Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Practical Conference "The Individual and Society in the Modern Geopolitical Environment" (ISMGE 2019)

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Innovative personality at the borderline of the global and the local

Olga Abadzhi, Evgeniya Kogay, Anastasia Khoroshilova
The article analyzes processes of globalization and glocalization. It is the regional response to global processes that actualizes localization and innovation. In these conditions the personality of a particular mentality and activity — the innovative personality - becomes much-needed. Key qualities...
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Communication techniques in mass media discourse

Irena V. Aleshchanova, Natalia A. Frolova, Marina R. Zheltukhina
This article examines factual and fictional characteristics of media texts and means of their expression in narrative genres of mass media discourse. Russian newspaper articles make the material of research. The interpretive analysis of textual information, definitional, descriptive and comparative,...
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Optimizing teaching conditions for efficient development of translation skills within postgraduate study programs

Aleksei Alipichev, Olga Takanova, Aleksei Zaitsev, Nina Lozhkina
The paper outlines didactic conditions of organizing foreign language training courses within postgraduate programs of non-linguistic training fields. Based on theoretical and empirical research, the authors offer methodological recommendations for developing translation skills within the structure of...
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System of values of Russian social advertising

Tatyana Valentinovna Anisimova, Svetlana Anatolyevna Chubay, Natalya Konstantinovna Prigarina
This article analyzes the composition of the values of Russian social advertising. The authors come to the conclusion that it includes the values that form the basis of argumentation of the affecting speech and determine the selection and the ratio of all the components of the argument, which are the...
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Ideal body in the assessments of a large city students’ youth

Natalya Antonova, Anatoly Merenkov, Elеna Grunt
The article reveals what students think about an ideal body and discusses some cutting edge body design trends. The human body is a project that can change throughout life in accordance with the image that is formed in the process of socialization and that is formed in the context of a specific social...
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Oral history and historical memory in the digital age: gender perspective

Evgenia Anufrieva, Ardak Abdiraiymova, Roza Zharkynbayeva, Gaukhar Shamshieva
Based on the memories of the Great Patriotic War`s contemporaries an article shows the possibilities of using the oral history method to discover new data on the largest historical event of the 20th century. It describes digital technologies of recording, processing, saving the received data, such as...
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Analysis of the social well-being of urban citizens: gender aspect in the conditions of digital transformation

Evgenia Anufrieva, Elena Borodina, Natalia Kazanova, Natella Mashenceva, Nadezhda Ovchar
The article discusses the social well-being of the residents of Volgograd based on the data of empirical studies of recent years. Social well-being is defined by the authors as an integral characteristic of a person who is self-aware and has an idea of the degree of his emotional, psychological, social...
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Representation of Internet privacy issues in news reports: Critical Discourse Analysis

Darya A. Aripova, Irina S. Bashmakova
This paper aims at exploring morphological, syntactic and semantic features through which social actors, implicated in Internet privacy issues discourse, in news reports are represented. Van Leeuwen’s theoretical-methodological tools have been used in the study to reveal the basic tendencies that conceptualize...
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Sustainable development as a prerequisite of digital transformation of enterprises in rocket and space industry

Tatiana Arkhipova, Margarita Afonasova
The article considers key aspects of Russian rocket and space industry digital transformation and justifies the appropriateness of using the principles that underlie a concept of a digital enterprise in order to maintain Russian space industry leadership in terms of the increased competition. It is shown...
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Psychosocial aspects of ecotourism and nature conservation in Russia

Viktoria V Arshinova, Natalia V Kuznetsova, Mariam R Arpentieva, Andrei V Novakov, Larisa V Bykasova, Galina V Slepukhina
The article is devoted to the psychosocial aspects of tourism and nature conservation. The authors consider the problems of nature conservation in the context of ecotourism development. The leading problems in the work of modern «specially protected natural areas» are the following: 1) the organization...
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Semiolinguistics of landscape design discourse

Tatyana Astafurova, Olga Kozlova, Natalia Vishnevetskaya
The article analyzes semiolinguistic system of landscape design discourse in English. The system represents the ways of changing human habitat in accordance with aesthetic and ethical standards of a particular historical period and ethnical region. Linguistic and semiotic aspects of the above-mentioned...
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Psychological readiness for becoming professionals in students with hearing impairments studying at a technical university

Anna Avdeeva, Olga Oreshkina, Yulia Safonova
The article deals with the topical issue of professional becoming of students with hearing impairments. Psychological readiness to become a professional is considered as a complex dynamic formation consisting of some motivational and operational components. The motivational component is related not only...
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Judicial discretion as an element of developing judicial law

