Proceedings of the 1st Paris Van Java International Seminar on Health, Economics, Social Science and Humanities (PVJ-ISHESSH 2020)

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The Effectiveness of PSBH (Problem Solving for Better Health and Hospital) Method on Caring Nurse Behavior

Sri Siska Mardiana, Ika Widyawati
Nurse caring behavior is an important aspect in providing nursing care, because it includes human relationships and affects the quality of service and patient satisfaction. Based on interviews and preliminary surveys, it was found that 68% of patients were not satisfied with nursing services because...
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Application of Tahmid Spiritual Therapy to Reduce the Anxiety Level of Pre Sectio Caesarea Patients in Islamic Hospital Sultan Hadlirin Jepara

Sri Karyati, Muhammad Hanafi, Taufiq
Surgical programs often cause fear and anxiety to patients, including the SC program. Anxiety is a psychological response that can cause physiological problems that disrupt the operation process. Nursing care can use a spiritual approach to control patient anxiety. Tahmid is one of the readings that...
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Relationship of Social Support and Treatment Compliance with the Quality of Life of HIV/AIDS Patients in Hospitals RAA Soewondo Pati

Muhammad Purnomo, Subiwati
The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a retrovirus (RNA group Retroviruses Ribonucleic Acid) that attack the human immune system. During the period of the year 2016 new HIV-infected sufferers amounted to 1.8 million and with mortality by as much as 1.0 million (WHO, 2016). Cases of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia...
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Risk Factors Among Pregnant Women

Islami, Nor Asiyah, Vivin Rosvita
Maternity risk factor is current issue in Indonesia. According to the data Riset kesehatan dasar (RISKESDAS) 2018 in Indonesia, chronic energy deficiency on pregnant women is 17.3% and non pregnant women is 14.5%, and pregnant women with anemia is 48.9%, its more higher than five years ago. About 84.6%...
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The Relation of Stunting with Immunization Status and the History of Low Birth Weight in the Work Area of Public Health Center at Gilingan

W Wahyuni, L. N. Wakhidah, S Fatmawati, R. S Widayati
In the Asian level, Indonesia has ranked at fourth in the highest prevalence of stunting. Stunting is a condition of failure which in term to grow up for infants due to chronic malnutrition, as the consequence, they are too short for their age. The factors that Immunization is one of the most effective...
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Relationship of Perception, Attitude and Knowledge of Husband’s Participation in CBD in Citangkil Health Center, Cilegon City in 2019

Jumiati, Nuria Fitri Adista
Population issues in Indonesia become a very important and complex issue and require comprehensive handling. In 9 government priorities (2015) 2015 BKKBN supports the 5th priority agenda, namely Improving the quality of life of Indonesian people, namely “Population and Family Planning Development”, Based...
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Analysis of HIV Incidence in Female Sex Workers (WPS) in Wanasari Village Cibitung District, Bekasi Regency 2019

A J Rifiana, R G S Darma, R Kundaryanti
The spread of HIV continues to increase and causes more than 12,800 new infections every day. AIDS is now the leading cause of death in Africa and in a quarter of the world. The number of HIV / AIDS cases reported from 2005 to December 2017 was 200,623. Bekasi Regency with a case ratio of 1,363 people...
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The Effectiveness of Colostrum Use on Acceleration of Umbilical Cord Release Among the Infants at the Work area of Mekar Wangi Public Health Center Bogor City 2019

T Indrayani, G Dominggus, R Widowati
Background: Infant mortality rate (IMR) IN Bogor year 2016-2017 is 41, 82 per 1000 life birth; it means there is no decreasing. Umbilical cord infection has become the cause pf pain and death among infants. Indonesia Health Profile 2018 states that there were 40 babies affected by neonatal tetanus; 4...
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Disposition Role on Adolescent Reproduction Health Policy Implementation

F Handayani, A Kamila, Nurhayati
Indonesian data currently shows that there are problems that threaten adolescents, namely sexuality, HIV/AIDS and NAFZA. The existence of flow and incentives for policy managers can improve the performance of managers and policy implementers in the time available. This study aims to analyze disposition...
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The Effect of Senam Sehat Indonesia Exercise on the Improvement of Lung Vital Capacity for Elderly in Universitas Majalengka

