Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Management, Economics, Education and Social Sciences (MEESS 2018)

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Research on Internet Education Poverty Alleviation in the Era of Big Data

Wanbing Shi, Xiaoyue Zhang
Education promotes people's success through employment (entrepreneurship) after entering the workplace by promoting people's knowledge and skills. For the poor people, effective poverty alleviation through education can effectively cut off intergenerational transmission of poverty. Among the various...
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Research on Transformation Strategy of Enterprise Human Resource Management in Big Data Era

Ke Zhang, Pei Xu
With the continuous innovation of modern computer science and technology and communication technology, human society has gradually shifted from the traditional industrial era to the information age and the era of big data. The arrival of the big data era brings more opportunities and challenges to the...
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Research on Human Resource Management from the Perspective of Competency

Pei Xu, Ke Zhang
Human resources are the first driving force for the development of enterprises. The scientific human resource management mode helps to maintain the human resources advantages of enterprises. In the era of twenty-first Century, the traditional human resources management has exposed the problems of backward...
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A Controversial Existence: Chinese Pastoral Feminism

Jinke Li
After a century of profound historical change, Chinese feminism has developed into diverse schools and branches, with different theoretical approaches and strategies appearing in the internet era. “Chinese pastoral feminism” is a representative and influential form of feminism, but its existence is surrounded...
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Gender Equality Is the Path to Social Justice--Analysis from the Perspective of Gender

Dan Li
Gender mainstreaming, as an effective strategy to realize gender equality, has become a guideline for the cause of gender equality and women's development and the promotion of public policy in China. Integrating gender equality and women's development into the strategy of harmonious society; Give full...
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The Research of Chinese Civil Aviation Market under the Environment of Electronic Commerce

Dong Lu
The increasing popularity of the Internet and the wide application of information technology have promoted the rapid development of China's e-commerce market. As a concentrated reflection of the network economy in the market transaction level, e-commerce has always been the focus of academic circles....
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The Construction of the Civil Delivery Mechanism under the Principle of Due Process of Law--An Empirical Analysis Based on Civil Delivery of Xuzhou Court

Donghua Sun
As an essential part of the production chain of the case, it is indispensable for it. It connects every process and records every call of the producer of the case. This paper investigates and analyzes the status quo of alienation of the civil litigation delivery mechanism through questionnaires, analyzes...
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The Calculation of China's Financial Stability Index--Based on Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process and Entropy

Xuyan Du, Shuai Li
This article selects the seven first-class indexes of international financial stability index, macroeconomic stability index and so on. And according to the situation of China, multiple secondary indexes are selected under the first-class indexes. We adopt the improved AHP and entropy to calculate the...
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Strategy of Sports Brand Network Marketing on the Basis of Brand Image Promotion

Jiabin Zhang
In order to enhance the brand influence and improve the brand image, Nike is taken as a case sample enterprise and its network marketing strategy practice is used as the research object. The application of case analysis, literature research and SWOT analysis is focused on to analyze the network marketing...
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Exploration of the Correlation between Relationship Network and International Entrepreneurship Performance

Jin Wu
In order to arouse the importance of foreign enterprises and our government to create a good entrepreneurial environment, the relationship between the relationship network and the performance of the international enterprise is discussed from the perspective of the resource theory. First, the measurement...
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Research on E-commerce Strategy of Agricultural Products of Our Province under the Background of "Internet Plus"

ZhiHe Wang
“Internet+” has become increasingly fierce. Various industries are facing a new situation in market development and strengthening the use of Internet platforms in order to seize the opportunity to complete the transformation and development of enterprises under the momentum of the Internet. Creating...
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Principal Component Analysis on Football Competitions via Linear Model in China Football Association Super League Tournament

Weinan Li, Guopeng Sang
Technical and tactical performance evaluation relies on statistical analysis. Principal component analysis was before established in bioinformatics in a decade. Big data collection has been increasing applied in football industry while principal component methods therefore can be introduced in the region...
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Analysis on the Characteristics of the Neoclassical Art

