Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation (MSMI 2017)

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Determination of Personal Data Sensitivity and Security Measures Assignment

Lovecek Tomasz, Ristvej Jozef, Magdolen Mari n, Ondrejka Roman
Protecting privacy and personal data is in current environment a more and more challenging task not only for government institutions, but for small and large businesses as well. With the information technology advancements more and more personal data are processed automatically each year. That is the...
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Discussion on the Cost Accounting Work under New Financial System for Colleges and Universities

Linhong Gong
Cost accounting helps colleges and universities to improve their management and efficiency and it is also the priority of educational reform among those high institutions. "Financial System for colleges and universities" issued by Ministry of Finance in 2013 plays a leading role in guiding the cost accounting...
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An Empirical Analysis of M & A Performance of Chinese Listed Companies

Chongqian Li, Mengnong Zhou
This paper chooses the listed companies of M & A events in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets in 2012 as research samples, using factor analysis to analyze the performance of the two years before the M & A and the three years after the M & A. The results show that: M & A short-term is effective, long-term...
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Entrepreneurial Judgment and Re-combinative Innovation-The emergence of the Chinese aerospace industry

Tsang Denise, Su Mike
The many re-combinative innovations of the Chinese aerospace industry have been associated with self-sufficiency technological policy between the 1960s and the 1970s and the pro-market policy since the 1980s. In this paper, we will discuss the activities of the Chinese state and its comparative advantage...
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Research on the Impact of E-commerce Policy Instruments on Business Ecosystem in China-Based on the analysis of policy content

Xiaojun Lu, Jiaqi Sun
In the development and prosperity of the Internet economy, rapid growth of e-commerce, become important in the new economic era a business model. Government through policy tools, as the invisible hand under the market economy system, the development of electronic commerce plays an important role in macroeconomic...
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The Relationship between Supply Chain Integration and Performance of Agricultural Listed Companies

Jianhua Yang, Fangfang Ren
Based on transaction cost theory, information processing theory and resource dependency theory, this paper selects the data of agricultural listed companies from 2012 to 2015 as the research object to analyses the effect of supplier integration and customer integration on agricultural listed companies'...
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Simulation and Optimization of M-commerce Steel Logistics System Based on Arena

Xin Li, KaiLing Pan
In this paper, it makes a systematic analysis of the M-commerce steel logistics system, especially comparing and researching based on the Arena simulation, build a more complete evaluate method and index system of the process of M-commerce. Using queuing theory to set parameters reasonably, and then...
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An Analysis on the Regional Tourism Industry Performance with the Application of Information

Huijuan Jin, Min Wei
From the perspective of the tourism industry to the economy, econometrics and statistics theory, a study on the regional tourism industry development mechanism and comprehensive performance evaluation related to information, enrich and supplement the tourism industry economic theory research. The research...
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Use of Blockchain Technology in Agribusiness: Transparency and Monitoring in Agricultural Trade

Semou Faye Papa
This paper is exploring the possibilities to use the blockchain technology in agribusiness. Nowadays, the digital transition has resolutely conquered agriculture. Blockchain technology continues to show that it can turn many markets and economies, and agriculture could be one of them. The production...
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The Study on Research and Development Decision Process of Fashion Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Yanwen Ruan, Liwen Gu, Wen Gu, Xiaogang Liu
Development and research of new products in fashion small and medium-sized enterprises often lacks of standard. Disarrangement of the developing decision process has the negative effect on their growth and marketing performance. In order to offering a reference decision making standard for them, a cross...
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The Research on the Service Platform System of Cross-border Electronic Commerce

Yuqing Wang, Xiaojun Lu
With the deepening of the global economic integration brought by the global network, economic exchanges between countries are becoming more frequent and important. As the technical basis of promoting economic integration and globalization of trade, the cross-border electronic commerce has been well applied...
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The Measurement on the Decoupling Effect of Carbon Emissions in East China-Based on the research of provincial panel data

Yufeng Shi, Zhiwang Qian
This paper uses the Tapio decoupling model to study the decoupling state of GDP and carbon dioxide emissions of "Six Provinces and One City" in East China. It uses the gray prediction model to give a short-term forecast about the GDP and carbon dioxide emissions of provinces and cities during the "13th...
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Analysis on the Strategy of Cross-border E-commerce Talents-Based on the analysis of policy content