Indrayogi, M Nurhayati
In developing of elderly in Higher Education, there are no activities to maintain physical condition. Through sports activities that are very potential to be carried out because of many elderly people in Universitas Majalengka. Besides doing physical activities in the form of exercises that can meet...
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Self Reliance Health Care Students of Miftahul Huda Islamic Boarding School Indramayu Through Cultivation and Processing of Family Medicinal Plants (Toga)

Ulinniam, Y A Sari, N W E Juliani, I D Sopwan, Yasin
Health development is an effort carried out by all components society aimed at increasing awareness, willingness, and ability to live healty. One of the efforts to support success in health develpment is to implement self reliance health care program for Islamic boarding school students through the cultivation...
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Review the Development of the Indonesian Property Sector Amidst 2019 Global Economic Stagnation and Predictions on Post COVID-19 2020 Recovery

Muhamah Ali Pahmi, Miftahul Imtihan, Mujiarto
Over the past few years, the trade war between the US vs. China began to have an impact on the global economy and is predicted to have reached a point of stagnation. When global conditions affect other sectors in Indonesia, it seems the infrastructure is persisting has even tended to increase steadily....
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Environmental Accounting Cultural Insights: A Learning From Indigenous Peoples

Verawaty Verawaty, Rustandi Rustandi, Erfan Erfiansyah, Abin Surasa
The purpose of this study is to explore environmental accounting from the perspective of cultural insights by exploring the role of the environment in the culture of indigenous peoples in Kampung Pulo, Garut. Phenomenology paradigm as a research method with traditional leaders (Pakuncen) and community...
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Significant Role of Economic Growth in Alleviating Poverty

Syaeful Bakhri, Bambang, Pahrul Fauzi
The problem of poverty is related to various regional conditions, not only in rural areas but also in urban areas. Poverty in urban areas has its own characteristics with various factors that influence it. This study aims to determine the role of economic growth, inflation, and population growth on poverty...
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Increasing Consumer Purchase Intention Through Private Label of Grocery: Empirical Evidence of Indonesian Consumers

Sukaris Sukaris, Fitri Dahlia, Budiyono Pristyadi, Al Kusani, Ahmad Qoni Dewantoro
The use of brands in products today is dominated by manufacturing brands compared to private label products, however the use of private labels is becoming a trend among retailers in Indonesia, especially private label on grocery products for daily needs. This use for retailers has a double meaning that...
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The Influence of Collaboration and Competitive Strategies on the Image of the Star Hotel in West Java

T Sondari, Widjajani, E Dwipriyoko
The growth of the hotel industry is in line with the growth of the tourism sector. Based on the number of guests at star hotels, DKI Jakarta, West Java and Bali are still the strongest magnets for investors. Meanwhile, the hotel growth especially in certain areas with a high level of tourist visits,...
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Utilization of Geodiversity Potential for Purification of Drinking Water as Local Wisdom

Nurul Hikmah Kartini, Ayu Krishna Yuliawati, Mohamad Sapari Dwi Hadian
South Kalimantan has productive geodiversity potential. The distribution of limestone is spread across several districts, including Tabalong, Rantau, and Kotabaru. Utilization of this rock has been carried out by the Banjar tribe along the river since ancient times as a filter for river water for drinking...
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Community Service Program on Empowerment of Village Community in Karangnongko Village, Karangnongko Subdistrict, Klaten Regency, Republic of Indonesia

E Wardani, A J S Nugroho, M P Darmo, E E D Setiawati, S R Widayanti
The KKN (Community Service Program)-PPM (Community Service Center) activity in Karangnongko Village, Klaten Regency aims to improve the Tourism Village management system, increase community participation in the development of the family economy, so as to provide new jobs for housewives to increase community...
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The Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement in Instagram for Local Food Brand on Indonesia’s Customers Attitude Towards Brand and Purchase Intention

