Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Practical Conference "The Individual and Society in the Modern Geopolitical Environment" (ISMGE 2019)

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Translatological Grounds of Didactics in Tourist Discourse Texts Translation

Elina Yurevna Novikova, Vera Alexandrovna Mityagina, Emilia Charfaoui, Katarína Seresová
Translation training within the global educational environment is connected to the integration of theoretical, methodological and didactic approaches: a search for effective solutions of translation issues optimizes openness and intensity of scholarly discussions, as well as the scale of translators’...
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Linguistic and pragmatic potential of hotel website in the tourist branding of destination

Anna Novozhilova, Svetlana Korolkova, Vera Mityagina, Yevgenia Shovgenina
The article presents linguistic and pragmatic analysis of German hotels’ websites content, considered by the authors as a significant component of the tourist Internet resource. Being a popular format of communication in the field of tourism Internet resource is aimed at increasing the attractiveness...
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Problems of development of mathematical models and creation of innovative products in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ardak Nurpeisova, Shakizada Niyazbekova, Lazzat Dyussembayeva, Zhanat Seitova
The characteristic of innovation activity of an enterprise are quite complex and their informative analysis based on heuristic methods is difficult. This predetermines the need to apply different models and modeling methods. The economic-mathematical model of the innovation strategy of an enterprise...
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Development of Foreign-Language Listening Comprehension Skills of Military School Cadets

Ekaterina Otarova
In the paper questions of how to teach foreign languages to military school cadets are considered. Special attention is paid to the development of foreign language listening comprehension skills on the basis of the author's learning and teaching support kit which includes textbooks, workbooks, electronic...
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Conceptual models of competitiveness improvement and rural area development

Alexander Pavlov, Alexander Kindaev, Olga Ergunova
Contemporary trends in Russia's economy call for the necessity of model selection for the transition to the sustainable development of rural areas. Starting from the late 20th century, many advanced countries devise strategies and programmes for rural development. In Russia, this process is of great...
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Imperfect role in speech tactics of information sharing

Evgenia Penzeva, Olga Sayenko
This paper presents the results of studies of the imperfect in the speech tactics of information sharing (explanation and supposition). The pragmatic peculiarities of this grammar form were determined. The effect of the speech tactics on imperfect semantics, the influence of the imperfect on the speech...
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Models of educational video implementation in massive open online courses

Sergey Zolotykhin, Natasha Mashkina
The development of the quality of online learning has recently gained much attention. The most significant trend in this area is the use of massive open online courses (MOOC), based on the implementation of educational videos. It is considered to be quite a new format for educational material presentation....
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On the status and functions of the hyphen in the German language

Alevtina Plisenko, Svetlana Pozdniakova
The article analyzes the status and functions of the hyphen as an element of the written form of communication in the German language. Rhetorical principal, semantic principal and principle of grammar of the functional description are considered in the given article. Also, the justification of the rules...
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The East and gender in popular culture the visual discourse of the harem in the modern television series

Olga Popova, Farhod Ochilov, Anzhela Danilenko, Nodir Jadgarov
The article is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of gender marking of the artistic space of television series in the context of postcolonial theory and feminist criticism. By the material of artistic images of the harem cultural, national and gender features of representation of the East in modern...
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Ways of assessing university teachers` professional competence

Svetlana Pozdniakova, Ekaterina Dvorak
The problem of education proficiency has existed since early times. Recently, it has intensified considerably in many spheres of the society vital functioning, the socio-cultural importance of education being enhanced and followed by the necessity of a search for new approaches to proficiency control....
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Mythopoetical concepts in Pushkin’s novel “The Captain’s Daughter”: Masha Mironova’s destiny

Elena Ptitsyna, Lyudmila Baturina, Galina Vorobjeva, Arvid Ingemansson, Elena Khripunova
The article considers with the mythopoetic and Christian motives that influenced the plot and the main female character of the novel “The Captain’s Daughter” by A. S. Pushkin. The comparative analysis makes on the structure of general novel storyline with Russian folk fairy tale traditions. Going throw...
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Investment in the education system and quality specialist training

Vladimir Puzikov
The article is not actually about direct financial investments, but about the potential of the educational system capable of creating a range of opportunities and conditions for the comprehensive and harmonious development of actors in the educational process. The investment potential of education is...
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Role of philosophical ideas for political and legal institutions

Nikita Ravochkin
Based on modern scientific trends and the most problematic manifestations of world public life, in particular in the spheres of politics and law, the author makes an attempt to theoretically understand the role of philosophical ideas for institutions in this field. The study uses general scientific methods,...
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Online petitions of the German-language platform “openPetition” as a form of modern protest communication

Larisa Rebrina
The article presents the results of a linguistic study of online petitions as a relevant form of citizens’ political participation on the Internet, and the analysis results of the characteristics that were studied in this new protest communication genre, constituting its complex, hybrid nature. The author...
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Disadvantages of professional training of human resource management specialists in the context of their employment

