Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology and Vocational Teachers (ICTVT 2017)

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Prediction of Lighweight Concrete Panel Homogeneity by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)

Agus Santoso, Slamet Widodo, Faqih Ma'arif
Lightweight concrete is defined as concrete having a specific gravity ranging from 600-1600 kg/m3, the specific gravity of this concrete is lower than normal concrete. In this paper, the homogeneity of lightweight concrete panel wall is evaluated using the non-destructive – ultrasonic pulse velocity...
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Sensory and Physical Characteristic of Gluten-Free Nastar Cookies

Andian Ari Anggraeni, Titin Hera Widi Handayani
This research was performed to assess the sensory and physical characteristics of gluten-free nastar cookies. Nastar cookies are popular cookies in Indonesia, usually made from wheat flour. Recently it has been a challenge to substitute wheat flour with locally-grown-crop flour. Composite flour based...
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Sensory Characteristic of Gluten-Free Popular Indonesian Cookies

Andian Ari Anggraeni, Titin Hera Widi Handayani, Sri Palupi
This research was performed to develop gluten-free cookies using modified cassava flour-based composite flour. Cookies popular in Indonesia, such as choco-chips, nastar, and kastengel cookies, were produced from various blends of modified cassava flour (MCF), rice flour (RF), maize flour (MF), isolated...
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An Adaptive User Interface for an E-learning System by Accommodating Learning Style and Initial Knowledge

Didik Hariyanto, Thomas Kohler
There is a conception among researchers that every student has his or her own learning style preferences. One student cannot be treated as same as the other students. A specific strategy is required to provide a learning environment that is suitable for different students' preferences. In the context...
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Development of an Interactive Learning Media to Improve Competencies

Eko Swi Damarwan, Moh. Khairudin
This study aims to develop an interactive learning media on the subject of Electrical Engineering (Teknik Listrik); to determine the feasibility of the media developed, and to know the students' responses. Learning media is an important component in the learning process. Technology and computer-based...
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The Efforts to Improve Shear Strength of Clay Soil Using Plastic Waste

Mr. Endaryanta, Dian Eksana Wibowo
Plastic wastes could threaten the ecosystem of the environment because it is non-biodegradable material. The efforts to reduce the plastic trash are taken by 3R-way (Reuse, Reduce, Recycles). How to recycle for example by the use of plastic trash: to make oils, as a composites for construction, for example:...
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Interval Regression With Neuro-Fuzzy and Madaline Architecture for Prediction of Rice Production

Fatma Agus Setyaningsih
The paddy production interval value in Kubu Raya Regency can be predicted by using past values in conjunction with one of the neuro-fuzzy's methods, which is the interval regression model. Interval regression is a backpropagation-based method.There are two backpropagated-networks in this model, with...
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Making a Digital Contour Map

Ilham Marsudi
This research aims to create a digital contour map coordinates and elevation data obtained with Google Earth Pro, TCX Converter is used to convert the data into a file .xls tables and Spatial analyst Tool installed in ArcGIS used to continue to be a digital contour map. Done taking the coordinate points...
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The Improvement of Learning Media in Batik Technology Using Adobe Flash

Kapti Asiatun
This research was aimed to 1) improve learning media using Adobe Flash in Batik Technology course as an instructional form for The Fashion Design Education program, 2) know the feasibility of the Adobe Flash as a learning media Batik Technology course. Using R&D (Research and Development) approach, this...
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Development of the Automatic Control System Based On Human Machine Interface

Moh. Khairudin, Faranita Surwi
The development of the industrial automation technology has led to the control system based on human machine interface (HMI) that allows the monitoring system by the user. Automatic control based on HMI emphasizes monitoring techniques in real time for the plant's performance through the monitor screen...
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Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Application for English Intensive Course

