Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Vocational Education Applied Science and Technology (ICVEAST 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Debrina Vita Ferezagia, Karin Amelia Safitri, Nailul Mona, Badra Al Aufa
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICVEAST during July 25-27 in Surakarta. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description of the conference’s...
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The Procedure for Submitting a Health Insurance Claim for Health Fund Solution Products at PT. XYZ

Asrori, Windri Nabila Safitri
Claims in insurance are a process where participants get their rights through a policy agreement. The submission of health claim insurance is carried out with a deal that has been agreed upon from the beginning. This study discusses filing a health insurance claim for Health Fund Solution products at...
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Home-based Occupational Therapy to Improve Dressing Ability in Post Stroke Patient with Left Hemiparesis

Ayleen Kosasih, Assyfa Jalilah Nurfitri, Jihan Faradilla, Naura Nadhifah, Nadia Cahya Pramesti Safitri, Suci Damayani, Hermito Gidion, Reza Nur Arsyi, Muhammad Luthfi
Stroke is the leading cause for disability in Indonesia. Post stroke patients commonly experience significant impairment in their daily activities. This case study aims to describe the intervention to improve dressing ability in a post stroke patient. A home-based occupational therapy program was performed...
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Assessment of Medical Record Document Completeness in Inpatient Units Before and After STARKES Accreditation in a Private Hospital

Badra Al Aufa, Eka Nuryanti, Susilawati
The Hospital Minimum Service Standards include several key components, one of which is the vital management of medical records. Achieving 100% completeness in medical record documentation is a key indicator of success in the health sector, and it significantly influences the level of hospital accreditation....
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Effect of Yoga Implementation on Degenerative Disease Risk: Systematic Literature Review

Bintang Mukhammad Burhanudin Akbar, Safrin Arifin
Degenerative diseases are chronic diseases that significantly impact a person’s future life. Degenerative diseases are one of the most problematic diseases in 21st-century society. Degenerative diseases cause higher morbidity and mortality than other diseases. Yoga has become a form of medicine believed...
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Effectiveness of Virtual Reality (VR) in Improving Social Skills in Autism Spectrum Disorder Cases: A Literature Review

Biyuti Nurul Kadir, Muhammad H. Sahid, Mita Noviana, P. Aditya Denny
This literature review examines the effectiveness of virtual reality (VR) in improving social skills in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurobiological developmental disorder characterized by barriers to social interaction, communication, and limited...
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Post-Smart Tourism Destination: Have We Been Wise Enough?

Diaz Pranita
As there are massive initiatives on smart cities all over the world, smart tourism as part of urban and rural development emerges as destination’s panacea to gain competitiveness. Smart tourism is widely understood as the utilization of digital technology to co create experience with all stakeholders...
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Empowerment of Women Farmers as a Part of Combhipar’s Sustainability Activity in Communicating Healthy and Herbaliving

Dony Hermawan
This paper aims to present and discuss the initiative called “Combi Hope Women Empowerment” as a part of Combiphar’s sustainability activity in communicating healthy and herbal living. The program focuses on empowering women farmers in promoting sustainable practices and herbal products in Indonesia....
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Effectiveness of Virtual Reality versus Conventional Exercise on Gait Training in Parkinson’s Disease: a literature review

Faizah Abdullah Djawas, Putri Maharani Anindita, Aditya Denny Pratama, Iman Santoso
Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a degenerative process involving neurodegeneration in the substantia nigra with reduced dopamine production in the brain. Parkinson’s patients often experience gait disturbances that require physiotherapy intervention. Studies suggested that conventional exercises such as...
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Using Technology for Self-Measuring and Early Detection of Child Health

Gunawan Wicaksono, M. H. Sahid, Supatida Sorosak
Some children have a complex developmental disorder that can also be called autism. Developmental disorders in autism can include language and speech (communication) disorders, behavioral disorders, namely children tend to live in their own world or tend to ignore the surrounding environment and social...
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Development of Educational Video to Improve Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Quality among the Elderly

Herqutanto, Yoan Utami Putri
Sleep is an undiscovered problem in elderly. It is estimated that 50-70% of global elderly experience chronic sleep disturbance, with the most affected domains are sleep latency, fragmentation, and decreased efficiency. Poor sleep quality is strongly associated with cognitive decline, dependency, and...
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Robotic-Assisted Gait Training in Improving Gait Ability in Patients with Cerebral Palsy: A Literature Review