Ekaterina Azarova
The article reveals the content of the concept of “court discretion in criminal proceedings”. The issues that concern the discretion of the court in the process of criminal proceedings are considered. It is proposed by legal empiricism to determine the proper degree and extent of court discretion in...
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Designing and implementing life strategies of young people in the context of social engineering

V.P. Babintsev, A.E. Ushamirsky
Life strategies of young people are stable, typical ways and forms of their life activity, aimed at satisfying needs, achieving goals and vital meanings through the transformation of the external environment and the personality of the subject himself. The features of their design and implementation in...
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Correlation of the prototype and borrowing in the aspect of the semantic evolution of the Russian language vocabulary

Svetlana Bakhtina, Ekaterina Kozhemyakova, Alena Nikitina, Tatyana Pavlova, Elena Ignateva
The article discusses the relationship between prototype and correlative borrowing in the aspect of contact linguistics. The process of assimilation of foreign lexis implies its adaptation at various levels of the receiving language, including the lexical one. Semantic assimilation of a foreign lexeme...
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Global information society foresight: the eco-philosophical aspect

Eleonora V. Barkova, Marina I. Ivleva, Marat P. Buzskij, Olga M. Buzskaya
The article studies the distinctive features of the foresight method as a cognitive tool for the study of the modern information society from the point of view of the eco-philosophical paradigm. The authors note as one of the problems of modern society, the gap between the existing creative abilities...
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Development strategies of interethnic and interreligious interactions in the regional socio-cultural landscape

Ekaterina Belikova, Vera Paramonova
The socio-cultural landscape of the Volgograd region is an example of long-standing good-neighborly relations. The results of the monitoring the socio-cultural landscape of the region cited in the article suggest a stable tolerant interaction of ethnic and religious communities, both at the institutional...
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The necessity of training the new specialists in the sector of construction price formation

Anna Beznebeeva, Natalya Vodopyanova
This paper considers the recent problem of the cost engineers training to ensure the efficiency of the construction companies. The weak pockets of today’s specialists in the construction pricing system are specified and such decisions as training the specialists of international level are proposed. The...
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Digital political practices of Russian youth: YouTube top bloggers

Olesya Blinova, Yuliya Gorbunova, Roman Porozov, Alena Obolenskaya
The relevance of the proposed research is, firstly, based on the complexity of youth as an object of study (indefinite age limits and a high level of youth individualization make it difficult to research the identification of practices). Secondly, how virtualization and mediatization effect new political...
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The impact of transport costs on network price variation

Petr Bobrik, Irina Sukhorukova, Galina Bobrik
It is often possible to find an erroneous opinion that if the threshold values to start arbitration between network nodes are limited, then the general price spread across the network is also limited. However, in the case of an increase in the number of nodes, transportation costs on delivery also increase....
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Main tendencies of religious consciousness development in modern society

Ekaterina Bobyreva, Arzu Asadullaeva, Oksana Mironova, Oksana Novikova
The article is devoted to the investigation of the tendencies of religious consciousness development in modern society. At the present stage of development religious consciousness, like any other social and psychological phenomenon, is undergoing significant changes. The development of religious consciousness...
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People as the subject of constitutional relations: theoretical and law enforcement problems

Yuri Bokov
The work outlines the need to identify the constitutional legal content of the concept "people", presents the existing approaches to its definition. A nation, as an ethnic community, is proposed to be defined through the category of "person"; as a political community through the category of "citizens",...
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Transformation of electoral right to electoral responsibility: opportunity or necessity

Yuri Bokov
The paper considers compulsory voting as a means of increasing voter turnout. The behavior of citizens with an active electoral right, but not participating in the voting (non-voters) can be compared with the behavior of a stowaway in public transport: even if he does not pay the fare, there will still...
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Issues of increasing budget funds efficiency for training in the context of the integrated framework

Alyona Borisova, Angelika Emelyanovich, Sergey Koval
The article highlights the main process that is a part of the top-level business processes in higher education - the educational process itself. The analysis of impact of each process on the efficiency of the final result, which considers graduated personnel for various sectors of the economics, including...
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Theoretical and practical research on social and labor relations regulation based on the theory of generations

Alyona Borisova, Vadim Snegirev, Marina Vechkasova
Genesis analysis and the theory of generations determining two main stages of development – basic and practical - formation are highlighted. Within the frames of the base stage (from 1999 to 2000) the authors introduce individuals differentiation into groups criteria and determine a typological base...
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Local communities’ interaction culture through involving in Ufa agglomeration development