Farida Komalasari, Kristie Liliani
The purpose of this research is to examine the factors that affect purchase intention toward local food brand in Indonesia mediated by attitude towards brand. Meanwhile, the independent variable in this research is celebrity endorsement with sub-dimensions of expertise, trustworthiness, attractiveness,...
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Nowness Service in Religious Travel Agents

Retno Kusumaningrum, Ratih Pratiwi, Windi NR Wardhani
Service and experience playas an important role in hospitality sector. Nowness service defines as a costumer centric and fostering value added to service given to the customers. Newness facilitating customers to have different and satisfy experience. Activating newness can generate advantage of real...
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Constitutionality of the Former Ex-Convict as Election Participants of Regional Heads

M. Guntur Hamzah, Wilma Silalahi
A country would be in peace and prosperity and grow well, if the leader leads with integrity and wisefulness. Therefore, clear and firm arrangements are needed in selecting candidates for regional heads who are ex-convicts. And the task of the state is in accordance with the mandate of the Pancasila...
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An analysis of the Strategies of Social Service Agency, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection in Reducing Domestic Violence in Banjar City (A Case Study on Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection)

Nova Chalimah Girsang, Tofan Ibrahim, Mira Andriani, Achmad Daryatno, Anis Sundari
This present study utilized a descriptive qualitative approach. The data were collected through in-depth interviews conducted to the informants continuously until the data were saturated. The results of the recorded data were thoroughly transcribed. The data were then grouped according to the stages...
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The Effect of Transformational Leadership and Reward Towards Job Performance of Counter Transnational Organized Crime Task Force of Bali Region Police Through Felt Accountability and Job Satisfaction as Mediating Variables

B Dananjaya, F D Saragih, B Y Nugroho
The objective of this research is to analyse the transformational leadership impact and reward impact toward job performance of Counter Transnational Organized Crime Task Force Bali Region Police through felt accountability and job satisfaction as mediator variable. This is a quantitative research using...
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Gender and Women’s Citizens Rights

N Nurjanah, A Fauzan, R Dewi Lestyorini, I Ammanaturrakhmah, Rogibah, T Noviyanto, Farihiyah
Gender as a social construction that distinguishes functions, roles and responsibilities differently in men and women, when juxtaposed with women’s citizenship rights as one of the subjects in the context of state life, will face a contradiction because gender roles limit and position men and women are...
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Authority and Function of Pecalang Organization in Maintaining Public Safety and Conformity (Research Study in Dangin Puri Kaja Village, Denpasar)

M M Sofyan, E I Supriyadi
A pecalang (Balinese religious leader) has a lot of responsibilities. Not only maintaining village safety, especially related with religion and ceremonial matters, but also maintaining the safety of complex public activities. Therefore, a pecalang should not only having abilities related with tradition...
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Community Participation in the Payment of the Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax (Pbb-P2) (A Study in Mekarmukti Village, Cisaga District, Ciamis Regency)

Tina Cahya Mulyatin, Anwar Musadad, Ririn Yulianti, TeguhAnggoro, Dadan Erdian Kosasih
The study is aimed at determining and analyzing the community participation in paying the Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax in Mekarmukti, Cisaga District, Ciamis Regency. To achieve the objective, the study employed qualitative method in which the sample was drawn using purposive sampling technique....
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Juridical Analysis of Transitional Land Rights Unregistered in Dharmasraya Regency

Ratih Agustin Wulandari, Mayroza Wiska, Wiwik Okta Susilawati, Raimon Efendi, Yulia Darniyanti
The purpose of this study is to determine the existence of the transfer of rights to customary land that has not been registered in the Dharmasraya district, how the rights of the people as owners of customary land that have not been registered to the high heritage heirlooms of people who have transitioned...
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The Influence of Perceived Organizational Support on Job Satisfaction with Employee Engagement as a Mediating Variable: Study on State Civil Apparatus (ASN) at Secretariat of Presidential Advisory Council

S L Meisyara, F D Saragih, B Y Nugroho
The aim of this study is to investigate the relation between the perceived organizational support and job satisfaction by using employee engagement as a mediating variable. This research is conducted in Secretariat of Presidential Advisory Council. Furthermore, the quantitative approach is used in this...
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Analyzing the Ideology of Fox News Channel in Constructing Christchurch Mass Shooting

