Proceedings of the International Conference on Railway and Transportation (ICORT 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Willy Artha Wirawan, Moch. Agus Choiron, Dian M. Setiawan
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An Overview of Railway Damage with the Finite Element Analysis

Ridwan, Maejar Bacthiar, Bayu Ridwan, Aditya Rio Prabowo
In this paper, reviews of several fractures and damage to railway construction in their application to daily use are presented. An overview of technology and application usage of finite element analysis in assessing railways damage is also presented. As happened on the train track, the fatigue mechanism...
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Potential of FUDIKA (Train Dynamic Testing Facility) for Rolling Stock Testing in Indonesia

Nur Budi Susanto, Aryadhatu Dhaniswara, Hernawan Nugroho, Imam Muthohar
According to Ministerial Regulation No. 24 of 2015, Law No. 23 of 2007, and Government Regulation No. 56 of 2009, the government as the regulator is obligated to ensure that the operation of rolling stock is in accordance with the regulatory standards and can be operated safely as demonstrated by testing...
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Behavior of Railroad Bridge Girders Due to Brake Loads with LISA V.8 FEA

Aco Wahyudi Efendi
The railroad track is very important as a means of crossing the train itself, especially for lines that have a fairly extreme elevation, where for the railroad itself it is not allowed to have a track with a very high grid. This study uses the finite element method with assistance from LISA...
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Financial and Economic Feasibility Study of Tempel - Yogyakarta - Samas Urban Railway Line

Aryadhatu Dhaniswara, Imam Muthohar, Dewanti
The government of the Special Region of. Yogyakarta proposed the development of the Tempel – Yogyakarta – Samas railway line. This study aimed to determine the financial and economic feasibility. Investment costs and income were calculated for the 50 years concession period from 2024 to 2073. The financial...
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Modeling and Detailing Railway Bridge Structure Using Allplan Engineering

Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, M. Adib Kurniawan, Rochmad Basuki
The railway bridge design and construction must precisely follow the technical standard due to the high impact load and small tolerance on the track component. Building Information Modeling (BIM) can provide the details and accuracy needed for a railway bridge’s design and construction process. The purpose...
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Aggregate Human Mobility Using Mobile Network Big Data

Okkie Putriani, Sigit Priyanto, Imam Muthohar, Mukhammad Rizka Fahmi Amrozi
Processing big data into human mobility analysis requires more in-depth stages and calculations with each consideration or assumption at the beginning of the step. Data from the Ministry of Transportation Research and Research Section with City Data for March 2022 on 15–16, Sunday and Monday as a representative...
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An Established Scholar Review Towards Kansei Engineering for Railway Product Design

Dinda Karina Yohanny, Ambar Mulyono, Lu’Lu’ Purwaningrum
Innovation from creative product design has become essential to the success of many companies. The products marketed must be specially distinguished from others to meet user demands. Consumers will prefer products that suit their needs and the visual impression that the product gives to their emotions...
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Minimizing Conflict of Routes from Switcher for Freight Train and Rail Transport Operations

A. Ariel Anta, A. Titiek Masdini, Natriya Faisal Rachman
Safety in train operations is a very important aspect of the operation of railways. Along with the increasing demand for goods and services, train trips are increasing. This condition causes increased activity at the station, which has a function: to get up and down passengers or load and unload goods....
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LRT Coupler Dynamic Motion Analysis on R87, R95, and R1100 Towards AAR M 1001 Standards

Ilham Satrio Utomo, Akbar Zulkarnain, Ajeng Tyas Damayanti, Anak Agung Gede Krisna Prabawa
In this study, a simulation will be carried out that analyzes the dynamic motion of the Tight lock coupler on the LRT train. This analysis aims to get the angle value at different curvature radius. The bend radius of the selected railroad tracks is R87, R95, and R1100. The Autodesk Inventor simulation’s...
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Experimental Quasi-Static Test for the Energy Absorber Tube in High-Speed Train (HST)

Willy Artha Wirawan, Moch. Agus Choiron, Hari Boedi Wahjono, Fadli Rozaq, Natriya Faisal Rachman, Maulana Jihan Alfana
A crash box is a passive device normally used to absorb impact energy during high-speed train accidents. Therefore, the focus of this study is to determine the ability of a circular crash box to absorb energy and its deformation pattern. The sample used was designed to have an outer diameter of 50 mm...
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Design and Build a Charging Monitoring System Power on Level Crossing Batteries with Arduino IoT Application Remote Based ESP32 Devkit 1

