Proceedings of the International Webinar on Digital Architecture 2021 (IWEDA 2021)

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Peer-Review Statements

Prasasto Satwiko, Khaerunnisa Khaerunnisa, Nimas Sekarlangit
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A Study on Smart Lighting Design for Sustainable Office Building Performance in South Tangerang

Dian Fitria, Ika Putri Dermawaran
Smart building uses technology to deliver useful and consistent experiences in performances, services and system. Due to climate change and pandemic situation, the implementation of smart building will be important to deliver sustainability in terms of energy efficiency and wellbeing. The purpose of...
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Post-Pandemic Digital Tourism Strategy

(Case Study: Borobudur Temple, Indonesia)

Theresia Emi Rahayu, I Nengah Doni Adhitama
The economy of developing country is highly dependent on tourism sector. Indonesia is one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia that is suffering from the impact of Covid-19. This study aimed to analyze the effect of perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and social influence on the respondent’s...
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Diffuse Material as a Substitute for Indoor Sound Absorber

Frengky B. Ola, Nimas Sekarlangit
In sound-conditioning in the room, three factors affect the quantity and quality of sound received by the listener: the sound source, shape, and space-forming material through 3 types of acoustic materials, namely, reflector, absorber, and diffuser. The presence of a diffuser can affect the absorption...
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Digital Application of Home Architecture Growing Housing Careers and Push Pull Mooring (PPM) Factor Approach

Martinus Rio Wuriandono, Eldest Prapaska, Prasasto Satwiko, Khaerunnisa Khaerunnisa
The provision of simple housing for low-income Indonesians has been a concern of the Indonesian government as a provider of simple housing for many years. This can be influenced by the pattern of behavior of the Indonesian people in the life cycle of a person and family. Housing Careers is one of the...
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Digital Telepathy as a New Media for Translating Visual Messages in Artificial Intelligence Architecture Application

Erik Kurniawan, FX Geh Jiu, Prasasto Satwiko
Telepathy which is a form of communication still has a questionable position for everyone. Along with the progress of the times, telepathy has become something that is possible to happen. Architecture science, which is a real study in academia, is still trying to collaborate with various concepts in...
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Architecture Marketplace System with Artificial Intelligence

Samuel Yudhatama, Johan Agung
The lack of attention to the importance of architectural service in Indonesia worries the quality and advancement of the architecture sector in Indonesia. The established building often didn’t meet the requirements needed and architectural service in Indonesia is also limited. Addressing the lack of...
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Shape Grammar for Cane Webbing Design

Irma Desiyana
Shape grammar for cane webbing design is the way of seeing and doing it. The utilization of cane webbing, which is usually for furniture design, has potential use in the implementation of architectural design. When traditional handcrafters make cane webbing on a plane of furniture, the design can be...
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Experiencing Heritage through Immersive Environment using Affordable Virtual Reality Setup

Gierlang Bhakti Putra, Fauzan Alfi Agirachman
Virtual reality (VR) technology allows the reproduction of spatial experience in a digital environment and simulates both real and imaginary world experience. The experience is created for various devices with different degrees of immersion. Several use cases of VR utilization have been explored in the...
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Predicting Energy Efficiency Performance for Building Integrated Photovoltaic

(Towards Greener Building, Universitas Ciputra Surabaya)

Susan Susan, Dyah Kusuma Wardhani
One-third of the world’s energy are consumed by buildings. In Indonesia, the main source of this energy is fossil fuel that act as the main contributor to global warming and climate change. Improving energy efficiency on a building is important to approach greener environment. EDGE is a tool that respond...
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Criteria Formulation for a Web-based Assessment Tool for the Net-Zero Healthy Building

Dyah Kusuma Wardhani, Susan Susan
Indonesia has the potential to achieve net-zero energy building because it has the ability to meet building energy needs from sources that are cheap, locally available, and renewable, e.g. solar energy. The current pandemic conditions force the building design to adapt so that it can be a place that...
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Utilization of Big Data for Digital Architecture-based Site Analysis with Site Studies in Badung Regency - Bali

