Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Modern Management, Education Technology, and Social Science (MMETSS 2017)

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Optimizing the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint

Youyou Xie
The tension between desires to maximize security while minimizing inconvenience to passengers at the airport security checkpoint has increased during few year time. The purpose of this paper is to construct a model to detect the bottlenecks hidden in the current system hence ease the tension by improving...
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A Profit Target-Oriented Pricing Model of Internet Finance Product in Commercial Bank

Manduo Liu
With the advancement of Internet technology, the operating and competitive environment of China's banking industry has undergone radical changes. Some of the traditional banking businesses and functions are increasingly weakened, and the bank's business forms and profit models are facing unprecedented...
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A Brief History of Undergraduate Mathematics between 1960 to Present in the United States

Liying Huang
Mathematics, as an undergraduate major, has been through lots of reforms and evolution to become the major as people see today. This paper will discuss about the development of mathematics as an undergraduate major from 1960 to present by analyzing the reasons for the change of the enrollment rate and...
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Analysis on the Construction of Core Framework of Construction Management Base of Art Training Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Jiang Nan
It is the fountain to improve the teaching effect of art and design specialty, to cultivate students 'ability of innovation and practice, and to develop students' potential and thought of art. However, the current college art design professional training room base is not complete, this paper will piano...
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Discussion of the foreign "double type" teachers' team construction in vocational colleges

Yao Wei
"Double type" teaching staff is the important guarantee of talents training in higher vocational education system, especially in a lot of foreign education systems, there are a lot of "double type" teachers construction of successful cases. These higher vocational colleges have a strict standard, perfect...
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Development of 3D Color Space to Improve Learning of Color Theory

Ng Woon Lam, Yikai Xiao
Munsell Color System is a framework of practical color theory commonly adopted by the industry. However, it has not been well adopted in the area of art education at tertiary institutions teaching color theory [1]. The popular model used in current art schools is the Itten Color Wheel [2]. A paper was...
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Exploration and Practice of Ideological and Political Work in Party Construction to Improve Quality and Efficiency of Scientific Research Work in Universities

Shengrong Dong, Zhu Liu
The study of Ideological and political work in Party construction promotes the quality and efficiency of scientific research work in universities. It not only has a solid academic foundation, but also has an important practical value. By improving the scientific management mode, reform the management...
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Improving the Construction of Document Information Resources in CALIS System

Xiuli Li
The CALIS system has completely changed the original service mode of library, and has made profound changes in library service, which requires perfecting the construction of CALIS document resources.
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A Comparison of Two Chinese Versions of Tagore's "Stray Birds"

Wei Shen
"Stray Birds" is one of Tagore's most representative works, which has a great influence around the world. It has been translated into a variety of languages. As one of the earliest Chinese Tagore's works, it has a profound impact on the history of Chinese literature. Its Chinese versions have obtained...
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Analysis of Urban Accessibility of High Speed Railway Based on DEA Index--Taking Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway as An Example

Xuan He
With the gradual deepening of the social and economic impact of the high-speed railway, the evaluation of the impact of high-speed railway construction on the pro?vinces and cities along the route (especially the accessibility evaluation) is particularly important. This paper is taking Wuhan- Guangzhou...
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Study on Problems in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Industurial Development and Measures

Shuang Liu
It is the 3rd anniversary of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei intergation as a national strategy, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration becomes an important key issue again on the two sessions, the government work report also mentions they need to implement thoroughly this strategy. In the process of completing...
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The Effects of Early Childhood Teachers' Backgrounds and Competence for Building Educational Community on Parent-Teacher Cooperation

Kai Sook Chung, Gab Jung Yoon
This study is to examine the relative influence of early childhood teacher's backgrounds and competence for building educational community on cooperation with parents. The sample of the research consisted of 638 early childhood teachers and they filled up a questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed...
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An Analysis on The Devil Wears Prada from the Perspective of New Feminism

Yan Liu
Movie is a creative art form under the society development which combines the politics, economy and culture . It shows the human psychological status and the ideology in an exaggerated way within several hours. It reflects richly on the changes of humanity and the psychology. In the movie The Devil Wears...
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Profound promotion should be grasped in several dimensions for the innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges

Yu Chen, Jiajia Wang
The era endows innovation and entrepreneurship with new functional orientation and specific mission in the national economy, it also brings opportunities and challenges to colleges. In an effect to solve the problems faced by innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges, and enhance the employment...
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Acoustic Analysis of Monophthongs in Monguor Language

