Proceedings of the III International Scientific and Practical Conference "Digital Economy and Finances" (ISPC-DEF 2020)

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The Impact of Digitalization Risks on the Business Processes of an Insurance Company

Anna Faizova, Svetlana Kalayda, Irina Malova, Ekaterina Solopenko
Nowadays digitalization is one of the key drivers of insurance market development in Russia. Introducing InsurTech provides insurance companies with a number of competitive advantages, such as increasing speed of making decisions, opportunities for portfolio expansion, tools for risk assessment and fraud...
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Smart Technologies in Housing and Communal Services

Irina G. Sergeeva, Olga E. Medvedeva, Victor L. Vasilenok
This article considers the main aspects of the application of innovative information technologies in the field of housing and communal services. The current state is considered and the main problems of informatization of housing and communal services are highlighted. Forecasted values and efficiency...
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The Concept of End-to-End Risk Management of Commercial Business Organizations Under Conditions of Digitalization of Russian Economy

Dmitry Mikhailovsky, Vladimir Kunin
In the light of the development of modern digital technologies, the development and integration of new business process management systems for commercial business organizations is a very serious problem. Methods for reducing the negative result by promptly localizing and absorbing the risk effect on...
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Creating a Digital Twin to the Online Promotion Process for Small Businesses

N. E. Lugert
The article has developed a concept and algorithm for creating the digital twin (DT) of a small enterprise. Tools for generating high-quality information flows for prototyping and online promotion have been developed. The novelty of the concept lies in the fact that the digital twin is not a mirror of...
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Transforming Entrepreneurship Factors and Technologies in the Digital Economy

Mikhail Makarov, Elena Ivleva, Nina Shashina, Emiliya Shashina
The goal of transforming the factors and technologies of economic growth is determined by the growth of gross domestic product. The development of the economic system as the limits of research has the problem of resource constraints (factors). It determines the particular importance of decisions related...
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Industry Practices of Digital Twin Technology Application in the Russian Federation

Natalia S. Zinchik, Vladlena E. Zarembo, Elena A. Sintsova, Victoria A. Bichurina
The introduction of digital technologies at the enterprises of different economy branches contributes to more intensive transition to the Industry 4.0. It is based on automation and digitalization of all the processes occurring within the activity frames of business units. Digital twins of products and...
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Features of Training in Financial Management Technologies in the Digital Economy

T. O. Dyukina, V. I. Kordovich, I. V. Diukina
This paper explores and presents the characteristics of training in financial management technologies in the digital economy. The digital economy creates new conditions for the functioning of companies: the form of economic activity of the information community is dynamically developing. As a result,...
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Basic Directions in Development of Accounting and Analytical Support of Businessing Subject Management Under Conditions of Accounting Digitalization

Natalia Lazareva, Natalia Khakhonova, Irina Bogataya, Valeria Orobinskaya
This article discusses the problems of developing a methodology and methods of accounting and the formation of accounting and analytical support for the company’s management under conditions of economic processes digitalization, consisting in the lack of terminology unity, the need for a systematic approach...
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The Development of Fintechs as a Part of Digital Economy

E. Saliger, V. I. Kordovitch, O. V. Popova, M. A. Popov
Fintechs are companies that offer digital financial innovations. Fintechs’ business models include the areas of investing, paying, managing, financing and insuring. Their success factors are based on customer service orientation and manifest themselves in transparency, efficiency, low costs / favorable...
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The Interaction Between Innovative Technologies in the Course of the Institutionalization of the Digital Economy

Natalia Vasilenko, Alexey Linkov, Olga Tokareva
The development of the digital economy is discussed as a complex institutional transformation. The authors link the stages of this transformation with the interaction between three types of innovative technologies. The first type includes production technologies. The second type includes both organizational...
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Biometric Technologies: Application Possibilities At Airport for Passenger Processing

K O Gordyushova, L I Rogavichene, E V Budrina, A S Lebedeva
This research focuses on the application of biometric technologies at the airport for passenger processing. In this study, analysis of the current technological processes at Pulkovo Airport is undertaken and methodologies are proposed to improve the current processes. Various factors are listed which...
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The Tools of the Digital Economy: Strategic Aspects of Blockchain Technology Application

Daria Vladimirskaya, Elena Zvyagina, Kazbek Koraev
Today, the economic development of countries directly depends on the speed of transition to the digital economy. The ability to quickly process and store arrays of digital data increases the efficiency of various types of production from technology development to the delivery of goods and services. One...
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Digital Bank of the Future

Lyubov Anatolyevna Petrova, Tatyana Evgenievna Kuznetsova, Sofya Anatolyevna Eremina, Oleg Anatolyevich Kalachev
In this article the authors express their opinion regarding digital transformation in the banking sector. Initially, it was stated that digital technologies open new opportunities for further development of the sector. Existing literature on this issue revealed the main approaches to the definition of...
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Digitalization as a Main Trend in the Development of Hotel Businesses in the Regions

