effect of Return on Assets and Current Ratio on Debt to Equity Ratio at PT Duta Anggada Realty 2008 – 2017
Wardah, Asmaul
Lesson Study Approach to Improve Skills Students’ Critical Thinking in Heat Subjects
Analysis of the Implementation of Zahir Simply’s Financial Application in the Financial Statements of Smes in South Tangerang
Wibowo, Wahyu Andri
The Influence of Online Game and Social Media on the Achievement of Students of Management Study Program of Faculty of Economics, Pamulang University
Widiyati, Dian
How Covid-19 Pandemic Affects Technology, Relational & Compliance on MSMEs Performance in Indonesia
Widodo, Guntarto
Legal Standing of Submission of Judicial Review on Criminal Judgements by Public Prosecutor in Establishing Justice of the Law
Widodo, Guntarto
Validity of the Evidence of the Agreement Through Electronics Reviewed from Article 1866 Civil Code
Widodo, Sugeng
An Analysis and Evaluation of the System Application by Data of Modern Beverage in Tangerang Selatan City
Widyaningsih, Yennie Indriati
Code Switching and Code Mixing Done by Teachers at Elementary School of Garut
Widyanti, Triani
Increasing Ecological Intelligence for students in Primary School Through the Kang Pisman Program
Widyanti, Triani
Cooperation Skills Based on Students’ Perceptions Through Integration of the Group Discussion and Group Project Method
Wisesa, Anggara
Bridging Multicultural Characteristics in Virtual Team: A Systematic Literature Review
An Analysis and Evaluation of the System Application by Data of Modern Beverage in Tangerang Selatan City
Handling Public Complaint in Semarang City: Why and How?
Wiyono, Bambang
The Change of Parliamentary System Towards Presidentially System of the Government of Republic Indonesia
The Effectiveness Utilization of Electronic Tax Filing in Kantor Pelayanan Pajak (Kpp) Pratama Jakarta Pluit, North Jakarta
Wulandari, Rosita
Security and Privacy, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use Against Annual SPT Reporting Through E-Filling in Tangerang Selatan Regency, Banten
Wulansari, Retno
Inclusive University Management with Technology Basis: A Case Study of Visual Impairment Students at Information Technology Study in University of Pamulang (UNPAM)
Strategic Planning of Digital Fabrication Laboratories in the Field of Information System Using Togaf 9.2
Yuliawan, Indra
Policy of Criminal Left in Overcoming the Impact of Criminal Actions of Pedophilia in Indonesia
Yuliyanti, Tsalisa
Hate Speech Pattern of Youtube Viewer Comments on Najwa Shihab Channels in the 2019 President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia General Election Campaign Discussion
Yunanda, Rizki
Conflict Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah Versus As-Sunnah in Aceh
Yuningsih, Nining
The Influence of Job Satisfaction, Work Motivation and Job Loyalty on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) at Pt Unichem Indonesia
Yusuf, Irfan Murtadho
The Role of Collaborative E-Government in Surabaya Intelligent Traffic System
The Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy Sector in Asia Pacific
The Concept of Parenting Pattern to Establish Children’s Moral in Family
Zamzami, R. Mohd
Measuring Alternative Sources of Liquidity for Grameen-Based IMFI
Zimah, Samiha
Understanding of Tax & Religiosity to Tax Fraud
Zulkarnain, Iskandar
The Effect of Return on Assets and Current Ratio on Debt to Equity Ratio at PT Duta Anggada Realty 2008 – 2017
Empowering Speaking Skill Through Microsoft Office 365 as a Learning Medium During a Pandemic Covid 19