Xiaojun Lu, Simeng Zhang
In the background of the development of online shopping "along the way" policy of promoting cross-border e-commerce has become our enhanced foreign trade enterprise competitiveness, promote foreign trade development mode transformation of important ways. Lack of cross-border e-commerce personnel, become...
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Research on Supply Chain Decision Making Based on the Shortage of Market Supply

Heng Liu
This paper studies the optimal decision of retailer and supplier based on the shortage of market supply. Compared with the normal supply situation, it is found less optimal order quantity from the retailer; and that the retailer's optimal order quantity decreases with the increasing of wholesale prices,...
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An Empirical Study of the Impact of Corporate Governance on R&D Investment Expenditure Based on Guangdong High-tech Enterprises

Pengyi Yu, Ruixian Li, Shuting Fang
R&D investment has already become the strategic investment in the process of the growth and sustainable development of enterprises. The previous researches indicate that the R&D investment is affected by corporate governance. It is of significance to research on corporate governance improvement so as...
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Optimization of Research on Case-base Structure based on Information Entropy

Bin Huang, Hao Li
The core step of Case-based Reasoning is to retrieval and match the case with the fault feature accurately and efficiently, the scale of the case library is becoming larger because of the case studies feature, but the redundancy is becoming clearer at the same time, it influences the accuracy. The effective...
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Research on Financial Lever Efficiency and Risk of China Listed Companies

Xiangfei Zhang, Manying Bai
This paper first reviewed the literature, focusing on the theory of capital structure and financial leverage associated theory. Analysis of the company's financial leverage to influence the company's operating performance, focusing on the situation in 2014 were done, and the enterprises in accordance...
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Research on the Application of Cross Border E-commerce Logistics System

Hongwei Wang, Xiaojun Lu
Cross-border e-commerce is an important part of China's foreign trade, is a huge driving force for economic development and new economic growth point, but compared with the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, logistics has become a bottleneck restricting its sustainable development. It is urgent...
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An Analysis of the Paradox of Constant Increasing Activity in Logistics Network Planning

Feng Kong, Bin Li
At present our country a lot of good logistics network, according to the user's own area can be related information through their own logistics network logistics network is to find the area logistics network based on the quantity, mainly to provide logistics information in the area. At present, most...
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Can the Mixed Ownership Really Play a Supervisory Role in China?

Feng Kong, Yingjia Hao
While the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises is deepening, there are still lots of corruption, conspiracy and other actions against the interests of enterprises. This paper studies whether the introduction of private capital investors to achieve the purpose of co variance under difference...
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Study on the Application of Accounting Prudence Principle in Tea Industry under the Background of Regional Economic Development in Northeast China

ShiRong Qin
In the process of vigorously advocating the development of the Northeast regional economy, along with the enhancement of the economic foundation of the northeast region and the eclectic diet culture, tea enterprises have become the new favorite in the economic tide. Encourage the growth of tea enterprises...
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A Study on Risk Evaluation of Revenue Forecasting Accuracy in Tax Administration in Malawi; A Time Series Approach

Binauli Nanthuru Stella, Guihua Nie
Nobody can accurately predict amount of sales revenue expected. There is need for accuracy to eliminate risk of revenue loss. Surveys have shown that accuracy is the most important criterion in selecting a forecasting strategy. Which criterion then provides the most accurate forecast? Human judgment...
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The Study of Standardization System Construction and Implementation in Civil Affairs Management

Youhong Yang, Xin Lv
Standardization has a basic and strategic role in promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability, It's an important method of improving the capacity of civil affairs management. This paper analyzes the concept of the civil affairs standardization and standard system,...
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A Study on Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism in the Environment of Consumers and Retailers Co-creation

Yingjin Lu, Jing Wang
With the development of the Internet, consumers have been more and more involved in the process of co-creating value. However, the research on the supply chain involves little. This paper introduces the efforts of consumers and retailers, based on Stackelberg game Model, the supply chain profit model...
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Development Status and Countermeasures of Intelligent Manufacturing in Xi'an

Duan Zheng
Based on the development status of intelligent manufacturing in Xi'an ,this paper analyses intelligent manufacturing environment of Xi'an using SWOT-PEST analysis method and puts forward the development countermeasures of Xi'an intelligent manufacturing from two angles of government and enterprises....
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Analyzing Emergency Capacity Shortage in Urban CI Based on Scenario Presuming Method

