Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Mathematics, Big Data Analysis and Simulation and Modelling (MBDASM 2019)

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Study on Mathematical Validity Learning Strategy of SPOC Platform

Shu Fang, Zaiqiang Ku
Internet + Education has a good development prospect. The SPOC platform can make offline classrooms more dynamic, but SPOC is currently used less in basic education.The article firstly divides the learning factors that affect mathematics effectiveness into curriculum design and implementation, individual...
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Research on Existential Problems Based on Drawer Principle

Wenrong Jiang
The principle of drawer, also known as the "pigeon (nest)" principle, is a common method for solving existential problems. It was first proposed by the German mathematician Dirichlet. Therefore, it is also known as the Dirichlet principle in mathematics. In this paper, the combination of algorithms and...
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Preference-based Evolutionary Many-objective Optimization for Regional Coverage Satellite Constellation Design

Minghui Xiong, Wei Xiong
For the satellite constellation design problem, the computational complexity of regional coverage performance evaluation has posed great difficulty to classical Pareto dominance-based algorithms discovering the entire Pareto front of the problem, while the decision makers are often interested in a limited...
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An Improved Algorithm of Parameter Kernel Cutting Based on Complex Fusion Image

Yongxiang Zhang, Tiantian Meng, Zhuhong Shao, Liang Yan
Aiming at the problem that the color image with more detailed textures is not highly segmented in the image segmentation process, a PKGC image segmentation method based on improved edge detection difference ratio is proposed. The method first constructs an energy function by using a parametric kernel...
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Behavior of a First Variation under an Analytic Feynman Integral and a Convolution

Sik Kim Young
We investigate the behavior of a first variation under an analytic Feynman integral and a convolution for cylinder functions〖 f((h_1,x)〗^~,⋯,(h_n,x)^~ ) and we prove that the analytic Wiener integral and the analytic Feynman integral of the convolution of two cylinder functions can be successfully...
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The Erroneous Application and Countermeasures of Return Analysis in Sports Research

Xiuying Han
On the basis of widely reading papers published in the 13 core Chinese journals recently and with methods of literature review, expert interview and questionnaire, this paper points out the problem concerning regression in sports research, such as the model examination, the content of the case study,...
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The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Mathematics Analysis in Risk Management

Yue Zhao
In the safety management system, risk management is the core and it is the key to complete risk management for scientific risk evaluation. However, in the previous risk evaluation, the safety sheet inspection technique is often used. Also, workers’ experience is referred to roughly estimate the risk...
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Oscillatory Correlations of Nonlinear Stochastic Energy Harvesting System

Ping Zhu
The auto-correlation and cross-correlation of a nonlinear stochastic energy harvesting system are studied by stochastic simulation method, which show periodic oscillation and gradual attenuation, implying that the nonlinear stochastic energy harvesting system possesses complex dynamical behaviors. Among...
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The Disposition Effect and Risk Preference in Losses

Wenhui Li, Guohua Chen
We examine whether the risk preference in losses increase the disposition effect. We take 9526 investors’ annual trading data of a large china’s futures company in 2013 as an example. The results show that most of investors have disposition effect, only the professional investors have a moderate risk...
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Factors That Influence Revenue Non-equalizing

Shanjun Liu, Juncheng Li
Income inequality is an inevitable phenomenon in each country. National government can use the macroeconomic policy. This paper is try to find a relationship between the factors of index systems of macroeconomics and income inequality. Based on the factors of macroeconomics in world bank data, we acquire...
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Sparse Signal Recovery Based On A Mixture Distribution

Hongjie Wan, Haiyun Zhang
Based on the sparse characteristic of most signals under some transformation, compressive sampling has been brought out to replace the traditional Nyquist theory based sampling. This paper presents a Bayesian method to recovery the original signal from compressed measurements. A hierarchical Bayesian...
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Application of Pattern Filtering Method in Cross-hole Tomography Signal Processing

Miaorong Lv, Xu Liu
Noise reduction and signal separation are very important basal works in signal processing. Pattern Filtering Method(PFM) , which is introduced as a new method for signal processing in this article, is applied to cross-hole tomography signal processing. Acoustic Computed Tomography (CT) signal with noise...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis Method of Rotating Machinery Based on Extreme Learning Machine