Mita Noviana, Penni Masria, Riza Pahlawi, Aditya Denny Pratama
Cerebral palsy is a complex disorder at the level of the central nervous system. Cerebral Palsy generally has symptoms that affect motor activity that has an impact on functional ability, especially in walking disorders. Cerebral palsy has disorders that are classified based on the location of the affected...
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Parallel Randomized Feasibility Trial of Occupational Therapy Virtual Reality Training for Stroke Patients

Muhammad Hidayat Sahid, Gunawan Wicaksono, Andriani Pratiwi, Akehsan Dahlan
Recent investigations have brought Virtual Reality Training (VRT) to the forefront as a promising computer-based therapy for stroke patients, showing positive effects on arm function, balance, and walking recovery (Laver et al., 2017; Saposnik et al., 2016). Nevertheless, the challenges faced by stroke...
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The Effect of Pharmacy Information Media Through Animation Video Using Fe Tablet on The Knowledge Level of Gudo Jombang Vocational School Students; A Quasy-Experimental

Murwati, Nur Atikah, Aghna Faqiha Zulfia Firdina
The prevalence of non-adherence among young women in consuming iron (Fe) tablets remains high, despite the government program providing free Fe tablets. Increased knowledge about taking Fe tablets is associated with improved adherence, making it crucial to develop and enhance adolescents’ knowledge....
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Social Network Analysis of Indonesian Twitter Users’ Behavior Regarding Medical Treatment Abroad

Nia Murniati
Currently, the issue of some Indonesian people deciding to seek treatment abroad is being hotly discussed on social media. This study uses secondary data from with Social Network Analysis (SNA) which focuses on the relationship between the use of graphic theory which can be illustrated through...
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Influencer Communication Strategies in Dealing with Cyberbullying on Instagram

Nur Laili Mardhiyani, Muhammad Zidan Rendra, Rizky Prasetyo, Alvian Wibowo, Bimo Wibowo
Based on UNICEF data from cyberbulling as of 2019, the number of victims in Indonesia reached 45%. Cyberbullying has a negative impact, especially for influencers who have a large following. The purpose of this study was to find what kind of communication strategies used and how influencers deal with...
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Social Media as a Platform for Information: Study in the Marketing Department at Hospital X

Nur Fadilah Dewi, Devina Riyadi, Radityo Kusumo Santoso
The Instagram social media platform is used to disseminate information digitally by displaying images, text and videos. Hospital X utilizes Instagram social media as a promotional medium to facilitate the dissemination of health information and introduce a service or product that is widely available....
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Hospital Credentialing at a Private General Hospital in Depok, Indonesia (A Qualitative Study)

Badra Al Aufa, Putri Pranita, Dyah Safitri, Dewi Kartika Sari
Credentialing is a formal activity used by hospitals to assess the performance of doctors by thoroughly reviewing the suitability of their competencies, supported by relevant and validating documents. Consequently, hospitals must establish a robust credentialing implementation system to uphold the esteemed...
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The Relationship Between Body Mass Index and Incidence of Anemia among Adolescent Girls in East Lombok, Indonesia

Qonita Rachmah, Badra Aufa, Ari Nurfikri, Supriadi, Nia Murniati, Elsa Roselina, Nur Fadilah Dewi
Anemia in adolescent girls could bring several health consequences and its prevalence was high, thus, remains a public health significance. Nutritional status is one of important factor in anemia development. This study aims to observe a correlation between age and nutritional status with incidence of...
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Aerobic Exercise to Reduce Insulin Resistance and Hyperandrogenism in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Riza Pahlawi, Yasmin Nusaibah, Faizah Abdullah Djawas, Mita Noviana
Infertility is a condition in which a woman is unable to achieve clinical pregnancy after engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse for more than 12 months. One of the causes is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a complex endocrine disorder and metabolic syndrome that is most common in reproductive-aged...
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The Effectiveness of Providing Yoga Exercises to Reduce the Risk of Falling

Safrin Arifin, Bintang Mukhammad Burhanudin Akbar, Andhiya Hana Sabrina
The elderly are a group of people who experience the aging process as life goes on and cannot be avoided. The aging process can be a biological factor which occurs continuously and causes anatomical, physiological and biochemical changes in tissues that affect body function. Yoga exercise is one of the...
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Overview of Inpatient Complaint Handling at Hospital X in 2022