Stephanus Evert Indrawan, L. M. F. Purwanto
The Industrial Revolution 4.0, which led to the evolution of social media, digital messaging services, online meetings, and lectures, has become a part of human life, specifically after the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this phenomenon increases information circulation, and traffic, which accumulates into...
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An Exploration Web Based on Building Performance Interface Design

Yusuf Ariyanto, Melania Rahadiyanti
One-Web development based on building performance optimization was needed as a tool to help architects work accurately. At the same time, the web interface design for the web-based on building performance optimization should be designed according to the architects’ needs and their character as users....
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Towards an Integration of Symbolic Meaning and Digital Architecture in Architecture Design Studio

Melania Rahadiyanti, Yusuf Ariyanto
The symbolic approach is used in creating architectural designs that have meaning and a strong attachment to users, history, social, culture, and character of society or community, where space and architectural elements become symbols and storytellers. This physical symbolic manifestation is tried to...
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CAD, BIM, Parametric and Their Use as Auxiliary Tools in Design Studios

(Case Study: Final Year Students at Department of Architecture, Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung)

Ardhiana Muhsin, Erwin Yuniar Rahadian
The development of digital technology in the past two decades has a major impact on various sectors including architecture and construction. In Indonesia, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), which began to be known around 1990-1994 as a tool in drawing, had pros and cons compared to manual drawing methods....
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Development of Smart Management Principles in Railway Station Facilities

(Case Study at Pasar Senen Station)

Christie Aquarista, Nurhikmah Budi Hartanti
The increasing use of rail transportation in Indonesia encourages an increase in the services that must be provided by stations, including Pasar Senen Station in Jakarta. Based on data from research that has been found, there are several important points of public service at Pasar Senen Station that...
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Connectivity and Energy Efficiency Applications in Apartment

Afrillia Ratna Ferenitha, Maria Immaculata Ririk Winandari, Sri Handjajanti
Apartment with compound buildings require good connectivity and energy efficiency. Both elements are needed for function optimalization. the Apartment design in certain locations requires comprehensive field data. In the pandemic situation, the difficulty of conducting field trips can be solved through...
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Design and Modelling the Dynamic Structure of Bundaran Hang Nadim Landmark

Rizki Tridamayanti Siregar, Yasser Hafizs
This study aims to discuss the form-finding process of a dynamic architectural object design in Batam city through parametric design. The parameters include geometry, material specifications and data based on the site context. This research has two stages, geometry analysis in the design phase and geometric...
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Daylight Strategies and Design for Self-Isolation of COVID-19 in Dwelling

(Case Study: Maulizarsyah’s House, Kampung Laksana, Banda Aceh, Indonesia)

Muhammad Heru Arie Edytia, Erna Meutia, Zulhadi Sahputra, Teuku Zakiyul Maulana, Adelia Adelia, Iffah Aqila, Siti Afifah Mawaddah
A dwelling as a self-isolation space becomes essential in the outbreak of COVID-19 to confirm positive or asymptomatic patients. As Wirz-Justice et al. (2020) argue that by its ultraviolet radiance can be considered as a disinfectant and drug to treat the immune system, daylight is needed to cure those...
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The Role of Digital Architecture in Students’ Design Best Practices

Eka Sediadi, Anis Semlali
Architecture students learn to develop, to design 2D or 3D spaces as a facility of human activities. They should create the form of building(s) based on the needs/functions, the strength of the building structure, and the beauty of its appearance. This paper discussed the role of digitalization in the...
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The Analysis of Spatial Configuration During the Pandemic

(Case Study: Student Dormitory)

Kustiani Kustiani, Rendy Perdana Khidmat
In the pandemic era, social distancing has an effect on the social interactions of occupants of student dormitory. Dormitory housing is one way of improving learning services in pandemic-affected universities. Typically, this study will examine a sample of ITERA student dormitories3 in Bandar Lampung....
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Virtual Learning from Sketching Community

