Proceedings of the Conference of the International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health - South East Asia 2019 (ISESSAH-SEA 2019)

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Risk Mapping of Risk Factors Associated with Human Rabies Cases in Bali Province, Indonesia

Yuni Yupiana, Chaerul Basri, Ernawati, S Sihombing, Farida Zenal, Caitlin Pfeifer, Mark Stevenson, Luuk Schoonman, James McGrane, Fajar Tjaturrasa
Since the emergence of rabies cases in human in 2008, there have been 174 humans affected by the disease in Bali. Eradication program implementing dog vaccination has seemed to decrease the incidence of rabies cases in human, however the human cases were still found. A lot of resources from local and...
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Detection of Verocytotoxygenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) from Brilliant Green Lactose Bilebroth (BGLB) by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Yatri Drastini, Rini Widayanti, Winda Ayuningtyas
Verocytotoxygenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) is pathogenic bacteria for human and associated with dairy milk and dairy farm environment. VTEC isolation were carried out by inoculating in BGLB as enrichment media and then specified in Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) agar. This study aim to identify VTEC isolated...
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Prevalence and Risk Factors E. coli in Subclinical Mastitis in Ettawa Crosbreed Goat (PE) in Special Region Yogyakarta

Widodo Suwito, Widagdo Nugroho, Andriani
Subclinical mastitis in Ettawa Crosbreed goat (PE) in special region Yogyakarta (DIY) which caused by E. coli can be economic los because decrease the milk production. The purpose of these study was to determine prevalence and risk factors E. coli in PE goat subclinical mastitis in DIY. A total of 314...
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Cost and Benefit Analysis: Two Scenarios in the Treatment of Worm Disease (Coccidiosis) as a Cause of Calf Death in the District of Mukomuko City, Mukomuko District, Bengkulu

Tri Guntoro, Elwaldrus Wera, Ferro
Losses due to parasitic infections, especially worms in livestock in Indonesia are very large. Helminthiasis is a disease in beef cattle which is common in traditional farms. This study aims to use a cost-benefit analysis for two scenarios in handling helminthiasis (coccidiosis), namely Program A (controlling...
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Analysis of e-readiness on fish disease diagnosis applications and e-commerce applications to improve the competitiveness of the aquaculture sector in Indonesia

Stevia Septiani, Dikky Indrawan, Wita Ermawati
As a maritime country, Indonesia's fisheries and marine sector is the focus of the government to be developed. This sector has enormous potential. This can be seen from the GDP growth in the fisheries sector which is always above the national GDP and agriculture sector GDP, with a growth value of 6.79%...
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Economic Analysis for Selection of Diagnostic Methods against Surra in Buffalo on East Sumba Island, Indonesia

Rita Dewi, Retno Soejoedono, Chaerul Basri, April Wardhana, Sri Mulatsih
Surra is one of the main disease problems in buffalo farms in East Sumba Island. The control program of this disease requires the support of diagnostic methods that are reliable and cost-effective. This study aimed to select the diagnostic method for surra based on the economic value of each diagnostic...
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The Effectiveness of Rabies Control Program in West Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia

Okta Wismandanu, Wiwin Aprianti, Nirowati, Roostita Balia
Rabies is one of the most important zoonotic disease in Indonesia that need to be eliminate. The rabies control/elimination program has been undertaken by local government to achieve 2023 West Java Province rabies free. The aim of this study is to measure the effectiveness of rabies control program...
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Identification of Risk Factors and Seroprevalence For Septicemia Epizootica (SE) Endemic Case Of Buffaloes in Aceh Barat, Aceh

Nurliana, Teuku Karmil, Teuku Ferasyi, Darmawi, Razali, Sugito, Rastina, Ismail
This study aimed to determine the risk factors for endemic cases of Septicaemia Epizootica (SE) diseases and prevalence of immunity (antibody titer) to SE in Aceh Barat, Aceh. 336 samples of buffaloesblood were takenbased on age level guided by the a stratified random sampling. Antibody titers were tested...
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Spatial Analysis of Swine Influenza Virus in Pig Farms Based on Active Surveillance from 2016-2017 in West Java Province, Indonesia