Angelina Borodina, Alexander Kulikov, Natalya Lavrenyuk
In this article, we outline the basic concepts and current practices of forming a culture of local community interaction through involvement in the strategic development of the Ufa agglomeration. In particular, we specify and characterize the category “local communities of agglomeration” which defines...
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Mentorship as a way of developing primary research skills

Boris Bortnic, Natalia Stozhko, Dmitriy Stozhko, Natalia Sudakova, Vladimir Tataurov
The paper describes the organization of undergraduate student research activities based on the model of mentorship. The authors explain how the mentoring model can be used for developing primary research skills and competencies. The range of skills required for effective participation in scientific research...
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The Innovative Methods of Competency Assessment

Nataliya Burmistrova, Irina Kalnitskaya, Olga Maksimochkina, Alexandra Shmakova, Viacheslav Filimonov
The problem of competency assessment of students of Russian universities is relevant. The reason for this is the integrative nature of competency, which makes it difficult to assess it in a rapidly changing socio-economic environment. From the standpoint of an open education system focused on the interaction...
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Smart-education as the Factor of Sustainable Development

Nataliya Burmistrova, Irina Kalnitskaya, Elena Ivanova, Natalia Simonova, Alexandra Shmakova
The following modern trends in the development of society (high rate of world variability, informatization of living environment, global communication) raise the problem of quality of training of university students. At the same time, the development of an education strategy for sustainable development...
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Adaptive Model of Advanced Training of Engineering Specialists for Residential Companies of Monotowns (TASED): Theory and Practices

Vladislav Lizunkov, Marina Morozova, Alexandra Zakharova
The adaptive model of the advanced training of engineering specialists based on industry-university collaboration has increased attention in production or business practice and research due to the need of innovations, especially when we deal with the issues of monotowns. However, although authors have...
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Limits to applicability of types of rationality in legal activities

Marina Davydova, Dmitry Zykov
The article attempts to establish the limits of applicability for distinguishing between types of rationality in legal activity on the basis of philosophical criteria. The authors revealed differences in thinking of a legal official, judge and, legislator, due to the peculiarities of their professional...
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Pre-trial cooperation agreement: enforcement matters and theory

Marina Dneprovskaya, Sergey Abramitov
Along with total ordering of the criminal trial general in Russia, special, summary criminal procedures are applied. At present, special criminal justice is the main form of criminal litigation, as more than half of criminal cases are considered on the merits using these procedures. They are used to...
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Linguistic Landscape Peculiarities in Comparative Language and Cultural Aspect

Svetlana Dvinina, Svetlana Pitina, Gleb Urvantsev
Peculiarities of place naming in different linguistic and cultural situations of one of the largest Russian industrial city Chelyabinsk in the South Urals and the largest city of Nevada Las Vegas in the US West are discussed in the article. Similarities and differences of linguistic landscape verbalization...
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Information technologies as a production resource of youth protest virtualization

Elena Vladimirovna Efanova
Socio-political instability and the complication of political reality stimulate protest moods and actions, especially among young people. The rapid development of the information and communication sphere, the availability of information technologies and digital communications led to the emergence of...
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Teaching English by means of competence-based approach to the students of secondary vocational education

Elena Eltanskaya, Anastasia Arzhanovskaya, Yulia Linkova
The article considers the competence-based approach as one of the tools for the modernization of secondary vocational education system. Historiography of the study is analysis of this approach from the point of view of psychology, in the socio-cultural aspect, as well as from specific competencies formation...
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Structure and dynamics of value orientations: cross-cultural aspect

Evgeniia Erenchinova, Natalia Chumanova, Tatiana Shakirova
The paper reveals the concept of cross-cultural communication and determines conceptual ties with synonymous terms. Cross-cultural communication is a dynamic process that is clearly structured. This process has a set of characteristics that show the forms of cultures interaction. Cross-cultural communication...
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Special features of pedagogical communication in a foreign audience at university

Natalia Filimonova, Elena Romanyuk, Marina Davydova, Anastasiya Popova, Olga Mikhaylushkina
This article provides an analysis of the features of pedagogical communication at the stage of Pre-university training of foreign students. The focus on this stage is explained by the fact that it is very important for foreigners to adapt to the educational and professional environment of a Russian university....
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Communication failure in court interpreting within a linguosemiotic approach: a mismatch of expectations

Alina Frantsuzova
This article analyzes interpreting of spoken court discourse with a focus on communication failures and their origins. Previous research shows that connection between communication failure and the judiciary’s view on interpreter’s role makes a noticeable impact on how legal experts evaluate translation...
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Emotional representations and their verbalization in preschool children

