Proceedings of the 2017 9th International Economics, Management and Education Technology Conference (IEMETC 2017)

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Research and Practice on Talent Training Model of Mechanical Applied Undergraduate

Le Wang, LiJun Zhong
From a macro point of view, the application type undergraduate programme of mechanical engineering is divided into two kinds, which belongs to the professional field of technology, mainly including the research on the theory of knowledge, the development of new products, mechanical design and manufacture,...
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Research on the Effect of Organizational Justice on Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
This paper systematically introduces the meaning of organizational fairness research and the meaning, structure and function of organizational justice, and analyzes in detail the reaction of organizational justice to organizational fair and objective situation and the three factors of organizational...
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Can International Crude Oil Futures Stabilize the Crude Oil Spot Price Fluctuations in China?

Yan Ge, Haixia Wu
Based on the international crude oil futures price and the spot price of crude oil in China from January 4, 2006 to August 20, 2014, the VEC-BEKK-GARCH (1, 1) model was used to analyze the international crude oil futures prices and the crude oil Fluctuation relationship between spot prices. (1) There...
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Research on the "Ecological Harmony" Consciousness of Foster's "India Trip"

Linjia Gao
The famous British novelist Foster's "trip to India" contains profound ecological thoughts, reflecting the ecological crisis between man and nature, man and man, and between conquest and domination. The novel strongly criticized the strong sense of power created behind the crisis, advocating the desire...
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A Study on the Shaping and Training of Public Servant Leaders in Public Hospitals

Jian Gong, Jiang Su, Jian Sun, Fei Ma, Xiaoming Dong, Fanchen Meng, Hongxia Bi
In recent years, the theoretical research achievements in the management of academic circles in Europe and America and the practical management experience in the industry show that public servant leader plays a catalytic role in the healthy growth and harmonious development of enterprises. This paper...
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Research on the Development Strategies of Yunnan' Historic and Cultural Tourism Resources

Yiqiu Wang, Shijie Li
The long and rich history and culture of Yunnan are important resources for tourism development in Yunnan. The Yunnan' historic and cultural tourism resources are unique, rich in categories and relatively complete preservation. In the process of the development of historical and cultural tourism resources...
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Development Trend Analysis on GDP of Shaanxi Province

Miao Fan
The data of Shanxi GDP from 2009 to 2014 was analyzed Based on the model of GM(1,1) of Grey Theory. It calculates the development of GDP in next few yeas. Then again, we use Grey correlation analysis on primary, secondary and tertiary of Shanxi, discussed the correlation of GDP to them. Based on the...
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The Impact and Inspiration of The College English Education Model By MOOCs

Zhaoying Li
With the appearance and development of Mooc, the education of college English has been impacted greatly, and the influence is mainly shown in the following aspacts: traditional education mode; the class instructure; the relation between students and teachers and the ability and quality of the teacher...
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Research on Frost's Poetry in the Light of Spiritual Ideology

Yang Liu
Robert Frost is one of the world-widely known and highly esteemed American poets in the twentieth century. Frost used the traditional writing style in his poems to show his meticulous observation and contemplation of natural phenomena and laws of nature and life phenomenon of realistic problems. In-depth...
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Research on Risk Assessment and Control of Real Estate Project Loan in China

Yi Liu, Meiyan Yang, Siran Wang
Real estate development funds rely too much on bank loans, making the real estate investment market risk and financing credit risk concentrated in the bank. Based on the analysis of the loan risk factors in the real estate project construction, this paper establishes the risk assessment index system...
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Introduction on One Calligraphic Criteria Based on Early Theory Books--Vertical and Horizontal Strokes with Imagery

Yipeng Luan
Vertical and horizontal strokes with imagery, the first calligraphic criterion since the end of the Han Dynasty, refers to the associative imagery from the combinational relations among calligraphic strokes. Its establishment benefited from the perfection of the cursive script and was then applied to...
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Example Application of Cost and Schedule Equilibrium Control Model in Communication Base Station Construction Project Based on Earned Value Method