Stefy Prasasti Anggraini
Virtual learning has become a reliable learning alternative during the Covid-19 Pandemic. One of them is learning to draw sketchers in the sketch community. The sketch community that usually uses public space to gather is now switching to using virtual public space. This paper aims to explain the pattern...
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Daylight Strategies in Learning Space in Covid-19 Pandemic

(Case Study: Taman Pendidikan Al Quran (TPA) As Sakinah Kopelma Darussalam and Balee Aleh Ba Kajhu)

Zulhadi Sahputra, Erna Meutia, Muhammad Heru Arie Edytia, Andre Frannata, Putroe Shafwa, Dian Octaviana, Fitri Amelia
Adaptation of new habits or new normal has a major impact in various sectors, including education. The learning process in all educational institutions either formal or non-formal, begins with blended learning, a combination of online and offline learning methods. By implementing health protocols, some...
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Lamp Placement Point Planning using Dialux Evo as an Effort to Reduce Artificial Lighting

(Case Study: Classrooms on the 6th and 7th Floors of the FTSP Building, Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta)

Sri Tundono, Rizki Fitria Madina, Muhammad Lazuardy Nurrohman
Artificial lighting by using lamps is one of the efforts to increase the power of light that comes from natural lighting in the room, so that activities in the room can run well and comfortably according to the SNI 03-2396-2001 standard. Nowadays, many rooms lightings are turned on when they are used,...
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Evaluation of Daylight of Communal Isolation Houses for COVID-19

(Case study: Isolation Houses in Lam Neuheun Village, Kuta Baro, Aceh Besar, Aceh)

Erna Meutia, Muhammad Heru Arie Edytia, Zulhadi Sahputra, Safura Mabrurah, Sri Fathinanisa Iskandar, Dzaky Al Wijdan Munthe
Lam Neuheun Village, Kuta Baro, located in Aceh Besar, Aceh, is one of the villages in Aceh Besar district, Aceh that strongly supports the government in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Currently, the transmission of COVID-19 is extremely fast and widespread in rural areas. Therefore, the...
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The Heat Transfer Rate of Composite Wall with Series and Parallel Configuration

Andi Prasetiyo Wibowo, Messaoud Saidani, Morteza Khorami, Mingwen Bai
Insulation serves as a barrier to heat transfer and is therefore crucial for keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. A well-insulated and well-designed home delivers year-round comfort while reducing cooling and heating expenditures by as much as 50%, depending on the climate....
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Study of Air Flow on Natural Ventilation at Tawang Station Semarang

Hana Faza Surya Rusyda, Ahmad Nur Sheha Gunawan, Reza Hambali W. Abdulhadi
Tawang Station is a colonial building that still functions as it should, located in the city of Semarang. This building has wide and many openings to adapt to the local climate. The design of this building aims to achieve the comfort of the inner space. This study will examine air movement entry in a...
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Digital Computation on Architectural Design Process in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Rizki Tridamayanti Siregar, Irma Desiyana
In the digital era, BIM (Building Information Modelling) has enriched and transformed Architectural pedagogy, particularly in the architectural design studio. It has challenged students during design activity, either it helps or limits their design. We review students’ achievements that employ BIM as...
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Spatial Configuration Approach for Predicting Office Layout Plan

(Case Study: Government Office, Kab. Tulang Bawang Barat in Architectural Design Competition)

Nova Asriana, Nova Chanda Aditya, Melania Lidwina Pandiangan
This study investigates the spatial programming approach for designing a government shared-office masterplan in architectural design. This case study takes part in an architectural competition, which is to attain schematic design as-built environment. The location is posited Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba)...
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Optimization of Air Circulation through the Design of the Building Sheath in the Soaking Room of Pemandian Air Panas Bayanan, Sragen

Adindra Maharsi Kusuma Astuti, Christian Nindyaputra Octarino
Air circulation is an aspect that must be considered as part of the principles in architectural design. Hot spring soaking room is a typology of the building that must pay attention to air circulation to maintain the temperature of hot springs and air movement in the room so that it can support the benefits...
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Energy Efficiency Optimization on Sustainable Housing Modelling in Tegaldowo, Pekalongan, Central Java

