Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Network, Communication and Education (SNCE 2018)

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Five-axis CNC Machine Tool based on UG Software for Automatic Programming and Simulation of Complex Surface Impeller

Xiurong Zhu, Xin Zheng
This through the parametric optimization and simulation processing on the five-axis CNC machine tool with automatic programming of complex shapeparts, the complete machining technology and NC program are compiled. Automatic programming plays an important role in the machining of the impeller. In the...
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Mechanistic Insights into the Decarboxylation of Oxaloacetate Catalyzed by Transition Metal Ions

Mingzhi Song, Chuangang Fan
The decarboxylation mechanism of oxaloacetate catalyzed by transition metal ions M(?...?) (M=Cu, Zn, Co) has been studied using Density Functional Theory (DFT). The calculations show that the catalytic cycle contains two stages: the formation of oxaloacetate-M(?...?) complexes, and the cleavage of the...
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On Family Tree of Transition Elements

Zhifu Wu, Liyun Hu, Qinglin Han
With the extensive applying of long periodic table, the definition of historical transition elements has become styles nowadays from narrow to wide .How ever there are three methods to define transition elements and several sorts of classifying items .It is very important to unify its definition and...
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Practice and Exploration of Micro-Learning Resource Based on Mobile Network

Wenliang Liu
Micro-learning resource is a new product of mobile Internet with the characteristics of visualization, fragmentation, structuring and nonlinearity in the era of the Internet. Analyzing the design and the construction principles of the micro-course, the paper presents a brief and acceptant concept and...
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Effect of Incoherent Pumping on Phase??"dependent Absorption Property of Atomic Systems

Aiyun Li, Fengshou Liu
We find that in the open and closed ladder systems with vacuum induced coherence, the relative phase between the probe and driving fields has an important manipulation role on the absorption property, while the incoherent pumping has a considerable effect on the phase??"dependent absorption property....
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Effects of Low Pressure Hypoxia on Oxidation- Antioxidant System of Player

Xin Tan
Purpose: To study the effect of hypobaric hypoxia on the oxidative-antioxidant system of volleyball players, and to provide a safe and reliable clinical treatment for cardiovascular disease. Method: Eight volleyball athletes trained on low altitude and low oxygen in a plateau on May 12, 2017 were listed...
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Suggestions on the Fiscal and Taxation Policies of Ecological Agriculture in Heilongjiang Province under Green Poverty Alleviation

Lingling Qin, Yushuai Zuo
With economic development, China's crucial task of tackling poverty and building a well-off society in an all-round way has entered the deciding period. The injection of the concept of green development into the practice of precision poverty reduction is of great significance to the sustainable development...
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Nonlinear Relationship of Energy Consumption and FDI Based on Panel Smooth Transition Regression Model

Xue Huang
China's economy has achieved rapid development since the reform and opening up, with an average annual growth rate around 10%.At the same time, energy consumption is also rising. This paper investigates the relationship between energy consumption and foreign direct investment(FDI) by adopting a panel...
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Major Learning Contents on the Senior Administrative Personnel Overseas-Study Team of Yunnan Provincial Higher Education in 2016

Yongkun Wan
Yunnan Province Department of Education, Langara College and relevant institutions attach great importance to the careful planning, careful organization, the project is not only rich in content, diverse forms, including classroom teaching, case discussion, field experience & visits, etc., and specially...
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Development of Portable Ball Game Electronic Scoreboard

Ping  Wang
Aim to the current popularity of various sports which scoring device is inconvenient and defective scoring, this design uses 51 MCU control, battery power, digital display, input keys and wireless control module to develop a portable smart match electronic scoring device. The device has a charging indicator,...
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Research on the Policy Guarantee of Teachers' Development in Private Colleges and Universities

Weihuang Dai
Private colleges and universities are an important part of higher education in China. Their products or services belong to quasi-public products, which are consumed by social individuals through the way of payment. Human capital (university teachers) is one of the important capital to ensure the development...
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Research on Computer System Information Hiding Anti-Forensic Technology

Jing  Leng, Tonghong Li
This paper studies various possible ways of information hiding in modern computer systems, analyzes the data hiding of disk drive, and emphatically analyzes various information hiding methods of NTFS file system and the possible detection methods of various methods. Also, this paper discusses the great...
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Application and Research of Case Teaching in Management Information System Course