Guoqing Dang
How to improve the efficiency and quality of network mobile construction has become the focus of operators' mobile communication construction project management. The completion time of the construction of the base station will be subject to a number of uncertain factors. The project management theory...
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The Application and Reflection of Sports Simple Stroke in Autonomous Learning

Zhuo Wang, Wentong Liu
As the first form of human visual language, simple strokes use highly general means to extract the typical characteristics of the image of objects, to create a geometric, simple image of the various. Sports simple strokes is simple, vivid, humorous, and a handful of pens which can deliver rich language...
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A Blended Collaborative Teaching and Learning Model for Chinese L2 learners Based on Website

Jiangying Yu
Blended Learning is not a new term in Open and Distance Learning (ODL), which has been used with increased frequency in both academic and corporate circles since the beginning of the last century. However, the study on Chinese as a second language (L2) teaching and learning with the application of Blended...
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Problems and Countermeasures of University-affiliated Scientific and Technological Enterprises under the Background of New Normal

Yunshan Liu
Since the reform and opening up, many universities and colleges have established high-tech enterprises. Although achieve great development, these university-affiliated technology enterprises are still faced with operational problems on concept, management system, operation mechanism and other aspects....
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Study on the Effective Operation Mechanism of School Gymnasium opening to Society

Youfeng Wang
This article studied on the issue of school gymnasium to society through interviewing and then explore the flaw of such operation mechanism to build a sound base for its being better, which could improve the open level of school gymnasium, complete the fitness service system and offer the conference...
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Tentative Analysis on Healthy Condition and Improvement of High-school Students

Youfeng Wang
As we all know, health is the fundamental factor of human beings. Without a strong figure, we students could not show our ability even with plenty knowledge and skill. Therefore, high-school managers should pay higher attention to the healthy situation of students, and explore more effective measurement...
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Analysis on the Impacts of Sudden Stops of International Capital on the Volatility of Chinese Stock Market on the Basis of VAR Model

Junwei Xing
The financial crisis happened in emerging market countries in 1990s shows that, the sudden stops of international capital, which often lead to a series of chain reactions, is an important cause of financial crisis. In this paper, the sudden stops of international capital flows and the return ratio volatility...
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Study on Conversations Between Wen Huan and Tan Liu--A Study Based on A New Account of the Tales of the World

Ming Zhang
A New Account of the Tales of the World is a masterpiece of the biographical stories popular during the Wei and Jin dynasties. Characters depicted in the book are not isolated individuals; they form an integral whole with interconnections. There are various complex relationships among characters; the...
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Ecological Ethics of Green Economy in Modern Society

Shuxia Zhang
The green economy is one of the main features of modern society which calls for the sustainable development. Ecological Ethics,being a major and common topic in human daily life, reflects the requirement by the nowadays environment in which human beings inhabit. This kind of economic development model...
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Research on Internet Financial Services for Rural Economic Development in Jilin Province

Liuyang Zhao
In today's comprehensive economic development and development of a well-off society, farmers also need funds to improve rural areas to build their own material and cultural life. On the basis of the lack of collateral or low value in Chinese rural areas, the traditional financial institutions have been...
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2016 Annual Statistical Analysis Report of Research Paper of Sichuan Technology and Business University

Zongshan Pu, Liqun Xiao, Yiran Huang, Hongping Bai
The analysis statistic of CNKI Periodicals and papers is a valuable reference to assess the science research .Statistics after 2016 shows that the amount of papers delivered by Sichuan Technology and Bussiness University tends to increase and Sichuan Technology and Bussiness University ranks in the forefront...
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The Study on Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism Based on the "Internet Plus" Concept

Qinghua Zhang
Rural tourism is an important part of China's tourism industry, and the amount of the tourists accounted for 1/3 of the total tourist reception. The coming era of the "Internet Plus" brought great changes to the rural tourism consumption, industrial development and enterprise management. Therefore, the...
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Research on Green Product Design and Sustainable Development