Elena Galeeva, Olga Zaytseva, Irina Galkina, Nadezhda Shinkareva
The article contains the analysis of the scientific basis of psychological and pedagogic research, which provides an interpretation of children's ability to perceive phenomena of speech reality in correlation with perceptions of the emotional state of preschool children. The study considers the issues...
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Metaphysics of power and current geopolitics in social and cultural contexts

Dmitry Garbuzov, Sergej Ramazanov, Nikolay Nikolaev, Andrey Makarov, Nina Kalashnikova
The article explores the phenomenon of power which covers a metaphysical aspect of human existence. It refers to the insufficiency of human being, to its imperfection and insecurity. The above-mentioned makes subjectivity and objectivity of power possible. The very possibility of domination is created...
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Influence of ethnic and religious factors on the traditionalism and everyday life of students in the urban environment at the beginning of the XXI century (on the example of Makhachkala city)

Nina Garunova, Madina Garunova, Farida Gadzhieva
The article analyzes the statements that consider the influence of ethnic and religious factors on the urban daily life of students, assesses the attitude of young people to the power structures in the field of preserving the traditional urban environment. The article is devoted to the results of sociological...
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Synthesis of language expressive means as the dominant of N.Dzhusoyty's poetic idiostyle

Larisa Borisovna Gatsalova, Larisa Kasbulatovna Parsieva, Elena Gennadievna Grigorieva
The article analyzes the lexical-semantic and lexical-stylistic features of the Ossetian literary text. The authors described emotions, vocatives, individual authorial innovations, repetitions, comparisons, lexical and grammatical methods of expressiveness and author's idiostile. Particular attention...
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Language means realizing the prototypical situation of expressing basic emotions in English

Tatiana Gorbunova, Elena Poskachina, Lena Zamorshchikova
This article is devoted to research on the semantics of four basic emotions (joy, surprise, sadness, anger) being verbalized in the context of the prototype theory and conceptual integration theory. A prototypical situation of expressing emotions can be distinguished which further makes it possible to...
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Urban Semiotics in Retro-Detective Prose: a Tour of the 19th Century Moscow

Innara Guseynova, Elena Kosichenko, Alexey Gorozhanov
The paper discusses the importance of retro-detective prose in gaining cultural knowledge, and focuses on the problem of the nature of the retro component which may be represented by various realities, like gourmet dishes, elements of clothing, personal names, place names, holidays, etc. Structurally,...
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Psychological readiness of university students with special educational needs for future professional activity

Nina Grigorieva, Anna Zakharova, Evgeni Nikolaev, Svetlana Petunova, Galina Dulina
Currently, the problem of rehabilitation, adaptation and integration of people with disabilities and special educational needs into modern society is one of the most urgent tasks in Russia. The article reveals the experience of the Center of inclusive education at “Chuvash State University named after...
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Educational Environment as a Prerequisite for Providing а Quality Inclusive Education

Svetlana Grishaeva, Elena Mitrofanova, Yulia Gimazova, Tatiana Beregovskaya, Liudmila Ivanovskaya
This article provides research on the problems connected to the formation and development of an inclusive educational environment in a higher educational institution. The authors of this article justified the substance and structure of an inclusive educational environment in higher education via a combination...
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National stereotypes on education presented in folklore small texts (by the material of Russian, English and German proverbs and sayings)

Tatyana Grishenkova, Elena Korol
It is commonly acknowledged, that folklore texts (tales, proverbs, sayings, songs, etc.) fix people’s wisdom throughout many generations, preserving cultural entity and peculiarity. This paper is dedicated to the investigation of the national stereotypic presentations on education. By means of cognitive...
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Argumentation model based on the ontology of persuasion recipient

Aleksej Gubanov, Galina Gubanova, Ekaterina Kozhemyakova, Evgenija Grigoreva, Irina Bakina
The article examines the cognitive structure of knowledge representation in the argumentation context, where the corresponding concept as a cognitive category is understood as a special kind of reasoning, as a rationalistic justification procedure, the basis of which is the mental representation of the...
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Methodological aspect of increasing the motivation for science studies undergraduates to learn a foreign language

Svetlana Gudkova, Marina Emelina, Natalia Yashchenko, Diana Burenkova
Motivation is considered to be an essential condition of facilitating any activity. In order to create a positive motivation in the process of learning foreign languages, teachers need to have a clear understanding of aims, required procedures and techniques for elaborating new learning paths. The main...
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Development and construction of a four-dimensional instrument in working groups

