Proceedings of the 2nd International Forum on Management, Education and Information Technology Application (IFMEITA 2017)

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Review of the Management Theory and Method of Loan Limitation

Mu Zhang, Meng Wang
Reasonably determining and using the loan limitation granted by commercial banks to their corporate clients, it has important theory meaning and realistic meaning for commercial banks to strengthen risk prevention and for lenders and borrowers to improve operational performance. In this paper, we summarized...
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Research On Chinese Enterprises' Investment In Uzbekistan Transportation Industry

Yang Gao
Although Uzbekistan's investment environment is not perfect, but recently the situation has changed, especially in the foreign policy of the government of Uzbekistan to develop and implement the laws and the introduction of foreign capital to improve the environment plays an important role. This paper...
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Research on the Multimedia Teaching Model Based on Campus Network

Xueyan Chen, Chunli Mei
As the core equipment for a university, campus network plays an important role in various aspects of the university. The multimedia network technology based on it has greatly changed the traditional way of education. The introduction of advanced technology has significantly improved teaching efficiency,...
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The Effects of Time Dimension and Interview Period Research on Sample Loss in SIPP

Rao Xiong
The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), is widely used in many fields of the most effective methods to analyze the data. From the history of the development of SIPP, the panel was redesigned in 1996, in order to improve the quality of information, improves the sample size and the length...
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The Structural Influences on the Urban and Rural Residents' Spiritual Consumption in China after China's Entry into WTO

Zilin Wang, Yuchen Guo, Yinglin Feng
In this paper, consumption structure between urban and rural residents were studied respectively, and a comparison between urban and rural residents was further made regarding to the influences of the consumption structure on spiritual consumption structure. The results show that, urban residents spend...
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An SLM-model-based Empirical Study on the Coupling Induction between Technological Innovation-Oriented Resource Allocation and Trade Growth from the Perspective of Supply-side Management

You Yu Cong, Yi Lu Xia
The optimal allocation of resources driven by technological innovation not only optimizes the spatial structure of foreign trade economic system, but also promotes the expansion of trade economy through technological innovation-driven resource allocation optimization. The technological innovation-driven...
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A Brief Analysis on the Development and Inheritance of SuZuo Ming-style Furniture in Late Ming Dynasty

Ting Lu, Wenying Dong, Zhengjun Wen
In late Ming Dynasty, SuZuo Ming-style furniture had culminated in the history of furniture in China, which integrated technology and art of traditional furniture with diversified forms and various features. Based on narrating the design ideas and characteristics of SuZuo Ming-style furniture in late...
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Analysis of factors influencing the price of real estate based on interpretative structural model

Jingxin Gao, Hong Ren, Yongjie Du
Housing is an indispensable material basis for people's lives and its prices also have an important influence on people's lives. Housing price is affected by many factors with intricate relationships. In this paper, the schematic diagram of structure model construction of influencing factors of the real...
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Research on the Impact of University-Industry Collaboration on Xi'an Construction of Innovation City

Xinwei Fu, Jie Duan, Hailin Bai
Xi'an is one of the important innovative cities in China, and it is the new starting point of the New Silk Road Economic Zone. Therefore, this article takes Xi'an city as an example, using AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to analysis the influence of University-industry collaboration on innovation...
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A Research on the Tourists' Perceived Evaluation and Management of Safety Risks for Tourism Cities: A Case study of HangZhou

Qun Dang, Chazi Wu
Travel safety is a guarantee to developing city tourism. Because of the frequent accidents during traveling, tourists become more concerned about tourism safety. This paper chooses Hangzhou as a research object, uses methods of Network Text Analysis, Grounded Theory, Expert Interview Method to construct...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of C2C WeChat Business Credit

Wei Gao, Hongquan Chen, Ruzhen Yan
Micro-business has developed rapidly in recent years. The WeChat business credit problem is becoming more and more important. In this paper, we study on the WeChat business credit problem, analyze the influence of factors in the WeChat business credit. Relevant results provide a basis for the establishment...
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Analysis on the Contribution of R&D Input to Economic Growth in Western China

Feihang Wang, Mingfei Liu
The paper used the extended C-D production function,and made an analysis on panel data of Western China's 12 regions during the period from 2000 to 2015 ,caculated the R&D input to economic growth. The research shows that there are large diffirences among the diffirent regions.In Western China, R&D input...
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Strategy of Promoting Outward Investment under "One Belt One Road": Empirical Evidence from Fujian Province