Liang Yan, Chongzhou Fei
When people asked for the natural human rights, an unprecedented revolutionary movement happened in France in the late eighteenth century, and it had a profound impact on the history and culture of the whole world. Art has also been changed and developed in this historical moment, among which neoclassicism...
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The Application of Modern Art in Urban and Rural Planning

Chongzhou Fei, Liang Yan
With Chinese modern art winning higher status in and outside China, the group, consisting of artists, architects, and planners, pay more attention to the development and reconstruction of Chinese urban and rural space. Based on current overseas studies related to art and city, this essay discusses six...
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Analysis on Risk Appetite of Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms under Market Competition-Based on Extended Hoteling Model

Qi Li, Xiaoyan Wang
This paper analyzes risk appetite of P2P lending platforms under market competition based on extended Hoteling model. It is shown that there exists a Nash equilibrium in the competition between P2P lending platforms in which all platforms provide only low or high risk bids. Specifically, all platforms...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Capital Structure and Its Influencing Factors of the Listed Companies--Take China's Thermal Power Industry as an Example

Jianfei Shen, Yanru Lin
In 2015, “Electricity Reform No. 9” announced that the reform of China's power companies entered a new phase. Under the new power reform, capital integration involving the reorganization measures taken in response to overcapacity on the supply side, or the capital needs involved in power grid planning...
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Internet Financial Credit Evaluation Based on the Fusion of GBDT and LR

Tao Zhang, Shuo Meng
With the rapid development of Internet financial credit business, credit evaluation has become a hot spot in the development of the industry. Aiming at the problem of complex data type and large amount of data in original data set, an evaluation model based on Gradient Boosting Decision Tree (GBDT) and...
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The Analysis of China CPI Trend Forecast Based on ARIMA Model

Meizhen Liu, Chunmei Duan
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an index of price changes that is calculated based on the prices of products and services related to residents' lives. This paper selects China's latest monthly CPI data as the research object, and constructs an ARIMA (12, 1, and 20) model of autoregressive-rendered...
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Asset Evaluation Model Based on SVM Algorithm

Chi Zhang, Lei Yu, Hao Li, Zhechang Chang, Zhe Chen
The purpose of asset write-offs by a firm is to provide an accurate valuation of the firm and to reveal its true business performance from the perspective of economic conditions. However, the decision to write-off assets might be manipulated by the manager of the firm and thus misguide the public to...
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Sales Company Bidding Method Based on Spread Back Strategy

Bin Zhao, Kaoshe Zhang, Gang Zhang, Ye Yan, Zihan Ma, Yongqing Wang, Fuchao Liu
China is in the early stage of the new electricity market reform. The new electric power company will change its electricity sales side to participate in the power market trading through the sales company. The rationality of the trading model of the sales company in the early stage of the new reform...
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The Impact of a Comprehensive Two Child Policy on Population and Economic Structure

Yinhuan Li
The population problem involves the quality of population and the structure of population. It is a complex system engineering. The stable population development is directly related to the sustainable development of our society and economy. Based on the grey prediction method, this paper predicts the...
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Secondary Rules, the Internal Point of View and the Foundations of a Legal System: a Re-understanding to H. L. A. Hart’s Theory of Legal System

Chen Xu
By reflecting Austin’s description of “general habitual obedience”, Hart examines the difference between two characters, validity and efficacy, of legal systems and so, by this clarification, discusses the possibility that these two characters can be connected under certain social situation through what...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform of Specialized Courses in Universities -- Taking the Course “Automobile Theory" As an Example

Ran Zhao
Based on the characteristics of the Automobile Theory course itself, this paper analyzes the main problems existing in the current teaching and puts forward the ideas of constructing basic knowledge framework, improving teaching methods and designing experiments based on the actual situation of the school....
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The Research on Business English Teaching in the Era of Big Data

Huatian Liu
In people's daily work and life, almost every aspect relates to the data. With the advent of the era of big data, the big data provides conditions for our working and learning, and also promotes the reform and innovation of education at the same time. The Business English is an international professional...
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Construction and Application of Innovative Practice Platform Based on “Explorer”