Wei He, Wanxiang Li
This paper discusses the relationship between product design and sustainable development, that green product design is one of the effective means to achieve sustainable development, in order to comply with China to create a "harmonious society, circular economy" social development model, green product...
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Research on Archives Management Modernization Based on the "Internet Plus" Concept

Ming Nie
In 2015, the "Internet plus" was designated as a national strategy. In this environment, the archives management should follow the era of development in accordance with their own conditions. The problems of how to deal with the challenges and seize the opportunity has became the considerable thing that...
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Research on Competitive Advantages of Commercial Banks of China

Yu Song
With the accelerated pace of global economic integration and the implementation of "Belt and Road" policy of China, the degree of opening to the outside world is gradually increasing. China's banking industry is directly facing the international mature financial market, and the pressure of competition...
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An Analysis of the Administrative Agreement on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region from the Perspective of Law

Li Feng
In the process of promoting the synergetic development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, which is a national strategy, regional administrative agreement has become one of the most important coordination mechanisms of the rule of law. However, at present, the related legislation and legal theories...
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A Study on the Development Environment and Countermeasures of Cruise Tourism in Tianjin City

Hongsheng Zhang
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's economic level, cruise tourism has attracted more and more attention. As cruise tourism has a high multiplier effect, some qualified port cities have proposed strategies to develop cruise tourism. As one of the important ports in China, Tianjin...
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Research on Talent Demand of Business English under the Background of Free Trade Zone in China

Dong Xue
China has approved the establishment of twelve free trade zones by 2017, which not only involve the coastal areas but also involve the inland areas. The construction of free trade zones requires the cultivation of many business English talents. This paper analyzes the demand for business English talents...
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Research on Differences of Efficiencies of Chinese Commercial Banks

Weiyi Ji
With the accelerated pace of the global economic integration and China's "Belt and Road" policy, the opening degree of China is gradually increasing. The tendency is obvious that Chinese banking industry is directly facing the competition pressure of the international mature financial market. Bank efficiency...
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Research on Influence of Online Group-Buying Marketing on the Market

Yating Du
The convenience of the network develops a set of network shopping; sellers sell marketing products through net site that is very common. Before the emergence of the network, the electronic data communication has been adopted by some enterprises as a business approach, but the scope of application is...
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Research on Innovations of Management Mechanisms under the Background of Shaanxi Free Trade Zone

Peng Zhang
At present, China's free trade zones have formed a gradual expansion of the coastal areas to the inland regions. Many free trade zones have formed a large number of replicable experiences, which provide valuable references for the construction of Shaanxi free trade zone. Learning the advanced experiences...
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Research on the Optimization Strategy of the Construction of Aquatic Products Quality and Safety Traceability System in China

Ding Sun
Chinese aquatic product quality and safety traceability system is still in the initial stage of development and exploration period, in the local government's active efforts to promote and business cooperation, although also achieved some success, but also faced with many problems. Through combing and...
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Research on Salary System Construction of Employees Based on Performance Management

Xinzi Li
Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises must give full play to the employee's enthusiasm in order to gain competitive advantage. The construction of employee salary system based on performance management is an important method to exert employee's enthusiasm. This paper analyzes...
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A Study on the Energy Price Reform Based on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Haiwen Long
The reasonable energy price formation mechanism promotes resource conservation and environmental protection, and improves sustainable economic development. As an important means of regulating energy demand, the energy price plays an important role in promoting the process of energy saving and emission...
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System Innovation, Corporate Governance and Development Potential of State-owned Enterprise

Pengwu Wang
State owned enterprises are the mainstay of China's economic development. They occupy the key position and play an important role in many industries and fields in China. However, at present, the vitality of China's state-owned enterprises is lacking. The reasons lie in the backwardness of the company...
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Analysis on the Causes and Countermeasures of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises' Business Risks in China's Commercial Banks

Mian Liu
With the continuous deepening of market economic reform, small and medium-sized enterprises in China have become an indispensable part of the national economy, and its risk characteristics make it less able to withstand risks. For banks, the ability of risk management plays a crucial role. The information...
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Influence Research of Capital Structure on Performance of Listed Real Estate Enterprises in China

