Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation (MSMI 2019)

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Policy Options of Controlling Irrational Medical Expenditures in China

Jia-Nan Liu, Feng-Chao Liu
The medical expenditures of public hospitals in China have been growing rapidly, and the growth rate of medical expenditures is much higher than that of GDP per capita. China and local governments have released numerous documents to control medical expenditures, but the effect is not satisfactory. In...
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A Visualization Analysis of the Research Status Quo of High-Tech Industry Research Based on Mapping Knowledge Domains

Ji-Chang Zhang, Luan Jiang, Lin-Yi Guo
This paper regarded the 12385 related to high technology industry 's research literatures which were from Web of Science database during the 2008-2017 as the research object, using bibliometrics method, based on citespace to analyze high technology industry research from the keywords, co-citation analysis,...
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Favor Consumption: An Empirical Study on Chinese Villagers

Li You
The Chinese villagers lay great emphasis on face earned from exceeding consumption on renqing, with the expectation of receiving respects and fames. This study empirically tests the relationship between face and consumptions of renqing and reveals various effects. This study makes up the research gap...
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Network Game Simulation Research on “South China Sea” Economic and Trade Cooperation Based on Reciprocal Model

Chang-Ping Zhao, Rui Li, Xiao-Jiang Xu, Yu Gong
According to the economic and trade cooperation network of the stakeholders of the South China Sea, the paper built a reciprocal network game analysis model based on the reciprocal model. And the influence of national type (the degree of altruism or egoism), the belief in the goodwill of other countries,...
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A Survey of Hainan Residents’ Attitudes towards Migratory Group-Based on the ABC Model of Attitude

Ting-Ting Zhu, Yan-Qing Xu
Hainan's unique natural environment attracts a large number of migrants to come here for vacation, pension, work, etc. The more complex population structure leads to the problems of social integration. As an important part of Hainan's external population, “migratory bird” group not only injects vitality...
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Application of New Human Resource Management Mode in Information Environment Based on Feed Enterprises

Feng-Xiang Jiang, Run-Ting Xiao, Xin Yao, Jie Xu, Na Li
Feed enterprises with small production capacity and backward production technology gradually withdraw from the market, and the large-scale feed enterprises are facing more and more fierce competition, so they should obtain competitive advantage. It is necessary to improve the management level, attach...
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Urban Tourism Development Model for Chengdu China: Based on Global Tourism Theory

Jian-Xiong Qin
Urban tourism is of great significance to urban resource allocation, transformation and upgrading and global strength improvement. Chengdu urban tourism characteristics and advantages, under the new situation, urban tourism is facing unprecedented opportunities for development. The origin and characteristics...
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Comparison and Analysis for the Training of Health Service and Management Professionals on Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits

Yu-Feng Shi, Gui-Ping Pu, Feng Wang
The training mode of health services and management personnel in Taiwan and the mainland is carried on the comparative analysis. The authors point out the difference in professional training level, training target, curriculum, occupation qualification certificate examination, hoping to find the good...
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Key Technical Research of Maneuvering Optical Fiber Access Network in Emergency Communication

Hu Lei
For the key technologies of maneuvering optical access networking in emergency communication, based on the existing communication network, this paper studies the ONU hardware, OLT power supply and reset module, OLT terminal integrated bandwidth allocation algorithm, OLT optical burst emission / reception...
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Study on Copyright Protection Path of Music from the Perspective of Blockchain Technology

Li-Ming Chen, Shi-Ping Guan, Ran-Ran Du
Similar to the emergence of the Internet, the introduction of blockchain technology indicates a disruptive change in the music industry. This article in view of the realistic problems that have been existing for a long time, such as ownership unknown, unequal distribution of income, lack of accountability...
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Study on the Improvement of Appearance of Rural Villages in the Suburbs of Tianjin

Lin Zhi, Zheng Wang
The strategy of rural revitalization formulated by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward higher requirements for the construction and development of rural areas and provides great opportunities and favorable conditions for the improvement of the appearance of rural villages....
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Analysis on Improving Government Accountability System in the Service-oriented Government Building in the New Era

De-Xiang Zhou
Service-oriented government must be responsible government. Improving government accountability system is of great significance to further promote the construction of service-oriented government in the new era in China. However, there are still some problems in the government accountability system, such...
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A Study on Comprehensively Improving the Quality of Rural Living Environment in Tianjin

Yun-Yun Bai, Zheng Wang
The improvement of living environment is a key content of improving rural environment and promoting rural development. The report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China stressed that in implementing the strategy of rural revitalization, it has always been a top priority for the...
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Research on the Application of Customs Supervision on Cross-border Import E-commerce Retail Business from the Perspective of Blockchain