Dequan Yu, Yang Wang, Wenbo Wu, Hongyong Fu, Ke Wang
The space station has gradually entered the world. It is equipped with centrifuges for variable gravity experiments. The stagnation of centrifuge may lead to the increase of motor current, which may lead to fire. Vibration signal of centrifuge is unstable and asymmetric. Secondly, the first order modal...
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Performance Analysis of PostgreSQL and MongoDB Databases for Unstructured Data

Yinyi Cheng, Kefa Zhou, Jinlin Wang
The storage of unstructured data plays an important role in the implementation of big data environment, thus, choosing an efficient database can provide an excellent solution for data mining. In this paper, two database technologies, MongoDB and PostgreSQL, are used as performance tests for storing unstructured...
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Analyzing the Stack Sequence Based on the Legal Stack Sequence Algorithm

Wenrong Jiang
The stack is a very special data structure that can only be inserted and deleted on its side, and is a very special linear table. It in accordance with the first to go out of the order of the principle of data storage, that is, first entered the data into the bottom of the stack, the last entry into...
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Study on Time-of-Use Power Price on Demand Side Based on Game Theory

Ruixin Chen, Wei Liu, Hao Yu
Demand response plays an important role in realizing power supply and demand balance as well as optimizing resource allocation. In an increasingly open market environment, it is necessary to study the interests of each participant in demand response and formulate a reasonable and effective response mechanism....
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A Computer-aided Analysis of the Causes of College Students’ Learning Disability

Xiyuan Wu, Meng Ni, Songjie Feng, Chao Liu, Xinjie He, Borong Ma
The problem of college students’ learning disability is one of the problems that need to be solved in universities. This paper aims at the college students’ learning disability and applies linear regression model to analyze the relationship between learning behavior and achievements of students. It concludes...
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Evaluation of University Science Technological Innovation Capability Based on Improved Grey Relational Projection Method

Long Zhang, Ramir S. Austria, Wenyan Li
In order to objectively and effectively evaluate the scientific and technological innovation capability of colleges and universities, an evaluation index system including science and technology input, achievement output and transformation, and scientific and technological innovation support was established....
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Sentiment Analysis Augmented by Emoticons

Linyu Li
Social media platforms are the main resources to collect people’s sentiments and opinions. We can extract quantities of useful information from the social network. Weibo is the most popular social networking application in China. In this paper, we’ll describe our attempts at producing a state-of-art...
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A Semantic Path Based Approach to Match Subgraphs from Large Financial Knowledge Graph

Ziao Wang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Yang Hu
In the past, people studied the stock market based on the assumption that the stock entity is known to be affected by the news. However, due to this assumption, these methods inevitably ignore the news without stock entities, and many news without stock entities will also have a significant impact on...
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Numerical Simulation Study of Non-standard Prestressed Concrete Continuous Box Girder Bridge

Xu Luo, Lixiong Gu, Xinsha Fu
This paper summarizes the stress characteristics of non-standard box girders and the grillage method, and according to the engineering practice experience, summarizes the characteristics of the grillage method in the stress analysis of non-standard box girders, and draws the corresponding conclusions....
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Optimization of Fertilizer Shunt Plate Structure Based on EDEM

Jinsong Liu, Changqing Gao, Bo Yang, Shukun Cao, Zhenghe Xu
In order to solve the problem of the uniformity of fertilization, the structural parameters of fertilizer shunt plate were optimized by EDEM. The variation coefficient of fertilization uniformity was used as an evaluation index of the fertilizer shunt plate. Simulation model of fertilizer shunt plate...
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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Financial Restatement of Public Company

Xuemei Sun, Guohui Gao, Junjie Wan, Songqing Wei
Financial restatement is the announcement of an ex-post facto remedy for errors, omissions or misleading information in the financial reports of a listed company on a voluntary basis or under the supervision of a certified public accountant or regulatory body. These will inevitably lead to an incalculable...
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The Influence of Billet Spacing on Heating Efficiency is Studied Based on Simulation Analysis

Ning Guo, Fei He
In this paper, the heating process model of billets of different sizes with different spacing is simulated. Monte carlo method is used to determine the observation factor matrix of the outer wall of the heating furnace, 3D finit-difference method is used to calculate the heat exchange between the furnace...
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Personalized Question Bank Research Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Zhiyun Chen, Yong Wang, Yue Bai
Traditional question banks only pay attention to digitalize questions. This article proposes a new algorithm based on particle swarm optimization improved by personal parameters, which combining analyzing user’s exercise data. This method can provide an online, on-the-fly and personal service for each...
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Analysis of Equivalent Concentration of Hydrogen Explosion in a Closed Cabin