Zijiang Yang, Fei Wang, Xiangning Pan, Weifeng Tang
By introducing the “Explorer” innovation platform, to make up for lack of original innovation components, openness and enhance the mechanical engineering innovation practice. In view of the limitations of “Explorer”, 3D printing technology, mechanical design software, mainstream electronic modules, and...
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Research on Big Data and the Innovation of Enterprise Marketing

Yifan Wu
As the products of the development of information era, big data could offer very rich and valuable information for society and enterprises. Marketing is considered as one of the most important part of enterprises, which plays a very significant role in both of society and enterprises. From the present...
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Research and Improvement of Airport Security System

Yinhuan Li
In view of the fact that the airport security system may result in the long time of security check and the bad experience for passengers, we put forward the security optimization model based on Queuing Theory. First of all, we look for problems in the entire security system. We deal with the known data...
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Implementation of the Blue Ocean Strategy on Tourism Companies in Zhoushan Archipelago

Xinyi Li
In recent years, island tourism activities gradually has been rising due to the rapid development of the global economy. From the international tourism islands to the day trip of fishing village, modern island tourism becomes one of the most leisure tourism forms. Zhoushan Archipelago is China's largest...
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Application of Teaching Example Based on Clustering Algorithm

Xiang Li, Xin Su, Miao Di, Muzi Zhuge
In this paper, K-means and Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithms are used as typical algorithms for data mining courses. In addition, it uses electricity monthly electricity load data for a certain region in domestic as the testing data. With the MATLAB environment, the clustering clusters and different...
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Vocational Teacher Training Process in Professional Education for Principle of Router

Di Miao, Shixin Li, Xin Su, Linglin Li
The problems of vocational teacher training process in professional education has rigid teaching mode and single educational means. With the development of router technology, the curriculum of the principle of routers is the core course for information majors. In this paper, we show the vocational teacher...
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Teaching Innovation under the Concept of Learning Competition

Zhenchang Liu, Jingying Cao, Youyikang Wang, Bing Wang
At present, in view of the disconnection between university personnel training and social needs, it is difficult to realize the integration of production and education, and to cultivate innovative high-quality technical and skilled talents. This article wants to explore the training mode of learning...
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Discussion on Interdisciplinary Teaching Innovation Based on Labview

Bing Wang, Youyikang Wang, Jingying Cao, Zhenchang Liu
In the current teaching process, we find that there are some problems in traditional virtual instrument teaching which cannot meet the teaching requirements of some learning situations. Therefore, we have set up an interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary teaching team, adhering to an innovative attitude...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures of the Warehousing and Distribution of Fresh products E-commerce

Yuqin Wang
Fresh electric business is known as the "last blue ocean" of the development of the electricity supplier. The fresh electricity supplier's distribution is an important link in the development of fresh electric business. In recent years, the demand of urban residents to buy fresh products through the...
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Research on the Influence of Third-Party Payments on the Business Operations of Commercial Banks

Jingyi Liao
With the development of e-commerce and the rise of online shopping, third-party payment institutions have gradually developed in recent years. Third-party payments are not just a simple payment channel, and they are widely used in various fields such as agency receipt and payment, investment finance,...
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Research on Customer Loyalty of Commercial Fitness Club based on Service Profit Chain

Yanlan Li
With the rapid development of market economy, the competition of commercial fitness clubs is becoming more and fiercer. If commercial fitness clubs want to be in an advantageous position in the fierce market competition to occupy a large market share in the first place, they should focus on improving...
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The Principles of Constructing a Rating Scale for Diagnostic Writing Assessment

Jie Zhang
Diagnostic writing assessment is significant in learning and teaching writing as it can provide meaningful feedback information to help teachers recognize their students’ strengths and weaknesses. But the popular rating scales are mostly confined to the realization of the performance assessment purpose...
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Shandong Dongying Lijin Industrial Park Cycle Reform

Ying Wang, Runzhou Wang
In recent years, industrial parks have been quickly completed throughout the country. It has provided a platform for opening up exchanges, attracting investment, and researching high-end science and technology fields, and has comprehensively enhanced China’s strength in the fields of industry, economy,...
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Teacher’s Opinions on the Cloud Classroom