Zhiguo Du, Dahui Hu
Management information system is one of the core courses of management specialty, and it is a new frontier subject. The content of the course is closely related to the modern enterprise management systems, management concepts and management methods. However, college students are not so interested in...
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Investigation on Read Music Present Situation and Analysis of Teaching in Junior High School

Mo Meng
In order to study the teaching method of reading spectrum in junior high school, the present situation of reading ability of junior middle school students was studied by questionnaire in this paper, and the present situation and existing problems of reading ability of junior high school students were...
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Research on Data Mining Technology of Company Operation Monitoring

Guang  Chen, Ju Qiu, Tingzi Pan, Dongxiao Niu, Di Pu, Zhao Zhao, Haini Haini, Lihan Qin
This paper mainly studies the operation monitoring data mining technology of Power Grid Company. In order to meet the need of operation monitoring business in the era of big data, this paper deeply studies the data mining technology suitable for company operation monitoring, builds a database of data...
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Research on the Marketing Strategy of Enterprises Based on the Change of Marketing Environment

Liming Zhang
The existence and development of the enterprise can not be separated from the market environment, and the marketing environment is an important factor for the enterprise to formulate marketing strategies and carry out the marketing activities. The impact of market environment on enterprises is mainly...
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On Improvement of Academic Abilities of Undergraduates in Local Colleges

Chunyan Yan, Wentao  Yi
College students' academic ability is of great importance for their future development, and it is the requirements for the quality education and social development. It is also vital for the colleges and universities to cultivate the spirit of innovation and practical abilities of the students, which...
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A Pragmatic Study on English Teachers’ Speech Acts in Universities

Ying Shi
The high quality teachers’ speech acts can effectively impart knowledge, organize the classroom, give demonstrations and make English teaching efficient. Based on speech act theory, the paper tries to analyze teachers’ directives, teachers’ questions and teachers’ feedbacks. The teachers and students...
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On the Form of "Sex" Cultural Elements in the Clothing Advertising Communication

Duanwu  Shang
In the modern civilized society, "sex" has the endless charm to the person, using "sex" as a sale communication tool has become a familiar phenomenon. Particularly prevalent in the clothing advertising communication, using "sex" as an appeal is a customary manoeuvre innumerous clothing brand. The form...
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Analysis on the Comparative Advantages of Developing Green Industry in Heilongjiang Province under the Labor Division Theory

Wenjun Zhao
China has made major decisions on rejuvenating northeast old industrial bases. The choice of leading industries is of crucial importance to the future economic development of Heilongjiang Province. Based on the theory of labor division with Smith, Petty and Marx, the dissertation holds that the division...
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Problems and Solutions in the Construction of Roof Garden in the Old Buildings

Wenjun Wang
This paper studied the problems and solutions in the construction of roof garden in the old buildings. Many cities have adopted policies to ensure the green roofs of new buildings, but more widespread of old buildings were ignored. Although the market potential is very huge, it has been neglected. This...
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The Application of Project-Teaching Method in Course of “Social Survey Methodology” among Undergraduate Teaching

Bin Cui, Yi  Tian, Jun  Ke
Research and research ability is the ability students should have in college. However, the normal classroom teaching method limited in unilateral explanation theory by teachers, and neglects the improvement of the students' actual research ability. The “Social Survey Methodology” is a course with strong...
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An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences of Chinese and Western Female Consciousness and the Roots

Na Meng
With the development of economy and the progress of the times, cross-cultural communication between China and the West are increasingly frequent. At the same time, female consciousness is booming and far-reaching in China. However, due to the differences between the historical background and traditional...
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Research on the Construction of Study Style in University

Shasha Zhu
The study style is the concentrated reflection of university spirit, the request of essential higher education goal, and the footstone of the university construction and development. The construction of study style is closely related to the adult success of college students, and it is the key to the...
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A New Second-order Bistable Adaptive Stochastic Resonance Noise Reduction Method