Sekar Ayu Nurlaili, Natriya Faisal Rachman, Andri Pradipta, Sunardi
Batteries play a role in storing electrical energy reserves. In level crossing using batteries as a backup power supply. Monitoring for charging the batteries used in level crossing real time to show the incoming voltage and current, so there is often interference, namely the doorstop that failed to...
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Prototype of Making Endpost Rail Joint on Railroads Made of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Plastic)

Fadli Rozaq, Mudayat Adi Prastyo, Damar Isti Pratiwi, Natriya Faisal Rachman, Willy Artha Wirawan
Endpost is a component that separates two connected rails to prevent a short circuit in the rail line. The purpose of the research was to improve the mechanical properties of the endpost in terms of pressure and the value of electrical insulation. The study used an experimental approach, aiming to determine...
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Mobile-Based Application for Versine Improvement by Using Flutter Framework

Aziz Nurmatiarista, Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, Septiana Widi Astuti, Yuwono Wiarco
A mobile application for recording and calculating the ideal versine for the railroad curves maintenance program in the field is needed to help reduce time and effort in calculating. This study intended to create a smartphone-based application for railway curves versine and cant calculation to improve...
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Design Hybrid Platform Gauge for Railway Infrastructure Testing in IoT-Based Railway Station Emplacements

Rafi Hafizh Hawari, Dhina Setyo Oktaria, Santi Triwijaya, Arief Darmawan
The technical requirements for minimum rail gauge and platform clearance at station emplacements are essential to support railway operations, given the large number of train accidents caused by rail gauge and platform clearance that do not follow applicable regulatory standards. However, data collection...
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Optimization of Heavy Equipment Usage for Railway Track Works

M. Adib Kurniawan, Puspita Dewi, Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, A. Subagio
Effective use of heavy equipment is an essential factor in construction work completion. Analysis of heavy equipment usage optimization for excavation work on the detour track construction of the Solo-Semarang Phase I double track project is intended to provide an overview of the number of needs, equipment...
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Corrosion Rate Measurement of Galvanized Plate Coating Process in Carriage K3 Wall Maintenance

Henry Widya Prasetya, Dadang Sanjaya Atmaja, Dimas Adi Perwira
The train is composed by carbody, frame, bogie, interior and exterior. Material selection for the car body of the car from metal. Corrosion is a weakness in metal materials that occurs due to the surrounding environment. One way to reduce the corrosion rate of metals is by coating. This study aims to...
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The Effects of Number of Passengers and Duration of Door Opening and Closing Toward Temperature Change (Case Study: KRL Series JR 205 Crossing Manggarai - Depok)

Mariana Diah Puspitasari, Santi Triwijaya, Salma Febry Rahmasari
The comfort factor in the KRL room is needed, one of which is the comfort of the air temperature conditions in the train resulting from the air conditioning (AC) process. At peak hours, passengers will pile up on each other in the train room which causes the cold air to not be felt, and passengers will...
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Analysis of Hardness and Wear Properties of Composite Railway Brake Blocks Using Nylon Fiber Reinforced

Nurul Fitria Apriliani, Naufal Hilmi Setiawan Putra, Dadang Sanjaya Atmaja, Adya Aghastya, Qudsiyyatul Lailiyah
The braking system is one of the supporting factors for safety and security on trains. In railway braking systems in various countries, composites have been used as brake shoe materials because composites meet several criteria to replace cast iron brake shoes. Nylon has been used in various automotive...
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Evaluating the Calculation of Rail Road Components and Maintenance Cycle on the Temporary Track of Construction Project

Hana Wardani Puruhita, Affandika Ammar, Septiana Widi Astuti
The construction of a Temporary Track or temporary rail line aims to ensure that the construction of the elevated rail at Joglo Solo intersection does not interfere with train operations and travel, so it is necessary to identify and evaluate whether the component materials used are by the provisions...
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PLTS Design as Secondary Power Supply of Tower R.67 Mount Gending Resort Sintelis Kalibaru Banyuwangi

Anggranini Harnum Rahmawati, Teguh Arifianto, Yuwono Wiarco, Sunaryo
Electricity plays a crucial role for a better operation in railways. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the electricity to run continuously without disrupting the network. Tower R.67 of Mount Gending serves as the base station tower, located in the area of Sintelis Kalibaru Resort, which utilized...
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High Speed Railway Operations Expert Development in Indonesia with ISO 10015:2019

Wawan Riyanta, Handoko, Ainun Fikria
KCIC Phase I Training Program focus is on increasing competence on the Operation System, Passenger Service, and Maintenance divided into 21 Training Posts, most of the participants came from Fresh Graduates who entered the Entry Level. Required Competence Levels ability to apply knowledge and skill High...
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Trip Generation and Trip Distribution Analysis of Commuter Line