Shanshan Wang, Yang Jing
This paper employs the gravity model to discuss the influencing factors of OFDI in Fujian enterprises. The research results are as follows under the impact of globalization, enterprises in Fujian,the development of outward direct investment satisfies their own needs; distance have negative effect on...
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An Empirical Study on the Patent Quality of Vaccine Technology from China, the United States and Japan - Based on the Comparison of Legal Status, Maintenance Time and Citation Index of Vaccine Patents Granted in China

Kaijie You, Yongzhong Qiao
Studying the patents granted in China in the field of vaccine technology, this paper conducts an empirical analysis on legal status, maintenance time and citation index of the vaccine patents from China, the United States and Japan. Based on a series of data, the paper draws the conclusion that: the...
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Statistical Analysis of Problem Phenomena in Engineering Project

Chen He, Xueliang Hou
There are many problems in different stages of engineering project, which always produce disadvantage to projects and often appear frequently. These problems bring many barriers to engineering project managers. In order to solve these problems, the problems' phenomena in engineering projects have been...
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Color Analysis on business suit and its application research

Fei Bian, Ming Ni, Minying Zong
Business suit refers to the community uniforms in workplace, the business suit design is the design created for uniforms. It is both the occupational service refers to the group of clothing for the workplace,
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A Study on the Factors Affecting the Value of Used Cars in Panzhihua Region

Jianchun Gong, Lin Peng, Jun Li
In recent years, with the further development of the economy, the second-hand car industry in our country has developed rapidly. However, a variety of negative factors that affect the healthy development of the industry are gradually emerging. Especially in the used car evaluation system, seriously missing...
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Determining the Weights of the Value Factors of Used Cars and the Example of Evaluating Panxi Used Cars

Jun Li, Jianchun Gong, Lin Peng
In the used car assessment process affect the value of used car The determination of the weight of each factor is very important, the weight used to determine the actual rate of the used car was evaluated into the actual rate into the new cost is the evaluation value, a direct impact on second- The interests...
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A Review on Precise Poverty Alleviation by Introducing Market Mechanism in a Context Dominated by Government

Dongbing Huang, Zehua Ying
The introduction of market mechanism can improve the allocation efficiency of poverty alleviation resources in the precise poverty alleviation,and is of great significance to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation. The literature reviews are made that includes the necessity of introducing market mechanism...
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Design and implementation of industrial firewall configuration management system

Xinwei Zhang, Wen Zhang, Xiaowang Guo
Ministry of industry association [2011] no. 451 notice made clear that there are still many problems in the information security management of China's industrial control system. It is mainly because the concern on the information security of industrial control system is not enough. The management system...
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Research on Detection of Abnormal Software Code

Xufang Li
The code structure of large-scale software is complex, so it is difficult to analyze and debug errors. Software code reliability has attracted wide attention. In order to improve the quality of the code, this paper summarizes the common abnormal patterns in large-scale software, and designs the framework...
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Research and design of education vertical search engine based on Ontology

Xiaozheng Wang, Xiaoqiu Xia, Xiaoxiao Wei
In this paper, considering the needs of educational network resource search, a framework of ontology based semantic search engine system is designed based on open source technology Hadoop and Nutch. Several key technologies related to semantic retrieval based on tology are explored, including the construction...
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Research on Surface Roughness Prediction of Turning Parts Based on BP Artificial Neural Network

Ping Wang, Hui Zhang, Peiqing Ye, Tong Zhao, Qi Sun
Surface roughness of parts is an important index for the quality of processing. An accurate and efficient model for surface roughness prediction can provide a reliable constraint or objective function for the processing parameter optimization. In the part design and actual processing, the surface roughness...
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Research and Design on Electro-Optic Obscuring System of High Pressure Water Mist

Yuejun He
The paper first elaborate the composition principle of the electro-optic obscuring system of high-pressure water mist. Then, the design principle of the system's core component - pulsed eddy current nozzle is introduced. Finally, the obscuring effect of the system is verified through the infrared thermal...
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The Impact of Selecting Different Airport Sites on the Urban Heat Island Effect: a Case Study of Dalian, China

Tiaolan Yu, Tianlan Zhou, Nuo Wang
To study the influence of selecting different airport sites on the urban heat island effect, we retrieved the land surface temperature (LST) of Dalian's main urban area using the thermal infrared band from the Landsat-8 data and graded thermal field. The results show that the Dalian Zhou Shuizi International...
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E-commerce professional student satisfaction analysis of local university