Hanbin Zhang
The purpose of the study is to analyze the acoustic features of Monophthongs in Monguor language. On the base of acoustic parameter database of the Monguor speech, the study discusses the differences in duration and F2 difference between short and long monophthongs in monosyllabic words and the differences...
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Research on the Development Path of Newly Established Undergraduate Colleges Based on the Perspective of Innovative Development of Higher Vocational Education

Jiajia Wang, Yu Chen
The development of vocational education at undergraduate level, is the call of the times, also is the inevitable choice to break "dead end highway" for higher vocational education. Newly-established undergraduate colleges develop rapidly irresistible in this context, with a dispute. But they must always...
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A Study on the Chinese-Japanese Translation of Tourism Public Signs From the Perspective of Functional Translation Theory

Weiwei Geng
With the deepening of China's internationalization and more foreigners traveling to the country, the need of studying the tourism public signs translation are becoming more and more critical and urgent. Functional translation theory originated in Germany in the 1970s, it emphasizes that translation is...
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A brief discussion On Graduation Creation Teaching of Fine Arts Major in Colleges and Universities

Xiao Kang
The graduation creation of fine arts major is an important content of the teaching of fine arts in colleges and universities. Through the graduation design works, teachers can comprehend the overall learning situation of students and the quality of art teaching. Teachers should comprehensively explore...
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New development strategy of complex financial system engineering and risk management research

Mingchun Qi
There are many factors affecting risk management, one of the most important factors affecting risk management is the financial system engineering, How to promote the integration of the two aspects, and autonomous response to unexpected risks has become a major issue faced by many financial managers....
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The Prospect of Mobile Terminal Accounting Software Based on "Cloud Accounting"

Lixian Jiang
Accounting informationization has been one of the hot issues in the academic and industrial circles. How to combine ERP and mobile technology, through smart phones, tablet computers and other terminal equipment to hand accounting business anytime and anywhere, has become a new demand for the development...
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A Coupling Theory Based Empirical Study on the High-tech Trade Enterprises from the Perspective of Financial Supply Side Reform

Luxia Yi, Yucong You
In this paper, the coupling theory is applied to the research on the structural reform of the financial supply side of the high-tech foreign trade enterprises; the coupling relationship between the high-tech foreign trade enterprises and the structural reform of the financial supply side is studied by...
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Risk and Prevention of Credit Asset Securitization

Yuxia Gong, Xin Zhang
Securitization first appeared in the United States, and then passed into our country. Although it stopped after the U.S. debt crisis, but forced by the needs of market development, China restarted the pilot in 2012. Asset securitization in China's development time is not long, and how to avoid the risk...
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The Necessity and Possibility of the Effective Abutting Joint between Linguistics and Chinese Teaching

Jiugen Xiao, Wenjuan Zhang, Xijuan Chen
The relationship between linguistics and Chinese teaching is very close, so linguistics can be introduced into the practice of the basic Chinese teaching. The effective abutting joint is not only with its necessity and possibility, but also urgency. As it is, the joint will promote the development of...
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A Study on the Relationship between Accrued Income and Earnings Quality of Listed Companies in the Hotel Industry

Huiyue Liu, Chenyan Hu
As a creditor's right of enterprises, accrued income directly influences the actual earnings level of enterprises. Based on the seasonal data from 2009Q1 - 2015Q3, by selecting the relevant indicators of accounts receivable as the indicators of measuring accrued income, an empirical test on the relevance...
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"Same journey travel network" - The reestablishment of OTA mode in tourism industry

Hong'an Chen, Lu Lu
Since 90s, information technology and circulation system technology develop quickly. The tourism industry, not only in the quantity, but quality of it also have undergone tremendous changes, such as the mode of tourism, the transformation about tourism business model and so on. With the demand of consumer...
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Why Development of the Elderly Human Resources is Imperative

Mingjie Zhao
This paper focuses on how to develop the old human resources in the process of rapid population aging in our country, that is, how to avoid and weaken the number of the elderly population and the rapid growth of the total population in the population aging period to the economic and social negative Influence,...
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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in The United States, China, and India

Yanxuan Li
MOOCs is considered a disruptive concept in world's education industry today. "Borderless access," "free of cost," and "unlimited enrollment" are the core attributes of MOOCs. Ideally, these characteristics allow students with various backgrounds to access quality higher education from any place in the...
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Research on Financing Mode and Risk Prevention of Supply Chain in Small and Medium - sized Enterprises

Hangyu Xu
On the basis of introducing the basic model of supply chain financing of small and medium-sized enterprises(SME), this paper analyzes the credit risk, operational risk and market risk faced by its supply chain financing. Furthermore, this paper analyzes the formation mechanism of the three kinds of risks...
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A Brief Analysis of the Present Situation of the Research on Excessive Labor