Irina Romanova, Natalya Laas, Ekaterina Gurova, Alexander Mezhevov, Vasiliy Svistunov
The article presents the results of studying the employment of the graduates of the first in the Russian Federation HR (human resource) management department at the State University of Management (Moscow). Questioning former students showed that the majority of respondents works in their specialty in...
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Sociocultural Potential of Modern Youth in Russian Cities

Liliya Rozhkova, Svetlana Vlazneva, Olga Salnikova, Albina Dubina
Young people have large personal and social potential due to their socio-demographic and psychological characteristics. In modern societies, younger generations live in the conditions of constant socio-economic crises and instability, which leads to the emergence of social uncertainty and contributes...
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City as an open educational space: theory and practice

Olga Ryzhkova, Anna Anikina
The process of urbanisation has dramatically changed the cultural reality of the late 20th - early 21st centuries. A number of academic claims that cities (not states) play the most important role in it today. This article analyses the opportunities of using city space as an open educational space, the...
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Approaches to the study of "domestic violence" in the works of Western and Arab researchers

A.K. Abu Saada
Domestic violence is a global phenomenon, which spreads in all countries regardless of geographical location, religion or ethnicity. In most studies related to domestic violence, two aspects are considered when discussing domestic violence; violence against women and violence against children. Women...
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Point-rating system as one of the incentives of master students’ independent work

Natal’ya Sergeyeva, Natalya Yakovleva, Aleksandr Kuleshov, Irina Akimova
The authors consider the shortcomings of the five-point evaluation system used in Russian universities. The desire for more effective incentives has led to the introduction of parallel evaluating systems at an educational institution. The paper evaluates the use of the point-rating system (PRS) to enhance...
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Cognitive and Discourse Peculiarities of Metaphor in Logical Argumentation of A. Lincoln’ Discourse

Lada Shadaeva
This article is devoted to the study of cognitive and discourse features of metaphor in the logical type of argumentation of A. Lincoln's discourse. According to the well-known scientist A. N. Baranov, logical reasoning is aimed at reinterpreting the thesis within the framework of a given value. The...
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Role of PR-technologies in the context of ensuring national security of Russia

Vladimir Shinkaruk, Natalya Solovyeva, Pavel Fantrov
The relevance of researching the role of PR technologies in the process of ensuring Russia's national security is increasing, as it is being tested for strength in almost all of its areas. The effective implementation of PR technologies, the purpose of which is to create a positive attitude towards the...
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Scientific Co-Creation as Method for Development of Creative Competence in Future Educators

Alfiya Shumovskaya, Lidiya Kananchuk, Olga Udova, Victoria Karikh
The article presents the experience of organizing scientific co-creation as a method for development of creative competence in future educators. Study model is described, which consists of a combination of components: target, methodological, content, organizational and resultative. The study objective...
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Development of the subjective position of a family taking into account its individual characteristics

Tatyana Simakova, Vera Zhurakovskaya, Veronika Dubskih, Elena Antonova
The article analyzes the possibilities of an individually oriented approach to the interaction of educational institutions with students’ families according to the author's typology of the subjective position. The article presents the subjective position components and their main characteristics. Possible...
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Hardiness and the Big Five personality traits among inhabitants of the Ural region

Nadezhda Sivrikova, Tatyana Ptashko, Artem Perebeynos, Elena Moiseeva, Anfisa Vorozheykina, Anton Terehov
The problem of the study of individual factors in the course of hardiness formation is considered herein. The authors presented the study results of the hardiness level and the Big Five factors of the residents of the Ural region. 148 people (69 males and 79 females) aged 17 to 65 years took part in...
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Entrepreneurial parks as an element of the infrastructure support system for small and medium-sized businesses

Mikhail Starovoytov, Tatiana Mirosedi, Natalia Vodopyanova, Natalia Ievleva, Oksana Gavrilova
This article considers the support of small and medium enterprises (SME) as the most important factor in the socioeconomic growth of the country. The current system of infrastructure support for SME is described, which includes various types of support: legal, financial, property, engineering and manufacturing,...
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Economic and mathematical methods for assessing expertise of specialists of enterprises

Irina V. Sukhorukova, Gennady P. Fomin
The article is devoted to the development of a mechanism for adapting specialists of industrial institutions, ensuring their competitiveness and leadership in the field of management. The scientific novelty of the research lies in the development of an adaptive system for the development of specialists...
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Educational influence of fathers of different nationalities in the development of the child

Yuliya Tokareva, Anastasiya Efimova
The results of the study of differences in the educational activities of fathers of different nationalities are presented. Based on the concept of system-activity approach, educational activity is inspected in three aspects: motivational needs, executive, control and evaluation. In the study the author's...
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Using Drama in Teaching Intonation

Valentina Tsybaneva, Anna Seredintseva, Oksana Maletina
The article is devoted to using drama for acquisition of intonation in English as a foreign language. In drama there is the predominance of sense over meaning, of sentence over word, and of context over sentence. Drama techniques can be used in teaching as a platform for language practice. Drama is effective...
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Communicative Silence in Apology Situation