Supriadi, Rika Nurkia Seisabila
Patient complaints are an expression of patient dissatisfaction with the services they receive, but for hospitals it should be considered as an indicator of organizational performance in an effort to improve service quality so that patients remain loyal to the hospital. This study aims to get an overview...
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Sustainability Reporting in Indonesia: A Content Analysis of Disclosure

Arthaingan H Mutiha
This study aims to evaluate Indonesia's sustainability reporting's level of disclosure for the year of 2019–2020. To assess the level of disclosure of Indonesian listed companies, content analysis was utilized in the study and to examine the substance of the Sustainability ac- tivities, the...
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The Job Description of a Content Specialist to Increase Digibank Brand Awareness Through Instagram at Olrange Digital Agency Period of January – March 2023

Besty Priyandhini, Shakila Annisa Mutiara Manurung
This paper will explain the role of a Content Specialist in the #digibankLevelMeUp campaign at Olrange digital agency. Starting with a lack of confidence, people choose not to develop their finances. In fact, growing financial is one of the ways for individuals having a good financial future. Peoples...
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Utilization of Digital Technology in Managing the Jakarta Walking Tour

Budiman Mahmud Musthofa, Uggasena Ariya Saputra
Technological disruption has made major changes in the development of the tourism industry. Utilization of technology for the management of the travel business, especially tour management, has now become a necessity in order to be able to compete with competitors. The purpose of this paper is to explain...
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Optimize the Business Ecosystem Model of Securities Crowdfunding Financial Technology to Improve Access to SMEs Funding

Dede Suryanto
The study aims to review the literature of several articles covering the financial technology company (FinTech) Securities Crowdfunding business ecosystem and related topics. Securities Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding business model facilitated by a financial technology platform. This research uses exploratory...
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Analysis of the Impact of Value Added Tax and Sales Tax On Luxury Goods on Electric Car Sales in Indonesia

Elsie Kasim
This study aims to analyse the impact of Value Added Tax and Sales Tax On Luxury Goods on electric car sales in Indonesia. Electric vehicles are one of the solutions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. However, the high price of electric vehicles is one of the main obstacles...
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Marine Hull Product Risk Assessment at a Reinsurance Company

Fia Fridayanti Adam
Indonesia is an archipelago that stretches from Sabang to Merauke and consists of thousands of islands. To facilitate inter-island connections, the community needs means of transportation. One of them is sea transportation using ships, both passenger ships and cargo ships, which must consider safety...
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Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Approach to Deliver TikTok FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Campaig Using SSAV Model: A Perspective from Advertising Industry

Hardika Widi Satria, Naldo, Fauzan Ramdhani
FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry has a rapid pace in term of acquaint its new product through a digital campaign engage with social media like TikTok. Pantene in 2021launched Miracle Hair Supplement and Hair Mask as new line product. The SSAV (Seeding, Sharing, Amplifying, Validating) model...
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Applying Machine Learning on ABC-XYZ Inventory Model Using Multivariate and Hierarchical Clustering

Irvan Prama Defindal, Nopriadi Saputra
Most of ventures need to manage many kinds of product urging them to prioritize one product on top of another. The prioritization criteria will depend on each department, making one product possibly get different priority level by different department. Unsupervised Machine Learning discipline could provide...
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Analysis of the Insurance Product Development Process for Bancassurance Distribution

Karin Amelia Safitri, Muhammad Thariq Fadhilah, Sri Astuti
Along with the growth of insurance in Indonesia, insurance companies need to innovate and develop, both from company profiles to presenting products that are marketed to the Indonesian people. Product development is also required to meet changing customer needs and wants. The bancassurance distribution...
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The Effect of Service Quality on Customers of the Jakarta and Tangerang Branch of the Gree Electric Appliances Indonesia on the “Hoki Sale” Campaign

Mohammad Ridha, Joanne Veronique Herlina Pingkan
The background to the preparation this research is the importance of service quality in order to get customer satisfaction and good value from consumers so that the targets set by the company can increase and provide brand awareness for the public. The purpose of writing this research is to explain administrative...
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The Influence of Time Scarcity on Buying Intention Level