Shuxin Guo, Yuzhuo Song, Chengli Zhao
In this paper, by applying the theory of customer satisfaction and " students oriented " combination of the concept of talent cultivation, built e-commerce specialty in local universities student satisfaction evaluation model, and use the "designed e-commerce specialty in local colleges student satisfaction...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Green Finance in Gui'an New District

Chenggang Li, Di Wang, Min Li, Kang Pan
In recent years, green finance has been on the rise in the world. In view of the important position of finance in the development of the contemporary economy and society, especially the green economy, the development of green finance is an effective means to promote the sustainable development of society,...
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Research on the Formation and Development of Value Chain of Creative Industry

Xiyuan Wang
The thesis aims to get an understanding of the contents and characteristics of the creative industry through researches on creativity and creative industry, and to analyze the market values of the creative industry, the factors affecting the market economic values of the creative industry, as well as...
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Research on Variation of Logistics Service Capability of Airport Economic Zone

Qian Sun, Mingfei Liu, Baojia Xue
The Logistics industry, one of the pillar industries of the airport economic zone, plays a key role in driving the development of regional economy. This paper selects 18 airport economic zones as the sample, based on the analysis of the influence factors of the logistics service capability, constructed...
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Design and Application of RFID Security Middleware Model Based on Elliptic Curve Digital Signature

Qiyue Wang, Ping Zhang
A RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) security middleware model based on the traditional RFID system is proposed in this paper. The elliptic curve digital signature module in the model has the characteristics of guaranteeing the effectiveness and non-tampering of the original information. By analyzing...
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Neural-network-based Path Planning Optimization

Huamin Zhang, Hua Che, Di Chen
In this paper some Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are equipped with a fixed camera to conduct surveillance operations, the route planning method are presented using neural network method. The simulation results are presented to demonstrate the performance and computational efficiency of the method. As neutral...
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NO sensing property and adsorption behavior of (La0.8Sr0.2) 2FeNiO6- sensitive electrode for YSZ-based potentiometric sensor

Lihong Zhou, Junyi Lu, Duan Wei, Bikang Hu, Jianzhong Xiao
The (La0.8Sr0.2)2FeNiO6- (LSFN) oxide powder with double-perovskite structure was prepared by using polymeric precursor method. The oxide powder and LSFN sensing electrode (LSFN-SE) were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM). The NO sensing property...
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Influence and Its suppression of Swinging Antennas on Co-site Interference Cancellation System

Yunhao Jiang, Wenfang Ding, Ziqiang Xi, Nan Zhao
This paper investigates the influence of swinging antennas on co-site interference cancellation system (CICS) and the improved interference cancellation method for keeping the effective interference cancellation as the antennas swing. The interference signal model coupled from transmitter to receiver...
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The Design and Analysis Based on the Fresnel Condenser Lens

Heli Wu, Fan Yang, Lihong Zhou
From the study of the CPV Important components based on the Condenser design of Fresnel lens, through extracting the solar spectral data, modeling condenser materials, simulating condenser of sunlight by optical simulation software, and also simulation light path of sunlight, this thesis will complete...
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The Effect of Complex System 's Synergy on the Operational Capability of Weapon Equipment System

Xin-Hua He, Wei-Chao Zhang, Qiang Qu, Wan-Lin Lu
The synergy of complex systems refers to the coherence between constituent elements, which represents the nature of the coordination and cooperation of the elements in overall development process. By analyzing it by the BP model, the operational capability of the weapon can be assessed more accurately....
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Rotation characteristic of a 3-DOF parallel mechanism with limbs of embedding structures

Gaowei Yang, Jianjun Zhang, Weimin Li, Kaicheng Qi
Three degrees of freedom (3-DOF) parallel mechanism (PM) with limbs of embedding structures is a PM that each limb exists common axis. This is an asymmetrical PM with a full cylinder workspace and it has two translational DOFs and one rotational DOF. In order to research the kinematics characteristic...
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Key Technology of Electrochemical Micromachining with Laser masking

Xiaohai Li, Shuming Wang, Dong Wang, Han Tong
In order to fabricate the micro patterns cavities with micro size on 304 stainless steel, electrochemical micromachining (EMM) with laser masking based on surface modification by fiber laser masking was studied, and a device of laser-assisted EMM with the special pulse power supply was developed to achieve...
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Vehicle Photoelectric hybrid rotary System

Xingke Tian, Shengrui Yuan, Xunyi Dang, Zheng Zhu, Shuo Yang
The current vehicle rotating platform uses the electric slip ring to realize the communication and power supply function between the platform equipment and the chassis equipment. With High-definition video, radar and other equipment installed in the vehicle system, on-board rotating platform to transmit...
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Improved Sparse NMF based Speech Enhancement Method with Deep Neural Network