Qiaolin Liu, Jinsong Pei
The study of the problem of over labor in China is mainly derived from Japan, so the paper will separate Europe and the United States alone in the analysis of foreign research progress. For the convenience of comparison, the research of overwork problem in Japan and Europe and the United States are divided...
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Probe into the Modes of Evaluation and Testing for EAP and ESP

Xiangfeng Guan
In the era of the internationalization of higher education and globalization of economy, it is urgent for universities and colleges to offer EAP and ESP courses according to the Guidance of College English Teaching. This essay focuses on the modes of evaluation and testing of EAP and ESP, which is made...
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Corpus-based Automatic Generation of Multiple Choice Questions for College English Tests

Lei Wang, Shujing Li, Houfeng Wang, Shiwen Yu
At present multiple choice questions as a testing item are adopted widely in College English tests, and play a significant role in assessing students' English proficiency. However, in practice the design of multiple choice questions is also difficult in many aspects, especially with regard to the selection...
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The Shift from a Local to a Global Consumption Pattern in the Drivers of China's Luxury Consumption

Jiacheng Liu, Carl A. Boger Jr.
This research paper aims to identify and discuss the main drivers of why luxury spending growth in China has moved from a local to more of a global consumption pattern. A PEST analysis has been applied to investigate China's contemporary luxury industry by separating the context into political, economic,...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Collective Land Capitalization in Wenjiang District

Wei Sun, Yumei Chen
With the reform of rural collective land, the promotion of the construction of new socialist countryside, the rapid development of urbanization and the capitalization of land are the inevitable choices of rural economic development. We find that land capitalization encounter a lot of problems while bringing...
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Research on Evaluation System of SPOC Learning Interaction Effect

Xue Huang, Baocong Jiao
At present, the blend learning evaluation involves less in SPOC. In this study, from the practical point of view, based on the "game theory" SPOC course learner learning effect data as the data base, this study combined with a variety of research methods to construct the SPOC learning evaluation system,...
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Research on competitiveness evaluation of logistics enterprises in China

Zongying Zhang, Jie Liu
With the rapid development of social economy, the economic interaction between regions and regions is more and more frequent, so in this process, it is necessary to use logistics to achieve the effective transport and sales of goods. In the development of modern logistics, whether the management experience...
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Communication of Visual Anthropological Information: A Comparison between Visual and Written Anthropology

Hui Gao, Yuejun Hao
These days, visual anthropology has been developed rapidly in China. A "film-based" expression of the anthropological films in academic standards is one of the theoretical and methodological issues to be solved in the development of visual anthropology in China. In terms of communication of anthropological...
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The Application of Multiple Interaction Strategy in College English Graded Teaching

Minglan Zhang, Fade Wang
According to students' actual situation in Huaiyin Institute of Technology, the author and her teaching team apply multiple interactive strategy into college English graded teaching to arouse the dominant and recessive factors which may be associated with college English teaching as well as the teaching...
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Ownership Structure, Accounting Information Quality and Investment Efficiency: An Empirical Study Based on Chinese Agricultural Listed Companies

Fanyi Li
The irrational investment in the development of agricultural listed companies leads to low investment efficiency and slow development. In order to explore the inefficient investment of agricultural listed companies, this paper uses China's Shanghai and Shenzhen stock A 47 agricultural listed companies...
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A Study on the Path of Strategic Transformation of Chinese Private Universities in the Background of Digital era

Jizheng Ma
The technological change in the digital era has brought unprecedented impact on higher education from educational contents and forms. The nature of Chinese private universities determines the strong internal driving force of the strategic transformation. Private universities take the needs of learners...
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Research on the reform strategy of college student management

Yu Cai
Reform the management of college students, it will help to standardize the college teaching management system, build a harmonious campus culture, do good campus security work and promote the development of college education. This paper will give examples to have a brief analysis of the college students...
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Research on China Transnational Corporations Environmental Responsibility on the B&R

Wei Xie
In order to promote the Belt and Road(B&R) construction, China TNCs should undertake more environmental responsibilities including ten core ones: Environment pollution prevention, Natural resources protection, Clean production, Development of green energy, energy conservation, reducing energy and resource...
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The Scientific Construction of a Law Way to Practice Socialist Core Values in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of the Internet Plus

Yu Chen, Jiajia Wang
Law and morality is not only the essential feature of the rule of law talents training in colleges and universities, but also all types of personnel training needs of the times, especially in the Internet plus comprehensive law era, to overall strengthen the training of all kinds of "moral and law" talents,...
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Research on the Evaluation of Urban Science and Technology Innovation Ability in Shaanxi Province Based on BP Neural Network