Ega Cahyani Putri, Nanda Ahda Imron, Nanda Sani Mitra Imron
Greater Bandung Commuter line (CL) is expected to operate after the double-track construction and electrification in Padalarang-Cicalengka route in 2024 is completed. Among the route, there is Gedebage Station, classified as “operational station” (with no passenger that board or alight from), in which...
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The Effectiveness of UKL-UPL Implementation on the Project of Railway Elevated Construction from Railway Station of Solo Balapan to Kadipiro

Rusman Prihatanto, Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, Fitra Cahyaning Dyah Winarhayu
Every construction work inevitably has some impacts for environment and society. One of construction works is the construction project of Elevated railway construction from railway station of Solo Balapan to railway station of Kadipiro. Therefore some measures are needed to remove negative impacts by...
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The Automatic Design of Light Intensity Led Lights Signal Based on Weather with K-NN Algorithm

Aryo Nur Ahsan Jatmikanto, Fathurrozi Winjaya, Agustinus Prasetyo Edy Wibowo
The signal lamp is an important component in the railway signaling system. The most important component of the signal lamp is LED (led emitting diode). Because the signal lamp is continuo turned on and in a bright situation even in different weather conditions, so from that situation comes a reduction...
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Optimization of Alternating Current Power Flow Analysis in Railway Electrical System: A Brief Review

Santi Triwijaya, Andri Pradipta, Trisna Wati
The technical requirements for minimum rail gauge and platform clearance at station emplacements are one of the important aspects to support railway operations, given the large number of train accidents caused by rail gauge and platform clearance that are not following applicable regulatory standards....
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Modelling and Structural Analysis of Tram Railway Vehicle Body with Finite Element Method

Willy Artha Wirawan, Febry Pandu Wijaya, Dadang Sanjaya Atmaja, Fadli Rozaq, Aji Satria Bagaskara, F. X. Prakosa Pamungkas
This study aims to model and analyze the design structure of the Tram car body using the finite element method. The help of software will compute a calculation to display a visual form of an estimate of the actual condition of a tram mover design. The simulation was carried out based on 5 cases of loading...
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Pondok Rajeg Passenger Station Reactivation

David Malaiholo, Septiana Widi, Cahyadi Alliansi Qoyum
The reactivation of Pondok Rajeg Station has an impact on reducing congestion in the Depok area. The initial stage of reactivation of Pondok Rajeg Station requires a redesign because the condition of the station is an inactive station that is not maintained. In the re-planning of passenger stations,...
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Design and Development of Digital Gentanik System Based on PLC Outseal

Dara Aulia Feryando, Agustinus Prasetyo Edy Wibowo, Aries Dafa Farhandicha
The operation of the railway system on Java is divided into 9 Operational Areas (abbreviated as DAOP). One of the DAOP on Java is DAOP 8, which is based in Surabaya. DAOP 8 covers the area from Surabaya Station to Mojokerto Station. There are two different railway signaling systems and the boundary lies...
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Maximum Power Tracking Photovoltaic Polycristalin and Monocrystalline Optimized with Algorithm Dual Axis Solar Tracking Using Four LDR Comparator Sensor

Sunardi, Dwiko Nugroho Sadewo, Willy Artha Wirawan, Soedibyo
The output power from solar panels is a major problem because it is not constant which is influenced by the tilt position, solar irradiance, the type of solar cell and the technical nature of the module. Solar panels will work optimally and efficiently when the maximum number of light particles from...
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Thermal Stability of Fly Ash by TGA Analysis for the Development of Composite Railway Brake Blocks

Nurul Fitria Apriliani, Willy Artha Wirawan, Septiana Widi Astuti, Armyta Puspitasari, Arinda Leliana
This study aims to determine the thermal characteristics of fly ash. The fly ash used in this study comes from the Paiton PLTU. The test was carried out using the TGA method. The TGA test was carried out at a temperature of 0°–1000 °C with a heating rate of 20 °C/min and nitrogen (N2) as a carrier gas....
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Analysis of Railroad Ballast Deficiencies Using Total Station and Ballast Regulator

Wahyu Tamtomo Adi, Muhammad Kesuma Cesarasyid, Ayu Prativi, Adya Aghastya, Dimas Adi Perwira
This research aimed to inspect the ballast volume to determine the ballast volume deficiencies based on the initial ballast condition from the railroad As-built drawing by using Total Station and Ballast Regulator. The case for this study is a 1.007 km long railroad in which the analysis and calculation...