Xiaoqin Shi, Yanjun Yin
In college students and faculty are eager to quickly access and getting information via internet wherever they are. In order to satisfy diverse teaching-learning needs, constructing cloud classroom is popular in colleges of China nowadays. However, what a kind of cloud classroom is really suitable for...
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Margin Trading System and Pricing Efficiency: Evidence from the Chinese Market

Zixin Xu
The Margin Trading System is a new creative credit trading system, which was first put into practice in Chinese market in 2010. It is the first time for China to bring in the short selling, which effects have been considered controversially in academics. The paper uses the data of the pilot period, which...
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Urban Cold Chain Logistics B2B/B2C Integration Process Reengineering

Zhenlin Wei, Huanle Heng, Ya Gao
Aiming at the problem of high cost and low efficiency of individual distribution of B2C in the current cold chain distribution in cities, this paper analyzes and reengineers urban cold-chain logistics distribution process, on the basis of the existing distribution process, rebuilt process by Petri and...
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Analysis on the Potential of the Export Trade of China's Electrical Equipment under the One Belt and One Road Initiative

Taiyi Yang
This paper takes whether the countries and regions involved in China’s electric equipment export trade are covered by "One Belt and One Road Initiative (OBOR)" as the dividing basis. In addition, through the analysis on the export situation of these countries and regions based on trade specialization...
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Empirical Study on the Scale and Performance of China's Partial-Share Open-End Funds

Yinuo Ai
This article analyzes the impact of the scale of the Fund on the performance of the Fund in the second quarter of the 2009 year through 2015 year. The result is, the higher the Fund is, the performance of the Fund will be at an economically low level as the scale expands, then there is the stage of achieving...
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Analysis of Supply Terminal Layout in Sight of Economic Geography

Yanbo Cui, Lei Shi, Qilong Huang
This template selects the data of MI Company in 2017 to analyses the relation between distribution data of the off-line stores and the status quo of the provincial economic and social development in the same term, including the official GDP, population and income statistics. From the perspective of the...
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An Empirical Study on Internal Control and Earnings Management of China’s Listed Companies Based on the Modified Jones Model

Yaohong Chen, Jiming Li, Yujia Wang
One of the key issues in the study of internal control (IC) is whether IC can effectively constrain earnings management (EM) of listed companies. By using a sample of 425 companies listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange 2013-2015, and employing the modified Jones model, this paper explores the effects of...
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A Study of Commercial Sustainability in China’s Inclusive Financial System-A Comparative Analysis Based on International Experience

Xiang Li
“Inclusive finance” has drawn increasing attention among the international community since its conception emerged. Although China has made remarkable achievements in establishing an inclusive financial system, it is still confronted with many problems. This paper first conducts deep research into the...
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Analysis on the Operation Mode of Government Venture Capital Guidance Fund

Bangjun Li, Bin Zhao, Tian Lan, Fenglian Zhou
It is a common way for government around the world to support venture capital through establishing venture capital funds. The mode of venture capital of different countries to guide the fund can be classified according to different operation mode, and summarize the experience, in order to play a certain...
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Supplying Trade Credit, Monetary Policy and Short-term Bank Loans

Wenxin Wang, Wei Wang
This paper discusses the relationship between supply trade credit and its subdivision items with short-term bank loans. The results show that there is no significant correlation between total receivables and prepaid accounts in the current and lagged period with short-term bank loans, while the receivables...
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Application of Weighted Average Cost of Capital in European Market, Based on 2017 Great Portland Estate Plc (GPE)

Jiayun Liu
To explore the relationship between capital structures and cost of capital, related research and calculations have been done, based on the latest performance of Great Portland Estate plc (GPE) in 2017. Concept of Weighted Average Yield to Maturity is used to calculate the cost of debt by dividing all...
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Study of the Accounting Firm Characteristics’ Impact on Audit Quality

Juan He
This paper learns from the experience of product market structure, combines the current situation of auditing market structure, analyzes real data from market, study the influence to audit quality from accounting firm’s characteristics, that is, what are the best time to develop specialization so that...
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Research on the International Carbon Emission Trading Mechanism