D Randy, N Vera
Despite the 72 pages manifesto uploaded by Brenton Tarrant to social media before the deadly Friday attack, Fox & Friends producers insisted on using the term “mosque shooting” in covering Christchurch mass shooting. It seems that there was resistance from the Fox & Friends producers in using...
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Profile of Fulfilling the Family Needs of Ojeg Pangkalan at Adipura Rancabolang Gedebage Bandung

Nunung Hastika Ardiwidjaja, Widjajani, Estiyan Dwipriyoko
Transportation is a facility supporting human activities, which cannot be separated from aspects of human activity, without human transportation can be isolated and cannot make a maximum mobilization or movement. One form of transportation that is much sought after by the public at this time is Ojek....
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The Relationship Between Emotion Regulation and Anxiety on Hemodialysis Patient in the Hemodialization Room of Rumah Sakit Al Islam Bandung

H Firmansyah, AT Widianti, P Yualita
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) consists of five stages in which the fifth stage is called End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), which requires replacement kidney therapy namely Hemodialysis (HD). Hemodialysis affects the physical and psychological condition. Psychologically, it will cause changes in the regulation...
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Life Scenery of Javanese Person With Type 2 Diabetes

C. Septiwi, S. Rungreangkulkij
Cultural beliefs and tradition influence of the Javanese persons perception related to diabetes and how they manage diabetes in their daily lives. Ethnography was used in this study to understand the cultural management of Javanese person living with type 2 diabetes. The data were collected by focus...
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The Relationship of Self-Efficacy with Adherence in Restricting Fluid Intake in Middle Adult Hemodialysis Patients

N Gartika, A Mustopa, A Fatmawati
An indicator of the success of ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) patients undergoing hemodialysis is adherence to fluid intake restrictions. Several studies showed that one of the factors related to the adherence of fluid restriction is self-efficacy, but the study about this adherence in middle-aged still...
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Innovation Diabetic Footpad to Reduce Plantar Pressure and Moisture

Agus Santosa, Deshinta Widyaningtyas, Dianti Sekar Wulan
Foot care behavior of patients with diabetes is critical to prevent diabetic foot ulcers, one of them with the use of proper footpad. A right footpad must be able to reduce pressure on the plantar and decrease the moisture on the skin that can cause diabetic ulcers. Therefore, it is necessary to develop...
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Optimal Timing for Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping to Improve Hemoglobin Level after Birth

Dyah Puji Astuti, Hastin Ika Indriyastuti, Eka Novyriana
Background: Delayed clamping of the umbilical cord is known to increase iron level in newborns. Optimal time for delayed clamping of umbilical cord is not known clearly. Objectives: To know the optimal time for delayed clamping of umbilical cord to improve hemoglobin level after birth. Methods: This...
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The Role of Rumination Related to Depression in Hemodialysis Patient

Arnika Dwi Asti, Warih Puryanti, Ike Mardiati Agustin, Irmawan Andri Nugroho
Rumination known as the main factor of depressed mood and it is related to many other psychological problem. It has relationships with negative mood states, internalizing disorders and interpersonal difficulties. In hemodialysis patient, depression is one of the most and highly common complications....
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Virtual Reality (VR) Media Distraction Relieve Anxiety Level of the Children During Circumcision

Andan Firmansyah, Henri Setiawan, Daniel Akbar Wibowo, Tita Rohita, Afriza Umami
Circumcision is a minor surgical that will be experienced by every child, especially a Muslim child because It was related religious commandment with. Most children appear to be quite anxious about circumcision. Virtual Reality (VR) Distraction is one of the methods of Researcher to relieve anxiety level...
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The Influence of Nutrition on Blood Sugar Level in Diabetus Millitus Type 2

Umi Faridah, Supardi, Ahmad Samsudin
One effort to control blood sugar levels is to diet. Strict diet of carbohydrates is not recommended for people with diabetes, because carbohydrates are a source of various nutrients including fiber, minerals, and vitamins that dissolve in water as well as a primary source of energy for the brain and...
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The Effect of Brain Gymnastics on Cognitive Function of Elderly