Ming Li, Shi-Ping Guan, Ran-Ran Du
Although relevant regulatory policies for cross-border import e-commerce retail business are constantly updated and improved, there are still problems such as inadequate management, low efficiency and high cost in customs supervision. In particular, the tax rate policy, list system and document supervision...
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The Underestimated Rituality: Analysis Based on Kirkpatrick’s Training Evaluation Model

Xi-Lin Qiao, An Yang
With the emergence of various studies in cognitive psychology, rituality has become a term frequently appearing in field of management, especially in enterprise staff training. Though there is no description of “rituality” in the content about staff training in the well-accepted ADDIE theory and model,...
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Mechanism and Path of Modern Leap-forward Development of Service Outsourcing Industry in Hubei Province

Rong-Jun Xie, Li-Ke Zhang
Service outsourcing industry is the "green engine" of a country's economic development. It is also a strategic industry for Hubei to transform its economic growth mode, adjust its industrial institutions and realize the leapfrog development of modern service industry. This paper analyzes the opportunity...
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Research on Synergistic Development of New Industrialization and Scientific and Technological Talents

Xiao-Yuan Li, Yun-Feng Gao, Zhi-Qian Wang
The research on the coordinated development of new industrial and technical talents has important practical significance. This paper constructs the index system of the two major systems, and uses the coupling model to conduct an empirical analysis in Jiangxi Province. The results show that: (1) Jiangxi...
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Practice and Optimization Suggestion of Precise Poverty Alleviation in Jiangxi Province under the Rural Revitalization Strategy

Xiao-Yuan Li, Yan Tang
Implementing the rural revitalization strategy is the general starting point for the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in the new era, and provides new guidance for the precise poverty alleviation work in poverty-stricken areas. By analyzing the relationship between rural revitalization...
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Short Text Topic Discovery Based on BTM Topic Model

Wei-Dong Zhu, Wen-Gan Zhou
With the further development of the online social platform, the research techniques of hot topic related to short text data which are represented by Weibo, instant messaging, news commentary and so on, are not extensive enough, and the research efforts are not deep enough either. Moreover, short text...
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The Analysis of Taiwan's Participation in CPTPP and RCEP: From the Perspective of SWOT

Ping-Ying Chou, Hung-Chi Hsu, Ching-Chien Yang
In recent years, the global economy has been developing towards regionalization. However, in all bilateral or multilateral economic and trade cooperation, Taiwan has been excluded, which has seriously affected Taiwan's export trade and economic growth, and even plunged Taiwan's economy into a crisis...
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Research on the Efficiency Evaluation of Logistics Infrastructure in Western Regions from the Perspective of Total Factors

Cheng-Jia Ning, Miao Xu, Yu Zhang
This paper based on the all-factor perspective, applies the DEA method to analyze the logistics infrastructure efficiency, exogenous influencing factors and improvement paths of 12 provinces in western China in 2000-2016. Moreover decomposed the Facility Total Factor Efficiency (LTFIE) into two angles...
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On Accounting Coordination among Countries along the One Belt And One Road

Hua Chen, Xiang Weng, Ye Bao
Since its development in 2013, One Belt And One Road has played a strong role in promoting the economic development of countries along the belt and road and made remarkable achievements in trade, investment and other aspects. This paper aims to understand the impact of the implementation of the "One...
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Research Progress on Entrepreneurs' Previous Experience, Internal Control and Entrepreneurial Performance

Jun-Ping Yang, Zhao-Yang Dong
Entrepreneurial activities occupy an irreplaceable position in the process of promoting economic development. Previous studies have found that entrepreneurs as the core strength of entrepreneurial activities, their previous experience has a subtle influence on the entrepreneurial process, but there are...
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Evolutions of China’s Inter-regional R&D Collaboration Patterns: Based on the Three-dimensional Analysis of Organization, Geography and Technology

Feng-Chao Liu, Fei-Fei Yan, Na Zhang
Inter-regional collaboration plays an important role in booting the flow of knowledge and technology between cross-border actors. The existing research focus on collaboration pattern itself and its spatial characteristics, but ignored its technological characteristics. This paper proposes a three-dimensional...
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Stock Portfolio Decision Based on Cluster Analysis and Principal Component Analysis

Yue Duan
When determining the stock portfolio, it is necessary to consider factors such as the company's financial indicators, stock price trends, and macroeconomic conditions. In order to simplify the process, the clustering method is used to classify the company according to the financial indicator data, so...
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Research on the Integration of Financial Reports Audit and Internal Control Audit