Tianchang Liu, Xiangyang Li, Zhaoge Liu
CI (Critical infrastructure) is a kind of complex and huge network system, and its operating failure will cause serious impact on national interest. Evaluating emergency capacity from the perspective of capacity shortage helps directly discover the weak links of response system, and improve the effectiveness...
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An Easy, Quantitative Method to Evaluate Replica Placement Policies in Distributed Storage Systems

Chang Liu, Duanming Zhang, Zhao Wang
In large scale distributed systems, data blocks are usually replicated and distributed across the storage nodes to achieve high availability and reliability. The placement of blocks and their replicas has a marked impact on the data reliability and system performance. Various replica placement policies...
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Research on the Construction of Endogenous Industrial Security in Early Warning Index System

Jin Qian
In recent years, Chinese foreign trade and economy suffered great impact, domestic industrial development and industrial security are faced with great challenge. Aiming at this situation, this article sets out from inside the industry, through internal organic industrial security of exploration and research,...
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Study on the Prevention and Cure Security Strategy of China's Occupational Diseases

Feng Pan
Environmental damages and physical damages to workers in the low-cost production searching process during capital globalization are challenges that all mankind are facing with. The whole international society have carried out extensive and deep researches on occupational diseases. Although different...
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Research on Credit Risk of Corporate Bond

Yani Wei, Zhangyong Xu
Corporate bond is an important way for enterprises to make direct financing, and to a certain extent, it can replace the bank credit financing, so as to alleviate the financing problem of enterprises. However, the credit risk of corporate bonds will hinder the financing of enterprises. Therefore, this...
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An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Technical Analysis in China's Stock Markets

Kai Chen, Guangping Hui
The weak form of the EMH proclaims that it is not possible to sustain above normal returns over the long run. However, in recent years, scholars have found that technical analysis trading strategy can obtain significant excess returns in different markets. In this paper, we use the CSI 300 Index, Moving...
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Financing Risk Management of Small and Medium-sized Technological Enterprises in China

Jianghai Qi, Jinmian Han
Small and medium-sized enterprises are the important components of high-tech industry and the most powerful promoters. It is the backbone of improving the level of social science and technology and the pioneer of developing the knowledge economy in China. Because of the high innovation, high growth,...
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A Research Review on SDN-Based DDOS Attack Detection

Weidong Zhu, Xiujuan Yi
Software definition network (SDN) is a new network architecture, which can realize centralized control of the network by separating the control plane and the data plane. With the introduction of the control plane as a manager of the network, a single point of failure is introduced too. When the network...
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A SWOT Analysis of Chinese Construction Firms at the International Market

Shigang Yan
As an important participant in the international construction market, Chinese construction firms (CCFs) are confronted with the tasks of keeping themselves competitive. The paper put forward the development stages and current situations of CCF at the international market. To help construction firms maintain...
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A Flexible Policy Using Failure Rate to Forecast the Repairable Spare Part Stock out Time

Hui Ming Wee, Kuo Hsing Wu, Daryanto Yosef
Since spare part availability impacts the fixing rate for defective device, maintaining an acceptable spare part availability level is critical for improving customer satisfaction level. Spare part demand is typically unpredictable due to varying service requests. Most companies set a fix period for...
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Apple Products: A Discussion of the Product Life Cycle

Wiecek-Janka Ewa, Papierz Milosz, Kornecka Martyna, Nitka Michal
This publication details the life cycles of Apple's mobile products. Its aim is to present their influence on the life cycle of the entire brand.
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Terrorist Threats for the Critical Infrastructure of the State

Grenda Bogdan, Slachcinska Edyta, Majdan Pawel
Critical infrastructure has a crucial role in the functioning of the state and the lives of citizens by providing social or economic conditions for development and security. Therefore, it can be assumed, that the state for its smooth develop needs solutions which can guarantee the necessary level of...
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A Survey on Willingness to Provide Warning Information within A Company during Crisis

Cwik Bogdan
This article presents results of surveys on willingness of the employees of Polish companies to providethe management with warning information on phenomena or occurrences that could cause a serious crisis or the company's collapse. It should be emphasised that the surveys were conducted in conditions...
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The Impact of Energy Poverty on the Level of Social Security

Swierszcz Katarzyna
This paper attempts to analyze the impact of energy poverty in terms of heat energy on the level of social security of Polish households being a sample and an indicator of the level of energy security. The issue is presented in three aspects: - Attempt to explain the concept of energy poverty; - Factors...
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Evaluating Effectiveness with Regard to the Implementation of the SMED Method for A Flexographic Machine-A case study

