Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Machinery, Electronics and Control Simulation (MECS 2017)

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Wind Speed Prediction Based on Time series Neural Network Algorithm

Zhaoyang Wang
This paper choose short-term prediction as the research content of the wind speed,the time series and neural network theory are uesd into to the wind speed prediction model.On the basis of BP model, ARMA-BP model is proposed.Then the ARMA-RBF model was established, makes the prediction error smaller.Simulation...
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Thinking and exploration on Photovoltaic poverty alleviation model

Rui Ding
The year 2016 is the second year after the proposal of Photovoltaic poverty alleviation project. From the beginning of the photovoltaic poverty alleviation to now, the whole country has been vigorously promoting the photovoltaic project, however, the effect is uneven, and many difficult problems have...
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Development of an intervention plan for Charleston and Karamay

Huan Yue
we develop a intervention plan for Charleston County and Karamay. Then use the gray prediction model to predict the change of the six indicators in few decades, and then obtain the urban development level before the planned intervention. Assumptions necessary are set to analysis indicators change. By...
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Study on Model of Bathtub Water Temperature in Time and Space

Bo Chen
This paper is intended to study the model of bathtub water temperature in time and space. First of all, a differential function model is chosen as the basic model. Based on the differential function model, the new model considers factors of dissipating heat from water surface and the bathtub. Under the...
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Study on Removal and Replacement of the Kariba Dam

Bo Chen
The Kariba Dam on the Zambezi River is in dire need of maintenance. This paper is intended to study the strategy of removing and replacing the Kariba Dam.The elevation map of the watershed of Zambezi River is made and rasterized by using Kriging Interpolation. Combining the precipitation and geological...
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The Design of Toll Plaza

Yijin Liu
Highway is an important transportation infrastructure. In the article I use the target programming model to design a better toll plaza. Consider a toll highway having L lanes of travel in each direction and a barrier toll containing B tollbooths (B > L) in each direction. Meanwhile important considerations...
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Research on Expressway Toll Plaza

Yijin Liu
Highway is an important transportation infrastructure,so it is meaningful to study it. Consider a toll highway having L lanes of travel in each direction and a barrier toll containing B tollbooths (B > L) in each direction.We establish the M/M/N system model based on the queuing theory, and get the basic...
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Smart city, smart growth

Yi Han
The world is rapidly urbanizing, it is more and more important to coordinate the balance between rapid urbanization and sustainable development. To make contribution to explore this project, we determine a metric model, named Three E Metric Model, to assess the degree of the urban smart growth. First,...
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Insulator String Cleaning Robot

Changfeng Li
China's power system continues to develop. More and more high-voltage substation have been built. The safe operation of power systems is more and more important. Substation insulators susceptible to the natural environment and other factors, there are the formation of pollution accumulation on the surface....
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PCA in smart growth evaluation

Huanjing Lao
We nowadays attach more attentions to the concept of sustainable development. Making our life develop faster, suitable and more economical becomes an urgent problem to solve. In these years, some of the cities' continued urban sprawl and the loss of farmland which is surrounding urban centers causes...
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Smart growth comparison in two specific cities

Huanjing Lao
In these years, some of the cities' continued urban sprawl and the loss of farmland which is surrounding urban centers causes their development out of balance. It does great harm to a country as well as people's happiness. Smart growth is a theory which comprehensively gives the solution to this problem....
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How To Weaken Zika Virus?

Zheng Liu
This paper mainly focuses on providing a plan for using Wolbachia to influence the mosquito population with Zika Virus. In our SEIR Model we first obtain and solve a series of differential equations to predict the tread of Zika spreading, based on this model, we bulid a Wolbachia Spread In Mosquitoes...
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Plan for recycling water in Billings

Zheng Liu
This paper mainly focuses on providing a plan for recycling water in Billings. We divide urban water consumption into living water consumption, industrial water consumption and public water consumption. Using interpolation curve fitting, we separately predict the water consumption in these aspects above....
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Difference in shear-wave velocities of silt and silty clay obtained using various methods

Yi Fang, Shuang Li
The shear-wave velocity of rock and soil masses is the quantitative basis for understanding the dynamic parameters of site soil and evaluating its dynamic performance. The field test and laboratory test are two major methods and it is necessary to study the difference of the test results obtained by...
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The Bearings-only OF-MD Tracking Algorithm Based on Double Observers