Nadia Aldini Putri, M.Fiqdawan Recomartaga, Margareta Manalu, Sebastian Imanuel Gt Hutabarat, Sayyidah Aisyah Humairah
Widespread use of features time scarcity on online shopping platforms appeared to have an impact on sales. One way that can be used is to apply time limits on several products that are experiencing price discounts. However, there is very little previous research that addresses influence time scarcity...
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Uncover the Marketing Strategy of Skintific in Indonesia

Risca Fleureta Hudiyono, Syafira Ismail
As a new skin care brand in Indonesia’s beauty market, Skintific has stolen the attention of many Indonesian consumers. This situation attracts our interest to find out more about the marketing strategy implemented by Skintific to analyze them scientifically. We conduct an interview to one of Skintific...
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The Role of Music Media in Process UI Vocational Media Production Student Learning

Alvin Hadiono, Andi Belva Deany Nafashabila, Nur Omega Farras Nabilah Sulistyo, Bertilia Sri Handayu, Krisna Rajasaputra
Learning media according to Schramm (1977), is defined as a carrier technology messages that can be used for learning purposes. According to Briggs (1977), media learning is defined as a physical means to convey content or material such as books, films, videos, and so on. Gagne (1970) stated that the...
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Strategy Marketing through TikTok content @mencuriradensaleh for the Animo of Watching Movies Mencuri Raden Saleh

Amadhila Elina Penefaho, Salma Azzahra Rahsa Ku, Amarza Zacky Maulana, Andhika Maulana Veterio
Marketing has become a hot topic in recent years, seeing the interest in the convergence of digital technology to help the business promotion process in a sustainable manner through the communication pillar. Marketing relationships with consumers are established through communication. Therefore, marketers...
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The Public Relations Strategy in Utilizing the Universitas Indonesia Instagram to Deliver Informative and Effective Message

Amelita Lusia, Lydia Freyani Hawadi
Social media that emerged in various platforms, from Friendster (2002), Twitter (2006), Instagram (2010), to Threads (2023), offers many things to its users, ranging from entertainment, education, to social control, just like the functions possessed by conventional mass media. Among these platforms,...
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Preschooler Fine Motor Binder Innovation As a Pre-Writing Stimulation Tool for Autism Spectrum Disorder Children

Amien Suharti, Sri Pertiwi Andry, Shella Sukova, Aniza Elma Riana
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that has symptoms such as delayed communication and social interaction. Writing skills in children with Autism today are often delayed. This is due to a tactile impairment that can interfere with their soft skill coordination. To prepare for writing...
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The Impact of Online Travel Website Design on Online Purchase Intention: Case Study at

Anisatul Auliya, Diani Mustika Prianti, Nesya Fidelshy
E-commerce is one of the results from the development of internet technology. Traveloka is one of the e-commerce sites in the tourism industry that provides access to finding and buying types of travel needs, local attractions and financial service products. The purpose of this study is to explain how...
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Poverty Level Forecasting Based on Time Series Data Using BATS Algorithm

Beta Dwi Nugraheni, Dedy Rahman Wijaya, Budhy Aditya Hadie
Poverty is the inability to fulfill their needs on food, garments, housing, education, and health care. The Central Statistics Office of Finland calculates poverty using a data collection method based on data from the Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas). This data collection hurdle is to interview each householder,...
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Descriptive Job-Loss-Security and Participation Worker in Indonesia

Debrina Vita Ferezagia
Since the expansion of social insurance for workers affected by layoffs during the Covid-19 pandemic era in recent years, this insurance has received increasing attention. However, each country has a different program in regulating the benefits of layoff insurance. Using labor survey data, this study...
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A Qualitative Study of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Internships in the Eyes of Students and Industry Players: Post-Pandemic Student Internship Practice Research

Devie Rahmawati, Giri Lumakto, Mila Viendyasari, Rienzy Kholifatur, Andhita Yukihana
The biggest challenge facing the modern world today is the talent shortage. One of the causes of talent shortages is the mismatch between university graduates and industry needs. Many graduates do not have the skills or knowledge relevant to today's digital civilization. There is a need for cooperation...
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The Effectiveness of Tax Holiday as a Tax Incentive in Increasing Domestic Investment in the National Capital City (IKN)

Hadining Kusumastuti, Adiza Fatin
This study discusses the analysis of the effectiveness of the implementation of Tax Holiday incentives for domestic taxpayers who invest in the National Capital City. The provision of Tax Holiday incentives is one of the government's efforts to attract investors to invest in the National Capital...
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Analysis of Political Preferences on Information Acceptance Decision Making in the Perspective of Motivated Reasoning