Manda Rohandi, Nurlaila Husain, Indri W. Bay
Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) is the new generation of e-learning. It deals with the use of mobile technology in language learning. The aims of this research is to develop a MALL application as additional media for English intensive course textbook, that help students to understand the course...
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Tanjung Batu, Bebar the Potential of Tanjung Batu, Pekan Pahang as an Ecotourism Destination

Mohd Akmal Rohiat, Abdul Rasid Abdul Rzzaq, Amran Hamzah, Mohamad Zaid Mustafa, Azman Hassan
This research paper explores the Tanjung Batu's tourism resources to explore any activities and features to become a potential ecotourism destination. In order for the tourism destination like Tanjung Batu sub-district of Bebar as ecotourism destination; the main factor will be the tourism resources...
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Transformation of Ulos as Creative Textiles For Fashion Design Learning

Nining Tristantie
Qualified education is one which is able to reflect the globalization movement dinamically. Clothing Education and globalization should provide an implication to the economy accelaration which needs creative effort to drive either local or international market through learning which should contain local...
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Bamboo Mat as a Temporary Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall in a Railway Bed

Nur Alfian Sasmayaputra, Agus Darmawan Adi, Fikri Faris
One of work methods in increasing the double track lane in Java island is application of geosynthetic MSE-wall to retain new railway bed beside the existing rail track. When geosynthetic applied as a temporary reinforcement, it would be ineffective due to some considerations such as the economic aspect,...
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Developing the Radius Turner as the Radius Turning Tool

Mr. Nurdjito, Mr. Asnawi, Mr. Paryanto, Mr. Surono
The study was conducted in order to determine:(1) the feasibility of radius turner as a radius turning assistance tool; and (2) the achievement of radius turning competency displayed by the students after they had operated the radius turner. The design that the researchers applied in conducting the study...
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Characteristics of Droplet Formation Between Diesel Fuel, Emulsion and Pure Water

Nyenyep Sriwardani, Mr. Basori
Spray is widely used in the development of nanotechnology, both in the automotive and the industrial sector. The perfect mist is one of which is determined by droplet formation. Therefore, it is necessary to research the droplet formation characteristics of the fluid. Research begins by observing the...
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Integrating Android Smartphone and Microcontroller System for Controlling and Monitoring the Two Wheels Electric-Bike

Rustam Asnawi, Ariade Chandra Nugraha, Andik Asmara, I Gede Dangin
The objective of this research is to design and to develop an electronic control and monitoring systems for a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor that is employed to run a two wheels electric-bike by integrating the android smartphone and microcontroller via Bluetooth device. The overall research passed through...
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How to Minimize the Fabric Waste in Fashion Industries

Sicilia Sawitri
The technology develops rapidly. It may cause the advantages or disadvantages in every things. The effect can also in fashion industry. In Indonesia or another country, fashion industries had rose rapidly, such as garment industries which produce men's, women's and children apparels in big quantity....
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Developing Design of Mobile Robot Navigation System based on Android

Sigit Yatmono, Mrs. Muhfizaturrahmah
Navigation system of the mobile robot movement is a basic problem of a mobile robot control system. We must be able to establish and control the movement of the mobile robot fit with what we want and can avoid obstacles or barriers that hinder direction of motion of the mobile robot. In this study attempted...
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Pictorial Stories as Media of Prime Assistance Leraning For Vocational High School Students

Sri Emy Yuli Suprihatin
This research is aimed to: 1) find the data of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Imogiri Special Regency of Yogyakarta's teachers' obstacles in preparing pictorial stories as media of prime assistance learning, 2) produce pictorial stories as media of Prime Assistance learning of X grade students of SMK Muhammadiyah...
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Praiseworthy Character Instruments Development Culinary Students Through Cooperation Habituation Course Practice Groups in Food Processing

Mr. Sugijono, Badraningsih Lastariwati, Sutriyati Purwanti
This study set out from the problems of unavailability of instruments that measure habituation cooperation within the group in the course of food processing practices. This research aims to develop an evaluation tool to measure the cooperation within the group include: (1) ability to solve problems in...
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Design and Implementation of Low Voltage Three Phase Motor Speed Control and Visual Monitoring