Yuliya Tufanova, Tatyana Maklakova, Mariya Chupanovskaya
The article considers silence as a nonverbal component of apology situation. The general model of this situation is described and the goals pursued by the participants of the situation are identified. The basic features of the communicative situation of apology as a conflict one are showed. The main...
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Value-semantic predictors of professional orientations

Antonina Utkina, Dmitry Dolganov, Ludmila Zelenaya, Nadezhda Scherbakova, Marina Kamenskaya
In recent years, the pedagogical interpretation of education and its role in society has been complemented by the coverage of education problems from the perspective of the subject area of other sciences: sociology, psychology, and economics... The axiological (value-orientation) role of education in...
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Non-standard composition: problem issues

Ulia Vairakh, Tatiana Dikun, Anna Kazorina, Elena Nikitina
The article gives a review on problem areas related to preparation for the composition. It is a part of final essay examination. The conceptual apparatus in terms of declared topic has been defined. There was revealed the way to achieve a successful finishing of the exam. In this article the author described...
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Text of description type: verbal predicates of spatial semantics in a journalistic style (predicates of visual perception, intermodal and actional semantics)

Yulia Varfolomeeva
The current paper provides the semantic classification of verbal predicates in the text of a journalistic style. It is suggested that there are basic units of predicates of common semantics of object being in space: 1. spatial predicates, non-actionable predicates of visual perception (predicates denoting...
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Dynamic processes in the linguistic consciousness of Russian students (on the example of ethnic stereotypes)

Galina Vasileva, Marina Vinogradova
In order to identify the possible dynamics of ethnic stereotypes in the linguistic consciousness of Russian students, the associative potential of the ethnonyms included as incentives in the Russian Associative Dictionary, edited by Yu.N. Karaulov, as well as data from the free-associative experiment...
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Linguistic means expressing the category of evaluation in public political speech

Anna Yakovleva, Svetlana Pogorelova, Yuliya Butina
In our work we analyze the main linguistic means of expressing evaluative meaning in public political speeches of Otto von Bismarck. Linguistic problems of the evaluation category have been researched by scientists since ancient times (works of Aristotle, J.Locke, N. D. Harutyunova). Evaluation is characterized...
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Peculiarities of the distance-education form of teaching foreign language to students of a linguistic higher education institution

Nataly Yelashkina, Ekaterina Dvorak, Yulia Zagraiskaya
This article discusses specific features and peculiarities of distance learning using the latest information technologies. According to the authors, distance learning provides virtually unlimited possibilities for using a personal computer in the process of studying. In linguistic education, the need...
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Reflecting Social Reality in Lexicographic Representations (a case-study of Latino-American Sociolects)

Elena Yu, Victoria Batitskaya
The article represents reflecting social reality based on sociolinguistic factors that have lexicographical fixations. At present, the methodological base of sociolectology already formed is being enriched, the research methods are described and tested, some reviews of the actual situation in sociolectic...
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Social and pedagogical technologies of religious identity development: discursive analysis

Igor Yurasov, Vera Batova, Vladimir Roganov, Tatyana Glebova, Andrey Vorotnikov
In this article social and pedagogical technologies of religious identity development in modern Orthodox Christianity are analysed. It is offered to consider the basic discourses used in religious life (philosophical and theological, art, political, mythological and ideological) as stages of religious...
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Sociological study of deviant behavior of homeless people in Russia

Igor Yurasov, Vera Batova, Vladimir Roganov, Dmitry Petrov, Marina Chircina
One of the major problems of modern society is the deformation of the social structure. Social movement in terms of marginal situations ‘transitional’ creates marginal transitional status (positions), which are the determining factors of the marginal state, consciousness, and the behaviors of individuals...
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Prisonisation of the city as manifestation of hybrid culture (Siberian case)

Pavel Zaytsev, Svetlana Ovodova
. Foucault's model seemed relevant so far to consider prisonisation. According to Foucault, the criminal culture is marginalized, ousted as far as possible into the outer colony. Creation of the life of the Siberian cities happened in a different mode, not being able to reject the criminal culture, society...
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Intellectual asset of Russian organizations

Valery Smirnov, Anna Zakharova, Vladislav Semenov, Galina Dulina, Svetlana Petunova
At the modern stage of the world economic development, the real wealth of leading countries is a population with a high intellectual level. Discussion of the problem of using the intellectual asset of an organization led to two conclusions: firstly, the total intellectual asset, as the intersectionality...
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Initial meaning of a literary text and its place in the meaning structure

Mariya S. Zhurkova, Elena A. Khomutnikova
The paper is devoted to the study of implementation features for initial meaning of a literary text in the process of author-reader interaction. The initial meaning is characterized as the most influential element of the meaning system. It occupies the dominant position in a literary text meaning structure...