Xinxin Jing
Since the implementation of commercial housing reform, the real estate industry has entered a stage of rapid development. As the real estate industry takes up a large amount of capital, it is becoming the pillar industry of our country. In this paper, the regression model of two-stage panel is used to...
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New Discussion on the Credit Risk Influential Factors of Banking Loans among Small and Medium Enterprises--From Evidence of a Latest Survey of Small and Medium Enterprises

Chunyu Li
By using an investigation data for the operation situation among small and medium enterprises in some area of Guangdong Province in 2015, this paper has analyzed multiple aspects of factors that may affect the credit risks of small and medium enterprises relatively comprehensively. On the basis of previous...
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Research on Enterprise Flat Management Mode under the Network Economy circumstance

Yuting Zhao
With the continuous improvement of the network environmental circumstance, the enterprise is expected to exchange the information rapidly and effectively. Based on this actual background, the enterprise flat mode has been researched in this study, to replace the traditional pyramid management mode. As...
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Study on the Planning of Urban Agricultural Tourism Park in Xi'an Around Mountain Tourism Zone

Xubang Wang
Urban agriculture is not a new concept. More than 100 years ago Howard's theory of pastoral city implied the seeds of urban agriculture. Today, urban agriculture in developed countries and regions, especially in developed countries and regions, often play an important role in urban development, Its theoretical...
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The Research about the Development Direction of Outdoor Sports in the Perspective of "Healthy China"

Ge Liu
In the perspective of "Healthy China" and the interactive relation between health and outdoor sports, the thesis analyses the developing actuality of outdoor sports, knowing clearly about the current situation of people in our country, which aims to make the main thought of the standard of our health,...
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Research on Causes and Countermeasures of High Surplus of Unemployment Insurance Fund in China

Xiuli Xiang
Unemployment insurance fund is the material base for the development of unemployment insurance system. At present, the balance of unemployment insurance fund in China has exceeded expectations for many years, and the efficiency of fund utilization is relatively low. This paper discusses the reasons for...
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Research on Permanent Income Hypothesis and Steady Development of Real Estate Market in China

Ying Zhang, Wei Yang
The real estate industry is one of the pillar industries in China's national economy. Because of the particularity of its resources, every fluctuation will cause the whole society to pay close attention to it. Especially, the residential housing market has become a necessary condition for the stability...
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The research of shareholder equity option gamble base on the corporate control right distribution

Lei Wei
We build shareholding allocation model based on the sharply value model application of corporate control right. Conclusion shows that, the distribution of corporate control right to determine proportion of shareholding is feasible, that reveal the path of the ownership mechanism of corporate shareholders...
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Effects of Service Industry Liberalization on Exports

Yang Li, Yanxi Huang
The service industry opening can bring about a large welfare effect. However, the Chinese government basically adheres to a more or less conservative service industry opening strategy. Therefore, we try to find out the potential effects of service industry opening from a policy perspective. This paper...
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Discussion on the development strategy of travel agency under the impact of tourism e-commerce

Jing Luo
The emergence and development of the Internet has brought new impacts on e-commerce, prompting the traditional travel agencies to constantly change their own development model, and actively respond to the requirements of the new era of development. Based on this, this paper analyzes the development strategy...
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Study on the route and Countermeasures of the development of tourism e-commerce in Silk Road

Chen Ding
Silk Road Economic Belt is an important part of regional economic development in our country, many provinces along the Silk Road Route in central and Western China, and West Asia, Eastern Europe and other countries. Therefore, the tourism resources are very rich. In the era of the Internet economy, e-commerce...
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Analysis of the impact of tourism e-commerce on the development of China's tourism industry

Ying Meng
tourism as an important industry in the development of the national economy, the effect is good or bad for the development of regional economy and even the national economy is huge, "adjust the structure effects of promoting growth" policy and idea, also is of great significance to promote the tourism...
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Research on e-commerce management objects under Information Technology