Rui Tang
Based on high performance composite components manufacturing process in the system of state monitoring and fault diagnosis is the key problem, established the mathematical model of a new type of second order bistable and proposes a adaptive stochastic resonance noise reduction method based on the model,...
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The Classification and Development Analysis of the Main Traditional Sports of Kazak in Xinjiang

Jianaer Teliubieerde
In this paper, using the method of literature, analysis, logic analysis of Kazak traditional sports project classification comb, statistics, through to the Kazak sports projects, this paper expounds the influence of national culture. Kazak traditional sports, rich in content, specific historical background...
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The Development of College English Education under the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Hongtu Ren
With the development of economic globalization, China put forward “the Belt and Road Initiative” creatively according to the current international situation. Under the background of globalization, in addition to promoting the economic development of the countries along the routes, cultural exchange is...
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A Corpus-based Study of English Translation of Terminology in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cheng Liu, Xiaofang Wang
Term translation of TCM is critical to the success of international communication of TCM culture. Researchers and scholars have been exploring the translation of TCM terms from different perspectives and attempting to establish unified standards for the translation of TCM terms. The corpus-based practice...
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Study of Translation Teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on Corpus

Xiaofang Wang, Cheng Liu
With the deepening of the reform of College English teaching, the construction of the English corpus of traditional Chinese medicine is particularly important. Based on the theory of corpus linguistics, this paper expounds the significance of the construction of TCM English corpus in TCM English teaching,...
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Planning and Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum Based on Innovative Ability Training

Yongfu Yang, Xiaoyan Su
We plan the innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum system through the research and practice of the applied innovation and entrepreneurship education for university students. According to the national requirements for the innovation and entrepreneurship education, we research and analyze...
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The Study on Conservation Status Protection of Minority's Intangible Cultural Heritage

Hong Zhao, Kun Zhao, Tao Ma
At present, our country and local governments have made a series of protection work for minority 's Intangible cultural heritage. However, there are also problems such as lack of successors, poor project protection and over-exploitation, Therefore, it is necessary to carry on the inheritance and development...
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Practice Research on English Reading Teaching Based on Picture Story Books in Primary School

Feng He
Primary school English establishes an important stage for the students' English foundation. In recent years, with the continuous deepening development of education reform in our country, English curriculum in primary schools appeared a variety of innovative education contents and methods during the current...
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Eyebrow Modeling For Knowlege Representation

Bin Ji, Yan Liu, Jing Zhou
Eyebrow is a new biometric and effective feature for personal identification as evidenced in recent existing literature. In this paper, we propose a new model of eyebrow representation based on both the shape and the texture features of eyebrows. We will integrate the existing Li et al.’s model with...
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Research on Privacy Protection Based on Trusted Third Party

Huijie Zhu, Chunbo Wei, Guotao Xu, Lan Luan
With the development of big data, the data privacy of users becomes very important. In this paper, the privacy protection framework of the reliminary study, the establishment of the introduction of trusted third party privacy protection technology framework.[1] Through the introduction of credible third...
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Research on Practice Teaching Quality Evaluation System for Engineering Majors

Xiaoqing Yuan, Binghe Ma, Shaohui Wang, Ying Zhang
The paper analyzes influencing factors of present teaching quality of practice link, introduces the thought of the entire process quality control, in view of the different characteristics of the experiment, the practice, the curriculum project, innovative practice and the graduation project, constructs...
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Cooperative Development of High Level Professional Marine Engineering Groups

Mingyu Wang, Shaojun  Zhang, Chunxiao Jiang, Chengda Zhang, Fengguang Jia
A marine engineering professional group is set up from the perspective of industrial clusters. The professional group is a new way for maritime universities to integrate into the regional economic development and to realize the opening of school. The principles of setting up professional groups in maritime...
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The Exploration of the Concept and Practice of Individualized English Teaching in Contemporary Chinese Context

Yin Liwen
English is an important course to cultivate students' Comprehensive English skills. It aims at improving students' comprehensive language knowledge level and practical application ability and improving their comprehensive English level. Through effective classroom teaching, students can improve their...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Returning Home for Employment of Xinjiang Minority College Students Studying in Jiangxi Province