Jianfei Ma, Bing Yan
Due to the measurement noise, the accuracy of the double observers' cross-location method is low. Based on the Fisher information matrix of the double observers, the Cram,r-Rao low bound (CRLB) of the double-observers bearings-only tracking is figured out, the proposed optimal fit matrix decomposition...
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Research Progress of Intelligent Image Recognition

Kai Wu
Intelligent image recognition is a technique that enables image information to be digitized quickly and accurately. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an important technology in the field of application research such as machine vision and pattern recognition. This paper summarizes the background...
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Thinking about Artificial Intelligence

Hao Wu
As the development of information technology and computer technology, artificial intelligence is widely used in various related fields, and plays a greater role. In this work, firstly, we introduce the applications of artificial intelligence, such as Man-Machine war, intelligent robot, personal electronic...
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Development Trend of Mobile UI Design in Big Data Age

Rui Dong
In contemporary times, mobile Internet technology developed rapidly. Large data information analysis technology has been widely used, and extended to the mobile UI design. User consumption habits, use behavior and other data information has become a guiding factor in mobile UI design, but also an important...
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Heating Simulation of Tensile Specimen at Continuous Casting Temperatures

Jinmiao Pu, Qin Qin, Mingliang Tian, Xuehui Zhu
The heating process and heat preservation of the specimens in Gleeble thermal simulation test machine were simulated. A coupled electrical-thermal model is established by ABAQUS. The internal temperature distributions of the specimen were analyzed. The uniform temperature zone of the specimen under the...
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The LED Power Supply with the Integration of Driver and Management Based on the Power Line Communication

Na Li, Yulin Qi, Junxiao Yang, Yang Li
As a new type of light source,LED has been widely used in street lamp lighting system, in order to realize the function of driver and management, a LED power supply with the integration of driver and management based on the power line communication is proposed. There is no requirement for additional...
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Research on the thermal density current in different incoming depth

Hui Chen, Baiquan Chen
The thermal density current is researched in different incoming flow depth based on numerical simulation and find there will form a plumping thermal density current if the temperature of incoming flow is lower than the environmental water temperature in the reservoir; the incoming depth has little effect...
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A Method on Pressure Energy Recovery and Utilization of CNG Automobile

Chao Xia, Haisheng Chen, Xuehui Zhang
In order to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment, new energy vehicles have been developing vigorously. As one kind of the vehicles, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Automobiles and CNG & Electric hybrid cars have been accelerating promotion. However, the current CNG vehicles are reducing...
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A Novel SCD Validation Scheme Based on Information Classified Extraction and Semantic Strength Grading

Xu Gao, Ke Wang, Zhihan Jiang, Yingxin Ma, Yan Hu, Peng Peng
Substation Configuration Description (SCD), containing all the configuration information of a smart substation, is generally non-standard at present. SCD validation is essential to the normal operation of a smart substation. Typically, SCD is composed of some implicit information, secondary circuits...
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Identification of signal peptide sequences based on mean value matrix image

Xuexuan Zhu, Chuncai Xiao
Signal peptides are short peptide chains, which become a key tool in revising cells for gene therapy or developing new drugs. But for predicting the signal peptide sequences, the preliminary step is to distinguish whether the protein sequence is a secretory or non-secretory sequence. The sample with...
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Research on the evaluation model of Higher Vocational Teachers' ability based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Haiwei Peng, Xiaohui Peng, Xiaogao Wang
This article aims at the evaluation of the competence of higher vocational teachers through data collection, questionnaire investigation, mathematical modelling and other research methods. First, we expounded the necessity and importance of the evaluation of teachers' ability based on the analysis of...
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Intelligent Analysis of Database Users Based on A Dynamic Model

Jieqing Ai, Jianyong Wang, Shouming Chen, Hao Guan, Chengdong Liang, Liang Chen
Database security issues play an important role in modern information systems. This paper aims to deal with one of the most difficult issues for database security. We propose a novel intelligent method for database user behaviour analysis. Specially, we use hidden Markov model (HMM) to model the user...
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Hierarchical Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks

Yang Yu
In this paper, we consider the problem of hierarchical bandwidth sharing in cognitive radio (CR) environment. A primary service provider (PSP) can sell its available spectrum bandwidth to a secondary service provider (SSP). In contrast to the conventional schemes, the SUs served by the SSP can also share...
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Relay Selection and Power Allocation with QoS Guranteed in Cognitive Radio Networks