Hasyim Asy’ari
Fake news is information that is fabricated and presented deliberately for the purpose of misleading and obscuring true reality into false. In its presentation, the information is made in such a way as if it is a legitimate journalism editorial. Fake news information is usually related to important issues,...
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Improving Interaction Caregiver of Children with Special Needs in Tooth Brushing Activity through Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) Program

A Qualitative Approach

Hermito Gidion
This study aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the experiences and perceptions of caregivers and children in tooth brushing activities and the influence of the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) program on their interactions. The research method used was a qualitative approach with a descriptive...
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The Effect of Watching Horror Film on Health Children and Adolescents in Indonesia

Ima Liana Esa, Chairunnisa, Salsabila Rakhfi Khoirunnisa, Nailul Mona, Salva Feyza Najwa Zaferina
Horror films are one of the film genres that are in great demand by many people, one of which is children. The purpose of this study is to find out how horror films affect the personality and emotional state of the children who watch them. This research is aimed at children and adolescents in Indonesia,...
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Implementation of Service Excellence Strategy to Improve Hr Performance in A Law Firm Office

Istiadi, Ghina Fortuna Ayu
One of the determining factors for the success of an office is the productivity and performance of Human Resources (HR). One of the key factors in increasing the productivity of a Notary Law Firm/PPAT office is the quality of services provided. This study aims to determine the extent to which the quality...
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The Effect of Millennial and Gen-Z Generation Disruption on Decreasing Buying and Selling Transactions using Cash

Joshua Paundra, Hafsyah Hamidah, Karen Mossa Anggita, Rahmi Setiawati, Andrean Nazly Regan Sadaukur Sitepu
Millennials and Gen-Z generations are generations born in the era of high technology and have a tendency to use technology in everyday life. The disruption caused by these two generations has had a considerable influence on many things, one of which is changes in buying and selling transaction patterns,...
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The Effectiveness of the Instagram @infotambun Social Media Account in Providing Information to the Community in the Tambun Area

Marcelino Ximenes Magno, Fikri Hasan, Pijar Suciati, Muhammad Rafi Azhar, Melisa Bunga Altamira, Mareta Maulidiyanti
Along with the development of the times, the use of social media is very helpful for humans in getting information. As with Instagram, currently many users use social media as a place to share news. That way, Instagram users can get news without having to open a news portal on a different platform. One...
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Effective Social Marketing Strategies for Social Changes

Mareta Maulidiyanti, Lydia Freyani Hawadi, Pijar Suciati, Ngurah Rangga Wiwesa
Social marketing aims for social change. However social marketing often has ineffective and unmeasurable results. The purpose of this research is to understand why many social marketing campaigns produce poor results dan unmeasurable. This research also proposes social marketing strategies to improve...
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The Evaluation of Marketing Communication Through Instagram for Umkm As A Strategy in Pandemic Time

Margareta Manalu
Easiness gained from the innovation of technology in a digital world now can reach all levels and generations. The power of social media that comes with the increasing number of people using gadgets also helps the development of features made for entrepreneurs and organizations. Many platforms emerge...
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The Use of Digital Storytelling as Entertainment Content on Social Media Twitter

Melisa Bunga Altamira, Khairunnisa Devani Aqtus Permana Putri, Raden Muhammad Rafi Tata Samudra
Storytelling is a technique that aims to provide information to the audience. Nowadays, storytelling is used in various media, including social media, called digital storytelling. Digital storytelling offers information through multiple types of content, such as entertainment content. Twitter is one...
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Critical Realism as Innovative Approach for Social Science Research: Information Governance Practices Context

Muhammad Usman Noor, Eko Wahyu Tyas Darmaningrat
The increasing concern over data breaches in Indonesia, particularly involving personal health information, necessitates effective solutions. Information governance (IG) has emerged as a potential remedy to address these challenges. This research paper aims to propose a critical realism approach as an...
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Visual Media Communication Strategy for Education Project xEV Center at PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

Naldo Noviyan Tantuah, Hardika Widi Satria, Kevin Valen Aditya
Communication is a process which someone tries to provide information by conveying messages to other people. In communication activity there are individuals or groups who are the sender of the message and the recipient of the message. Forms of communication are also divided into several types, namely...
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The Contribution of Intellectual Property Awareness and the Motivation of Comic Creators to Product Innovation