Ming Zeng, Shiyu Meng, Zhuhan Long, Liyi Tian, Chenjun Sun
Carbon emissions trading is an important part of international environmental cooperation. It is also a comparatively novel applied research field of environmental economics and institutional economics in international trade. The existing carbon trading mechanisms mainly have problems such as cost-efficiency...
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A Research Review on E-commerce Logistics Delay

Yuehua Yuan, Pengliang Qiao
With the increase of the number of Internet users in China, the scale of online transactions is growing rapidly. Logistics plays a more important role as a link connecting buyers and sellers of online transactions. However, the development of the logistics industry in China is not mature enough, causing...
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The Analysis on the Costs of Supervision of Insurance Solvency

Xiaoyu Zhang
The economic system of insurance plays a very important role in social stability and economic development. Because of its particularity, the insurer does not need to perform the obligations stipulated in the insurance contract at a time when the insurance contract is signed, which makes the rights of...
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A Global Comparative Study of the Constitutional Statutes of Deciding and Declaring War

Yue Zhu
The powers to decide and declare are basic constitutional instrument to control over war. Such provisions can be found in a large number of constitutions in force. By analyzing of 185 codified constitutions and 6 uncodified constitutions, the paper found that 128 constitutions have the clauses about...
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Chemical Course System Construction and Practice of Food Science and Engineering Major

Ning Ma, Hui Shang
Based on the analysis of the talent demand situation in food science and engineering major as well as the position and function of the basic chemistry course system in talent training of the major, in view of the chemical course system construction and practice in the course system of food science and...
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Empirical Research on Fair Value Measurement and Reliability of Accounting Information

Zhu Lv
The advantages and disadvantages of fair value measurement are a difficult issue in accounting research. This article empirically tests the impact of fair value measurement on the reliability of accounting information. The research results show that the fair value measurement reduces the reliability...
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Green Credit Rises the Financial Performance of Commercial Bank--A Case Study on Industrial Bank

Yue Zhang
Green environmental protection is an important means to realize the economic sustainable development in recent years. The green financial wind is quietly rising. To carry out the green credit will become the focus of the credit business development in future. This study uses the financial data of Industrial...
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Study on Counter-Terrorism Strategy based on the Characteristic of the Terrorism Communication

Na Han, Huanle Li, Guang Yang
With the support of technology in the new era, the terrorism activities present many new characteristics. An increasing number of terrorist organizations use new media to promote extreme ideas, release terrorism information, recruit group participants and plot terrorist activities. Besides the hard power,...
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Promotion of Management Accounting to Cost Management and Management Decision in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Fenglian Zhou, Xin Zhao, Bin Zhao
In order to improve the cost management and business decision-making of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), management accounting was applied. First, the concept, research background, research purpose and significance of management accounting were briefly described. Then, the problems of the application...
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Analysis of Industrial Heritage Protection and Utilization Development Mode under the Background of Urban Renewal-- Taking Changchun Tractor Manufactory as an Example

Shuai Yang, Yao Wu
There are many remains for China's industrial buildings, protecting some and giving new connotations is meaningful to explore the protection and recycle mode of industrial heritages, and realize the sustainable development of industrial heritages. This is also a next growth point of urban renewal for...
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Discussion on Moderate Size of Foreign Exchange Reserves in Our Country

Shaokang Ma, Yixin Liu
Moderate size of foreign exchange reserves is the key to quantity management. During 40 years of reform and opening-up policy, the foreign exchange reserves in our country increase by more than 3000 times. At present, it is 3 trillion dollars and accounts for 28% of foreign exchange reserves of the world,...
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An Analysis of Cost Allocation and Social Benefits in Reality Shows

Keren Zou
In this paper, cost, revenue, and externalities of reality shows are the mainly considered topics. Based on Cobb Douglas Production Function, the production cost in a reality show can be categorized into two types: fixed cost and variable cost, thus analyzing the revenue and the externalities of the...
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Scale-Heterogeneity of Stock Price Volatility: Evidence from Listed Companies of Real Estate Industry in China

Yu Zhang
To explore the features of stock price volatility in real estate industry under the scale heterogeneity, we use GARCH, TGARCH and EGARCH models to analyze the stock volatility of large- and small-scale real estate firms in China, and compare their results with the Shanghai Composite Index (SHCI). The...
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Online Games Virtual Products-Transaction and Value