T. N. Safronova, O. A. Yabrova, O. M. Evtukhova, T. L. Kamoza
The relevance of our research is proved by importance of development of digital technologies in all spheres of social and economic activity and also the need to ensure effective interaction in the sphere of hotel business. The objective of our research was to define the role of information technologies...
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Transformation of Agriculture Through Digitalization, Innovative Solutions, and Information Technologies

O. V. Vaganova, N. E. Solovjeva, Y. L. Aulov, L. I. Prokopova
The article considers the technological mechanisms used in the agricultural sector of developed countries and substantiates the need to implement them in the economy of the Russian Federation. New technologies will allow to reduce the time spent on production (sowing), to retain workforce and to lower...
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Evaluation of Crowdfunding Effectiveness in Import Substitution of Agricultural Products

Elena Andreevna Vitsko, Iuliia Nikolaevna Zhuzhoma
This article analyses the findings of the research aimed at study of crowdfunding application in agricultural industry subject to priority of this economic activity for import substitution policy. Within the investigation framework theoretical and practical aspects of crowdfunding application in current...
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Project Management in the Higher Education Institution Activity in Terms of Digital Economy

Natalya Ketoeva, Maria Kiseleva, Meri Zargaryan, Ekaterina Sysoeva
The article is devoted to the relevant issues of the digital management of research activity in university.
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The Concept of China’s Light Industry Development by Means of Industry Clusters Creation and Digital Technologies

Zhen Yuan, Ludmila Nikolaevna Nikitina, Pavel Alekseevich Shikov, Yuriy Alekseevich Shikov
The article discusses the development prospects of China’s light industry by forming strategic economic zones using textile enterprises as an example. SEZ are based on the concept of successful digital economy development by strengthening vertically and horizontally oriented industrial structures. The...
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Cross-Border Cooperation of the EU and Russia for Innovative Development: The Case of Karelia

Svetlana Morozova
The article describes the specific character of cross-border cooperation in EU policy. The main focus is on cooperation between the EU and Russia in the field of innovation. Karelia Cross-border cooperation program as well as Karelia and Finland cross-border cooperation process are analyzed. The growing...
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Efficiency of Innovative Development of Industrial Enterprises: Improvement Assessment Tools

G. S. Merzlikina, L. A. Plotitsyna, N.O. Mogharbel
The necessity of improving the tools for assessing the economic efficiency of the innovative development of an industrial enterprise is substantiated. Known indicators for assessing innovation are “contemplative,” record the processes that occur, but they do not show the effectiveness, do not compare...
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Stategic Change Management of the Industrial Enterprise in the Conditions of Digitalization

Galina S. Merzlikina, Tatyana E. Kozhanova
Digitalization is usually understood as integration of digital technologies into everyday life by digitalizing everything that can be digitalized. Digitalization in economy creates new opportunities and identifies new challenges for analytics and management. The article claims that the potential of digitalization...
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The Formation of a Digital Society on the Example of Japan and the Republic of Korea

Svetlana Korobko, Ludmila Sagdeeva, Svetlana Savintseva
The article discusses the foreign experience of the leading countries in the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Japan and Korea. These countries are of the same region with similar economic models that have traveled at different times and with varying degrees of success...
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Digital Economy: New Opportunities to Implement Eco-Innovations at Production Enterprises

Irina Vladimirovna Alenkova, Olga Igorevna Mityakova, Sergey Nikolaevich Mityakov, Sergey Sayarovich Ivanov
In present day conditions sustainable social development can be secured only by implementing eco-innovations at production enterprises. Types of eco-innovations and research review of production enterprises environmental management are given in this article. One of the management tasks is finding a balance...
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The Role of Digitalization in the Sustainable Development of Rural Settlements

Sergey Nikolaevich Mityakov, Evgeniy Sergeevich Mityakov, Tatyana Aleksandrovna Fedoseeva, Irina Aleksandrovna Korotunova
The article is devoted to the issues of rural settlements sustainable development. It is shown that the key task of ensuring the sustainable development of such settlements is creation of effective monitoring systems. A review of existing studies on sustainable development of territories is given. It...
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Risk Management System in Investment Platform Operator’s Work

V. V. Zemskov, E. A. Timofeev
The article examines some aspects of risk assessment and analysis. These risks are related to the introduction of mandatory regulatory requirements for investing and attracting investments using investment platforms. It is connected with that the country’s economy has a disproportion of funding sources...
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Digital Technologies and Assets Management in Mining Companies