Mr. Sunomo, Herlambang Sigit, Andik Asmara
This paper focused on the creation of three phase low voltage motor control under 50 volt for Power Electronic Lab Course of vocational education. With HEF 4752 PWM IC and microcontroller based system, motor operated in three category; low, medium and high speed. Under three phase 32 volt input, the...
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Improving the Learning Quality in the Vocational High Schools through the Implementation of Cooperative Learning Model

Mr. Sutopo, Mr. Paryanto, Aan Ardian, Arif Marwanto
The purpose of applying the cooperative learning model within the study was to improve: (1) the vocational learning activities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering; and (2) the vocational student achievement in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The cooperative learning models that had...
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Jumping Water Method on Microhydro Power Plant for Water Channel

Mr. Syafriyudin, Beny Firman, Prabudtya Bisma W
The most used renewable energy in Indonesia comes from hydro energy. The hydro energy available in Indonesia is around 75,000-76,000 MW. Of the total available water energy in Indonesia, there is only about 3.783MW to power for large-scale power plants and about 220 MW for small-scale power plants. One...
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Developing Interactive Learning Multimedia of Automatic Transmission in Motor Vehicles

Mr. Tawardjono, Bambang Sulistyo, Yosef Efendi
This research aims to develop learning media of automatic transmission based on flash. The procedure of developing the media starts from identifying the problem, collecting information, understanding the product design, validating the design, and testing the product. The result of this research is learning...
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Developing a Model of Recognition of Work Experience and Learning Outcomes Based on Indonesian National Qualifications Framework for Vocational High Schools Students

Mrs. Zamtinah, Mr. Soenarto, Djemari Mardapi
This study aimed to develop a ReWELO Model and a guidebook for the ReWELO implementation. The method to develop the ReWELO model was research and development adapted from Borg & Gall. The ReWELO model implementation was evaluated through competency and portfolio assessments. The subjects for the competency...
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The Characteristics of Aluminum Casting Product Using Centrifugal Casting Machine

Didik Nurhadiyanto, Mr. Mujiyono, Febrianto Amri Ristadi
Centrifugal casting for aluminum not develop yet. The aim of this research are to know the process of centrifugal casting and the characteristic of casting product. The methods used in this research is casting test for silinder aluminum. The ability of centrifugal casting tested using porous, hardness...
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Development of A Mobile Learning for Digital Logic Gates in Vocational Schools

Asni Tafrikhatin, Farah Puspa Marsyaly, Moh. Khairudin
This paper was aimed to know the impact of mobile learning media for the subject of basic logic gates in learning process at second grade student of vocational high school. This study was development using the Pressman's Waterfall approach to create the software. A Mobile learning media for the mastery...
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Standard Competence of Medical-Surgical Nursing Based on the Level of Clinical Competency Outcome in DIII Vocational Students of Nursing

Catur Budi Susilo
This research are aimed to know: 1) the achievment level of clinical competence of medical-surgical nursing among DIII vocational students of nursing, 2) the standard competence of medical-surgical nursing based hospital among DIII vocational students of nursing. The reseach metheod was using descriptive...
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Effect of the Project-Work Learning Model to Improve the Quality of Vocational Education in Indonesia

Dwi Rahdiyanta, Mr. Asnawi
This study aims to find: (1) the project-work learning model based a characters to improve the quality of vocational education; (2) the effect of the implementation of project-work learning model based a character of the attitudes and achievement of students. This study is a research development continued...
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The Influence of Learning Activeness and Adaptive Reasoning on Students' Strategic Competence with Metaphorical Thinking Learning Approach

Mr. Haryanto
This research aims to describe and examine the influence of learning activeness and adaptive reasoning on strategic competence of learning Intelligent Control System (ICS) course with metaphorical thinking learning approach. The type of research was a survey study. The population of this research included...
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The Effectiveness of Industry-Based Approach (I-BA) in the Productive Subject of Entrepreneurship for Vocational High School Students