Ejsmont Krzysztof, Lipiak Jan
This paper aims to present a process of implementing a Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) method and a manner of evaluating the effectiveness of such an undertaking. The subject of the study is a printing enterprise that conducts its business activity in Poland and the chosen research area is a flexographic...
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Key Issues Related to the Construction of A Nuclear Power Plant in Poland

Jankiewicz Slawomir, Mierzwa Dominika
Economic growth requires an increase in Poland, the supply of electricity. Therefore it was decided to build nuclear power plants. The paper synthetically presents the concept of building a nuclear power plant proposed by the government and implemented by PGE with a foreign partner.
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Application of OEE Coefficient for Manufacturing Lines Reliability Improvement

Gola Arkadiusz, Nieoczym Aleksander
This paper describes how to use the OEE index to analyze the reliability and efficiency of the production line. The survey provides an indication of machines that generate disturbances in the operation of the system and is based on the three parameters: availability, performance and quality. In the present...
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Improvement Maintenance Processes through CMMS System-Case study

Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek Malgorzata, Piechowski Mariusz, Szafer Piotr
Computerized systems supporting maintenance management have been successfully applied in many industries. Over time, these systems have undergone significant transformations. When implemented, these systems allow optimization in the areas of: stockholding, parts and materials management, procurement,...
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A Systematic Study of P2P Streaming Media Based on Cloud Computing

Xiaolai Zhou
This study expounds on the integration of P2P technology and clouding computing technology in cloud environment and put forwards the P2P streaming media system resource-sharing network structure based on cloud computing, aiming to provide a new approach for transmitting online video in the age of big...
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Indicator System and Assessment of Social Stability Risk in Road Construction

Chengjie Jiang, Enhai Chai, Honglei Wang
By taking Jiande-Jiangshan Road (Zhejiang provincial road S316) as an example, the author indentifies the factors of social stability risk through the hierarchical holographic modeling method (HMM) and formulates single factor risk indicator system of social stability risk in road construction projects....
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The Effect of Teacher Support on Migrant Children's Academic Achievement: A Moderated Mediation

Xiuqin Teng, Guirong Liu
This study attempted to examine the relationship between teacher support and migrant children's academic achievement as well as the mediating role of self-esteem and the moderating role of psychological control. Six hundred and six migrant children participated in the study and the teacher support they...
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What Career Benefits can Mentoring Truly Bring for Protégé? Evidence from Meta-Analysis

Zhihui Cheng, Yi Han, Jingtao Fu
Mentoring has been regarded as an effective approach to develop human resources in organizations, for its close association with the career development and growth of both mentor and prot,g,. Mentoring is conducive to benefit newcomers or prot,g,s' career via providing vocational support, psychosocial...
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Research on the Consumer Purchase Intention for the C2B Customization of Fruits and Vegetables Based on the Supply-side Reform

Xin Cui, Lichen Wang
The supply-side reform has become the inevitable requirement of China's economy into the new normality. Along with the development of the supply-side reform, the C2B (Consumer to Business) customization of fruits and vegetables based on agricultural Internet plus will gradually become the new model of...
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The Character of Board of Director, Supervisors and Agency Cost of Charity Foundations in China

Xiaoxia Xie, Yue Ming, Yufei Tang
Charity foundation internal governance as a hot topic in both theory and practice are concerned. However little literature has discussed the relationship between the character of Board of Director, Supervisors and agency costs. This research studies 213 charity foundations during the period from 2011...
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Supplier's R&D Investment in Manufacturer in A Decentralized Supply Chain with Quality and Price Sensitive Demand

Hengyun Zhang, Ruoyu Lu
This paper considers a supply chain with an upstream supplier and a downstream manufacturer, who faces a quality and price sensitive market demand. The supplier makes R&D investment in the manufacturer, which can lead to an improvement in the manufacturer's product quality, and hence, improve the efficiency...
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Research of Cost and Benefit of Thermal Powers in Generation Rights Trade Under Energy-saving Power Generation Scheduling

Li Zhou
The practice of Generation rights trade applied in Chinese electric power production tends to be mature, which exerts a great influence on energy-saving power generation scheduling in power plants. This article studies how thermal powers transfer their planned generation rights to wind power, solar power...
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Factor Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation of Operation Effect of Electric Heating Systems