Yang Yu
Cooperative networks, cognitive radio networks, power allocation, relay selection, QoS.
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Double color images encryption based on DNA sequences and block permutation

Kunshu Wang, Xiangjun Wu, Baoqiang Liu
In this paper, we propose a double color images encryption scheme based on Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) sequence, chaotic system and block permutation. Mean Square Error (MSE) of the double images, LSS and 2D-LASM chaotic systems are firstly employed to generate the key streams. Then, divide the plain-images...
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A Balanced Virtual Machine Migration Mechanism based on Genetic Algorithm

Abubakar Muhammad, Youchang Xu, Chengxin Yan, Ningjiang Chen
A virtual machine allocation strategy based on genetic algorithm is proposed, which randomly selects a number of physical hosts as the initial population, and then calculates the fitness of each physical host. After applying the selection, crossover and mutation operator in physical population of each...
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An Image Correction Algorithm of Spinning Mirror Display

Yupeng Chen, Yulin Xiang, Xiang Liu, Hao Zhan, Li Zhang
This paper presents an new image correction algorithm for spinning mirror light field reconstruction displays in the field of true three-dimensional display. The proposed algorithm describes the correction processing in the procedure of converting the computer three-dimensional model into an image sequence,...
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Research on the Water Temperature in the Bathtub Based on the Time-varying Model

Jiawen Li
For the sake of providing scientific the theoretical basis for keeping the water temperature in the bathtub .we established the time-varying model of water temperature in the bathtub..By using finite difference method, the solution of the gained difference equations was given and simulated by computer....
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Compound Fire Detection Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Feng Yang, Na Qu, Chao Li
This paper proposes a fuzzy neural network fire detection algorithm to improve the accuracy of fire detection. Taking the temperature, smoke concentration and CO concentration as the input of the system, the fuzzy neural network is used to analyze the multi input signals. Fuzzy neural network combines...
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A Positioning Method based on Image

Shengjun Tian
Positioning system has been widely used in daily life, aerospace, industrial production. On the basis of analyzing the relationship between image coordinates and the actual coordinates, a positioning method based on global image is put forward. The basic principle and steps of this positioning method...
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Overall Planning of Building an Intelligent Automatic System of Cascade Centralized Control Center in River Basins

Qian Gao
Following the trend of currently intelligent technology development in relevant fields at home and abroad, we planned and designed targets of building intelligent hydroelectric plants and the system's overall architecture. Related ideas were put up with according to the need of real practice.
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Multipoint Real-time Monitoring System of Household Air Quality Based on ZigBee

Xin-tong Yin, Jian-yun Ni, Lei Qi, Zhuang-zhuang Qiu, Yi-ru Wang
Nowadays, with the improvement of buildings leakprofness and indoor decoration materials' widely use in sealing, household air quality has been the object of attention. So we combine the ZigBee wireless communication technology with sensor detection technology and a set of multipoint real-time monitoring...
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Outage analysis of full-duplex relaying with co-channel interference

Xiaohui Hu, Xianyi Rui
This paper focuses on the full-duplex relaying with co-channel interference. Some closed-form expressions for outage probability of a decode-and-forward relay system are derived and the independent but not identically distributed Rayleigh fading is assumed. The analytical results are compared with the...
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Mixed Near-field and Far-field Sources Localization via Second-order Statistics

Zhong-xi Xia, Xiao-fei Zhang, Wei-tao Liu, Qian-lin Cheng, Dong-lin Yang
This paper proposes an algorithm for mixed near-field and far-field sources localization, using the trilinear decomposition (PARAFAC) model via second-order statistics of the received signal. We construct two second order statistical matrices of the received signal and use PARAFAC model to obtain the...
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DOA estimation with synthetic nested array using moving sensor

Zhan Shi, Xiaofei Zhang, You Sun
The synthetic aperture methods are widely used to extend array aperture by exploiting platform motion. In this paper, a synthetic nested array using moving sensor for DOA estimation is proposed. With the moving sensor, we can construct a longer nested array which is equivalent to the real array. Then...
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Localization of coherently distributed source using a successive propagator method

Qianlin Cheng, Donglin Yang, Weitao Liu, You Sun, Xiaofei Zhang
In this letter, the localization of coherently distributed (CD) is considered. With regard to the direction finding of CD source, the conventional method distributed source parameter estimation (DSPE) can provide stable estimation performance, while it also requires a complex two-dimensional spectral...
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Compressed PARAFAC Model-based Two-Dimensional Angle Estimation for Acoustic Vector-Sensor Arrays