O. Yu. Lebedeva, V. V. Evseenko
The paper is aimed at revealing the potential of digital twin concept use in relation to mining companies’ assets management. The key advantages of digital twin implementation in different areas of mining production have been summarized. Improved operation efficiency, production safety and informed decision-making...
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The Experience of Digitalization of the Housing and Utility Sector in Russian Regions

Vera I. Aleshnikova, Nadezhda A. Anisimova, Tatiana S. Narolina, Tatiana I. Smotrova
The housing and utility sector in Russia is described by low efficiency, great number of managerial and technological problems. Implementation of the program «Digital economy in the Russian Federation» did not affect the scale of introduction of the digital technologies into this sector. The purpose...
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Digital Technologies as a Tool for Improving Publicity of the State Sector

Nadiya Mikhailovna Sabitova, Elena Vladimirovna Bolonina, Chulpan Mansurovna Shavaleyeva, Elena Nikolaevna Lizunova
The article discusses the experience of the Russian Federation and foreign countries in the introduction of digital technologies in the state financial sector. The active automation of all processes related to budgetary activities by the countries is caused by the tendency to increase its level of publicity...
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Trends and Directions in Digital Economy Infrastructure Formation: Regional Aspect

Yu. I. Seliverstov
Digital transformation significantly changes entire sectors of the economy and spheres of society. Taking into account that the development of the digital economy in Russia is possible only on the basis of modern information and communication infrastructure, the article discusses its current state and...
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AI-Audit: The Perspectives of Digital Technology Application in the Audit Activity

Vilena Anatol’evna Yakimova
The analysis of IT evolution is made in the article and possibilities and perspectives of digital technology application for the execution of the cognitive processes are described. The system of the interlinked AI-technologies is developed and suggested and their applied application in the audit is described....
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Management Ecology: A Modern Concept of Sustainable Development for the Digital Economy

Artem Salamatov, Darya Gordeeva, Vladimir Belevitin
In the article, the authors raise the question of developing a modern concept of sustainable development for the digital economy – the concept of “management ecology” – an innovative research area, which includes a complex system of high-tech educational and financial-economic forms of management in...
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Methodical Aspects of Sustainable Development Assessment of Krasnoyarsk Region

Irina Sergeevna Ferova, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Tanenkova, Elena Valerevna Lobkova, Svetlana Aleksandrovna Kozlova
The problems of sustainable development are becoming currently more and more important. In this context, the determining factor for making effective management decisions by governing institutions depends on the choice of assessment methods, particular indicators for analyzing stability conditions, as...
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Methodological Approaches to the Goals of Russian Economic Development in Digitalisation

Lyudmila Babkina, Oksana Skotarenko, Yurij Nikitin
The article analyses the presence of main methodological approaches in establishment of the national programme for a digital economy. The Russian Federation needs a digital economy because information and computer technologies are developing both in all sectors of services and production and in systems...
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Corporate Financial Control Transformation in the Conditions of Digitalization

Anna Rumyantseva, Elena Sintsova, Olga Tarutko, Vyacheslav Vaganov
This article addresses issues related to the digitalization impact on the enterprises financial management process, in particular, such a stage of management as corporate financial control. The analysis of the dynamics of the information society development factors included in the “Monitoring of the...
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The Main Directions of Industry Development in the Period of Digital Transformation for Fuel and Energy Enterprises

Kirill Kolesov, Tatyana Bolonicheva, Anna Plekhanova, Vyacheslav Chalov
This article reflects the main directions of digital transformation in different types of economic activity, including the fuel and energy complex (nuclear industry). The authors consider the main problems faced by enterprises while transition to digital business conditions. Within the implementation...
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Institutional Transformation of the Socioeconomic System Under the Impact of Digitalization Processes

Vera Nikiforova, Irina Sergeeva, Viktor Vasilyonok, Aleksandr Nikiforov
The paper analyzed the processes of creating new institutions and transforming the activity of the existing institutions under the impact of digitalization in the time of economic instability and sociopolitical risks and threats. The authors consider different scientific views of public and intercountry...
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Balanced Innovative Development of Energy Enterprises Under the Conditions of Digitalization as a Factor of Economic Security of Russia

Oksana Kiseleva, Elena Oskina, Alexandra Kulbyakina, Olga Sysoeva
The article deals with the issues of digitalization of energy enterprises as representatives of one of the most important sectors of the Russian economy, which determines the possibility of developing other spheres of the national economy in order to ensure the economic security of the Russian Federation. As...
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Use of Evaluation Indicators in the Composition of the Consolidated Financial Statements in Digital Format of Economic Space

N. N. Khakhonova, Yu. N. Kirkach, N. Yu. Koroleva, S. G. Agabekyan
The article considers the advantages of including estimates in the consolidated financial statements. The authors include the risk premium, the inflation rate, and the company’s credit position to the estimated indicators. These indicators play an important role in the overall assessment of the company’s...