Xia Zou, Xiongwei Zhang, Wenhua Shi, Fupeng Wang, Jingtao Zhang, Mingyue Gao
Considering the sparsity characteristic of speech signal in time-frequency domain and the non-linear model ability of deep neural network, an improved sparse non-negative matrix factorization based speech enhancement method is presented in this paper. Deep neural network is employed to learn the sparse...
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Electrical Performance Tester for a Double Frequency Unit of a Power supply Vehicle

Xiaoquan Li, Zheng Liu, Tao Pu
As a result of the army equipped with a power supply vehicle lack of power parameter testing equipment at the present time, in order to ensure that the double frequency unit after overhaul can meet the factory requirements, a double frequency unit of power supply electrical performance tester was developed....
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The design and development of automatic spraying system for automotive wheel hub based on PLC control

Zhong Wu Chang, Guo Wei Xiu, Chi Qing
In the modern auto parts manufacturing, the production of hub is a very important branch. In order to improve the beauty of the wheel hub and corrosion resistance, the finished wheel hub needs to be sprayed. In this paper, the automatic spraying system of the hub is designed by applying the existing...
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Analysis and Synthesis of the Offset Slider- Elliptic Crank Dwell Mechanism

Jiguang Han, Zhenzhi He
Elliptic crank is able to generate elliptic curve of the planet mechanism, with elliptic crank as the driven crank of slider-crank mechanism is equal to the mechanism which has a variable length and a variable speed along the elliptical moving crank, which changed the kinematic characteristics of the...
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Analysis and diagnosis of Manual Pulse Generator based on XKA714

Lijuan Shi, Jinying Chen, Qi Chu
The manual pulse generator is the main part of CNC machine tool, the manual mode of the Fanuc CNC milling machine is noneffective, and the working principle and fault analysis are discussed to provide reference for the similar failure of the actual machine.
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Energy Management of Automobile Exhaust Thermoelectric Hybrid Power Based on Maximum Power Point Tracking and Fuzzy Logic Control

Rui Quan, Guangyin Liu, Wei Zhou, Liang Huang
To enhance the output performance of automobile exhaust thermoelectric hybrid power, all the components such as engine, automobile exhaust thermoelectric generator (AETEG), DC/DC converter and batteries were modelled with ADVISOR, the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method of AETEG combining perturb...
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Application of tool change fault in machining center based on PLC

Jin Ying Chen, Li Juan Shi
The fault phenomenon tool real machining center for tool in the tool magazine was studied when using the PLC method, the electric control system for fault diagnosis, solve the problems of fault in tool changing machining center. As a result, the efficiency of dealing with failures is improved. This method...
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Research of Resonator Fabrication Technology Based on Silicon Resonant Pressure Sensor

Yide Peng, Zhengyuan Zhang, Chunhai Zhang
The research of beam resonator fabrication technology has been done by using reactive ion etching, wet chemical etching and self-etch-stop etching. The difficulties of hollowing out resonator have been solved. The butterfly-shaped beam resonator of resonant pressure sensor is obtained, the other measurement...
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A Network Security Situation Awareness Method Based on Multi-source Information Fusion

Yue Gao, Shuying Zhang
This paper introduces the situational awareness theory and classical model, and proposed a network security situation awareness model based on multi-source information fusion. The model makes a situation awareness through the collection, extraction, pretreatment, normalization and situation calculation...
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Research on bidding strategy of construction project

Xin Yang
At present, in promoting China's government, bidding has become the main method of project contract. In this situation, the bidding has become one of the most important business activities, In a market economy enterprises, only through the bid winning their own design, Labor or service "marketing"methods,...
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The Application Status and Development of Patent Technology of Temporary Work Shed Construction in China

Zhijian Yang, Zhihua Su, Guochang Li, Yidi Liu
In recent years, China is vigorously to develop the prefabricated building and advocate green construction, aimed at maximizing the conservation of resources and reducing carbon emissions. In the construction industry to expand the scale at the same time, it is necessary to scientific management and...
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A Content Framework to the Relevancy Judgement of Electronic Evidence

Zhi-Jun Liu, Ning Wang
The rapid development in computer and network technology has brought forth a tremendous increase in cyber crime. To combat cyber crimes, electronic evidence can provide a clue, and even be the evidence to prove the case, but currently electronic evidence usually have been questioned in the courts because...
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Research on Communication FM Signal Blind Separation under Jamming Environments