Le Xu, You Sun, Na Shi, Xiaofei Zhang
In this paper, in order to estimate the angles for arbitrarily spaced arrays with acoustic vector-sensor, we combine the compressed sensing theory with parallel factor (PARAFAC) model, and propose a neoteric angle estimation algorithm. The proposed algorithm firstly compressed the PARAFAC model, then...
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Efficient Direction-Of-Arrival Estimation for a Mixture of Circular and Noncircular Sources with PM Method

You Sun, Le Xu, Na Shi, Zhan Shi, Qianlin Cheng, Xiaofei Zhang
In this paper, the one-dimensional direction of arrival estimation problem for a mixture of circular and noncircular sources is considered. We call this algorithm Mixed-PM algorithm, which is based on classical PM algorithm. Firstly, we introduce the concept of circular and noncircular signals. And then...
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Research on Photovoltaic Power Generation Efficiency Detection & Case Analysis

Ruixiang Fan, Ning Xu, Wenbin Wang, Qiong Li, Tianqi Meng
As the photovoltaic industry increasingly matured in China, photovoltaic power generation efficiency has received extensive attention. Because the level of photovoltaic power generation efficiency directly affects the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation, improving the efficiency of photovoltaic...
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Real-time Efficiency Analysis and System Efficiency Evaluation of Grid-connected PV Power Station Based on Mechanism Model

Ruixiang Fan, Guoming Yin, Wenbin Wang, Qiong Li, Tianqi Meng
Presently, the real-time efficiency analysis of grid-connected PV station still lacks in real algorithm and study. To solve this, firstly, it is necessary to put forward the computational data needed in efficiency analysis according to classical celestial coordinate system; secondly, it is necessary...
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Research on the Application of Interactive Design in the Design of Commercial Environment Guide System

Jun Jun Chen
As a sign of urbanization development, Guide system has developed more than a few years till today. With the process of urbanization deepening, guide system in the city life has become increasingly important and already integrated into the city's overall cultural atmosphere, becoming an important symbol...
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The Research on Key Technologies of Health Management of Modern Airliner Flight Control System

Zhaobin Duan
With the increase of people's dependence on aircraft, the safety of aircraft has become one of the focuses. The introduction of health management technology to increase the modern airliner control system management, as well as the aircraft flight data acquisition, fault prediction and fault diagnosis...
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Design of Spread Spectrum TT&C Link for UAV-Swarm Based on Multi - path

Jinglong Pan, Linhua Zheng, Hua Li, Tan Wang
In this paper, a kind of TT&C link is designed for the TT&C system of UAV-Swarm, and the characteristics of code division multiple access are used to realize the TT&C of the mass unmanned aerial vehicle. Due to the effects of noise and multipath fading in mobile wireless channels, multipath fading can...
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Smoke Classification based on curve transform

Tiantian Tang, Linhan Dai, Zhijian Yin
Smoke classification based on video image plays an important role in the performance of fire warning system. This paper presents a smoke classification algorithm based on frequency domain information processing. It is a feature in the video stream image region, which is based on the frequency domain...
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Research and Implementation of OCPP 1.6 Protocol

Chaoyue Zhao, Xiangdong You
With the development of new energy vehicles in technology and industry, as well as the government's financial incentives and related policies' support, the new energy vehicles are constantly popularization and development, especially electric vehicles. More and more people choose electric vehicles as...
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GNSS Spoofing Detection Using Pseudo-range Single Difference between Two Receivers

Ling Xiao, Xushuai Li, Yiming Zeng
The spoofing interference can mislead target receiver in reporting wrong position and time, it is a serious threat to the security of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) applications. The paper proposed an anti-spoofing method using the pseudo-range single-difference (PRSD) measurements of two...
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GNSS Spoofing Interference Source Localization Using Pseudo-range and RSS Measurements

Ling Xiao, Yiming Zeng, Xushuai Li
Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) spoofing interference can mislead the target receiver in reporting wrong position, velocity and time results, which is a serious threat to the security of GNSS applications. Localizing and destroying the interference source is a complete way to clear the threat....
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General Simhash-based Framework for News Aggregators