Jiantao Wang
E-commerce is the modern development of business trip, especially with the deepening of economic globalization and Zhan, e-commerce has become one of the primary choice of trading methods. And the development of electronic commerce, cannot do without the support of information technology, it can be said...
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Reformation and Development Prospect of the International Tax Regime

Zheng Zhang
As hundreds years of development, the international tax regime goes through 100-years reformation and its future development will directly influences the international investment and economy. From a view of point of the international economy, the constitution, reformation, and the development of the...
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Analyses and Countermeasures for the Implementation of the Social Insurance Law

Bin Ma
Nowadays, the thinking of making laws for the people and ruling the country according to laws is deeply planted among the people, and the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics needs the construction of legislation of socialism with Chinese characteristics as well. The development and...
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Research on Regulatory Enforcement Forces of Shaanxi Local Government Debt

Fuqin Yue
Through 30 years of reform and opening up, China's undertakings have achieved rapid development. But at the same time, local governments have accumulated a lot of debt. Chinese local government debt issue has caused domestic and foreign economists and decision-makers attach great importance to it. It...
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Strategy Research of Standardization Construction of Intelligent City

Xiaoyan Liu
Smart city is based on strategic emerging technology, through a thorough and thorough perception, broadband flooding in the Internet, intelligent integration of the application and people-oriented continuous innovation, and ultimately the city's intelligent development. The establishment and perfection...
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The Idea Construction on Chinese Choice of Foreign Direct Investment under the Strategy of "One Belt One Road"

Yunyun Yang
Since the reform and opening up, Chinese economic level has increased rapidly which is mainly attributable to the success of export trade and foreign investment. In the gradual expansion of the economy at the same time, the original pattern of economic growth has shown a certain drawbacks. Economic development...
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Development and Inadequacy: Research on the Rights and Interests Protection of the Subjects in Chinese Drug Clinical Trials

Juan Song, Shanshan Mei
Chinese drug clinical trial subjects are large, and constantly improve the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of this group is the Chinese government for many years the goal. By continuously improving the legislation, strengthening the supervision and management of the relevant subjects,...
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Research on the Cultural Brand Branding Strategy in Fujian Free Trade Area

Juan Guo, Wenchao Du
Based on the new model of consumer psychology ----- AIGAS model, this paper constructs the cultural brand of FTA in Fujian province. Through the cultural rebirth strategy, the cultural transformation strategy of Taiwan culture marketing mode, the multi-media marketing strategy, Fujian local culture output...
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Research on the Development Model and Strategy Suggestions of Chinese Cross - border E - commerce

Xianwei Feng
In recent years, Chinese e-commerce with the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce and the overall size of the transaction model has been greatly improved. This paper starts from the analysis of the contents of cross - border e - commerce, analyzes the main function of cross - border e -...
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Research on the Construction and Operation of Human Resource Management Project from the Perspective of Multimedia

Xiaoping Ma
With the continuous progress of China's society, China's human resources management project has also made considerable progress. The project human resource management is one of the nine areas of knowledge in project management. It runs through the whole process of project construction, and it also plays...
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Research on the Perfection of Incentive Mechanism of Human Resource Management in Colleges under Network Age

Xiaoping Ma
With the changing of the times, the obsolete human resource management concept in our country, the imperfect management mechanism, and the imperfection of the resources supporting facilities in the university, the weak degree of information and other factors have restricted the healthy development of...
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The Impact of Labor Transfer on Farm Households' Adoption of Forestry Technology - Based on the survey data in Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces

Xiaomin Jiang, Weiping Liu
The logistic regression method has been used to analyze the impact of labor transfer on farm household' technical requirements and access to forestry technology, based on 247 household data of survey in Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces which are three main Camellia oleifera producing areas. The results...
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Research on the Development Model of Modern Leisure Farm

Qian Luo
At present, the process of the development of socialist market economy in China has accelerated the development of urbanization in a certain extent. The process of urbanization has promoted the transformation of urban and rural construction pattern to a certain extent, which caused the corresponding...
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Research on the Impact of Credit Value on Enterprise Development