Li Zhou, Yongli Wang
Arising with economy growth is the awareness of protecting the environment, public has paid more and more attention to Electric Heating in recent years. However, currently Electric Heating in China cannot reach the optimal operation due to several constraints, which hinders Electric Heating's popularization....
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Exploring Cooperation in Traffic and Transportation Systems: Concepts, Principles and Approaches

Xingguang Chen, Zhentao Zhu, Yunhai Dai
Facilitating cooperation on all spatiotemporal and decision scales and creating cooperative transport systems are critical and urgent solutions for increasingly emerging urban traffic challenges. The purpose of this paper is to theoretically explore the general mechanism of cooperative formation and...
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Research on the Situation of Old-age Care in Shaanxi Province

Xiaojing Dong
Old-age care is a problem in China. Shaanxi faced the problem in 2002.Now the total population of the province broke through 37930 thousands. At the same time the number of old people whose age is over 65, is 38347 thousands. There lie in three kinds of modes in old-age care, which are Home-based Care,...
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Analysis of the New Rural Cooperative Medical System and Its Countermeasures

Lijun Nie
China's new rural cooperative medical system is different from the general medical insurance, it involves a large number of insured persons who living scattered with low economic level. The system has been carried out in vary widely geographical location, various economic status and medical conditions,...
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Behavior and Psychology of Daegu Subway Fire Accident in Korea

Chunyang Liang, Chenghao Yang, Jianping You, Gui Fu, Wei Jiang
This paper was aimed at exploring the unsafe behavior and unsafe psychological status of people in subway fire on the basis of the 24Model and the Health Belief Model. The unsafe acts and habitual behavior causes of Daegu subway fire accident in Korea by 24Model and the unsafe psychological status of...
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Bibliometrical Analysis on Destructive Innovation Research in China

Xuhong Xu, Yuanren Wu
Disruptive innovation theory has become a hot issue in the field of enterprise innovation and strategic management. Based on 627 papers for disruptive innovation field collected by journals and in China Knowledge Internet (CNKI) since 2003, analysis are made by bibliometrics. Citespace Software is applied....
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Status Analysis of Researches on Business Models Innovation in China

Shuyan Li, Yuanren Wu
On the basis of the documentations on the innovation researches of business models in China included in CSSCI and the core journals of CNKI by using the software of CiteSpace, authors, institutions and journals of a large quantity of published papers on innovation researches of business models in China...
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System Dynamic Simulation of Knowledge Management Based on Financial Service Innovation: A Case Study of Shanghai FTZ

Shenghua Xu, Jinzhu Jiang
In order to enhance the advantages of financial service innovation for state-owned commercial banks in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, this paper puts forward the conceptual model of knowledge management in financial service innovation, analyze the influence factors of knowledge management for state-owned...
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Construction and Practice on University - Enterprise Collaborative Innovation and Talents Training's Dynamic Mechanism in Local Universities

Tao Chen, Qiaohui Xu
The educational practice of Domestic and overseas show that, it plays a key role in carrying out a high level of collaborative innovation between enterprise and university for maintaining the vitality of innovation and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, which also benefits for university innovation...
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Research on Graduation Design of Undergraduate Based on Long Term Teaching Mechanism

Ning Zhao, Haiming Jing
Graduation design of undergraduate as for time scale is small and it is difficult to guarantee the quality. In view of this question, discusses from the students with each course graduation design around the long-term teaching mechanism, coupled with a variety of extracurricular activities in catalysis,...
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Study on Importance of Backward Student Management on College Security and Stability

Lei Hu, Jiang Li
The article author makes a backward student better through ideological and political management, which shows that although the ideological and political management of backward students in college is more difficult, the effect is significant as long as the educators carry out practical works with high...
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The Educational Management of Colleges and Universities Under the New Situation

Xu Wang
Higher education is in an era of rapidly changing educational concepts, in the fierce competition for talent, the development of colleges and universities is facing enormous challenges and challenges. In a crisis and challenges of the environment, higher education must keep pace with the times, set foot...
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The Application of Task-driven Teaching Mode in the Course of Foreign Trade Documents Practice

Xiudan Huang
This The practice of foreign trade documents is the core curriculum of international trade practice. It has characteristics of practical and operational. It is difficult to cultivate the applied talents to meet the positions of foreign trade documents by relying on the traditional teaching modes. The...
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Online Learning Network Teaching System Based on Facial Recognition Technology