V. Lilik Hariyanto
The objectives of this study are: (1) to produce an effective learning model using Industry-Based Approach (I-BA) for the productive subject of entrepreneurship, namely the subject of Furniture Engineering (2) to develop a guidebook for the implementation of the developed learning model, (3) to generate...
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Building Enterpreneurship Competence: The Evidence of Edotel Effectiveness

Mr. Pardjono, Erfin Dwi
This study aimed at revealing the roles of the Educational Hotels (Edotel) in developing the entrepreneurial competence and the factors affect the formation of entrepreneurship attitude of students of hospitality accommodation program at Vocational High School (VHS) in Yogyakarta. This research employed...
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Developing SciDiPro in the Implementation of 2013 Curriculum in SMK by Using Lesson Study

Sudji Munadi, Mr. Widarto, B. Sentot Wijanarka
This research aims to develop learning media in the form of mobile device, instructional module, and job sheets. This research also managed to implement scientific-based learning to support the implementation of 2013 curriculum by using lesson study. Research and Development by Richey & Klein (2010)...
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Community College: Expectation and Reality

Sunaryo Soenarto
Law no. 12 Year 2012 on Higher Education provides formal legality for Community College as one form of higher Education, which organizes vocational education at Diploma Level 1 (D1) or Diploma Level 2 (D2) in one or several branches of particular science or technology by concerning on local excellence...
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Articulation of High Order Thinking Skills in Competency-Based Instruction in Indonesia Vocational and Technical High School

Mr. Sutarto
The development of information and digital technologies demand employees who possess higher order thinking skills (HOTS). On the other side, under 2013 Curriculum that competence-based orientation, Vocational and Technical High School (SMK) in Indonesia as an institution that supply employee candidates...
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Aluminum Casting Laboratory To Develop Competencies of Vocational High School Teacher Candidate

Mr. Tiwan, Arianto Leman S., Mr. Widarto, Aan Ardian
Aluminum casting laboratory model was developed in order to build competencies of Vocational High School (VHS) teacher candidates of mechanical engineering program. Research and development method was used to develop the model which consist steps of: need assessment, model design, preparing tools and...
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How is the Application and Design of a Product-Based Entrepreneurship Learning Tools in Vocational Higher Education?

Hendra Hidayat
This study aimed to produce entrepreneurial learning tools that are practical and effective for feasible use in the field. This research used the ADDIE development model, with research and development (R & D) method. Subjects of this research were students of Electrical Engineering in Vocational Higher...
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Implementation of Teacherpreneurship on Teachers at Vocational High School

Herminarto Sofyan, Adhan Efendi
This study aims to increase: (1) the professionalism of teachers with teacherpreneurship implementation at SMK Negeri 2 Depok and SMK Negeri 1 Muhammadiyah Bantul, and (2) the response to the increase in the professionalism of teachers with teacherpreneurship implementation. The research is classroom...
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The Students' Teaching Quality in Teaching Experience Program at Vocational Secondary Schools

Istanto Wahyu Djatmiko, Samsul Hadi, Nurhening Yuniarti
This paper is a part of study that aimed to determine the students' teaching activities quality that carried out in Teaching Experience Program (TEP) at Vocational Secondary School (VSS) as foundation of professional development for teacher candidates. Study conducted by the evaluation approach of professional...
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Communication in Teaching and Learning of Technology Design Learning for Teachers in Primary Schools

Jamil Abd Baser, Fairuz Marian, Siti Salwa Ab Manap, Mohd Faizal Amin Nur Yunus, Saiful Hadi Masran, Mohd Bekri Rahim, Wardan Suyanto, Mr. Soeharto, Ali Muhamad
The Technology Design subject aims to equip students from primary schools with basic knowledge and skills in technical fields. In order to do this, teachers play an important role as a communicator to enable them to render the knowledge by means of communicating effectively so that the objectives set...
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The Urgency of Transferable Skills Development for Vocational Teachers: A literature review study in Indonesia