Noor Cholifah, Nur W Ratna, Yulis Trinowitawati
There were 142 million elderly (8%) in Southest Asia based on WHO data. Indonesia from 2000-2010, the total elderly has increase from 5.300.000 to 24.000.000. Organ function especially cognitive function belongs to the most common health problem for elderly so far. Moreover, Indonesia becomes the fourth...
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Improving the Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Undergoing Hemodialysis through Family Supportive Therapy

Virgianti Nur Faridah, Nursalam, Arifal Aris, Siti Sholikhah, Fifit Sri Rukmawati
Chronic kidney disease is a disorder of kidney function that is progressive and irreversible. Patients with dialysis therapy may not improve survival and might damage the quality of life. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of family-supportive therapy on the quality of life of patients...
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The effect of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) to the loneliness elderly

Anny Rosiana, Puji Krisbiyantoro, Ali Solikin
There are 450 million people in the world that have metal disorder (WHO, 2017). The purpose of this study is to describe the effect of CBT and REBT to solve the loneliness in the elderly. The method of this research is quasi experimental pre-post test with control group. The sample used is purposive...
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Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (Tnf-α) and Creatinine Levels in Patients at Risk of Metabolic Syndrome with Standard Therapy Combined with Black Cumin Seed Oil

Annis Rahmawaty, Akrom, Endang Darmawan, Titis Indri Wahyuni, Dian Kumalasari, Adnan
Oxidative stress in metabolic syndrome (MS) results in vascular endothelial damage, generates inflammatory reactions, and increases the risk of impaired kidney function. Black cumin seed oil (BCSO) is thought to be able to improve the immune response and protect damage to the kidneys. The purpose of...
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The Effectiveness of Green Bean Juice on Hemoglobin Levels in Teenagers

Piscolia Dynamurti Wintoro, Wiwin Rohmawati, Endang Wahyuningsih
Teenager period is the most critical for development at a later stage in life. Many changes occur in individuals both physically and psychologically. Anemia is defined as a hemoglobin level of less than 12.0 gram/100 ml. In 2018, the prevalence of anemia in Indonesia was 21.7% with anemia patients aged...
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Benson Relaxation Relieve a Pain in Coronary Syndrome Patients

H Sri Sat Titi, Retno Untar, Daryani
Acute coronary syndrome describes the presence of sudden ischemia in the myocardium due to loss of blood flow to the heart muscle, causing the cessation of oxygen supply to heart cells. The most common symptom is chest pain. Pain can be overcome by non-pharmacological therapy, the other is benson relaxation....
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Edible Strip of Petai Peel (Parkia speciosa Hassk) as an Innovation for the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

P M Octasari, OH, R S Hastuti, F A Widyastani
Petai (Parkia speciosa Hassk.) or stink bean has been known as a folk medicine to treat inflammation, hypertension, kidney problems, and diabetes mellitus. Freeze-drying of petai peel contains phenol and flavonoid compounds. The edible strip is an innovative pharmaceutical dosage form that has a high...
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Effectiveness of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Meditation Relaxation Treatment of Reduction of Blood Pressure in Hypertension Patients in the Village of Sindangagung Kuningan District

Lia Mulyati, Yana Hendriana, Ela Nur Padilah
Hypertension is a state of increased systolic blood pressure of more than 140 mmHg and diastolic more than equal to 90 mmHg. West Java became the second province with the highest sufferers in Indonesia. Progressive muscle relaxation therapy and meditation relaxation therapy is one way of non-pharmacological...
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The Advantages of Using Augmented Reality (AR) Technology in Midwifery Education: A Literature Review

Astuti Dyah Bestari, Guswan Wiwaha
Introduction: The Indonesian government has expressed the importance of the implementation of quality assurance systems through national standards of higher education (Permenristekdikti 44/2015) including educational infrastructure standards which educational media is one of them. In the industrial revolution...
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Information Media Expossion of Making Decision on Early Detection for Cervical Cancer of Women Using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid Method (VIA)