Meng Wang
With the popularity of the Internet, online games have gradually become one of the most popular entertainment means. Online games give birth to the online games virtual products. Meanwhile, the products keep enriching their meaning in the continuous development of online games and virtual products transaction....
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Research on Influencing Factors of Market -- Seeking Economic Openness under the Belt and Road

Zaiyang Liu
This article subdivides the market-seeking Economic Openness (EO) into the market-oriented investment and trade-seeking investment and analyses the problems facing the market – seeking foreign direct investment under the Belt and Road (B&R). We conducted an empirical test on the chosen data of China’s...
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Research on the Policy and Law of the Insurance of Entrepreneurship--Investment of Undergraduate

Pengfei Li, Yanteng Gao, Zeping Wang, Wanru Wang
Under the political guidance and energetically improvements of the policy -- “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” launched by the Central Committee of CCP, there are more and more undergraduates joining in the grass-roots entrepreneurship and they now have been a very significant part of it. However,...
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Research on Customer Viscosity Evaluation Model Based on AHP-ENT-LSM

Yang Liu, Tong Yan, Liyi Tian, Mengxin Lan, Ming Zeng, Chundong Li
With the further advance of a new round of electricity market reform, power grid companies are no longer the only power supply main body electric power customer oriented, and replaced by power-retailing companies established by all kinds of investment subject, which makes it necessary to study how to...
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Analysis of the Relationship between CCP and Politics and Law in Criminal Litigation of Zhen Peng's Democratic and Legal Thought

Pengfei Li
Comrade Zhen Peng is one of the main founders of the socialist legal system in China. He has created an indelible historical merit for the socialist revolution and construction, and especially for the construction of socialist democracy and legal system, and the liberation of the Chinese people as well...
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Research on Investment Strategy of Power Grid Company's Distribution Network under the Background of Power System Reform

Yi Song, Chongbo Sun, Kai Yuan, Hanbin Zhang, Chenjun Sun
The distribution network investment is an important business area of power Grid Company. Under the background of power system reform, more participants will participate in the investment business of distribution network. And the power grid will be in face to fierce market competition. This paper introduce...
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Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Ideological Work Team in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Lechang Wang
The construction of ideological work teams in colleges and universities is the organizational guarantee for strengthening and improving the ideological work of colleges and universities in the new era, and is the key to building the frontiers of ideological work in colleges and universities. This paper...
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Discussion and Consideration on Urban Standardization Strategic Planning

Linfeng Wu
In the face of the new situation that our country's economy has been to high-quality development stage put forward by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Standardized strategic planning of provinces and cities developed in China was briefly introduced and analyzed, the paper,...
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Analysis of Tort Liability Related to Shared Bicycles--Taking OFO Shared Bicycles as an Example

Pengfei Li
With the continuous advancement of urbanization, the concept of green travel has become more and more acceptable by the general public. The emergence of shared bicycles is the result of the deep development of the sharing economy, and it is also the result of the promotion and popularization of the green...
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Embedded Teacher Training System Based on Integrated Teaching Mode

Di Miao, Xiang Li, Xiaoman Huang, Yinjian Zhong, Mingming Sun
The existing embedded teaching and training mode has the problems of rigid teaching mode and single educational means. This paper studies an embedded teacher training system based on integrated project teaching, and constructs the organic combination of the three systems of the theory teaching system,...
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A New Judgment Method on Ship Accident of Waterway

Shukui Zhang, Jing Li, Xiangong Yan
According to the shortcomings of judgment method on traffic accident in waterway, the full Bayesian-based potential for safety improvement method is built in the article. The hot-segment of accident is identified with the difference between accident number of a segment waterway and accident expectation...
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The Research on the Protection of Ethnic Characteristic Villages in Taiwan

Kun Wang, Daishan Mo
Taiwan boasts of small, scattered and numerous ethnic villages, which have, in the process of development, suffered from imbalance between the ecosystem conservation and ethnic village tourism development, the loss of traditional cultural resources, DE characterization of ethnic villages arising from...
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An Empirical Study on the Use of Ritual Education in the Ideological and Political Education of Higher Vocational College Students in Yunnan