Pu-Yi Zhu
With the introduction of China's internal control audit guidelines, it marks the basic construction of internal control audit system based on the reality of China and the experience of developed countries, but there are no specific operational guidelines, which is not conducive to the full implementation...
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Does Human Capital Augment FDI's Impact on Economic Growth? A Theoretical Explanation

William Sheng Liu, Frank Agbola, Bei-Bei Wu
In the foreign direct investment (FDI) literature, human capital is regarded as an important factor in augmenting FDI effects on economic growth in host counties. To test for this hypothesis, we develop an endogenous growth model that incorporates human capital development and learning-by-doing effects...
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The Construction of Advanced Administrative Culture in the Service-oriented Government Building with People’s Satisfaction

De-Xiang Zhou
Great achievements have been made in the service-oriented government building in China in the past ten years. However, influenced by the traditional administrative culture, there are still many problems in the service-oriented government building. In the process of service-oriented government building,...
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Which is More Advantageous in Financial Technology and Traditional Finance? Evidence from JD Finance

Ya-Ning Li, Yang Lu, Hai-Ying Wang, Dong-Mei An
In recent years, Internet finance and financial technology have been the fastest growing sectors in the national economy. We provide some evidence through the analysis of JD Finance to explain how financial technology affects traditional finance. We show that the eight characteristics of JD financial...
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Research on the Coupling Coordination Relationship between Internal R&D and External R&D of Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Study of Shandong Province, China

Xue Li, Jie Hou, Peng-Bin Gao
Based on the statistical data of Shandong manufacturing industry from 2009 to 2017, the coupling coordination degree model of physics was used to measure the coupling degree of internal and external R&D. The result shows that coupling coordination between R&D and external R&D in Shandong manufacturing...
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A Survey of Financial Risk Measurement

Shuang-Qing Pan
Financial risk management is the core content of financial institutions' management activities, and the basic work of risk management is to measure risk. Choosing appropriate risk measurement indicators and scientific calculation methods is the basis of measuring risk correctly, and also the premise...
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Research on Economic Transformation Development of Resource-depleted Cities from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization-Taking Heshan, Guangxi as an Example

Qing Gao, Chun-Fei Li
Under the background that the country vigorously advocates ecological civilization and green economy, Heshan, as a resource-depleted city, is faced with severe challenges of resource exhaustion and harsh environment, leading that its economic transformation is difficult. Because the long-term extensive...
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Design of “Flipped Classroom” Teaching Mode Based on “Microlecture + Seminar” and Its Application in Economic and Management Courses

Ya-Qiong Pan, Xue-Bin Yu
Under the background of “Internet + education”, the “Flipped classroom” teaching mode has become the trend of teaching reform in the future. This paper analyzes the connotation and current status of “Microlecture” and “Seminar teaching method”, combines with characteristics of teaching in economic and...
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Research on Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching in Private Colleges and Universities under the Environment of Network Media

Feng-Xiang Jiang, Yang Nan
Students from private colleges and universities rely more on the internet, and traditional ideological and political theory teaching is difficult to improve the interest of classroom students in the internet era. Therefore, private colleges and universities should take the initiative to adapt the new...
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On the Plaintiff Subject in Water Resources Public Interest Litigation from the Perspective of "The System of River Leader"

Qing Gao, Shun Guo, Chun-Fei Li, Shao-Wei Kuang
The gradual establishment of the plaintiff's subject qualification of the administrative organ provides the realistic possibility for the river leader to be the plaintiff of the environmental public interest lawsuit. But it is far from enough to rely on administrative means alone. As the "general agent"...
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Experimental Teacher's Extracurricular Guidance to Improve the Quality of Applied Undergraduate Education

Chi-Fu Yao, Su-Ying Zhang
Through the anatomy of the important indicators of the applied ability of students in the application-oriented undergraduate education, this paper combines with the current difficult situation in the current teaching plan to complete this index. It points out that the guidance and leading role of the...
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Research and Analysis on Improvement of the Quality of Rural Women in Tianjin

Qian Wang, Zheng Wang
Because rural men go out to work more, women account for the vast majority in rural areas and become the main force of rural economic and social development. Therefore, In the context of rural revitalization strategy, rural women shoulder great responsibility to realize the priority development of rural...
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Research and Practice of Medical Personnel Training of "Three Categorization”

Chun-Qing Zhang, Jun Wang, Jun-Yan Han, Wei Qin, Hong-Wei Xing, Shu-Li Zhang, Xiao-Jie Zhang
Under the guidance of the "Three-Oriented" talent cultivation mode in our university, the "Three- Categorization” talent cultivation mode is constructively put forward in the clinical medicine specialty. That is, the general clinical talents’ training based on the demand of medical practitioners, the...
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The Survey of College Students' Satisfaction in the Context of Ideological and Political Education