Atun Wigati, Hilal Ariadi, Sri Rahayu
Cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection ranks second with an incidence of 9.7% and a mortality rate of 9.3%. Cervical cancer is one of the causes of death which is quite high in the world including in Indonesia. To prevent cervical cancer can be done with early detection using...
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Provision of Warm Compress with Warm Water Zack (WWZ) to Reduce Pain in Post Op Benigna Hyperplasia Prostate (BPH) Patients

Sukesih, Warji
Postoperative pain in postoperative patients Benigna Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) is a problem for patients and is the most disturbing thing, so nursing intervention is needed to reduce pain. Warm compresses with Warm Water Zack (WWZ) is one of the interventions done non-pharmacologically to reduce pain...
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Hydrotherapy of Blood Glucose Level at Time for Deabetes Mellitus (DM) Patient

Heny Siswanti, Salafudin Yusra, Sri Budiani
Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease belonging to collection of symptoms for person due to an increase of blood glucose levels above normal to insulin deficiency, both in absolute and relative terms which cause high mortality rates in Indonesia. Hydrotherapy is one of the non-pharmacological therapies...
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The Effect of Hallucinatory Implementation Strategies on the Patient’s Ability to Control Hallucinations

Arifal Aris, AH Yusuf, Virgianti Nur Faridah, Siti Sholikah, Abdul Rokhman
Action and communication implementation strategy is a method of guidance in the implementation of actions based on the needs of patients and refers to the standard by implementing effective communication module CI Pusdiknakes training. The aims of the study was to identify the influence of the implementation...
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The Effectiveness of a Low Cost Hybrid Simulator Model in Achieving Clinical Skills of Third Trimester Pregnancy Examination on Midwifery Students of Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health of Riau in Pekanbaru

Fathunikmah, Juraida Roito Harahap
The use of hybrid simulator in clinical learning of pregnancy examination is necessary to increase the skills of students. However, the lack of availability and limitation function of the hybrid simulator hinder the process of clinical learning. The purpose of this research is to develop a low cost hybrid...
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Role of Tempeh Formula as a Source of Vitamin B12 and Its Implementation for Vegetarian Diet

Tempeh is a traditional and nutritious food of Indonesia which contains vitamin B12 and vegetarians have higher risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. The objective was to investigate the effect of tempeh consumption on the level of serum vitamin B12 and homocysteine in vegetarian. Methods: Experimental study...
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Back Massage Therapy to Reduce Low Back Pain in Pregnancy

Indah Puspitasari, Irawati Indrianingrum
Pregnancy is a unique natural condition experienced by women. In pregnant women, an adjustment process occurs that can cause physiological changes, which cause discomfort in pregnant women. In most pregnant women report almost 50% - 80% feel discomfort back pain experienced by mothers during pregnancy....
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Effectiveness of Pelvic Rocking and Gym Ball Exercise Against of Duration of Labor in the First Stage

Lestari Puji Astuti, Puji Siswanti, Durrotun Munafiah, Saadah Mujahidah
Childbirth is a process of expulsion from the conception (fetus and placenta) which is quite months or can live outside the womb through the birth canal or through other ways, using the assistance or without assistance (strength alone or spontaneous). Pelvic rocking can help the mother in an upright...
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Customer Experience Management (CEM) Supports the Quality of Hospital Services Based on RFID

Rasyid Tarmizi, H. Suhada, Desy Apriani, Muhaimin Hasanudin, Dedy Prasetya Kristiadi, Wahyu Hidayat
Hospital services as a health service provider is a major factor in the selection of referral hospitals for patients. While this reference about the assessment of hospital services for prospective patients can only be known from patients who have been treated at the hospital. Assessment of patient experience...
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The Influence of Financial Literacy Towards Financial Management and Its Impact on Family Welfare

F Komalasari, R J Cindi
Based on survey from Indonesian Financial Services Authority, the number of people considered well literate of financial literacy in Indonesia is 21.84%. Further data showed that financial literacy rate of housewives in Indonesia is 2.13%. This bring concerns considered that in managing the family money,...
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Concept and Implementation of Centralized Management in the Management and Development of Muhammadiyah Business Charities (Study of Management and Development of AUM in PCM Cileungsi)