Changyue Xu, Gaoming Huang, Xiaoyang Hou
Aimed at the influence of all kinds of artificial jamming on communication signals in complex electromagnetic conditions, the technology of communication signal separation based on FastICA algorithm is proposed. The technology can separate the communication signal of interest from the receiver mixed...
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Design of Equipment Teaching and Training Platform Based on SCORM

Hui Yu, Wenzhu Sun
The thesis analyses the problems in current equipment training system and build up an integrated training management platform of resource, organization, teaching, training, learning and performance measurement. The platform deals with courseware, e-textbook, teaching plan, question bank, virtual simulation...
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Optical Fiber Communication Network Eavesdropping and Defensive Measures

Haiying Si, Hao Liu, Hao Ma
With the development of optical fiber communication network eavesdropping technology, its security is facing new challenges in recent years. Some of the optical fiber communication eavesdropping technology cannot be detected with its hidden features, so it is necessary to study optical fiber tapping...
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Research on National Engineering Library Management Information System

Zhen Xu, Yungao Wu, Wei Liu, Juanhua Zhai, Lei Zhang
This paper analyzes the business characteristics of the National Engineering Library and the problems on management information. Its work process is analyzed and optimized, and thus is put forward both the system's functional requirements and non-functional requirements. According to the demand analysis,...
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Effects of Different Water Stress Potential at Ripening Stage on Rice Yield and Physiological Traits in Saline-alkali Soil

Xiao-Xuan Huang, Feng Jin, Xi-Wen Shao
To explore the effects of different soil water potential of ripening stage on rice yield and physiological traits in saline-alkali soil, using four treatment levels of soil water potential of 0 kPa (H1: soil moisture), soil water potential of -15 kPa (H2), soil water potential of -30 kPa (H3), and CK...
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Research on automatic block binarization method of stained Tibetan ancient document image based on Lab color space

Yuehui Han, Weilan Wang, Yiqun Wang
The binarization of Tibetan ancient document image have always been the focus of research, in this paper, an automatic block local binarization method based on Lab color space is proposed for stained Tibetan ancient document image. Firstly, weaken and eliminate the influence of the stains using the location...
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Walking Security Alarm System for Mobile Phone Addicts

Yu Gu, Lei Chen, Xiaoyong Ji
To handle walking safety problems for mobile phone addicts, a walking security alarm system based on android mobile platform is designed. According to movement features when someone is walking and when he falls down, this paper proposes a step counting algorithm and a fall-down detection algorithm based...
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Real-time correction method for image distortion on smart phone

Lei Chen, Hengda Tian, Xiaoyong Ji
To correct the trapezoidal distortion of images taken by mobile phone on the smartphone platform, a real-time correction method for image distortion based on correction matrix is proposed. First, the correction matrix data in various cases is calculated and stored in the database based on the control...
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Overview of the Research Status on Artificial Neural Networks

Xin-Gang Wang
With the development of artificial intelligence, artificial neural network algorithm models that simulate the working pattern of human brain neurons have attracted more and more attention. The ability of artificial neural network on feature extraction and classification, has been widely used in image...
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The rough entropy of multi-granularity rough set to interval number information system

Yingying Yu, Qian Hu
In interval-valued information system, the rough entropy to Multi granularity rough set is presented , the quality of rough set is described by dominance relation, Condition of rough entropy is raised to discuss the nature, the example is used to analysis specific.
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Hybrid Model and Split Bregman Iteration Algorithm for Image Denoising

Yibin Yu, Jialin Zhang
Although difference of convex model has attracted many research efforts due to its superior performance for image processing, no attention has focused on robust data fidelity for this model. In this paper, we propose a novel model, which combines the and fidelity terms with a weighted difference of anisotropic...
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Extracting Data from Tutorials for Android API Recommendation

Weizhao Yuan
Code recommendation is becoming more and more important for software development because increasing numbers of existing libraries are being utilized by developers and code recommendation tools offer great aids to developers in quickly finding suitable APIs to use. There have been many studies on recommending...
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Cross Language Information Retrieval System

Zhidan Yang, Zhiting Yang
In the paper, we describe a Cross Language Information Retrieval System (CLIR), which allows user input English queries and search Chinese documents. We also explore the solution for online search engine, which can meet commercial requirements.
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The Summary of Internet of Things Applications in the Field of Pump Monitoring

Fenglian Qi, Guancheng Liu
With the progress of science and technology, Internet of things (IoT) technology is developing rapidly. At the same time, pump equipment is widely used in many fields. The development status and trends of the Internet of things (IoT), current situation of pump equipment monitoring, and application of...
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Development Status of the C2C E-commerce Express in China: Case Study on Taobao