Qiuying Zhang
This paper is based on the socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping and the spirit of the Party's Nineteenth Congress. Based on the current situation of ideological and political ceremonial education in higher vocational colleges in ethnic minority regions, a case study...
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The Competition and Cooperation between China's Civil Aviation Transport and High-Speed Railway

Wenling Chen
Competition and cooperation is a common topic in the current development of market economy, and it also occurs between China’s civil air transport and high-speed railways. China's high-speed railway construction ranks first in the world. Its rapid growth and development have had a huge impact on China's...
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Reasonable Analysis of Enterprise Internal Control Economy Based on Enterprise Risk and Cost Benefit Principle

Liyuan Zhou
The possibility of sustainable development of an enterprise must be based on sound internal control. Based on the requirements of risk prevention and maximization of benefits, different management methods are established according to different levels and different levels of risk, and accurate identification...
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Research on Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students under the Background of "Internet +" Era

Rui Wang, Shuang Wang
With the "Internet +" action plan is put forward and implement steadily, and modern manufacturing in combination with the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, to promote the Internet finance, industry, the development of Internet, electronic commerce health, local university students have...
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The Application of Financial Statement Analysis in Strategic Management

Ping Xiao
The business activities of enterprises is closely related to strategic management, the business will lay a deep imprint in the financial statements of the enterprise, the enterprise strategic management to implement enterprise strategy through the assets of the financial project resources optimized allocation...
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A Tentative Analysis of the De-globalization Tren -- Taking USA as an Example

Wanning Wang
Currently, the de-globalization trend is more and more obvious led by some western countries. The reverse globalization tendency are not only demonstrated in the field of economy but also developed in the area of party behavior and government behavior. As a result, the idea of populism in these countries...
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On the Research of Flipped Teaching Mode for College English

Jinling Xia
As human society enters into the information age, education and teaching activities are more and more impacted by the information technology. With the emergence of new teaching concepts and teaching methods, the traditional teaching mode has been strongly challenged. This paper reflects on flipped teaching...
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Study on Reader Service Mode of Higher Vocational College Library Based on Smart Campus

Zheng Xu
With the continuous development of science and technology and the popularity of the Internet, more and higher vocational colleges have carried out the research and construction of smart campus. As an important part of the construction of a smart campus, the construction of libraries has been valued by...
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The Design of Flipped Teaching Mode for College English

Jinling Xia
This paper analyzes the research background and theoretical basis of the flipped teaching mode. Based on the autonomous learning center and online course of college English as sharing platforms for English learning, the paper constructs the flipped teaching mode which accords with the characteristics...
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Study on the Development and Spread of New Media Art under the Background of Big Data

Yan Hou
Although studies on new media have become a hot topic in academia, most of them are very superficial. As a research direction of communication science, new media researchers should also work hard to find and verify the knowledge about the social phenomenon of information dissemination that is not yet...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of University Scientific Research Project

Yun Ling
The performance evaluation of university scientific research projects is an important link of the funds management of university scientific research projects, which is the basis for improving utilization benefit of scientific research funds, the key link for rational allocation of scientific research...
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Research Progress and Trend of Bilingual Education: Visualization Analysis of SSCI Papers Based on WOS Database

Huiqing Ma, Jing Lu
Based on method for visualization of knowledge graph, visual analysis is carried out on the SSCI thesis of WOS database with the theme of bilingual education. The annual quantities of research papers, high-yield institutions, high-yield scholars, academic influence of scholars, and high-yield journals...
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Analysis on Present Situation and Influencing Factors of Cash Holding of Coal Listed Companies

Xinhong Wang, Huan Liang
This paper selects 209 sample data of 27 coal listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 2009 to 2016 for empirical analysis. According to the research, the cash holding level of China's coal listed companies is mainly between 5% and 15%. Financial leverage, company size and cash holdings are negatively...
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Research on China's Macro-Leverage Ratio and Risk Prevention