Firmansyah Azharul, Mustopa Idris
The concept of good management in managing the Muhammadiyah business charity is important to do, because the task of managing and developing a charity business is not only the task of the head of AUM but it is the job of the Persyarikatan leadership where the business charity was founded. The reality...
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The Effects of Intellectual Capital and Financial Leverage as a Strategy to Improve Financial Performance

Hadiah Fitriyah, Dina Dwi Octavia Rini, Farida Astriana
The purpose of this study was to determine the role of intellectual capital and financial leverage as a strategy to improve corporate financial performance. This study uses a quantitative approach. The object of this research is retail companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The research sampling...
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The Influence of Brand Images on Purchase Motivation of Motorcycle Products

L Rohmawati, Y Susilo, P S Zevender, T Kuryanto, M Suebudin
The brand image of an item or product can influence consumer decisions or motivate consumers to buy the product (both because of past experience in using it and proximity to the brand and its various characteristics). In this regard, the authors conducted research on the effect of brand image on the...
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Financial Technology as a Sharia Banking Transaction Facility in the Perspective of National Banking Regulation

Enni Soerjati, Renny Supriyatni, Eman Suparman
The purpose of this article is to describe the role of financial technology (fintech) as a sharia banking transaction facility in the perspective of national banking regulation, through collecting data of banking regulations, which support fintech in sharia banking activities. At present the use of fintech...
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The Impact of Financial Technology Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P Lending) on Growth Credit Rural Bank

Agustina Eka Harjanti, Hasna Mudiarti, Bonnix Hedy
The competition faced by the Rural Bank (BPR) industry is getting more intensed. A few years ago, the Commercial Bank through the Micro Credit Program (Kredit Usaha Rakyat/KUR) became main competitor in distributing working capital loans or tconsumptive loans. However, new competitor is currently emerging...
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Internet (Social Media) and Its Relationship with Hoax and Fake News in the 2019 Presidential Election

W Syaputri, L Septianasari, S Retnawati, D Kasriyati, Episiasi, Izhar, Seftika
This research observe the Indonesia presidential election 2019 focused on massive hoax and fake news on social media. These phenomena are giving such effects for society because it leads emergence chaos. The objective of this research identified fake news and described language misuse on Indonesia presidential...
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The Effect of Parenting Style Towards Social Emotional Behavior the Child

Ajeng Rahayu Tresna Dewi, Beni Kuntoro
This study aims to obtain information about the effect of parenting style on social-emotion behavior of children aged 5 year in Subdistrict Cipicungs. This study using of quantitative research with a type Ex Post Facto. The population of this research was parents and children aged 5 years of kindergartens...
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Multimedia Designing Introduction Learning Site Pontanu Dance Central Sulawesi

Andi Imrah Dewi, Rohendi, Dharsono, Hartono, Misnah
This research focused on the concept of art education that put forward the Design of a Multi Media Learning Website for Introduction to the Pontanu Dance in Central Sulawesi. The Research Purpose spreads information that is more interesting and fast, efficient in the world of Information Technology in...
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Ability of School Head Management in Application-Based Facilities and Infrastructure Management to Improve Education Quality in Harmoni State High School Pamona Utara Sub-District, Poso District

Mahfud M. Gamar, Shintya Yuliarni Sengkei, Misnah
The problem in this research is to explain the principal’s managerial ability in the management of facilities and infrastructure in Harmoni State High School and explain the stages in the management of facilities and infrastructure. The sample questionnaire in this study was 10 teachers including the...
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Nutritional Status of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Children

Introduction: There was no official study on nutritional status of vegetarian children in Indonesia. Vegetarian children have risk of nutrient deficiency affecting their physical growth and mental development. The objective of this study was to investigate the difference between nutritional status of...
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Investing in the Elimination of HIV & AIDS in Indonesia: What is the Impact on HIV Epidemic After 10 Years of the Investment?