Dezhong Li
In many countries in the West, the value of corporate credit in this regard is very important, on the current situation in China with the deepening of the market economy and anti-credit behavior for the punishment is more and more serious, many enterprises have gradually attached importance to the credit...
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Study on the Construction of Agricultural Products E-commerce Logistics System in Jiangxi Province

Guohui Li, Zehui Chen
E-commerce and the rapid development of communication technology for the development of agricultural products market provides a good platform, all over the country have set up various types of agricultural products business more than 3,000 enterprises, agricultural products, rapid development and fierce...
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Analysis of the Path of Exhibition Economy Development in the Background of the "One Belt One Road"

Qian Chen
The exhibition industry has become an important way to promote the development of urban economy, improve urban infrastructure and improve the visibility of the city with its strong fire and lead. A good image of the city and a strong industrial base will also promote the development of urban exhibition...
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Research on the selection of leading industries in Beijing based on input-output analysis

Qianhong Li
The correct selection of leading industries can promote the coordinated economic development of a region. This paper takes the input-output table of Beijing in 2012 as the basis, and carries out the research on the selection of leading industries in the region, by using the analysis method of input-output,...
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On support of commercial banks to financing of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Inner Mongolia

Yue Liu
Since economic growth is slower than before, the number of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China grows rapidly. In order to obtain external financing, SMEs must use the power of commercial banks. This paper analyzes the present situation and existing problems of financing services of SMEs...
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Analysis of the Current Status and Development of Internet+ Medical Care in China

Yue Wu, Kaijian Xia
Objective: To improve the current status of medical care, to achieve a sound pension system, and to provide patients with better quality of medical services. Method: Through cooperation between the government and enterprises, medical care + Internet platform is opened up and information is shared. Result:...
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Research on Enterprise Management Evaluation Model based on AHP Method

Jixi Hu
An effective evaluation of enterprises management quality is vital for improving the level of management. By analyzing the main factors related to enterprises management, we present a four level enterprises management quality system. We introduce an assessment model of enterprises management quality...
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Development Pattern and Means of Local Cultural Tourism Resources-Taking Pingxiang Spring Gong as an Example

Yeqin Peng
In order to broaden the cultural channels of Pingxiang spring gong culture and combine the local traditional culture and tourism resources, it can build local cultural and cultural brands. But it also promotes the development of local cultural tourism industry, which can effectively inherit and carry...
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Research on Integrated Auditing of Listed Companies in China

Huanling Cheng
In 2010, the relevant departments of our country promulgated the Guidelines on Audit of Enterprise Internal Control, which explicitly asked the listed companies to carry out self-evaluation and external audit on the effectiveness of internal control. This shows that the listed companies in China must...
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The Basic Principle Of Green Supply Chain Management

Jinsong Zhang
In the 21st century human society has been developing rapidly which also brings the threat of resource depletion, serious environmental pollution and ecological imbalance. As a pillar industry of the national economy, manufacturing industry has created much material wealth for the society, while at the...
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Internet penetration, Inclusive Financial Development and the Growth in Per Capita Income

Xiaoling Song, Jun Rong
The emergence of internet finance provides the inclusive finance with a broader connotation and more abundant development approaches. In this article, we use the panel data of the 31 provinces in Chinese mainland from 2010 to 2014 to calculate the inclusive finance development indexes in various regions,...
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Exploration of the New-type Urbanization Paths for Yuxi Three-lake Ecological Urban Agglomeration

Yun Bai, Chongke Li, Shan Qin, Nihong Xie
Yuxi owns three advantaged plateau lakes, the proposal of building Yuxi three-lakes ecological urban agglomeration for the development of the three-lake drainage basin shall follow the principle of protection first, moderate exploitation and concentrated development, and we shall prudently chose the...
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Analysis on Relationship between Tourism Aesthetics and Development and Utilization of Tourism Resources

Linman Li
Aesthetics is an important content in tourism. The object of tourism aesthetics is mainly tourism resources. With the development of tourism industry and tourism aesthetics, tourism aesthetics has produced certain influence on tourism industry in each region. It has great influence on the concept of...
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Analysis on Thinking Model of Ship Driving Safety