Lianhong Ding, Xiaotong Deng, Yu Xiao
Taobao is the biggest platform for C2C e-commerce in China. Based on the data of expresses from, this paper conducts a statistical analysis about the C2C express in China under 31 provinces, three economic zones and eight economic regions, respectively. C2C expresses related with each area...
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FastSLAM Method Based on Gaussian Particle Swarm Optimization

Songzhou Wu, Pengfei Li, Fengshen Zhao, Yuanpei Yang
In simultaneous location and mapping of mobile robots, the traditional FastSLAM method has the problem of sampling particles degeneration and shortage and the problem of needing a large number of particles for positioning accuracy. To solve these problems, this paper studies a FastSLAM method based on...
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The Test Method of Smart Substation Configuration Description File Based on Business Rules

Yanjun Li, Xiliang Ding, Rongrong Zhan, Xiurong Gao
Smart substation is an intelligent substation which adopts advanced, reliable and ecofriendly techniques. It can finish the basic functions of collection, measure, protection and test automatically, meanwhile, advanced capabilities like automatic control, intelligent adjustment and online decision analysis...
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Application of compressed sensing theory in the sampling and reconstruction of speech signals

Xiwen Tang, Shilong Wu, Rui Dong, Guang Xia
This paper studies the application of compressed sensing theory in speech signal sampling and reconstruction of speech signals. According to the sparsity of speech signals in the discrete cosine transform basis (DCT), we propose a speech compressed sensing (CS) system based on DCT domain which realizes...
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Moving objects detection algorithm of improved GMM based on 2-D entropy

Gang Feng
Aiming at the background updating slow in Gaussian mixture model in abrupt illumination, 2-D entropy is used to judge the mutation of light, thus changing the learning rate so as to speed up the background modeling. The experimental results show that the method can make the background more accurate in...
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Analysis of the Main Influencing Factors for Population Density Based on the Method of Gray Correlation Analysis

Yu Xia, Cheng Wang
Aiming at analyzing the main factors which may influence the population density, this paper establishes a gray correlation analysis method to determine the main influencing factors for population density of Wuhan City according to the data in the statistical yearbook of Wuhan City. The result shows that...
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Application of Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Workshop Scheduling Problem

Guitang Wang, Zhisheng Chen, Wenjie Liang, Chaoqiong Yang
Because of the traditional genetic algorithm is difficult to consider both the quality of solution and the efficiency of convergence in solving the problem of constrained optimization in workshop scheduling problem. In this paper, we use the method of working procedure coding to generate feasible scheduling...
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Quasi-optical lens antenna made of electromagnetic-induction materials

Jinbang Wang, Hanxue Mei, Zhiguo Liu, Tao Zhang
A biconvex lens was designed and fabricated by embedding electromagnetic-induction materials (cage-shaped granules of conductor materials, CGC) in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The CGC material has a refractive index of 1.504 at 35 GHz. The spatial resolution and depth of focus of the active millimeter...
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The Application of Multimedia Technology in Senior English Teaching

Nan Guan, Jianxi Song, Dongmei Li
With the development of language teaching, multimedia technology has been used in senior English teaching, which provides teachers a convenient way to teach. Compared with traditional teaching, multimedia technology has got a great improvement in teaching mode, teaching content and teaching methods....
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Research on financing efficiency of big data industry based on three stage DEA - Taking Guizhou Province as an example

Chenggang Li, Kang Pan
Using 20 listed companies of big data industry in Guizhou Province as samples, this paper uses three stage DEA method to evaluate the financing efficiency of big data industry in Guizhou Province. The evaluation results based on three stage DEA show that the average of pure technology efficiency is 0.92,...
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Object Detection Algorithm Based on Moving Scene

Rong Zhou, Qi Zhang
This Intelligent video surveillance has been widely used in video surveillance environment, the traditional intelligent video surveillance algorithm has problem is that it is mainly for the static environment. It is can't detect the moving object in moving doom.So a new algorithm is proposed to expand...
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Risk Forecast Model of P2P Network Loan Based on Grey System

Cong Xu, Cheng Wang
This paper studied the problem of risk forecast for the P2P network loan, and established a GM (1,1) grey forecasting model to forecast the risk. In this model, the least square method is used for data fitting, and an empirical analysis is given by using the statistical data in three kinds of companies'...
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Study on Reflection Times of Fiber Optic Hydrogen Sensor with Multiple Reflections