Yuting Xu, Chongkun Xu
The employment ability of minority college students is relatively weak because of the special regional environment, Chinese language ability and weak basic education. It is an urgent problem to study the factors affecting the employment behavior of Xinjiang minority college students studying in Jiangxi...
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Analysis and Research on Outcomes-based Education

Xinfeng Yang, Lingxiao Zhang
Results-oriented education as an advanced educational philosophy, has been the people's attention and recognition, and has become the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries the mainstream of educational reform concept. The American Engineering Education Accreditation Association (A-BET) has...
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Research on College Computer Teaching Reform based on MOOC

Mengqing Feng
In today's era of MOOC there has a great impact on education at universities, have the characteristics of large, open, online MOOC has become an important means of teaching reform of colleges and universities. MOOC is suitable for the teaching of college computer course, with the help of a MOOC brought...
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Research on the “Trinity” Practical Teaching System of Training Applied Computer Talents

Zijiang Zhu, Yi Hu
Based on analyzing the current status of constructing practical teaching of computer majors, this paper proposes to construct the trinity practical teaching system for computer majors with the cultivating of students’ application abilities as the main line while integrating the three key links in the...
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A Big-Data Based Customer Relationship Management Model in Customer-to-Business E-Business

Tingbin Chen, Jiacong Zhao
Recent companies should pay significant attention to customer requirements so as to rapidly respond to market needs and changes. C2B is the reverse model of the traditional Business-to-Customer e-commerce strategy which enables consumers to name products or services such that the organization can generate...
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Researching Driving Mechanism and Ways of Innovation Development on Rural Tourism

Jinghui Qu
Rural tourism is a tour type based on rural community with the unique form of production, life style and pastoral scenery, which is of vital to cope with issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, to bridge the income gap and to promote urban and rural overall plannings. It is essential...
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The Thinking about Water-Enjoyable-Space Design of Urban Waterfront Landscape

Meida Wang, Yue Li
The water-enjoyable-space design is the sticking point of Urban waterfront landscape design. The article has proposed the design idea of Urban waterfront landscape which makes the ingenious combination of the ecological landscape functions and the recreation functions a precondition, follows the multi-sensory...
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Can Moxibustion Treatment Improve Vertical Jump Biomechanics?

Yuwei Liu, Kyle Finnie, Shirui Shao
Moxibustion has been known by more and more people as a traditional Chinese treatment technique. Although the mechanism of moxibustion is not clear, the therapeutic effect of moxibustion is obvious to all. The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether moxibustion can alleviate the fatigue state...
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Design of Auto-path-tracking Car based on Photoelectric Sensor

Hao Zhou, Xiaojun Liu
The paper introduces the design of the Auto-path-tracking Car. The software and hardware design method which realizes the autonomous tracing using the infrared reflective photoelectric sensors as the path recognition module is researched. The system employs Freescale HCS series 16 bit single-chip microcomputer...
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RETRACTED: School Sport and Academic Harvest

Jun Chen, Chen Yiting
This article has been retracted: please see the Atlantis Press Policy on Article Retraction and Withdrawal ( This article has been retracted due to plagiarism issues and at the request of the author of the original, plagiarized...
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Using Series to Study the Relationship between Interval Continuity and Conductance

Jiandong Ma
The relation between continuity of function and conductivity is already clear in mathematical analysis. For example, if a function is continuous at some point, it may or may not be derivative at this point. However, when the function is continuous in the range, it is possible that the function cannot...
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Study on Development Level of Science and Technology Service Industry Based on Factor Analysis

Keliang Jia, Xi Wang
In order to analyze the present situation of the development level of science and technology service industry in Shandong Province, the paper establishes a two-level index system by combining the previous research and the policy from the government, and builds an evaluation model based on factor analysis,...
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Design of Project Teaching System for Information Management and Information System under the Perspective of OBE

Yanxia Lu, Jingshu Wang, Di Wu
Based on the goal of training innovative and applied talents, this paper introduces the concept of OBE education in engineering education. Through a comprehensive survey of stakeholders, the objectives of professional training and graduation requirements are clarified based on the goal of training information...
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Suggestions on Salary Structure Design of China’s Private Enterprise