L Wahyuniar
Indonesia has committed to respond to HIV and AIDS over the last 15 years with significant domestic and international funding has been secured to support a greatly expanded national response. HIV transmission has stabilized and begun to decline among all Key Affected Populations (KAPs) but excluded Men...
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Family Experience in Implementing Family Task with Tuberculosis Multi Drugs Resistant (MDR-TB) in Bandung

R. Nurjanah, Y. Hidayat, P. Yualita
Background: Tuberculosis Multi Drug Resistant (MDR-TB) is a Tuberculosis disease caused by non-compliance with taking anti-tuberculosis (OAT) drugs. Treatment interrupted or not in accordance with the standard Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS) can also result in the emergence of multiple...
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Protection of Centella asiatica Extract Through BDNF Expression on Stunting Model Zebrafish Larvae (Danio rerio) by Rotenone Induced

Annisa Ridlayanti, Aida Ratna Wijayanti, Husnul Khotimah, Muljohadi Ali
Objectives: Stunting in WHO Child Growth Standards is based on the length-for-age indexes with less than -2 SD of z score. Rotenone is a pesticide model that acts as an mitochondrial complex I inhibitor and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is one of growth...
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The Study of Professional Nursing Practice Models (PNPM) Application on Islamic Nursing Care

D Mustikaningsih, T Setiawati, SU Rifaatul Fitri
Background. The application of Professional Nursing Practice Models (PNPM) on Islamic nursing care among patients requires the methods and systems such as human resource planning including the training of sharia care among nurses, facilities and equipment for the patients worship, as well as the implementation...
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Qualitative Research: Family Function and Sexual Intention Based on Theory of Planned Behavior on Middle Adolescents in Medan

Rahmi Lubis, Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, Ratna Jatnika, Hendriati Agustiani
Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) states that behavioral intention is determined by beliefs that determine attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control. The belief itself comes from background factors such as family functions. This study discusses the relationships between family function,...
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Relationship Between Parenting Style and Parental Feeding Style in the Locus Stunting Area in West Java

Lucia Voni Pebriani, Ratna Jatnika, Mustofa Haffas
This research aims to determine the relationship between Parenting Style and Parental Feeding Style in the locus stunting area in West Java. Data were collected in 4 locus stunting areas in West Java, consisted of 173 health workers and were analyzed using Pearsons Product-Moment correlation. The results...
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The Differences in Positive Parenting According to Male and Female Student in Bandung

Hendriati Agustiani, Ratna Jatnika, Yanti Rubiyanti
This research is a comparative study to determine differences in perceptions of male and female students regarding Father’s Positive Parenting and Mother’s Positive Parenting. Positive parenting was measured using a questionnaire consisting of 75 items. Data collection was carried out on 93 students...
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Future Orientation and Perceived Parenting of Adolescents in Two Areas with Different Association to Arts and Culture in Bandung Regency: A Comparative Study

Yanti Rubiyanti, Ratna Jatnika, Ahmad Gimmy Prathama, Hendriati Agustiani
In the Bandung regency, the number of adolescents studying at the high school and university level is very low. Most of Bandung Regency is rural areas, which are far from densely populated areas in a city. The number of high schools and universities is far less than the city of Bandung. In this study,...
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The Effectiveness of Olive Oil to Prevent Sore Nipple on the Breastfeeding Mother

Ika Tristanti, Shinta Dwi Kurnia, Lailatul Farikhah
The coverage data of exclusive breastfeeding in the world was 39% and it was estimated to be 36% in poor and developing countries. Many women didn’t give exclusive breastfeeding because of sore or blister on their nipples. The incidence of sore nipples was 11-96% of all breastfeeding mothers in the world....
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Tomato Juice and Dragon Fruit Juice to Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Fitri Suciana, Saifudin Zukhri, Cahyo Pramono
Diabetes Mellitus non communicable disease that is included in the top ten disease that cause death. The higest prevalence of people with diabetes melitus type 2 that occurs as aresult of unhealthy daily lifestyle. Diabetes Melitus can improve the Quality of Life by managing Diabetes Melitus which consist...
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The Effect of Chaya Leaf Extract Consumption on Breast Milk Production

V Silawati, N Zamzam
Breast milk contains more than one hundred types of nutrients needed for growth and development of infants. However, many lactating mothers currently do not provide breast milk because of insufficient milk production. This study was conducted to find out the effect of giving Chaya leaf extract on the...