Alexander Redlich, Svetlana Gurieva
Different styles of communication between members of working groups often result in dynamics that will increase relevant conflicts. This damages interpersonal relations and the productivity of work. How can team developers and conflict consultants identify different styles of communication in working...
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Social Representations about Reputation as the Company's Social Capital

Svetlana Gurieva, Svetlana D. Gurieva, Ludmila G. Pochebut, Vera A. Chiker, Tatiana G. Yanicheva
This research work covers issues related to social representations of reputation and the main principals of foundation the reputation. The study involved 479 people. The objective of our research is to study the socio-psychological representations of reputation in the context of the organizational culture...
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Adaptation or acculturation: that is the question

Svetlana Gurieva, Tamara Kinunen
The article is devoted to the description of the acculturation and adaptation. The research in the field of psychology of migration processes invariably has an impact on the cross-cultural, interethnic interaction on modern society. А new model of "migration circle" is considered in accordance with modern...
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Formal characteristics of translingual poetry by Kosta Khetagurov

Irlan Sergeevich Khugaev
V.I. Abaev once mentioned that the Ossetian philology discusses primarily the social content of Kosta Khetagurov's poems, while the formal part of his poetry and his lexical mastery were almost neglected. Actually, the argument was referred to "Iron Fandyr" ("The Ossetian Lyre"), however, it is reflective...
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Development of trade and economic cooperation in the oil and gas sectors between Kazakhstan and Russia

Zinat Imangozhina, Dinara Satenova, Shakizada Niyazbekova, Anna Zuyeva, Bibigul Issayeva
The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation are strategic allies and the most important trade and economic partners. The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation constantly hold events on the importance of trade-economic relations development between the countries that contribute to...
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Non-contractual use of a trademark

Agnessa Inshakova, Lyudmila Chegovadze, Alexey Demin
As a general rule, using of a trademark is allowed at the discretion of possessor of a right owing to the exclusive right belonging to it, in particular, based on a contract with other persons signed by it. However, the letter of the law also provides non-contractual use of a trademark, a legal ground,...
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Legal ensuring competitiveness of subjects of small and medium business in the age of digitalisation

Agnessa Inshakova, Tatyana Deryugina, Sofya Deryugina
The article analyses the factors affecting the increase in the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses from the perspective of their legal regulation in the era of digitalisation of the economy. The study points out the importance of developing small and medium-sized businesses in the interests...
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Pedagogical hygienic expertise of innovative strategies in modern school

Natalia Shisharina, Oleg Podlinyaev, Tatyana Romm, Natalia Ivantsova
The article deals with the problem of hygienic expertise of school educational technologies in the context of innovation policy. The contradictions arising between the imperatives and priorities of secondary schools and the hygiene of the educational space, as conditions for the preservation of the mental,...
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Argumentative Characteristics of Popular Scientific and Academic Scientific Texts in Economic Discourse

I.K. Kardovich, E.V. Korobova, N.A. Kalashnikova, D.A. Mironova, L.A. Vovsi-Tillye
The article is devoted to the phenomenon of linguistic argumentation. Despite the numerous and multidimensional studies of text / discourse, the argumentative characteristics of the text remain poorly understood. The present study is an analysis of academic scientific and popular scientific texts of...
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Role of Argumentation in Discourse

Irina Kardovich, Marina Konysheva, Ekaterina Korobova, Dina Mironova
The present paper offers a survey of prevailing lines of research on linguistic argumentation, which is a fundamental part of a logical communication structure of any sense bearing text. The paper explores the character and structure of linguistic argumentation with regards to communication and pragmatic...
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Doctor-patient communication as a linguistic model

Lyubov Kasimtseva, Lilya Kiseleva, Sara Dzhabrailova
This article is devoted to the study of oral medical discourse in doctor-patient communication, which many scientists consider as a linguistic model. The relationship between the doctor and the patient is one of the actual problems in modern society. The relationship between the doctor and the patient...
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Mythologeme as a mechanism of translation for historical memory

Elena Kazakova, Nadezhda Mochalova, Anna Oleshkova
Cultural dynamics can be represented as the change of dominant myths, created by the culture within itself. At a certain stage of historical development of culture, a dominant idea appears that needs to be formalized and tried on up-to-date material. The mythological form creates tense experimental space,...
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Lingvoecology of classroom discourse: student discourse practices and teacher perceptions

Elena Kazantseva, Fluza Fatkullina, Elvira Valiakhmetova
The paper represents interim findings of research into the lingvoecology of the Russian academic discourse. The purpose of the present study was to reveal teachers’ perception of the school environment and find out the dominant lingvoecological problems of classroom discourse in the regional context....
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Instructing students in a proficient written intercultural business communication