Mr. Marsono, Mr. Purnomo, Mr. Tuwoso, Maftuchin Romlie, Mr. Solichin
Transferable skills are very crucial for the future employment workforce. Vocational teachers whose transform their competency to the students should develop their abilities not only limited on technical skills but also on the transferable skills in accordance with the future industry's needs. The objective...
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The Seven Steps of Project Based Learning Model to Enhance Productive Competences of Vocational Students

Nizwardi Jalinus, Rahmat Azis Nabawi, Aznil Mardin
this study aims to reveal the effectiveness of the seven steps of Project based learning model (PjBL) in order to enhance the student's productive competences. The implementation of the PjBL model was implemented in two places at different times, there were at Akademi Komunitas Negeri Tanah Datar and...
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Industrial Assessment to Technical Skills and Employability Skills Students Based on KKNI (In Jakarta Region)

Rina Febriana, Agung Premono, Tuti Iriani
This study aims to determine the industrial assessment of technical skills and employability skills of students. This research uses survey method to collect information from a sample by asking through a questionnaire. This research consisted of the single / independent variable where the variable in...
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Teaching and Learning Innovation among Trainer Lecturer: A Case Study of Undergraduate Students Teaching Training Program at the Polytechnic, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

Saifullizam Puteh, Ramah Mada, Azman Hasan
This study aims to identify innovative teaching and learning (PDP), among trainees Degree Technical and Vocational Education (TVE), Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia (UTHM) for Teaching and Training program. There were four aspects examined in this study to identify the level of technology use, to...
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The Character of the Vocational Teachers Work

Siti Mariah
The purpose of this research is to find out the work character of vocational teacher in terms of: work commitment, work ethic, work appreciation, work culture, and work motivation. The research method used a survey in 5 cities and regencies in Yogyakarta. Data completion techniques used questionnaires...
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Analysis of Supporting Components for Quality Standards in Teacher Education and Vocational Training

Mrs. Suharni, Djoko Laras Budyo Taruno, Moh. Khairudin
The purpose of this study is to describe the components of the standard quality control of what is needed in education and vocational training to support the qualified education. This study uses a qualitative approach. Data were collected through three techniques namely interview techniques, questionnaires...
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Interpersonal Relationship between Lecturers and Students of Technological and Vocational Education

Samsul Hadi, Effendie Tanumihardja
this study aims at finding out to: 1) the dimensions of interpersonal relationship between lecturers and the students of technology and vocational education, 2) the profile of interpersonal relationship between the lecturers and the students, and 3) the most dominant dimension of interpersonal relationship...
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The Contribution of Internet Utilization and Learning Creativity on KKPI Subjects in SMK Negeri 2 Bandung

Hendra Widiana, Mr. Mukhidin, Widya Puji Astuti
The purpose of this study is to determine (1) How much contribution of Internet utilization to student learning outcomes on subjects KKPI; (2) How much contribution of learning creativity to student learning outcomes on KKPI subjects; (3) How much contribution of Internet utilization and creativity of...
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Values Identification for Visualization Development of 21st Century Vocational Teacher Competence which has Java cultural character

Sri Waluyanti, Djoko Santoso, Muh. Munir, Pipit Utami
This article aims to: (1) describe the cultural values of Java in accordance with the competence of vocational teachers of the 21st century and (2) obtain a visualization recommendation of Javanese cultural character values in accordance with the competence of vocational teachers of the 21st century....
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Government-link Companies in the National Dual Training System Programme: An Analysis of Perception, Factors Constraints, and Resolution

Asnul Dahar Minghat, Siti Salina Mustakim
The primary aim of the study is to evaluate the participation of Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) in the National Dual Training System (NDTS) Programme operated by the Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Human Resource. NDTS was launched in the year 2005 involving the participation...
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The Influence Factors to Academic Performance of Architecture Students in Malaysia