Haisheng Liu, Mingwei Ma
The salary system of private enterprises directly determines the benefit of the enterprise, and the design of a scientific and effective salary system is the key to the development and survival of the enterprise. Through the analysis of the existing salary system of private enterprises in China, this...
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Research on Atrial Fibrillation Data by Principal Component Analysis

Bo Tang
In the case of Gauss distribution, the principal component analysis is equivalent to the maximum amount of information in the output signal. The theory and practice of principal component analysis (PCA) is concise, and the results coincide with the objective reality, making it widely applied in the fields...
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Fraction Extraction of Orange Peel with Three Organic Solvents under Ultrasonic

Di Feng, Xiaolu Wu, Lu Cao, Guizhen Gong
Fraction extraction of orange peel with ethanol, acetone and petroleum ether under ultrasonic were investigated. The extracts were detected and analyzed with infrared spectrum analysis (FTIR). The total yield of ethanol extraction was 33.6%, acetone 27.3%, and petroleum 22.3%. Of the three solvents,...
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Research on the Creative Development of Sports Tourism in Ancient Villages in Xiangxi

Lizhong Wen
In the great tide of social economic and cultural development, sports tourism is becoming the essential component of the sustainable development of the tourism industry. Tourism is the leading industry in Xiangxi, and sports tourism is a major feature. In order to further develop the tourism industry...
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Research on the Application of Quality and Efficiency Evaluation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Jilin Province

Qian Zhang
The concept of quality and efficiency evaluation is firstly proposed in judicial systems to assess judges’ quality and efficiency of handling cases, thereby emphasizing process management. After being adopted by tax authorities, it is used to focus on the control of tax inspection. In my opinion, such...
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Influencing Factors Analysis and Forecast of Regional Logistics Demand: a case of Wuhan

Rongyan Zhu, Lizhe Shi, Shufan Zhu
Regional logistics demand has an important guiding significance for regional logistics development planning. However, due to the wide range of areas and departments involved in logistics activities, and the corresponding statistics is unavailable. Therefore, the demand for regional logistics is much...
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A Study on the Mode of Data Structure by Micro Learning Based on Smart Phones

Xiaoming Yang
With the rapid development of mobile communication technology and the growing popularization of smart phones, micro learning is a brand-new learning method under the change of lifestyle and the coming of MicroAge. In this paper, we will apply this learning method on Data Structure and design a model...
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Design and Implementation of an Improved Apriori Data Mining Algorithm

Meilin Zeng, Qiangqiang Xiong, Ke Li
The need to scan the database D many times when the Apriori algorithm is applied to a large database causes the I/O load overhead of the disk to increase. An improved Apriori algorithm is designed. After scanning the original database D for the first time, it generates a candidate transaction database...
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Association Rule Mining Algorithm of Transposed matrix Based on Python Language

Shaoyun Song
Apriori and its improved algorithms can be generally classified into two kinds: SQL-based and on memory-based. In order to improve association rule mining efficiency, after analyzing the efficiency bottlenecks in some algorithms of the second class, an improved efficient algorithm for Python language...
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The Development of Local Music in Southern Shandong Province under the background of Massive Open Online Course

Qingpeng Huang
The unstoppable development of massive open online courses has brought new opportunities and challenges to the teaching mode of higher music education in our country and the inheritance and development of local music in southern Shandong Province. In this context, the reform of the teaching mode of the...
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Research on the Method of Frequency Measurement Based on Pulse Width Measurement

Jian Huang
In engineering design and experiment, the frequency of square wave is often measured. At present, the commonly used method is the "time sluice" method, which is to measure the frequency of square wave by measuring the jump times of the rising or descending edge of the square wave in 1s. But if the frequency...
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Design and Implementation of Three Phase Multi-function Electric Parameters Measuring Meter Based on IDT_90E36

Nan Xie, Bin Xu
With the rapid development of smart grid, the accurate measurement of all kinds of linear and nonlinear loads' electrical parameters is a major problem facing us in the power grid system. The main chips of the electric measuring meter are STM32 serial microprocessor core and IDT_90E36 electric energy...
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Rigid and Flexible Coupling Analysis of Crankshaft System