Penglin Li, Dong Jia, Chen Chen
Based on the three dimensions of innovation base and supporting ability, technology industrialization ability and brand innovation ability, this paper constructs the index system for the evaluation of urban science and technology innovation ability in Shaanxi province and uses the method of nested BP...
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Design of the Automatic Test System for Satellite Navigation Receiver

Xingqi Sun
In order to improve the accuracy of the test of the satellite navigation receiver, the method of automatic test was adopted in this paper, and combined with PXI hardware platform, an automatic test system for receivers has been developed. This system has the function of parallel automatic test, and support...
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Literature Review:Capital Deepening and Industrial Structure Transformation

Fan Li, Yongkang Chen, Zhang Liu
Whether to get rid of the former low-income model into the middle income development model or to avoid economic growth stagnation then entering into smoothly the ranks of high-income countries, is the challenge that every the newly developed countries is facing at now. In the process of going through...
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Data Analysis and Improvement Suggestions of Common Words List in Business Chinese

Xinwei Xu, Shujuan Zhang, Zhongwen Ma
Common Words List in Business Chinese is an appendix of Business Chinese Test Syllabus, which contains a total of 2457 words. Verified by the author, the number of vocabulary is in fact 2455. Among them, 1038 character species are used by 2455 words .1016 characters and 1022 words are shared with Chinese...
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Cultural Role: the Evolution of Traditional Martial Arts

Yue Lu
Using the research methods of literature and logical analysis, the article explains and analyzes the essential characteristic of Wushu. Through the four dimensions of space extrusion technique and action variation, role transformation, collision and integration of the moderate adjustment reasonable position...
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The research of Value Co-Creation in the perspective of marketing

WeiDong Xi
At present, the development of value creates a lot of attention due to the change of marketing research methods. The value creation in marketing research is the development and expansion of service marketing, service leading logic, relationship marketing, and the value of public creation. The fusion...
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Artistic Exploration of Competitive Wushu Routine

Hefeng Zhang
Using literature, logic analysis and other methods, to culture as the research perspective, taking Wushu as the research object, in the context of the social situation and Wushu into the Olympic Games, the artistic features of martial arts were described and analyzed. "The key" [1], which include Wushu...
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A Restricted View of Chinese Wushu Physical Culture Symbols

Chuang Yang
Culture is a symbol created by human beings. As a subsystem of the symbolic system, body symbols play an important role in the study of physical culture. On the basis of literature, from the perspective of cultural symbols of the body China Wushu research thinks: body movement symbol is a movement based...
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Fault Tolerant Design of Integrated Navigation Computer Based on SINS/CNS/GNSS

Ruimin Zhang, Xusheng Wang, Shigang Fan
The target of the design of the integrated navigation computer based on SINS/CNS/GNSS is to improve the fault tolerance of navigation. In this paper, the design ideas are explained, and from the perspective of the hardware and software, the navigation is improved and supplemented, mainly aiming at the...
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Research on Influence of Enterprise Cooperative Ability in the Process of Industry-university-research cooperation

Nenxiao Yang, Nan Huang
This paper defines the connotation of enterprise cooperative ability based on the analysis of enterprise resource integration among the industry-university-research cooperation (IURC) innovation network. The corresponding questionnaire was designed and a large number of researches was conducted,Factor...
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The embodiment of aesthetic characteristics in environmental design

Jianfeng Yu
With the continuous development of China's economy, making people's material life has also been greatly improved, the pursuit of beauty has also been a certain degree of increase. Therefore, in the process of environmental design, it also requires the design to continue to deepen the awareness of aesthetics,...
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The Application of Traditional Folk Art in Modern Environmental Art Design

Shangqiu Cao
Traditional folk art is development from the long-term social practice of our people. China's 56 ethnic groups have different national culture. Long-term historic culture has accumulate to formed some excellent cultural works. However, with the Long history of the development process, some folk art gradually...
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Research on the teaching reform of ideological and political course in colleges and universities under the background of MOOC

Lihong Zhang, Gang Zhou
With the rapid development of social information technology, the education system is constantly being reformed, the network education mode to makes up for the vacancy of the current education mode, network teaching can be diversified to meet the needs of students for knowledge, optimizing the ideological...
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Network marketing innovation and management construction of tourism market in China

Ying Liu
In recent years, China's tourism industry has been developing continuously, and has effectively promoted the social and economic benefits. At the same time, the development of tourism industry has put forward higher requirements for the network marketing management innovation and development of China's...