Proceedings of the Social and Humanities Research Symposium (SORES 2020)

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Healthcare Information System Based on Patient Service Quality

Ari Yulianti, Muhardi
Similar as any other hospitals, the aim of Al-Mulk Hospital is to provide service on its patients with the best quality. One consistent effort practiced by this hospital is to provide technological advance and hospital management information system. Based on that, the objective of this research is to...
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Young Political Afirmations in Accelerating Re-generation in Political Parties

Atie Rachmiatie, Ferra Martian, Maman Suherman
The presence of millennials determines the future face of the nation because they represent 40% of Indonesia’s population, but they are very few as politicians. This requires an effort to understand millennial thoughts and behavior to encourage them to become cogs, including political change. Based on...
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The Importance of Involving the Cultural Background to Handle Covid-19 in Indonesia

Sri Poedjiastoeti, Sri Ratna Suminar
The number of people exposed to Covid-19 on a national scale is still high and it began to growing attention from the scientific community. The spread of Covid-19 is difficult to stop from countries around the world. Indonesia, which territory is so vast and has diverse cultures, must be comprehensively...
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Digital Marketer’s Capability in Handling Marketing Products and Services on Instagram

Yusuf Hamdan, Anne Ratnasari, Aning Sofyan, Yenni Yuniati
Digital marketing is an important effort in selling products or services in this digital era and this new technology world. Digital marketers’ duties are not only growing brand awareness and increasing product sales, but also being an option in obtaining feedback on products released to the market. Therefore,...
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Virtual Identity of Hijab Celebrities

Deasy Juliani, Anne Ratnasari, Ike Junita Triwardhani
The rapid development of information and communication technology leads people to a new world, the virtual world. Just like the real world, in the virtual world, every individual has an identity that they want to appear in cyberspace, either through photos or videos. One of them is on Instagram social...
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Phenomenon of Indian Ethnic Business Communication in Bandung City, West Java

Phenomenology Study on Indian Ethnic Entrepreneurs in Bandung

Nisrina, Nurrahmawati
There are so many business activities in Bandung City, one of that business is textile business which is famous for being managed by Indian ethnic. This study aims to analyze the motives and meanings of Indian ethnic entrepreneurs in running business communication. This study used a qualitative research...
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Democratization of President Selection Systems Directly and Indirectly in Indonesia

Ilham Adhyatma, Ellydar Chaidir, Sri Wahyuni
The people’s disapproval of the presidential election system during the New Order era was due to the fact that it was deemed less democratic and had the potential to produce authoritarian leaders, so that is an indication of the many problems that eventually led to constitutional changes or the 1945...
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Visual Merchandising Impact on Intention to Buy Private Label Products at Modern Stores

Nina Maharani, Arief Helmi, Asep Mulyana, Meydia Hasan
The rapid growth of modern stores such as minimarkets, supermarkets, and hypermarkets in Indonesia has led to intense competition among these stores. One of the strategies that can be used to attract consumer purchase intentions is application on visual merchandising. The purpose of this study is to:...
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Instagram Biodigitroops in Promoting Bio Farma

Case Study on Bio Farma Internal Influencers

Yuni Miyansari, Neni Yulianita
Seeing the development of technology and internet in Indonesia and also the great opportunities for promotion, Bio Farma also uses the social media of its employees who are members of Biodigitroops as a means of publicity and company promotion. The research objective was to identify and analyze Biodigitroops...
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Intercultural Communication in Negotiation

A Phenomenological Study on The Use of Sundanese Regional Language in The Process of Banking Business Negotiations for FOs at Bank BTN

Nurika Desy Marlinton, Anne Maryani, O Hasbiansyah
A range of studies has examined how intercultural communication is in the negotiation process. Yet, no study to date has considered what happens when the negotiation cultural elements, namely the language, especially the Sundanese regional language which is in the realm of banking negotiations. Through...
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Political PR Management in Government Press Conference

Satrya Lasmana K, Nila Nurlimah, Yenni Yuniati
Government public relations institutions in the regions are required to carry out the function of information to the public as well as the interests of the political image of institutions and regional heads. This process is then referred to as Political PR. This study aims to determine the political...
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Political Communications of the Subang District Government in Realizing the “Subang Jawara” Program

Ryan Triana, Nila Nurlimah, Aziz T Hirzi
Local Government is an executive institution that exists at the regional level that has the task of realizing the central government policy program in the region. The government program will be realized through the political communication of the local government that is able to generate the support and...
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Personal Selling of Musik Ritme Dinamika Production on Instagram

Bagus Pras Wicaksono, Anne Maryani, Dadan Mulyana
Music Rhythm Dinamika Production (MRD Production) is a company engaged in the equipment rental service (production) event/event contractor, which has been established since 2011. The promotional activity used by MRD Production is Personal Selling. Personal selling carried out by MRD Production is unique,...
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Change Management in Hospitals