Jinhe Lv, Yaxu Chu, Zengming Feng
In this paper, the combined method of finite element and multi-body dynamics is used to study the crankshaft assembly. The article first uses the finite element software to carry out the connecting rod the reliability of the connecting rod is proved by the state analysis. Then the regularity of crankshaft...
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Research on the Mode of Linking up between Secondary and Higher Vocational Education

Feng Yang, Lidan Fan
With the diversified development of the modern educational model, the domestic and international exploration and research on the training mode of the integration of secondary and higher vocational education are carried out. The "secondary vocational school-undergraduate" mode can realize the complementary...
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Application and Study of Generative Design in Household Appliance Design

Haojun Wang
Generative design is a design mode based on sophisticated analysis with the purpose of making design products diversified. The idea of generative design is of significance for the development of household appliances products, and a fully explored generative design will lead to more creative design of...
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Commercial Photography in the "Eyeball" Economy

Lun Yang
In today's "eyeball" the era of economic, commercial photography as a service business to convey advertising messages, graphics, photography, art and photography means to an end. Photography as a medium having a specific binding capacity. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields. It is because...
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Analysis of Industrial Matching Capacity in Qingdao Blue Economic Zone

Zhiyao Zhang
This paper discusses the connotation of the blue economic industry matching, the supporting system of industrial matching, the dynamic change rule of industrial matching, analyzes the current situation of industrial matching in Qingdao Blue Economic Zone. The countermeasures and suggestions are put forward...
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Research on Information Disclosure of County-Level Government Portal Websites -- Taking the County Government of Xi'an as an Example

Fang Zhou, Lujian Sun
This paper investigates and analyzes the information disclosure module of county-level government portal in 13 districts and counties under the jurisdiction of Xi'an with literature research method and case analysis method. It is found that there are problems such as incomplete information disclosure...
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Study on the Interaction Development between College Students' Leisure Sport and Fashion Pursuit

Li Qin, Zhen Huang
As the mainstream choice for college students in fitness, leisure sportnot only affectsthe choice of lifestyle and living quality improvement of undergraduates, but also is an important form of lifelong education and lifelong sport. This paper presents the interactive relation betweenleisure sports and...
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Leaf Identification Method Based on BP Neural Network

Peng Huang, Zhiliang Kang
In view of the time-consuming and laborious disadvantages of traditional tree classification methods, the leaf identification method based on BP neural network is established in this paper. The leaves of osmanthus tree, ficus virens and ficus concinna were taken as objects. First, three leaf samples...
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Preparation of Ag-Sm Co-doped TiO2 Catalyst by Microwave Hydrothermal Method and Its Photocatalytic Activity

Cheng Chen, Yuejie Lu, Xianjun Bi
The optimum conditions for the preparation of TiO2-Ag-Sm photocatalysts by microwave hydrothermal method are as follows: n(Ag+): n(Ti4+)=0.3%, microwave power 600 W, reaction temperature 150 ?"?, reaction time 3 h, calcination temperature 650 ?"? and calcination time 3h. The structure of the catalyst...
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The Differences of Chinese-American Sports Culture from the Perspective of Culture Value Dimensions

Yanmei Gao, Wenbin Liu
Chinese and American culture differences lead to the differences of Chinese and American sports culture. This article dissects that the main differences lie in the culture value dimensions. And it uses qualitative research method and comparison method to demonstrate Chinese sports culture and American...
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The Mode Analysis of Sandwich Beam Subjected by Thermal Load

Peng Niu
On the basis of accurately considering axial extension and the first-order transverse shearing, geometrically nonlinear governing equations for composite sandwich beams with elastic support, subjected to thermal loads, are formulated. By using a shooting method, the two-point boundary value problem for...
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The Application of the Experimental Investigation Method in the Teaching Reform Project

Shujing Gao
The teaching reform project has great significance and positive effect on improving the teaching method, but it is often difficult to quantify its effect. The application of the experimental investigation method in the teaching reform project is helpful to verify the effectiveness of the teaching method...
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Research on the Flipped Classroom Mode: Take “the Customer Relationship Management” Course for Example

Jun Ke
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a newly emerging course which combination of practice and theory. It is particularly important to adopt suitable teaching methods to obtain satisfactory teaching results. As a new teaching mode, flipped classroom overturns the traditional teaching process and...
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Study on the Effect of the Cultural View of Marx's Doctrine on the Education of University Culture