Florentina Di Angela Susilo, Christian Nindyaputra Octarino
House is a place for human activities that has certain requirements to provide comfort for the occupants and have no significant impacts to the environment in order to achieve sustainability. Reducing annual energy consumption is one of the strategies to achieve the principle of sustainability in the...
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A Hybrid Method of the Analysis and Synthesis Phases in the Architectural Design Process

Suhartini Sutrisno, Martinus B. Susetyarto, Mohammad Ischak
Learning from the experience of practicing architects in the Covid-19 pandemic era, there were many positive lessons learnt due to the current situation and condition especially in changing the way of thinking in architecture design. Health protocols require architects to work in cyber studios. The process...
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Evaluation of Building Envelope Performance on the Kanisius Kalasan Junior High School Building Yogyakarta

Christian Nindyaputra Octarino
Building performance will have a direct impact on the performance of the activities inside the building. In an educational building, a comfortable and convenient environment should be created to improve the performance of students. Kanisius Kalasan Junior High School Building is being planned to replace...
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Quality Evaluation of Natural Lighting and Visual Comfort in the Classroom

Sri Novianthi Pratiwi, Etty R. Kridarso, Deka Triwibowo
Natural lighting is an important consideration in effective classroom design to support learning activities. The most important factors in maximizing natural lighting are facade design, window openings, and building orientation. The purpose of this study is to assess the quality of natural lighting in...
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Implementation of Passive and Active Design Strategies for Energy Efficient Office Building

(Case Study: VOZA Office Tower Surabaya, Indonesia)

Yuninda Mukty Ardyanny
According to EECCHI 2012, the building sector absorbs 40% of total energy worldwide. Even in Indonesia, the building sector is responsible for 50% of total energy expense and more than 70% of total electricity. These issues make the energy efficiency are significantly important to reduce the energy consumption...
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Architectural Studio Room Lighting Level in UNISA Yogyakarta Based on Software Dialux Evo 9.1

Indah Pujiyanti, Ardiansyah Rahmat Hidayatullah, Riri Chairiyah
The Studio Room for the Department of Architecture is an essential part of the learning process because the main competency for the Department of Architecture is Design. The design activities carried out by architectural students in the Studio Room are carried out for a long duration. So it requires...
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The Social Movement

Redefining Meaning of Transitional Space in Kampung Urban Neighbourhood

Tika Ainunnisa Fitria, Ismail Said, Mohd Hisyam Rasidi
The domination in using transitional space becomes a social phenomenon in urban neighbourhoods in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the urban neighbourhood called kampung, its transition space is not only for accessibility but also as a social space. Kampung Prawirotaman is included. Nevertheless, the spatial...
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Digital Simulation in Health Facility Architectural Design

Aprodita Emma Yetti, Hapsari Wahyuningsih, Ardiansyah Rahmat Hidayatullah
This paper describes the need and implementation of digital simulation in Indonesia’s architectural design of health facilities. The background of this research is based on the detail of complex architectural needs in planning and architectural design in health facilities. Simulation requirements are...
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Place Branding: From Digital Architecture and Digital Entertainment to Instrumental Value

(Case Study: Instagram Influencer)

Onie D. Sanitha, Melania Rahadiyanti
This article emphasizes a practical understanding of digital entertainment and digital architecture as a collaborative strategy in discovering and developing the instrumental values of a place, region, or city. Through digital case study method of social media-Instagram and the Digital Influencer phenomenon...
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Identification of Spatial and Visual Connectivity using Space Syntax to Support the Strategy for Developing the Characteristic of Urban Spaces

(Case Study: Jeron Benteng Area, Kraton, Yogyakarta)