Nurhayati, Ali Arasyi, Farida Zenal, Caitlin Pfeifer, Mark Stevenson, Trian Mahawan, Afrizal Panus, Sodirun, Katon Kurniawan, Luuk Schoonman, James McGrane, Fajar Tjaturrasa
H1N1 swine flu virus still today in the world become threat for livestock and humans.This disease is fatal to human andhas cause economic losses especially for pig farmers with 100% morbidity rate. The emergence and rapid spread of swine influenza virus (SIV) H1N1 in pig farms is closely related to increase...
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Cost of Biosecurity Application: Comparing Aquaculture System and fish health in Traditional Fish Farm

Nimmi Zulbainarni, Lokita Megawati
The application of biosecurity in the aquaculture industry is seen as very important as one of the determinants of sustainable production. This application protects aquaculture from high mortality rates and low growth rates due to infection from pathogenic microorganisms and the introduction of exotic...
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Epitope Prediction from Genes Encoding F Protein of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) Isolates Swan (Cygnus Olor) for Vaccine Development to Prevent Infectious Disease

Naimah Putri, Rahaju Ernawati, Suwarno, Jola Rahmahani, Fedik Rantam
Currently, the poultry industry is threatened by virulent viruses of endemic disease that can cause major economis losses to this sector. Aim of this research was conducted to epitope prediction from genes encoding F protein of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) isolated from waterfowl. Samples of this research...
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Linking Economic with Epidemiology: A Conceptual Approach of the Impact of Business Cycles on Animal Health and Human Health

Idqan Fahmi, Dikky Indrawan
As economics recession leads to lower health status of the nation, linking economic with the epidemiology is needed to understand the economic activities concerning health and its effort to recover the economy. This paper proposed a conceptual approach as the reasoning foundation for further research...
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A Proposed Method to Assess Safety and Health Impact of Expired Sausage as Alternative Feed in Traditional Fish Farm

Fuad Muhibuddin, Nimmi Zulbainarni
A recent trend of alternative feed made from expired sausage in traditional fish farm could reduce 20%-25% of production cost. However, expired sausage suspected as hazardous food since it contains pathogenic microbes that cause a serious problem in farmed fish health and it can be carried to human health....
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Prototype Development of ADI 1.0 (Animal Disease Information) To Increase Social Awareness in Indonesia

Fithriyyah Shalihati, Nur Hasanah, Dikky Indrawan
The increasing zoonoses threat every year, such as swine influenza, avian influenza, monkeypox, and other exotic pathogenic microbes, have caused social unrest. This unrest results in many people trying to quickly find information online as their guide to control and avoid the impact of the disease outbreak....
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Application of Animal Welfare on Dairy Cattle Livestock in Ternak Sukses Bersama, Deyeng Village, Ringinrejo District, Kediri Regency

Fidi Dameanti, Masdiana Padaga, Manik Sawitri, Mira Fatmawati, Ani Setianingrum, Faris Ramadhanail
This research aims to describe the application of animal welfare to dairy farmers. The research was conducted by field observation method using a structured questionnaire. The participants in the study was 13 people. The application of animal welfare in this study includes 3 aspects, they are: Feed...
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Detection of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus sp. as a Cause of Subclinical Mastitis in Bogor

Feni Rahmawati, Hadri Latif, Denny Lukman, Mirnawati Sudarwanto, Herwin Pisestyani
Subclinical mastitis is a common and economically significant disease affecting dairy cattle. Staphylococcus sp. found as one of the most frequently major causative agents. The resistance of Staphylococcus sp. against antibiotics on subclinical mastitis cases has not been reported quite frequently. The...
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The Success of the “Kasira” Rabies Cadres in Improving Community Knowledge and Attitudes towards Rabies

Etih Sudarnika, Denny Lukman, Abdul Zahid, Yusuf Ridwan, Ardilasunu Wicaksono
Community-based approach, named kasira (rabies cadres) was depeloped in Sukabumi to overcome obstacles in rabies control program. The aims of this study were to evaluate the ability of rabies cadres in educating the people in their community relating to improving people’s knowledge and attitudes, and...
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Detection of Coxiella burnetii Infection in Various Organs from Beef Cattle in Depok, West Java, Indonesia

Elok Rini, I Wibawan, Agus Setiyono, Vetnizah Juniantito, Dwi Astuti
Coxiella burnetii (C. burnetii) is negative Gram bacteria that caused zoonotic disease Q fever. The main reservoir of this disease are ruminants such as cow, goat, and sheep. Q fever infection happened to human relatively easily through aerosol, direct contact, and consumption of animal products from...
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Training Design for Ruminant Slaughterhouse Officers in Competence of Implementing Animal Welfare