Pengcheng Hu, Xiangdong You
News aggregator usually indexes billions of news from Internet and try to recommend news according to readers' intrinsic interests. Retrieval for similar news, deduplication and event detection are common problems in aggregator systems, and related works are reported in [1], [2], [3], [4] and [5]. We...
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The back and forth transformation between homogeneity and heterogeneity of Cd in marine bay

Dongfang Yang, Haixia Li, Longlei Zhang, Jiangmin Li, Nan Nan
Cd pollution in marine bay is one of the critical environmental issues, and therefore understanding the distribution characteristics of Cd is essential to environmental conservation. It has been found in previous studies that the distribution of pollutants in marine bay has feature of homogeneity, and...
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Effects of climate and land use change on groundwater depth in Sanjiang Plain

Xiangyi Ding, Bo Zhang, Jiahong Liu
Based on the groundwater depth and precipitation data from 2000-2014 as well as the land use data in 2000 and 2014, this study analyzed the influence of precipitation and land use change on groundwater depth in the Sanjiang plain using correlation analysis and regression analysis methods. The results...
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Numerical investigation on the interlayer surface strength effects in carbon/epoxy composite laminates subjected to low-velocity impact

Xiaojun Tang, Pengbo Yin, Tianli Hui, Wentao Yu, Fenglong Yang
The Hashin failure model and the 3D progressive damage method-based user material subroutine are employed to characterize the impact damage characteristics of composite layer, and surface based cohesive behaviour are introduced to characterize the interlaminar mechanical property in this paper. The dynamic...
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The Empirical Study on the Factors Affecting E-logistics System in Chinese Logistics Industry

Yu Liu
This research designs the research model and tests it based on the Theory Acceptance Model. The five key factors (Reliability, Maintainability, Software, Facility and Transportation) are related with E-logistics system as independent variables. The results of this study confirm that the E-logistics systems...
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Flex-based Integrated Monitoring System in Computer Rooms

Xu Kehang, Su Bo, Han Xiaowei, Jing Qin
The paper firstly introduces the core tech related to the integrated monitoring system in computer rooms and then summarizes the problems hidden in the system. At last, the paper aims at the elaboration of the design of a new Flex-based integrated monitoring system in computer rooms from tech selection,...
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Study and realization of centralized monitoring system of information communication

Pan Bingli, Xu Kehang, Zhang Hong, You Chuan
There are many devices in information communication rooms of power supply company, where related device types and manufacturers have covered many famous manufacturers in the current market. With continuous development of power information construction, device types and quantities in information rooms...
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Transfer Entropy Estimation via Copula

Xue Tian
Transfer entropy provides a powerful information theoretic measurement of directed information flow between time series variables. Effective and convenient methods of estimation are desirable in practice. This article discusses the formulation of how to estimate transfer entropy via the statistical copula....
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Design of Control System of 7.5KW Soft Switch Charger

Huiqin Chen, ZHaoyan Xie
Charger control system is the core components of soft switch charger,its performance determines the technical level of the charger.This paper is based on The ADuC831 MCU and UCC3895PWM, Studies the control system of 7.5KW soft switch charger,designs the hardware system and software system. The system...
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Development Status and Prospect of Deformation Monitoring Techniques for High-Speed Rails

Yinghui Cui
This paper introduces the principles, technical and performance characteristics of subgrade and track deformation monitoring methods for high-speed rails such as hydrostatic leveling, hydraulic settlement gauge and track geometry car based on the subgrade and track deformation requirements for high-speed...
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Theoretical Analysis and Simulation Calculation of Three-row-roller Slewing Bearings Stiffness

Cheng Zhou, Cungui Yu
Hertz contact theory and experimental methods are respectively adopted to analyze and study the relationship between the load and the axial stiffness, the radial stiffness and the overturning stiffness of the three-row-roller slewing bearings. The axial stiffness, the radial stiffness and the overturning...
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Temperature Field Simulation of High Current Switchgear based on Fluent

Xiaojing Tian, Huajun Dong, Liang Zhao
According to the overheating problem in the operation of high-current switchgear, numerical simulation of temperature field is analyzed based on Fluent. Mainly including the heat power calculation of heating elements in the switchgear, the heat transfer analysis and a three dimensional model of cooling...
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A Health Monitoring System based on Wearable Equipment