Sheng Li
Due to continuous development of science and technology, the living standard of modern people is also improved gradually. Currently, traffic safety has become a hot issue concerned by the masses. Ship transportation is always an important content in transportation industry, which has significant influence...
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A Brief Analysis on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of the Management of Secondary Colleges in Private Colleges

Xiaorong Xia
In China.with the continuous development of non-government colleges and universities, the scale and quantity of them are increasing greatly. In order to adapt to the education development in the transitional period, the colleges and universities are constantly strengthening their own strength, improving...
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Study on the Prevention and Countermeasure of Campus Network Loan Risk

Jing Zhang, Wan Ke, Yu Pan
In recent years, the development of campus network loan has developed rapidly and gradually formed a popular trend. This form of popular can not be separated from the development of the network and individual needs. But what can not be ignored is that the campus network loan has brought a huge burden...
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The Analysis of Rural E-commerce In Qingyanliu Pattern

Jing Zhang
Nowadays, with the rapid development of rural e-commerce. The Qingyanliu Village of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, with its huge flow of people, information flow and a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, was praised by the Premier Li Keqiang as "deserves to be the first village shop". It has become a model...
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Studies on internal control and financial management innovation in state-owned enterprise (SOE)

Yunhe Dong
Internal control and financial management innovation in SOEs is key factor to improve China,s SOE self-management ability and avoid risks in SOE management operation. This article has analyzed the importance of internal control in SOE, discussed problems existing in financial management in China,s SOE...
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Studies on ontology-based TCM knowledge base construction mode

Chunhua Liao, Yanqiu He, Guangyao Xiong
This article has researched the model based on ontology construction domain knowledge base system, and provided uniform description and expression of knowledge base model by using BNF (Backus-Naur Form). Based on this, the article has studied and constructed a knowledge base system based on TCM domain...
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Development Difficulties and Countermeasures of Small Loan Companies--take Guangdong Province for example

Hui Liu, Jianghuai Ling
After nearly 10 years of development,the development of small loan companies has achieved some success,but there are still many problems.Especially affected by the economic downturn in the past two years, the development of small loan companies are facing increasingly prominent problems and encountered...
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Product Experience Design in Service Economy

Xin Liu
In product experience design, much stress is laid on users' emotional experience and inner needs, with a view to fully developing the profitability of product, and giving full play to the application value of product. An experience system is helpful for product designer to expand the dimension of thinking,...
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Study on social public security management in information era

Jing Yang
In the information age, with the continuous development of science and technology, the computer plays an increasingly important role in the social security management and public security system. Information technology brings great convenience to the management of social security, but also encountered...
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Management Responsibility of National Student Loans in Colleges and Universities based on the perspective of stakeholder theory

Kaige Duan, Yong Li
The national student loans is a policy-related loans which is dominated by the government, universities and students. Based on the stakeholder theory, the paper is to analyze interests needs and conflicts of parties involved in national student loans centered at universities,explored the ways to realize...
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The interaction coexistence between screen culture and internet culture on "Internet +" Era

Yuzhen Cao, Jie Cai
The internet create an information globalization era by its transcendental charm of information spreading on cross-region, cross-time and vivid. The dependence severity on the internet by all walks of life has reached an unprecedented height. What kind of sparkling will generate by the crash between...
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A study of Task-based Language Teaching Strategies in English

Guoxi Chai, Qiaozhi Wen
The task-based approach is only written into the new curriculum standard teaching approach, is a match with the concept of the new curriculum standards, teaching ways to contribute to the implementation of the new curriculum standard. It is suitable for various types of activities and organization. TBLT...
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The Application Based on Multimedia Technology in Teaching

Gang Wang, Jingfeng Liu, Hui Chen, Xiaotong Tong, Shaobo He, Jianchun Xu, Baomin Wang, Guocai Xu, Ying Wang
Multimedia teaching is accepted by many students and teachers for its' own advantages like lifelikeness, visualization and large information content. Some advices of dealing with the relationship between multimedia teaching and traditional instruction were proposed in this paper, and some advantages...
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The Application Based on Power Supply Technology in Teaching Course