Ngurah Rangga Wiwesa, Rahmi Setiawati, Nailul Mona, Muhammad Rafi Azhar, Nadia Aldini Putri
Comics fall within the creative industry and have economic value in society in addition to the artistic sector. The comic industry must be acknowledged as a source of creative works with commercial worth and legal protection. In order to measure comprehension of comics as a component of the creative...
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Sensory Marketing for the Omnichannel Consumer Experience: Benefits and Ways Forward

Peny Meliaty Hutabarat, Erni Adelina
Human senses play a critical role in individual experiences in the process of decision-making, purchasing, and consumption. Consumer perceptions about products and services are also constructed through the five senses. However, it often goes unnoticed as a marketing strategy. Sensory marketing, which...
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Public Relations on Social Media for Indonesian MSMEs: The Importance, The Role, and The Challenges

Pijar Suciati, Mareta Maulidiyanti, Ngurah Rangga Wiwesa, Futihat Nurul Karimah
Modern public relations have evolved with improvements in social media technologies. PR can be done with low cost and high impact through social media. This should be great advantage for MSMEs. The purpose of this research is to see how far MSMEs in Indonesia understand the importance, the role, and...
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Social Media Marketing using Buzzer on Brand Awareness at PT Telkomsel

Radityo Kusumo Santoso, Nur Fadilah Dewi, Cionia Pradnya Anindita
The implementation of Marketing 5.0 forces businesses to utilize both technological and human resources when creating a customer experience. This aims to keep up with technological advancements, especially in the marketing area. The purpose of this research is to explain the effect of buzzers on brand...
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The Effect of Email Newsletter Services from Online Media! About the Interest in Reading Generation Z

Selo Aji, Ivana Angela, Putri Ayu Wulandari, Rayhan Fikri Ramadhandi, Kenzo Ahmad Naufal
This research aims to determine the effect of email newsletter services from online media Catch Me Up! what makes Gen Z’s interest in reading news increase or not. The method used in this study is a qualitative method, namely conducting a survey by distributing questionnaires, where the target is generation...
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The Effectiveness of the Tax Payment System Using E-Billing (Case Study of the Bogor Pratama Tax Service Office)

Thesa Adi Purwanto, Andinni Bhinneka Mantika
This paper discusses the effectiveness of the tax payment system using E-Billing. E-Billing is a tax payment method electronically using a billing code. The research locus was conducted at KPP Pratama Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. To assess the effectiveness of taxation applications as an electronic payment...
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Accounting Information Systems for SMEs: A Systematic Literature Review

Titis Wahyuni
Information systems have proven to be critical to company success. Accounting information systems not only help in providing information for better decision making but also help companies with planning, controlling, assessing, and improving the company's business processes. The purpose of this research...
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Willingness to Use Reverse Vending Machine in Plastic Bottle Waste Management

Ari Nurfikri, Dwi Nowo Martono
Plastic bottles take a long time to decompose by nature. In contrast, plastic bottle waste in Indonesia is disposed of uncontrolled, which can affect public health and the environment. Indonesia has started digitizing plastic bottle recycling with a circular economy approach to address this problem....
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Building Collective Awareness for Handling Domestic Plastic Bottle Waste in the University of Indonesia Vocational Education Program

D. K. S. Nugraha
This research discusses various issues related to the process of building the collective awareness of the academic community of the UI Vocational Education Program regarding the domestic plastic bottle waste management system, starting from the process of building a will to change, policies and regulations,...
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Fundamental factors and tax management as a measure of company performance during the Covid 19 pandemic in Indonesia case of LQ 45 shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Erwin Harinurdin
Since The development of digitalization in the current era has an impact on various areas of people’s lives. Changes are very fast, fundamental by messing up the pattern of the old order to create a new order. This era is usually called the era of disruption. Disruption targets inefficient industries...
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ICTs for Sustainability in Ecotourism, Tarsius Hunt and Trees Scanner as Destination Attraction in Bukit Peramun

Febrian, Muhammad Ardhianto Adli
Sustainability is often said to be the middle ground in the Tourism debate, especially in the process of developing nature-based tourism. The basic thing is that the development of nature-based destinations often forgets the impact of development, namely the degradation of development areas, especially...
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Modernization of Tax Administration in DJP Online Service in Terms of Efficiency Principle