Yang Li, Yanlian Zhang, Bangguo Lv
Monitoring the health of the elderly people through wearable equipment helps to reduce the health and medical expenses associated with falls in the elderly people. The technology of falling detection is analyzed, and a fall detection and alarm system based on triaxle acceleration sensor and gyroscope...
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Construction on Information Security System for Internet Finance

Wenfang Cao
Internet finance is an organic combination of Internet and finance. At the same time, it also has serious information security risk, which brings great challenges to the development of Internet finance. It is imminent to build an information security system that meets the requirements of Internet finance....
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The Research on the Reform of the Training Mode Of Electrical Automation In Colleges and Universities under the Background of the New Curriculum Reform in Shandong

Pengcheng Chen
With the development of science and technology in the society, the electrical engineering has accumulated the experience for more than 100 years, which provides the strong protection for the progress of human science and technology. The role of electrical engineering has been irreplaceable from the steam...
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Reflections on the Reform of Electrical Automation Course in the Transformation Process of General Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Pengcheng Chen
In recent years, the demand for the application of undergraduate talents gradually increase with the continuous development of the national economy and science and technology. As an application-oriented specialty for the electrical engineering and automation, the talents training is one of the teaching...
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Discussion on the Curriculum Reform of Electrical Automation Major in Newly Built Universities

Pengcheng Chen
With the development of electronic information technology, the electrical engineering and automation has been integrated into various fields of social production and routine life. The methods for cultivating electrical engineering talents with practical application ability are the hot topics that college...
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Dynamic Modeling Method of Cable for Flexible Cable Traction Parallel Mechanism

Shi Chen, Zhibin Wang
Integrated with features of rigidity and flexible cable parallel mechanism, the new configuration of the parallel mechanism based on rigid-flexible combination has been proposed. The existing parallel mechanisms mostly are developed based on the typical Stewart configuration, and the driving components...
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Analysis of Network Security Situation Based on Principal Component Analysis and Phase Space Reconstruction

Wenzhi Zhu
In order to improve the accuracy of network potential hazard trend estimation, a method of network potential hazard estimation based on the combination of grey relational analysis (GRA) and improved support vector machine (SVM) is proposed. At first, determine evaluation index weight by GRA, then optimize...
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The Design of Intelligent Cleaning Robot

Mi-mi Wang, Ying Xin, Haiyan Xin, Lizhen Zhang
The purpose of this thesis is to design and produce a low cost, low energy consumption, easy to use, suitable for family life, can realize the automatic cleaning of the intelligent cleaning robot. This design adopts the structured design principle, the design of intelligent cleaning robot based on MSP430...
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Interactive Tooth Segmentation Method of Dental Model based on Geodesic

Shuai Yang, Guanghao Jin, Ruikun Wang, Yongzhen Ke
This paper proposed an interactive tooth segmentation method based on Geodesic which aims to solve the inaccurate problem of segmentation in dental model for irregular teeth case. The features of the teeth are automatically acquired according to the prior knowledge. Then based on those features, the...
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Optimization study of the unmanned craft's propulsion and intelligent control system based on simulated analysis

Hong-Xiang Si, Song-Lin Yang, Song Pan
In order to increase the real-time process optimization, this paper proposes an online simulation based on unmanned CPP Propulsion intelligent control and system optimization method, mathematics model of adjustable pitch propeller is established, then based on MATLAB platform, using the simulation software...
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The Research on Rolling Motion Model of the SWATH-USV Based on System Identification

Xue Cao, Man Liu, Song-lin Yang
In this paper, a SWATH USV is taken as the research object, a series of static roll attenuation tests are carried out under different draft and different initial roll angles. By changing the composition of the restoring moment and damping, 4 mathematical models of roll attenuation motion system identification...
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Design and Analysis of a Novel FSO Transmission Scheme Using Pulse Amplitude Modulation

Yufeng Shao, Yunjie Zhao, Anrong Wang, Ying Long
In this letter, a novel scheme which can realize high-speed optical signals transmission and reception by using 4-pulsed amplitude (4-PAM) modulation and demodulation in 10 Gb/s free-space optical (FSO) systems. In this scheme, one PAM sequence generator module, one M-element pulse generator (MPG) module...
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Intelligent Control for Formation Flight of UAVs Based on ANFIS

Amr Sarhan, Shiyin Qin
In this paper, a leader-follower formation flight controller based on ANFIS is developed. The simulation results present the validity and good performance of the developed formation controller in several flight conditions; straight-path trajectory, circular-path trajectory, spiral-path trajectory, and...