Dwi Windiana, Etih Sudarnika, Fadjar Satrija Fadjar Satrija
The study aimed to evaluate the presence of training alumni and the existence of standard operating procedures (SOP) related to the improvement of competencies of cattle traders, slaughterers and stockmanship in implementing animal welfare at Ruminant Slaughter Houses (RSHs). The study was conducted...
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Characterization and Antibacterial Activity Test of Hand Sanitizer Gel Ethanol Extract Ficus lyrata Warb Against Escherichia coli Bacteria

Dwi Wira, Selly Putri, Efri Mardawati, Hilma Kamila, Roostita Balia
Diarrhea is a disease caused by the lack of maintenance of hand hygiene. One of the pathogenic bacteria that causes diarrheal disease is Escherichia coli. The way to maintain the hygiene of the hands of pathogenic bacterial attacks is to use antiseptic. The type of antiseptic that can be applied is Hand...
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Value Chain Analysis as a Proposed Method to Link Dog Trading with Rabies in Nusa Tenggara Islands

Dikky Indrawan, Syafrison Idris, Etih Sudarnika, Henk Hogeveen
In early 2019, rabies outbreak in Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara killed five people and 527 people were bitten in the last six months. Since this area was declared as rabies-free zone, it is suggested that there were many possible entrances of a dog by trading activities. The objective of this paper was to...
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Partial Budgeting of Floor Bedding to Improve Poultry Health in Western Java

Dikky Indrawan, Asep Rakhmat
Poultry litter is a habitat for microbe’s growth included various chicken gastrointestinal pathogens. Litter also absorb several compounds or gasses from outside of the poultry house that affects poultry health. Many studies found that the composted manure had more soil fertility which consists of many...
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BHK -21 Cell Grown on Microcarrier System Increasing The Capacity of Rabies Vaccine

Diah Pancawidyana, Wriningati Wriningati, Evy Setyorinie, Kiki Restika, Agung Suganda
Rabies is a fatal zoonotic disease caused by the rabies virus. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent and control rabies. Pusvetma as one of national rabies vaccine producer needs to increase the production capacity to meet the market demand of this vaccine. The use of microcarrier for propagating...
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The Evaluation of One Health Initiative on Zoonoses Prevention and Control Program in Indonesia

Dhony Nugroho, Wahid Husein, Damian Pacheco, Ardilasunu Wicaksono, Chaerul Basri, Etih Sudarnika, Andri Jatikusumah, Ratmoko Saputro, Ahmad Gozali, Muhammad Hidayat, Pebi Suseno, Elly Sawitri
Since 2017, a zoonoses prevention and control programme has been implemented in four pilot districts in Indonesia adopting a One Health (OH) approach, involving officers from the public health, animal health, and wildlife sectors. After a series of trainings, coordination among sectors has been enhanced...
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Description of BHK-21Persistent Infected Cell Inoculated with Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus

Dewi Hidayati, Isnoer Aini, Diah Pancawidyana, S Indarjulianto
Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) disease caused by Bovine Herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1), this diseases include in strategic diseases. Based on the genotype, this virus divided into several subtypes, including subtype 1.1; subtype 1.2a and subtype 1.2b. The previous genotypic study revealed that based...
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Partial Budgeting of floor bedding to prevent mastitis in small farms in Western Java

Asep Rakhmat, Dikky Indrawan
Poultry litter function is to absorb several compounds or gasses from outside of the poultry house that affects poultry health. Poultry litter is a habitat for microbe’s growth coming from chicken’s gastrointestinal pathogens. Many studies found that the composted manure had more soil fertility which...
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Could Calcium Silicate Powder Prevent Mastitis in Dairy Farm?