Fitria Arianty
The DJP Online service is an online based application provided by the DGT in supporting the fulfilling of tax obligations for taxpayers. Indonesia continues to keep up with technological developments in the context of modernizing tax administration. After several years applied, it is necessary to review...
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The study of Applying the Internal Control Based on COSO Framework to process of billing and receiving cash at PT ABC

Heri Yuliyanto, Chotib Hasan, Silsilia Nurtia Putri, Dewi Kartikasari, Nur Rahmi Fithriani
Business competition is getting more challenging in the current era of globalization, so companies must be able to generate income and manage company operations effectively and efficiently. Therefore, billing and receiving cash is an essential part of the business process at PT ABC to generate income....
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Event Management Company Perspectives of Green Event Implementation in Indonesia

Indonesia’s event industry is currently growing tremendously and has great potential to support the return of tourism activities in Indonesia, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. A wide variety of events are planned, such as exhibitions, conventions, incentive trips, concerts, cultural performances,...
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Exploration of Innovation in Sustainability to Financial Performance in the Perspective of SMEs

Today, we are living in the rapid changing environment. This changing has been pushed every corporation have to anticipated in the form of proper way and innovative actions. Innovations in business should be in the frame work of going concern of living worlds. This study aims to give an explorations...
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Analysis of Utilization of Palm Oil-Based Circular Bioeconomy in Supporting the Acceleration of East Kalimantan’s Energy Transition

Mila Viendyasari, Mohammad Syukri, Devie Rahmawati
This study researches the utilization of the waste generated from the palm oil agro-industry in Indonesia based on the implementation of two concepts, i.e., bioenergy systems and circular bioeconomy. This study aims to develop a strategy to accelerate the energy transition from fossil to renewable energy...
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Development Concept of Bamboo Forest Tourism Area in Bekasi City

Mochamad Fajar Akbar, Dewi Yunita Sari, Mahadewi
Tourism is one of the largest foreign exchange earners that has a major impact on a country’s economy. Indonesia has abundant natural resources that have great potential for development. The development process needs to be supported by various parties such as the government, managers and the community...
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From a National Perspective: The Development of Smart Tourism Destinations in Indonesia

Poeti Nazura Gulfira Akbar, Cintaku Hening Telaga Wibowo
As the hub of the government and the economy in Indonesia, Jakarta is expected to lead the way in the growth of this industry. In order to meet this expectation in the fourth industrial revolution and the era of digitization, Jakarta’s tourism industry needs to be supported by a number of ICT applications...
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Photo Archives: Preserving Memories

Ratih Surtikanti, Sasmita Sintarani, Dyah Safitri
This paper discusses the importance of making photos part of an archival collection and provides recommendations for acquisition methods. This paper will explore the role of developing archive acquisition methods carried out by the Depok City Archives and Libraries Office to enrich the collection. Photographic...
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Innovation and Corporate Sustainability Performance: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia

Sandra Aulia, Ahmad Hambali
During globalization and economic uncertainty, companies are required to continue to innovate to increase their competitive advantage. In addition, management should not ignore stakeholder encouragement for sustainable practices within the company. This study aims to provide empirical evidence about...
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Proposed Implementation of Lean (Managing Waste) in a Sundanese Restaurant in BSD

Sandy Kirana Ritista Atmaja
The culinary industry in Indonesia has experienced significant growth, contributing 38.38 percent to the country’s GDP. However, food waste remains a major environmental issue, with food losses accounting for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. This research focuses on Restaurant X, a renowned dining establishment...
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How to Avoid Dispute Royalty to Affliated Party Considered as Disguised Dividend: Case Study of Indonesia’s Decision of Tax Court

Titin Fachriah Nur, Hanna Bella
The royalty payment is an important aspect of corporate taxation. The business must be able to prove the basis of the payment of royalties during the tax audit, therefor the company is not considered doing tax evasion by tax authorities. This study analyzes the result of tax dispute cases in the Indonesian...
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Does Financial Inclusion Improve Financial Literacy? An ASEAN Cross-Country Analysis

Vindaniar Yuristamanda Putri, Ida Nurhayati
The gap between financial literacy and financial inclusion has become one of the reasons why economic development is hardly developed. This study examines the effect of financial inclusion in improving financial literacy in ASEAN Countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar,...
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The Potential Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Process of Collecting Metadata in Photo Archive Description Activities