Xianling Deng, Yike Tang, Chuande Zhou, Zelun Li
Reflection times is the key problem of the reflective optical fiber hydrogen sensor, which directly affects the quality of the sensor sensitivity. In this paper, multiple reflections for reflective optical fiber hydrogen sensor were investigated. Multiple reflection scheme was proposed, the probe structure...
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Design of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter Based on DSC

Nian-Qiang Li, Wen-Xiu Shi, Li Zhao
This paper designs a grid-connected photovoltaic micro-inverter based on double DSC control strategy. According to the characteristics of double DSC control strategy, we make appropriate innovation and improvements on circuit topology. In the part of DC/DC module isolation transformer is used. The two...
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Research on the Characteristics of the Spatial Distribution of Landslides Based on Variable Dimension Fractal

Zhi-Wang Wang, Xiao Han, Suo-Ying Mao
This paper applies variable dimension fractal model to study the characteristics of the spatial distribution of the landslide hazards in the study area from Badong county to Zigui county in TGP reservoir region. The result shows that the spatial distribution of landslides has the characteristics of variable...
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A new method for time calibration of substation automation equipment based on synchronous closed loop monitoring

Sheng Yang
The on-line monitoring of time synchronization system in Smart Substation is the key point to solve the time traceability of smart substation. Analyze current status of time synchronization in substation time synchronization system. Point out the defects of low time precision, abnormal synchronization...
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A Study on the Team Effectiveness Construction of the Research Team --the Moderating Effect of Share Mental Model

Dingding Xiao, Wenhua Tian, Fei Zhu
The research explores the impact of team process (Behavioral Process and Emergent States) on the team effectiveness with share mental model (SMM) as a moderating variable. The results show that: task conflict has a significantly positive impact on team effectiveness, while relationship conflict shows...
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Study on the Usability of household electrical appliances for the aged

Huiping Liang
This article focus on the human aging population, the potential demand for elderly people pay attention to the development of times, the home appliance products as the research background, the elderly as the research object, mining potential is more suitable for old people to use products and the elderly...
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3D Reconstruction of Ancient Structures Assisted by Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology

Xuefei Li, Xiaoxin Ma, Ningbo Liang, Fei Deng
In this paper, we present the 3D reconstruction of ancient structures using 3D laser scanning technology, which is used to obtain the point cloud data of the ancient structures, and the method of the 3D modeling are constructed by using the point cloud data. This paper describes the use of terrestrial...
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Development of a Capacitive Pressure Sensor Based on Havar Alloy Diaphragm

Shoubin Liu, Bingwu Zhang
This paper proposes a new pressure sensor using Havar alloy film as the sensing diaphragm, which has higher strength and toughness, better corrosion resistance and magnetic resistance as compared to traditional films. 2D distribution graphs of stress and strain of the diaphragm under a given pressure...
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Stress simulation analysis of composite double-layer flywheel energy storage rotor

Xinglei Zhang, Mei Wang
Flywheel energy storage rotor generates strong centrifugal inertia force at high speed rotating state , and the centrifugal force causes the internal composite flywheel rotor stress. If the stress exceeds the ultimate strength of composite flywheel rotor, it will be destroyed.Using the double ring flywheel...
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A Network Security Event Correlation Analysis Method Based on Attribute Similarity

Yue Gao, Shuying Zhang
On the basis of studying the characteristics of network security incidents and the methods of correlation analysis. The paper defines the network security event attribute similarity algorithm. A network event correlation analysis method based on attribute similarity is proposed, and the detailed description...
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Application of Close-range Photogrammetry in Foundation Pit Monitoring

Tongyin Han, Yanliang Shang, Shouji Du, Lin Bao
In this paper, the deformation monitoring problem of subway pit construction is studied. And the feasibility of close-range photogrammetry method in foundation pit monitoring is studied.Through the simulation experiment to get the parameter index.This paper is based on the Shijiazhuang Metro Line 3 XI...
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Research on Moving Object Recognition and Tracking Based on Embedded Platform

Hengxiang He, Chunyu Chen, Yulong Qiao
In recent years, the concept of unmanned technology and automatic monitoring based on AI has gradually become a hotspot,which all need the equipment to identify the target in video image quickly and timely.This paper designs a set of video moving target recognition and tracking system based on embedded...
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Phase Modulation Technique for Rotation Rate Sensing Based on High Quality Optical Resonator