Ardiansyah Rahmat Hidayatullah, Indah Pujiyanti, Hapsari Wahyuningsih
The Jeron Benteng area as a strategic area in the center of Yogyakarta is a vital part of developing the city’s identity and performance in increasing interest in social, cultural, economic, tourism, and other strategic activities. The Jeron Benteng area is currently one of the main tourist references...
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The Grasshopper+Rhino for 3D Modelling in Indonesian’s Education of Biomimetic Architecture

Riri Chairiyah, Aprodita Emma Yetti, Indah Pujiyanti
In the past, humans used nature as building inspiration. Natural inspiration is translated into buildings through a trial and error process that is practically in the field to find the ideal shape that suits the natural conditions. Currently, the use of natural inspiration as an idea for the form of...
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Comparison of Conventional Materials with Advance Materials to Operational Costs and Energy Efficiency Based on Sefaira

Alvin Hans Santoso, Frengky Benediktus Ola, Nimas Sekarlangit
In the design process, consideration of energy efficiency is one of the crucial aspects of a design. Energy efficiency will affect the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released. In addition, energy efficiency also affects operational costs that will be maintained by the manager. During the construction...
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Identification of Public Space Vitality Factors during the Covid-19 Pandemic Using Cloud Computing

(Case: DKI Jakarta)

Achmad Hadi Prabowo, Nurhikmah Budi Hartanti
The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in radical changes in urban life. People are encouraged to avoid crowds and public activities, which have been forming the vitality of urban life. Vitality as quality is a factor that is avoided and controlled, it will certainly affect the design of urban public spaces...
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The Factual and the Imaginative

(The Place-Identity of Ubud in the Digital Age)

I Nyoman Gede Maha Putra, Ni Wayan Nurwarsih, I Gede Surya Darmawan
The term place-identity has been termed as the meaning attached by people both individually and collectively to a particular place as a result of interaction between oneself and the physical environment. A place with a strong place identity attracted visitor, invited tourists as well as investors in...
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Enhancing Students’ Creativity Using Biomimetic Parametric Design Approach

Anis Semlali, Eka Sediadi, Tawfiq Fariz Abuhantash
This article presents a pedagogical experience about the integration and use of parametric environment and tools in the context of the architectural design studio in the American University of Ras al Khaymah. Our goal was to highlight the opportunities offered by this approach in the renewal of the design...
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Drone-Based Mapping for Visual Identification of Sembiran Village Settlement Characteristics

Made Suryanatha Prabawa, Kadek Windy Candrayana, Gde Bagus Andhika Wicaksana, Komang Indra Mahayani, Ni Putu Ratih Pradnyaswari Anasta Putri
Bali has different characteristics of settlements depending on the place or location where the settlement stands. Geographically, Balinese Traditional Settlement consists of 2 types. Bali Mountains Settlement (Bali Aga) and Bali Plains Settlement. Sembiran Village, which is located in Buleleng Regency,...
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Ecological Approach to the Design of Religion-Based High Schools Using the Appropriate Site Development Category of Greenship New Building

Muhammad Jihad Al Fatah, Try Ramadhan, Beta Paramita
Religion-based high schools encourage the practice of religion as a foundation in life, including in the design of these schools that need to pay attention to the surrounding environment. The use of the Greenship New Building Rating Tools in the design of the Santo Aloysius High School in Gedebage District...
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Bioclimatic Architecture as a Design Approach for High School in Gedebage, Bandung City

Airlando Kreatif Bestara
Gedebage Sub-district is targeted to become an area that synergizes in terms of education, creative economy, commercial, and government center with the concept of a technopolis city. To realize the target, schools need to be improved in terms of quantity and quality. High humidity level that cause thermal...
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Bioclimatic Approach for Designing High School in Hot Humid Climate

Muhammad Akram Basuki, Beta Paramita, Try Ramadhan
Indonesia is a tropical region. Based on weather data in Pecangaan, Jepara. it was observed that Jepara has a tropical climate with the overall environmental conditions being very hot. The average annual temperature is 32 Celcius with a humidity level of 95 percent. This greatly affects community activities,...
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From Science Fiction to Science Facts