Jie Zhang, Xiao-Lu Qiu, Qian Wang, Yu-Xuan Xiao
The effective implementation of the curriculum education must take college students as the core, on the basis of investigation of student satisfaction, according to the students' interests, from the college students' learning environment satisfaction and school management service satisfaction both actual...
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Research and Practice of Constructing Stage Comprehensive Examination in Our Hospital Based on the Reform of National Licensing Physician Qualification Examination

Jun-Yan Han, Jun Wang, Wei Qin, Hong-Wei Xing, Shu-Li Zhang, Xiao-Jie Zhang, Chun-Qing Zhang
In order to meet the state practicing doctors' qualifications examination reform, causes the student to adapt to the new practice mode of examination of doctors' qualifications as soon as possible, and at the same time in order to deepen our reform of examination work, to promote learning, to promote...
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An Empirical Study on the Phased Test of National Qualification Examination: Take Qiqihar Medical University as an Example

Wei Qin, Hong-Wei Xing, Jun Wang, Jun-Yan Han, Chun-Qing Zhang, Qing-Gang Xu, Xiao-Qiu Jin, Rui Zhong, Shu-Li Zhang, Xiao-Jie Zhang
National medical licensing examination is an admission test of medical students to obtain doctor qualification in our country. By participating in the reform of phased examination, Qiqihar Medical University can not only promote clinical medical students to grasp theoretical knowledge and clinical skills,...
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A Research of the Training of College Librarians in Digital Humanities Professional Accomplishment

Qin Sun
In recent years, digital humanities has become a hot research topic in China, especially in the field of library science, and more and more scholars in the industry believe that nowadays librarians should have digital humanities-related expertise and abilities. With the help of authoritative databases,...
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Exploration and Analysis on the Realization Path of Ideological Discourse Power in Colleges in the New Period

Yan Ren, Ou-Yang Xia
As an important position to publicize mainstream ideology, colleges undertake the important responsibility of publicizing marxist positions, viewpoints and methods and the important mission of cultivating excellent talents. At present, colleges mainly grasp the power of ideological discourse by offering...
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Reference of Foreign Innovation Entrepreneurship Education Development on the Domestic Education Reform under Internet Circumstance-Taking E-commerce as an Example

Fan Deng, Li Xiong, Lei Chen
Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation marks a new stage in innovation and entrepreneurship education that drives employment through entrepreneurship and promotes economic restructuring. In the Internet circumstance, the high rates of Internet penetration, the information updated quickly, facing the...
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Research on Maker Space Risk of College Students Based on Perturbed Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Hong-Yin Fang, Xiao-Hui Chen, Jun-Yan Lan, Meng-Jia Ying, Zui-Yun Song, Xiao-Long Ma, Wei-Ning Tang, Zhang-Guo Shen
College maker space can help college students realize low-cost, convenient, all-factor, open-ended innovation and entrepreneurship services. In this increasingly complex social business environment, college maker space has attracted the attention and research of many experts and scholars, but at the...
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Business Model Innovation and Firm Performance: A Meta-Analysis

Si-Jia Xue, Jie Hou, Peng-Bin Gao
Under the background of the Internet era, business model innovation has received increasing attention from scholars. Although previous studies have discussed the impact of business model innovation on firm performance, empirical research has presented inconsistent conclusions. Based on 58 empirical studies,...
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A Meta-analysis of the Relationship between Service Innovation and Firm Performance

Jie Li, Xue Li, Peng-Bin Gao
Although the influence of service innovation on firm performance has been widely concerned by scholars, empirical studies show different results. Based on the empirical research results of 77 independent samples, this paper conducted a meta analysis to study the relationship between service innovation...
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How to Attract Medical Graduates in Universities to Rural Hospitals in Shaanxi Province of China

Guang-Rong Wu
In 2015, the general office of Shaanxi provincial people's government already began to focus on the service situation of the rural hospitals and enacted opinions of the implementation of comprehensively promoting the construction of rural doctors. Although four years are over, we have found it less obvious...
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Thoughts on Strengthening the Construction of Strategic Think Tank of Integrated Development of Military and Civil Affairs in Guizhou Province

Bo-Wen Zhang, Shi-Hua Xu, Jin-Ru Mao
Compared with the rapid development and continuous improvement of the military-civilian integration development industry system, the construction of relevant think tanks is seriously lagging behind. Especially the strategic think tank construction has unreasonable think tank structure, the system is...
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The Feasibility of the Application of Stakeholder Theory in Higher Education

Cai-Zhen Hong
Stakeholder theory originates in the field of enterprise management and spreads from private institutions to public sectors such as colleges and universities. The paper uses the method of literature research to study the difference and connection between higher education and enterprises, the evolution...