Unggul Gaman Satria, Muhardi Muhardi
Along with the times and in the midst of global competition, to maintain its existence, health services have experienced rapid changes and advances in terms of organization, human resources, systems, equipment technology et cetera. This will affect the existence of health facilities, including hospitals....
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Protection of Informal Female Workers in Tourist Sector Company

Moh Hilal Nu’man, Rini Irianti Sundary, Nurul Chotijah, Aep Saepulloh
The development of tourism in the area of impacted areas caused many agricultural land to change function, and people main job of the residents in the area that became a place of tourism. It becomes more interesting when there are many women of productive age who are interested in earning a living in...
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Right Crisis Management in the Era of Pandemic Covid 19, Keeping Work Motivation and Opportunities of Survival from the Crisis

Field Study in Padjadjaran Clinic, Sumedang and Garut

Pangestu Widodo, Muhardi Muhardi
The impact of the crisis, as experienced by the world’s population in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic, concerns two aspects of the company, namely health and finance and even socio-culture1. First, the impact directly hit the health sector with many casualties and secondly in the economic sector it...
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Stress Management for the Owner of Private Health Care in Bandung During PSBB

Field Study in Cikutra Sehat Pratama Clinic

Caroline Halim
The outbreak of COVID-19 in Indonesia has made some significant adjustments in our communities, without exception of the service in Pratama Clinic. Our government also implements some PSBB policies that certainly initiate the limit of the citizens’ activities. The people are advised to stay inside home,...
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The Effect of Perception and Motivation on Entrepreneurial Interest

Bandung City Women Case Study

Agung Suryadi
This study aims to examine the effect of perception and motivation on women’s entrepreneurial interest in Bandung. The research method used was a survey with a quantitative approach, using a sample of 100 women in the city of Bandung. Using multiple regression analysis, the results show that perceptions...
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Postmodern Lifestyle Construction

Norman Fairclough Discourse Analysis on Journal Website Content

Mohammad Iqbal Maulana, Aning Sofyan, Kiki Zakiah
The problem is increasingly postmodern developing, where the flow of media consumption develops simultaneously from production to reproduction. The dynamics of media consumption and popular culture become such a subculture identity in the realm of social order. This study aims to describe the postmodern...
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Organizational Culture is Important to be Implemented by Hospital Management as an Effort to Make Quality of Performance

Mohammad Kamal Musadad Busyairil Bastomi, Muhardi
A Hospital as an individual health service agencies that have many services. The multi professions in the hospital which is in each unit that suitable with their field of work, this may causes the background and character of each human resource to be different. The hospital provides comprehensive services...
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Customer Value and Intention to Buy Private Label Products

Nina Maharani, Arief Helmi, Asep Mulyana, Meydia Hasan
A company’s competitive advantage can be generated in two ways: by creating private label products and by creating superior customer value. Superior customer value can drive purchase intention and create customer satisfaction and loyalty. The purpose of this study is to determine a), the most dominant...
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Dehumanization to Medical Staff During COVID-19 Pandemic

Nurul Noviani, Muhardi
In November 2019, a pandemic called Coronavirus Disease 2019 occurred. This pandemic not only a medical issue but also has an impact on people’s psychology in the world. One of them is the phenomenon of dehumanization toward medical staff. This research is a qualitative study using a literature review....
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Political Connections, Financing and Dividend Policy

Leonita Putri, Sulaeman Rahman Nidar, Rachmat Sudarsono, Josep Ginting
The purpose of this study is to see the political connections DER, EPS, SIZE, growth and ROA influence on the company’s dividend distribution policy. The sample in the study SOE listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2010-2018 period. The sample was selected using purposive sampling technique and...
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The Influence Internal Control System on the Quality of Financial Statements of BAZNAS of Indonesia

Nurhayati, Riyang Mardini, Rusman, Ku Maisurah Ku, Fariza Hanim Rusly
The aims of This research to determine of The Influence Internal Control System (Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, Information and Communication, Monitoring) on the Quality of Financial Statements of BAZNAS in Indonesia. The objects of the research are Baznas is the National Zakat...
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Employee’s Position as Privileged Creditors When Debt of Bankruptcy is Larger Than Bankruptcy Assets

Mima Rosmiati, Yeti Sumiati, Efik Yusdiansyah, Annisa Ramadhani
When the company is declared bankrupt, workers’ rights are fulfilled through the Curator’s bankruptcy assets sale. Even though employees have a unique position as creditors, if the bankruptcy debtor’s liabilities are much greater than the debt, these privileges do not directly make the employee the first...