Digital Architects

Prasasto Satwiko, Brigitta Michelle
The current development of artificial intelligence (AI) may encourage the digital architect emergence. It is an artificial-intelligence-powered software that approaches the architectural design process from upstream to downstream in an integrated and comprehensive manner and works autonomously. This...
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Comparative Flight Direction Methods of Photogrammetry in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology

(Case study: Villa Isola Bandung, Indonesia)

Wahyu B. Putra, Agung P. Sulistiawan, Nurtati Soewarno, Theresia Pynkyawati
Indonesia is an archipelago country which has varieties of cultural heritage, both ancestral heritage and the remnants from the Dutch colonial period. Quantity, variations and locations scattered throughout Indonesia are the problem in making documentation. Photogrammetry is considered suitable for documenting...
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The Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Environmental Licensing Process

Nurharyadi Fajar Hidayat, Prasasto Satwiko
Technology can save time. Artificial Intelligence technology makes the licensing process and spatial information shorter and it can save costs. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied in everyday life, such as: prediction, chat bots, object detection, and others. Environmental licensing with various...
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Space Syntax Analysis in Kampung Tenun’s Urban Corridor

Kenny Lesmana
Pangeran Bendahara Street as the urban corridor for Kampung Tenun, Samarinda has not optimized its potential to be a tourism village. This issues led to the urgency where it is difficult for the craftsmens to find the next generation. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to understand the relationship...
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Model into Playable Simulation in Games Cities


Gde Bagus Andhika Wicaksana, Made Anggita Wahyudi Linggasani
Urban modeling is a way to visualize and simulate urban areas to make it easier to analyze complex urban systems. Games Cities: Skyline as a CBG (City Building Game), can be used for the non-game purpose to simulates urban-related processes in a visually appealing 3D city environment in the field of...
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The Land Conversion’s Characteristic and Effect to Urban Heat Island in Caturtunggal, Sleman District, Yogyakarta

Tutik Rahayu Ningsih, Khaerunnisa Khaerunnisa
Depok Sub-District is a relatively densely populated in Sleman District, which is 5,260 people per km2 with the majority of the population concentrated in Caturtunggal Village at 48.5% in 2013. Land conversion in Caturtunggal that occurred in 2000-2007 was 20.34% and continues to increase every year....
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Optimization of Heat Gain in Vertical Housing Design for Middle Low Economy, Cengkareng-Jakarta Barat

Yaseri Dahlia Apritasari, Harry Marvin Kristanto, Maria Prihandrijanti, Beta Paramita
This paper discusses the optimization of heat gain in vertical housing design for the middle-low economy, using rhino, grasshopper, and ladybug simulation. This study aims to explore a vertical housing design that minimizes heat gain, optimizes view, and increases wind speed. The methodology of this...
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Optimizing Energy Use in Traditional House Bantayo Poboide Using Sefaira Simulation

Muhammad Muhdi Attaufiq, Niniek Pratiwi
This study aims to determine the optimization of energy use in Bantayo Poboide, a traditional house in Gorontalo, Indonesia, which in term of architecture, has been constructed considering the tropical condition of Indonesia. The method used is optimization using softscape and hardscape with Sefaira...
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Study on Sustainable Environmental Impact Management in the Operational Phase of Kasih Ibu Hospital, Jebres, Surakarta

Hapsari Wahyuningsih, Aprodita Emma Yetti, Riri Chairiyah
This study aimed to determine the sustainable environmental impact management plan at the operational stage of the Hospital and was researched before the building was built. The research indicators consist of 10 (ten) indicators derived from the applicable regulations, namely Keputusan Menteri Lingkungan...
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Daylighting Performance Evaluation of a Heritage Building in Braga Street, Bandung

Aldissain Jurizat, Suhendri Suhendri
There are many historical buildings in Indonesia, especially in huge cities such as Bandung. The state protects these buildings because of the historical value and to maintain the form as the original design by its first built. However, with the change of ownership, the function of the building was also...