Yao Yao, Quanxin Liu
Since the financial crisis in 2008, the leverage ratio of China's non-financial enterprises and government departments has been on the rise. Compared with developed countries, China's leverage ratio is not high, but the potential risk is not small. First, there are more hidden liabilities. Second, debt...
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Design and Application of General Calculation Model for Real Interest Rate of Loan and Installment

Jianli Han, Jianyong Bai
Based on Excel, this paper designs a general calculation model of real interest rates for loans and instalments. The model is very applicable and can easily calculate the real interest rates of various types of loans and instalments. In addition, the pretax capital cost of bond financing and the gain...
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Research on the Network Marketing Strategy of the Ancient City of Taierzhuang

Jianyong Bai, Jianli Han
The ancient city of Taierzhuang is located in the southeast of Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. Taierzhuang lies in the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou. The ancient city of Taierzhuang is the most preserved ancient river. In recent years, the number of tourists in the ancient city of Taierzhuang has...
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Probe into the New Thinking of Marketing Strategy of Enterprises under the Background of New Economy

Xingqian Yang
In today's society, due to rapid economic development and fierce competition in the industry, how to transform the inherent marketing model and adopt new strategic ideas to meet the competitive challenge is the dilemma faced by all enterprises today. In particular, new technologies are emerging one after...
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Research on the Change Path of Editing and Publishing under the “Internet +” Horizon

Chunbo Qu
With the rise and development of China’s Internet economy, the “Internet +” era has entered various fields and industries, and has also triggered industry changes. It has changed the development of the industry and injected new impetus into editing and publishing. The editing and publishing industry...
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Study on Consumption Behavior of Milk Tea Based on the Customer Value Theory -- Taking "A Little Tea" in Shenzhen as an Example

Yang Han
By using the method of interview survey, this paper makes a quantitative analysis on the consumption behavior of milk tea among residents in different genders and age groups in China, at the same time, it takes two aspects, which are customer value and customer value evaluation of consumption as the...
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Research on the Construction of Innovative Enterprise Culture

Yangzhihao Lei
Innovative enterprise culture is an important driving force of enterprise innovation. Based on the analysis and summary of the connotation of the innovative enterprise culture and internal and external influencing factors, this paper puts forward suggestions on cultivating innovative enterprise culture,...
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On the Origins of Marxist Geography--A Recount of David Harvey’s Turn to Urban Studies

Zhiyong Liu
This thesis gives a recount of the origins and early development of David Harvey’s Marxist criticism of capitalist urban society. To deal with the problems of the city, he attempts first to apply the geographical knowledge to urban social issue with a cross-disciplinary perspective and integrates the...
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Local Environmental Legislation in China: Achievements and Challenges

Yue Zhu
The total number of local environmental legislations is 2908, which accounts for a considerable proportion of China's local legislation system. Understanding and analyzing local environmental legislation is of great significance for building a system of Chinese environmental law. At present, local environmental...
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A Comparative Study of the “One Belt and One Road” Initiative and the Marshall Plan

Lezhou Lv
The “One Belt and One Road” initiative is fundamentally different from the Marshall plan. The former takes common development as its fundamental attribute, equality and mutual benefit as its principle and pragmatic cooperation as its orientation. The latter is essentially a political and security strategy....
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Analysis on Applied Undergraduate Teaching Staff Construction

Yan Hou
With the development of social economy, the demand for applied talents with both theoretical foundation and practical ability is increasing day by day. To cultivate applied undergraduate talents suitable for the needs of modern society, there must be a teaching staff with reasonable structure, theoretical...
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Research on the Application of Accounting Tools of Integrated Management of Business Finance under the Background of Supply-Side Reform

Qian Gao
With the arrival of the new normal of China's economy, enterprise scale is no longer the basic goal of enterprise development. In order to improve the operating efficiency and core competitiveness of enterprises, the Chinese government has put forward the working idea of supply-side structural reform....
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Cultural Inheritance in the Transformation of Chinese Art Education

Lin Ma
With the continuous progress of national society, culture has been developing with the change of times. For Chinese art education, Chinese art education has been transformed from elite education of small audiences into education for the public. The concept of Chinese art education has also undergone...