Arman Deskiharto, Asep Rakhmat, Deddy Sutarman, Eko Pribadi
Broiler health could be impacted because litter is medium for microorganism growth, including gastrointestinal pathogens. This paper described the Calcium Silicate (CaSi) powder application on broiler litter and their impact to the composting process. The Data showed that CaSi powder absorbed water from...
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The Calcium-Silicate Powder Application on Broiler Litter to Improve Poultry Health

Arman Deskiharto, Asep Rakhmat, Deddy Sutarman, Eko Pribadi
Mastitis is still a serious problem in dairy cows industry because mastitis cause farmers will decrease milk production. This paper described the Calcium Silicate (CaSi) powder application as dairy cow bedding and their impact to dairy cow health. Indirect somatic cell count test (IPB-1 test) has applied...
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One Health Monitoring Tool (OHMT) for the Implementation of Prevention and Control of Zoonoses and Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) in Four Pilot Areas in Indonesia

Arif Wicaksono, Ratmoko Saputro, Monica Latuihamallo, Sigit Nurtanto, Andri Jatikusumah, Elly Sawitri, Ahmad Gozali, Wahid Husein, Sitti Ganefa, Lu’lu’ Agustina, Luuk Schoonman, James McGrane, Robyn Alders
The One Health (OH) approach is widely accepted as the preferred method to address disease threats at the human-animal-environment interface and to help address emerging and endemic zoonotic diseases.A monitoring and evaluation tool for OH implementation is required to compile and present strong evidence...
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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Bird Sellers on Avian Influenza Control Program in Bird Markets

Ardilasunu Wicaksono, Chaerul Basri, Etih Sudarnika, Abdul Zahid
Sukabumi District located in West Java Province has not been free from rabies diseases. Thus, rabies should be taken seriously through several control programs. One of the programme were rabies mass vaccination targeting 80% vaccination coverage, however, there is many dog’s owners did not want their...
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Factors that Influence Rabies Dog Vaccination Among Dogs‟ Owner in Sukabumi District, West Java

Ardilasunu Wicaksono, Abdul Zahid, Etih Sudarnika, Denny Lukman, Yusuf Ridwan
Indonesia is avian influenza endemic area since the first case in 2003 in West Java Province and had been quickly spread to other areas including Jakarta as the Capital City of Indonesia. Jakarta became the center of attention from the government to control avian influenza due to high population of bird...
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Does Local Dairy Agro-tourism Business Model in Indonesia concern Animal Health?: Lesson Learned from Sentulfresh and Cibugary

Annisa Ramadanti, Andina Oktariani
Dairy agritourism growth in Indonesia is increasing as it has potentials from its growing demand and business diversification. Many farmers/entrepreneurs work on this potentials to establish a local dairy agro-tourism based on their economic interest. To achieve their economic interest, the dairy agritourism...
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Prevalence and Predisposing Factors of Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Farm Deyeng Village Kediri District, East Java, Indonesia

Ani Setianingrum, Masdiana Padaga, Manik Sawitri, Mira Fatmawati, Fidi Dameanti, Zahrania Sulherman
Subclinical mastitis in dairy farm can cause many impact in milk production which lead to economic loss for farmers. The average of subclinical mastitis in East Java is 70-80% with average on milk yield loss about 2-3 liters per day. Early detection on subclinical mastitis in dairy cows are important...
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Study of Total Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) and Antioxidant Activity in Goat Milk Yoghurt Fortification with White Rice Bran Flour

Ajeng Haskito, Masdiana Padaga
Yogurt is one of functional fermented food products from milk created by the addition of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) which has many health benefit. Goat milk yogurt has components of bioactive peptides with antioxidants potency. Antioxidant derivatives of bioactive peptides in goat milk yogurt includeproline,...
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Identification of Avian Influenza Virus A/H5 Clade in Asymptomatic Ducks (Anasspecies) at a Live-Poultry Market in East Java, Indonesia

Agnes Estoepangestie, Krisnoadi Rahardjo, Adi Rahardjo, Arindita Novianti, Rima Prasetya, Aldise Nastri, Jezzy Dewantari, Yohko Shimizu, Yasuko Mori, Kazufumi Shimizu
A total of 120 cloacal swab samples were collected from asymptomatic-ducks traded at a live-bird market in East Java-Indonesia during January to February 2017. After virus isolation using 10-days-old embryonated chicken eggs, hemagglutination activity was tested. TaqMan real-time reverse transcription...
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How Mobile Technology can be used to Develop Real-Time Animal Disease Surveillance in Indonesia?

Achmad Fadillah, Arif Imam Suroso, Dikky Indrawan
Setting up a real-time early warning system based on animal disease surveillance in Indonesia is difficult, since Indonesia is a vast archipelago with many islands. Mobile technology offers new opportunities for disease reporting. However, the development of mobile technology for animal disease surveillance...