Anzhela Kazantseva, Elena Kazantseva, Olga Kolmakova
The paper under consideration deals with the peculiarities of written intercultural business communication from the point of view of its proficient characteristics. The authors have analyzed the notions of “utterance”, “text”, “discourse” and revealed the parameters that are important for a written text...
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Professional training of social science students in the Russian Federation: economic aspect

Elena A. Khomutnikova, Dmitry N. Bagretsov, Elena V. Luneva, Vitali N. Kapitsky
This article covers special features of professional training of social science students in the economic aspect. Research activity is an integral part of professional training of university students as it forms personal qualities that make up the human capital. Authors mention that specialists of different...
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Patriotic education of young people by means of Internet projects: domestic and foreign experience

Elena V. Luneva, Elena A. Khomutnikova, Olga G. Khripunova, Lyudmila N. Berg, Dmitry N. Bagretsov, Evgeny V. Golishev
Many countries consider the patriotic education of the younger generation as one of the main state tasks. There is a search for new forms, methods and means of the patriotic education of young people. Patriotism is proclaimed a priority value and a leading direction in state policy of studied countries....
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Public Policy and Scientometrics of Dissertations in Computer Science: Russian Authors' Indexing in the Web of Science/Scopus Databases

Alexander Khoperskov, Elizaveta Filippova
The work is aimed at studying the dynamics of scientometric indicators of Russian science in the last 5-10 years. We observe a strong increase in the number of Russian works indexed by the Web of Science (WoS) and/or Scopus databases, and this trend is the result of special government projects. Our analysis...
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Readiness of the students to be involved in the process of longlife learning

Konstantin Kiuru, Ekaterina Popova, Irina Kharina, Alexei Agapov
The term Longlife Learning means constant life learning in formal learningal institutions and outside them. Nowadays the necessity to continue learning and to gain the needed skills for adaptation in the constantly changing world becomes more and more important. The article describes the results of the...
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Physical health data control system for students at PE classes

Elena Koipysheva, Vladislav Lebedinskiy, Anvar Akhmatgatin, Olga Kuzmina, Nadezda Kazantseva
Competency-based approach in education, changes in the nature of educational and future professional activities demand higher standards from the participants of education process. Recently, the decline in the physical health of the younger generation of Russia has become evident. This decline can be...
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Sociological aspects of university education:an evaluation of the evidence

Marina Konysheva, Gennady Slyshkin, Olga Demenko, Irina Kardovich, Irina Makarova, Ekaterina Korobova
The present paper offers a description of the survey research, conducted in a mixed group of university students of different social background and gender identity. The survey research was carried out on the basis of two top Russian universities and involved 310 respondents. The purpose of this study...
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Economic Risks of Terrorist Attacks and Specific Features of their Assessment

Andrey Koshkin, Andrey Novikov
The article studies the features of relatively new risks of a reducing socio-economic sustainability level of a state due to terrorist attacks and discusses approaches to their assessment and prevention. It reveals specific features of these risks connected with an unlimited scope of activities and methods...
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Moral and spiritual values formation in the system of physical education of students' personality

Sergey Kramskoy, Irina Amelchenko, Dmitry Egorov
The article deals with modern approaches to promoting values of a healthy lifestyle in students in the process of physical education. The paper presents results of a study of students' health culture formation in the family. This analysis has shown that the family is currently unable to fully perform...
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Urban transport mobility: hybrid research prospects

Elena A. Kranzeeva, Anna V. Orlova, Anna L. Burmakina, Evgeny V. Golovatsky
This article deals with the sociological analysis of the problems related to the population’s transport behaviour. The infrastructure of passenger traffic organisation in Kemerovo and Kemerovo district are studied to assess the opportunities and prospects of the population's transport mobility. The transportation...
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Regional educational system: prospects for regional university

Tatiana Yurievna Krasikova, Vyacheslav Lvovich Prigozhin, Dmitry Vladimirovich Ognev
The article deals with the aspects of the interaction of regional research and education system with the external environment: cooperation with universities and Academy of Science). It clarifies the role of regional research and education system in shaping a culture of innovation, and pay attention to...
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Endowment in Russian regional university

Tatiana Yurievna Krasikova, Vyacheslav Lvovich Prigozhin, Dmitry Vladimirovich Ognev
The article is devoted to the development of the endowment in Russian universities, it focuses on their problems and perspectives of regional development. Much attention is given to terminology to the participants of the fund-in-trust. The article gives a detailed analysis of groups of partners of endowment:...
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Problems of intercultural communication in an international medical environment (in case of German)