Xiangnan Zhao, Weidong Zhu, Bo Wang
Network teaching is a kind of teaching method for teachers to carry out teaching on Internet through the computer and Internet technology. Students wouldn't be limited by geographical and time, learning at anytime and anywhere and sharing high-quality teaching resources on internet. Network teaching...
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Research on Construction of Employment Guidance System in Higher Vocational Colleges under the New Normal

Fei Lian
Under the new normal, higher vocational colleges will be confronted with severer employment reality. It is an imperative problem for higher vocational colleges to do employment guidance work of graduates in higher vocational colleges under the new normal. This paper analyzes the impacts of new normal...
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Analysis on Talent Training Models in Foreign Business Schools

Fang Zhao, Xiangkai Zou
Today, there is an increasing demand for business talents in China. Thus, it is extremely favorable for Chinese business schools to learn from overseas famous business schools. We carried out questionnaire survey and spot investigation on universities both in China and many developed countries such as...
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Design and Implementation of Secure Distributed Examination System

Yi Zhang, Weidong Zhu
The distributed examination system based on the separation of examination sites separates the examination sites from the examination center. Examination sites are also separated from each other. The examination center's program files that are responsible for the personnel management, exam database management,...
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Simulation, Role-play and Training in Interpretation Teaching

Chunyi Li
This paper focuses on the importance of simulation and role-play as well as the major skill trainings methods in interpretation teaching. The focus is on theory, with a class experiment. First, the development of interpretation, general features of interpretation and two common criteria of interpretation...
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Effectiveness of Education Security Managers in Leadership Competence at WSB University (in Poznan and in Gdansk) and at University of Defence in Brno, on the Undergraduate Internal Security Studies

Slachcinska Edyta, Ziemkiewicz-Gawlik Ilona, Saliger Radomir
The article refers to examinations conducted at Higher Bank School in Poznan and in Gdansk and at University of Defence in Brno, on the field of internal security undergraduate studies, by which students of the 6. semesters were encompassed. Aim of examination was establishing, whether Colleges fulfil...
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Research on Management Innovation of Special Policeman Education Process in China's Police Colleges

Bo Zhou, Fan Zhang
With the rapid development of China's economy, social conflicts continue to accumulate. All kinds of serious cases of violence occur frequently. In addition, many special policemen have week self-defense and self-protection awareness, bad tactical awareness and policing skills, which causes that the...
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Study on Construction of Teaching Staff in Competitive Sports Schools Based on Humanistic Management

Bo Zhou, Fan Zhang, Changzhi Jia
Humanistic management is in the pursuit of full development and utilization of human resources, to maximize the potential of people. Similarly, as the sports schools that cultivate excellent sports talents, the development of the teaching staff's potential abilities should be paid attention to. Besides,...
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Research on the Subject Status and Leading Role of the Enterprises Technological Innovation in the Overall Innovation

Shushan Zhao
The enterprises technological innovation is the core to implement the innovation driven strategy and to realize the overall innovation. It is necessary to establish the subject status of the enterprises technological innovation and to play fully its leading role. It is necessary to cultivate the independent...
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Research on the Development Mechanism of China's Power Grid Enterprise under the Background of Global Energy Interconnection

Wenzhuo Wu
The energy crisis is a global problem. The global energy Interconnection is one of the ways to solve this crisis. This paper first analyzed the current theoretical research situation, and then described the status quo of the theory, analyzes its impact on the power grid and power grid enterprises, so...
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The Research on Competitive Environment Analysis and Marketing Strategy of Power Sales Company Established By Power Grid Enterprise Based on Electric Power Reform

Ningning Zhao
The new reform has brought new challenges and opportunities to the power grid enterprise. The establishment of its power sales company has certain risks and the marketing strategy will be directly related to the survival prospects of the power grid companies and the electricity sales company. Based on...
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Research on Evaluation System of Competitiveness of Power Sales Company under the Background of Electric Power Reform

Ningning Zhao, Wenzhuo Wu
The top priority of electricity reform is the sell-side reform. There are several evident benefits of it: (1)breaking the long-term monopoly situation in China's power industry (2)enhancing the competitiveness of the industry (3)optimizing resource allocation (4)reducing the cost of electricity for the...
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Rough Rule-Based Systems for Sparse and Dense Data Analysis Used in Project Evaluation

Tadeusz A. Grzeszczyk
Massive volumes of unstructured, multidimensional and heterogeneous data used in project management and evaluation processes generally rapidly increase. It causes and reinforces the need of searching for new, appropriate and efficient methods addressing the use of sparse and dense data analysis, and...