Pengfei Xu, Jun Xiao, Qi Peng, Linyi Huang, Jianyao Hu
Three kinds of phase modulation methods adopted in the rotation rate sensor based on microsphere resonator are investigated. The performance of these modulation methods were compared and analyzed. As a result, sinusoidal wave modulation was employed and the sidebands demodulation has been realized in...
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Ellipsoid Fitting Calibration Method Based on Genetic Algorithm

Genpu Chen, Xusheng Lei, Yue Geng
To calibrate three-axis magnetic compass in complex conditions, an ellipsoid fitting algorithm is proposed in this paper, which is based on genetic algorithm searching for intersecting plane. First, by intersecting ellipsoid surface with a plane equation covering the whole space, the corresponding elliptic...
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Development of 5000A single square pulse current standard source for microelectronic calibration

Chong Liu, Jie Li, Shan Zhang, Jingsong Kan
With continuous development of high power equipment in industrial controlling area, the power levels of power semiconductor devices are also continuously increasing, and it brings many challenges to the production and testing of power semiconductor manufacturers. In this paper, the power technology at...
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Design and majorization of SOI high temperature pressure sensor

Zhi.Jun. Yao, Jun. Zhao, Zheng. Li
In high temperature harsh environments, The real-time dynamic measurements of pressure sensors are unable to carry out due to its own limitation. Thus, SOI material and MEMS processing technology are used to solve these problems. Mechanical properties stability and reliability of the sensor structure...
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Strain Membrane Design of SOI Pressure Sensor

Jun. Zhao, Zhi.Jun. Yao, Zheng. Li
The SOI pressure sensor is a new high temperature pressure sensor made of SOI materials. The sensitivity of the SOI pressure sensor is determined by the design of the strain membrane and the pressure sensitive resistance. In this paper, the optimal size and thickness of the strain membrane, and the position...
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The Distributed OTDR Measuring System with UWFBGs based on Correlation Degree Spectrum

Rong Zhou, Qi Zhang
The distributed OTDR measuring system based on correlation degree spectrum of UWFBGs is proposed. The traditional OTDR system uses a white light source to reduce the noise signal induced by the interference from multiple reflections between UWFBGs (reflectivity of each to be 0.1%), in addition we used...
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The Design of A Remote High Precision Temperature Acquisition System Based on GPRS

Hong Xu, Fanrong Meng, Xinhong Wang, Yonggang Qian, Chuncheng Zhou, Wei Li
Surface temperature is an important parameter commonly used in thermal infrared remote sensing. Precise measurement of temperature is one of basic tasks in ground parameter acquisition. A remote high precision temperature acquisition system based on GPRS is presented in this paper, which consists of...
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3D Simulations of Electrical Characteristics of Interleaved Shell-Electrode Detector

Ya Zhang, Chuan Liao, Zheng Li
An Interleaved Shell-Electrode Detector -ISED (Chinese patent #zl201721077852.6), based on the Closed Shell-Electrode Detector (CSED), is proposed for the improvement of charge collection efficiency by reducing the dead region. The novel design concept of ISED will be discussed in detail. Full 3D simulations...
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3D Trench Electrode Si Detector with Adjustable Central Collection Electrode

Chuan Liao, Ya Zhang, Xiaojie Liu, Zheng Li
In order to improve the radiation resistance of semiconductor detector, 3D trench electrode Si detector structures have been proposed by BNL at the end of 2009. In this paper, we propose a 3D trench electrode Si detector with adjustable central collection electrode, which integrates advantages of cylindrical...
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3D simulations of new low capacitance silicon pixel detectors

Qiang Long, Qinwen Guo, Zhongliang Long, Zheng Li
We propose a novel electrode structure that reduces the detector capacitance by employing a metal electrode with much reduced area as compared to the detector sensitive area. We found that by doing so, the full depletion voltage of the detector will increase due to the added lateral depletion between...
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the Electric Simulation of 3D Pixel Detector with Low Noises

Qinwen Guo, Qiang Long, Zhongliang Long, Zheng Li
The aim of this paper is to reduce the detector electronic noises by reducing the detector capacitance. We designed a new type of electrode that uses a geometrical shape different from conventional detector effective surface area. Main detector electric characteristics, including electric field, electric...
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3D simulations of device performance for open-shell 3D-Trench electrode detector

Xiaojie Liu, Lipeng Tang, Chuan Liao, Zheng Li
Therefore silicon semiconductor detectors commonly used as radiation detector. In order to improve charge collection efficiency, an Open-Shell Electrode Detector, namely OSED (Chinese Patent #ZL201710732524.3) which is based on the Closed Shell-Electrode Detector (CSED), is proposed. The electrical characteristic...