Sheng’ao Wang, Min Zhu, Hao Hong
In order to obtain the most intense concentration of hydrogen explosion in a confined space in the simulated environment, the methods of theoretical calculations and numerical simulations were used. Through comparison of multiple sets of data, it was concluded that the hydrogen explosion equivalent concentration...
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The SMT Solder Joint Quality Inspection Based on Image Surface Visual Restoration

Nan Yu, Jing Zhang
The emergence of surface mount technology (SMT) has created new challenges. The most challenging is the need for more capable system to monitor the product quality. Currently, the most popular method is based on machine vision for automated optical inspection (AOI). But they generally only work in 2D...
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Research on Modeling and Analysis of Energy Consumption Data in Forging Production Process

Xie Xu, Fei He, Yifei Tong, Ning Guo
According to the characteristics of forging production, it describes the forging production from the dimensions of forging products, forging equipment, process flow, quality management, mold management, production personnel management, and sorts out the data flow in the forging production process, which...
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Box-like Filtering Effect in Resonant Structure

Jing Zhang, Nan Yu, Longfei Ji
We investigate the filtering properties of double ring resonator compared with single ring resonator. Double-ring resonator not only could generate strong absorption dip similar to the dip in single ring resonator. It also produces box-like filtering effect with high contrast ratio and flatness bandwidth....
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Experimental Study On Wearable Ankle Rehabilitation Device

Kai Guo, Shasha Zha, Yongfeng Liu, Bin Liu, Hongbo Yang, Zhenlan Li
In this paper, the experimental platform of wearable ankle rehabilitation device is built, and the mechanical performance of the wearable ankle rehabilitation device is tested on the experimental platform. Four kinds of experiments were carried out: trajectory tracking test, step response test of moment,...
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Wide-scoped Around View Detection

Yu-Chung Kuo, Din-Chang Tseng
In recent years, around-view monitoring systems have become a public driving assistant for reducing collision hazards by eliminating invisible areas. Many of such systems provide short range views surrounding the vehicle, limiting its application to parking and reversing. We had developed a wide-scoped...
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A Novel BTT and STT Switch Control for Surface-to-Air Missiles

Zhaoliang Zheng
To solve the problems that bank-to-turn (BTT) control is highly coupled and do not have a fast response time as well as that skid-to-turn (STT) control lacks of flying stability, this paper divides flight time of surface-to-air missile (SAM) into two stages by fully taking the advantages of both BTT...
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OPNET-Based Simulation of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Protocol

Minghui Zhang, Suimin Jia
Currently, Ad Hoc on-demand Distance Vector (AODV) and DSR (Dynamic Source Routing) are the most frequent protocols in the vehicle-mounted network. Compared with other routing protocols, AODV and DSR effectively reduce the resources occupied by the network. Therefore, based on the OPNET simulation environment...
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Qualitative Maintainability Evaluation of a Laser Inertial Navigation System

Yun Fu, Jin’e Huang, Zhe He
In this work, a qualitative analysis of maintainability is performed on the basis of a general and specially designed criteria in the early stage of equipment development. A qualitative evaluation system of maintainability is constructed by defining the design criteria of maintainability and combining...
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Research on Optimal Dispatching Simulation Model of Active Distribution Network

Yunmin Wang, Zaixin Yang, Jiangping Wang, Ziwen Liang, Zihao Wang
It is a technical difficulty for the safe and economic running of active distribution network to control and manage distributed generators, energy storage system and load flexibly and effectively to eliminate the effect of distributed energy uncertainty on grid. In order to achieve the optimal coordinated...
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Research on Planning Model of Intelligent Energy System Based on Integrated Energy Stations

Ruixin Chen, Jingyi Liu, Wei Liu
Traditional energy system planning mainly focuses on the energy system itself, featuring more serious fragmentation. The planning of intelligent energy systems needs to take full account of the system operation and coupling between different energy systems. In the present study, the planning model of...
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Design of Network Database with Search Functions on Internet

Zhao Li, Jianping Sun
Nowadays, with the rapid increase of network resources, traditional search engines can no longer meet people's needs. Therefore, the network crawler as an important part of the search engine is more and more important. This paper introduces the concept and classification of network crawler, how to use...
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Design and Implementation of Teaching Case Database Based on Web