Hongxia Sun
As an important force in the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, university culture is responsible for the important historical mission of cultivating excellent talents for our country. This paper puts forward some thoughts on the cultural view of Marx in the culture of University, and aims...
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The Cultural Enlightenment of D. H. Lawrence’s Ecological Consciousness on China’s Ecological Civilization

Xiuzhi Zhang, Hongmei Yang
Starting from the perspective of human tragedy brought about by the unplanned industrial development, D. H. Lawrence explores the distorted relationship between human and nature, exposes the tragic problems of the western society caused by the British capitalist industrial civilization. In addition,...
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Implantation of Core Literacy Indexes for Students' Development in the Training of High-end Technical Talents

Jianqing Xiong, Shuli Zhao, Yingjun Li
In September 13th 2016, the Ministry of Education released the results of the research on the development of core literacy of Chinese students, which indicates that the direction of education in China has changed from knowledge to knowledge. Chinese students' development of core literacy is the full...
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An Analysis on the Translation of Public Signs in Wuhan

Hao Peng
As an important language phenomenon, public signs perform great social functions in people's daily life. Public signs, which can be seen in public place affect us in many ways are necessary to us. With China's development, more and more foreigners come to China for their business, tour and study. Public...
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The Contemporary Value of the Humanistic Spirit of Chinese Watercolor Painting

Ping Li
The so-called humanistic spirit is the affirmation of human existence value, is the reason why people become a symbol and carrier of human spirit. Art is the external reflection and expression of the human spiritual world in some form. Art can reveal human dignity, emotion, happiness and freedom, and...
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Some Thoughts on the Influence of Culture on Translation in Literary Translation

Min Zhang
Translation is a cultural activity, which is influenced by many social and cultural factors. Here we want to study the translator's dual cultural identity, the specific status and status of national literature, and the choice of translation strategies. Language is the carrier of culture, culture is the...
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Searching the Path of Juvenile Legal Education

Zhijian Wang, Liuyu Lin
Juvenile law education is a systematic project related to the long-term stability of the country, in addition to the education of legal knowledge of young people, it should start from three paths: the schools education, family education, and social education. Then we can explore an education road consists...
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Application of 3D Effect in Furniture E-commerce

Zexian Nie, Dan Xu, Wenquan Zhou, Ying Yu
Through the analysis of the characteristics of the 3D effect in furniture design, this paper puts forward the integration of the 3D effect into the electronic commerce, and probes into how the 3D effect of the furniture design is applied in the electronic commerce and brings convenience.
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Characteristics of “Chu Culture” Reflected in Folk Art of Gan Area

Li Feng, Nan Chen
As a part of Chu territory in the history, Gan area in Jiangxi province has been influenced greatly by Chu culture. And some distinct characteristics of “Chu culture” are reflected in the folk art of Gan area nowadays. Just like Chu culture, Gan area’s folk art emphasizes the thought of “harmony between...
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Analysis of Different Tendencies Towards Individualism and Collectivism From the Perspective of Genders

Juan Guo, Hao Liu, Ming Zhou
With the pace of the globalization process, cross-cultural communication today is becoming more and more frequent, and the researches on cross-cultural communication have been increasing day by day. In 1980, Hofstede put forward the four dimensions on cultural differences, making a groundbreaking research...
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Necessary and Specialty Construction of Resource Recycling Science and Engineering in Industrial and Mining Universities

Ze Liu, Dongmin Wang
In this paper, it is firstly analyzed the current situation of ‘Resource Recycling Science and Engineering’ and Universities of industrial and mining. Due to the generation of billions of tons of solid waste in industry and mining area, and the urgency of comprehensively utilization of these wastes,...
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Analysis for Thermal Characteristics of High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearing under Different Preload

Xiaoping Li, Yujun Xue, Yongjian Yu, Donghong Si, Dongliang Li
A large amount of heat is produced due to the friction between components within the bearing, resulting in an increase in temperature of the bearing system. The value of the preload directly affects the temperature of the bearing, and will affect the performance of bearing. Based on ball bearing of quasi-statics...
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Research on Ethnic Regional Economic Development in Southwest China and "One Belt One Road" Strategy -- Take Central Yunnan Economic Zone as an Example