Azman Hasan, Jamil Abd Baser, Rasid Abd Razzaq, Saifullizam Puteh, Norzehan Ibrahim
The aim of this study was to identify students' academic performance degradation issues and also identify factors that affect the academic performance of the architecture students in Malaysia. The study is conducted through a qualitative research approach based on previous literature review. The previous...
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Providing Space for Creative Industry Sub-Sectors to Meet the Labor Market For Vocational School Graduates

Bayu Rahmat Setiadi, Mr. Suparmin
Creative industry is one sector of economic booster in Indonesia that is able to increase community self-sufficiency and absorb millions of jobs. The sector is able to compete with the main sectors of foreign exchange countries such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, banking, and other sectors of...
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Adobe Flash CS6-Based Interactive Multimedia Development for Clothing Pattern Making

Dina Ampera
In the Curriculum 2013, the Pattern Making subject is oriented towards the basic knowledge of students in making clothing patterns. Competencies that must be achieved by students in the pattern-making subject include changing blouse, shirt, and skirt patterns. Once students is competent in making the...
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Is the Implementation of the New Vocational High School Curriculum Better than the Implementation of the Previous Curriculum?

Edy Supriyadi, Yuwono Indro Hatmojo, Faranita Surwi
The objective of this study was to determine how K-13 of Vocational High School was implemented, and how far this new curriculum implementation was better than the previous curriculum. The research respondents were Vocational High School teachers in the Special Province of Yogyakarta Indonesia. The data...
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Learning Media Development Based on "Meme" as Efforts to Prevent Miscellanee Drug Abuse in Class VI of Elemtary School

Mrs. Farihah, Mr. Faisal
This study aims to develop meme-based learning media as an effort to prevent early drug abuse in grade VI of elementary school. This research uses 4-D model, namely: defining, designing, developing, and disseminating. There are three main activities undertaken when developing meme-based learning media,...
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The Implementation of Scientific Learning at Automotive Engineering Study Program on Vocational High School

Herminarto Sofyan, Zainal Arifin, Mr. Tafakur
The implementation of curriculum 2013 has changed some educational aspects. As the result, many problems appeared such as difficulties in conducting the authentic evaluation, implementing scientific learning using student-centered learning principle and encouraging the class to be active. To solve the...
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Employability Skills Required by the 21st Century Workplace: A Literature Review of Labor Market Demand

I Made Suarta, I Ketut Suwintana, IGP Fajar Pranadi Sudhana, Ni Kadek Dessy Hariyanti
This paper discusses the importance of employability skills of graduates in entering the workforce according to employers' perceptions, through a literature review. In 21st century workplace, the occupation-specific skills are no longer sufficient for graduates to meet the needs of labour markets. Workers...
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Involvement of Person with Physical Disabilities (PWD) in Technical Skills Field Employment

Jamil Abd Baser, Azman Hasan, Suhairi Ismail, Siti Khadijah Omar, Mor Atikah Md. Jizat, Moh. Khairudin
The purpose of this study were: (i) to identify dominant factors that drive the involvement of the person with physical disability in the technical and vocational skills employment; (ii) to identify the most dominant internal factor that prevents the involvement of the person with physical disability...
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Needs Assessment of Model Career Bases Intervention as a Traverse for Culinary Vocational Education Graduates' Work Readiness

Kokom Komariah, Fitri Rahmawati, Minta Harsana
Preparing the workforce who can be employed in the industry is the ultimate mission of vocational education. Therefore vocational education has to engage the learning model which is able to deliver the graduates to be ready to work. The study aims to strain the needed information which can be used as...
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Evaluation of Vocational Guidance In VHSand Development's Strategy

Mr. Mutaqin, Mrs. Muhfizaturrahmah
The problem in this research is how the implementation of vocational guidance in Vocational High School (VHS), carrying capacity and constraints on the implementation of Vocational guidance, and how its development strategy. The study was conducted with the CIPP model of evaluation research approach,...
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Vocational High School Readiness in Facing the ASEAN Economic Community