Liya Kravchenko, Nadezhda Sytina
The current paper deals with the issues of intercultural communication in an international medical environment. The strategies on effective communication as well as in the context of conflict prevention and resolution are provided. The paper gives examples of interaction between the members of the clinic...
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Continuing engineering education: background and development vectors

Petr Kubrushko, Elena Kozlenkova
The authors consider the challenge of improving continuous engineering education in current conditions. The paper shows the role of students’ professional identities in the field of engineering professions, reveals the continuity of general and professional education in training future engineers, and...
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Control and assessment monitoring technologies of students’ physical health protection

Olga Kuzmina, Anvar Akhmatgatin, Vladislav Lebedinskiy, Elena Koipysheva, Oksana Shvachun
The health of a nation is an obligate social value, the well-being foundation and the basis of a state’s economic development, the condition of its national security, determining the vector of its geopolitical perspectives and viability. Therefore, in pursuance of the social order for the professional...
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Organizational and methodological support for the implementation of educational programs in the system of additional education for children and adults

Olimpiada Lapina, Ulia Vairakh, Margarita F. Zhelnovakova, Anna Kazorina, Elena Nikitina
In the complex of measures to improve the quality of specialist training, an attempt is made to improve approaches with the aim of changing the vector of education, and the requirements for mastering various competences are developed. However, the “subjective inner infinity” (according to Hegel) of an...
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Model of developing advanced competences among in-demand specialists of a new type at PDA enterprises

Vladislav Lizunkov, Elena Malushko, Alexander Lebedev
The article analyses the scientific and pedagogical works of Russian and foreign scientists on the subject of various models and modelling methods. The authors analysed the details of specialists with new types of competencies demanded by PDA (priority development area) enterprises, undertook a functional...
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Prospective systems and training models

Vladislav Lizunkov, Elena Malushko, Alexander Lebedev
The article provides an overview of modern models that are effectively used in the educational process. We define the key parameters for the comparison of training models of the in-demand staff. It identifies a number of traditional basic models (British, Spanish-French, German, Scandinavian). It describes...
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City's social space and citizens' living space

Larissa Logunova, Ekaterina Mazhenina, Natalia Nyatina
Living space is integration of population's spiritual forces, value-based attitude to the place of residence. It is continuous, filled with the population’s experience of their identity. Living space of the city is differentiated by socio-cultural dissimilarities of inhabitants, by meanings of symbolic...
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Developing technical thinking in Engineering students

Ekaterina Lysenko, Liudmila Nazarova
The authors consider the core of the concept of "technical thinking" and its structure; characterize the specific features of technical thinking (integration, creativeness, efficiency, and reflexivity), which can serve as a tool for diagnosing the effectiveness of technical thinking skills mastered by...
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Medical terminology in cognitive aspect: features of the terminological field “surgical instruments” in the German language

Sanya Madzhaeva, Tatiana Lukoyanova, Alisa Sinitsina
This article focuses on the features of the terminological field “surgical instruments” of the German language. The terminological field “surgical instruments” of the German language was analysed by means of structural, definitional and conceptual analysis. The material for the study is simple, complex...
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Literary Works of Jury Koval and Folk's Laughter Tradition

Natalia Mahinina, Liliya Nasrutdinova, Natalia Arzhantseva
The theme of the paper is the investigation of the specificity of humour in the works of Russian children’s book writer of the 20th century Jury Koval in the light of popular-humour tradition. The interest in this theme is determined by the fact that modern children’s literature, while developing, uses...
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Features of the formation of poetic miniatures

Tatyana Maklakova, Mariya Chupanovskaya, Yuliya Tufanova, Elena Krainova
The article highlights the issues of shaping poetic miniatures in the aspect of a new interdisciplinary direction in linguistics - linguistic synergy. The form of the text is understood as certain integrity, which is created by the producer and is adequately perceived by the recipient due to spontaneous...
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Basic Tendencies and Risks of Innovation Development

Anna Mayakova
Risk is in the life of every man and in every society. Risks are manifested in various spheres of human life such as social, economic, political and financial. Moreover, risk has a significant impact on human life and health. Modern economy is characterized by total competitiveness where every company...
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Factors of emerging socio-cultural risks in the era of digitization and economization

Anna Mayakova
The article deals with the causes and the factors of emerging socio-cultural risks at the post-industrial stage of the developing society. On the basis of the modern research studies in the fields of sociology, social philosophy and economics the author focuses on two key characteristics of the post-industrial...
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Features of civil activity of the Russian modern society in social development of the territory