Dejun Yu
This paper is illustrated by the example of Central Yunnan Economic Zone, and analyzes the factors that affect the economic development of ethnic minorities in Central Yunnan Economic Zone under the background of "One Belt, One Road" strategy, from the aspects of the overall development of the national...
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Contemplation on the Ideological and Political Education of Students in Higher Education in New-Media Era

Xiaomei Wang
Ideological and political education is an indispensable part of higher education and can exert long-term influence on students’ outlook on life and value. With the coming of new-media era, the new circumstance exerts new task and requirements. Since the new-media era possesses the characteristics of...
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Study on the Transformation of Local Government Functions in the Process of Regional Integration

Tian Wang, Lujian Sun, Lifang Fan
The implementation of the strategy of re-industrialization in developed countries and the profound transformation of the major social contradictions in the new era put higher demands on the performance of local government in our country. Guided by the idea of building a service-oriented government and...
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Research on Education Reform in Engineering Management Specialty Based on BIM Technology

Daolin Si
Through the present situation of BIM course of engineering management specialty in colleges and universities, the principles of BIM course of engineering management specialty is analyzed, the core ability of training the professional personnel of engineering management specialty based on BIM technology...
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Low Sidelobe Thinned Arrays by Means of Time Modulated Technique

Xinkuan Wang
Being inspired by the time modulated technology, an approach for synthesizing linear thinned array with low sidelobe level (SLL) is presented. In the proposed method, the thinned array is obtained through replacing the static element weighting by the time duration of a prescribed modulation cycle, and...
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Signal and System:Thinking and Practice of the Teaching Reform

Mao Yang
Signals and systems course plays a vital role in the teaching of electrical professional class, the teaching quality is directly related to the students' understanding and analysis of the important concepts of signal and system's ability to solve problems, related to the quality of teaching the following...
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The Influence of Health Education on the Physical Exercise Behavior of College Students

Youfeng Wang
In order to study and have a deep knowledge of the influence of health education on the high-school students’ physical exercise, this article uses intervention and questionnaire methods to analyze the relationship between health education and physical exercise. By the results of comparison, colleges...
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An Optimization Method of Logistics Supply Chain for Supermarket Supply of Fresh Agricultural Products

Xue Min
When the supermarket is seen as the core in the supply chain of fresh agricultural products, the distribution center of supermarket is gradually extended to the upstream and the distribution center for processing raw and fresh agricultural products appears. The logistics system and information platform...
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Matching Analysis of Power System of Extended-Range Electric Vehicle

Yuefeng Lei
This paper mainly studies the dynamic matching calculation and main parameter design of the whole vehicle. A practical design scheme for power system of pure electric vehicle is proposed and determined. According to the requirements of dynamic performance, the main parameters of the transmission system...
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Research on Training Mode of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education in Chinese Universities

Yanhong Sun, Xinxin Gao, Lidan Fan
The Innovative and Entrepreneurial education embodies the economic progress and social development of the fundamental requirements for talents. Universities shoulder important responsibility of cultivating high-quality talents, through the analysis of the status quo and development trend of the universities’...
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Contemporary Interior Design in Low-Carbon Context

Lijuan Zhang
Since the middle and late 20th century, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent. "Low carbon" has become an important context for current economic and social development. Therefore, the low-carbon concept must be introduced into interior design to alleviate the current environmental crisis...
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Analysis on Practical Teaching Reform of DSP Principle and Application Course from Electronic Design Contest

Honghui Mu, Ying Zhao
The electronic design contest has played an important role in cultivating high-quality innovative talents, students can master many professional basic skills through the electronic design contest, which skills lay the foundation for future work in the electronic information industry. In this paper, we...
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Study on Shaanxi Local Dialect and Its Cultural Representation

Tie Li
Shaanxi cultural dialect is very distinctive and is one of the most important manifestations of Shaanxi's unique culture. However, due to the geographical differences, Shaanxi dialects are not the same way each region. Based on the analysis of the regional and historical culture in Shaanxi province and...