Nur Hasanah, Bada Haryadi, Galeh Nur Indriatno Putra Pratama
This study aimed to reveal: 1) Vocational High School attempts in improving the competence of its graduates, 2) Vocational High School graduates distribution over the past three years, 3) Participation rates of Vocational High School graduates in labour fulfilment of Business and Industrial World (DUDI).This...
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Evaluation of Vocational High School Performance from Students Opinion

Nur Kholis, Djemari Mardapi
Vocational secondary education is currently being addressed by various parties. This is related to the government policy that is making serious efforts to empower the vocational secondary education sector with the long-term development plan of 2005-2025 on the change of ratio between Senior High School...
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Developing Learning Outcomes to be Recognized Profession Competencies: Case Study in Bachelor (D-III) Electronic Technology Study Program

Peni Handayani, Mr. Siswoyo
The establishment of The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015 allows skilled labour, goods and services product flow freely in the member countries. This situation has increased the importance of recognizing skills of migrant workers. Skills development for meeting a certain job in a profession and recognition...
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Program of Sarjana Mengajar to Improve the Quality of Education on Vocational High School

Riana Nurmalasari, Eddy Sutadji, Djoko Kustono
The shortage of teachers and the distribution of teachers was still a problem in the education system in Indonesia. In response to the problem, one of the government's effort was by rolling sarjana mengajar program. The goals of this research are to describe more deeply about the role of sarjana mengajar...
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Implemantation of Integrated Work-Based Learning Model to Prepare Human Resource of Automative in ASEAN Economic Comunity

Mr. Suyitno, Mr. Pardjono, Herminarto Sofyan
The aims of study are to: (1) developing concept of integrated Work-Based Learning (IWBL) in automotive, (2) to study validity which is integrated in Work-Based Learning (IWBL) in automotive, (3) to test process IWBL, (4) to analyze student respond of integrated Work-Based Learning (IWBL) light wheel...
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Soft Skill Education in the Positive Mindset Frame for the Department of Mechanical Engineering Education Graduates

Thomas Sukardi, Mr. Subiyono
The aim of this study are to know the description of soft skill quality and mindset quality of college students majoring mechanical engineering education department in engineering faculty of Yogyakarta State University in which the finding is used as a basic guideline, approach, and strategy in the teaching...
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Vocational Education Development Framework in 21st Century

Mr. Wagiran, Mr. Pardjono, Wardan Suyanto, Herminarto Sofyan
Vocational education that aims to prepare students to enter the workforce have to responsive and anticipatory to the demands of the world of work today and the future. Acceleration of science, technology and employment structure in national, regional and global context brings the consequences of the...
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The development of students internship model in Faculty of Engineering Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

Wardan Suyanto, Dewi Eka Murniati, Mr. Pramudiyanto
The study is a continuing research from the 1st year result which designed a model of students internship applied in Automotive Engineering study program in Faculty of Engineering Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. The study aims to: 1) develop the model scope of student internship implementation to another...
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The Relevance of Vocational Choice Theories to Students Career Insights and Choices

Mr. Widarto
Career is the primary objective in the process of education, especially in vocational education. This study analyzed the extent to which vocational choice theories relevant to the career choices and career insights of Vocational High School (VHS) students in Yogyakarta regency in 2016. This study was...
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Validation Measurement Model of Emotional Intelligence among Technical Teachers in Vocational Colleges, Ministry of Education Malaysia

Mohamad Zaid Mustafa, Yahya Buntat, Zainal Abidin Sayadi, Abdul Rasid Abdul Razzaq, Rosnee Ahad
This study is to validate the emotional intelligence construct measurement model on technical teachers from vocational colleges under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. 493 samples from 25 vocational colleges comprising technical teachers specialising in electrical and electronic engineering, civil...