Jingfeng Liu, Gang Wang, Jianchun Xu, Hui Chen, Xiaotong Tong, Shaobo He, Guocai Xu, Baomin Wang, Ying Wang
To improve the overall quality of students as the goal, we did some exploration and practice of teaching methods and means, which are rational organization of contents, introduction of new teaching methods, enriching classroom teaching and the using of a variety of assessment methods. It made good teaching...
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Urban Design of Historic districts Based on Action Planning

Yanjun Wang, Jianxiong He
Historical districts are faced with problems of inadequate features protection and landscape destruction in the process of urban development. At the present stage, the urban design of historical districts has a series of problems,like inadequate expression of characteristics incomplete framework and...
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The problems existing in the development of the modern Jingdezhen ceramic education

XiuMei Wu
Jingdezhen ceramic art as a long history of traditional craftsmanship is always to the father the son in China, and ways of division. But since the early years of the republic of China the development of capitalist economy, the introduction of foreign advanced machinery and technology, the emergence...
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The causes of the formation of Jingdezhen ancient kiln heritage cultural landscapes

Zhihua Xu
Jingdezhen plate of Longgang ancient site construction residential, porcelain manufacture in a body, thus the layout there are both the layout of the traditional Chinese characteristics and its local porcelain making unique form. First in large area overall planning to control the construction base location,...
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Jingdezhen ceramic "old" brand heritage and redesign

Yuchuan Guo, Yuanyuan Fan
In Jingdezhen ceramic research aspects of the "old", personal or based on their own professional and brand design point of view to study, and puts forward specific solutions, hope that through brand design method on the inheritance and development of Jingdezhen "old" have different attempts, that is...
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Strategic and risk management in cross country investment and operation

Zhenlin Ge, Changbiao Zhong, Yuanzhe Huang
This essay mainly argues about risks existed in cross-country enterprises and the type ,analysis and selecting available strategies to reach higher economic adding .In the investment and operation activities of cross-country companies ,they face challenges and risks not only from external but from internal...
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The Establishment and Application of Ideological and Political Course Network Teaching Platform

Yulani Song
With the rapid development of science and technology and information technology in our country, it plays an important role of the creation and application of online course teaching platform in teaching. It has not only promoted the development of education and progress, but also makes the teaching quality...
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Construction and Technology Research of Mobile Learning System for Intelligent Devices

Xiaoxing Ma
In recent years, the rapid development of a distance learning turn into a new force. As a new carrier, education based on intelligent devices refers to the learners take curriculum through intelligent devices, learners are no longer restrict to specific learning sites and computers, but have more free...
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Thinking about the Classroom Transformation of the Colleges Ideological and Political Theory Course in the View Of MOOC

Dandan Mao
MOOC is a new teaching mode under the circumstances of the rapid development of information technology, which not only breaks the traditional classroom teaching mode and provides a way for combining teaching of the traditional classroom teaching and new teaching method, but also puts forward new demands...
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Experiment Study on the Whole Deformation Process of Arch Dam Bedrock

Li Wang
Through the data variation characteristics of multi-point displacement meter and sliding micrometer on the abutment in the excavation process, analyze the deformation development law of dam foundation unloading. Monitored the whole process of dam foundation deformation before the dam abutment excavation,...
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The Investigation and Analysis about the Problem of the House for the Elderly -Taking the Evergreen Apartment in Kunming for Example

Kanmei Huang, Minqi Shen
This paper selects the Evergreen apartment located in Kunming city of Yunnan province as the object of the research, dissecting its management system. The author makes an empirical analysis of the existing problems of the Evergreen apartment both from the inner and external management. Meanwhile, the...
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The role and measures of economic management in the development of state owned enterprises

Mengwei Shi, Chunmei Song, Fanhua Meng
With the development and progress of society and economy in our country, the importance of national prosperity and people's well-being of the state-owned enterprises are more and more outstanding, strengthen economic management of state-owned enterprises, improve economic management and control system...