Wiwiet Mardiati, Siti Aisyah, Niko Grataridarga, Retno Wulandari
In the current era of digital technology, the creation of photos produced in an activity is experiencing a significant amount of “explosion”. These photos are often stored without adequate metadata, allowing a great deal of information and events to fade over time. In this case, information managers...
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The Effect of Using Robotic Lower Limb to Improve Endurance in Spinal Cord Injury: Literature Review

Aditya Denny Pratama, Aulya Sabilla, Mita Noviana, Iman Santoso
The incidence of spinal cord injury is 90% due to traumatic causes, with traffic accidents being the leading cause, and falls being the second most common cause. Spinal cord injury occurs due to external physical trauma that damages the spinal cord or non-traumatic due to disease processes. Complications...
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Production and Characterization of Analog Rice from Combination of Maranta arundinaceae L., Dioscorea esculenta, Carrageenan and Konjac as an Alternative Staple Food

Amelia Rahmawati, Heny Kusumayanti, Callysta Najmi Raissa
The current high demand for rice with a consumption pattern of around 80% is not balanced by the continuous decline in national rice supply of 0.45% (140.730 tons). Thus, alternatives to rice made from cereals and tubers are needed. Maranta arundinaceae L. has the potential as an ingredient in the production...
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The Use of Storybook for Eating Problems in Child with Asperger Syndrome

Evi Rachmawati, Sucipta Carla Sasti, Dewi Listiani Solecha, Asy Syifa Karima
Introduction Children with autism are characterized by having higher levels of sensory sensitivity and cognitive and behavioral inflexibility. Thus traits might represent problems in eating, such as selective eating and food avoidance. These problems might present until adulthood if not given early intervention...
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Effectiveness of Closed Kinetic Chain to Improve Functional Ability in Knee Osteoarthritis

Iman Santoso, Vania Salsabila Aristawati, Faizah Abdullah Djawas, Riza Pahlawi
This article evaluates the effectiveness of closed kinetic chains to improve functional ability in knee osteoarthritis in a narrative form of literature. Knee osteoarthritis is chronic inflammation in the knee joint due to damage of the knee joint cartilage. This condition causes limitations in carrying...
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The Effectiveness of Assistive Devices for Activity Daily Living (ADL) among People with Physical Dysfunction

Muhammad Luthfi
Physical dysfunction can contribute to the loss of ability to perform daily task activities, intervention is needed to prevent this condition. This study aimed to determine the effect of Assistive Devices on occupational performance among people with Physical Dysfunction. The research subject is five...
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Aerial Object Tracking System on Micro Quadrotor Drone for Crowd Detection in Small-Scale Area

Musthafa Dimas Bagaskoro Pranoto, Muhammad Ikhsan Sani, Marlindia Ike Sari
Remembering when COVID-19 had such a huge impact in Indonesia. For pandemic prevention and control, it is important to use all available technologies for mitigation. There are reports of attempts to use drone technology in various settings. Drones can help control pandemics in a variety of ways. Recent...
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Utilization of Freshdesk Chatbot Technology to Maintain Customer Experience of YellowFit Kitchen

Nailul Mona, Dara Pocut Zahrah
Yellowfit Kitchen is a catering service company which specialized for diet menu. Previously YellowFit, via their city-based agent, using manual chat message to communicate with their potential customer. But customer found it difficult to contact their corresponding sales agent. Therefore, YellowFit utilize...
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The Application of Assistive Devices for Helping Independent Activity Daily Living in Stroke Patient

Reza Nur Arsyi, Thahirah Putri Syahfithri, P. Amaretha Fika, Humaira Rahmi Dewi, Novita Hedianasia
Stroke is a leading cause of disability worldwide; Stroke remains the second-leading cause of death and the third- leading cause of death and disability combined (as expressed by disability-adjusted life years lost - DALYs) in the world; the incidence of stroke is 150-200/100.000 individuals/ year. One...
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Predictive Analysis of COVID-19 Positive Rate Using SAP Analytics Cloud: A Case Study

Wahyu Nofiantoro, Nisa Ismundari Wildan
This paper explores the utilization of SAP Analytics Cloud for analyzing COVID-19 data and predicting the positive rate. Given the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global health and economies, accurate data analysis and forecasting have become vital for effective decision-making and resource...