Mei Ai, Jianping Sun
With the rapid development of Internet technology and computer technology, classroom teaching is gradually moving towards informationization and networking. One of the popular and effective teaching methods is case teaching. However, the scattered cases are not conducive to further study for students...
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Data Cleaning Algorithms for Power Information Communication Assets Data Based on Self-coding

Qiang Wang, Jianliang Zhang, Jian Wu, Feng Gao, Xuewu Ren
With the continuous application of new information and communication technology in the asset management of power information and communication equipment, a large amount of data will be generated in all aspects of asset management. In data acquisition, due to sensor faults and other reasons, data anomalies...
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5G Improved Cloud Service Experience and Promotes the Data Collection for Big Data Analysis

Haixiang Lin
5G will be a revolution technology for cloud service based on the high speed and low delay internet to improve the user service and provide more possibility for cloud service. The low internet delay allowed more users interaction happened based on the service provider without complicated limitation to...
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Industrial Network Communication and Application Based on S7 - 400

Lina Liu, Yue Shu, Shuo Shang, Jun Ji
The industrial network communication and application based on advanced automation process control system are used for industrial network communication to realize the configuration among PLC, HMI touch screen, communication module, interface module, DP / PA Link and DP / PA coupler, and a set of analog...
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The Competing Endogenous RNA Network of Hsa-mir-429/SEC23A as a Biomarker Pair of Rhabdoid Tumor

Jianzhi Deng, Yuehan Zhou
In this study, we aim at finding the biomarker and competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) network analysis of rhabdoid tumor (RT) in kid’s patients based on the RT subproject of the Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatment (TARGET) kidney project. The differentially expressed genes...
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Open Problems in Applications of the Kalman Filtering Algorithm

He Song, Shaolin Hu
In practical application, the Kalman filter (KF) still have technical problems which have not been solved in the LDS, such as the determination of filter initial values, the slight deviation of model coefficients, the outlier or systematic deviation of measurement data and the covariance estimation of...
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Design of External Memory Error Detection and Correction and Automatic Write-back

Jianlei Wei
For space application, in order to improve the reliability of memory operation, the SEC-DED (40, 32) Hamming code is used for single event flip (SEU) fault protection of external memory for 8-bit width parity memory. Based on the (39,32) Hisao code, a parity bit is added to minimize the error correction...
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A Novel Feature Selection Method Based on Category Distribution Ratio in Text Classification

Pujian Zong, Jian Bian
In text classification, texts are represented as a high-dimensional and sparse matrix, whose dimension is the same as the total number of terms of all texts. Using all terms for text classification tasks will affect the accuracy and efficiency. Feature selection algorithm can select some features most...
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Study on Evaluation Index System of Reservoir Ecological Operation

Qidong Peng, Xingchen Gao, Dongdong Yan, Junqiang Lin, Tiantian Jin, Jiangbo Zhuang, Di Zhang, Hao Xu
At present, the index of the effect evaluation of reservoir ecological operation cannot fully and systematically reflect the impact of the operation on the river ecosystem, and there is a lack of a complete and widely applicable index system. From the composition of river ecosystem, taking full account...
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Research on Cloud Computing Based on Storage Virtualization in Data Center

Qingquan Dong, Qianjun Wu, Yuhang Cheng
Under the background of the big data era, enterprise users are becoming more and more demanding for data storage. Traditional storage systems have become difficult to apply, and storage virtualization technology has been born. Based on this, this paper first expounds the basic concepts of cloud computing...
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Acoustic Study of Mongolian Unaspirated and Aspirated Consonants

Axu Hu, Menghuan Wang, Tana Gegen
For the difference between aspiration and non-aspiration of consonants in Mongolian, it is generally considered that the airflow of unaspirated such as[p], [k], [t] is weak. The airflow of the aspirated like [pʰ], [tʰ], [kʰ] is strong. This paper has further analyzed this based on experimental phonetics....
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A Study on the Aerodynamics of Mongolian Tense and Lax Vowels

Axu Hu, Menghuan Wang, Tana Gegen
This paper describes the speech aerodynamic characteristics of the standard Mongolian tense and lax vowel based on the experimental method, and finds the elastic change of the vowel and the movement of the tongue position are influence on aerodynamic parameters like airflow rate, glottal resistance,...