Ekaterina Mazhenina, Natalia Nyatina, Tatiana Protasova
In modern societies special attention is paid to the opportunities of civil activity of the population to solve some problems concerning social development of the territory. This is focused on the praxeological significance of this activity: the transfer of different social groups’ interests which are...
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Russian-American information conflict as a determining factor of Russian media discourse development

Lina Medovkina
Modern international relations are undergoing tectonic changes, which are indirected by the influence of the development of information technologies. Modern relations between large countries largely depend on the information coverage of actions of these countries. Moreover, the mass media have a direct...
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Behavioral ethics of representatives of the professional legal community of Russia in the information Internet field

Roman Melnichenko, Danil Kononenko, Sergey Smirnov, Marina Davydova
The article examines the issue of the limits of freedom of expression of representatives of the professional legal community in public spaces on the example of the case “Sokolov case”. The goal is to explore the “spontaneous” regulation of ethical issues of legal practice in modern interactive realities....
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Image of regional city: findings from Ekaterinburg

Natalya Antonova, Anatoly Merenkov
The article analyzes the regional Russian city’s evaluative image formed by its inhabitants. The city’s image is its representation created to make the most favorable impression and is formed through its perception by both citizens and tourists. In 2018, we conducted a sociological study of the residents...
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Social and psychological factors of youth involvement in religious and cult organizations through the Internet

Oksana Mironova, Victoria Akimova, Oksana Ivanova, Olga Polyakova
The main goal of religious and cult organizations is to attract new adherents through special psychological and manipulative techniques. Such methods of influence cannot be applied to every person, therefore, there are a number of certain mental and social determinants, through which it becomes possible...
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Self-betrayal: public opinion studying

Oksana Mironova, Alevtina Filosofova, Alexey Averianov
The article presents the results of a study made in October 2018, which considers public opinion regarding the phenomenon of “self-betrayal”. The study was conducted to identify the relevance of the attention to this phenomenon, the frequency of its occurrence, public opinion regarding its nature and...
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Additional education in the self-development of teenagers

Elmira F. Nasyrova, Mariam R. Arpentieva, Anastasia V. Demchuk
The article is devoted to the problem of self-development of adolescents (teenagers) in conditions of modern education in the Russian Federation. As an educational environment with pedagogical potential for solving the problems of self-development of the younger generation, the authors defined additional...
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Distinctive features of the temporal system of moral discourse exemplified in German-language media texts

Ksenia Nevolina, Svetlana Fetisova, Jason Cronbach Van Boom, Elizaveta Podkamennaya, Margarita Novoselova
This research is devoted to studying the specifics of the moral discourse temporal system of German-language media. Moral discourse is a specific means for the functioning of morality in a language. The study considers moral discourse to be a complex communicative phenomenon reflecting the basic elements...
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Reproduction of Social and Professional Community of Academic Specialists Under Conditions of Economic Crisis

Elena Nidergaus
This article presents the author’s study results of consequences of the economic crisis affecting the social and professional community of higher school lecturers. The study was carried out on the basis of the Urals Federal University inside official statistics data, on the research of post graduate...
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Regulating the Migration of People in the Bordering Areas of the Russian Federation

Irina Nikitina, Tatjana Bormotova, Elena Chesnokova
The paper analyzes the current migration situation in the bordering areas of the Russian Federation. The impact of migration is regarded as one of the most important aspects of national security, which has an ambiguous impact on the socioeconomic and political situation in Russia. On the one hand, in...
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Training self-management in translation projects: a didactic aspect

Tatyana Nikitina
The paper describes the modern tendency of freelance and self-employment prevalence in the international translation market. Translation area shows the trend of increasing the number of international self-managed teams working on translation projects. The appearance of such tendency demands changes of...
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“Any justice here is corrupt...” foreigners’ notes about corruption in Russia in the XVI-XVII centuries

Nikolay Yu. Nikolaev, Sergei P. Ramazanov, Yuriy I. Mironov, Dmitry V. Garbuzov, Daria S. Yurchenko
The article analyzes the foreigners’ assessments of official abuse in Muscovite state in the XVI-XVII centuries. The main authors who wrote about Russian corruption are identified, the specific features of foreigners' notes are revealed, the stages in a foreign narrative are highlighted. The first stage...
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National natural parks of the Republic of Kazakhstan: analysis, problems and development

Shakizada Niyazbekova, Anna Zuyeva, Elena Borisova, Svetlana Anzorova, Tatyana Novikova
The issues of studying the state national natural parks are particularly relevant and important from the point of view of tourism development in the country as a whole. Currently, due to the growing popularity of eco-tourism and infrastructure development of national parks, the importance of these tourist...